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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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special edition of "america tonight". ght". trying to end the conflict for the first time iran will take part in international talks on the crisis in syria. ♪ ♪ hello, i am darren jordan in doha with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead. >> move, move, move, move. >> okay, okay. >> desperate scenes off the coast of greece after a boat carrying more than 200 refugees sinks. the u.s. republican presidential hopefuls trade blows in their third televised debate. and bursting with life. why flowers have begun to bloom in a desert in chile. ♪
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♪ world powerser heading to all industry an capital aimed at ending the syrian conflict. for the first time iran will take part. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said the talks are for the best hope yet to chart a course out of hell in syria. >> reporter: elite iranian forces have been training, fighting and dieing alongside syrian troops since at least 2012. that's proof, according to the obama administration, that teheran is trying to keep press bashar al-assad in power. but now, world leaders are about to meet in vienna in search of an end to the civil war. and iran's foreign minister mohamed gentleman receive will be among them. the u.s. has finally agreed iran should be at the table. >> the challenge that we face in syria today is nothing less than
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to chart a course out of hell. >> reporter: u.s. secretary of state john kerry has long accused iran of destabilizing syria. but in light of the waves of syrian families trying to escape the civil war, and isil's take over the key northern territory, kerry says now is the time for all concerned to meet. >> at the end of the day, nothing would do more to bolster the fight against isil than a political transition that sidelines assad, so that we can unite more of the country against extremism. >> reporter: and officials say the u.s.' decision to engage with teheran shouldn't be a surprise. >> the secretary is a pragmatist on this. he's looking at this from a very clear eye. and it's our expectation that people will come to this meeting with serious inning tenses about solving serious problems. >> reporter: but some observers
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believe iran's troop losses in syria could be forcing it finally to support talks. >> i think if iran is accepting the dialogue now to see that they are sitting at the negotiating table with the rest of the international community to find a dialogue and a way out of the syrian crisis by dialogue and politics, i think that is because it doesn't want to lose anymore commanders. >> reporter: the russian foreign minister, sergei love i don't have will be in vienna because of his country's financial and military support for assad. u.s. officials say they are looking for serious intentions from lavrov as well. >> they are probably going to find in the very near future since they are not going to be able to resolve this military that they want to start to think about a political resolution. >> reporter: but there won't be any leaders of the syrian opposition attending the vienna meeting. mainly because u.s. officials don't think they are unified. a sign the obama administration is willing to go so far right now for peace in syria. rosalind jordan, al jazeera, washington.
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he meanwhile, saudi arabi arabia's' ministry says the involvement of assad's people will tell whether they are really ready for peace. >> the view in our partners of this was that we should test the intentions of the iranians and the russians about their seriousness in arriving at a political solution in syria which we all prefer. the growing coast guard said it has rescued 242 people off the island of lesbos after the boat they were in a capsized the. at least three people died but that figure could rise, restless true teams are searching for survivors as pat brennan reports. >> reporter: the fishing boats merged from the darkness racing in to port with no time to lose. huddled on deck, wrapped in tarpaulins and blankets and anything else the crew could find just a few of the survivors of yet another tragic sinking in the sea. they looked bewildered, unsure whether to smile or weep.
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then the volunteers and medics sprang in to action. >> okay, here we go. >> reporter: i young child was among the first to be passed ashore. apparently unharmed, but shocked in to silence. but many were much, much worse. in the darkness the key side was transformed in to an emergency tremendous an center strewn with foil blankets volunteers tended to the many survivors who looked to be suffering severe hypothermia and shock. >> put them on the side. put them on the side. >> reporter: some appeared to be slipping away. despite the best efforts of specialist medics. >> i am checking for a pulse. >> wait, wait, wait. >> clear, move, move, move, move. >> okay, okay. >> reporter: a child wrapped in blankets was hurriedly transported for hospital in the arms of a paramedic.
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other survivors were able to walk. the small greek island of lesbos has been receiving five, six, 7,000 refugees and migrants almost every day this summer. this is not the first sinking tragedy here. the regular defense are deeply affected by it. >> translator: babies are drowning, i am 67 years old and i can't hold back my tears. of course it is a big state that must help. since we are small and unable to do so, then they must do the job. the people drowning are our own blood. yes, we are sorry, but what else can we do? shame. >> reporter: more boats arriveed with more survivors these apparently in better conditions. like so many sinkings this year, the true total of fay taps from this latest tragedy may never be known, pat brennan, al jazeera. amnesty international has called for a fulk public inquiry
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in to reports that australian officials paid people smugglers to turn back boats carrying asylum seekers. the australian government has denied the report but the incident in june sparked a parliamentary inquiry. andrew thomas has more from sydney. >> reporter: this comprehensive and damning report by amnesty international primarily relates to an incidents that took place back in may. when an australian military vessel intercepted a boat of refugees coming from indonesia. and what amnesty international allege is that the crew of that boat were paid a substantial amount of money, $32,000 to turn around and take their passengers back to indonesia. well, i am please today say that the author of this report from amnesty joins me now. anna, what evidence have you got that it payment took place? >> ouour evidence is compelling and very comprehensive. the research is based on detailed interviews with everyone who was on board that boat. so all 62 adult asylum supers as well as the six crew members.
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then held in different locations and and as far as we know have not seen each other from may and their testimonies were remarkably similar and backed up by described yo evidence and as well as i want views with indonesian police. >> reporter: would this constitute a crime in. >> yes, it would. under the convention that australia is ratified it's obliged it criminalize people smuggling so it has done so, if the allegations that his we make in our report are borne out, indeed the australian officials involved would be libel to criminal prosecution. >> reporter: anna shea, thank you very much. the trouble for anybody would who would like to prosecute any australian official you remembered this it would be the australian government that would need to mount such a prosecution, they are very unlikely do it. they have dismissed this report as a slur and a disgrace. interestingly, though, they haven't explicitly said the payments didn't take place, they largely refuse to comment. and australian is proud of what it calls operation sovereign
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borders it's he effort to his stop refugees from reaching all actual the former prime minister tony abbott who was prime minister at the time of this incident was in london earlier this week urging european leaders to a develop the same tough tactics australia has in order to stop refugees from coming to its shores. in the government's eyes here, the ends justify the means. tanzania's option since presidential candidate has called for a recount of votes in sunday's general lex. the former prime minister accused the electoral commission of falsifying some figures to favor the ruling party. it was the country's tightest election in more than five decades. final results are expect odd thursday. to the you u.s. now where te third republican presidential debate end ed in colorado. the economy took center stage, but at times the exchange became ill tempered. alan fisher reports from bolder. >> reporter: it was a night when frustrations boiled to the surface. >> folks, we gotta wake up.
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we cannot electric somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. you gotta pick somebody who has experience, somebody that has the no how, the discipline. >> reporter: this is a tight battle where campaigns haven't gone as planned. and some saw the way ahead by attacking others. >> marco, when you signed found this, this was a six-year term and you should be showing up to work. literally, the senate, what is it like a french workweek i get like three days where you have to show up. >> someone has convinced you that attacking me will help you. >> [applause] >> my campaign is going to be about the future of america. it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on the stage. i will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for governor bush. >> reporter: but there was anger it he the way the debate was you can conducted and that brought the biggest cheers of the night. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions, donald trump are you a coming i can book villain, ben carson can you do math. john kay sick will you insult people over here, marco rubio why don't you resign, jeb bush why are have your numbers
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fallen. why don't we talk about the substantive issues that people care about [applause] >> reporter: this debate will be remember today that flash of anger it was thes the significat moment. donald trump was more subdued than ever where christy, cruise and rubio made impact. when the debates are over, they come out and try to put a gloss on their candidates performance. with these debates attracting audiences of millions, there is very little that can be said in here what changes what happens in there. these performances have a big impact. it's a way of judging what messages work, what policies might need to be developed. and who did well enough to stay in the race. alan fisher, al jazeera, at the republican presidential debate in boulder, colorado. time for a short break here. when we come back. ♪ every five years a china man ♪ makes a new development plan >> on tv screens across china a catchy cartoon being used to promote beijing's five-year economic plan.
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>> every saturday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". saturday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. ♪ ♪ welcome back. a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. iran has accepted an invitation to take part in talks on the war in sear i can't remember it's the first time that bashar al-assad's another eyes wil alle involved. a wooden boat has sunk off the island of less boscaagli boss, three people have died 242 others have been rescued.
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the third remember dan debate has we would in bolder, colorado, the economy, jobs and taxes dominated the exchange between the pred president shall hopefuls. >> angela americanal has arrived in chinad a of talks aimed at boosting business. vehicle exports make up roughly 33% of germany's sales to china. well it, comes as china is about to reveal its latest five year plan, but as rob mcbride reports the government is using new ways to make the plan more relevant in today's china. ♪ every five years a in china, man they make a new development plan ♪ >> reporter: a novel cartoon attempt by china's state-run news agency to sell the 5-year plan. >> it's a huge deal. >> reporter: the message is it may be focused on major economic policies, but the plan affects everyone. for most people this week's
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meeting of the chinese communist party to set out its economic plan for the next five years, will have gone unnoticed. the strict one-child policy may be further relaxed allowing couples to have a second. but making sure their first son henry gets a good education in addition to paying down the mortgage take priority. >> if we have a second child, ii will need a bigger house, you know the prize in beijing. >> reporter: moving china towards a higher income society is likely to be a main goal of this five-year plan. at the same time, bringing out of poverty millions more people, especially migrant workers. mass migration from the countryside in to china's booming cities has helped fuel the country's growth but it has come with a host of social
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problems, from left behind children to migrant workers who don't have access to services and social welfare. the problems will become more pressing as millions more farmers want to leave the land and join them. like many, he is hoping the new rules will give migrants greater rights. he came to beijing 10 years ago and has made a living in one of the migrant communities that have sprung up around the capital. but his two children need to be educated back in their native province because they can't go to school here. >> translator: it's too difficult to bring my children back and forth. if business gets worse here, i will just move back to my hometown. ♪ and the plan goes down from high to low ♪ >> reporter: the characters may be cut outs but as they proclaim in the cartoon the impact of this five-year plan will be real enough. rob mcbride, al jazeera, beijing. well, for more on this am joined by the economist and author jerome booth who is in
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koala lumpur. jerome, you have everyoned in a recent book that investigators should put more of their money in to emerging markets like china. does this five-year plan then fill you with confidence? >> well, we don't know what is it in yet. but i think it's interesting that we've got this advertising campaign one of the main objectives is to change the driving force of the economy from the export sector to the consumer. and so actually, appealing to people, trying to encourage them to consume, is really important. and the reason their savings are so high at the moment is because of the cautionary narrative because people are saving to retirement and children's education. if the government can use the media to persuade them to save less and spend more that's actually good and that should be the focus. you also mentioned in your report the urbanization, again, it brings problems bush it's fundamentally the way forward to china. and we'll see the next wave of
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cities growing inland and urbanization, you know, tends to raise productivity. yes, you know, there are needs for a more provision of services, et cetera, but i think china has got a lot of work do but it's also probably the economy in the world with the most structure and form of any over the laugh 10 years so it's doing the right things. >> tell us a bit more, dr. booth, if you can about these five year plans, are they robust policy or just a rough economic wish list? >> well, lots of countries have had economic plans, five year plans, india has five-year plans, of course, the whole aid industry that we have in the west, you know, is often based on a huge amount of planning. so planning is not gone a way. and it can be useful as an indicator. but what is really important for china is that markets are unleashed and we'll z i will be watching in particular for obviously further lib saying of
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the of the bond market which has huge effects. also opening up the capital account. we can picture the i.m.f. to include the currency of the i.m.f. that's important as well. >> went to squeeze in a final question to you, you mentioned them earlier there are some social aspects to this 5-year plan. how important are they in this economic mix? >> i think they are very important. they affect savings and consumption behavior and that's important. coming back to your original question should people invest more that's why i wrote my book emerging markets in an upside down world they certainly should. a large part of the problem the people assess the risk wrong headedly and they think that china must be riskier at all times than say the west and it's simply not true.
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many of the problems in china are known and solvable and there are policy solution ous out thee as oppose to the problems in western europe and the united states which is denied in many senses. >> dr. jerome booth, thank you for talking to al jazeera. india's largest ever africa forum summit has officially begun. the prime minister is hosting african leaders from 54 countries. india is looking to challenge china as africa's leading trading partner. the meeting is not just about business, the focuses also the strengthening of dip the ma i can relations. zimbabwe is one of the african countries hoping benefit from that summit. its president is visiting india for the first time in 20 years. he wants to get more cash for the manufacturing sector. and as this report shows, a recent partnership could help revive the steel industry. >> reporter: zimbabwe's manufacturing sector used to employ more than 200,000 people.
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now it's fewer than half that figure. so government officials are looking for india for help. in revival struggling companies. like the zimbabwe iron and steel company now called new zim steel. india stance to benefit from the iron orr exports, zimbabwe has been traded with india for decades but there has been problems. >> it's a longstanding relationship but given the fact that i would say the economy of zimbabwe has been going through difficult times that is obviously clear -- has had an impact between the trade and economic ties between the two countries. and so currently i would say that things are somewhat door familiar. >> reporter: over the years thousands of people have lost their jobs because of widespread electricity shortages and businesses downsizing or closing. >> i was born in 1954, from 1954 i think my parents remember working in this company. and then i also worked in this
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company. and i have raced my children from this company, but the way it is happing now, is something we should very disgraceful. >> reporter: laid off workers have been told by the government a new investor is coming and new zim steel will resume operations soon. this used to be africa's largest steel manufacturer before it collapsed in 2008. more than 5,000 people used to work here. the place was busy. the steel was sold all over the world. now it's barely functioning. but some fear of investing in immaterial is bob way because of political instability and allegations of corruption and a policy that favors black zimbabweans. >> the ideas behind that it to scale up the involvement of locals in the economy. and it is a good policy because it provides for political that bill. if we can end enough a situation where we have a strong black
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middle class. >> reporter: zimbabwe's biggest ex-port to india is cotton. officials say they have potential to export more minerals like dime and you understand iron or e. so far the trade balance favors india, something officials though change. al jazeera. palestinian president mahmoud abbas has warned that the situation between israelis and palestinians is the worst since the 1948 arab-israeli war. he's asked the united nation to his step in if and provide i want national practic protectio. divisions over who can play at the al-aqsa mosque compound. has been fueling the session tensions stefanie dekker reports. >> reporter: fear, violence and suspicion have darkened the last month in this holiest of cities. at its heart the al-aqsa mosque compound and the unwritten rules of the status quo agreed upon
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almost 50 years ago when israel occupied east i can't rus ruse . >> the with the temp movements starting their campaign demanding jewish prayer on the temple mound and backed up by i strong political players inside the coalition. since june, 2014, police have started putting severe accessory instructions for wide parts of the muslim population according to age, gender, it was never before that the reason was in order to allow jews to enter the place. >> reporter: and this issue of access is at the heart of the recent violence. it began during two recent jewish holidays when muslims were prevented from accessing the site while right wing jewish groups toured the compound an act contested by religion authorities here. this proclamation signed by israel's
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chief ray prohibits jews from entering the temple mound as it's known to juice, but in defiance, growing numbers of jewish activists have been doing that, soaking and inflaming tensions. this is images of jewish groups touring the site is adding to the fear that israel is slowly changing the agreed perimeters that only muslims can pray here. nonmuslims have always been allowed to visit but it's a time of jewish visitor and their message that palestinians say they have an issue with. >> translator: for us, nonmuslims are a throughout visit with respect as guests without any provocation or prayer. but this has changed and these he can stream assists say went to pray. and this holy place is ours. and they say that we muslims should leave. >> reporter: the israeli prime minister issued a statement on saturday saying categorically that juice will not be allowed to pray at the compound. there is an international push to calm the situation. israel i and george dane vinnie officials say security cameras
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will soon stream live footage as a way to show what happens here. >> the major issue is that there is no agreement between israel and jordan and the palestinians on what is an aggression on the temple mount. so each side will see the same picture, describe is in completely different words. >> reporter: there is deep mistrust. many say it will take more than words from an israeli prime minister and a few cameras to assure palestinians that their rights over al-aqsa are not being threatened. stephanie deck, he al jazeera, in occupied east jerusalem. a police officer in the u.s. state of south carolina has has been sacked after throwing a black teenagerre teenager acrosa classroom. he was fired after this. field was called to the high school to deal with a student that had been allegedly disruptive. >> when i first saw that video it continues to upset me when i see that video. is the fact that he picked the
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student up, and he threw the student across the room. that is not a proper technique and should not be used in law enforcement and based on that, that is a violation of our policy. and approximately 20 minutes ago school resource officer ben fields was terminated from the rich mound county sheriff's department. apple has reported the biggest yearly profit in corporate history. the u.s. firm made profits of more than $53 billion over the last year. eclipsing the previous record by exxon mobile in 2008. now, one of the world's driest places on earth this desert has been transformed after some rare august rain. >> reporter: a carpet of color spread over an arid land.
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