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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EDT

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linked to what some call the necker of the gods. today pitted against arguably the world's most powerfuling a -- ago row chemical company. >> more on the website, ♪ finding a replacement for john boehner. house republicans meeting behind closed doors to vote on their nominee. protecting the palestinian, the president has a request for the united nations. plus the south carolina officer who threw that teenage girl to the ground now finds out if he still has a job.
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house republicans set to vote today on their choice for the next speaker of the house. paul ryan is expected to get the nod, but as we have seen lately from the g.o.p. leadership, anything can happen. libby casey joining us live now on capitol hill. and what exactly is happening today, libby? >> reporter: del republicans will go behind closed doors, and we assume it will come out with a speaker nominee, and we expect that to be paul ryan. this process has been very rocky, but ryan was able to secure the support of some key coalitions even if he didn't get a firm endorsement from the most conservative caucus, he got the endorsement from enough republicans. this is one of the most powerful jobs in washington, so it was a little surprising to some that he was reluctant to take the
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job, but he will have a tough job ahead of him. watch for republicans to come out this afternoon and then the process can move forward. >> there are already reports that the freedom caucus is angry with paul ryan so what is next? >> well, he will go before the entire house floor for a vote tomorrow. that really is much more of a formality, the key is securing republican support today, del. >> and house taking up the budget bill today. >> you mentioned the conservative freedom caucus they have come out against this budget deal, and even paul ryan yesterday said he felt like the process that lead to this budget deal stinks. he is saying he will support the deal, but john boehner essentially gave him a going away present because with john
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boehner's efforts to get a budget deal in place, and avoid the ceiling that the united states is expected to hit next week, it clears the slate for paul ryan, it gives him a fresh start and he's able to pull away a little bit politically. nothing in the capital here is done until the ink is dry, so we'll watch for the house to vote first, then the senate, but the big deadline is next week because of that debt ceiling getting hit, del. >> libby casey thank you very much. the former speaker of the house could be looking at six months in prison. he pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi in a case involving hush money. he is accused of paying a former student over a sex abuse violation. republican presidential
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candidates getting the chance to talk about jobs, climate change, and the economy when they take the center stage in boulder, colorado this evening. david shuster has a guide on what to watch in tonight's debate. >> reporter: in tonight's republican presidential debate, the candidates are expected to diverge on several key issues including how they plan to tackle the national debt. chris christie has one of the most ambitious plans. he would cut entitlement benefits and raise the social security retirement and medicare eligible age. huckabee and donald trump want to leave social security and medicare untouched. they believe government spending can be brought down in other ways. so analysts say look for a fight on this issue. on immigration, donald trump is the only candidate who believes all 11 million undocumented immigrants in the united states should be deported. the rest of the g.o.p. field says no. however, the entire field
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believes border security should be enhanced. on climate change there is a clear divide between republican candidates who believe it is man made and requires action and those who believe it is not man made and needs no action. on the progressive side there is jeb bush, chris christie and john kasich, on the conservative do nothing side there is donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio, and mike huckabee. the entire field supports building the keystone xl oil pipeline. expect to hear disagreed on tax policy. donald trump advocates for the most sweeping reforms. ben carson, rand paul, and ted cruz want a version of the flat tax. analysts say their proposals would increase the debt and exacerbate income inequality, believing flat tax advocates vulnerable to criticism. david shuster, al jazeera. and be sure to stay tuned to
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al jazeera america this evening for complete coverage of that debate beginning at 7:00 pm eastern time. nigeriaia saying troops have rescued more than 200 women and children held by boko haram. officials saying nearly 200 captives were children, more than two dozen suspected boko haram fighters were killed in the raid. palestinian president is asking the united nations for international protection. he addressed the u.n. human rights council in geneva this morning. 63 palestinians and 9 israelis have died so far this month. >> reporter: for the most part this speech by the palestinian president at the human rights council didn't contain any
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surprises it contained a repeat of threats by abbas, previously not to honor international agreements with israel if israel didn't honor those same agreements. he said they were already in violation of various agreements since the 1990s. but the urgent matter that he brought up was what he called the need for the international community to establish an international protection force for palestinians civilians. >> translator: what we warned of has happened. the situation of human rights in the occupied palestinian territories including east jerusalem as a result of the continued occupation is the worst and most critical since 1948. this calls for a strong and decisive intervention and requires shouldering the
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responsibility before it's too late. >> reporter: he listed a series of crimes that he said israel was currently committing, including the demolition of the family homes of people arrested by israel, settlement activity, and he called extra-judicial killings. he is accusing israeli forces and israeli settlers in the occupied west bank of in some cases killing palestinian civilians and then using the pretext that they were trying to attack israelis, something which is disputed by palestinians in some cases. now it's an issue which has been brought up by amnesty international on wednesday, saying that their own investigation lead them to believe that that has happened. abbas will be going later this week to talk to the prosecutor at the international criminal court in the hague, where he'll be taking a file -- where he'll be asking, rather for the icc to
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look into what he calls extra-jude ashal killings, but it's no clear whether there will be swift action on that issue. >> let's go to a columnist and former aid for israeli spokesperson. you are writing that this is the one state that is washed in blood right now: the question has to be asked, what then should the political leaders do? >> the political leaders should realize that reality changed in the recent years, and those who supported a two-state solution, among them, also me, must realize that this project is a train that left already the station. it was 6 to 700,000 settlers, no
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israeli prime minister will ever be able to really evacuated the occupied territories and go for the two-state solution. i think that israel never meant to go for the two-state solution, but it doesn't matter anymore. the settlers warn that their main action was to prevent a two-state solution, and they won. now we need to speak about equal rights. equal rights to anybody who lives in this country. i don't see any reason why shouldn't it be equal rights for everyone. >> you also wrote -- and i'm talking about another editorial that i'm looking at, in which you state this is the one state that is washed in blood right now, and will continue to be, and the one-state solution
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should not even be considered. what then do you tell the political leaders to do? >> the political leaders should get out of the cliches of the past. first of all, one should have a real intention to put an end to the israeli occupation. israel never had this intention, and as long as this genuine intention will not appear all are talking in vain. but the day that there is a israeli leader who really intends to put an end to the occupation, when this day will come, one should start to talk about the new reality to realize what is possible and what is impossible anymore, and to go for implementation of any idea which will put the end of this criminal occupation.
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>> there is the reality on the ground in israel, and there is also the reality on the ground in the united states. there was an editorial in the "washington post" recently. it was penned by two lifelong zionists both asking can we continue to embrace a state that continually denies the rights of other people. >> it is very good that people are raising those questions, because even for those who define themselves as israeli friends, as those who care about israel, even they should be bothered by the path that israel is going. because you know history told us that no empire lasted forever living only on its own, and even
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israel will never live only on its sword, and as long as israel does not turn into a just country, it has no future. so therefore those questions should be raised, especially in your country. >> mr. levy, thank you for being with us. punishment being handed down, discipline for that officer who slammed this high school student to the ground.
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a south carolina sheriff's deputy caught on tape violently removing a student has been fired. he was captured flipping a student from her desk and then tossing her on the floor. >> from the very beginning that is what has caused me to be upset when i first saw that video, and continues to upset me is the fact that he picked a student up and through the student across the room. that is not a proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement. that is a violation of our policy, and approximately 20 minutes ago, school resource officer ben fields was terminated from the sheriff's. there is new call for colleges to take better steps to stop on-line bullies.
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al jazeera's ines ferre reports. >> reporter: social media apps help students communicate anonymously. but feminist groups say they are also used for harass and threats of violence. in a letter more than 70 activist groups asked the department of education to set up guidelines for colleges under title 9, a law which prohibits discrimination on the basis of gender in any federally funded program. >> they have an obligation to protect students from harassment. if they need to ban these sites on their campuses, they need to do that. >> reporter: early this year, the app was at the center of a protest at colby college where
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someone anonymously posted racist comments. in a letter to the feminist groups, the university's president writes: >> one you start saying i don't like that speech, so i can shut it down, i don't like the other one, where do you draw the line? and who gets to draw the line? >> reporter: founders of the app say they do all they can to keep out offensive language. >> we're doing everything we can to make sure the community is as healthy as possible. >> reporter: the company blocked the service from high school after complaints of bullying after offensive comments. volkswagen's stock is down today, the auto maker reporting
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a huge third quarter loss. the company losing nearly $4 billion and says it plans to cut spending across all of its brengds. it's the first quarterly loss for the company in 15 years. when you think about cars, you think about detroit, but driving a car off of the lot in that city is more expensive than in most other states because of the high insurance costs. >> i didn't want to go past 8 mile, because i might get stopped, and i know i'm riding dirty, so it's like i can't go past 8 mile. >> reporter: 8 mile, the road that draws the line between detroit and the suburbs, driving dirty is the term used by the estimated 60% of people in detroit who drive out auto insurance.
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how many years did you go without insurance? >> i went about two -- about two or three years. >> reporter: in a city plagued by poverty detroit has some of the highest auto insurance costs in the country, ranging from a few thousand up to $5,000 a year. >> i have been quoted different things by different companies, as high as a thousand dollars a month. >> i think it's a civil rights issue. what happens is in michigan we have credit scoring, which is legal. and that really allows insurance companies to legally discriminate against the poor. and charge really much higher prices for auto insurance than someone who has the exact same driving record but doesn't live in detroit or has a better credit score. >> reporter: we spent months searching for an uninsured drive to talk to us on camera, but many were afraid to share their story. but the high rates most agree
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with the result of the state's no-fault system that provides unlimited medical coverage. the detroit mayor proposed a plan called de-insurance, that would cap medical coverage at $275,000, which the city says could reduce rates by up to 30%. >> it is excellent coverage, and as a result we save the average detroiter, under that formula, between 600 and $2,300. so this is major savings, and it would break through what has been a stalemate in lancing. >> reporter: but it has been stalled in the michigan legislature for months and faces fierce opposition from michigan's healthcare industry which opposes the cap on medical benefits. >> there is no cap today on those benefits, and we think having detroiters give up that benefit in exchange for no
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guarantee in rate reductions is something that our lawmakers should and are very concerned about, and we think has lead to the bill being stalled in the michigan legislature. >> reporter: today don is covered by auto insurance he can afford. >> people are really hurting with this, and it's getting them in a jam that they should haven't to be in. >> reporter: the hope was de-insurance would be up and rolling by january of next year, but it appears that there may still be a long road ahead. when we come back, being able to live the major league dream. how new u.s.-cuba relations will affect cuba's baseball stars.
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game one of the world series proved to be one for the record books. the royals first baseman hitting a sacrifice fly in the 14th inning, giving the royals the win. the game tied for the longest game in world series history. the mets will try to try it up tonight. cuba losing more top baseball players than ever to major league baseball and the thaw between the two countries could open the flood gates. >> reporter: these men are the future of cuban baseball. if they play well in this team on sunday afternoon, they might
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join cuba's version of the new york yankees. but some dream of a future well beyond that in the united states. >> you play baseball anywhere you always want to compete at major league baseball. >> reporter: to get to the u.s. cuban ballplayers usually defect to a third country first in order to negotiate. >> the cuban baseball players would prefer to sign in a third country where they can establish free agency and sign in an open market and not be subject to the restrictions that the draft imposes on players. >> reporter: as a result the best cuban players have won top contracts in the states. the salaries do not come easy.
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they have had to risk their lives and leave their families. >> translator: the way things are right now between cuba and the united states, i think it should be easier. since both governments are looking for ways to have ties, i think it's easier. >> reporter: more than 350 players have left cuba since 1980. the normalization has sparked an exodus, about 100 players have left in the past 12 months alone. players are worried major league baseball could one day negotiate directly with the cuban government, meaning smaller paychecks. this player grew up in this neighborhood in havana. these men played baseball in the streets with him. >> translator: some of them played baseball and say they want to be just like escobar and other stars. he hasn't been forgotten. he won't be forgotten in this
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neighborhood. >> reporter: escobar once played for cuba's team. and while the children here consider him a lidge end, cuban officials label him like others who left defectors athletes who abandoned the country. when his team won the nationals the cuban government gave him this house and when he left for the united states, well, the government confiscated it. >> the cuban government will say -- has an immense amount of power of the players. >> reporter: because of that it is unlikely the cuban go will open its doors like other countries. it is more likely to work with japan. >> the u.s. entity is now going to be negotiating with a foreign government so that they can
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ultimately sign a contract with a private individual. >> reporter: cuba makes considerable investments in its players from a very young age, and it now faces a future where it would lose even more of its top talent, but the u.s. would be paying for that now, now that that changes have changed, directly to the cuban government. two american astronauts taking their first space walks today. spending about 6.5 hours working outside of the international space station. neither has ever ventured outside of the space station before this morning. thanks for joining us. i'm del walters in new york. the news continues next. we'll be live from london, and you can check us out 24 hours aday by going to our website, website --, the
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news never stops. ♪ >> iran is invited to join russia in the u.n. and vienna to try and end the war in syria. >> there will. i'm barbara serra. find out what an u.s. police department decided after investigating an officer who threw a student across a classroom. and paying the price of the