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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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>> a powerful earthquake kills more than 150 people in afghanistan and pakistan. hello every, i'm kamal santa maria. this is al jazeera. a gun battle in southern turkey as two police officers and suspected isil fighters kill. al jazeera uncovers strong evidence of genocide of the myanmar government against the rohingya people.
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and processed meat can cause cancer. hedge everyone, massive earthquakes in afghanistan thon monday, which has shaken parts of asia. the impact felt in neighboring pakistan and northern india as well. so far more than 150 people have been killed over 800 others injured. caroline malone has the latest. it was the strong earthquake is an epicenter in afghanistan, but it caused damage in parts of pakistan and felt hundreds of kilometers away in the indian capital of ne new delhi. there were fears that aftershocks could shake foundations even more.
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>> it was it was a severe earthquake. there were extremely severe shocks after five minutes and the buildings suffered severe damage. there were crux in walls. >> power lines cut and phone lines down in parts of afghanistan. it's a seismically active region. this earthquake was the death of 200 kilometers. but michelle reports suggest there has been a lot of damage. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> we have extensive coverage on the story. kamal hyder, and jennifer glasse in kabul. take us back to when you felt
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the earthquake in kabul, which admittedly is a long way from the epicenter. >> it is. we're 260 kilometers from the epicenter. when the quake hit this afternoon we all ran out in the street as did thousands of other people. it went on for quite a long time. about a minute the earthquake shook, cars back and forth, buildings shook. i'm hearing from folks that cracks appeared in some buildings. the damage here in kabul not so extensive, but we're hearing reports from around the region, more than 1700 homes and buildings have been damaged, destroyed by the earthquake, and here in kabul the death toll continues to rise. 34 dead in afghanistan with 223 injured across afghan provinces. just really a sense of how widely this earthquake was felt.
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that would effect people any made homeless by the quake. anyonanyone effected in the rural areas? >> it will. we can feel it here. it's just in the last couple of days there has been a cold snap. it will be even worse in mountainous regions in the hills, in villages. it will be those villages and older buildings. buildings made of mud and buildings poorly constructed where people will be concerned about spending the night. it will be cold nights for afghans. 1700 buildings, afghan officials estimate, have been destroyed by the earthquake. we have not gone into remote areas. a lot of damage is in remote areas, and there is snowfalling
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in parts of afghanistan, and of course the epicenter of that earthquake, 260 kilometers northeast of here in a very mountainous, difficult terrain. while we see the death toll rising and the numbers of injured rising here in afghanistan, we expect over the next day or two to really get a fuller extent of the damage in those more remote areas. >> over in pakistan more than 100 people have died. kamal hyder has more on that from islamabad. >> the earthquake was felt over a large area of pakistan all the way up to the provincial capit capitals will in islamabad people panicked and were catered to buildings and homes when the earthquake struck.
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the death toll has been mounting, hundreds are injured, and we have reports of major landslides which have blocked in many cities. we expect the death toll to climb even further. the emergency situation in hospitals and across emergency services also trying to put an accurate number on the number of people killed and wounded. >> and another country affected, india. we have more from new delhi. >> buildings shook for 40 second when the earthquake hit the afghanistan-pakistan border on monday afternoon. now we've heard in early stages
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telecom problems. however, there are no reports of yet loss of lives or widespread damage to property. the indian government is looking to assess the situation, and has offered support to neighboring afghanistan and pakistan perhaps highlighting the regional threats these kind of national disasters pose and the kind of fear that spreads across the region even as far away as new delhi where there is panic and concern here in india. >> and the india was felt north of afghanistan. people rushed to the streets there in the capital. after buildings shook, and it was felt in china. >> two policemen are "v" been killed during a shootout of suspected isil fighters. they were carrying out raids
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when the gun battles broke out. ber senator smith has more. [ gunfire ] >> a turkish security forces raided several properties sustained gunfire echoed around the neighborhood. two police officers were killed by booby trap bombs. they broke down a door at one apartment. >> this is a very important praise planned and conducted successfully. >> these raids were mons the series that had taken place across turkey in ankara that killed 102 people. the government said that isil was responsible. this is the first time on turkish soil that there has been a shootout o on turkish soil.
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adding to the headache the national elections held on sunday. then there is the g-20 leader summit. >> syria now and oman said it will give any effort it can to find a solution to the war there. discussions have been put forward, assad said that the political solution is possible but rebels and many in the international community say that there is no future role for him in syria. now european union foreign ministers are holding talks in luxembourg on the conflict. they are the first such talks since the air campaign on syria. these talks are a day after e.u.
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and balkan leaders agree on new measures on refugee arrivals. belgium police have detained a man suspected of trying to attack an army barracks. they tried to crash a car through the gates south of brussels. guards fired warning shots before he fled the scene abandoning the car. there are no indications of a terrorist motive and no explosives have been found either. argentinians must vote again for their next president. >> they have forced a second round. the first in history. >> i invite you to conquer our
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future and i ask you to take the years that it takes, and we won't stop until we achieve it. every day i promise you we're going to be a little better. >> his followers celebrated until late at night. many couldn't believe what was going on. >> we're going to go to our historic election and we will win. we're going to win the presidency, and we're going to be an excellent government. >> but at the front for victory headquarters the scene was completely different. christincristina kirchner's hand-picked succeeder promised reform. >> i'm excited to vote for this agenda for argentina. >> until a few minutes ago this place was filled with people expressing their support for
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daniel scioli. but they left disappointed. >> this is the way democracy works. >> analysts say the big challenge is the power. cristina kirchner once she hands over the presidency to whoever wins in november. >> it is november after the run off, kristina will continue to have power and have influence. she wants to come back in 2019. it will be difficult for any president. >> what is left in a month to go both candidates will now use this time to fight hard for the presidency. al jazeera, buenos aires. >> guatemalans were far more clear about their choice for president giving the win to
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comedian jimmy morales. in the news ahead on al jazeera. >> centuries old market in central baghdad where fathers and sons have for generations turned sheets of copper into works of art. coming up, find out why so few of the artisans remain.
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>> 7.5 magnitude americ earthquake has killed 150 people in afghanistan and pakistan. the impact could be felt in northern india as well. two turkish police were killed in a shootout with suspected isil fighters in the southeastern city. seven isil members have been killed and three captured alive. and oman is ready to make any effort it can to help find a solution to the syrian war. it's foreign minister has been meeting with syrian president bashar al-assad in damascus. the international agency for research on cancer has released a report that says processed meat can cause cancer. the findings come after a year-long evaluation which seas processed meat has the highest
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cars je car carcigenic rating. >> if you eat pr frosted 50 grams of processed meat a day will increase cancer by 50%. >> in the morning, we have to hurry to go t somewhere or parents need something easy, this is adding processed meat every day. >> the heat is smoked and then is placed here, something that
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is cars jen nick to human beings. before the official announcement the meat industry in the u.s. spoke out to discredit the findings. >> it is our job to find causes of cancer but red and processed meat can be part of a healthy diet. >> this is not the first time that certain types of meat have been linked to cancer. the consumption of meat is increasing around the world. according to the united nations it went up by 25% in the ten years from 2003. this report focuses on the ingredients and compounds found in meat.
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what it doesn't focus on are any other lifestyle choices that people who eat a lot of meat might also be making. the who classifications are finding ways to make decisions healthier. this report will give many plenty to consider. >> for centuries iraq has been famous for its copper than di crafts. and for generations many have been created in baghdad. >> for 40 years, they have hammered sheets of copper into works of art. ththe intricate hand work was taught to him by his father, who learned from his father. they have would worked in this stall for as long as anybody can remember, but he's afraid he's the last one. >> my sons are not going to
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follow footsteps. they believe this profession is going to be extinct. there are just a handful of artisans remaining in the country because of the economic conditions and lack of foreign tourists. >> all sorts of goods are sold here, but for generation it was the top destination for traders from the middle east looking for highly prized copper handy crafts. that only started to change with the u.s. gulf war in 1990. at the time there were hundreds of stalls now only around 15 shops remain with five still crafting new pieces. >> the arty sons say it's not just wars, economic sanctions that have hurt their profession. it's the growing popularity of
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cheaply made factory goods produced in a similar style. the replicas cost less than a quarter of the handmade creations, so they're forced to sell them to keep the business afloat. >> when i sell one of my handmade items, it feels like i'm parting with a piece of my body because i spent so many hours making the piece. i dare these factory machines to craft such beautiful art like this. >> copper artisans are now calling on the government to protect the industry, but the craftmanship will soon disappear for good.
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>> in bangladesh the police have arrested four suspects in the killing of an italian aid worker last month. they have confessed to being hired to carry out the attack. isil sympathizers confessed to the killing, but none of them have ties to the group. >> this baby is malnourished. but there is plenty of food in the nearby town. this woman is hemorrhaging after losing her baby, but the local hospital wouldn't treat her. this woman has an undiagnosed
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illness but can't afford to pay the bribes needed to get to a doctor. these are the stories of the rohingya in myanmar. 130,000 are prisoners in refugee camps in their own homeland. >> there are people here who need to see medical professionals, but they're unable to do that because of policy that deprives them of access to healthcare. >> when you confine a group of people in displacement camps and then deprive them of needs of survival it has a destructive impact. >> the conditions here are deplorable. but the difference here these conditions are avoidable and the result of government policy. in 2012 violence erupted in this region of myanmar forcing the rohingya to flee to camps. while born and brought up here the government considers the
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rohingya immigrants from bangladesh. myanmar's president has said that those who can't produce documents proving their ancestors lived here more than 60 years ago should be placed in camps or sent abroad. for most it's an impossible task. it was a time when few had any papers. such a policy has led to accusations that the government is trying to destroy the rohingya as a people. >> these acts will lead to a slow death of the victims. that's where the destruction in whole or part comes from. >> over the last eight months the clinic at yale law school has been studying me air man in the context of genocide. the court would need to prove that government officials have shown a deliberate intent destroy the rohingya. >> we believe we have strong evidence that genocide is occurring, given the scale of atrocities are happening and the
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way government talks of the rohingya we believe that genocide is present. >> like many world leaders they prefer to engage former military rulers rather than stand up for the rights of a powerless people. >> for those accused to face justice the international criminal court would have to get involved. >> the international criminal court does have jurisdiction over the crime of den jude and typically would come from a charge that one individual or nation makes against another. there is an international criminal court prosecutor. that's one way to convince the prosecutor at the international criminal court to initiate a case. if there is a possibility that
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culprits travel to another country, that country, if there is substantial evidence of genocide, the difficulty we have is that this is a political decision really more than a legal one, and at present it's hard to identify dynamic that is going to cause a country to want to put in hawk the leaders of myanmar. what is in it for them? the rohingya are not powerful internationally. they don't sit on oil wells or whatever. we have to face the inevitability of politics entering into the enforcement decision. >> the al jazeera has sent several requests to speak with the myanmar government, but with no results. you can see the full report here on al jazeera. >> now palestinian man has been shot and wounded in hebron in the occupied west bank.
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israeli armies said that he tried to stab a soldier. elsewhere a 20-year-old palestinian was shot dead by security forces. israel said that the alleged attack are seriously wounded a 19-year-old soldier. these two incidents add to the escalating violence in israel and the occupied territory since the beginning of october. the prominent activists presidential candidate claims there was an attempt on his life. he said unidentified assailants attacked him outs of hi his--outside of his home on saturday night. he said that israeli agents stabbed him before fleeing. an investigation has been launched. the u.n.'s special coordinator for the middle east coordination has condemned the attack. we have more from ramallah. we thank you for your time, sir. you have said these were israeli agents. how can you know that?
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>> they do not want us to be free. i assume whether these were palestinians or non-palestinians, this action that serves only the interest of our enemy. on the other hand it is an investigation. >> are you saying this is an attack against the cause? obviously if is a person attack on you. but are they trying to hurt you or the cause or both.
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>> the attacker tried to hit me in this part of the neck. this part of the neck is very dangerous. if he would have hit me here, this would have led to severe bleeding. i turned my head a little bit i have no dispute with anybody. that's why i believe the attack was on the cause. everybody the words he told me when he was attacking me, he
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said the up rising will help you. i assume these were very political acts. >> how does this fit in to what is happening at the moment then? i'm sure you have internal problems as well within the palestinian factions within your own groups and other such things. >> well, first of all let me tell you that if those who attacked me wanted to create or deepen any internal division have failed. i've never seen the palestinians so united as they've been doing, and i'm really indebt with the palestinian people and different political groups because everybody was unified and unit united. >> but what about the--i'm talking more