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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 1:30pm-2:01pm EDT

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today pitted against arguebly the world's most powerful ag ro ro-chemical company. >> for more on our website go to >> finding a replacement for john boehner, house republicans meet behind closed doors to vote on a nominee. protecting the palestinians. president mahmood abbas has a request for the united nations. plus a south carolina officer who threw a teenager to the ground finds out if he still has a job. this is al jazeera america live
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from new york city. i'm tony harris. house republicans are set to vote today on their choice for the next speaker. paul ryan is expected to get the nod, but as we've seen lately from the g.o.p. leadership anything could happen. libby casey joins us live now from capitol hill with the latest on this. libby, what is happening? >> it's been awhile to get to this point, but the republicans are now going behind closed doors, and we expect them to emerge with the new nominee for the speakership paul ryan. we have seen them get close to this before. you'll remember that kevin mccarthy bowed out at the last minute. but paul ryan has been able to get together enough republican coalitions to show that he is likely to have the vote today. barring from huge curveball he should be set to get this green light from the republicans. it's not a job that paul ryan sought, and it is one of the most powerful jobs here in washington, especially with
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russianwith--especially with the republicans polling with the senate. the republicans have asked him to step forward. he agreed to, and so we're watching this process unfold today. >> let's talk more about the process. what happens here assuming that paul ryan comes out of this meeting with the nomination. what happens then? >> he'll then go before the entire body of the house tomorrow, and they would formerly vote to designate him as the speaker. democrats would vote as well. now they won't support him. they'll support nancy pelosi by and large, but with the republican majority he should be cleared. today is really the big hurd. >> well, what is that number, 218 that he needs? >> right, that's right. >> so the house is taking up, as you know, libby, the budget bill today. is the politics of that impacting in anyway, the battle for the speakership?
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>> it's certainly coming in to play. john boehner said he wants to clean out the barn before he hands over the speaker's gavel. in loft ways he's giving a gift to paul ryan but paul ryan pushed back and said that the process that gets him to this budget deal stinks. ryan is saying that he'll support the deal, but he doesn't like the way it was negotiated. so ryan has given himself some political cover even as he is benefiting from this bipartisan deal. and the timing really is important because the united states has a debt limit for next week. without is passing through the house and senate over the next few days. >> libby casey on capitol hill for us. libby, thank you. former house speaker dennis hastert pleaded guilty to evading banking laws. he paid a former student $3.5 million reportedly to cover
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up sexual abuse allegations. he took the money out in small incorrupts to avoid reporting the withdrawals. under the plea deal officers dropped the charges that he lied to the fbi. he is facing six months in jail. next february republicans presidential candidates get the chance to talk about jobs and the economy when they take the stage of colorado. david shuster with what to watch for in tonight's debate. >> in tonight's presidential debate, they're expected to diverge in several key issues including how this plan to tackle the national debt. and governor chris christie has one of the most ambitious plans. he would cut benefits titles and raise the social security age. donald trump want to leave social security and medicare untouched. they believe that government
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spending can be brought down in other ways. analysts say look for a fight on this issue between trump and christie or huckabee and christie. on immigration donald trump is the only candidate who believes all 11 million undocumented immigrants should be deported. the rest of the g.o.p. field says no. however the entire field believes that border security should be enhanced. on climate change there is a clear divide on those who believe that it is manmade and requires action and those who believe it is not manmade and requires no action. on the conservative do nothing side there is donald trump, ben carson, ted cruz, marco rubio and mike huckabee. the entire field supports going the keystone xl oil pipeline. don't trump advocates for
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sweeping reforms while keeping marginal rates. ben carson, ted cruz say leaving flat tax advocates vulnerable to criticism. david shuster, al jazeera. >> and be sure to stay with al jazeera america this even for complete coverage of the debate beginning at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. nigeria's military said that troops have rescued more than 300 women and children held company today by boko haram. the rescues happened after a raid o in maidugari. 200 of the captives were children. more than two dozen boko haram fighters were killed in the raid. it is not clear whether the children are the same ones abducted by boko haram nearly two years ago now. palestinian president mahmood abbas is asking the united nations for international protection. he addressed the human rights council in geneva this morning
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amid growing unrest in the region. 63 palestinians and 9 vase have died so far this month. nadim baba with more. >> so far at the united nations human rights council it did not contain any surprises. it contained a repeat of threats by mahmood abbas previously not honor international agreements with israel. if israel didn't honor those same agreements. they said they were already in violation of various agreements since the 1990s. but the urgent matter that mahmood abbas brought up was what he called the need for the international community to establish an international protection force for palestinians civilians. >> what we warned off has happened. the situation of human rights in. occupied palestinian territor
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ies include east jerusalem as a result of the continued israeli occupation and it's practices is the worst and most critical since 1948. this calls for a strong and decisive intervention and requires shouldering the responsibility before it's too late. >> mahmood abbas listed a certificates of crimes that israel was currently committing in the occupied territory. including the demolition of the family homes of people arrested by israel, settlement activity, and what he called extra judicial killings. he is accusing israeli forces and israeli settlers in the occupied west bank of in some cases killing palestinians civilians and then using the pretext that they were trying to attack israelis. something which is disputed by palestinians in some cases. now it's an issue which has been brought up by amnesty international on wednesday.
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saying that their own investigations lead them to believe that that has happened. mahmood abbas will be going later this week to talk to the prosecutor at the international criminal court in the hague where he'll be taking a file on--where he'll be asking, rather, for the icc to look into what he calls extra judicial killings. it's not clear whether there will be quick action on that particular issue. >> a former top aide and spokesman for former israeli president sharon perez. what should political leaders do to defuse the tension? >> the political leaders should realize that reality change in the recent years. those who supported a two-state solution among them must realize that this project is a train that left already the station. it was 600 to 700,000 settlers,
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no israeli prime minister will ever be able to really evacuate the occupied territories and to go for the two-state solution. i think that israel never meant to go for the two-state solution, but it doesn't matter any more. the settlers won. they are their main object was to sabotage the chance for any chance of a two-state solution. they won. now we have to change the discourse and to start to speak about something which is extremely simple. equal rights. equal rights to anybody who lives in this country. i don't see any reason why shouldn't it be equal rights for everyone. >> you also wrote, this is the one state that is washed in blood right now and will continue to be washed in blood. you also say that it is the one-state solution should not even be considered. what then do you tell the political leaders to do?
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>> the political leaders should get out of the clich├ęs of the past. first of all, one should have a real intention to put an end to the israeli occupation. israel never had this intention. as long as this genuine intention would not appear, all our talkings are for nothing, they are in vain. but the day that there will be an israeli leader who would really mean to put an end to the occupation, this day may be very far away. but when this day will come one should start to talk about the new reality to realize what is possible and what is impossible any more. and to go for implementation of any idea which would put to end this criminal occupation. >> wow, gideon leavy said that israel runs the risk of losing loyal supporters in the united states and aroun around the world with its policies towards the palestinians. a cyber bill is on its way
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to becoming law. it passed by a wide margin in the senate. president obama plans to sign it. al jazeera easily is a star easily is a stark has more. >> with individuals, companies and the government at risk, even the cia director isn't immune. just last week john brennan's e-mails were made public. he had been hacked. tuesday brennan said he's outraged. >> but what it does is to underscore just how vulnerable people are to those who want to cause hammer. >> the bill may not prevent initial cyberattacks but it could stop them from spreading. it allows companies to share information with each other, and the government. about any threats to their computer networks. >> right now the same cyber intrusions are used again and again to penetrate different targets. that shouldn't happen. if someone sees a particular
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virus or armful cyber signature they should tell others so they can protect themselves. >> it's all voluntary and companies get legal protection for any information they pass on. first to the department of homeland security. which can share it with the fbi, cia, and nsa. businesses are supposed to wipe any personal data before it is shared, but opponents say that the bill's requirement to protect consumer's privacy is not strict enough. >> sharing information without robust privacy standards creates as many problems as it may solve. >> supporters of the bill argue it already has good privacy protections, and they prevailed. cyber security experts call this legislation a necessary first step. >> i think we have to trust the government in many ways that they're trying to do the best they can in a situation that's very difficult and changing rapidly every day. >> the measure is backed by the
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chamber of commerce. but some tech giants including twitter, yelp and apple are opposed to it over privacy concerns. >> then the ayes are 74 and the nays are 21. the bill as amended is passed. >> in the senate the bill had widespread bipartisan input and support. a key to its success. >> it is incredible that we've got a vote with overwhelming bipartisan support. but one that is a very technical and contentious bill from the standpoint of issues that it deals with. >> now members of the senate and house will huddle to try to work out differences between their two cyber security bills. and get a final measure to the president's desk. lisa stark, al jazeera, washington. >> well, a punishment is handed down. discipline for the officer who
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slammed and tossed a high school student to the ground. >> you know, it's like, i can't go-- >> riding dirty, why high insurance preemie premiums are forcing some to break the law. behalf.
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>> a south caroline sheriff deputy caught on tape vi
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violently arresting a student has been fired. deputy be ben field has been fired. >> he picked the student up and threw the student across the room. that is not a proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement. based on that that's a violation of policy and approximately 20 minutes ago be ben peeled ben field has been terminated. >> math scores are down for fourth and eight graders. this is the first time math
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scores have declined since national testing began 25 years ago. the reasons are not clear but officials speculate it is now because of new higher academic around. when you think about cars you think about detroit. but driving a car off the lot is more expensive there than most other states. that's because michigan has some of the country's highest insurance premiums. as al jazeera's bisi onile-ere reports for us now, it has driven many people to actually break the law. >> well, i didn't want to go past eight miles because i might get stopped, and i know then i'm running dirty, so it's like i can't go past eight miles. >> eight mile. it's a road that draws the line between detroit and the suburbs. driving dirty is the term used by the estimated 60% of people in detroit who drive without auto insurance. >> how many years do you think you went without insurance?
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>> i went about two, two or three years. >> in a city plagued by poverty detroit has some of the highest auto insurance costs in the country ranging from a few thousand up to 5,000 a year. >> i've been quoted different things by different companies as high as $1,000 a month. >> i think it's a civil rights issue. what happens is in michigan we have credit scoring, which is legal. and that really allows insurance companies to legally discriminate against the poor and charge really much higher prices for auto insurance than someone who has the exact same driving record but does not live in detroit or that has a better credit score. >> we spent months searching for an uninsured driver who would talk to us on camera, but many were afraid to share their sorry because driving out auto insurance is
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is something that our lawmakers should and are very concerned about, and we think it has led to the bill being stalled in the michigan legislature. >> people are really hurting with this, and it's getting them in a jam that they shouldn't have to be in. >> the hope was de-insurance would be up and rolling by january of next
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>> one of the world series proved to be one for the record books. what a ballgame. eric hozmer hit a sacrifice fly that gave the royals the win. look at this throw from granderson. it was close. the game tied for the longest game in world seriou world series history. game two is tonight. with foreign relations between u.s. and cuba it could open the flood game for more players to come. but that could mean less money for cuban players. >> these men are the future of cuban baseball. if they play well in had
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havana's under-23 team, they may join cuba's version of the new york yankees. but some dream of a future well beyond that in the united states. >> you play baseball anywhere, you always want to compete in major league baseball. that's the highest level of baseball. there is no league in the world like it. >> to get to the u.s. cuban ball players usually defect to a third country first to negotiate as international free agents. >> cuban baseball players would prefer to sign in a third country where they can establish free agency and then sign in an open market and not be subject to the restrictions that the draft imposes on players. >> as a result of that strategy, the best cuban players have won top contracts in the states. there is cespedes, deal with the mets. and yasie l p use ig's deal
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with the dodgers. but they have had to leave their families. >> with the way things are now between cuba and the united states, it should be easier. of course, i would like to have my family here with me. >> more than 350 players have left cuba since 1980. but normalization has sparked an exodus. about 100 players have left in the past 12 months alone. players are worried major league baseball could one day negotiate directly with the cuban government meaning smaller paychecks. escobar now plays with the washington nationals but grew up in this neighborhood in havana. these men, his childhood friends, played baseball in the streets with him. >> some of them play baseball and say they want to be just like escobar and other stars. he has not been forgotten. he won't be forgot no one this
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neighborhood. >> hescobar are seen as athletes who left the country. when his team won the nationals the cuban government gave him this house. when escobar left for the united states eventually to play major league baseball, well, then the government confiscated it. >> the cuban sports officials, and the cuban government has an immense amount of power over the players. >> because of that it's unlikely that cuba will open its doors the way dominican republic has complete with baseball academies. it's likelying to the way of japan where they have a right to negotiate with players. >> the u.s. entity is now going to be negotiating with a foreign
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government so that they can ultimately sign a contract with the private individual. >> cuba makes considerable investments in its players from a very young age, and it now faces an future where it would lose more of its top talent, but the u.s. would be paying for that now, now that things have changed, directly to the cuban government. melissa chan, al jazeera, havana. >> well, two u.s. astronauts took their first base wal spacewalk today. they sent six and a half hours working outside of the international space station. kelly has spent more time in space than any other u.s. astronaut. neither has ventured outside of the space station before this morning. that's all of our time. the news conditions next live from london.
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>> hedge there, i'm barbara serra, this is the news hour live from london. coming up in the next 60 minutes. taking part in the talks, iran is invited to join russia and the u.s. in vienna to try to end the war in syria. the palestinian president asks for international protection as he says the situation is the worst it's been since 1948. paying the price of the emissions scandal, vw