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tv   Your World This Morning  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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debate day - the republican presidential candidates gearing up for a third face-off. there's a new front runner. >> we will not hold back from supporting capable partners in opportunistic attacks against i.s.i.l., or conducting such missions directly. >> strategy shift, the obama administration shows a change in the fight against i.s.i.l., it could mean troops on the ground the justice department looking into the violent classroom altercation. the officer will learn if he gets to keep his job and a wild win. the first game of the series brings new meaning to the
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terminal classic. not without a blupder that brought the game to a halt it is a big day in american politics. in washington and in the race for president. welcome to "your world this morning." i'm richelle carey, in for stephanie sy. >> and i'm del walters. we are expecting two big plans out of capitol hill. outgoing house speaker john boehner should have the votes to paush through a bipartisan deal. >> and in 90 minutes, republicans go behind closed doors to choose a success sore, expected to be wisconsin paul ryan tonight's big story could be in the presidential debate in collingwood r there could be a new front runner.
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michael shure reports from bowled ir. >> reporter: since the republicans last debated at the regan library the group got smaller. >> i'll smnt my campaign. >> the rhetoric is the same. >> bush has no money. fooes meeting -- he's meeting with mummy and daddy. >> reporter: they have shown up on someone's enemy list. >> probably the republicans. >> reporter: this time the candidates are set to debate in boulder followed recent polls in iowa and now a national poll suggests physician ben car son passing donald trump, werns's debate billed as your money your vote. it's another opportunity to hammer carson on business issues. >> i'm a deal maker. ben can't do that, he's a doctor, not a deal maker.
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>> reporter: carson will debate on the evangelical message, which has been successful but may find less ressonans on finance and mick issues. >> i don't change my message. people deserve that. >> when it comes to finances. jed bush is strong but hobbles into boulder after a strategy wow wow with numbers and frustration. >> i have a lot of cool things i could do other than sit around being miserable listening to people demonizing me and me compelled to demonize them. that is a joke. >> marco rubio hopes to seize on tom. some of bush's lost ground despite a lack of experience with issues and allegations that he has a poor voting record. the debate will be a chance for
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carley fiorina, she has seen fleeting popularity out of bith debits. this is her comfort zone - money and business. it will be about taxes, and john kassig will talk about that. making points on budgets and taxes in the familiar territory of the earlier debate will be rick san forum, bobby jinned am, george pataki and lindsay gram. all with a big mountain to climb in the colorado debate be sure to join us this evening for coverage of that debate. it begins at 7:00p.m. eastern. >> house republicans are choosing a new leader this morning. paul ryan is expected to be the official pick for speaker of the house. they had to convince the wisconsin person.
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libby casey has more than why ryan will not be like those that led the post before. >> reporter: after initial reluctance, paul ryan offered himself up as the next house speaker. the job that he went after, it was not, but republican appealed to them. he got the green light from enough coalition that this looks likely he'll ermerge as the next speaker of the house. here is what's. republicans go behind closed doors this afternoon, when they emerge, we expect them to have chosen paul ryan as the next speaker, tomorrow he goes before the full house for a formal vote. provided that goes according to the game plan, he will not be your typical house speaker, he's younger at 45 years old and doesn't plan to spend every weekend in washington or on the campaign trial trying to raise money, he wants time at home with his family in wisconsin. the outgoing house speaker has given a parting gift, a budget
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deal crafted with the white house and democrats, that would get the united states over the hurdle of a debt limit, and budget battle in disease. if congress is able to pass that. then paul ryan would not find his first job as house speaker a big fight over the budget battles. paul ryan, however, is distancing himself from the bipartisan deal saying he thinks the process stinks, and he may benefit. >> libby casey in washington. now a vote on the budget deal that increases spending and raises the borrowing limit. that will happen. >> former how's speaker dennis haster to plead guilty that he paid millions in hush money, the 73-year-old accused of paying off a student during his time as a wrestling coach. to cover accusations of sexual misconduct. more details n not expected to
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be made public. >> a sharl sheriff's deputy could find out if he gets to keep his job. the police are conducting a criminal investigation into his actions after he violently arrested a student. the federal bureau of investigation is investigating as well. >> what we all watched on the shameful shocking video is reprehensible, ub forgivable and againstway we stand for, work for and aspire to be. >> reporter: school administrators peaking to the media in the wake of a confrontation caught on camera in a high school in south carolina. according to the sheriff's department, the teacher calls school resource officer ben fields to the classroom because a student refused to put her cell phone down. fields can be heard ordering the girl to stand before flipping the desk over and tossing her across the floor for refusing to leave the glass. the county sheriff says he was
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very disturbed by what he saw. and the deputy field should never be assigned to work in a school again. the department asks the public to wait well the investigation finishes. >> i want to throw up. absolutely it makes you sick to your stomach when you see the initial video. that's a snapshot. as a professional i have to look beyond na. >> a third video shows the student punching the officer, but the reaction concerns him the most. the justice department opens a civil rights investigation on tuesday, and the federal bureau of investigation gathers evidence. deputy ben fooeds is an 11-year veteran that has been under the microscope. sued for false arrest and excessive force, but he was vindicated. the girl in the video and a friend eventually were charged
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with disturbing school. but the school principle says the confrontation was unacceptable regardless of the student's actions. >> our district and school has zero tolerance for what occurred. i personally have zero tolerance well. >> the sheriff's department has 87 resource officers, the most in south carolina. the sheriff said the incident could push the school district to reconsider the officer stds roam. a south carolina who shot a white seen is not going to face criminal charges. 19-year-old sackry was killed in a confrontation, happening outside a fast food restaurant. police sads hammond drove his -- police said hammond drove his car and the jurisdiction department is investigating the shooting tamir rice, a 12-year-old shot and quill killed by police.
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footage showed the officer shooting rice within seconds after arriving. the rice family is calling for a special prosecutor in that case. more reaction from president obama's greater calls to gun paw you laws. the n.r.a. saying existing laws give the president powers to swap crimes. al jazeera senior washington haven't tells us. he defended the police as he asked them to reach out to his communities. >> reporter: recur aring gun violence, another video gone rile, a backdrop for president obama in a wide-ranging speech before a group that has a take in it all, the international association of police chiefs. [ ♪ ] president obama walked a fine line. praising the gathering of laup enforcement chiefs from around the country. while keeping with a call, the way for them to operate.
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>> we have to have departments honestly and fairly address it and not close ranks and stand down. police deserve the benefit of the doubt. incidents too quickly become a story of law enforcement and minorities at odds. >> a narrative that too often is served up to us by news stations seeking ratings or tweets seeking re-tweets or political candidates seeking attention. >> the speech comes in the wake of a video gone viral. a controversial encounter wean an officer and a high school student, and the day after the federal bureau of investigation director speculated about the ferguson effect. blaming a rise in violent crime on reluctance to engage. the president took issue with that. >> divides are not as deep as some suggest.
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i will tell you i don't know anyone that does not want strong effect difficult law enforcement. >> against the back drop of rising crime. last weekend shootings left 28 people wounded and six dead. the homicide rate is the highest in three years. he did not put forward new proposals. he laid behind that. he saying the lack of gun control allows it to flow into chicago, where it's used in crime. it's easier for a lot of young people in this city and some of your communities to buy a gun than by a book. >> the president is making rare bipartisan progress, passing a key senate committee last week. monday the president goes to newark new jersey to continue that push. >> mike viqueira in washington. stay with us, in the next however more on the issue of gun
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violence and how to bridge the divide in minority communities. . >> house republicans introduce a bill to impeach the head of the i.r.s., accusationing the commissioner of destroying evidence, obstructing justice and lying to lawmakers. the i.r.s. disputes accusations. last week the justice department was cleared of accusations that it allowed political considerations to influence the work. >> it is a soggy wednesday morning for a large chunk of the nation. >> let's bring in nicole mitchell for more than that. >> good morning, anywhere through the eastern half of the country, if you are in the northern side you probably have a chance of rain. you can see this from minnesota all the way to the mid atlantic, the same system following it through the south, lifting northwards. it's moving quickly. to not really sitting in one place and causing flooding concerns.
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but widespread areas getting the rain, this is a big mass of rain. a lot of territory covered by all of this. a couple of concerns. through the course of the day. the corridor from new jersey up through maine to the coast. widespread, two or three inches, some areas are under dry and drought conditions. beneficial rain since we don't have high risks of blooding with this. we have other hazards because of the rain and turning up the water. coastal flood of course, and interior and closer to the area of low pressure. the areas we see. 30-40 miles per hour. gusts, water town and jamestown watch for that. it clears out. into tomorrow, on the backside of this, it could be a couple of flakes of know mixing in. >> the mets and the royals
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square off in game 2 of the world series, and they'll have a tough act to follow after an epic game one. >> al jazeera's john henry smith is here with more. what a game. a lot of effects are tired this morning. >> if you stayed up and watched you are exhausted. epic. game one tied for the longest world series game. after more than five hours the royals walked away from kansas city. jumping out to an early lead. mesk connected on matt -- mesk connected on matt alcides escobar connected on the matt harvey. 2-1 lead later. two outs, runner on in the i think. eric hosmer error of the the mets clung to a 1 lf 1 lead.
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a home run center field and in the 14th bases loaded. it was eric hosmer, macking up for his error with a sacrifice to win the game. royals beating the mets 5-4. the game was delayed for several minutes when the broadcast truck went down. managers could not watch the replays and coast plays. it was a bittersweet night for the riles starting pitcher. after the game he learnt his father died in the dominican republic, his wife asked that he not be fold so he could pitch with a clear head. a tough night for the mets fanls. there's another game. >> thank you there is a major drug store chain merge are, wall greens buying another for $17 million, it would make it bigger than cvs. they are expected to close the deal by the second hast of the
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year, a second major expansion. the cap tacking over wayne reed. >> changing strategy. the obama opening the door to boots on the ground as the u.s. steps up a fight against i.s.i.l. and volkswagen losing billions in the fall out of the emissions scandal. stocks are rising this morning. >> going over the moon, a space probe flying by saturn, showing what is under the ice of one of its moons. its moons.
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changing strategy to fight i.s.i.l., including air strikes and lead to the u.s. putting
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boots on the ground. the pentagon is focussing on two strong headlines. one in syria, the other in ramadi, iraq. rosalind jordan has more the military is rolling out a new version of counter i.s.i.l. strategy, they are calling it the three rs. syrian rebels retaking raqqa. iraqi swooping in on ramadi. u.s. forces getting involved. >> reporter: the third and final r is raids, signalling that we won't hold back supporting partners in opportunistic attacks against i.s.i.l. or conducting missions directly. >> reporter: ash carter's statement comes after a raid where u.s. special forces jumped in to help kurdish fighters, it would be a policy change for the paws. president obama promised no ground troops to fight i.s.i.l. ash carter told a congressional panel despite the decision to launch air strikes, the u.s. pressures iraqi pm haider
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al-abadi to not let russia join the strikes. >> we are the preferred partners in iraq, we are insistent and prime minister haider al-abadi represented the pledges. >> reporter: there's a complication, the never-ending flow of those wanting to fight with i.s.i.l. as allies, such as turkey, the top general admits they don't have a plan to stop foreign fighters. >> we don't have amongst the coalition a current view of where the fighters come from, how they move back and forth into the area, and not much track on where they go once they leave. >> military leaders said they have been studying the usefulness of a no-fly zone in northern syria, something legislators called for. >> you are saying the strongest nation in the world with capable military can't establish a no fly zone to protect people from being barrel bombed by bashar
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al-assad. that's an embarrassment. >> reporter: it's not clear whether carter and dunford convinced legislators the u.s. has the right strategy. they heard there's a hunger for the u.s. to get it right iran said it would accept the u.s. invitation to take part in new talks in the future of syria. secretary of state john kerry began a new round of meetings with the russian, european and arab officials. iran has been left out of the discussions because of support for syrian president bashar al-assad. now iran says its foreign minister are attend. joining me from chicago is a cofounder of the syrian forum. previous cofounder of the klics, and a mistakesman for the president of the interim government. thank you for joining us. the united states is proposing
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providing weapons to the new syrian arab coalition, what do you make of that proposal. >> well, unfortunately, the administration's strategy continuously has been focussing on what we believe to be the wrong priority. the syrian opposition throughout the past five years of revolution, whether peaceful for militarized, forced by a regime that responded to a peaceful wave of protest, as the syrian spigs, we have called for the ex-interestings of the root cows of the problem of -- root cause of the problem of extremism. which is the bashar al-assad regime. the problem is to basically help a group that is unwell-known on
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the syrian picture, and has not been tested and made it it's one and only priority to fight i.s.i.s. is misguided. we need an investment in the right partners that have been in active combat against i.s.i.s. in the last couple of years. >> you say the focus is bashar al-assad, and not i.s.i.s. >> it should be both, an invest. in factions that have a proven record of fighting both. as we speak today. there's a number of highly relevant factors in aleppo and the northern part of syria and the south. in active combat against i.s.i.s. these have not been receiving support from the united states or minimum support. >> if that's the case, why did the united states pick this coalition and not some of the other groups that have been having some success? >> because, again, the strategy,
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the misguided strategy is to focus on the short term of fighting i.s.i.s., not seeing the bigger picture which basically is very clear and tells you na in order for you to have a successful fight against extremism in general and i.s.i.s. in particular. you have to fight the enablers. let me give you an example. russian aggression in syria, for the past couple of weeks, if you look at the percentage of their targets. more than 85% of their targets tart non-i.s.i.s. opposition factions that most of which have been in active combat against i.s.i.s. the united states and allies have supported the factions in resisting that faction. another major factor is the humanitarian disaster that is caused by a lack of a no-fly
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zone, there's a regime empowered by air force, now russia commits horrendous war crimes and bombing civilian populated areas with barrel bombs and targeted bombs that is causing a huge - two main things - a huge humanitarian disaster, and a basically giving a lot of credibility or a lot of reasons for i.s.i.s. to start reciting people. >> let me ask you this. in the round of talks happening with secretary carey, russians, european officials, what do you make of that, is it another round of talks, will anything come of it? >> unfortunately we have gone through so many of these rounds that, you know, we are not. >> hopeful that anything will come out of something like that. what we feel and what we have been saying needs to happen, is
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there needs to be an investment in the right partners. there needs to be an investment in the factions that have been fighting bashar al-assad and i.s.i.s. they have a proven record, they are out there and have connected with the political leadership of the opposition in syria, and they have been coordinating more and more. i think those are of the factions that we need to invest in as opposed to trying to scramble for military strategies that have proven their failure so far. >> and every day as this continues you made the point that the humanitarian crisis gets worse. thank you for the conversation this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> rochelle, in a deal that could top $80 billion, choosing north folk drummond to build a fleet of bombers, one of the largest contractors. they want to purchase, the sticker tries $550 million. the long-range bomber replacing
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a current ageing fleet a saudi-led coalition fighting in yemen denying reports this morning that it bombed a doctors without borders hospital. several air strikes hitting the center on monday. doctors without borders is calling the strike a war crime, insisting it gave the coalition coordinates for the hospital bombing. when we come back, writing dirty. >> you know, it's like i can't go past eight miles high insurance premiums drying some in the motor city to break the law. >> the senate bating a security bill. why some say this one goes too far. far.
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>> these people have decided that today they will be arrested. >> i know that i'm being surveilled. >> people are not getting the care that they need. >> this is a crime against humanity. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> hands up... >> don't shoot. >> what do we want? >> justice. >> when do we want it? >> now. >> explosions going on... we're not quite sure - >> is that an i.e.d.? >> welcome back. it's about 7:31 eastern time. lets take a look at your top stories. a south carolina sheriffs deputy could find out today if he gets to keep his job. the department is conducting a criminal investigation into his actions after what you see there. he violently arrested a student. the f.b.i. and department of
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justice have opened investigations, as well. >> house republicans are holding a closed door meeting this morning. they are expected to formally back paul ryan to become the next speaker of the house. the votes make it official happens tomorrow. the current speaker john mainer plans to stand down at the end of the week. >> republican presidential candidate are taking the stage in boulder, colorado tonight for their third debate. ben core son is now on top of the national polls over long time number one donald trump. >> i am second, sounds terrible, but i don't like being second. second is terrible to me. >> the crowd of candidates have big differences object critical issues and some candidates have yet to take any position at all. some key issues tonight, taxes, social security, medicare, and where each candidate stands on international trade. james richardson once spoke for
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and advised the republican national committee as well as former governors. he joins us from atlanta this morning. thanks for being with us. >> round three. >> good morning. >> all three of the candidates saying the gloves are off. is that a good strategy for the republican party? >> well, i think it's a damaging strategy for donald trump. for the last three months, trump has led in every poll in iowa, every poll nationally, and so the dynamic has shifted here. where as previously trump was unchallenged as the front runner but today finds himself being flanked. trump has now lost his lead in iowa. he's now lost his lead nationally as of yesterday in the cbs poll, ben carson that 27% nationally. the risk for donald trump is whether or not this manifests in a very visceral, nasty way that might turn off voters in iowa, who are already bleeding from his camp, and move them into ben
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carson's campaign. he is this really soft spoken, genial guy. >> polls show voters want somebody without experience at all. is that good for the party and the country? >> this is something that actually confuses me and a lot of folks, why you would want someone with no experience in controlling the levers of power. when we get closer, voters typically follow their hearts in the early pros and then they surrender to their heads when they get close. >> let me push back on that. shouldn't some -- one point out to republican voters that they
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control both house of congress? >> well, we don't have the presidency though, right now. the presidency is what drives everything in this country. it's the single most powerful office. republicans want a it all, they want to shape policy in a way that impact ordinary voters, to implement pose. and right now policy that republicans want to push have been stifled by this president. >> look at the way politics are going in washing to be now. it is not a battle between the white house and republicans, it is a battle in the house between republicans and republicans. >> no argument that there has been intra party, intra caucus fights going on. with this new speaker, there's a promise, a hope that maybe we can transcend this, that the republicans can coalesce and move on. you know, paul ryan's move was one of the most deft political maneuvers in a long time where he got the most conservative
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members of the caucus who for a very long time have been a serious thorn in john boehner's side and coalesce, come to heel. that is something boehner has never been able to do but paul ryan did it almost immediately and this budget deal that boehner had negotiated for him is sort of the best wedding gift that he could give paul ryan, so now he's going to have this honeymoon period and house republicans aren't going to fight anymore. they're coalesced. >> i want to ask you a question before i let you go. if jeb bush doesn't perform well, is he done? >> no. absolutely not. he still has money, he still has name. the stakes are high for job in the same way they have always been high for him. he's fallen victim to the expectations game and whenever he doesn't meet expectations, it always hurts him. in some ways, that's unfair, but i expect him to perform ably tonight. >> mr. richardson, thank you
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very much. >> tune in this evening for complete coverage of the gop debate, beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. >> the democratic front runner, hillary clinton is back on the campaign trail this morning after showing up on the late show tuesday night. she told the host, steven colbert that a clinton administration would be really tough on wall street. >> we have to look at the whole financial system. >> so if you're president. >> yes. >> and the banks are failing, do we let them fail this time? >> yes. yes. >> we let them fail this time. >> yes, yes. >> wow! >> they talked about something a little lighter, laughed about bad t.v. and had a name dropping contest. >> the latest poll gives clinton a commanding 41 point lead in iowa, 65% of iowa democrats now support her, just 24% say they'll vote for bernie sanders. clinton's numbers have been rising since her appearance
7:38 am
before the house benghazi hearing. she's also being helped by vice president joe biden said decision not to run for president. >> after years of debate, a major cyber security bill is on its way to becomes law this morning. the bill passed overwhelmingly in the senate and president obama plans to sign it. supporters say that it helps stop hackers, but as al jazeera's lisa stark tells us, privacy advocates say it could impact privacy. >> there's widespread agreement cyber security threats are growing and becoming more sophisticated with individuals, companies and the government at risk. even the c.i.a. director isn't immune. just last week, john brennan's emails were made public. he'd been backed. he was outraged. >> what it does is underscore just how vulnerable people are to those who want to cause harm. >> the senate bill may not prevent initial cyber attacks
7:39 am
but could stop their spreading. it allows companies to share information with each other, and the government about any threats to their computer networks. >> right now, the same cyber intrusions are used again and again to penetrate different that targets. that shouldn't happen. if someone sees a particular virus or harmful cyber signature, they should tell others so they can protect themselves. >> it's all voluntary and companies get legal protection for any information they pass on, first to the department of homeland security, which can share it with the f.b.i., c.i.a., and n.s.a. businesses are supposed to wipe any personal data before it's shared, but opponent's say the bill's requirement to protect consumer's privacy is not strict enough. >> sharing information without robust privacy standards creates as many problems as it may
7:40 am
solve. >> supporters of the bill argue it already has good privacy protections, and they prevailed. cyber security experts call this legislation a necessary first step. >> i think we have to trust the government in many ways that they're trying to do the best they can in a situation that's very difficult and changing rapidly every day. >> the measure is backed by the chamber of commerce, the banking and retail industries, but some tech giants, including twitter, yelp and apple are opposed to it over privacy concerns. >> then the ayes are 24. the bill is passed. >> the bill had widespread support. >> it's incredible that we got a vote with overwhelming bipartisan support, but one that is a very technical and contentious bill from the standpoint of the issues it
7:41 am
deals with. >> now members of the senate and house will huddle to work out differences between their two cyber security bills, and get a final measure to the president's desk. lisa stark, al jazeera, washington. >> volkswagen stock is making a comeback this morning despite huge third quarter losses in the wake of that emissions scandal. >> it's a depressing atmosphere. we talk about it all the time. >> the atmosphere's down. a lot of people are quite cautious, because they don't know how it is going to continue. the next year is going to be tough for v.w., but surely v.w. will bounce back in the end. >> this his the first quarterly loss for the company in 15 years, volkswagen losing the title of the world's largest carmaker this week to toyota.
7:42 am
volkswagen sales deadlined by 5%. >> detroit is the hub for car manufacturing, but driving those vehicles off the lot is more expensive there than nearly anywhere else in the country. michigan has some of the countries highest insurance premiums. as bisi onile-ere reports, it's driven many people to break the law. >> i didn't want to go past eight-mile, because i might get stopped, and i know that i'm riding dirty, so, you know, it's like i can't go past eight-mile. >> eight-mile, it's a road that draws the line between detroit and the suburbs. driving dirty is the term used by the estimated 60% of people in detroit who drive without auto insurance. >> how many years do you think you went without insurance? >> i went about two with or three years. >> in a city plagued by poverty, detroit has some of the highest
7:43 am
auto insurance costs in the country, ranging from a few thousand, up to $5,000 a year. >> i've been quoted different things by different companies, as high as $1,000 a month. >> i think it's a civil rights issue. what happens is in michigan, we have credit scoring, which is legal, and that really allows insurance companies to legally discriminate against the poor and charge really much higher prices for auto insurance than someone who has the exact same driving record, but doesn't live in detroit or that has a better credit score. >> we spent months search forego an uninsured driver who would talk to us on camera, but many were afraid to share their story. that's because driving without auto insurance is illegal. >> the high rates most agree are the result of the state's no fault system that provides unlimited medical coverage. earlier this year, detroit mayor mike dugan proposed a plan
7:44 am
called deinsurance that would cap medical coverage at 275 housed, which the city says could ruse rates by up to 30%. >> it is excellent coverage, and as a result, we save the average detroiter under that formula between 600 and $2,300. this is major savings and it would breakthrough what has been a stalemate in lansing. >> deinsurance has been stalled in the michigan legislature for months, and faces fierce opposition from measure's health care industry, which opposes the cap on medical benefits. >> there is no cap today on those benefits, and we think having detroiters give up that benefit in exchange for no guarantee in rate reductions is something that our lawmakers should and are very concerned about, and we think has led to the bill being stalled in the
7:45 am
michigan legislature. >> today, don is covered by auto insurance he can afford. >> people are really hurting with this, and it's getting them in a jam that they shouldn't have to be in. >> the hope was deinsurance would be up and rolling by january of next year, but it appears that there may still be a long road ahead. bisi onile-ere, al jazeera, detroit. >> taking a look at weather, a storm system hitting the west coast. >> we'll bring in meteorologist nicole mitchell to tell us more. >> this is beneficial for a lot of people. you might not enjoy the rain, but we have all that mainly coming in anywhere from washington, oregon into central california. i've seen it in fresno and that's agriculture territory, the whole region is in dry and drought conditions, so even they this isn't a ton of rain, even a little bit helps. >> as the system continues along, so for today and this will move more interior, some places, just smaller amounts,
7:46 am
but this is beneficial rain. the moisture moves interior, by friday moves to the midsection of the united states, that major from the gulf, so this is friday, move this a little bit over and you kind of have your halloween forecast. in the meantime as this movers through the accident, could be more of the heavy rain, not the flooding we saw a couple of days ago. this two or three-inches probably not as appreciated as they are appreciating it in the west. >> nicole, thank you very much. >> in mexico, mayan beekeepers are fight to go save their livelihood. they say a new soybean is contaminating what the bees eat and that impacts what they can sell. we have more. >> this bee keeper calls it the mayan's greatest treasure, the same color, but more valuable than gold.
7:47 am
it is honey, produced here in tree trunks by tiny bees. they don't sting and make the most prized honey in the yucatan jungle. >> we use it for as her moneys to ask for rain. it also has medicinal properties. >> the ancient mayans mixed honey with dirt as cement for their famous pyramids. today, more than 20,000 families produce honey from far more aggressive bees. feliciano uses smoke to keep them from attacking. >> the honey is south after and fetch as very high price on the european market, but the livelihood of the families who produce this dependency not just on its exwith us as i will taste and roma, but on their ability to keep their honey pugh. >> that's why these nearby soy plantations have become the enemy. genetically modified and sprayed
7:48 am
with toxic herb sides both sold by monsanto, the crops are providing these with what these bee keepers describe as contaminated pollen. >> they are deforesting or jungle and threatening to close our markets, because europeans won't buy honey from crops that are genetically modified and with herbicides. >> an appeal to mexico's supreme court court this week on the eve of its ruling. >> the court has allowed genetically modified crops. the cultural heritage of the haiyan communities are affected. >> a culture closely linked to what some call the nectar of the gods. they are pitted against arguably the most powerful agro chemical corporation. mexico. >> in just a few minutes, two
7:49 am
u.s. astronauts will take the first space walk of their careers. nasa commander scott kelly and lindren getting ready to walk. they'll spend six and a half hours working outside of the international space station. this is lindgren's first space flight. neither have ever gone outside before. scientists think there may be liquid water beneath the icy crust and hope there are conditions that could support life on saturn's moon. >> the royals and mets deliver a thriller in game one of the world series. it stretches into extra innings.
7:50 am
7:51 am
7:52 am
>> yes, that sound you hear is
7:53 am
kansas city erupting in cheers last night when the royals win game one of the world series. really an epic night. the game lasted more than five hours, 14 innings, tied for the longest game in series history. the mets try to tie it up in game two tonight. to add to all the craziness, the fourth inning viewers suddenly saw that, that slate saying fox had lost the broadcast of the game, while the primary and backup generators on the broadcast truck went down. that delayed the game for several minutes, because managers use the feed to watch replay. we did used to play the game without replay, but i digress. fox calls is a repair electronic failure, the game was back on in 20 minutes. >> the league could be closer to a more dubious file stone, a
7:54 am
lack of african-americans on the field or in this case even in the clubhouse. between the royals and mets, there are only three african-american players and two coaches. as al jazeera's john hen smith reports, it's part of a trend across the league. >> for the first time since 1987, baseball is on track to enter next season with no black managers. lloyd mcclendon, the only one managing a team this past season was fired just after the regular season ended by the mariners. >> i would venture to guess that there are some who are very sensitive about this particular topic. >> players union head tony clark played in the majors for 15 years. he said the lack of black managers is port of a broader trend of african-americans disappearing from the game. they made up 19% of rosters in 1986, but only 7.8% today. >> the numbers reflect what the numbers reflect, at players, the in connection are declining, as managers, the numbers have all
7:55 am
but disappeared. >> the league says it's doing all it can to bring in minority coaches and managers, even hiring an executive search firm to find and teach recruits. in a written statement, the commissioner said: mlb says firth black manager frank robinson said the problem won't really be solved until there are more african-americans making the hiring decisions. dave stuart is the only black manager in the major's today. >> you have more african-americans in the front offices in positions of meyer, you will see more african-american managers. >> like the nfl, major league baseball has a policy in place since 2009 that requires teams to interview minority candidates for managerial positions.
7:56 am
pro football has five african-american coaches, including one hired before this season. the last african-american manager hired in baseball was the recently fired lloyd mcclendon. >> latinos have a huge presence in the game. how many of them are actually running teams? >> well, latinos make up 28% of the major league rosters at the start of this past season. only the cuban born freddie gonzalez is actually a manager. he leads the atlanta braves. >> more progress needs to be made there, as well. >> absolutely. >> a white house welcome for the women's world cup champions, president obama celebrating the soccer team, saying the women's victory excited and inspired the whole country,s specially young women. >> this team taught all america's children that playing like a girl means you're a bad ass. [ applause ] >> one of the stars of that
7:57 am
team, calling ate career, announcing she is retiring at the end of the year. her last game will be against china in december. she said she wanted to go out on top. >> ahead, house republicans selecting their next speaker. the man expected to take that job is at odds with one of john boehner's final deals. the pentagon makes a shift in strategy, could it mean u.s. troops on the ground in syria? >> we're back in two minutes. we will see you then. hen.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> a republican faceoff between john boehner and paul ryan. the pressure on paul ryan to dismantle john boehner's budget deal. >> taking the stage in colorado for the chance to become president. tonight, republicans will try to score points and overtake the new front runner. >> a grilling for the top brass over the isil strategy could include putting more troops on
8:01 am
the ground. >> the fall classic hits a snag, kansas city wins after off the field troubles delay the world series. >> good morning, welcome to your world this morning. i'm del walters. >> i'm richelle carey. it is a busy day in washington, and in the race for president. the republican candidates are gathering in colorado for the next debate as members of the house prepare to vote on a new budget deal. it avoids a government shut down but angers conservatives. >> they are pressuring paul ryan to break apart that budget deal and gathering this morning to officially nominate him for that top job. our coverage begins with libby casey in washington. >> after initial reluctance and in some hemming and hawing, paul
8:02 am
ryan offered himself up at the next house speaker. this wasn't a job that he went after, but republicans appealed to him and last week, he got the green light from enough of the republican coalitions on capitol hill that it looks like he will emerge today as the next speaker of the house. here's what happens. republicans go behind closed doors this afternoon and when emerge, we expect them to have a chosen paul ryan as their next speaker. tomorrow, he goes before the full house for a formal vote he won't be your typical house speaker. he is far younger at 45 and doesn't plan to spend every weekend in washing on to know or on the campaign trail. he wants time home with his family back in wisconsin. the outgoing house speaker john boehner has given a parting gift, budget deal crafted with the white house and democrats that would get the united states over the hurdle of a debt limit
8:03 am
next week, also a budget battle in december if congress is able to pass that. paul ryan wouldn't find his first job at house speaker a big fight over these budget battles. paul ryan, however is distancing hips from this bipartisan deal saying he thinks the process stinks. he may still ultimately benefit politically. >> that vote on the budget expected to happen shortly after the republicans wrap up their meetings. >> former house speaker dennis hastert is expected to bleed guilty to charges he paid millions in hush money, accused of paying a former student from his time as a high school wrestling coach decks cased ago. the money was allegedly used to cover you have accusations that sexual misconduct. more details about the case are not expected to be made public under this plea deal. >> republican presidential candidates will talk about jobs and the economy this evening.
8:04 am
david shuster has a guide on what to watch for in tonight's debate. >> in tonight's debate, the candidacy dates are edge expected to diverge on key issues, including tackling the national debt. governor chris christie has one of the most ambitious plans, cutting entitlement benefits and raise the social security eligibility age. >> donald trump wants to leave social security and medicare untouched, believing government spending can be brought down in other ways. look at a fight between christie and trump or huckabee and christie. donald trump believes all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states should be deported. the rest of the field says no. the entire field believes border security should be enhanced. on climb change there is a clear
8:05 am
divide between candidates who believe it is man made and requires action and those who believe it is not man made and needs no objection. there is jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich, on the conservative do nothing side is donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio and mike huckabee. the entire field supports building the key stone pipeline. expect agreements on tax policies. donald trump advocates for sweeping reforms. others want a version of the flat tax. analysts say their proposals would increase the debt and exacerbate income inequality, leaving flat tax advocates vulnerable to criticism. >> stay tuned to aljazeera america this evening for complete coverage of the debate, beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time.
8:06 am
>> the u.s. is changing its strategy in the fight against isil and reaching out to iran over syria's future. this morning, tehran confirmed it will join international talks on syria held in vienna. that's hours after the pentagon announced a new anti isil strategy that may mean more airstrikes and u.s. ground troops taking part in more raised. the new strategy focuses on two isil strongholds, one in raqqa, syria, the other in rimadi in iraq. al jazeera national security correspondent jami macintyre has the story. >> secretary carter pointed to last week's rescue of 70 isil captives by iraqi kurdish fighters backed by u.s. delta force commandos as an example of his new willingness to put american combat forces in harm's way to help turn the tide of battle against isil. >> we won't hold back from supporting capable partners in
8:07 am
opportunistic attacks or conducting such mission directly whether by strikes in the air or on the ground. >> the policy increases the risk to u.s. troops. master sergeant wheel e., a highly decorated soldier with 11 bronze stars were killed during the operation. while insisting the raid on the isil prison and earlier one in syria shows no target is beyond u.s. reach, carter insist the u.s. strategy hinges on having american forces helping, not substituting for local fighters. with the u.s. effort to train and equip rebels now an admitted $40 million flop, carter outlined fore skeptical senators the latest idea. >> the old approach was to train and equip completely new forces outside of syria before sending them into the fight. the new approach is to work with vetted leaders and groups that are already fighting isil and provide equipment and some
8:08 am
training to them and support their operations with air power. >> committee members expressed frustration that the tweaks to u.s. strategy do nothing to stop russia from bombing u.s. supported fighters in syria or counter russian president putin's propping up of bashar al assad. >> all i can say, this is a sad day for america and the region will pay hell for this, because the arabs are not going to accept this. the people of syria are not going to accept this. has is a half assed strategy at best. >> carter took heat for resistance to establishing a no fly zone in syria, something advocated by several former u.s. military commanders. >> what you're saying the strongest nation in the world with the most capable military can't even establish a no fly zone to protect people from being barrel bombed by bashar al assad. it's an embarrassing moment. >> we could do it. >> of course we could do it. people like general petraeus and general keane and every other
8:09 am
military leader i know of and we're talking about having to shoot down all -- all we have to do is protect it and tell them not to fly into it. history shows that they won't, if they're going to get shot down. >> a deal could top $80 billion. the air force choosing building new bombers. the contract is one of the largest in air force history. the pentagon wants to purchase 100 planes costing $550 million each. >> the united states is facing threats that are more sophisticated and more diverse in each domains, it is imperative that our air force be strategically agile and we invest in the right people, technology, capability and training to defend the nation and our interests. >> the new long-range strike bomber as they are called will replace the current fleet of aging b1 and b52 bombers.
8:10 am
>> new developments this morning in the desperate journeys for some refugees in europe. this morning, german facials said afghan refugees should not assume they'll get automatic asylum. they warn that most will likely be sent home. germany and much of europe have poured millions in development, and aid to having a and sent troops to train police and security forces. germany says the afghan government agrees afghans should help rebuild their own country. >> the coalition fighting in yemen denied it bombed doctors without borders hospital. several airstrikes hit the facility monday. one staffer was injured. doctors without borders is calling the strike a war crime and insists it gave the coalition g.p.s. coordinates for the hospital. >> palestinian president abbas addressing a special session of the u.n. human rights council in geneva this hour, just moments ago he criticized israel and called on the international
8:11 am
community to do more to stop the violence. >> its practices are the worst and the most dangerous since 1948. this mandate a decisive swift and effective intervention before it is too late. >> 63 palestinians and nine israelis have died in that recent outbreak of violence in israel in the occupied territories. >> nigeria's military said troops have rescued more than 300 women and children held captive by boko haram. the rescues happened after a raid of camps in the northeast. officials say nearly 200 of the captives were children. more than two dozen suspected boko haram fighters were killed in that raid. it is not clear whether the children with the same ones abducted by boko haram nearly two years ago. >> we are following that story. it would be incredible if it
8:12 am
were the school children. >> rain slowing a lot of people down this morning. >> let's bring in nicole mitchell. >> this is that same system that we saw move through the south now looking its way northward, a little more movement to this, so it's not stalling out in as many places causing the flood concerns but yes, slowing down the morning commute for a lot of folks. through the course of the day, the heaviest rain will set up new jersey from maine, with places getting two or three inks, but widespread from minnesota through the great lakes. a couple of concerns, close to the low pressure, the winds are higher. we're going to see near the great lakes the chances for that. the darker orange, pores of new york, we're looking at winds gusting 30-40 miles per hour, or sustains, maybe gusting as high as 60, and then with that, and the rain, not a lot of flooding potential except on the
8:13 am
coastline, the combination of tide welling from that wind, coastal areas could get a little bit that have. otherwise the system moves through. right ahead of that into tomorrow, we could see temperatures in the warm sector get into the 70's, so that would be very comfortable, but still with the rain and obviously cooler as this goes through. on the backside, the wrap around side, maybe tomorrow morning, place like minnesota or wisconsin, flush mitches in with the colder air. when we get to the next system, that comes to the midsection of the country by later this week. the wrap around moisture, watch for that. especially into thursday morning, it could be another slow commute for folks tomorrow. >> mets and royals fans, you can be excused for feeling just a little sleepy this morning. a lot of you staying up and watching all five hours and 14 innings of last night's world
8:14 am
series game one. >> john henry smith has all the details on that. >> as the song said, oh what a night it was, at 14 innings, game one tied for the longest world series game ever and after more than five hours, the royals walked away the winner. kansas city jumped out to an early lead and i do mean early. matt harvey's first pitch, deep to center, it would go offer an inside-the-park home run. with the game tied at one in the fifth, granderson homered into the bullpen in right to give the mets the 2-1 lead. it was 3-3 in the eighth, two outs and a runner on, casimere committed an error that let the tie breaking run scored. a homer to straight away center. bases loaded after a david wright error, it was hosmer making up for his error with a sacrifice fly to win the game.
8:15 am
kansas city five, mets four. in the fourth inning, the t.v. broadcast suddenly went down. it struck primary and backup generators. the game was delayed because managers use the feed to watch for replays of close plays. also, starting pitcher edison volquez learned after the game his father had died in the dominican republic. fox new earlier, but did not broadcast it. reporter ken rosenthal explained in a tweet, broadcast generally on in clubhouse conflicts reports on whether volquez knows, we are not taking a chance he would find out through us, so truly it must be a bittersweet morning for mr. volquez. >> nice call, too. two astronauts beginning the first space walk of their careers. kelly and lindgren say they would spend six and a half hours working outside the international space station, these images coming to you live. this is lindgren's first space
8:16 am
flight, kelly spending more time in space than any other astronaut, neither by the way has vend you arid outside the space station mr. this morning. >> the n.r.a. hitting back at president obama's push for stricter gun laws. >> we are going to speak to one wisconsin gun maker who would put gun stores under the mike voluntary scope. >> legal marijuana coming up in tonight's debate. we take a look at the divisive issue of pot politics.
8:17 am
8:18 am
8:19 am
>> officers smashing through the doors during a live t.v. broadcast, several people were arrested. >> responding to president obama's latest call for tougher gun laws, c.e.o. of the n.r.a. said the president has the power to take down felons, drug dealers and gangs. on tuesday in chicago, the president blamed gun violence on lax gun laws and social problems. >> it is easier for a lot of young people in this city and in some of your communities to buy a gun than buy a book. it is easier in some communities to find a gun than it is to find some fresh vegetables at a supermarket. >> in his speech to police chiefs, the president defended officers. he said they are often wrongly
8:20 am
blamed for failing to deem with societal problems that lead people to commit crimes. >> congress takes up a new bill that would give the government oversight over gun shops. you can read bit on it's called the gun dealer accountability act and allows for more frequent inspections of dealers who sell guns that lead to crimes. congresswoman, thanks for being with us. what that prompted you to draft the bill? >> what prompted me to draft the bill was a really bad actor gun shop located in my district. as a matter of fact, in 2005, it was the number one crime gun shop in america, in the entire united states. in fact, two police officers filed a lawsuit against this gun store, because they were
8:21 am
severely wounded and injured. in fact, over a two year period of time, there were six police officers who were shot with so-called crime guns coming from this one gun store. >> congresswoman, your bill would give a.t.f. the authority to inspect dealers that have a history of selling weapons eventually used in crimes. that gun store you are talking about, but the question has to be asked with president obama being told there are enough gun laws in the books, what makes you think this one will survive when so many others like it have failed? >> well, i am very hopeful about this bill, because i bet there are many gun owners and even gun dealers who are not aware of of the kinds of loopholes that exist in our gun laws. for example, who would think that something -- that there would be no requirements that an inventory of guns be kept in a
8:22 am
gun shop? who would think that? what we found in 2007 is that there were 30,000 guns that came up missing from gun shops and the a.t.f. really has no authority to require a gun shop to keep an inventory. even good business owners, but when an actor like a badger guns in my district is allowed to carry on its business without keeping an inventory, it's something that i am sure that average citizens are not even aware of. also -- >> i was going to say, badger guns is appealing that case and the president is talking tough on guns, members of congress are talking tough on guns, but issued point out they were talking tough after columbine, aurora, virginia tech, sandy
8:23 am
hook, are you afraid in this society we live in, the n.r.a. is just going to wait you oh you the? >> fear doesn't have anytime indianapolis doing the right thing. even though the n.r.a. is a powerful organization, has a lot of money. i think it's incumbent on people like me, people who elected me to shine a light on some of the more egregious lack of gun safety laws in our country. for example, there's an amendment that continues to be a rider in appropriations bills and i am sure that the average person has no idea what this amendment does disabling the a.t.f. from requiring that there be an inventory of guns that are kept in the store.
8:24 am
there's also another initiative that's been put in law, the so called protection of lawful commerce in arms, which really provides protection for gun dealers and really doesn't allow us to sue gun dealers who are bad apples except for extreme negligence, and that was the case that these brave police officers brought. >> it would be safes to a lot of people are going to be watching your legislation. congresswoman moore, thank you very much. >> chicago continues to be plagued by gun violence even after the passing of stricter local laws. gun rights groups say that it's proof that tighter restrictions don't sox the problem. al jazeera reports. >> chicago has some of the strictest gun laws i in the natn but so far this year, there have been more than 400 homicides in
8:25 am
the city. the problem, according to city officials, an abundant supply of firearms and weak penalties. >> people do not go to jail for illegal guns. if they do not fear the criminal justice system, if they feel repercussions from the gang they belong to for losing the gun outweighion the criminal justice sanctions that they would be subject to, we're going to stay in the position that we're in. >> gun control has been a central topic at this year's gathering of the international association of chiefs of police in chicago. tuesday, president obama addressed the more than 14,000 law enforcement officials calling for more widespread gun control laws. >> it's time to be honest. fewer gun safety laws don't mean more freedom. they mean more danger. certainly more danger to police, more fallen officers, more grieving families. >> around the country, state by state, and in some case, municipality by municipality,
8:26 am
gun regulations form a patch work of laws varying in how stringent they are. more than 3,000 guns, 20% of all recovered from crime scenes in chicago were sold by four dealers located outside the city limits. >> it's a money issue, it's all about money. the villages really have let them alone because it's a big tax base in their villages. >> the state of illinois does not license or regulate gun dealers, instead, leaving it up to cities and municipalities. only 25 states and the district of columbia do. illinois is not one of them. >> even if chicago tightened regulations even more, which the supreme court has said don't go
8:27 am
further, even then, there would still be a large number of guns from neighboring states, so that's why many people believe that the only solution lies with a uniform regulation at congress's instigation. >> with dreams on impact on violence and polls indicating americans are split on the idea of more gun control, it's unlikely there will be con sense that national gun laws anytime soon. >> why the volkswagen emission scandal may not be part of the equation just yet.
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> drilling in the arctic.
8:30 am
>> rapid change is always an alarming thing to see. >> as the ice caps recede... and the ocean opens up... how can we protect our natural resources? >> this is what innovation looks like. >> scientists reveal cutting-edge technologies... >> you can look beyond the horizon and extend your reach. >> that could avert disaster while helping save the planet. >> i feel like i have a front row seat for some very dramatic changes. >> welcome back. taking a look at the top stories, the house is voting on a budget agreement that would hold off a government shutdown. it has the backing of john boehner, but some conservative republicans oppose it, calling on the soon to be speaker of the house paul ryan to undo the deal. house republicans are expected to choose him for that job this
8:31 am
morning. tehran will join new international talks on syria after the u.s. announced more airstrikes and ground troops taking part in more raised. >> afghans and pakistani's risk freezing to death, thousands sleeping outside after monday's earthquake because there aren't enough supplies. they say the children are hard hit as winter approaches. jokes wean stock is rallying despite huge losses over its emissions scandal. we are litsch in berlin. how is the company reacting to this news? >> addressing investors in the last half hour, he's only been
8:32 am
in the job four weeks brought in to try to handle this crise, but was trying to reassure investors, talking about a five-point plan. he said he was deeply sorry about what had happened. this will have been watched very closely in the town where thousands are employed at v.w. headquarters. >> it's shift change time for some of the 60,000 employees of v.w.'s huge plant. this is a town built on the carmaker's success. about half of its workforce is employed by v.w. ever since the emissions scandal broke, there have been concerns beyond the company gates. it's a depressing atmosphere. we talk about it all the time. >> the atmosphere says down. a lot of people are quite cautious, because they don't know how it is going to continue. the next year is going to be tough for v.w., but surely v.w.
8:33 am
will bounce back in the end. >> that's what many here are hoping for. volkswagen is having to recall millions of cars around the world. it's share price plummeted in september after it admitted it cheated on some emissions test. it's led to its worst crisis in its long history. >> the future of many of these workers now dependency on how well v.w. can recover trust in its brands, a brand which had been built on reliability and trust. >> restoring that consumer confidence is likely to take time and resolve on the part of v.w. it could take more than replacing the people at the top. >> somebody's losing his or her job, so that means a new person, a new face and that is strong to the public, but it's not only
8:34 am
changing hats, changing management, it's changing how you do your business and changing what you tell your customers about your product. >> v.w. looms large here, etched on every corner. there is a quiet optimism that the carmaker can ride out this storm and restore its tarnished image. >> the c.e.o. said he was very sorry for what had happened. he said no stone would go unturned in trying to work out what had happened, what led to these events and he will be working with the u.s. authorities to try and find out what had gone on there. he is now going to china with the german chancellor angela merkel to reassure investors there that v.w. is still a safe brand to deal with. of course the car industry is huge here in germany, it employs
8:35 am
tens of thousands of people and germany wants to maintain its top spot in the world as a carmaker. >> emma, what else are we hearing from him, from the c.e.o. of v.w.? >> well, he wants to try to reinsure investors that they are dealing with a good brand, a safe brand. he's delivered this five-point plan. at this moment, we are not hearing anything about job losses or anything like that. he says there will be a new strategy for the company. it will become more decentralized. he did say he wants v.w. to come out stronger than before. >> in this country, presidential candidates are heading to boulder colorado for a debate.
8:36 am
some want an outsider to be candidate. >> this is something that actually confuses me and a lot of folks, why you would want someone with no experience in controlling the levers of power in actually getting things done. i think once we get closer to it, what happens is voters typically follow their hearts in the early process -- >> let me -- let me push back on that. >> they surrender to their heads when they get close. >> let me push back on that. shouldn't we point out to republicans that they control both houses of congress. >> we don't have the presidency right now, that is really what drives everything in this country, it's the single most powerful office. republicans want it all, they want to shape policy in a way that actually impacts ordinary voters. they want to implement policy and right now policies that republicans want to push have been stifled by this president. >> that is james richardson.
8:37 am
there's going to be a smaller debate before the main event featuring four gop presidential candidates who rank lower in the polls. >> a topic that could be on the debate, marijuana. colorado was the first state in the station to legalize recreational drug sales of marijuana. residents there hope the next president will continue that program. >> jim porko is an air force academy graduate who spent 20 years serving, then became a college professor. now his business is going to be marijuana. >> i was the kid that wanted to be number one at everything and please everybody, and of course in the military, you use cannabis, that's the end of your career. >> when his hometown put legal weed on the ballot three years ago, he voted against it. then he had a change of heart and now he says pot aligns with his politics. >> we support small business owners. it's all about people taking care of themselves trying to pay others, paying taxes.
8:38 am
it's keeping government small. >> he and his wife pam are turning the property next to the family farm into a recreational and medical cannabis business. >> this is cultivation. >> he says the republicans debating boulder must recognize pot's importance to colorado. >> the question is as the leader of the free people of the world, is this really what you want to do is to outright dismiss so many people that believe there is actually value here and it's not nearly as bad as you think. >> the marijuana policy project has graded the republican candidates on their views on pot. the more pot friendly, the higher the grade. new jersey governor chris christie sits at the back of the class with the lowest grade. this past july, he warned coloradoens to smoke up now, because come john, 2017, if he's president, he will enforce federal laws. rand paul gets the highest grade, an a minus, because he can supports state's rights on pot and is behind
8:39 am
decriminalization of marijuana. donald trump falls in the middle with a c. trump is for medical marijuana 100%, but just last february, bashed colorado's retail pot industry, saying they've got a lot of problems going on in colorado, big problems. >> it's a perfect wedge issue, entry issue. even the most law and order republicans believe that government should be shrunk from its current state now. >> the professor will be welcoming the gop presidential candidates to boulder's debate. >> generating $1.2 billion in sales every year, that sounds like economic vigor and that's what the republicans should be talking about in general. >> there's a divide when it comes to marijuana. a recent poll taken last march showed four in 10 republicans were for legalizing pot, but
8:40 am
young conservatives are much more weed friendly. in that same poll, six out of 10 young millennial conservatives were for making pot legal. >> i've been called a marijuana hookup. >> mary skews the generational curve, a retired schoolteacher who didn't want to be on camera but admits she eleaves her arthritis with cab bass lotion and passes pot oil to her friends. >> it's become legal and it's just hard to change your mind when you have a -- when you've just grown up knowing it's not a good thing to do. >> in tonight's debate, republicans look to set themselves apart from the pack. to do so in colorado, they will need to convince a broad constituency that no longer says no to pot. al jazeera, you would boulder, colorado. >> a grand jury is hearing evidence in the tamir rice case in cleaved. the 12-year-old was shot and
8:41 am
killed by police last november while playing with a pellet gun in a park. surveillance video showed the officer shooting rice within seconds of arriving. the family is calling for a special prosecutor in the case. a south carolina sheriff deputy could find out today if he gets to keep his job, with a criminal investigation into his action after he violently arrested a student. here's a video of what happened. the fish and justice department are investigating into this incident, as well. the county sheriff warned people against jumping to conclusions before the investigations are complete. >> this officer puts his hands on her, it makes you sick when you see the video, but again, that's a snapshot. >> they have 87 school resource
8:42 am
officers. the sheriff said this incident should push the school district to reconsider the officer's role in schools. >> schools in south kentucky closed for a third day as the hunt for a man suspected of shooting at police continues. floyd ray cook faces attempted murder charges in tennessee. officials say he is armed and dangerous and could be hiding in a rural area that borders both states. the f.b.i. and u.s. marshals joining in the search, as well. >> it's a rainy day across much of the country. that is not bad news for the west coast. >> you can actually see that rain in a lot of the shots we have been seeing. >> we have all that in the east toast coast and there have been dry areas there, states like connecticut mostly under drought. when we get to the west coast, we know how severe the drought situation is here, even places in exceptional drought up and down the coastline. i saw reports in fresno, modesto, agricultural areas, we
8:43 am
are getting rain. not a ton, but every little bit helps. this will move interior through the day and probably dryer into tomorrow, and then the system will be on the move, so it goes through the mountains, higher elevation, we'll see that snow. as it pulse out and gets the gulf moisture, then we start to see it expand once again, so all the way up into the midwest then. this is friday forecast, but we could have another soggy one. just coming out of a flood situation, not really appreciating more rain here with that system. temperatures not too bad, 60s on the east coast, tomorrow could be in the 70's, ahead of that other system we were talking about before the front goes through. >> thanks, nicole. >> there's a fire burning deep underground with residents in st. louis concerned. >> very much so. it's a landfill close to a nuclear waste site. women rights groups calling
8:44 am
on colleges to do something about cyber bullying. they say it could affect free speech on campuses, as well.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> vettors say eight large wave may have caused a whale watching boat to capsize. survivors say they had all gathered on one side of the deck when the wave hit, making it easier for the boat to flip, sending the passengers and crew
8:47 am
overboard. at least five were killed and one person is still missing. >> for the last five years, there's been a fire burning under a landfill in st. louis. officials are trying to keep it from reaching another landfill where a nuclear waste site is buried. people are cam plank they're getting mixed messages from the government. >> an informational meeting with government officials over the burning landfill quickly turned into a public inquisition. >> we don't know who to trust, who to believe, this is scary. you want to tell me this is a safe environment? this is not safe. >> with the landfill is northwest of st. louis. a chemical reaction started a fire five years ago in the south quarry of the bridgeton landfill, just south of where nuke waste from the first atomic
8:48 am
bomb program was bumped 40 years ago. >> showing me where the fire had been burning at the 220-acre site, he says systems that cool and draw off gas helped contain the fire, moving it farther from the radioactive waste. several months ago, it was 1,000 feet from the fenced off nuclear material, but now 2500 feet away. >> one of the state's lead experts recently acknowledge that under landfill conditions, it's physically possible to migrate and eventually get closer to west lake operating unit one, where the impacted material is. >> residents living near the landfill of skeptical of the company's assurances and a recent grass fire at the site
8:49 am
caused by a faulty electric pole leaves them even more wary. >> dawn chapman and canuck col are demanding a permanent solution to both the fire and nuclear waste. >> we're caught in the middle of this bureaucratic nightmare. >> a region administrator is confident a solution to the problem will come soon. >> i want to be sure that when we propose a remedy for that site that we have good sound scientific and engineering data to back up what we're doing. >> for residents near the landfill, any solution can't come soon enough. >> that is diane esterbrook reporting, the e.p.a. looking at underground barrier.
8:50 am
walgreens is buying rite aid for more than $17 billion, creating the biggest farm chain in the country, bigger than c.v.s. the deal is expected to close by the second half of next year. this his the second major expansion for walgreens. in 2010, the company took over a new york based company. there are calls for schools to do something about on line bullies. >> they say schools should vein social media. >> apps help students communicate anonymously on college campuses, but some feminist groups say they are used for harassment and calls for violence. in a letter, 70 activist groups asked the department of education to set up guidelines for colleges under title line,
8:51 am
prohibiting discrimination of gender. >> if they need to have these sites on their campuses, they need to monitor them. >> there have been complaints of rape threats in washington and the us of racially abusive lanes at some schools. early they are year, the app was at the center of a protest at colby college where racist comments were posted. schools like the university of mary washington say they cannot been yikyak from campus. u.a.w. is prohibited to comply with all federal laws, not just title nine. banning the app is tantamount to a cob tent based prohibition on speech. >> once you start saying i don't like that speech so i can shut it down, i don't like the other one, where do you draw the line
8:52 am
and who gets to draw the line? >> founders of the app say they do what they can to keep out offensive language. >> we have tons of filters, we just made a hire who can help identify bad language and good language and classify yak. we're doing everything we can to make sure the community is safe. >> the app was based from high schools after bullying and offensive comments. >> we reached out to a comment drop the department of education to see if they were drawing up guidelines. we have not heard back yet. >> what has the app done in the face of these threats? >> one in sustain someone posted a threat against police officers. that name was given to the police. also another one where someone posted something alluding to the shooting, his name was given to the police. if you make a threat, your name will be reported, despite the fact that it's an anonymous site. >> it is a controversy that
8:53 am
bears watching. >> the kansas city royals win game one of the world series. >> despite the action on the diamond, it was the off the field troubles that had a lot of you talking this morning.
8:54 am
8:55 am
>> this is not what you want to see when you are broadcasting game one of the world series, that epic fail when the fox broadcast truck stopped working in the fourth inning.
8:56 am
>> that knocked the game off the air, and even actually ended play on the field. officials were scrambling to figure out what in the word happened since they needed that truck to see replays. within 20 minutes, everything was back up and running, it was ok. >> oops, the royals won. eric hosmer lifting a sac fly to give the royals the win. the game lasted more than five hours. it also tied the longest game in world series history. that's where a lot of people, myself included aren't awake yet. the mets try to tie up the series tonight. >> last night's game was a record setter, but the league is closed to more dubious milestone, lack of black players on the field or clubhouse. >> there were only d. lee african-american players and two coaches on the field. as john henry smith reports, that is a trend across the league. >> for the first time since 1987, baseball is on track to
8:57 am
enter next season with no black managers. lloyd mcclendon, the only one managing a team this past season, was fired just after the regular season ended. >> i would venture to guess that there are some who are very sensitive about this particular topic. >> players union head tony clark played in the majors for 15 years. he said the lack of black managers is part of a broader trend of african-americans disappearing from the game. they made up 19% of rosters in 1986, but only 7.8% today. >> the numbers reflect what the numbers reflect, as players, the in connection are declining, as managers, the numbers have all but disappeared. >> the league says it's doing all it can to bring in minority coaches and managers, even hiring an executive search firm to find and teach recruits. in a written statement, the
8:58 am
mlb's first black manager frank robinson said the problem won't really be solved until there are more african-americans making the hiring decisions. dave stewart is the only black manager in the major's today. >> if you have more african-americans in the front hire, you will see more you will see more african-american managers. >> like the nfl, major league baseball has a policy in place since 2009 that requires teams to interview minority candidates for managerial positions. pro football has five african-american coaches, including one hired before this season. the last african-american manager hired in baseball was the recently fired lloyd mcclendon. >> football has a female ref and coach. you talk about some of major league's baseball to achieve diversity, what are they trying to do? >> baseball included a couple of
8:59 am
million kids in its inner city outreach programs since 2009. several african-americans became first round major league draft picks in 2013, the highest percentage in 23 years. >> still much to do. john henry smith, thank you very much volunteer thank you for joining us. >> coming up from doha, we're going to have more on that decision by iran to join those international talks concerning the future of syria. >> we are back tomorrow beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. have a wonderful day and thank you for joining us. >> we want to give you another live look at the international space station where two u.s. astronauts are now walking in spice for the first time ever. scott kelly is the longest u.s. astronaut ever to be spending time aboard the space station. stay with us.
9:00 am
>> welcome to the news hour from doha. the iranians are going to ve he be in a, iran accepts an invitation to talks on syria's war. >> tanzania's elections thrown into confusion, the vote in zanzibar alleged not to be free and fair. >> failing a select a single muslim candidate in upcoming elections. >> in sport,


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