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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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" ♪ russia continues its air campaign against syria's opposition but it's ready to support u.s.-backed. hello there. i am july e mcdonald. al jazeera live flu london coming up. u.s. secretary of state in jordan and enacted new measures to a couple of the situation at the al asqa mom. the vice president of the maldives is arrested on accusations of planning to assassinate the president.
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thousands have been forced from their homes. hello there. warm welcome to the program. there are signs of diplomatic shifts over the war in syria. russia's foreign ministers says moss co is ready to provide air support to the pre-syrian army in its fight against isil. until now, russia has referred to all groups fighting president assad as "terrorists." they say they have been in talks with the u.s. about launching a new political process in syria's government in the opposition. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry is on a visit to saudi arabia where he will meet the country's foreign minister for talks on syria. whatever is being said diplomatically, russia is still pursuing a different military strategy from the u.s. in syria. jamal al shial reports. >> reporter: syrian state t.v. continues its propaganda mention to try to convince people that
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russian airstrikes are targeting what the syrian and russian governments call terrorists. the pictures on the ground tell a different story. this is what's left of the town on the outskirts of idlib after russian warplanes bombed several residential areas late on fridayfriday in hana opposition fighters belonging to the army of conquest announced the capture of several villages after defeating government troops and forcing them to retreat. the alliance of opposition fighters launched what it called the battle for hama this week after capturing idlib earlier this month. opposition fighters also say they have taken several towns and villages in the south of aleppo province. syria's armed opposition groups say they have been started by russian airstrikes rather than the so-called islamic state group.
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on friday, isil announced it was in control of the main road connecting aleppo to hama. how russia reacts to this will demonstrate military priorities. despite russian airstrikes entering their fourth week. isil fighters appear to be largely unaffected. armed groups opposed to the regime have discovered losses. not only at the hands of the russians but also in continuing battles with isil. jamal al shal, al jazeera. senior russian foreign minister lavrov commented saying moscow is ready to support the free syrian army but the united states unwillingness is stop that from happening. the americans refusal to coordinate anti-terrorist campaign with us is a big mistake. we are seriously prepared for such a coordination and ready to give air support to the patriotic opposition including the so-called free syrian army
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but we need to get in contact with the people who have the authority who represent certain armed groups. >> russia's intervention in syria is changing the face of the conflict, and there are calls for it to get involved in iraq as well. the iraqi prime minister's coalition partners are complaining that u.s.-led airstrikes haven't been effective enough against isil. a report from baghdad. >> reporter: in this what many across iraq want to see: russian airstrikes against isil like these ones in syria. while it's too soon to say how successful moscow's aerial campaign has been, there is growing frustration among mistaken iraqis witness u.s.s. year-long efforts to help retake the vast territory isil controls against iraq and say russia's approach is what's needed here to win. hakam alzi is the head of the committee, one est most vocal
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supporters of russian involvement in the fight against isil in iraq. >> we know russia did not get involved in the middle east for our sake but rather for their interests. but our interests are well matched with the russian. >> it's not just politicians who wa to see moscow take a more meaningful role in the fight against isil. so, too do the shia malitias whi which could explain why russia and iraq shared intelligence sharing that involved syria and iran. washington has made it clear is it does not want russian jets targeting isil and has described prime minister vladimir putin's involvement in nabortioning syria as a historic mistake. abadi finds himself in the delicate position of trying to appease his political and security alleys while also trying to keep washington on his side. whatever the case, it would appear that the threats of russian involvement in iraq has already worked to his advantage.
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>> the iraqi government has given assurance to the u.s. that they will not ask for any help from russia. the u.s. has now promised to increase the number of coalition airstrikes against iraq and give iraqi counterterrorism forces badly needed armored vehicles, tanked and advanced weapons in the coming days. >> the u.s. you insists it remains on course to degrade and destroy isil. the coalition has intensified strikes on baji and ramadi providing air cover for iraqi forces that have managed to retake some key areas. rarely has isil faced such multiple offenses. it would appear that the threat of a russian role in iraq stirred the u.s. intoaction. the question is: how long will it last? and will it be enough to lead to any meaningful gains? baghdad.
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>> israel and jordan have agreed new measures in a bid to a couple of tensions over access to the al osxa mosque. they were outlined by u.s. secretary of state john kerry after meeting with mac mood abbas in jordan. there is also the plan to introduce 24-hour video surveillance. issues surrounding the holy site have been at the center of recent unrest in israel and the occupied territories. >> today, i hope we can begin to turn the page on this very difficult period. we have to join together in calling for an immediate end to violence. you we must stress the importance of avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric, and we must work cooperatively. it's the only way to go forward.
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>> the u.s. secretary of state is not the only person calling to an ends to the violence. in tel aviv, people are calling for peace. our reporter, andrew simmons joined the crowd to find out more. >> reporter: these are people from the peace now movement a large rally, much larger than anyone expected. also, all of the way along the highway, the main highway which is downtown tel aviv. now, peace now goes back to 1978 and what they are calling for is a dpoounl of the prenticisi government. they are attacking benjamin netanyahu for his politics. they want a two-state solution. they want peace talks right away, and they say there is no way that there can be security without a political solution. now, with me now is the member
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of peace now, and, of course, you are a member of one of the opposition parties. tell me this: what is the main objective of this demonstration? >> main objective is to tell the government to go back home and pretending the only way to secure the citizens of palestinian and israel is agreement by bothsized, peace agreement between two independent states. >> it would appear that there is -- the two sides couldn't be further apart right now. the septemberstral issue seems to be settlements and obviously several issues: occupation, but second to that, settlements, which are illegal in international law. what is your stand on that? >> we say since 1978, it should evacuate if the palestinians
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agree. but evacuate unless there is another agreement. >> well, both words in action aimed at ending the unvest. rye lens continues on saturday. israeli forces shot dead a palestinian teenager who they say tried to stab a soldier. the shooting happened at a checkpoint in northern janeen in the west bank. the 16 year-old can be seen running towards traffic, toward the cross can. issitsi forces say he was carrying a knife. 56 palestinians and eight israelis have been killed this month in a series of attacks in israel and the occupied ter territory. >> the israeli government responded to attacks by deploy handwriting extra security forces to the street. human rights activists are cone deming the beating and wrongful arrest and the tension of a palestinian man, an incidents which was caught on security cameras. stefanie dekker we want to meet
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him in the occupied west bank. >> at work outside in the street, there is a stand-off between young palestinians and the israeli army. he stops in the doorway. what follows is not often caught on camera. >> they came to me without any questions. he hit me, and i fell. then five soldiers came and beat me without any questions. i was telling them, i didn't throw rocks. i was at work. it's as if i wasn't even speaking at this point. they were hitting me and trying to drag me outside. >> there is an illegalitioni settlement up that road and the confrontations were taking place around this area. now, he was working in this storeroom when theisii soldier stormed in and started beating him. he was then hand cuffed, blindfolded and arrested. the next day, he was taken to hospital to treat his wounds.
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he said it took three days until he was questioned. he still has bruising now, more than two weeks later. israeli human rights group bsleem said the police refused check his alibi. it took six days to be released without charge. >> it was a culture of impunity we are seeing here the soldiers probably expect that consequences for violence, such violence against palestinians will be remote if even that. indeed one can imagine all of the other instances that take place all the time against palestinians, but they are not caught on video. >> israeli army says it is investigating the incident and its initial findings are that the solids actions are unacceptable. >> it's just between us. they will feel he is not human.
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this is not human treatment. if it was humane, then they wouldn't do that to a person. >> palestinians say these kind of incidents and worse happen all the time and it's only wlairl this kind of hard evidence surfaces that the world wakes up to how they are treated. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, albeda in the occupied west bank. >> still ahead here on al jazeera. show me the money. nearly 200 countries agree on a draft plan for climate change to remained provided on how to pay for it. the world's biggest shipping fleet might be setting sail for safer haven. all of that and more after the break.
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meets humanity.
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. >> a reminder the top stories here on al jazeera. almost two weeks into the air campaign in syria. russia said it is ready to accept the u.s. backed agreement. isi peace activists are on the streets of tel aviv protesting against recently violence that has seen over sixty people kill killed. patricia, the strongest storm to hit the western hemisphere has been down graded to a tropical depression. the vice president of the ma maldives has been arrested over an alleged plot to asass nature the president. he is questioned after an explosion on the president's boat last month. he wasn't injured, but his wife, aide and bodyguard were.
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sahina russias rasheed is the editor and said the police haven't disclosed what evidence if any they have against the vice president. >> so the vice president landed in male, at the international airport at midday today. the police arrested him from the tarmac and held a press conference right afterwards, and they did not, despite repeated inquiries, tell us why the vice president is a suspect in the boat blast. so we do not know. the police have not told us what evidence they have found lumping the vice president to the boat blast yet. >>s muslims in pakistan are demanding government leaders tighten security after the latest suicide bombing. friday night's explosion of a shia possession in sin youh prove incidents, killed worshippers. eight children were said to be among the dead.
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hundreds of the minority have been killed in sectarian attacks over the past decade. shia muslims have been targeted in bangladesh as well with a group linked to isil claiming responsibility. homemade bombs were thrown at around 25,000 people who had gathered for the traditional ashura possession. police in daka say a teenage boy was killed and more than 100 others were injured. nigeria's emergency management agency says one person has been killed and 10 more have been injured in a suicide blast in the northeast. it's understood that four women suicide bombers blew themselves up when guards stopped them entering the city of maiduguri stopped at a body search on the outskirts of the city. the final day of campaigning before tans an ians go to the polls. candidates are pledge to go improve people's lives. campaigning alongside the ruling
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party's candidate, the constitution doesn't allow him to run for a third term. the ivory coast president is expected to win sunday'sly thanks to divided opposition and public support after economic improvement. many supporters of the former president are boycotting that vote which could mean trouble in a country acostommed to violent elections. from the city of abajan. a hero to his supporters, they have squeezed in to and on to every available space you performers entertain everyone until he arrives. >> it's expected he will win a second term. he hopes without the blood shed that stained his rise to power. i assure you it will be peaceful. people want to forget and forget
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what happened in 27. they don't want people killing each other any more. >> 3,000 people were killed when he refused to accept the 2010ly. his forces over powered and despite alleged crimes committed by bothsized. only he has been held to account. his war crimes trial starts soon. there has been some violence in the buildup to this election. but all of the presidential candidates are calling for calm. >> widely expected but he isn't leaving anything to chance. campaigning right up until the last moment. his opponents accused him of using his position to influence the election commission, and sending his security forces to intimidate critics. he says he will bring reconciliation. he leads the party and hard liners have joined a bowcot. the incumbent says it's
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irrelevant. >> they know they cannot win even 1%. they can boycott. that's okay. >> but he thinks thely is a joke and the result may not be accepted. we have a certain'sous problem of lack of leadership. we are waiting for the right person. >> without someone to believe, many voters say they won't vote but apathy is better than anger if it means a peaceful election. tania page, abajan, ivory coast. >> al jazeera gained exclusive access to taiz where there has been ongoing fighting between the national army and popular resistance on one side and the houthi rebels on the other. much of the city which is a houthi stronghold has been destroyed. shelling in residential areas of taiz toward the villages. hurricane patricia has caused
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flooding in parts of mexico has weakened to a tropical depression. patricia has forced more than 50,000 people from their homes. no casualties have so far been reported and the damage has been less than feared because it hit sparsely populated areas. pat trish what has been described as the strongest hurricane to ever hit the western hemisphere. john hollmann is joining us live from hidalgo. hi, there. what can you tell us about what you have been seeing? >> we are in the zone of velocity winds. the local kindergarten of this village. the roof laz been ripped off. there are several other houses in the same state. they've kept the walls but completely lost their roof. you can see the debris as well on the road just there behind us. so these were the villages. as you said, in the scarcely pop
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area, this hurricane passed through, they have been quite badly affected. he electricity cut trees all over the road. but what's been surprising about this is that more of the area wasn't he have affected. the major resort teams of the hurricane passed through the middle of port a vallerta. they have suffered some structural problems. this morning, people are emerging from shelters. the authorities are starting to look around. really, the country is breathing a sigh of relief i am wondering about people in the rural areas. people didn't know how badly they have been affected yet. >> this is it.
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these are the more rural, isolated areas and the army, we have seep them moving through this area. it's a bit strange actually because the people in this village are telling us that the army that has moved through didn't stay to help them. they just -- they just passed along. so in mexico, these rural, isolated areas sometimes they are the ones that help arrives too late or doesn't arrive at all. villages along this coast have been affected by the storms in the past. and they just disappeared because the people didn't get help and they had to leave their villages in the end. we have to see now what's going to happen to the people in this village. is the government going to come along to repair this kindergarten behind them, or are they going to be left on that own as they are right now. they are conducting their own census to try to work out what's been damage did in the village. this is a real challenge going forward. nearly 200 countries have
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agreed in bonn. there is still disagreement on how the plan will be paid for. a report. >> they are here to talk about climate change, but there is another c word that's causing a headache in germany: compromise. the meeting was supposed to sooth the way between next month's summit in paris. negotiators may bonn were asked to draft a workable plan but france sees problems ahead. the negotiators stressed different options. now, there are three options, polarized option in some cases, more closer to a bridge and a compromising others. >> the rift between richer and poorer nations has been efd. richer nations wantz to stop the earth's temperature by what scientists consider dangerous,
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two degrees celsius. poorer countries say that's too much. the rise should be restricted to one and a half degrees. >> goal requires carbon emission missions and will cost a lot more money leaders in the maldives have been more vocal. they say their islands could disappear. the former president once held a cabinet meeting under water to illustrate the point. >> we are actually trying to send our message, let the world know what is happening and what might -- what will happen to the maldives if a change is not made. >> 2015 is so far the warmest year for the planet on record. we are yet to find out if it's also the year something concrete is finally, done about it. al jazeera. >> bulgaria, serbia and romania
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will shut their borders if germany and trauft tree i can't do the same. the primary has warned. he insisted the balkan states would not become buffer zones for refugees after the three current trees held talks in sophia on saturday. thousands of refugees are continuing to enter and cost the eu -- cross the eu. almost 1 in 5 of the world's ships are greek registered. there are fees the country's ship owners may take business elsewhere. john explains. >> reporter: greeks own the largest merchant feet in the world, 15% of global shipping capacity. much of that fleet is managed and chartered from the port of payarus generating an estimated 7% of the greek economy. but it normally pays little tax here because most of the greek fleet sails under foreign flags of convenience. two years ago, ship owners were forced to pay an additional greek tax, and last year, they agreed to double this for a
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period of four years. the latest bail-out means that the shipping industry is being asked to pay more again. but that could be a in this calculated risk. >> is there a danger? there is always a danger. today, yesterday, tomorrow, if the structure within which we operate is affected in such a way that we are put to a disadvantage and it's very important to look at it this way: what we are discussing is not losing an advantage but being placed at disadvantage compared to our european counterparts, first of all, and global competitors. then, naturally, any self-respecting business has to make its move. >> the latest change is an additional 8% solidarity tax paid on the $9,000,000,000 in foreign currency that ship owners currently bring in to the economy each year. >> all of these meyers are supposed to raise $700 million over six years, over and above regular tax revenue from shipping. but some of them are voluntary,
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and all are supposed to be temporary. what worries ship owners is that they may become permanent and obligatory. global trade has fallen during the economic crisis as international competition has risen. taxes remain constant. sensing an opportunity, due by, singapore and cyprus are wooing with promises of tax havens and free offices. the government hopes to keep ship owners here by attracting more shipping-related business like finance and, insurance, ship building and repair. until now, data shows some countries have chosen to open supplementary offices. we haven't observed nas flooipt. it isn't contained in national boundaries. we intend to reinforce the industry. >> ship owners have in the past endowed greece with hospitals and scholarships and lately, new national opera and library. they say these voluntary contributions help greece more than taxes that could ruin the
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shipping industry. taxes, they say, that ultimately will make little difference to government debt. john psoropulus. finds out much more on our website. the address is this is where freddie gray grew up -- known to friends as pepper. >> why was his nickname pepper? >> i never heard of pepper being bad for nobody, salt is bad for you, salt will kill you. i never heard nobody dying from pepper, everybody s


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