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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 26, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> ali velshi on target: hitting the breaks. south china sea showdown. >> i reiterate it's the rite of all countries for freedom of navigation and flight united states challenges china's territorial claims, sending a destroyer into the south china sea area claimed by beijing aftermath of disaster. as a new day downs in afghanistan and pakistan, assessing the damage from a powerful quake.
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>> classroom confrontation. disturbing video of a south carolina deputy trying to remove a female student from a high school classroom, and the danger of processed meat. how much is of a threat is your morning bacon and a hotdog at a ball game. >> good evening i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. we begin in the south china sea. at this hour the government is trying to ascertain whether a u.s. warship passed within 12 miles of its territory. the pentagon is confirming that it did, and said there was no accident. the operation was intended as a challenge to china's claim to territorial rights to the spratly islands. the u.s.s. lawson sailed by the reef in defiance of repeated warnings from beijing. jamie mcintyre has more from the
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pentagon. >> antonio, the united states said it will not recognise china's territorial claims, and pentagon sources confirmed to al jazeera that the authorisation has been given to the u.s. navy for the egers class destroyer, u.s.s. lasson to conduct what the pentagon calls a freedom of navigation mission moving within 12 miles of the islands in, islands in that the pentagon says were manmade out of reefs, and which china says is legitimate territory that has been there for years. when the chinese president chi made a visit to washington. president obama - both presidents made their decision clear. >> we had sessions on the heest and south china seas. we nav quitted to all countries. >> islands in in the south sudan
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since ancient eshent times. we have the right to uphold our own territorial sovereignty and lawful rights and interest. >> the pentagon insists the freedom of navigation is not aimed at china and says the u.s. conducted these kinds of missions to challenge what it calls excessive maritime rights against 19 different nations. by the way the u.s. flew a plane over the air space over the islands, and in that case china issued warnings for the planes to clear out of the area, they were warnings the u.s. ignored. >> jamie mcintyre reporting from the pentagon, and al jazeera's rob mcbride is in beijing with reaction from the chinese government. >> the response from the chinese has been swift with the foreign minister, urging the americans not to take what he calls reckless action. we are expecting a press
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conference center the foreign ministry when we may have more of a formal protest. and waiting to see if retotality tri action would be taken. and waiting to find out what the military response has been to the chinese, whether they have shadowed the war ship. whether it sets a pattern for future encounters. with the chinese and u.s. military forces. china claims that it is a sovereign territory. it's hundreds of miles from the coast. it claims that it will go back hundreds of years to previous chinese dynasties. it's building on the remote reefs, purely for peaceful purposes to establish the presence there. it's not for military expansion. the suspicion is from the americans that china is trying to establish a more permanent military presence there, but there are people in china that would argue if america is
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patrolling in that part of the seas. that gives china a reason to have permanent presence there. >> rob mcride in beijing. two police men are dead after a shoot out with i.s.i.l. fighters with turkey, happening with the borders between syria and iraq. bernard smith has more from istanbul. >> as turkish security forces raided several properties, sustained gun fire echoed around the neighbourhood. two police officers were killed by booby trapped bombs as they broke down the door at one apart: seven suspected members of i.s.i.l. were killed in the shoot out that followed. according to the police. >> this was an important operation planned and conducted successfully. the outcome is two groups have been neutralized. >> these raids were among a
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series that have taken place across turkey in the wake. october 10th suicide bombings in ankara. the government says i.s.i.l. was responsible. >> this is the first time on turkish soil that there has been a shoot-out involving i.s.i.l. highlighting the threat that the group poses. adding to the security headache, a national election on sunday. in mid november world leaders head to the southern coast for the g20 leaders summit a bombing campaign in syria stepped up. russians saying the jets bombed 225 targets. the kremlin claims 59 other sortees hit a record 94 of those targets. >> in sal ma area, latakia
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province. they have tried islamic militants. objective control data confirms the destruction of the terrorist fortifications. >> the u.s. is expected to host talks on the crisis. state department says the secretary of state john kerry meets with officials from russia, and a dozen other countries on friday to talk about ending the war. kerry spoke to his russian counter part sergey lavrov about the talks, officials say details of the meeting are worked out. they have not ruled out letting iran participate. former secretary-general of n.a.t.o. says russia's involvement in syria will make the situation worse. here is what anders rasmussen told me earlier today. >> you can both save bashar al-assad and fight "ultimate 8." you can save bashar al-assad and fight the civil war in syria.
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it's hard to see a long-term sustainable solution in syria, that includes bashar al-assad as part of that solution. if the russians really fight the islamic state, i would welcome it. the problem is that the russians, apparently, are also bombing what i would call the moderate opposition. and that is exactly why the russian presence in syria will not stop. but on the contrary will prolong the conflict. >> the u.s. says it is ready to provide aid to afghanistan and pakistan after they were struck by the most powerful earthquake in a decade. the earthquake was sendered in the hindu kooush mountains in north-eastern afghanistan. 388 were killed. richelle carey has more on the quake and the aftermath. >> the earthquake struck during
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the afghan news cast, forcing the anger to flee. >> outside ambulances race to streets. they carry the windowed into the hospital. inside chaos. in the province, a heart-breaking scene as this man carries the body of a young student. she is one of 12 killed, some died in a stampede. as the children tried to get out of the building. >> this is the strongest earthquake that happened in the country in recent years, in afghanistan, including the center of the country, it indicates losses and property damage. monday's 7.5 quake spread beyond afghanistan into pakistan. hundreds are reported dead. buildings and homes hundreds of miles from the epicentre were reduced to rub.
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scores of injured and dead arrived at the hospital by car or taxi. >> translation: numbers by increase. the situation looks bad. we declare emergencies in the hospital. we have enough duration and are doing our best. >> in india aftershocks swayed speakers. tremors hit the india controlled section of kashmir, snarling traffic for hours. >> it kept everything at a standstill. it's because of that, everything is disturbed. the traffic system. people here who are terrified because of the earthquake. >> in washington the obama said it's too early to help. >> the one thing that is relevant is there's a substantial a i.d. presence in these countries, trying to assist their needs. there's a number of pre-positioned emergency centers and release of supply kids. the extent of the damage will
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take time to be known. communications remained disrupted through the region. rescue operations are mounted in remote areas the numbers in europe's refugee crisis are staggering. 60,000 people are trying to enter the balkan country this past week. the government send armed forces to the border, and more than a dozen european leaders are firing the plant. paul beban has more. >> from high above the fields, a river of humanity. a drone capturing the scope of the refugee crisis. here, from the air, thousands of men, women and children walked through ha vast countryside streaming from one camp to another. this extraordinary footage is from near the border of croatia and slovenia. the pictures are powerful and the numbers combine. more than 43 million around the world are displaced. the most in decades.
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>> millions are from war-torn syria. some are met with open amps. -- open arms. many are not. we have seen the images of children crawling under fences, police turning water canons on migrants. guards tossing food to the desperate. the body of a young boy cradled on the sea shore. this weekend european leaders agreed on a 17 point plan to address the refugee influx. they call for new and larger reception centers. stepping up efforts to reduce trafficking and smuggling. it's a problem for now, nothing more. the world can hope it will be fulfilled are hashtags and viral videos behind a spike in violent crime. why james comey thinks social
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media could be hindering law enforcement from coast to coast. a disturbing report about a number of mistakes made in surgery.
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>> bold... >> he took two m-16's, and he crawled... >> brave... >> what you gotta do... >> then betrayed... >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> a lifetime without the honor they deserved... >> some say that it was discrimination... >> revealing the long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america
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a south carolina sheriff's deputy has been placed on administrative leave following a violent run in with the stupid. dispooupty ben fields was mann handled a girl, who refused to leave the classroom. he forcefully lifted her from the street. the sheriff was disturbed at what he saw and ordered a departmental investigation into the deputy's access and said field will never be a school resource officer in the future. videos made their way around social media, school officials released a statement saying: and comey has a theory as to
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why crime rates have spiked. the criticism that followed a string of involved shootings may have had a chilling effect on law enforce. officers. mike viqueira takes a closer look. >> fbi director james comey says there's a chill wind blowing and comments have ignited a drav si. >> james comey said the rint increase in crime may in part be because police officers are under increased scrutiny. >> black lives matter. >> he points the finger at the national debate over the black lives matter movement. >> each time someone interprets black lives matters anti-enforcement one line moves away. each time that someone interprets hashtag police lives matter as antiblack, the other line moves away. maybe, just maybe, because those lines are arcing away from each other. we have a crisis of violent crime in some of our major
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cities in this country. >> monday comey spoke to police chiefs and top law enforcement and spoke about the ferguson effect. the idea that police pulled back, slowing down on law enforcement. in response to the shooting of brown. comey said he couldn't be sure it was happening, but it was commonsense. the u.s.a. executive director reacted saying the assertions are outrageous, by his own administration, these statements are not backed up by data and there are reports about levels of crime since scrutiny with police officers began in ferguson. the obama appears to agree. white house spokesman josh ernst dismissed the theory. >> the available evidence does not support the notion that law enforcement officers are shying away from fulfilling their responsibilities, this was the
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second time in a week that comey spoke about police officers under the microscope. >> in many cities. violence was the tame as last year. in some places lower. in others we are seeing an explosion of senseless violence. we must stare at the problem, to figure out why it's happening, and what we can do about it. >> critics point out an irony in the comments. if there's a ferguson effect. law enforcement relies on abusive or questionable practices. back to you. a psychological evaluation has been ordered for a woman accused of driving into an oklahoma state homecoming parade. bond was set at a million dollars for the woman. the crash killed four, injuring dozens of others. chambers has not been charged and has been held on preliminary accounts of second degree
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mudder. >> five people were killed when a whale watching boat sank off the coast of the british columbia. >> one person remains missing. i woke up this morning and there was an empty feeling in your cut. and just hoping that may be there's more survivors. >> authorities say the water in the area was calm sunday afternoon when the boat sank. a warning is linking processed meats to cancer. the world health organisation says meats like bacon and sausage can increase the risk of disease. wayne hay has more. >> reporter: for some people the perception of meat may have changed forever. that's because the international agency for research on cancer, parts of the world health organisation has classified process meat as a cancer causing substance. if it eats 50 grams of processed
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meat. it increases the chances of developing cancer of the colon. in countries like thailand, where cheap but convenient meat balls and sausages are a part of the diet. it's a concerning development. >> in the morning we have to hurry to go somewhere. parents by something easy, it may be the cause of - they eat sausage for processed meet every day. process meet is preserved by atting chemicals, salt or smoking it. it's placed here among a lift of things that are carcinogenic. it rates along side the likes of asbestos, because of the process meat is put through. red meat. beef, lamb and pork, is in of the next list of things that cause cancer. like herbicides, lead, malaria,
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fumes from fried food and night shifts. >> before the announcement, the meat industry in the u.s. spoke out to discredit the findings. >> it's the job to provide the hazards. the body shows red and processed meat can be part of a healthy balanced diet. this is not the first time that certain types of links are linked to cancer. consumption so linked around the world. accord gh according to the united nations it went up in 2003. what this doesn't focus on are other lifestyle choices that people that eat a lot of meet may be making. w.h.o. classification help governments find ways of keeping it healthy. controversial as it is. report mr give them plenty to
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consider. >> a study finds doctors are making mistakes when they administer medications. it found errors to half of them. two-thirds were mysterious. 80% were considered preventible. findings were disturbing but not surprising. >> they are not your average rockets. a group of asian americans dedicated to tackling discrimination. the government says the ban's name is racist. >> did chewbacca join the dark side. police in ukraine think so. think so. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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the state flag is no longer flying at the university of mississippi, after weeks of debate. the flag contains the confederate battle flag. 33-15 was the vote to take it down. it will be kept in the archives. the removal follows. following the deadly attack on an african american churge in south carolina. now to a rock and role band in a fight over words. the band wants an uncomfortable conversation. the ban has con too high.
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allen schauffler has more a disease dedicated to a japanese history. an unusual place, perhaps, for rock and role. >> camera, action. >> the music video shot here is about keeping the history alive. about being asian in america. the ban pro claimed the first rock dance band. >> playing what they call chinatown rock and embracing what they could see as a racial slur. >> we can choose to perpetuate negative connotations or reappropriate and reclaim it, and develop something that is positive. cast and crew working on the video shoot shrug it off. they came up with it. they love it.
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it's them. maybe, but the name landed the band in court, where they are fighting the federal government for the right to trademark the slants. the u.s. patent turned them down saying it's disparaging to asians when backed up by asian imagery. >> they say if people see the head slight and the slants and the pictures with asians in it. they think people will assume the racial slur and not any other definition. in the name of fighting against the racism denying rights based on race, and that is unjust. >> over the last five years, they have taken the cause public, giving ted talks about racism. appearing at colleges, high schools, law schools, 40-50 speaking engagements a year. at thomas jefferson, he connects, talking about
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bullying, music and mission to change a meaning of one word. >> we are asians, we are proud of it. it is part of us. >> however the long trademark turns out. they point to simple victories. >> when you google slant, the top hits on google for the first four pages for the website. and now it's to the rock'n'roll band that shares the heritage. i think that is supercool. super cool and with a video and greatest sits. they'll be back on the road. they can't own it, but will continue to be the slant. >> the forest was not with chewbacca, a man with a full-body wooky costume was pulled over. he was not going to a star wars
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convention, he was working on darth vader's political campaign, he really was. darth vader is the ukraine internet party's candidate. chewy was arrested and charged with violating election laws by canvassing ner polling stations -- near polling stations. have a good night. night. continue to climb on to any boat that floats trying to make the increasingly perilous journey to countries in the european union. they have met an inconsistent and ambivalent welcome in europe, but that hasn't dissuaded the desperate from gives it a try. running away from home. it's the inside story. ♪ welcome to "inside story." i'm ray suarez.