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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> as more iranian soldiers fight and die in syria's war, iran's government prepares to join the u.s. and russia in talks to end the conflict. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee. you're watching al jazeera live from london. coming up, men, women and children rescued from the water off the island of lesbos. vw announce their first quarterly loss in 15 years. and faint out what an u.s. police department decided
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investigating an officer who threw a student across a classroom. >> for the first time amid ongoing violence iran has accepted an invitation to attend talks aimed at syria's civil war. the meeting will take place on friday in vienna. russia, turkey and saudi arabia will attend. iran along side russia is one of the main backers of bashar al-assad's regime. the u.s. secretary of state said that the talks could prove vis pivotal if they're willing to bring about political change. >> the iranian forces have been dying along side syrian troops since 2012. that's proof according to the obama administration that tehran is trying to keep bashar al-assad in power. but now world leaders are about
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to meet in vienna in seven of an end to the civil war. and iran's phoner foreign minister will be among them. the u.s. has finally agreed iran should be at the table. >> the challenge that we face in syria today is nothing less than to chart a course out of hell. >> u.s. secretary of state john kerry has long accused iran of destabilizing syria, but in light of the waves of syrian families trying to escape the civil war and isil's take over of key northern territory, theyer kerry said now is the time that all concerned should meet. >> at the end of day nothing would do more to bolster the fight against daesh than a political transition that side lines assad so that we can unite more of the country against extremism. >> and officials say that the u.s.' decision to engage with tehran should not be a surprise. >> the secretary is a pragmatist
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on this. he's looking at this from a very clear eye, and it's our expectation that people will come to this meeting with serious intentions of solving syria's problems. >> it could be forcing it to finally support talks. >> i think if iran is accepting the dialogue now to see to sit at the negotiating table with the rest of the international community to find a dialogue and a way out of the syrian crisis by dialogue and politics, i think that is because it doesn't want to lose any more commanders. >> the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov will also will be in vienna. they say they're looking for serious intentions from lavrov as well. >> they're going to find in the near future since they're not going to be able to resolve this militarily that they'll start to think about a political resolution. >> but there won't be any
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leaders of the syrian opposition attending the vienna meeting mainly because u.s. officials don't think they're unified. the obama administration is only willing to go so far for syria. >> al jazeera's kristen salommey has been at the united nations when she asked the saudi ambassador what he hopes will happen in these talks in vienna. >> iran is participating in those talks. i wonder if you have any thoughts on what you hope their role will be and what your apprehensions are, if any? >> we hope that all parties will help in contributing towards the establishment of a political solution in syria based on geneva communique one. it is very clear. it calls for transitional
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authority to be established with full executive authorities, and that would lead syria towards a new era of meeting the expectations of the caran people. we hope that this will be the product of any discussions that take place and with any participant who may participate there. >> the world food program has announced it's resuming a food voucher program that helps 229,000 vulnerable syrian refugees living in jordan. the u.n. organization was forced to cut the vouchers because of a severe short aage of funds. now each person will be given $14 a month until the end of the year. >> what we've seen over the month is that the international community recognizing that we have and have been in desperate need of support to keep helping syrians. we have found the money to come forward and give us this lifeline for people for the winter period.
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right now we can cover people through to january, but obviously after that it's going to get difficult again. but the most critical point right now is that during the really difficult winter months families can put food on the table for their children. >> well, thousands are continue to go flee the fighting in syria by making the perilous journey by boat to the greek island of lesbos. a boat sank claiming the lives of three refugees. paul brennan has more. >> the fishing boats emerge from the darkness racing into port with no time to lose. huddled on deck, wrapped in wool lens and blankets anything that the crew could find. they looked bewilders unsure whether to smile or weep then the volunteers medics spring to action a young child was among
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the first to be passed assure apparently unharmed but shocked into silence. but many were much, much worse. [ groaning ] >> in the darkness the seaside was transformed into an emergency triage center. volunteers tended to the many survivors who look to be suffering from survive hyperthermia and shock. [ groaning ] >> some appear to be slipping away despite the best efforts of specialist medics. >> move, move, move, move! >> a child wrapped in blankets was hurriedly transported to hospital in the arms of a paramedic. others were able to walk. the small greek island of lesbos
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has been receiving five, six, seven thousand refugees and migrants daily. >> babies are drowning. i'm 67 years old, and i can't hold back my tears. of course, this is a big state that must help since we're small and unable to do so, then they must do the job. the people drowning are our own blood. yes, we are sorry, but what else can we do? shame. >> more boats arrive with more survivors. these in apparently better conditions. like so many sinkings this year the fatalities from this latest tragedy may never be known. paul brennan, al jazeera. >> now palestinians president mahmood abbas has warned that the situation between the
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israelis and palestinians is at its worst and most critical stage since 1948. he has urged the united nations to step in and provide international protection. 64 palestinians and 9 israelis have been killed so far this month. >> we reaffirm that the security council will shoulder its responsibility in establishing a special regime of international protection for the palestinian people. we want your protection. we want the protection of the world. we can no longer bear all these sanctions, all these attacks by the sta settlers and the israeli army. >> the comments come as an man was shot. witnesses say he was unarmed but israeli say he was attempting to carry out an attack. in other developments israel confirmed it had arrested a palestinian who stabbed an israeli woman.
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th >> fear, violence and suspicion have darkened the last month in this holiest of cities. at its heart al-aqsa mosque community and the unwritten rules of the status quo agreed upon 50 years ago. this site has never been as contested as it is today, an as a result of a movement that began two years ago. >> the movements started their campaign, demanding jewish pair on the temple mount, and importantly backed up by strong political players inside the coalition. since june 2014 police have started putting severe access restrictions for wide parts of the muslim population according to age, according to gender. it was never before that the reason was in order to allow jew it's to enter the place.
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>> this issue of access is at the heart of the recent violen violence. during two recent jewish holidays right wing jewish groups toured the compound, an act contested by religious authorities here. this proclamation signed by israel's chief rabbi prohibits the jews from entering th theal-aqsa mosque or temple mount, but they have been doing just that. stoking and inflaming tensions. >> the groups adding to the fear that israel is slowly changing the agreed upon perimeter that only muslim can pray here. non-muslims have been allowed to visit, but it's the type of visitor and their message that palestinians have an issue with. >> for us.non, none muslims are
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praying and they say we muslims should leave. >> they're saying that jews will not be allowed to pray at the al-aqsa mosque compound. there is an international push to calm the situation. officials say that security cameras will soon stream live footage as a way to show what happens here. >> the major issue is that there is no agreement between israel and jordan and the palestinians on what is an aggression on the temple mount. each side will see the same picture, describe it in completely different words. >> there is deep mistrust. pain say it will take many words from an israeli prime minister and many cameras to assure that their rights are not being threatened. stephanie dekker, al jazeera, jerusalem. >> now we understand that there have been developments in the
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southeast turkey where the prosecutors' office has essentially taken control of the media company ahead of parliamentary elections. >> this latest crackdown goes back to what is really a rapture between what was a very close friendship and relationship between pulen and president erdogan. gulen and erdogan were once close friends. gulen is an islamic preacher and has millions of followers here in turkey and worldwide. but towards the end of 2013 prosecutors and police perceived to be close to gulen launched corruption investigations into members of erdogan's close circle. since then the relationship between erdogan and gulen has collapsed. and erdogan has accused gulen and his supporters of trying to
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topple him. this is aback down on those deemed to have links with gulen and the gulen movement. this crackdown today o is connected to that. yes it comes close to elections on sunday in turkey where opposition groups would say that the media is generally under a lot of pressure from the government. but, in fact, this crackdown on gulen, his supporters and companies connected to him have been going on since the end of 2013. >> still ahead for you on al jazeera. mass executions and forced cannibalism just some of human rights violations reported by an investigation into the war in south sudan. and we meet the bee keepers of mexico, who have taken their battle against gm crops to court.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. a recap of the top stories. iran has accepted an invitation to attend international talks in vienna ending conflict in syria. friday's meeting will include the united states, russia, turkey an saudi arabia. palestinian president mahmood abbas has asked the united nations for international protection as he warns of the situation between israelis and palestinians is at its worst and most critical stage since 194,837 hundreds of people have been rescued from the water after their boat capsized off the greek island of lesbos.
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at least three people died making that crossing. let's get more now. john, what more do we know about efforts to rescue those on board the boat? >> well, we do know from the cost guard that they have managed to fish about 242 people out of the water during the course of the evening. and late into the night. the seven and rescue operation is ongoing as we speak. one boat is still out there circling the water in the area where the other survivors were found hoping to pick up more. but at the moment the number that the authorities expect will change is not that of survivors buffet tallits tallit--of fatalities. some brought to shore are in critical condition and intensive care at the hospital because of hyperthermia, and if any more people are found because of the
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length of time they spent in the water their condition will be, if anything, worse. those who have made it to shore at the moment look quite content. we've been walking up and down the key here on the harbor meeting some of the syrians and the afghans who have made it. there are smiles among the children. they're thrilled to be ashore. they've had a great ordeal. they weren't sure that they were going to be rescued. this was not a deliberate thinking of their own boat. this large wooden boat sank of its own accord. we still don't know what the cause of the sinking was, but we do know that the winds in this area have been in the neighborhood of 50 to 60 kilometers an hour. that must have been a contributing factor. now that these people are ashore, they have been given dry clothes. all of them donated by the people of this town, and they're taken by local volunteers and international aid workers to places where they can spend the night. some of those places will simply
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be tents we've seen some people tucked on to the ponchs of uninhabited buildings and wrapped in blankets issued to them. that is their first night on european soil. they're exhausted and just relieved to be here and alive. >> thank you very much for updating us in lesbos after hundreds of people were rescued after their boat capsized off the greek island. we know that three people died making that cross. we move to yemen now and the saudi-led coalition denies it bomb a hospital in yemen run by doctors without borders. airstrikes injured one staff member and completely destroyed the building. doctors without borders said it provided the coordinates to the location weeks ago.
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the reactions are cross checked. we confirmed later that the right gps coordinates were transmitted. >> a police officer in u.s. state of south carolina has been sacked after throwing a black teenager across a classroom. senior deputy ben fields was fired after this incident on monday where he's seen throwing a student on the ground and then across the room. he had been called to the high school to deal with the student who had been disruptive and refused to leave the classroom. in the wake of the vehicles wagon emission scandal reported it's first quarterly loss in 15 years.
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it succeed aside $7 billion to deal with the scandal but admits it may cost the company even more. >> it has dominated the vo volksberg skyline for decades, inside anxious times at vw embroiled in scandal as it endures its first quarterly loss for at least 15 years. >> the first and most important priority is helping our customers as quickly as possible and as comprehensively as necessary. >> volkswagen is having to recall millions of cars around the world. after it admitted it had cheated on some emissions tests. for some of the 60,000 workers in volksberg its business as usual, but there are worries. >> it's a depressing atmosphere. we talk about it all the time. >> the atmosphere is down.
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a lot of people are quite cautious because they don't know how it's going to continue. the next year is going to be tough for vw. but surely vw will bounce back at the end. >> that's what many in this town are hoping for. vw has warned its profits for a whole year will be down. this quarterly loss is largely down to the huge amounts of money the company has put aside to pay for costs incurred in the can exactly. this repair bill will run into billions of dollars while the price of restoring consumer confidence is hard to quantify. the future of many of these workers now depends on how well vw can recover trust in its brand. a brand which had been built on reliability and trust. >> vw says an independent investigation will take place to try to understand what happened. the company, one of germany's biggest and one of the world's
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leading car makers could face criminal charges. emma hayward, ankle, berlin. >> emergency teams in afghanistan and pakistan are desperately trying to reach people trapped after monday's earthquake. rescuers are struggling to reach the remote mountainous region while survivors face another night in plummeting tempts without shelter. 379 people have died after the earthquake, which also triggered landslides. kamal hyder is in pakistan. >> help is beginning to arrive. but the fact that it would be arriving in time. now we've been able to see families still waiting for someone to come out and get them out of their difficult situation. this old lady has been waiting for two days. she said that no one has come to her house to try and give her reassurance that she will be able to rebuild this mud home.
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she's traumatized. >> our house has collapsed. what will we do now? we're very poor and have this mud house but now we've lost everything, and we won't be able to rebuild. no one is helping us. and there has been no help from the government. we're sitting at the mercy of god. >> there are many other people like this who are still waiting. now the problem has become very complex because the destruction is over a large area, and it's in small pockets. once again it is the poor who are hit hard. the government has to do something really fast if it wants to come through on its claim that it is always there to help its people. the calamity is not so large but there needs to be some sensitivity. the prime minister and chief minister and politicians may be coming for photo sessions but this is a time for action. >> now nepal's parliament has
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voted in the nation's first woman president. the depp leader of an nepal's communist country and wome commun communist party and activist por for women's rights. south sudaa report in south sudan's civil war has uncovered mass graves and forced cannibalism. the war began in 2013 in a political split between its president and former deputy. the report was meant to be released earlier this year but was delayed to give peace negotiations a chance. a peace agreement was signed in august. now bee keepers in yucatan's peninsula is going up against
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monsanto. it accuses it's gm products of threatening their livelihoods. we have reports from southern mexico. >> beekeeper calls it the mayan's greatest pressure. the same color but more valuable than gold. it's called mayan for honey. produced here in tree trunks by tiny bees. they don't sting and they make the most prized honey in the yucatan peninsula jungle. >> we use it for ceremonies to ask for rain, but it also has medal properties. >> the ancient mayans used the honey and mixed it with dirt for cement for its pyramids. her husband uses smoke to keep bees from attacking. the honey pro decembered here is
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extreme sought after and fetches a very high price on the european market, but the livelihood of the families who produce this depends not just on exquisite taste and aroma but on the ability to keep honey pure. that's why these nearby soy plantations have become the enemy. genetically modified and sprayed with highly toxic herbicide, the crops are providing piece bee keepers contaminated pollen. >> they're deforesting our jungle and threatening to close our market because europeans won't buy honey with traces of herbicide. we're demanding that sell their soybeans. >> they made a time afeel to the supreme court on the eve of its ruling. >> the court has the power to
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limit crops that impact health, environment and in this case the cultural heritage of the mayan community. >> the they are pitted against arguebly the most powerful agro-chemical corporation. >> an u.s. military blimp that broke free from its mothering in the state of maryland and floated free for hours has finally been growned but not before it caused electrical outages effecting up to 20,000 homes. the blimp is used to monitor incoming traffic from washington including drones and cruise missiles. it can stay up in the air for 30 days. nasa aircraft has gun its pass of th saturn, it will pass
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through a plume of ice and water vapor. the craft will take gas and particle samples as it passes just 48 kilometers before it's surface of a speed more than 20,000 kilometers an hour. more of everything we're covering right here. >> as certain as the sun rising in the east and setting in the west, there have been absolutely two reliable pillars of republican politics and campaign appeals for decades. the budget must be balanced, and taxes must be cut. tonight's republican debate in boulder, colorado, is focused on economic topics, and is almost certain to