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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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it doesn't seem possible but it is true. >> tom ackerman, al jazeera, altamont pass, california. >> for more on our website at any time >> afghanistan an pakistan hit by powerful earthquake. that number is expected to rise. a major health warning today ham, sag sausage is suggested
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to be causing cancer. >> we're live in new york city. i'm del walters. the death toll is climbing in afghanistan at this point. a 7.5 magnitude earthquake struck that country right after lunch 2:00 p.m. local time. 227 people across the region are now dead. the tremor was felt hundreds of miles away in pakistan, india as well as in afghanistan's capital kabul. jennifer, what is the latest on the damage and the deaths? >> well, del, the death toll here does continue to climb at 64 now confirmed dead here in afghanistan with 348 wounded. the dead and wounded in 11 of the countries 34 provinces almost a third of the country really a testament to the
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strength as well as the breadth of this earthquake. which, you know, could be felt across here. in pakistan the death toll is even higher. 189 dead. 1,000 wounded. those numbers expected to climb. the epicenter was in a remote area. i think we're going to still see how things move forward as people get to those remote areas. we think then we'll get a real sense of the extent of the damage and the casualties. >> jennifer, tell us where you were and what you felt when the quake hit. >> we were here in the office. if happened just after 1:30 in the afternoon. we're all here in the office. everybody ran outside. it was quite frightening. the building was shaking. cars were rocking back and forth, and del, it went on for quite awhile, more than a minute which does not sound like a lot of time, but it certainly is when you're concerned that things like collapse around you.
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that was the theme across kabul. you know, the epicenter of the earthquake is 150 miles north of here. so you can imagine really how much power that earthquake had and so much of kabul felt it, and it was felt in many, many areas of afghanistan as well. >> and jennifer this region is used to quakes, but this one was particularly strong. >> this is an earthquake region, but this was a very strong earthquake. i've lived here for four and a half years. we've had half a dozen tremors in that time. nothing like this. nothing at all like this. none of the al jazeera team who are afghans has ever felt anything like this. we believe it's the strongest earthquake that afghanistan has had since 1949. very, very strong. and of course not just effecting afghanistan. it could be felt in islamabad and neighboring pakistan and new delhi in india. really, across the whole region, very devastating, hundreds dead.
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we're going to see those numbers get bigger in daybreak tomorrow, and of course it comes at a terrible people. it's getting cold here. it's getting cold here in the mountainous region. it will be a difficult time for people who can't go back in their homes that have been damaged or destroyed by that afghanistan. the chief executive officer abdullah abdullah has gone on television asking for non-governmental organizations and businessmen to donate what they can, food, blankets, and called on all afghan doctors to go to nearby hospitals, medical facilities to help those who have been injured. >> jennifer glass, thank you. stay safe. kamal hyder in pakistan where 50 people have been confirmed dead. >> the powerful earthquake was knelt over a large area of pakistan all the way up to the
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provincial capitals will in islamabad people panicked and vacated buildings and homes when the earthquake struck. according to the latest the death toll has been mounting. hundreds are injured, and the reports still coming in from the remote locations. we also have reports of major landslides which has blocked access to many cities in that area. the expectation that the death toll likely to mount even further emergency situations in the hospitals and of course emergency services also trying to put an accurate number on the number of people killed and wounded. >> jamal hyder for us. thank you very much. now to the flood refugees on the european continent. a new plan to deal with the problem. it is a 17-point plan that
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includes more humanitarian help and more guards at the border. more migrants are making their way through the balkans. 10,000 migrants coming in through croatia through the last 4 hours. the police report the same numbers arrive from serbia. we have more on the latest plans. >> every day counts. otherwise we will soon see families in the cold rivers of the balkans perish mysterybly. chilling words from the european commission as they welcomed leaders to yet another meeting in brussels about the refugee crisis. as 17-point action plan was approved first and foremost the delivery of humanitarian aid, and the building of new shelters of people seeking sanctuary inside the european union. the summit also agreeds spots speed up the processing of refugees. they'll no longer be waved
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across borders for the next country to deal with. >> if we do not deliver concrete actions on the ground in the next few days and weeks, i do believe that european union and the europe as a whole will start to falling apart. >> that action is now under way, action that might begin to restore the image of the e.u. as a beacon of humanitarian values. and very vent the erection of any moraise more razor wire on the borders. >> what is happening does not correspond to the values which we signed up to. >> the immediate imperative is to provide health and refugees and migrants along the western
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balkans route and treat in a human manner. it cannot be that people in 2015 people are left to fend for themselves, sleeping in fields and going through rivers in freezing temperatures. >> fresh from the greek crisis angela americain merkel is trying to guide the european union through a bigger test. hundreds of lives are at stake. a test she is determined not to fail. >> two turkish police officers are dead after a shootout with isil fighters that happened nery turkey's borders with syria and iraq. police say seven isil members were killed and three others were captured alive. more deadly violence in the west bank today. a palestinian man stabbed an 19 israeli person in the neck. it happened north of hebron.
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the attacker was shot and killed. 59 palestinians and ten israelis have been killed since that wave of stabbings and shootings began last month. israel's prime minister looking at new political responses to the wave of violence there. benjamin netanyahu said to be considering revoking social benefits and travel rights within israel for some palestinians who now live in east jerusalem. the government has long given those benefits and treated jerusalem as an unified city. palestinians in the west bank do not enjoy those you routes. there is a new warning about red meat and cancer. processed meats like bacon and sausage could be carcinogens that could change with a we eat. >> we've been hearing messages like this for years. >> eat more beef, it's amazing. >> today's health organizations is taking one of the harshest
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stances against processed meat. classifying processed meats as carcinogenic to humans lead to go bowel cancer. other meats such as beef, pork and lamb probably cause cancer, too. on average americans eat anywhere from 4-ounces to 7 ounces of meat per day. and 75% that have is red meat and for years we've been recommending that americans reduce the amount of red meat in their diet and afford processed meats like bacon, sausage, has dogs and cold cuts. but this new research is expected to rock the livestock industry here in this country. even before details were released, industry groups were pushing back. >> processed meat is some of the best sources of iron, zinc and b vie minutes. if people were meant to be vegetarians, why is it that critical b 12 so critical for
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brain development and development throughout the lifetime is only found in animal products. >> alcohol, asbestos, cigarettes as carcinogenic to humans. >> university of mississippi took down it's state flag because it contains the confederate symbol in the corner. students recommended no longer flying the flag saying it's a painful reminder of slavery and segregation. life is slowly getting back to normal in parts of texas today. rainwaters are starting to recede, and remnants of hurricane patricia are now spreading to louisiana and mississippi. 20 inches of waterflooding neighborhoods, jonathan martin is in houston with the latest. >> for the first time in a few days, texas is able to dry out.
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if no significant rain in the forecast, here in the houston area nine inches of rain fell over the weekend really flooding a lot of streets. crews are keeping a close eye on the river here. it's been known to cause problems in the past. but it was bad here but worse in some areas like th the 40 miles south of dallas was worse, where a freight train derailed and 50 cars toppled over. good news, no one was hurt, but two men had to swim for safety. some 30 to 40 water rescues took place. officials say that is a small number all things considered considering there are two really big storm systems coming to this area that dumped a lot of rain. but it did not cause the flooding and damage that some predicted. people here in the area seem to heed the warnings, you might remember back during the memorial day holiday there was significant flooding.
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more than 20 people lost their lives and there were thousands of homes damaged. the flooding was not bad this time but officials seem to take heed and really take caution when it came to the rain. >> that is jonathan martin for us in houston, texas. fighting for votes and with each other. donald trump trading barbs when the frontrunner is losing ground. can a big meeting stop a slowdown? slowdown?
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by powerful earthquake. that number is expected to rise. >> don't trump is trying to hold on to his frontrunner status in new hampshire following an early morning rally. according to the latest polls trump still has a sizable lead in vermont but in iowa he is now trailing ben carson and quickly dismissing those reports. >> i'm winning every single state. cbs came out with these monster polls. and for days they're covering one poll in iowa, they just keep hitting me with it. if i would have won it like i have been doing, and i have other polls in iowa where we are leading, and big, but they keep hitting me with the one poll. >> as for ben carson, he has other problems stemming from controversial comments he made over the weekend. carson saying that all abortions should be outlawed and he wants
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to see roe versus wade overturned comparing abortion to slavery and saying those who backed abortions are more like slave owners. carson will be under the microscope. >> you have carson who up to this point has not been taken very seriously. seen as a nice guy, caricatured as a nice thoughtful doctor. but now as of today he's going to start paying the price of success with greater media scrutiny, and we'll see what is going to happen to him. it's this sort of remark that if not in the short term particularly among that strong evangelical vote, which he alluded to, that, perhaps that won't hurt him among them in the short term, but in the long run you don't want to have a general
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election candidate with those sorts of views. that will be a killer. >> most republicans want to see an outsider as their nominee but warren said that carson and trump may no longer be at the top. there is tension between the top two candidates. al jazeera's paul beben reports. >> vermont center bernie sanders is pushing back after hillary clinton suggested sanders was actually talking about her gender when he said there was too much shouting about guns during the democratic debate. >> wellers first of all, i'm not shouting. [laughter] it's just when women talk some people think we're shouting. >> you're the one who is voting senator sanders. >> i certainly do not have a problem with women speaking out. i think what the secretary is doing there is taking words and misapplying them. >> for her part hillary clinton is taking a short break from the campaign trail to celebrate her 68th birthday monday. her husband made his first
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appearance for her on saturday in iowa. they'll be in new york on saturday night for a fundraiser. clinton seems to be picking up the majority of democrats who have been holding out for vice president joe biden. he announced thursday that he would not be sumping into the race. new polls showing clinton hedging ahead of sanders in iowa, closing in on him in new hampshire and past him in south carolina. she may be getting a bounce in the wake of her marathon testimony before the house bengahzi committee. >> i've lost more sleep than all of you put together. >> house republicans will meet behind closed doors to collect the man to replace john boehner as speaker of the house. wisconsin's paul ryan is expected to come out on top ahead of thursday's vote on the full house. ryan played a little bit of offense by hiring a chief of staff with strong conservative credentials. david hoppy, a former vice president of the heritage surrounddation and former aide to house conservatives is expected to give ryan a boost
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with the conservative wing of his party. >> leaders are said to hold meetings that could higher interest rates. last month the fed held those rates at zero. janet yellen said that it was because of uncertainty. she said rates are expected to rise before the end of the year. in china leaders began a meeting over that nation's economy. they're working out a plan to jump start the economy there. they're hoping to transition away from relying on foreign trade. rob mcbribe has more. >> it may seem out of place, but this five-year plan comes at an important time in china's development. most importantly people will be waiting to see what china sets as it's targets for the next five years. of course with the economic growth rates slowing people are anticipating a figure well below the current 7%. this comes at an important time for china as it transitions away from an economy driven by
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manufacturing and investment in large infrastructure projects, and more into consumerism. that depends on people having more money to spend as an important aspect of this five-year plan, it hoped that the government will hire an higher income society one where people have a greater share in the nation's wealth. >> i don't think the policy is going to change my life. >> i think some industries might do better, like my business, real estate. >> of course, if we have more money we'll spend more. >> apart from the economic targets are the economic social goals of the five year plan as for greater welfare help for the people in china who are officially below the poverty line here. and also possible ply further relaxation of the one child policy with the country facing all the problems of a graying population. and in a society where decision
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make something not opaque, there are decision makers who are meeting to create the china it wants to create. >> cutting interest rates for the sixth time in a year another move to stop the economic slow down that has been more persistent than leaders expect expected. prescription drugs that are no longer affordable. why are prescription drugs skyrocketing? in some cases up 500%.
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by powerful earthquake. that number is expected to rise. >> workers on the job after narrowly averting a strike. general motors reaching a tentative contract agreement just minutes before the medicine night strike deadline. the union saying it will bring significant job security for workers approving a contract with chrysler. internet users upset about slow speeds are getting help. the governmena lot of drug companies are trying to defend their prices in recent weeks. now the federal government are looking at whether those companies are gouging those customers charging more for drugs that have been around for generations. >> for as a pharmacist for 25
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years, robert franco has seen the price of pills go from pennies to their weight in gold. but he was caught off guard when he felt a precipitation for at van, and $2,300 for 100 pills. tripled the price since january 2014. . >> i have seen a lot of price increases, but that one was crazy. >> crazy because the drug was first approved in 1977. he said it's part of a wave of price hikes including ear and eye drops. >> going from $20 a bottle to over $100 a bottle. it still says bauch & lomb on them but they're owned by valiant. >> the company has been sharply criticized for the increase of prices on two heart medications.
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valiant bought the parent company in february 2015. that's when the cleveland clinic which widely uses the drugs noted the cost go up 601%, and nit ropress going up 300%. >> it's behalfed probably by the exact same people. the only thing that has changed is the name on the label of the company who owns it. >> the chief pharmacy officer at the clinic said that valiant is far from alone in its sharp price hikes of older drugs. he said that nine individual drugs alone will cost the hospital an extra $11.2 million this year. five of them belong to valiant. >> you have to give them credit financially it was very creati creative. however, unfortunately, for healthcare i don't think it's very ethical. but they determined that wait a minute, no one else makes this
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drug. and the price is relatively low because it's been around forever. if we buy it we can basically charge whatever we want and price gouge, which is what we've seen. >> valiant pharmaceuticals is a company not known for innovation but rather buying obscure drugs and then jacking up their prices. that approach has brought scrutiny not only from doctors and politicians but now from federal prosecutors from here in new york and in massachusetts. valiant last week received subpoenas seeking information about how it prices and distribute drugs. valiant ceo jay michael pearson said that the company is accordin cooperating with the investigation and the company decline our request for an interview. pearson wrote that a pricing consultant determined there was considerable room to increase the price of both drugs without unduly depleting the funds
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available to the hospitals from payers. even though patients may not feel an immediate impact of price hikes on drugs used in hospitals, there is a ripple effect through higher insurance costs and ultimately tax payers through medicare and medicaid. >> all this does is enrich the executives at these companies and raise the cost of healthcare for everyone. >> mary snow, al jazeera. >> we leave you now with this amazing transformation of work of public art in ukraine. this used to be a statute of vladimir lenin. now it looks like darth vader. there is a new law that requires the removal of all communist symbols. they added a mask and helmet and changed the leader yes, sir into "star wars" nemesis. the news continues live from
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london next. toll likely to mount even likely to mount even >> a powerful earthquake shakes south asia killing at least 288 people. i'm lauren taylor, this is al jazeera, coordinated by myanmar's government against rohingya migrants. red meat could be potentially harmful too. and a gun battle in southern turkey. two police officers and seven i.s.i.l.