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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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♪ as aftershocks continue across the region, the death toll from the powerful earthquake that hit southern asia continues to rise. ♪ hello there. i am barbara sara. li live. processed meat is linked to cancer and the world's health organization says red meat is risky, too. the gun battle in southern turkey, .2 police officers and seven suspected isil fighters are killed, plus: >> reporter: i at the copper
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market in central baghdad where fathers & sons have for generations turned sheets of copper into works of art. comingup, find out why so few of the artisans remain. ♪ >> a strong earthquake with its epicenter in northern afghanistan has shaken buildings from kabul to new delhi you injuring 1,250 people. the 7.5 magnitude quake centered on the hindu kush mountains. tremors were felt across the region in pakistan, india and china. a t.v. station in afghanistan's taptol, kabul, was broadcasting at the moment that the quake hit.
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tran . >> as you can see, the presenter for the channel which broadcast to kabul was forced to flee. the station's broadcast was cut off. let's get more from our reporter, jennifer glasse, who was also in kabul. >> reporter: the powerful earthquake was felt across afghanistan. it brought down walz in kabul, 260 miles south of the epicenter? >> i was sitting at home when the earthquake happened and i came outside with the children but one of my grand sons started running. i asked him not to run. he continued and then the wall collapsed on him and he was wounded. >> more than 1700 buildings were damaged or destroyed. in jalalabad, the dead and injured began arriving soon after the earth stopped moving. >> so far, we received one 55 people including women and children, wounded from the earthquake. five people were killed. >> there are casualties in at least 10 of afghanistan's 34
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provinces, spanning hundreds of kilometers which shows the power and reach of the earthquake. the epicenter of the earthquake was deep below the hindu kush mountains. vlingz in the area may have been affected but getting to them won't be easy. it might take some time to know the full extent of the damage in afghanistan. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, kabul. >> the escs of the earquake wer felt across the region. caroline malone has been assessing the damage. >> reporter: buildings in peshawara were health hit with the force of a strong quake. their structural damage, including to the city's historic 40. video caught the moment the skw quake hit. people watched anxiously as a road shook overhead. many injured were brought to this hospital. in the capital, islamabad,
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people ran from buildings fearing effect did of aftershocks? >> it was a severe earthquake. we told the students to rush out. they started going out. we rushed down amid the shouting and screaming. it lasted for around a minute or more. there were extremely severe shocks after five minutes when we went up, the building had suffered severe damage. there were cracks in the walls. >> people also felt the effects in indian-controlled kashmir where 500-year-old structures were badly damaged. >> the. >> parts of the metro train line were temporarily halted in the capitol, deli. it's a seismically active region. a similar skwait hit northern pakistan. 75,000 people died then. this time, the quake was deeper,
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200 kilometers down. but even sew, the damage is clear above ground. caroline malone, al jazeera. o,r above ground. caroline malone, al jazeera. >> in at a time valley, we have this update. >> reporter: according to the provincial disaster management authority, the worst hit is the province and werz told that they have suffered the maximum number of casualty did, almost 187. the death toll mounting, over 250, and there are reports that at least 800 houses have been damaged or destroyed here, alone. >> number is over 1,100 across a vast region because this powerful earthquake not just shook islamabad but as far as new delhi and the proof incial capitol but the worst hit according to the provincial authorities is here in swath and
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malakan, just an adjoining district. ♪ a world health organization agency says that processed meat such as ham and sausage can lead to comeon and or cancers and red meat is probably cars inogenic as well. wayne hay has the details from thailand seeing a rise in the number of people eating processed meat. >> for some people, the perception of meat may have changed forever. that's because the international agency for research on cancer, which is part of the world health organization, has classified processed meat as a cancer-causing substance. it says if you eat 50 grams of processed meet a day, it will increase you developing cancer of the colon by 18%. in countries like thailand where
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cheap but convenient meat balls are a large part of people's diets, it's a concerning development. >> in the morning, we have to hurry to go to somewhere, so parents, like, tend to buy something easy for children to eat, so this might mean a cause of like they eat sausage or, like, processed meat every day. >> processed meat is preserved by adding chemicals, salt, or smoking it. it's now placed here among a list of things that are definitely carsogenic to humans. according to the world health organization, it rates along the side of asbestos because of the process the meat is put through. and red meat including beef, lamb and pork is in the next list of things that probably cause cancer like herbicides, lead compounds, malaria, fumes from fried food and working night shifts. before the official announcement, the meat industry in the u.s. spoke out to try to discredited the findings.
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>> it's our job to find cancer hazards but the body of scientific evidence shows red and processed meat can be part of a healthy, balanced diet. >> reporter: this is not the first time certain types of meat have been linked to cancer but consumption of meat is increasing around the world. according to the united neighborhoods it went up by 25% in the 10 years from 2003. this report focuses on the ingredients and compounds that are found in meat, but it didn't focus on any other lifestyle dhie that people who eat a lot of meat might also be making. the who classifications help governments around the world find ways of making their populations healthier. controversial as it is, this report will give them plenty to consider. wayne hay, al jazeera, bank cock. >> a nutritionist told al jazeera that a who advice will prompt a rethink of the way that people shop.
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>> the biggest risk is associated with processed meats, sorts of the meats that you would see here, things like bacon, salaami, some types of sausage and 50 grams a day, they say, increases the risk significantly. that's about two rashs of bacon, but that's every day. so, it's really quite a high quantity of processed meat. when we talk about lea red meat, it's about 100 grams. this is about 20ograms. 100 grams is half of that. that's what you can eat every day without there being any increased risk. i have seen head lines today that suggest that eating red meat is as dangerous as smoking, which is just ridiculous. if you eat lean red meat as part of a healthy diet, keep portions modest, you don't eat it every day, then it's fine that the risks are really very small. i think people will probably
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think about processed meats, sausages, the ham, the salami, try and eat less of those, i hope. but, of course, there are lots of other things that we can do that will help reduce the risk of cancer. eating more fruits and vegetables is one of the most important in terms of diet, not smoking, not drinking. all of those things. >> two turkish men have been killed in a shootout with suspected isil fighters. police say their officers were carrying out raids on the outskirts of the city when the gun battle broke out. al jazeera's bernard smith reports from istanbul. >> reporter: as turkish security forces raided several properties, sustained gunfire echoed around the neighborhood. .2 police officers were killed by booby trap bombs as they broke down a door at one apartment. 7 suspected members of isil were killed in the shootout that
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followed according to the police. >> this is a very important operation, planned and conducted successfully. two important isil groups have been neutralized. >> these raids were amongst a series that have taken place across turkey in the wake of the october 10th suicide bombing in ankara that killed 102 people. the government says isil was responsible. this is the first time on turkish soil that there has been a defendant shootout involving isil. it highlights the increasing threat the group poses to this country adding to the security headache a national elections here on sunday. then n mid november, world leaders head to the southern coast for the g20 leaders summit. bernard smith, al jazeera, istanbul. there has been more violence in israel in the occupied territories. the most recent incidents, a 19-year-old from the west bank village of sayir was shot dead by israeli forces.
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a palestinian man was shot in hebron. the israeli army said he tried to stab a soldier. elsewherebank, a palestinian man was shot dead byisitioni forces. the imagine seriously injured a 19-year-olds soldier. 58 palestinians and eight israelis have been killed in this month's unrest. we are trying to ends the violence is the reason that the palestinian president is in brussels for a meeting with the european's follreign policy chi. they are discussing the ongoing tensions between palestinians and israelisis sparked by issues regarding the mosque compound in east jerusalem. they issued a statement prior to their closed-door meeting. >> i would like to specifically emphasize the excellent relationship between the eu and palestine and, also, highlight how important are the support and assistance, economic,
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financial, and, also, political support for the sake of palestine. the situation in the territories of palestinis extremely serious and grave. >> what you are looking for is steps, concrete steps on the ground, including difficult ones that can improve the lives of the palestinian people, that can strengthen the palestinian authority, not only on the economic fielding but in the security and political field and to have what we would call some deliverables of the process, itself, not a process for the sake of the process. >> still to come on the program, we are going to have the latest from southeastern europe where thousands continue the journey north in the hope of a better life. and, nature under threat. scientists say that wind turbines are putting birds at risk.
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>> al jazeera america primetime. get the real news you've been looking for. at 7:00, a thorough wrap-up of the day's events. then at 8:00, john seigenthaler digs deeper into the stories of
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the day. and at 9:00, get a global perspective. weeknights, on al jazeera america. gee. a reminder the top stories on al jazeera. hundreds of people have been killed in an earthquake in southern asia much the 7.5 magnitude quake focused on afghanistan with tremors felt across the region. the world health organization released a report that says processed meat causes cancer. the international health body claims red meat is also risky. two turkish policemen have been killed in a shootout. the officers were hit by a booby trap bomb taking part in a raid
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in the city of yabakar. isil has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing at a mosque in saudi arabia which has killed at least one person and injured sixty. the ex proceedings took place in southwest -- explosion took place in the southwest part of saudi arabia. a car had been found with a note inside to his parents confirming his plan to attack the mosque. the eyewitness says the explosion took place as the suicide bomber tried to enter the mosque, itself. the united nations has more than doubled its estimate of how many syrians are displaced by fighting in the northwest since the start of the month. it was previously estimated about 50,000 people were affected by fighting in october. but the agency now says the number is closer to 120,000. the civil war that has been raging in syria for four years is one of the main causes for the huge influx of refugees fleeing to neighboring countries
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and europe. for centuries, iraq has been famous for its copper andy crafts and for generations, some of the best artisans worked in the market in central baghdad. as we have a report that the industry is in danger of vanishing forever. reporter: for forty years safur has hammered sheets of copper into works of art. it was taught to him by his father who learned from his father. safar's family has worked from this stall for as long as anyone can remember. but he's afraid he is the last one. >> my sons are not going to follow my footsteps. unfortunately, they believe this profession is going to be extinct. there are just a handful of us artisans remaining due to the poor security and economic conditions of the country as well as the lack ofphon tourists. >> baghdad's safafur market has
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been around for centuries. all sorts of goods are sold here for generations, it was the top destination for traders from across the middle east looking for highly-prized copper andy crafts. >> om started to change with the u.s.-led gulf war in 1990. at the time, there were hundreds of stalz selling hand-made copper goods in the market. now, only around 15 shops remain with just five still crafting new pieces. >> the artisans of the copper market say it's not just successive wars, economic sanctions, now nearly non-exist event tourism that has hurt their prevention. it's the growing popularity of cheaply-made factory goods that are produced in a similar style. this coffee pot was imported from india. safar says goods like these are roughly assembled by machines and are made out of inexpensive materials, but the rep plic can as cost less than a quarter his
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hand made creations so he says he is left but with little choice to sell them in order to keep his business afloat. >> when i sell one of my hand made items, it feels like parting with a piece of my body. would you believe it's because i spend so many hours making the piece. i know each sharp detail of it. i dare these factory machines to craft such beautiful art like this. >> reporter: copper artisans are calling on the government to invest in the industries, but few have much hope it will and are all about certain iraq's long tradition of copper craftsmanship will soon disappear for good. imtiaz tiaz in central baghdad. >> the european union is working to implement new measures to help tackle the refugee crisis in the western balkans. these pictures tabby in slovenia on monday give some sense of the scale of the crisis facing the region. according to croatian authorities, an estimated 260,000 people have passed
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through the western balkans since hungary closed its board it will in mid-september. slo slovenia continues to face tens of thousands of new arrivals. as robin forester-walker reports, volunteer aid workers say they are being prevented from offering much-needed help. >> the promise now of 400 extra police from the european union to manage this unparalleled scale of migration may come as a reef to the slovenian authorities but relief for the refugees, i try to ask people how they spend the last night. not enough water, said this man. they had been waiting for hours. finally, some were allowed to leave for an austria-bound train. but members of this family had been left behind. >> one of my brother and my sisters's husband, they didn't let them come out. >> hopefully, they made it on to
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the next train. by the afternoon, the camp was ready for more arrivals. >> this is just the latest batch of hundreds of refugees to arrive at this holding facility. the police seem to be doing a very good job at crowd control, but the humanitarian effort from what we have seen isn't quite as adequate. aid agencies such as frontier said more resources are needed though they stress the slovenian authorities are working closely with them but these volunteers say they have been obstructed from getting food and support from where it's needed. ? >> to be disallowed blankets when we have sufficient to get to the children and family. i mean this is disgusting, before we en get to the food issues or the restriction of medical aid to those who need it. >> reporter: the civil protection agency says
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volunteers need to register with recognized organizations. >> the police are stopping everybody from going in there. this is what's happening. >> i think i am not from the police but i think that is their security. >> swamped by up to 15,000 hungry and exhausted new arrivals a day, help for them and for the authorities cannot come soon enough. robin-foristier-walker, on the slovenia-croatian border. >> argentina's election is headed for a run-off. whoever wins the next vote will become the first president elected through a run-off in argentinian history. al jazeera reports now from buenos aires. >> reporter: it seemed impossible that the leader of the let's change coalition forced a powerful ruling party to a second round.
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the first run-off in argentina's history. >> i invite you to conquer our future. it depends upon each one of you. take the years it takes an we won't stop until we achieve it. every day from december 10th, i promise you, we are going to be a little better. >> his followers celebrated until late at night. many couldn't believe what was going on. we are going to go to a historic election, and we will win. we are going to within the presidency, and we are going to be an excellent government. but at the front for victory headquarters, the scene was completely different. christina kirschner's hand-picked successor appealed from the undecided voters promising new reforms. >> with all of my experience, i see ask the undecided to vote for an agenda for a great future
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for argentinian development. >> until a few minutes ago, this place was filled with people expressing support. but now they are leaving, disappointed because they expected their candidate to get more votes. they said they are getting ready for their run-off in november. >> this is the way democracy works. we will have to convince people that ours was a better choice. >> analysts here say the big challenge is the power christina kirschner will have once she hands over the presidency to whomever wings tin november. >> translator: in november, after the run-off, the problem is governorability. christina will continue to have power, will continue to have influence. she wants to come back in 2019. it's going to be difficult for any president. >> reporter: with less than a month to go, both candidates will use this time to fight hard for the presidency. al jazeera. buenos aires.
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>> the unelected upper house of the united kingdom's parliament has broken a 114-year-old constitutional convention in a vote over tax changes. the country's government wants to cut financial assistance to low-income families, changes that have already been approved by the elected parliament body that's the house of commons. now, the unelected house of lords has voted to delay the cut and compensate people affected. some members of parliament warned that the movement could cause a constitution a.m. crisis in british politics. more than 120 have been injured after a high highs-speed crash. it's thought a boat lohit in th water and dozens were injured in november, 2013, in a similar incident. when energy is 1 of the clean -- wind energy is one of the cleanest way to generate electrici
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electricity. countriy blooifldologist say wid turbines kill birds, including some protected species. tom ackerman reports now from northern california. >> reporter: just east of san francisco, the open landscape is dominated by more than 5,000 wind turbines. the aldemont pass is a prime has been tight for the majestic bird the add myers call the lion of the sky. a golden eagle. u.s. law punishes anyone who disturns them with heavy fikes and prisons. in this area last year, at least 2000 golden eagles and other protected raptors were killed by turbine blades. >> one clear evidence so many eagles are using this place is feathers. >> world life gug do you go bell says when the turbines were erected in the 1980s, no one realized the deadly toll they would take. they have short-term permits to
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allow a small number of accidental killings. but a court recently rejected a 30-year permit that wouldn't require any assessment of the environmental impact. >> as older models like these are moth balled and dismantled, companies are working on newer versions that are bigger and, yet, safer. >> hundreds of old turbines will be replaced here by 48 new machines producing twice as much energy, enough to completely power google's corporate headquarters nearby. the new towers stand tall enough for the birds to avoid their blades as they swoop down on their prey. >> studics have shown death rates have been lowered substantially. they have been lowered enough to where they are at the point of population stability. for instance, for golden eagles, we don't really know yet. >> another alternative yet to be tested is a turbine-housed inside a metal shroud that could further reduce the risk to birds. and then there is this
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experiment launched by google, small-scale wind turbines attached to tellers that carry the converted wind power to the ground. >> actually generating energy, applying this type of circle. it seems too good to be true. it's actually working. >> tellers may pose added risk to birds who already die in the millions each year from hitting communications towers along their migration paths from north to south america. tom ackerman, al jazeera, aldemont pass, california. the empire struck back in crain on sunday when police arrested the mil inian falcon's co-pilot, chubaka, dressed as the popular star wars character was campaign okay behalf of darth vader. it's illegal to campaign on election day in the country. but crossing over to the dark side of the force, the man in the costume was fined just over
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$7. you can find out much more on that and everything else that we have been covering on our website. you can see our top story there, the earthquake in south asia that's killed hundreds of people. more on that and everything else on ♪ the fighting and dying continue in syria, so people continue to climb on to any boat that floats trying to make the increasingly perilous journey to countries in the european union. they have met an inconsistent and ambivalent welcome in europe, but that hasn't dissuaded the desperate from gives it a try. running away from home. it's i