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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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♪ stepping up its fight against isil, the u.s. considers more airstrikes in syria and embedding troops in iraq. >> hello there. you are watchingays. from headquarters in doha. coming up: iran could be invited take part in talks on how to end the conflict in s syria. rescue and recovery in south asia after a major earthquake. the death toll rises plus . >> i am harry fawcett reporting from the emptying porian dam. people are worked about not just the short-term drought but a
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long-term problem. the u.s. is considering escalating it's military campaign in iraq and syria. u.s. defense secretary ashton carter said a proposed new policy will bel mean additional airstrikes and direct action on the ground. al jazeera rosalind jordan has more on the strategy shift which still needs approval from the president. >> reporter: the u.s. military is rolling out a new version of its countser isil strategy. they are calling it the three rs: syrian rebels retaking raqqa, iraqi troops sweeping in on ramad e and u.s. forces getting more involved. >> the third and final r is raids, signalling that we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against is
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isil. >> carter's statement comes after last week's raid where u.s. special forces jumped in to help kurdish fighters. in so, that would be a major policy change for the u.s. president barack obama had promised no ground troops to fight isil carter told a congressional panel that despite despite russia's decision to launch airstrikes, the u.s. is pressuring iraqi prime minister to not let russia join the fight on its stair tory. >> we are the preferred partners of iraq. we have been insistent on that point and prime primary abbadi has repeated those pledges. >> reporter: there is another complication: the never-ending flow of foreigners who want to fight with isil as alies such as turkey are arresting isil supporters. the top general admitted the coalition doesn't have a plan to stop foreign fighters. >> we don't have kind of a common view of where the forging fighters come from, how they move back and forth into the
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area but more importantly, not much of a track on where they go once they leave. >> the military leaders also said they have been studying the use of theness of a no fly zone this northern syria. something legislators have called for repeatedly. >> the strongest nation in the world with the most capable material can't establish a no-fly zone to keep people from being barely bombed by bashar al-assad. >> it's not clear they have convinced anyone that the u.s. has the right strategy to fight isil but there is a hunger for the u.s. to get it right. another key shift in strategy, iran is expected to be in1r50i9d to take part in talks on syria's future. iran is a key ally of damastic. its purpose ported to increase the number of military advisors. the talks are set to take place
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later this week in vienn amount. andrew tabler is with the policy for near east policy. he said it could prove controversial. >> there that been a defendant notion for a long time iran needed to be brought to the table to be -- as they back the assad regime inside of syria and hezbollah. they have a roam, but the controversy is: do they support the geneva communique of 2012 which outlined the transition for syria? that's the russians and americans support it. so does the international community but iran doesn't. we will have to see the terms under which they come to the table. >> the united nations humanitarian chief has issued a warning about the deteriorating situation in syria. >> we all need to gord against t becoming numb, impacts of this conflict, given the vast numbers and the sense of political impasse yet recent developments in syria are a tell reminders it
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is ordinary women, men, and children who continue to bear the blunt of this conflict. living conditions in all areas of the country continue to deteriorate sharply. >> in afghanistan and pakistan, still treeing to reach people trapped by monday's earthquake and give aid to those in need. at least 379 people have died. the quake was centered in northeastern afghantan but affected a wide area. most of the furualties reported so far are in pakistan's swaat valley. kamal hyder is there. >> brick by brick, locals pick up the pieces of belongings buried under the rebel. rescue and recovery teams are also in the area to assess the damage. for most, it was a narrow escape as they saw their homes come down. it was 30 years ago. from savings he and a deceased brother made working in saudi arabia.
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he remembers the moment when the strong earthquake struck. we were all in our rooms when the earthquake struck. it was shocking for everyone. the kids and the women were crying. it was like dooms day we were lucky god saved all of you was. >> authorities begun recovery efforts. it's not clear whether it will be enough. >> they are being begin good treatment and we have no shortage of medicines to gup them maximum support. >> most were in an adjoining district. it could have been a lot worse were it not for the depth of this earthquake. with the death toll mounting, it is estimated that thousands of houses were destroyed against
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the province. people are waiting for relief and rescue to arrive. the earthquake may have spared pakistan a major catastrophe but it has left an imprint on most people's minds. >> a few kilometers away, hundreds of people are being treated for injuries at the local hospital. there are reports there could be more fault atties and destruction in the far-flung and remote areas. kamal hyder, al jazeera. swaat. >> funerals have been held for 12 school girls killed in afghanistan where the earthquake struck. they died in a stampede trying to get out of their school. hundreds of people attended the mats funeral in the north of the country. britain said it will postpone withdrawing troops from afghanistan. they will now stay in the country through 2016.
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there are currently 415 british children station there. britain ended combat operations in afghanistan last year but kept some troops to advise afghan security xorsz. earlier, the u.s. said it would keep troops in the country beyond 2016. three palestinians were shot dead in the occupied west bank on tuesday and an american israel wounded -- israeli has died of his injuries. forces fired tear gas at 358 stenian protest orders in a day of rage. hundreds gathers in hebron to demonstrate against the killing of palestinians by israeli forces. two men and a 17-year-old girl were killed on monday. nadine barber september this report. >> reporter: the death toll on either side rise okay tuesday. an israeli man died in hospital from injuries that he sustained in an attack on a bus two weeks ago and on the palestinian side,
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fatalities coming at the gus gusgush gush excion jumping in the city of hebron in the south of the occupied west bank. tuesday was a day of rage, as the political parties here called it. there were industry protests in various cities. hebron was really the center of the main con frontations between palestinians and theisi army. dozens of people have been wounded by live ammunition. from the north of the occupied west bank right down to the south. in hebron, many people are also angry that bodies of palestinians killed in the last few weeks have not been returned to their families. one was and, in fact, the funeral was held on tuesday of a 19-year-old palestinian man killed on monday. >> saw thousands of people rally. i think that these incidents, though, of attacks against
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israelis, they are often disputed by palestinian sources or by palestinian witnesses and many of the narratives that are coming out of israel saying that palestinians have attempted to stab a soldier, for example, have been disputed. that's something whether or not that was the case that, that's something that's feeding popular anger here among palestinians, and they are saying that even if there are diplomatic moves by president abbas, for example, to call for international protection, that's not of any interest to them. they are going to maintain direct action for as long as theing. the eu commission president said they are not working hard enough there is not enough money or expert knowledge to manage migration. slovenia is hoping to keep refugees out.
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they say 308,000 cross the border every day. on austria's border with sl slovenia. >> reporter: more than 70,000 refugeesed crossed ceph sloughesloug slovenia. the final port of call. time for a recharge and a rest, but they still have a way to go. >> why don't they apply for asylum here? >> i don't know, but one worked said slovenia is a poor country. but that's what they want. we cannot stop them. >> ali from afghanistan knows where everyone wants to go. i don't know what happened to germany. i don't know germany accepts these people or not. >> that depends upon how long this open door policy continues.
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on the austrian side, this 24 hour operation takes refugees to towns across austria where many have germany on their minds. 11,000 turned up on bavaria's doorstep alone. the german region has threatened emergency measures: a worry for austria's authorities. >> if german reduces the stream of refugees come from austria, then we would be faced with a great challenge because people contin continue to stream in here from croatia to slovenia to austria. >> reporter: channelling thousands of people every day into austria is a huge logistical challenge. if any country closes its borders, then this humanitarian conveyer belt will he come to a grinding haon the austrian slo slovenia border. >> incumbent has won the
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presidential poll. 83% of the vote on monday, leading opposition candidate conceded and backed away from his earlier claim that the election had been marched by fraud. he is one of six people challenging president watara. still ahead, questions being raised about the utes of force by police at a school in the u.s. plus the honey that's more valuable than gold. menti mexican bekeepers are fight to go keep it pure. inspiring... entertaining. no topic off limits. >> 'cause i'm like, "dad, there are hookers in this house". >> exclusive conversations you won't find anywhere else.
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>> these are very vivid, human stories. >> if you have an agenda with people, you sometimes don't see the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". saturday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target
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♪ hello again. the top stories this hour here on al jazeera: the u.s. is considering escalating its military campaign against isil in syria. the u.s. defense secretary ash carter said a proposed new policy will mean additional airstrikes and direct action on the ground. this will need president obama's approval before it can be i am plentied. a key shift in strategy for the u.s. and allies. iran is expected to terry part for the first time in talks on syria's future. iran is one of syria's main alleys. afghanistan and pakistan are trying to reach people trapped after the earthquake on monday. funerals have been held. 12 school girls died after a stampede the saudi high led mil tear coalition is denying bombed
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a hospital in the norther sadr province injured one staff mer and destroyed the building. doctors without boarders said it provided the hospital's location coordinates to the coalition two weeks ago. >> they have targeted mat earthenty ward in front of the er and destroyed the hospital. form, the two had like five minutes to run away. there is some wounds like minor wounds, minor burns, scratch from abrasion. >> in the u.s., the f.b.i. has launched an investigation where policemen have dealt with a student alta high school in south carolina. the officer was called to remove her from the class.
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he ended up slamming her to the ground, throwing her out of her desk and dragging her across the room. patty colhane reports. >> reporter: it happened again, another video goes viral. this time in south carolina. a teenager refuses to leave her high school classroom and this is how the police officer responded. he's been suspended. the justice department is investigating whether her civil rights were violated. another case of police force cause outrage in ferguson, missouri and baltimore maryland, police involved death, sparked riots and created a movement: black lives matter, hoping to highlight the growing divide between police and communities of color. president obama is trying to get both sides talking? >> there are alternates of african americans, not just me who have that fear of being pulled over or frisked or
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something. and data show this is not an aberration. >> several cities are seeing skyrocketing murder rates and the f.b.i. says the protests and the backlash are part of the reason. >> i spoke to officers until one big city precinct who described being strounded by young people with mobile homes held high taupting them when they get out of their carsnting them when th of their cars. they said we feel under siege and don't feel much like getting out of our cars. >> in baltimore, 177 murders in twvent 14 with 2015 not yet over, the number of murders has climbed far past that to 270. at the same time, please are arresting far fewer people. almost 12,000 fewer, a drop of 34%. civil rights groups say that's a problem. >> in a democracy, the agent did of the government do need to be
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able to take criticism, understand where it's coming from and realize they are accountable to the people and they need to address the con concerns of the community that they police. >> this police officer's boss said thvideo doesn't tell the whole story. there is another video showing the student triking to punch the police officer. he will decide if this is an appropriate response. thanks to social response, much of the country has already reached its own conclusion. pat colhane. al jazeera's investigative unit gathered evidence from the myanmar government and buddhists. more than 100,000 people from the the rhohanga minority were left homeless part 2 of our investigation. >> communal riots that claimed around 50 lives nearly all muslim there were rumors
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government agents had triggered the fighting. shortly before, a mob had arrived in the town. >> they were brought to the area and suddenly they were asked to start this kind of violence so one of the problems to assess this incident is to establish where it is coming from. but the first step it is there. it is clear this was organized. >> a former officer speaking for the first time described how the regime had in the past sentence undercover agent did to spark unrest. we have concealed the officer's identity. these people secretly entered muslim communitieses the people couldn't be refused. all of these things were involved by the military authority using money covert at
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seeds promote divided rule in order to divert opposition to the power of the military. >> they had to distract the people action make the people worry, spread the fear, the hatred and create conflicts in this way, they influence policy of the country. >> this document, part of a cache obtained by al jazeera's investigative unit was distributed and warned worshippers at a mosque were planning be countrywide communal violence between muslims and burmans. the mosque had informed the security services of the gathering that the document claimed was triggering riots.
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>> every time we have the meeting, the relevant authorities come here. they get information without any problems. the government has not stopped our activities. >> when he we see a doubt like that, we get very concerned that various authorities are working to incite violence against the muss let me population. >> the government of myanmar has not responded to al jazeera's allegations. phil reece, al jazeera. >> you can see the investigative unit's full document and online at slay genocide agenda. >> south or e a is experiencing it's worst drought in 4 two years. a dry raining system, harry fawcett reports from the worst hit area? >> it is employing by day. water supplies nearly half a million people in this area as
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well as agriculture and industry. it's a slow motion crisis coming for years but he can sell rated with rainfall 25ths. they want to spread the word about water conservation. local governments are you aringly 20% reduction in-house hold usage, a campaign that has made little different. >> now, when i see problem wigot the idea how serious it is by looking at the water shortages. >> in a normal year, it should be 60% full. about tu stands at 20%. this is linked to the el nino weather system making worse the problems of previous dry years. >> this would be well under water. even if between now there were to be average normal rainfall t wouldn't make up the shortfall in precipitation. people here aren't just worried about a one-off drought, rather a long term problem.
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>> usually more than 70% of the annual participation in summer. the lack of rain is bound to lead to a drought. we have had autumn droughts for the last 10 years and last winder and spring, rainfall was only 50% of average. it's getting worse. >> the shortage has hit hardest on the rice paddies. not enough salt rising to the surface. farmers say they have lost between 30 and 100% crops without doubling the usual raven between now and next spring they say they won't be able to farm the next krop crop. >> this area has seen less and less rainfall average year. >> the government is promising by february to put in place a pipeline to divert water to the region from another major river but with a pattern emerging of
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consistently dryer weather, bigger solutions tackling consumption is sure to be needed. harry fawcett, al jazeera. in mentixico, the yucatan peninsula, many families rely on bees. buyers do not accept honey with traces of gno. the sorts of the problem is the genetically modified food the beesr he'ding. >> bekeeper houchin calls it the myan's greatest treasurer. more valuable than gold. it's called shunankun, myan for honey produced by tiny bees. they don't sting and make the most prized honey in the jungle? >> we use it for ceremonies to ask for rain but it also has medicinal properties. it is mixed with dirt for cement
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for their famous pyramids. today, more than 20,000 myan families produce honey from far more agressive bees. using smoke to keep them stacking. >> honey is extremely sought after and fetches a very high price on the european market. but the livelihood of the families who who is this depends not just on the equisit taste and aroma but on theability to keep their honey pure. that's i didn'ty these plantations have become the enemy. genetically modified and sprayed with highly toxic herb sides, both sold by the agra multi-national monsanto. providing bees with contaminated policy en. >> they are deforesting our jungle because the europeans won't by it with traces of herb sides that's why we are demanding monsantos on the
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license be revoked. >> they made a final appeal to mexico's supreme court this week on the eve of its ruling. >> to limit products. the environment and in this case, the cultural heritage of the myan communities. >> a culture linked to what some call thenectar of the gods. 3i9d against arguably the world's most powerfuling ari chemical organization. >> the european parliament approved a new telecom law to scrap roaming charges. within two years, travelers will pay the same anywhere within the eu. only travelers with european sim cards. >> and they will make sure that they treat all internet traffic
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equally but not everyone supports the move. this is a blow for net neutrality, prints all internet data musting equal in terms of the speed it's delivered and it's why the internet is still a level playing field and why startups can overtake established brands. imagine the internet super highway with each website as a car. a neutral internet doesn't discriminate between the traffic. but the new rules could allow internet service providers to create online fast lanes for what they called specialized services. this could be a beneficial service like streaming a medical procedure. >> at that means companies that can afford to could pay to access the fast lane if they re-brand their contest as a specialized service leaving startups and smaller companies behind. as their content would take longer to deliver. some good morning news for
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consumers: part of this roamming charges for using a mobile foam in countries across the eu will be scrapped in june, 2017. >> for the latest on our website, there it is on your screen, i'm ali velshi "on target", a tale of two americas - the haves and have notes in this together. yet the politicians elected are worlds apart on the inequality. tomorrow night in prime-time the 10 republican candidates will battle in boulder colorado in the party's third debate. the question will focus on job growth, taxes, retirement and