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tv   Weekend News  ALJAZAM  October 25, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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>> u.s. secretary of state john kerry is in saudi arabia to discuss the war in syria as russia signals it could support u.s. backed fighters. i'm darren jordan in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead, ta tan tanzanians ge
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polls. and hurricane patricia flash flooding. secretary of state john kerry has discussed the war in syria with king salman. >> we discussed a way forward for syria. we need negotiation for political solution that complies with the principles of geneva 1. we need to get the parties around the table. that can appreciative e-preserve the unity of syria but bashar al-assad can't remain as president of syria. >> until now russia has referred to all groups fighting president assad as terrorists. russia wants a rule of the process and says damascus should
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prepare for parliamentary and presidential elections. 44 people have been killed by air strikes in the last 24 hours, six children. certain areas near idlib were destroyed by air strikes. jamal al shael has the story. >> targeting what the governments call terrorists. the purse on the ground tell a different story. this is what's left of the town of palal palala outside idlib. it's unclear how many people were killed. in hama, the army of conquest announced the capture of several vision vlingvillages after annoo
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retreat. the battle of hama this week after capturing idlib earlier this month. opposition fighters also say they've taken several towns and villages in the south of aleppo province. syria's armed opposition groups say they have been targeted by russian air strikes rather than the slaic islamic state group. despite russian air strikes now entering their fourth week, i.s.i.l. fighters appear to be largely unaffected. armed groups opposed to bashar al-assad's regime have suffered losses, also in continued battles with i.s.i.l. jamal al shael, al jazeera. u.s. special forces and
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kurdish fighterrers on thursday. we cannot independently verify these pictures aired on a kurdish tv channel but it shows people being freed in a joint mission. 70 are being held by i.s.i.l. in kirkuk province. first american combat death in iraq in four years. heavy fighting between pro government forces and antihouthi forces, houthi blockade of the city has left the city with shortage of food and no access to medical care. people in tanzani tanzania,e begun voting. catherine soy reports. >> reporter: this is said to be a presidential election like
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no other. the ccmp party is under immense pressure. edward lowassa left the country in july, prime minister in the government but resigned in 2008 because of a corruption scandal. he has denied involvement in fraud and is promising change. >> we will live well and duet you ot o out of poverty. >> credited with overseeing many infrastructures projects in tanzania nee. the ruling party is facing its most fears
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competition. a lot of people have said, this could go anyway. the only female presidential candidate is a newcomer in a relatively new party. this presidential debate in dar al salaam she prompted to increase food production. >> the real serious alternative, government is possible, but maybe if not, then a very serious occupation. >> saying none of the candidates are giving realistic plans how they will transform this growing democracy. >> waiting for somebody to come and rescue the country from this sea of transition into an island of transformation where you see country having a direction. >> just over 22 million people are registered to vote. those we talked to hope the
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election will be free, fair and that their leaders will be true to their many promises. >> and katherine joins us life now from the capital dar al salaa bem. are many people turning out to vote? >> absolutely darren. we have been told all is going on well. things are smooth, people are patiently waiting to vote and that's perhaps because there are more than 63,000 polling stations in tanzania with 450 voters in each just to make the process faster. people here want to vote early so they can go home and carry on with their other businesses and wait for the election results. they want a free and fair election. those who support this opposition coalition say that
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the ruling party ccm has been in power for way too long since independence and has underperformed but those who are supporting the ruling party ccm say tanzania still needs a strong party to strong structures, and take the country to the other level. >> can you c the opposition party you referred to bring about any meaningful change? >> reporter: yes, that is the big question and the supporters of this coalition are saying that yes, this coalition can provide a meaningful change. edward lowassa the candidate can provide meaningful change. he was the prime minister in the president's government and he was the best performing and he can take this country to greater height. but his critics are skeptical. he has been in the ruling party
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all this time. he just left in july to join the opposition when weighs denied a nomination ticket -- when he was denied a chance to run in the nominations of the party. and they say that he and this coalition really what is happening is that this looks like a coalition of necessity, not really of ideal, because edward lowassa has always been owned to the rules of the opposition party. for example, there is a draft constitution that was passed by parliament but is yet to go to a referendum. edward lowassa voted for this constitution. the opposition he is running in now, support, oppose the constitution. so people are saying what
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coalition is this? he is very popular with young people, his supporters are saying just because he has been in the ruling party for this long, he no flos the knows the s and knots what to change. >> catherine soy, thank you. boycotting the vote, there are fears that if some don't accept the outcome there will be violence. 3,000 people died in the violence after a disputed election in 2010. police in montenegro have had to disperse thousands of protesters. opposition supporters were marching to parliament, proas
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protesting against the preside president's office. >> montenegro's challenges don't justify demands for the government to ripe. >> we are talking about economy, we are not the leader in european vervetion intervention. we can talk about really bad economy. if you are talking about corruption, and organized crime, there's the problem in all transitional countries. it is not problem in montenegro less or more than other countries. we are trying to solve those problems but that couldn't be reason for asking for resign of one government. all our elections were held in a democratic way, and european
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union, western observance, everything for years doesn't see anything abnormal there. >> lots to come. including: >> they keep coming and we have to take care of them. >> the european debate continues between compassion and control. and a controversial show on rape, it gives to much focus on the criminals. stay with us. us.
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>> our american story is written every day. it's not always pretty... but it's real. and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> welcome back. the top stories here on al
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jazeera. theist secretary of state john kerry is in the middle east, moscow says it will be ready to give air support to the free syrian army. outgoing president in tanzania has ordered extra police on the ground to ensure voting is peaceful. and police in montenegro's capital, opposition forces are demanding the resignation of prime minister milo jokonovich. calming tensions over the al-aqsa mosque in east jerusalem. continuation of muslim only prayer and a plan to introduce video surveillance, the new measures were outlined with u.s.
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secretary of state john kerry after meeting with mahmoud abbas. >> today i hope we can begin to turn the page on this very difficult period. we have to join together, in calling for an immediate end to violence. we must stress the importance of avoiding provocative actions and rhetoric, and we must work cooperatively, it's the only way to go forward. >> hurricane patricia has been down graded to a tropical depression but is still causing flooding in mexico and the u.s. state of texas. hardest recorded storm in u.s. history. lucia newman reports. >> mexicans fear the storm could cause catastrophic damage and loss of life. fueled by record temperatures in
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the pacific ocean, hurricane patricia made landfall with winds surpassing 250 kilometers per hour. trees and telephone posts were sent flying, streets were flooded. and crops were destroyed. but luckily as the hurricane made its entrance like a raging bull it quickly encountered mexico's tall pacific coast mountains which took much of the wind out of what seemed like the perfect storm. nonetheless even down graded to a tropical depression patricia continues to be dangerous. dumping torrential rain as it makes its way north. as it reached texas flooding was so severe that a union pacific train was derailed. passengers were stranded and roads washed out. in mexico there is still danger of flooding and mudslides especially in poor isolated rural areas. that is why president enrique pena nieto is warning people not
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to let down their guard. >> translator: i insist, the dangerous part of the hurricane has yet to enter the national territory. we expect intense rains in the central and northeast parts of the country. >> reporter: ful of the tens of >> reporter: many of the tens of thousands of people evacuated are still in shelters. those in most vulnerable areas, it is hoped, will be safe. lucia newman, al jazeera, mexico city. >> flooding across the u.s. state of texas. nearly half a meter of rain has fallen in navarra, texas. stranding drivers in the central part of the state. a union pacific railroad train derailed, as a result of a creek
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overcoming its bound. state of emergency was declared for six municipalities in the state of rio grande. people have died in the state of santa katarina. the end of a political era in argentina. president crchs cristina kirchnecristina kirchner isstep. teresa vo reports. >> for 15 years, jorge has been working as a scratch merchant. until today it has been difficult for someone like him to find another job. >> i struggle every day to make ends meet. i make around four or $500 a
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month. with inflation we are all struggling. >> everyone heads to the polls on sunday to elect a new president. this is an end of a era. cristina kirchner and her husband nestor ruled for over a decade. after the economic crisis of 2001, critics say their legacy is clouded by their confrontational style. allegations of corruption and manipulation of national statistics. with the kirchners in power, the government implemented social programs that helped millions in the country. human rights government has implemented protectionist policies to strengthen
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production. the nationalistic policy has benefited his sector. >> local production has improved. >> reporter: but argentina is divided between supporters and detractors of the government. in the last years, the government popularity has dropped because of the high inflation rate and the levels of confrontation between cristina kirchner and her opponents. >> cristina is always comparing what's happening now and 2001. there's no doubt, we're better than 2001. but if the output is zero, that's no good at all. >> argentina is facing an uncertain future once again. jorge only hopes that whoever
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comes next will not forget about him. teresa vo, al jazeera. >> ahmed adid was detained after an unofficial boat to china. he's been questioned regarding an explosion on the president's boat last month. china is sending 1,000 1,000 liters of pe petrol to nebl. nepal. meanwhile in nepal, our correspondents subina shrestha has been talking to some of the
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survivors have have taken refuge in a monastery, in comawnd. kathmandu. >> i stay with my uncle and aunts, family here used to guide me when i was a child. now i have to help them navigate the city. it is difficult to see them struggle. >> neema's friend lost her father. the teenagers are always together now. >> it seems like a dream, i struggle with it, i wonder how to manage and live. >> 308 died in langtang
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acknowledge people here are from a tightly knit community and after the tragedy, the community bond has become stronger. while much of the valley has remained uninhabitable, residents have tried to rebuild their community and revive tourism, the only industry there. >> we have cattle that need care, especially since winter is approaching. we've made temporary shelters. we have raced helicopters from the money we raised. >> lost her mother pemma in the quake. i miss my mother, i miss everything about her. this is how she used to pinch our cheeks. her brother norbu said.
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norbu was with his mother in the town, and was saved by his father. not a sent of money has been spent yet, nepal's leaders have focused their future by drafting a new government and while the government does little to help people rebuild their lives the survivorlives onsurvivors. subina shrestha, al jazeera. >> kristin saloomey reports. >> her documentary india's daughter celebrated by the likes of sean penn and merl meryl str.
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>> the film was inspired by the mass protests in india that took place after the rape and murder of a 23-year-old on a bus. band by the government on the grounds it could incite more violence. one of the six convicted rapists is featured prominently. >> reporter: indian femme nisefeministsdescribe the film : >> rather than on the struggle that was going on. >> what is the point of not staring truth in the face and finding out why these men do
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what they do? we had better know if we want to change them, hadn't we? >> reporter: the unapologetic udwin also interviewed the neighbors and friends and neighborhood review committee. >> every single statement of his lies within the statements around it. >> outrage over the crime last been universal. and while the film is about india's daughter it ends with statistics about sexual violence from other countries around the world. to show that rape is not just india's problem. kristin saloomey, al jazeera, new york. >> bulgaria's prime minister is warning he will shut the borders to refugees if germany and
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austria does the same. european union leaders can't agree with how the thousands of refugees arriving every day. robin forester walker is on the border. >> how to manage tens of thousands of refugees a week moving across europe. that is the challenge facing european leaders. with so many people coming in at this rate every day european leaders especially the balkan leaders have to agree how much longer they can keep this going and how to regulate all of these people. the volunteers like inge, now is the time for compassion. >> they keep coming. and we have to take care of them. >> reporter: what do you think they should be discussing, you know, like what do you think needs to be done? >> really, to me, i do not talk the politics. to me it's the human side, we
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really see these are human beings as we are. if we had the obligation to keep them in our cub we would do that as well. >> all refugees from syria are welcoming to come. they see that is the only problem and only bloods are blockades o will help. so in brussels the debate may swing between the need for compassion and the need for control. robin forester al jazeera. >> maureen o'hara has died.
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she was also known as her on screen work with john wayne who was her co-star in several films. quick reminder, you can keep up to date on our website, the address is that's welcome to panama. i'd heard the stories of a rich and diverse forest. >> hi, buddy! >> i'd be lying if i didn't admit that i was psyched to be here. i'd find plenty of butterflies and a heck of a lot more. >> did you see that guy? >> that's what i could count on. but then, panama surprised me.


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