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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 24, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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♪ this is al jazeera. >> hello. this is the newshour live from london coming up. russia signals it could be support of u.s. backed fighters in syria jordan and israel agree new measures designed to decrease tension. video surveillance. vice president. accused of a plot. high seas and plenty of rain as
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hurricane patricia slams into the coast. thousands have been forced from their homes. i will have all of your day's sport and defending champions new disagree land beat south africa to seal their spot in the rugby world cup. ♪ hello there. good to have your company. we begin with the war in syria and there was, on saturday, an indication from russia that it would be ready to provide air support to the free syrian army in its fight against isil. until now, russia has referred to all groups fighting president assad as terrorists. moscow said it has been in talks with the u.s. about launching a new political process between syria's government and the opposition. speaking on russian t.v., sergei lavrov says moscow is ready to support the free syrian army but that the united states unwillingness to cooperate is
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stopping that from happening. >> the americans refusal to coordinate anti-terrorist campaign with us is a big mistake. we are seriously prepared for such a coordination and ready to give air support to the patriotic opposition including the so-called free syrian army but we need to get in contact with the people who have the authority to represent certain armed groups. >> russian airstrikes in syria are now entering their fourth week. moscow says it's time that rebel groups say russia is in fact bombing them. on friday, several residential areas in idlib were destroyed by russian airstrikes. >> reporter: syrian state t.v. continues its propaganda message to try to convince people that russian airstrikes are targeting what the syrian and russian governments call terrorists. the pictures on the ground tell a different story. this is what's left of the town of pelalal on the outskirts of
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idlib after russian warplanes bombed several residential areas late on friday. it's unclear how many people were killed. in hama, opposition fighters belonging to the army of conquest announced the capture of several villages after defeating government troops and forcing them to retreat. the alliance of opposition fighters launched what it called the battle for hama this week after capturing idlib earlier this month. opposition fighters also say they have taken several towns and villages in the south of aleppo province. syria's armed opposition groups say they have been targeted by russian airstrikes rather than the so-called islamic state group. on friday, isil announced it was in control of the main road connecting aleppo to hama. how russia reacts to this will demonstrate its military priorities. despite russian airstrikes now
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entering their fourth week, isil fighters appear to be largely unaffected. armed groups opposed to bashar al-assad's regime have suffered losses. not only at the hands of the russians but, also, in continuing battles with isil. al jazeera. the u.s. secretary of state, john kerry is on a visit to saudi arabia where he is meeting theunt can tree's foreign minister for talks on syria. we are expecting a life press conference on that soon. with me to discuss things further is the chair of co contemporary ml middleast studi. how do you sofa problem like assad? >> always at the core of these discussions, isn't? because we have the u.s., riyadh and arrangearar. there is a view that he can't play a part in the future transition. what do they do? >> the russians and iranians think otherwise and the americans and sawudis and turks
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think otherwise. what they are trying to do now is to go around the challenge, the difficulty, the problem of assad. they are really trying to postpone the future, the question of the future of assad and focusing really on trying to basically revive a political transition is to also start a political process where the government and its opponents sit down and talk not about assad but how do you establish a transitional authority? what kind of transitional authority? what kind of oppositional forces will be in this transitional government? >> because that's the thing. >> you have absolutely multiple forces but do you have basically go around the problem of assad because there is no agreement. there is no consensus. there is a huge divide. it seems to me both the americans and the russians are deeply involved now. they are trying to find out the way, a way out of the deadly embrace. >> is that why we see a move from russia today? talking about how they would be willing to support some of the
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opposition forces? explain that a little bit more for me because from the maps i have seen, they have been bombing them. why say that? >> well, i mean, i think what we need to understand now is that russia is on the driver's seat in syria. russia has some -- has invested major strategic assets in syria. russia's prestige is online. russia is trying to basically shift the balance of power on the ground even though it says that it really tried to target isis with the so-called islamic state. it's targeting mostly the faxes or the groups that are making success against the assad regime. it wants to basically strengthen the syrian government, the syrian army even though it says it's trying to target isis or the islamic state. the point is both the russians and the americans basically are trying to prevent all-out confrontation in syria. russia is also trying.
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all sides now are making concessions. initially, neither the americans nor its allies were willing to accept even assad in the transitional period. now, they are saying assad can stay for six months or so. the russians and the iranians are also coming to realize assad cannot stay in power forever. so, also they are trying to make concessions to accept the fact is that there are major oppositional forces despite what russia says. >> from where we were even, say, six to eight weeks ago before russia made the shift in its, is it progress? and i use that word extremely lightly. is it a shifting in the sands, if you like? >> i think there is a shift. i think there is a turning point. i think everyone is really drowning in the syrian quagmire. everyone wants a way out, including the russians. yes, the russian surge in syria is a game changer, a game changer in the sense that even though the russian intervention could prolong the conflict,
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russia is now coming to realize, unless it finds a way out, unless it really helps to broker a settlement, it could be embroiled in the syrian quagmire like everyone else. so that is a quen win effort on the part of everyone, including the americans and the russians to broaden the regional umbrella to bring in turkey, iran, saudi arabia and even qatar and egypt in order to find a way out of the conflict because, remember, this is not just about syria, julie. this is a regional war by proxy and a global war by proxy as well. that's why the russians and americans are trying to broaden this particular umbrella to find a consensus, not just about assad because there is no agreement on assad. you want to go around the problem of assad by talking about transitional government, elections, negotiating between negotiation between the syrian government and its opponents. >> thank you, fawaz. it looks like we are not going to have a presser after all. they have cancelled it but thank you very much. >> thank you.
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>> russia's intervention in syria is change, the face of the conflict. there are calls for it to get involved in iraq as well. the iraqi prime minister's coalition partners are complaining that u.s.-led airstrikes haven't been effective enough against isil. a report now from baghdad. >> this is what many across iraq want to see: russian airstrikes against isil like these ones with syria. well, it's too soon to say how successful moscow's aerial a campaign against the armed group and other targets have been. there is groip growing frustration among many with the u.s.s. efforts to retake the vast territory isil controls across iraq and say russia's approach is what's needed here to win. ha hack a.m. is the head of the government security committee: he is one of the most vocal supporters much russian involvement in the fight against isil in iraq.
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>> we know russia did not get involved in the middle east for our sake but rather for their interests. but our interests are well matched with the russians. >> it's not just politicians who want to see moscow take a more meaningful role in the fight againstis isil. so, too, do the fighters of the she aemalitias which could explain why late last month, russia and iraq signed an intelligence-sharing agreement that also included syria and iran. washington has made it clear it does not want russian jets in iraqi airspace targeting isil and has described prime minister vladimir putin's involvement in neighboring syria as a historic mistake. abadi finds himself in the delicate position of trying to appease his political and security alleys while also trying to keep washington on his side. whatever the case, it would appear that the threats of russian involvement in iraq has already worked to his advantage. >> the iraqi government has given assurance to the u.s. that they will not ask for any help
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from russia. the u.s. has now promised to increase the nuof coalition airstrikes across iraq and give iraqi counterterrorism forces badly needed armored military vehicles, takes and advanced weapons in the coming days. >> the u.s. insists it remains on course to degrade and destroy isil. in recently days, the coalition has intentionfied strikes in the north and the west providing air cover for iraqi forces who have managed to retake some key areas. rarely has isil faced such multiple offenses than it has in the last month. it would appear that the threat of a russian role in iraq spurred the u.s. in to action. the question now is: how long will it last? and will it be enough to lead to any meaningful gains? imtiaz tyaz, baghdad. >> the vice president of the mald dives has been arrested over an alleged plot to assassinate the president. he is being questioned after an explosion on president yamin's
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boat last month. he wasn't injured but his wife, aide and bodyguard were. the editor of the newspaper, the "maldives independent" said the police haven't disclosed what evidence they ah ve against the vice president. >> the vice president landed in male at the international airport at midday today. the police arrested him from the tarmac and held a press conference right afterwards and, and they did not despite, despite repeated inquiries tell us why the vice president is a suspect in the boat blast. so we do not know. the police have not told us what evidence they have found linking the vice president to the boat blast yet. >> al jazeera gained access where there has been fighting between the national army and the popular resistance on one side and houthi rebels on the other. much of the city, which is a
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houthi stronghold has been destroyed. there has been shelling in residential areas of taiz as well. coming up here on the news hour: thousands take to the streets of the israeli capital tel aviv to call for peace. the world's biggest shipping fleet might be setting sail for safer haven. in england in trouble in the second test against pakistan. we will tell you by how much later in sport. 40 ref eugenia ease have washed ashore. 27 bodies were found in the town and other victims were discovered in a nearby town and on the tripoli coastline. a search is underway for 30 more refugees who have believed to have been traveling on the same
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boat. well, bulgaria, serbia and roman i can't will shut their borders to refugees should german and austria do the same. bill garia's prime minister has made that warning and said they would not become buffer zones for refugees after the three countries held talks on saturday. the potential move to close boardsers comes as thousands enter and cross the eu. hurricane patricia which has caused flooding in parts of mexico has weakened to a tropical depression. patricia forced more than 50,000 people from their homes. no casualties have so far been reported and the damage has been less than feared because it hits sparsely populated areas. pat trisha has been described as the strongest hurricane to hit the western hemmis fear ever. tropical storm pat triricia has affected the southern seaboard of the united states. torrential rain brought powerful flood to go texas see see in
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those pictures a storm surge south of the city . two engineers on board both swam to safety. as in mexico, there have been no reports of fatalities. the storm has caused significant damage to infrastructure. some of the worst flooding in mexico was in jalisco state. a report from one of the first places to be struck by patricia. >> in the village now of hidalgo, one of the villages that was directly in the path of the hurricane patricia when it first hit mexico. you can see behind what it did to the village kindergarten there. you have to remember this was a category 5 hurricane, apparently the strongest hurricane on record in the western hemisphere, but the real surprise perhaps here is that there aren't more villages looking like this one here with all of this debris in the street with the roofs, they have been taken off of the houses. there aren't many villages, many
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towns especially, that have suffered extremely serious damage and until now, there hasn't been any loss of life reported from this hurricane. so mexico this morning is really -- or today is really breathing a sigh of relief after the intense scare that it suffered yesterday when in the hours of the afternoon, this hurricane r or ed off the coast and r or ed through mexico. now, it's heading away from the country, north. so a bit of a let-off for mexico as the army and the authorities go through these villages to try and find out what damage happened and how to start repairing that, bringing back electricity, bringing back the telephone signal. but apart from that, all largely as well as as it could be in this part of mexico. john hollmann report can there. the u.s. secretary of state says jordan and israel have agreed to calm tensions total oxza mosque in east jerusalem.
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access to the known that is known to the juice and the temple mound has fueled it. after meeting with the p palestinian president, john kerry said israel has agreed to uphold the tradition of muslim-only prayer at the site. jordan is custodian of the compound and proposed round-the-clock surveillance of all sites. israel accepted. kerry said that was a game-changer that would discourage anybody from disturbing the sank at this time i of the holy site. >> today, i hope we can begin to turn the page on this very difficult period. we have to join together in calling for an immediate end to violence. we must stress the importance of avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric. and we must work cooperatively. it's the only way to go forward.
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>> tour reporter andrew simons joined to find out more. >> these are from the peace now movement. this is a large rally, much larger than anyone expected. several thousand, i would s say also, all of the way along the highway, the main highway, which is closed off and downtown tel aviv. now, peace now goes back to 1978. what they are calling for is the downfall of the israeli government. they are attacking benjamin netanyahu for his politics. they want a two-state solution. they want peace talks straightaway and they say there is no way there can be security without a political solution. now, with me now is mozzi r out w. a member of peace now. you are a member of one of the
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opposition parties. tell me this: what is the main objective of this demonstration? >> the main objective is to call the government to go back home and to tell them that the only way to secure the security offis and palestine is by peaceful agreement between two intelligent states. >> reporter: it would appear that the two sides couldn't be further apart right now. the central issue seems to be settlements, and oh, my goodness several issues: occupation, but second to that, settlements which are illegal in international law. what is your stand on that? >> we says since 1978, should evacuate. and they ought to evacuate and unless there is another agreement between both sides.
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this is palestine. we must bring an end to this problem. sglooifrnlth both words and actions aimed at ending the unrest violence continues. on saturday, israeli forces shot dead a palestinian teenager who they say tried to stab a soldier. shooting happened at a check point in northern janine in the occupied west bank the the 16-year-old be seen running toward traffic. israeli forces say he was carrying a knife. 56 palestinians and eight israelis have been killed this month in a series of attacks in israel in the occupied territories. the israeli government has responded to attacks on its citizens over the l month by deploying extra security forces to the streets. human rights activists are condemning the beating and wrongful arrest and dettention to of a palestinian man on an incidents that was caught on security cameras. stefanie dekker we want to meet him in the occupied west bank.
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>> reporter: he is at work. outside in the street, there is a stands-off between young palestinians and the israeli army so he stops in the doorway. what follows is not often caught on camera. >> he came to me without any questions. he hit me, and i fell. then around five soldiers came and they beat me without any questions. i was telling them i didn't throw rocks. i was at work. it's as if i wasn't even speaking at this point. they were hitting me and trying to drag me outside. >> there is an illegal israel settlement just a few hundred meters off of that road and the confrontations were taking place around this area. now, he was working in this storeroom as the cc t.v. shows when the israeli soldiers stormed in and started beating h him. he was then hand cuffed, blindfolded and arrested. the next day, he was taken to hospital to treat his wounds. he said it took three days until it was questioned. he still has bruising now, more than two weeks later.
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israeli human rights group who released the video of the attack alleged the police initially refused to check his alibi. it took six days for him to be released without charge. >> the culture of impunity that we are seeing here the solids probably expect that consequences for violence, such violence against palestinians will be remote if even that. indeed, one can imagine the other instances that suddenly take place all the time against palestinians but are not caught on video. >> reporter: theitsis army said it is investigating the incidents and its initial findings are that the solids' actions are unacceptable. hatred between us and the juice and a person feels he is not a human being. this is not humane treatment. if it was, they wouldn't do that to a person. >> reporter: palestinians say
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these kind of incidents and worse happen all the time and that it's only rarely with this kind of hard evidence surfaces that the world wakes up to how they are treated. stefanie dekker, al jazeera, albeda in the occupied west bank. >> joseph kashishian is at person dianne in malibu and joins us from los angeles. a warm welcome to the program. thank you for being with us. we heard john kerry a little bit earlier describing this move to have 24 hour surveillance as a game-changer, i think he called t do you think that's right? >> i am afraid it is not. it is more of a political discussion that is going on right now to try to change the subject as much as possible. aga a game changer would include something a lot more substantial. it would have to focus on actually addressing some of the core issues that the arab/israeli conflict have been
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dragging on for many, many, many decades. this is placating to a particular audience. it is not a game changer at all. and unfortunately, it will not make a dent. >> joseph, who can influence either side now? does the u.s. still have that privilege, if you like, of being able influence israel? and who can influence the palestinians? it would seem right now we are in that kind of dire situation where there is little that can be done to influence either side to make progress. >> well, influence is a very fluid term. if the israelis want to be influenced by the united states, then i am sure washington would cater to that. if the palestinians want to be influenced by one party or another, i am sure the palestinians would also cater to that. i think at this point, the dilemma is really the ball is in the israeli court. the israelis have got to come to terms with the reality on the ground. after six or seven connection
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aids of occupation, they still have not been able to come to terms with a mass of population that is rejecting this occupation there is reluctance. as long as it continues, we are not going to see chavenlthz on the other hand action are i think these acts of violence called intafada or uprising once in a while indicate how volatile the situation is and any kind of spark could, in fact, generate into a fundamental confrontations between the two sides. the wiser politicians on both sides of the aisle, israelis and palestinians will have to understand that talking about peace is not going to get them to real peace. in fact, what is required is compromise on the ground. there is no alternative to the two state conclusion even know nobody wants to acknowledge that. >> we have the added floob a lot of the palestinian youth that's incredibly sglujtsed and fed up
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with this lack of progress, they are not looking to the palestinian floishingsz you know, decide what their future lik looks like. it seems they are deciding this is the only way to be heard. when do you think those politicians will get together and decide progress, talking, diplomacy is the right way forward? >> what is required to give diplomacy an opportunity is to have fundamental economic changes how can that occur when theitsii are presenting it. unemployment among palestinians is almost 40% for males and nearly 80% for females. and as long as we have this, a tremendous frustration, economic frustration, diplomacy cannot by
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any measure, by any standard, gain the upperhand. violence will predominate. if, in fact, theitsisis are serious in terms of reaching negotiations, what they will simply do is cooperate with their palestinian counterparts to encourage development, to encourage economic development that will presumably lead to diplomatic solution. >> joseph, professor of middle east relations at pepper dine in malibu. thank you for joining us with your thoughts. thank you. a political dinacy, in the mineral rich south where the kirschner family is facing accusations of corruption. why a blue day for chelsea and their boss, jose morinho.
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we will have those later in sports.
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the top stories here on al jazeera. almost four weeks into its air campaign in syria, russia says it's ready to support the u.s.-backed opinion jury if washington will agree to coordinate with moscow. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will allow only muon lichldz to pray in east jerusalem, an issue at the heart of recent unrest. patricia, the strongest storm to hit the western hem he is fear has been downgraded to a tropical impression. muslim in pan attack are demanding government leaders tighten security after the latest suicide bombing. friday night explosion killed 22 worshippers. eight children were reported to be amongst theded. hundreds have been killed in sectarian attacks over the past deposition aid.
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homemade bombs thrown for people who gathered for the traditional procession. more than 100 were injured. millions of people have gather earl in the iraqi city of karbala to mark the festival. it falls on the 10th day of the first month of the is lamic calendar. the event mourns the death in battle of the prophet muhammad's grandson. nigeria emergency management agency says one person has been killed and 10 more have been injured in a suicide blast in the northeast. guards stopped them entering the city of maiduguri. they were stopped at a body search on the outsskirts of the city. presidential hopefuls intanstans have held their final campaign rallies ahead of sunday's polls, expected to be the tightest in the nation's history. outgoing president has ordered the peace to boost security to
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ensure voting in the country of some 52 million people passes off peacefully. catherine soy repori reports fo first time, the ruling party which has dominated politics here for decades is under immense pressure. edward lowasa is the main opposition candidate. he left after being denied a chance to run for the party's nomination. he resigned in 2008 because of the corruption scandal. he was denied involvement in fraud but is promising change. >> we will lead you and get you out of poverty, fight corruption and transform education. >> the candidate an minister for works is credited with over seeing most infrastructure process in tans tanzania. he says he will continue that
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job. >> the excitement and intensity around thisly, the ruling party is facing its most feared opposition. crowds like this one don't necessarily vote but a lot of people have said they will. >> the only female presidential candidate is a newcomer in a relatively new party. this presidential debate, splejed to increase food protection. >> people are taking us now during the campains as the real serious alternative government if possible but maybe if not, a veryous opposition. >> none of the candidates are giving realistic plans of how they will transform this will still-growing democracy. >> we are still waiting for somebody to come and rescue the country from this transition, from this sea of transition.
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it's an island for transformation. where you see a country having a direction. >> just over 22 million people are registered to vote those we talk to hope the election will free and fair and leaders will be true to their many promises. catherine soi, al jazeera. >> the incumbenefit president is expected to win sunday's election thanks to divided opposition and public support aft foster economic government many supporters of former president louren are boycotting the vote which could be trouble in a country accustomed to violent elections. from abajan. awe. >> a hero to his supporters who have squeezed into every available space. performers entertain.
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it is expected he will win a second term, he hopes, without the blood shed that stained his rise to power it will be peaceful because people wants to forget and forget what happened in 2010. they don't want killing each other any more. >> 3,000 people were killed when he acceptrefused to accept thel forces overpowered both despite alleged crimes committed by both sides. only he has been held to account. his war crimes trial starts soon. there has been some violence in the buildup to this election. but all of the presidential candidates are calling for calm. >> he is widely expected to win. he is campaigning right up until the last moment. his opponents accuse him of using his position to influence thely commission, adding so-called voters to the rolls
5:37 pm
and sending security forces to intimidate critics. >> the candidate who leads the party now but hard liners have stwroipd a boycott an incumbent says is irrelevant. is it kemira thinks thely is a joke and the results may not be accepted sue we hearing there may be trouble. we are only waiting for the right person. >> without someone to believe, many supporters say they simply won't vote but apathy is better than anger if it means a peaceful election. tania page, ivory coast. >> six months since an earthquake devastated nepal. many communities lie in ruins.
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survivors are also struggling to cope. people from the village of langtang have been taking refuge in a monastery in kathmandu. our correspondent has been to meet them. >> nimila has come to light a lamp for her mother at the shrine in kathmandu. bur whishingd an aftvalanche swt across the valley in april. i ied. she is learning to sur v surviv on her own. >> i stay with my uncle and aunt. family who used to guide me when i was a child. now, i have to help them navigate the city. it's difficult to see them struggle. >> her friend lost her father. the teenagers are always together now. >> it feels like a dream at times and i struggle to accept it. the mind races with thoughts and i wonder how to manage and live.
5:39 pm
>> 308 people died here with a population of less than 500, more than 100 foreign trekkers were also killed by the avalanche. >> people are from a tightly-knit community. after the tragedy, the community bond has become stronger. much of the valley remains uninhabitable, locals have gone back and tried to rebuild their broken homes and reval tourism. the only income in the area. >> pinju has become a community organizer. >> one or two people have returned to the village. we have cattle that need care, especially since wenter is approaching. we have made temporary shelters, hired helicopters from the money we raised. we can't afford to wait for the government. >> he is live with four other families. 15 people in a two-bedroom flat. she lost her mother in the quake. i miss my mother, she says. i miss everything about her. this is how she used to pinch our cheeks, her brother says,
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norbu was with his mother in the village and was saved by their father. everyone in this room has lost a mother, father, husband, or wife. the government had allocated $700 million to spend on reconstruction this year. not a september of that money has been spent yet. nepal's leaders have focused their attention in forming a new government and drafting a controversial new constitution. and while the government does little to help people rebuild their lives, the survivors rely on each other and the funds they have been able to raise through well wishers. al jazeera. kathmandu. >> almost one in five of the world's ships are greek registered. now, the government is threatening to raise tax rates on the industry. there are fears the country's ship owners may take their business offshore. john psoropilis explains. >> sgreekz ownerence of global shipping capacity. much of that fleet is managedgr
5:41 pm
shipping capacity. much of that fleet is managed from the port generating 7% of the greek economy. shipping normally pays little tax here because most of the greek fleet sails under foreign flags. two years ago, ship owners were forced to pay an additional greek tax and last year, they agreed to double this for a period of four years. the latest bail-out means that the shipping industry is being asked to pay more again, but that could be a miscalculated risk. >> is there a danger? there is always a danger. today, yesterday, tomorrow, if the structure within which we operate is affected in such a way that we are put to a disadvantage, it's very important to look at it this way: what we are discussing is not losing an advantage but being placed at disadvantagetol compared to european counter parts and global competitors andnally any self respecting business has to make its move. >> the latest change is an
5:42 pm
additional 8% solidarity tax paid on the $9,000,000,000 in foreign currency that ship owners currently introi the economy each year. >> all of these meyers are supposed to raise $700 million over six years, over and above regular tax revenue from shipping. but some of them are voluntary and all are supposed to be temporary. what worries ship owners is that they may become permanent and obligatory. global trade has fallen during the economic crisis as international competition has risen. taxes remain constant. sensing an opportunity due by, singapore and sigh press are wooing greek owners with promises of free offices. the government hopes to keep ship owners here by attracting more shipping-related business like finance, insurance, ship building and repair. >> here, until now, the data shows that some companies have chosen to open supplementary offices abroad. we haven't observed any plac
5:43 pm
flight here shipping isn't contained in national boundaries. but we plan to reinforce the industry. >> reporter: ship owners have in the past endowed greece with hospitals and scholarships and a new national opera. they say these contrib buksz help greece much more than taxes that could ruin the shipping industry. taxes, they say, that ultimately will make little difference to government debt. john psoropalas at the port of paraus. >> volunteers on lebos look for a baby lost at sea during a crossing fromtie. her afghan father said the father flipped into the sea 30 minutes before reaching shore. according to the international office for migration, an avenue of 9,600 refugees arrived in greece every day of last week. >> meanwhile, two turkish fishermen visited a baby they
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rescued on wednesday. the two men plucked 18 month old mohammed from the water after the boat he was on sank in the a egean he was float nag life jacket near the greek island. a political family dynasty is am coming to an end in argentina after eight years after the president retired, her last husband has four years in power. supporters say they rescued argentina from economic ruin and restored human rights. but as daniel skwhooimler reports they were applicationed of awe massing a fortunate through corrupt business dealscs they were applicationed of awe massing a fortunate through corrupt business deals. >> this is patagonia, the wind-swept, mineral rich area in argentina where the form erb president was born and he and his wife, christina, made their fortunate. they bought properties like these luxury hotels in the mountain resort. transactions now being
5:45 pm
investigated. >> if this case advances and investigations are done properly, i have no doubt the president will have to go to court. the problem is that the judges are compromised and this type of case never advances. >> reporter: while the supporters have praised their achiefments, authorities are investigating how the fortunate grew so large. the anti-corruption office said the figures don't add up. the ill-gotten gate or the result of astute business? this luxury hotel owned by the kichner family has been the focus until the president chooses to answer them perhaps long after she left. opponents also point to unfinished building projects in her hometown. government contracts granted to the couple's long-time friend, nazaro baez >> being investigated moforb moy
5:46 pm
lau laundering and tax evasion. >> thaeven control of the state to fulfill their personal dreams to develop and strengthen their own power structures to enrich themselves so they can continue with the same politics. >> the legal complaints launched haven't made it to court although several ministers who served under the kirchners have been prosecuted for corruption including former finance minister and transport minister. vice president is under investigation for bribery. government leaders argue the accusations are politically motivated and orchestrated by critics in the opposition media. the opposition has never had ideas of its own. it's never tried to show the people its plans for the provinces, the cities or the country. all it's done is throw mud at the kirchner project.
5:47 pm
>> international monitors say argentina suffers from sirius corruption with all sides accusing political opponents of wrongdoing. investigations are slow and impunity is rife. the full story is rarely revealed. daniel schweimler, patagonia, argentine i can't. >> more to come after the break, a former prisoner is the latest to join the race to become fifa's next president.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
so. we know back. all of the day's sports news. >> thanks, julie. defending champmins in the rug background world cup. the all blacks are the reigning champions. lee welling has more. with or without tickets, hours before kickoff for this first rugby world cup, travel can be awkward as for beating the all blacks, that sometimes is impossible. south africa had won two of the three previous world cuppu uncouldn'ters between the teams including the famous final of 95. >> as south africans we can beat anybody if we put our mind to it? >> i am looking for a 10 point victory for new zealand. >> all blacks coach said the opponents would try to rip-off their heads. kano kept his head to score after 5 minutes.
5:50 pm
south africa were the better team in the first half and they had a 12-7 lead. new zealand were pressing rel t relentle relentlessly to get back in front. resistance. a try. awe blacks managed to keep the ball in south african territory and they won it 20 points to 18. we are thankful and humble. this takes place. the winners of that one will know they have a mighty task to beat this special all black side in the final next saturday.
5:51 pm
fafwela said he will stand for fifa president. he announced two days before the candidates to submit papers for the february election. four men have declared their bid to replace outgoing president sepp blatter. zawala was in prison alongside nelson mandela. he currently is a fifa anti-racism advisor. it was a bad day for chelsea. down 2-1 against west ham. morinho was red carded at the break for protesting the dismissal of maddich. the loss leads chelsea 15th with 11 points after 10 games.
5:52 pm
real madrid at the top of laliga barges loan a can go level on points with them if they beat ebar. day 3 with a lead of more than 350 runs. the problems began with the early dismissal of zoe rude on day 3 in dubai nodout. papping stan 222 for 3 at the close.
5:53 pm
sri lanka 6 for 29 on day 3 in colombo. but he then failed in his role as batsman, the windies on 20s for 1, requiring a further 224 runs to win the match. qualifying for formula one's u.s. grabbed prehas been pushed back to sunday because of poor weather. the circuit of the americas in texas has been hit by the edge of the weather front caused by hurricane patricia. the race starts to go ahead. louis hamilton has a chance to wrap up his third-world title. the first ever world indigenous games is underway in brazil. 2000 athletes are taking part with sports like archery, spear tossing and log carrying tall included. angry protests were an unscheduled addition to the ceremony. a report. >> reporter:n indigenous peoples from 23 countries and 24 groups in the host nation brazil gathered in the sports arena to kick off the inaugural event.
5:54 pm
wearing head dresses made of green and white parrots' feathers, bodies painted with natural die, these brazilian indigenous people spurred others to mark the start of the games. brand names from responsors usually seen at sportingents. hate as an authority to more commercial and competitive games, the spiritual character of this event was highlighted in the opening speeches. a' you the wisdom from all over the world. >> close to 9,000 indigenous people live in brazil, less than two percents of the country. these games are broader than brazil.
5:55 pm
groups from the americas and several others like as far away as new zealand came to celebrate and exchange cultures. racing with 100 kilogram logs is one of the key competitions of the game. events will be mainly demonstrations as reaching an agreement on rules wasn't always easy with so many cultural differences. all those gatherers will be showing aspects of their culture to a world who knows very little about them. many are hoping their problems, too, will get noticed. >> this group demanded land rights for indigenous people at the host country. brazil's currepresident was pre but silent at the inauguration. they have done nothing for us. they are not even trying to fight discrimination. these games are only about promoting themselves and president delahousef didn't have the courage to speak out. >> not everyone is happy. we have come to tell the
5:56 pm
brazilian governments what we have suffered this year. they want to take land that was already granted to us. >> the festive atmosphere is being damp ended by reminders that indigenous people in brazil and around the world have gone largely ignored despite being the original owners of their land. al jazeera. again, the city royals will play the new york mets in the world series. the royals are closing out the american league championship series against the toronto blue jays. game six could have gone either way. baptista hitting a two-run homer to score 3-3 at the top of the 8th inning. the fans and players then had to sit through a 45 minute rain delay. the momentum was to shift back to the royals when the game got going again. eric hausner with the rbi sing to put kansas in front 4-3, and that was how it finished. the roimz in the world series
5:57 pm
for a second straight year. haven't won the title, though, since 1985. that's all of your sport for now. it's now back to julie in london. now, the legendary actress marine ohara died age nine. she was considered one of the last remaining stars of hollywood's golden age. she started in numerous films. some names you might recognize. "miracle on 34th street." she was also known for her on skreent work with john wayne with whom she started in several films. you can find out much more on our website. all of the big stories we are following. plenty of analysis. we have lots of analysis and more coming up in our next program about the situation in syria and the efforts of cust tries in the region to get a solution. that's it for me. we will be back in just a moment with more of the day's news. bye-bye.
5:58 pm
>> governments secretly paying ransoms. >> we were told never to disclose that they actually paid. >> are they saving lives or putting more at risk?
5:59 pm
>> al jazeera america brings you independent reporting without spin. >> not everybody is asking the questions you're asking me today. >> we give you more perspectives >> the separatists took control a few days ago. >> and a global view. >> now everybody in this country can hear them. >> getting the story first-hand. >> they have travelled for weeks, sometimes months. >> what's your message then? >> we need help now. >> you're watching al jazeera america.
6:00 pm
>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target weeknights 10:30p et >> this week on talk to al jazeera - the first prosecutor of the international criminal court luis moreno-ocampo. >> massive atrocitiies are not commited by evil persons. they are committed by people who say "they are protecting their own communities". >> under his direction, the first permanent international legal body sought justice for some of the most serious atrocities ois


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