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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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♪ >> announcer: this is al jazeera. ♪ good to have your company watching the news hour live from london and i'm david foster and what we are looking at in the next 60 minutes russia continues air campaign against opposition and ready to support u.s. backed fighters. hurricane patricia brings severe flooding to parts of mexico after hitting the coast with record force. vice president of the maldives arrested accused of planning a bomb attack on the president's
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boat next month. i'll have all your day's sport as defending champions new zeeland beat south africa to steal the spot and the financial of the rugby world cup. ♪ there are a few signs that are being interpreted as diplomatic shifts over the war in syria. russia's foreign minister says they will provide air support to the free syrian army with the fight against i.s.i.l. and referred as those fights assad as terrorist and also in talks with the u.s. about launching a new political process between syria's government and the opposition. meanwhile the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is on a visit to saudi arabia, there he will meet the country foreign minister for talks. inside syria and russia's bombing campaign continues. opposition activists say 44 people have been killed by air
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strikes in 24 hours, six of them children. jamal reports. >> reporter: syrians state t.v. continues its propaganda message to try and convince people that russian air strikes are targeting what the syrian and russia governments call terrorists. but the pictures on the ground tell a different story. this is what is left of the town of palala on the outskirts of idlib after russia war planes bombed several residential areas late on friday. it's unclear how many people were killed. in hama opposition fighters belonging to the army of conquest announced the capture of several villages after defeating government troops and forcing them to retreat. the alliance of opposition fighters launched what it called the battle for hamad this week after capturing idlib earlier this month.
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opposition fighters also say they have taken several towns and villages in the south providence and say they have been targeted by russian air strikes rather than the so called islamic state group. on friday i.s.i.l. announced it was in control of the main road connecting aleppo to hama, how russia reacts to this will demonstrate its military priorities, despite russian air strikes entering the fourth week i.s.i.l. fighters appear to be largely uneffected, armed groups apposed to assad's regime have suffered losses not only at the hands of the russians but also in continuing battles with i.s.i.l. jamal, al jazeera. sergei fedorov was talking to russian t.v. saying that moscow is ready to support the free syrian army but united states unwillingness to cooperate is preventing that so far from happening. >> translator: the americans refusal to coordinate their
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antiterrorist campaign with us is a big mistake. we are seriously prepared for such a coordination. and we are ready to give air support to the opposition including the so called free syrian army but we need to get in contact with the people who have the authority to represent certain armed groups. >> reporter: let us bring in security of development in war studies of kings studies in london. you have been explaining to me before this program that he said in the past we will support the free syrian army but giving them air support, is that a different matter? >> that would be a different matter if it really happened because in reality russia has so far been bombing parts of the free syrian army so it would represent a significant change. i would be a bit more careful as considering such a significant change because at the same time sergei fedorov said the u.s. never really provided russia with the right details about the
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free syrian army, as a result this free syrian army doesn't really exist. so in a way they are kind of playing on the u.s. saying tell us where these forces are and if we find them and we agree with you then we are going to support them on condition they are not allied with al-nusra and al-qaeda and i.s.i.s., that is always going to be a very clear condition. >> we heard the words he used and he did say air support. if that is the case and we will have to wait and see whether that is the case but if it is why would the russians have changed their position on this? >> i think because they also understand that in a way they will need some ground support to sustain some of the regions where they are actually trying to up hold the regime of assad. assad has been able to maintain the positions in strongholds but not so easy to move forward in aleppo and homs and opposition being supported by the turks and saudis and have antitank weapons and received a lot of weaponry
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so advances of the syrian army with russian air support hasn't been so successful as maybe russia expected. >> what about the apparent contradiction here, if russia is first of all saying we will support the fsa whatever that may be and give the free syrian army air support and strengthening its position and they are opposed to assad and fighting him and the russians want assad as part of the strength, how do you get around that? >> i'm saying i'm very cautious about giving this so much weight and emphasis first of all because i would really doubt the americans give details of the free syrian army because these people have been bombed by russia very recently so i would find it very difficult for them to feel they are now can trust the russians. a few days earlier they were being bombed by russia. on the other hand i think it's not very likely that there is going to be a coalition between
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assad forces and the free syrian army to fight i.s.i.s. because in a way both the free syrian army and i.s.i.s. to a lesser extent have been fighting against assad and i think all of this is very hard to materialize in reality. you know he can say these sort of things but doesn't mean they will be translated with effective cooperation on the ground. >> difficult to interpret. >> yes. >> but thank you very much indeed. all of this russia's intervention is changing the face of the conflict and there are calls for russia to get involved in iraq as well. the iraqi prime minister's coalition partners are complaining that the u.s. led air strikes have not been effective enough against i.s.i.l., from baghdad mts reports. >> reporter: this is what many across iraq want to see, russian air strikes against i.s.i.l. like these ones in syria. well it's too soon to say how successful moscow's aerial campaign against the armed groups and other targets have
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been. there is growing frustration among my rackys with the u.s. year long efforts to retake the vast territory i.s.i.l. controls across iraq and say russia's approach is what is needed here to win. he is the head of the government's parliamentary defense and security committee. he is one of the most vocal support in the involvement of i.s.i.l. in iraq. >> translator: we know russia did not get involved in the middle east for our sake but rather for their interests. but our interests are well matched with the russians. >> reporter: it's not just politicians who want to see moscow take a more meaningful role in the fight against i.s.i.l., so too do the leaders of the powerful iranian backed shia malitias which could explain why lay last month they signed an intelligence sharing agreement that also included syria and iran. washington made it clear it does not want russian jets in air space targeting i.s.i.l. and
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described vladimir putin in neighboring syria as a historic mistake. abadi finds himself in the delicate position of trying to appease the political and security allies while also trying to keep washington on his side. whatever the case it would appear that the threat of russian involvement in iraq has already worked to his advantage. >> translator: the iraqi government has given assurances to the u.s. they will not ask for help from russia, the u.s. has promised to increase the coalition air strikes across iraq and also give iraqi counter terrorism forces badly armed military vehicles tanks and advanced weapons in the coming days. u.s. insists it remains on course to degrade and destroy i.s.i.l., in resent days the coalition has intensified strikes on the north and ramadi in the west, providing air cover for iraqi forces who have managed to retake some key areas. rarely has i.s.i.l. faced such multiple offenses than it has in
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the last month. it would appear that the threat of a russian role in iraq stirred the u.s. into action but the question now is how long will it last and would it be enough to lead to any meaningful gains? al jazeera, baghdad. there has been flooding in parts of mexico because of hurricane patricia but it has now been weakened to what they call a tropical depression and it forced 50,000 people out of their homes, no casualties and the damage apparently quite minor because there were not a lot of people in the areas tit went there and it's the strongest hurricane ever to hit the western hemisphere and the trees were bending over there, last time we saw you lucille there was nothing in mexico city but looks like and we can hear the wind whistling and looks like it arrived there at least part of it. >> yes, in fact, metrologists had been predicting that some of
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that storm would reach the capitol mexico city, it's become very, very windy in the last half an hour or so and we understand that it will start raining here very, very shortly. but nevertheless mexicans are breathing an sigh of relief and thanking their lucky stars, this could have been so much worse david than it turned out to be when patricia made landfall the winds were raging at more than 250 kilometers per hour, as you say it sent trees bending and in some cases flying, streets were flooded, crops have been destroyed. but it is not nearly as bad as it could have been, perhaps because the winds were so strong and they crashed into the pacific coastal mountains very quickly and that took a lot of the strength out of the hurricane. there are still people though in shelters, the president has told them not to let down their guard quite yet because it is still a dangerous situation, it is a tropical depression but tropical depressions like all tropical
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storms still carry a lot of water which can cause mudslides and rivers to break their banks, david. >> the north part of where it came through the coast and the port below that these are two busy places but in between which is where it appears to have crashed ashore, that is where it is sparsely populated and although we say there have not been that many casualties but may be hard to know because it's difficult to get to these parts. >> absolutely. actually where it came in is flat and we don't believe there were -- there was probably much more damage than what we are already aware of. however, the storm continues to move towards the mountains as i said. these are poor, rural areas where there are a lot of farmers, people who live in many cases isolated from the city so it's difficult to know what has happened to those people, whether they are safe or not and we probably won't know for quite sometime yet, david. >> thank you, that is what is
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happening in mexico and the storm moved up to the u.s. state of texas, torrential rains there. western parts of the state flooding in low-lying areas. that is a train which derailed. people have been warned not to go outside as heavy rains expected in texas to last until at least sunday. coming up, on the news hour protests turned violent in congo ahead of sunday's referendum which will decide if the president can run for a third term. why the world's biggest shipping fleet might be setting sail for new horizons. england in trouble in the second test against pakistan, we have fire with the rest of the sport in about half an hour. ♪ we were talking about john kerry earlier on and also on the
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agenda in his trip to the middle east is the diplomatic tour of that area, over the continuing tension over east jerusalem's mosque compound. now talking after meeting the palestinian president in jordan john kerry said israel said they will maintain the tradition of only muslims being allowed to pray at the mosque. >> today i hope we can begin to turn the page on this very difficult period. we have to join together in calling an end to violence and must stress the importance of avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric and we must work cooperatively, it's the only way to go forward. >> reporter: peace activists on the streets of tel aviv protesting about the resense violence down there with the people, andrew simmons and is it possible andrew to say who the people are, what they represent?
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>> reporter: it certainly is, david. these are all these people are from the peace now movement. this is a large rally, much larger than anyone expected. several thousand i would say put in the square and also all the way along the highway, the main highway which is closed off in downtown tel aviv and peace now goes back to 1978 and what they are calling for is the down fall of the president israeli government and attacking benjamin netanyahu for his policy, they want a two-state solution. they want peace talks right away. and they say there is no way there can be security without a political solution. now with me now we have a member of peace now and of course you are a member of one of the opposition parties. tell me this, what is the main
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objective of this demonstration? >> main objective is to tell the government to go back home and tell them the only way to secure the city of israel and palestine is by agreement between both sides and peace remain between two independent states. >> but it would appear that there is -- the two sides couldn't be further apart right now. the central issue seems to be settlements and obviously settlement of occupation and second to that settlements which are illegal in international law. what is your stand on that? >> we say all day since 1978 the sentiment should be evacuate if the pal stint -- palestinians agree to agreements and we evaluate and agreement between both sides this is a problem for israeli and palestine and must
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bring an into this. >> what about the presents situation and the crisis right now where we have diplomatic developments today that you could hardly say are anything that could be written in neon lightss, some agreement for 24-hour security cameras at temple mount and the mosque compound as the palestinians would call it, is that really a development or any hope right now there could be some form of this? >> it's a development but we have to solve the problem. i am asking about this agreement and i think it's not enough. both sides must talk and agree upon an agreement what to do here with israeli and palestine and not only with the mosque or the temple mound or what ever it is. >> the government is going more and more to the right, your organization was originally left wing is liberal more and you
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really represent mainstream public opinion. >> we don't, we don't. but in the future we are going to represent the mainstream in israel and we are right and i would say the time is right and show we are going to be the majority of the future. >> in some ways do you feel isolated? >> yes. yes. but i'm pretty sure we are going to break the situation and we are going to be the majority in this society because we fought about reality and the only way to secure the city of palestine. >> thank you very much. >> more than welcome. >> thank you. and there we have it, a very well at tempted demonstration here on the israeli government and also calling with very loud noise for peace talks now, back to you david. >> andrew we thank you very much indeed in the streets of tel
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aviv and shot dead a palestinian teen who tried to stab a soldier at the occupied west bank and 16-year-old is seen running through traffic towards the crossing. israeli forces say he was carrying a knife. 56 palestinians and 8 israelis have been killed this month in a series of attacks in israel and the occupied territories. human rights activists in israel are condemning the beating and wrongful arrest of a palestinian man by israeli soldiers which has all been caught on security camera, and he spent five days under arrest before his story checked out. stephanie decker went to meet him at the cleaning product factory where he was arrested. >> he is at work, outside in the street there is a standoff between young palestinians and israeli army so he stops in the doorway, what follows is not often caught on camera.
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>> translator: he came to me without any questions. he hit me and i fell. then around five soldiers came and they beat me without questions, i was telling them i didn't throw rocks, i was at work and it's as if i wasn't speaking at this point and they were hitting me and trying to drag me outside. >> reporter: there is illegal israeli settlement up the road and confront takes taking place around this area. now he was working in this store room as the cc-tv shows when the israeli soldiers stormed in and started beating him. he was then handcuffed, blind folded and arrested, the next day he was taken to hospital to treat his wounds. and he says it took three days until he was questioned and he still has bruising now more than two weeks later. israeli human rights group who released the video of the at tack alleged the police initially refused to check his alibi and it took six days for him to be released without
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charge. >> the culture of impunity that we are seeing here. the soldiers probably expect that consequences for violence, such violence against palestinians will be remote if even that. and in this one can imagine all of the other instances that suddenly take place all the time against palestinians but they are not caught on video. >> reporter: israeli army is investigating the incident and its initial findings are the soldiers' actions are unacceptable. >> translator: hatred of tensions between us and jews and a person feels he is not a human being, this is not human treatment, if it was human then they wouldn't do that to a person. >> reporter: palestinians say these kinds of incidents and worse happen all the time. and that it's only rarely when this kind of hard evidence surfaces that the world wakes up as to how they are treated.
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stephanie decker, al jazeera, in the occupied west bank. nigeria's emergency management agency says one person died, ten hurt in suicide in nigeria and four women are suicide bombers and blew themselves up when they were stopped from entering the city of maiduguri and stopped on the outskirts of the city, the day before at least 15 people we now understand died in an explosion at a mosque in maiduguri, this is according to one of the self-defense fighters who helped remove the bodies. and 27 others were killed during afternoon prayers at a mosque in the city of yola, boko haram is being blamed for those attacks. shia muslims in pakistan say they want their government leaders to tighten security after the latest suicide bombing there. friday night's explosion was on a shia procession and 22 died, and worshippers and eight children are said to be among
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the dead and jacob and hundreds of minorities share in pakistan are being killed in sectarian attacks in the last decade. and shia muslims have been targeted in bangladesh with a group linked to i.s.i.l. claiming responsibility for that. homemade bombs were lobbied at about 25,000 people who were there for a traditional ashuro procession. police say a teenage boy was killed and more than 100 people were hurt. now the crowds massive in the city of kabul marking the festival there and it falls on the tenth day of the first month of the islamic calendar and mourning mohamed's grandson. after deadly street battles the people of congo are awaiting sunday's referendum on changes to their country's constitution. if it passes the long time president denise would be allowed to seek reelection. on the capitol harry is there.
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>> reporter: the capitol was looted and destroyed. opposition supporters who fear president wants to change the constitution so he can run for a third term have been protesting. the shop is one of many businesses damaged in the protests. >> translator: we want peace. we want peace and stability. it's simple. we don't want politics, we want to run our businesses without problems. we don't want politics. >> reporter: government officials say sunday's referendum on the constitution is about improving living conditions and protecting human rights. >> there is no death penalty in the new constitution, it's forbidden. it's a very important thing for us and for civil society in our country. >> reporter: opposition supporters believe the 72-year-old president is trying to hang on to power. >> we can't accept this, why they want to get everything for
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himself and import us another contusion and the people say no. >> reporter: tense atmosphere in opposition strongholds and heavy security presence in some points of the capitol and police out in the streets and across the road you can see the shops there with the doors ripped apart and looted during protest. soldiers deployed in areas where some of the worst protests took place and some think the proposed changes to the constitution are good and plan to vote yes. others say they are not going to vote. he says he just wants sunday's referendum to take place without any more violence and needs things to get back to normal so the country can move on. harry with al jazeera. ivory coast the current president expected to win sunday's election thanks to opposition and public support after economic improve ms but many supporters of the former president that is laurent gbagbo
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boycotting the vote and that could mean trouble, it's thought in a country accustom to violent election and we report from that city with tonya page. >> reporter: he is a hero to his supporters, and squeezed into and on to every available space. they entertain everyone until he arrives. it's expected that alassane ouattara will win a second term he hopes without the blood shed that stained his rise to power. >> i can assure you it will be peaceful, it will go very well because people want to forget and forgive what happened in 27. they don't want to go into killing each other any more. >> reporter: 3,000 people were killed when laurent gbagbo refused to accept alassane ouattara 2010 election and eventually the forces over pored gbagbo besides the crimes committed by both sides but gbagbo has been held to account
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and war crime trial starts soon and has been some violence in the build up to this election but all the presidential candidates are calling for calm. he is widely expected to win but not leaving anything to chance campaigning right up until the last moment. his opponent's accuse him of using his condition to get the election for the voters to tell material role and sending security forces to intimidate his critics. he says he is the candidate who will bring reconciliation, he leads gbagbo's fbi party now but the hard liners joined a boycott, the incumbent says is irrelevant. >> because they know they cannot win so they can boycott and that is okay. >> reporter: but he thinks the election is a joke and result may not be accepted. >> translator: we are hearing there might be some trouble but this will be good if it happens. we have a serious problem of lack of leadership. now that gbagbo is in prison we
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are only waiting for the right person. >> reporter: without someone to believe in many gbagbo supporters say they simply won't vote but apathy is better than anger if it means a peaceful election. tonya page, al jazeera, ivory coast. stay with us, this is the news hour and show me the money, nearly 200 countries agree to tackle climate change but divided on who is paying up. plus, i'm david mercer in guatemala and tell you how the tax system here effects families like this leading to one of the highest rates of child malnutrition in the world. and in sport find out which team celebrating its second straight trip to the world series. ♪
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>> where we are standing right now will be the panama canal. >> this will be flooded. >> we have upgraded for bigger ships. >> now we go for weeks without water. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> awesome! >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. ♪ hello again, these are your top stories and almost four weeks in a campaign in syria and russia is ready to support u.s. backed opposition with air strikes if washington will agree to coordinate with moscow. unrest continues across israel and the occupied territories
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israeli peace activists are on the streets of tel aviv protesting about the recent violence that left almost 60 people dead. and hurricane patricia the strongest storm to hit the western hemisphere ever has brought flooding to the coast of mexico but has avoided damaging major urban centers. final day of campaigning before tanzania elections and the president has been campaigning along the ruling party candidate and the constitution does not allow him to run for a third term so what has he achieved in his years in power, ten years of them? catherine soy examines that. >> reporter: the president at a political rally in jerusalem with a man he hopes will replace him. ♪ the president is winding up his time in office with an impressive economic track
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record. in the last ten years the country's gdp has grown by an annual 7% with more investments the discovery of gas and oil deposits and lack of conflict. >> continued to be peaceful so people can freely go and work for whom they want. >> reporter: his government has also been credited for a construction boom. he recently launched what is expected to be east and central africa's largest port. on completion the bridge in jerusalem will continue it to the eastern side and supporters seen more roads and bridges like that one being built, a growing economy, improved healthcare system and better international relations in the last decade but its critics will argue the cost of living is still very high and corruption is at its worst. they say fighting has been one of the greatest challenges and a
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conspicuous failure. >> nip it in the bud. that is where one would point out that there has been some witnesses but the level which has now reached it may be difficult for just one person but suddenly a big change has to start from the leadership. >> reporter: mohamed and his friends catch up on the latest politics in a game of dominos in the outskirts of the city and like many they are yet to see benefits of the growing economy, they heard so much about. >> translator: politician lives are changing for the better and ours doesn't help, we should all benefit equally. ♪ and so those who want to take over from him pledge to improve people's lives and deal
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decisively with corruption. ♪ listening to them, hoping the promises are not just empty words to win elections, catherine soy, al jazeera, jerusalem. vice president of the maldives arrested over thought to as nate the president and being questioned after an explosion on president's boat last month and the president wasn't injured but his wife, aid and body guard were. and we have the editor of the newspaper the maldives independent and says the police have not disclosed what evidence if any they have against the vice president. >> reporter: so the vice president landed in mali at the international airport in mali at midday today. the police arrested him from the tarmac and held a press conference right afterwards and they did not despite re
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repeated inquiries say why he was a suspect in the boat blast and the police have not told us what evidence they found linking the vice president to the boat blast yet. >> after days of tough talking nearly 200 countries have at least agreed on a draft plan to tackle climate change but there is disagreement on where the money to do all of this will come from. friday was the last day of talks and the german city of bon before a larger u.n. summit next month. and we report. >> reporter: they are here to talk about climate change but there is another sea word that is causing a headache in germany compromise and i was supposed to smooth the way for next month in paris and asked to draft a workable plan but france sees problems ahead. >> the point is that the negotiators didn't make compromise here. they just stretched it different
2:37 pm
options and now they are clear options, paralyzed option in some cases, more closer to a bridge and compromising others. >> reporter: the rift between richer and poorer nations has been evident, richer nations want to stop the earth's temperature from rising by what scientists consider dangerous, two degrees celsius and poorer countries say that is too much and the rise should be restricted to 1 1/2 degrees. but that goal requires even tougher cuts to carbon emissions and will cost a lot more money. leaders in the maldives have been a lot more vocal and warn the low-lying islands in the indian ocean could disappear and the former president once held a cabinet meeting under water to illustrate the point. >> we are actually trying to send our message, let the world know what is happening and what
2:38 pm
might -- what will happen to the maldives if climate change is not checked. >> reporter: 2015 is so far the warmest year for the planet on record. we are yet to find out if it's also the year something concrete is finally done about it. al jazeera. supporters of guantanamo bay have held a vigil in london calling for him to be freed as has been promised. his release could be delayed further despite speculation he could be allowed out on sunday. according to his lawyers. u.s. authorities last month announced that he would be returned to the uk after being held in the military prison in cuba for 13 years. al jazeera's managed to gain exclusive city of tise with fighting between the army and popular rezest resistance and houthi rebels and much of the
2:39 pm
stronghold has been destroyed and shelling in residential parts here as well as in the villages of saba mountain. red cress sensation the body of 40 refugees washed ashore on the coast of libya, 27 of the bodies were found in the town of here and the other victims discovered in a nearby town and on the tripoli coastline, search is on for 30 more refugees thought to be traveling on the same boat. well scuffles between police officers and opposition politicians in kosovo parliament and friday session suspended after the opposition let our tear gas canisters in the chambers and wanted to backtrack on deals. almost one in five of the world's ships is greek registered. but there are fears that the country's ship owners may decide to sail their business somewhere else simply because greece's
2:40 pm
cash strapped government threatening to raise taxes on their industry and john has more from the greek port. >> reporter: greeks own the largest merchant fleet in the world, 15% of global shipping capacity. much of that fleet is managed and chartered from the port here, generating an estimated 7% of the greek economy. but shipping normally pays little tax here because most of the greek fleet sails under foreign flags of convenience, two years ago ship owners were forced to pay an additional greek tax and last year they agreed to double this for a period of four years, the latest bailout means that the shipping industry is being asked to pay more again but that could be a miscalculated risk. is there a danger? there is always a danger, today, yesterday, tomorrow if the structure within which we operate is effective in such a way that we are put to a disadvantage and it's very important to look at it this way, what we are discussing is
2:41 pm
not losing an advantage, it's being placed at a disadvantage compared to our european counterparts first of all and global competitors, then nationally any self-respecting business has to make its move. >> reporter: the latest change is an additional 8% solidarity tax paid on the $9 billion in foreign currency that ship owners currently bring into the economy each year. all these measures are supposed to raise $700 million over six years over and above regular tax revenue from shipping but some of them are voluntary and all are supposed to be temporary, what worries ship owners is they may become permanent. global trade has fallen during economic crisis as international competition has risen but taxes remain constant. sensing an opportunity dubai, singapore and cyprus are wooing ship owners with promises of tax havens and free offices. the government hopes to keep
2:42 pm
ship owners here attracting more shipping related business like finance, insurance, ship building and repair. >> translator: until now the data shows that some companies have chosen to open supplementary offices abroad and no mass flight here and shipping is not contained in national boundaries but plan to reenforce the industry in perez. >> reporter: ship owners in the past endowed greece with hospitals and scholarships and lately its new operation opera and library and say these voluntary contributions help greece much more than taxes that could ruin the shipping industry. taxes they say that ultimately will make little difference to government debt. john with al jazeera, at the port of parez. political family is coming to an end in argentina. after eight years at the top as president kirchner retires in december. her late husband nester had four years in power and supporters say they rescued argentina from
2:43 pm
economic ruin and restored human rights but as daniel reports their opponents accuse them of massing a fortune through corrupt business deals. >> reporter: this is patagonia, the wind swept and populated and rich region in southern argentina is and bought up properties like luxury hotels in the mountains and transactions are now being investigated. >> translator: in this case it advances an investigation are done properly and no doubt the president will have to go to court. the problem is that the judges are compromised and this type of case never advances. >> reporter: while the supporters have praised their achievements, the judicial authorities are investigating how the kirchner's fortune grew so large, anticorruption office
2:44 pm
said the figures don't add up. they all gain as a result of a business and this luxury hotel owned by the kirchner has been the focus of questions asked about them, questions that are likely to remain until the president chooses to answer them perhaps long after she has left office. opponent opponent's point to unfinished building project in the hometown and government contracts granted to the couple's long time friend, bias, he is being investigated for money laundering and tax evasion. >> translator: they have taken control of the state to fulfill their personal dreams to develop and strengthen their own power structures to enrich themselves so they can continue with the same politics. >> reporter: the legal complaints launched against the president haven't made it to court although several ministers who served under the kirchners have been prosecuted for
2:45 pm
corruption. they include former finance minister and transport minister and vice president is under investigation for bribery. government leaders argue the accusations are politically motivated and critics in the opposition media. >> translator: the opposition has never had ideas of its own and never tried to show the people its plans for the provinces, the cities or the country, all it's done is throw much at the kirchner project. >> reporter: international monitors say argentina suffers from serious corruption with all sides accusing their political opponents of wrongdoing, investigations are slow and impunity is ripe, the full story is rarely revealed. daniel with al jazeera, patagonia argentina. further north in guatemala the people there will be electing a new president or choosing which one they want on
2:46 pm
sunday and one of the biggest challenges that will face the winner is poverty. country has the fourth highest rate of malnutrition in the world and david reports from the guatemala highlands. >> reporter: it's a game enjoyed by youngsters around the world but despite their smiles these guatemala children face a bleak future. all of them chronically malnourished for ever stunted physically and mentally and their mother says it's impossible to break the cycle of poverty. >> translator: i take my son to the public hospital but they don't have the medicine the doctors say he needs. i wish we had the money to buy the medicine outside the hospital but we don't. it's very hard. >> reporter: a few minutes down the road families line up to receive food assistance. but the rations come from foreign governments and private groups and here the guatemala
2:47 pm
government is absence, with the second round of elections coming up, on sunday they have been putting their staff anywhere they can but the big question is how they will bring the change to the people who need it the most. 2 1/2 hours away in guatemala city there is evidence of a growing economy but the number of people living in poverty is also rising. analysts say what is missing is the state's role in redistributing the wealth. >> it's one of the worst tax collectors in latin american with paraguay and 12% of gnp is collected every year in taxes which is very far from countries such as brazil which is much closer to 30% of gnp. >> reporter: earlier this year a multi million dollar tax corruption scam led to months of protests and brought down guatemala's president and for the families like hers the responsibility to provide basic services for the country's most vulnerable should be a vital task for the country's next
2:48 pm
president. david mercer, al jazeera, guatemala. my world is blue, it is for chelsea and their boss and we will have fara along with that and the rest of the sport after this break.
2:49 pm
♪ it's good to have you here for the al jazeera news hour and let's get to sport. >> david thank you so much, defending champions new zealand have the final in the rugby
2:50 pm
world cup and all blacks are the reigning champions and the first to win back to back titles and lee wellings has more. >> reporter: with or without ticket hours before the kickoff of the rugby semi final and coming here is awkward with the blacks but that sometimes looks impossible but south africa won two of the three cup encounters between the teams including the famous final of 95. >> we can beat anybody if we put our mind to it. >> looking for a ten-points victory for new zealand. >> reporter: op opponents will try to rip off their head and kept their head to score with the match for new zeeland after five minutes. but south africa were far from being out played, over the better team in the first half and it was a 12-7 lead.
2:51 pm
drop have been a rarity in a tournament and in a match they can be useful as dan carter show showed. new zeeland pressingly to get back in front and the genius and resistance set it up for the try. it turned into another tense world cup classic, the all blacks managed to keep the ball in south africa territory and won it 20 points to 18. >> lee welling is live and lee another classic match but new zealand just had enough to win it, tell us about the game. >> they did, i can say the south africa mayor is bitterly disappointed and losing a semi
2:52 pm
final like that and the second is no where and they had a chance to go through and surprisingly reach the final and say surprisingly because new zealand has been outstanding and in the france and quarter final the best i have ever seen and couldn't possibly reach that level again for two weeks running. well what did happen was another classic world cup match, south africa, the level they were able to reach too meant it would be the standard worthy of any final and they will see will australia get past argentina in the semi final and australia versus new zealand but the tournament they had so far and plenty to say about that, new zealand in the final and their tournament so far but one more step to go. >> lee wellings thank you so much. we will have the top of the english primi league and beat them 2-1 a while ago, a bad day for champions chelsea and the
2:53 pm
side went down 2-1 against west ham and to make matters worse red carded at the break for protesting the dismissing of maddic and the loss leaves chelsea 15th with only 11 points after ten games. taken control of the second match against england and finished day three of a lead of 350 runs and england's problem began with early dismissal on day three in dubai, departure for 88 and key for a batting collapse, england all out for 242, that men pakistan began their second innings already 100 runs ahead. khan was unbeaten on 71 and captain finished on 87, not out, pakistan's 222 for 3 at the close. well the first ever world indigenous games underway in brazil, 2000 athletes taking part with sports like archery,
2:54 pm
spear tossing, canoeing and log carrying all included and angry protests were an unscheduled addition to the opening ceremony and we report. >> indigenous people from 23 countries and 24 groups from the host nation brazil gathered in the sports arena to kickoff the inaugural event, wearing head dresses made of green and white paris feathers and bodies painted with dye joined dozens of others to mark the start of the games. the logo and brand names from sponsors that can usually be seen at sporting events were abcents from the ceremony and it's for commercial and competitive games and spiritual and cultural character of the bank was highlighted in the opening speeches. >> this event is an outstanding example of how sport can unite people and promote peace, respect for human rights and a
2:55 pm
rich indigenous cultures and the wisdom from all over the world. ♪ so 900,000 indigenous people live in brazil and makeup less than half a per cents of the country's 200 million inhabitants but these games are broader than brazil. groups from the americas and several others like the away from new zealand came to celebrate and exchange cultures and now were all indigenous and racing with 100 kilogram logs is one of the key competitions of the games and events mainly demeanor straights and reaching an agreement on rules wasn't always easy with groups with cultural differences, for ten days they will be showcasing aspects of the culture who know very little about them and hoping their problems too will get noticed. this group demanded land right for indigenous people at the
2:56 pm
host country and brazil president was present and silent at the inauguration. >> translator: they have done nothing for us and not even trying to fight discrimination, these games are only about promoting themselves and presidentdid not have the courage to speak out. >> translator: not everyone is happy, we have come to tell the brazil governments what we suffered this year and want to take land that was already granted to us. >> reporter: the festive atmosphere being dampened by people in brazil and around the world have gone largely ignored and despite being the original owners of the atlanta, lopez with al jazeera. kansas royals will play the new york mets in the world series, the royals closing out the american league championship series against the toronto blue jays and game six could have gone either way and hitting a two run homer at a level at 3-3 at the top of the 8th inning. the fans and players then had to
2:57 pm
sit through a 45-minute rain delay. shift back to the royals when the game got going again and eric with the rbi single put kansas in front, 4-3. and that is all your sport for now, it's now back to david. laura thank you, the legendary actress has died at the age of 95. she was considered one of the last remaining stars of hollywood's golden age on miracle on 34th street and how green was my valley during the 1940s. and she was also known for her on screen work with john wayne with whom she started in several films. the president of ireland michael higgens said she will be remembered as a versatile and outstanding actress. she died at age of 895, that is
2:58 pm
it with me and the news hour team, julie mcdonald is next.
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>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
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