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tv   News  Al Jazeera  October 29, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america. nothing less than to chart a course out of hell. world leaders head to vienna for the most serious talks yet trying to solve a syrian crisis. ♪ ♪ hello there, welcome to al jazeera, i am laura kyle in doha. also on the program. >> move, move, move. >> okay, okay. >> desperate scenes off the coast of greece after a boat carrying more than 200 refugees sinks. more than 50 african leaders attend a key summit in india but there is controversy over the presence of the sudanese
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president. and there are calls to help the developing world as tuberculosis joins hiv aids as one of the world's most deadliest infectious diseases. so we begin in vee an where world leaders are arriving ahead of talks to find a solution to the what are in syria. it's the first time all major international players in the conflict will be in the same room. but there are serious divisions. on wednesday iran said it would take part in the talks for the first time the country has agreed to be involved. on the one side we have russia and iran backing president bashar al-assad's forces on the ground. they say damascus must be helped militarily before a political process can begin. then, orange, we have the u.s. and its regional allies turkey and saudi arabia supporting groups fight ago sad and insisting that he must go.
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and every day the humanitarian situation is getting worse. more than 250,000 people have been killed. and more than 10 million have been displaced by four years of war. saudi arabia's foreign minister says the involvement assad's allies in the talks will reveal whether or not they are really committed to the peace. >> the view of our partners in c was that we should test the intentions of the iranians and the russians about their seriousness in arriving at a political solution in syria which we all prefer. >> let's join our cropped end in vee an now, mohamed jamjoon. we have john kerry u.s. secretary of state arriving any moment now, effect picked today arrive at any moment now. other top diplomats gathering in vienna. what will wil will be happening? >> reporter: yeah, laura, john kerry, his arrival expected
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imminently. but we are told that other parties will be here today not expected in the next few hours, in being far, saudi foreign ministry official told me a short while ago the saudi delegation will be arriving tonight. what we can expecting today are a lot of bilateral sessions. saudis will be here today, the u.s. as well as the turks and the russians. so even though nobody has arrived yet as you mentioned we expect john kerry to be here very shortly. although we are not quite sure if he has yet arrived in all industry a these bilateral meetings expected to set the stage for the bigger meetings that happen tomorrow. as you mentioned this is the first time that iran will be present in talks regarding syria all the key players involved in the syrian conflicts, those supporting the opposition and those supporting the regime of president bashar al-assad will be in vienna we are expecting the main session the important talks will happen on friday tomorrow in vienna. laura. >> and it's going to be so interesting, isn't it to see how all the players interact tomorrow. possibly in the same room armed
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the same table. what might a successful meeting look like? >> that's a very good question. because while it does look now as though these world powers are committed to trying to reengage to trying to get the geneva agreement which was signed in 2012 back in to play, we must remember that it has not yet been implemented. that was about 40 months ago that agreement was reached in 2012. so the fact that there is this new-found urgency and that iran has been invited and that the saudis will be there as well. that shows that there is a huge willingness by these parties to try to come together across the table to try to hash something out. now, what's been interesting is that in the past few days we have heard from u.s. officials that it seems as though the u.s. has softened its tone with regard to president bashar al ahead al jazeera sad. that they would now be able to tolerate him taking place in a transition process in syria
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whereas before they had demanded that bashar al-assad would have to go before any transition process took place, we have also heard from press assad in the last few days when he spoke with russian officials saying that he would be willing to implement elects now in syria. parliamentary and presidential if the syrian people would back it. so there is going to be a lot of discussion. this is a very complicated issue and as you mentioned a few minutes ago as they talks are taking place here very ornate settings it's a very difficult reality from what's going on on the ground in syria. more than 100,000 new inning peoplely placed people in syria especially in aleppo just last week. because of airstrikes from rauch and syria. the situation gets more perilous by the day, sometimes by the hour. while the these talks are taking place it puts more impetus but just looks like more talks to come in the future. thanks to keeping us up-to-date.
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mohamed jamjoon. now, isreali police say a palestinian man has been shot dead in the west bank after he tried to stab an israeli soldier. israeli military says the soldier was wounded in the head by the attack in hebron it's the latest incident in five weeks of violence between israeli and palestinians. let's go live to our correspondent standing by for us in the on being pride west bank. he is on the phone. we have some conflicting reports actually as to how this event played out. >> reporter: that's right, laura. as has happened in many instances in the past few weeks particularly in the city of hebron where i am now in the occupied west bank. these events where the only thing they have in common is palestinians being shot dead. now, on thursday what we know is that the palestinians [ inaudible ] in the
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[ inaudible ] hebron which is the keep of the confrontation every day for the past few weeks, protesters -- >> okay. we will leave it there, we are having a few problems hearing you clearly. but thank you very much for the update there from hebron where that attack happened earlier today. now, 242 people have been rescued by the greek coast guard after their boat capsized off the islands of lesbos, at least three people died but that figure is expected to rise. rescue teams are stick searching for survivers more than five hound through refugees have entered greece this year and leslesbos is one of the main gae ray way, paul brent happen as the latest. >> reporter: racing in to dark with no time too lose, wrapped in blankets and tarpaulin tarpad
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anything else the crew could find just a few of the survivors of yet another tragic sinking in the sea. they looked bewildered under sure whether to smile or weep. and then the volunteers and medics sprang in to action. a young child was among the first to be pass ahead sure. apparently unharmed but shocked in to silence. but many were much, much worse. in the darkness the key side was transformed in to an emergency triage center strewn with foil blankets. volunteers tend today the many survivors who looked to be suffering severe hypothermia and shock. >> put him on his side. put him on his side. >> reporter: some appeared to be slipping away, despite the best efforts of expertist medics.
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>> i am check doing a pulse. >> wait, wait, wait. >> clear, move, move, move. >> okay, objection. >> reporter: a child wrapped in blankets was hurriedly transported for hospital in the arms of a paramedic. other survivors were able to walk. the mall greek island of lesbos has been receiving five, six, 7,000 refugees and migrants almost every day this summer. this is not the first sinking tragedy here. the residents are deeply affected by it. >> translator: babies are drowning. i am 67 years old and i can't hold back my tears. of course it is the big state that must help. since we are small and unable do so, then they must help. the people drowning are our own blood. yes, we are sorry but what else can we do. shame. >> reporter: more boats arrive with more survivors. these in apparently better condition. like so many sinkings this year, the true total of fatalities
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from this latest tragedy may never be known. paul brennan, al jazeera. slovenia says it will now put up fence to his control the flow of refugees and migrants across its border. hundreds of people continue to arrive in the country is struggling to cope with the huge numbers. slovenia has formally asked for e.u. assistance of. a group of german police arrived at the border on wednesday. amnesties international has accused australia's government of criminal activity by paying people smugglers to turn around boats carrying asylum seekers there. australia denied the report but an incidents in june sparked a parliamentary inquiry. andrew thomas has this report. >> reporter: did australia's government pay people smugglers this money for a lawless venture with evidence of criminal fine activity? that's what amnesty says when in may the australian military intercepted a boat off australia's north coast. there says amnesty having
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interviewed the crew and passengers $32,000 was handed over by australian officials who demanded the passengers be taken back to indonesia actual the australians provided two boats, fuel and a map for the journey. >> it is really shocking that in a democratic country like australia, that this kind of thing can be happening in the name of the australian public. >> reporter: amnesty says this mobile phone footage bass shot on board the boat. it backs up what al jazeera was told by the boat captain in june. june. >> translator: i told the all australian man we needed money to return to our wife and children. >> reporter: am nells at this says what australia did amounts to a people smuggling crime around the united nations convention that australia has signed but individual countries prosecute people under such laws and australia's government won't go after its own. on thursday it reacted angrily to the whole report calling it a slur and a disgrace.
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>> our australian officials operate in accordance with domestic australian law and in accordance with our international obligations. >> so what is your reaction tottam necessary at this international report? >> i reject it. >> reporter: but politicians do not explicitly deny payments at sea took place. amnesty international is calling for a public inquiry in to what australian officials do at sea to stop boats of refugees. but it's unlikely to get one. secrecy about tactics is part of the government's strategy. the same of the government is to did he trier boats from coming to australia. >> the asylum seekers bring the problem attached with the asylum seekers according to them. and many people probably do not want to share the burden attached to this problem.
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the tactics are tough and may be criminal but the ghost have stopped coming for them the end justifies the means. andrew thomas sydney. do stay with us. ahead on the program. opposition parties in tanzania cry foul over the general elections. plus. >> we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know thousand do the job. >> u.s. republican presidential hopefuls trying to show that they are the right person for the top job. >> ali velshi, lifting the lid... >> cameras in place for money and not safety. >> on the red light controversy. >> they don't give two cent about your safety. >> there's an increase in rear end accidents. >> ali velshi on target: hitting the breaks.
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. ♪ ♪ held going, a reminder of
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the stop stories -- top tories here in al jazeera. it's the first time all major international players in the conflict will be in the same room. a vote carrying refugees has sunk off the greek island of lesbos, at least three people have been killed and 242 others have been rescued. palestinian man has been shot dead in the west bank after he trade to stab an israeli sole very jam the soldier was wounded in the head by at attack. the united nations has warned that violence between the is ramey and palestinians could lead to a ca to have tough i. young palestinians have told their own security forces no the to interfere with their own protests. >> reporter: it's an almost daily events in the occupied west bank. but in this game of cat and mouse between palestinian youths and the israeli army, the rules have changed.
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that'changed. he says in areas like this under palestinian authority control, the security forces are keeping a low profile. >> translator: now that the violence has increased and we have many martyrs who were killed and killed people there is no way for our security force to his stop us. if they try the first thing people would do is turn their revolt against the palestinian authority rather than against israel. >> reporter: in recent years, scenes like this palestinian authority security forces confronting protesters and stopping them from marching towards israelii checkpoints, have angered many people. but in the last few weeks, rather than being print in large numbers, the p.a. men in uniform have kept their distance. al jazeera tried to get an official to comment on the tactic. but nobody was available. the palestinian security forces are still around. the protesters have told us people are still being monitored and sometimes arrested by the p.a. it's just that with talk of a new inning at thi intifada tht
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to be he to to be seen antagonizing a young generation of activists. there is another gift in the cycle of frosts university students are using social media to organize alternative demonstrations where the flags of the various palestinian factions are noticeably absent. >> i don't think they are lit listening to the political parties they are taking the initiative and trying to change the whole fame work of the struggle against occupation. >> reporter: nobody knows when or how the latest up surge in violence will end, but in the meantime, there is so much frustration among these young protesters, that by and large, they are being left to their own devices. al jazeera, in the occupied west bank. tanzania's opposition presidential candidate has called for a vote recount of sunday's general election. former prime minister accused the electoral commission of falsifying figures to favor the
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ruling party. with the country's closest election in more than five decades, final results expected later on thursday. meanwhile, the election results from zanzibar have been scrapped the opposition claimed it won the poll. but the election commission chief says the vote was for the free and fair. catherine soi sends us this update. >> reporter: i spoke to tanzania's national electoral commission chairperson who told me that what is happening in san izanzibar does not affect the national tallies. zanzibar is semi autonomous apart from elect being the national press they also get to choose their own, they ever a different constitution, a different set of electoral laws and a different electoral commission as well which is in charge of the state election there. and it's this state election which was canceled. so here in the mainland, the process is still going on. the main opposition coalition has however rejected the results being announced in this styling
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center. they say what and being announced by the national electoral commission does not tal we figures they have from polling stations. the electoral commission has denied the accusations and says that the opposition should happened over the evidence they have to counter check. so far the ruling party c.c. m candidate is leading significantly. and is expected to win. incidentally, today also happens to be his birthday. so if he wins, perfect birth birthday gift. the u.s. economy took center stage as republican presidential candidates met for a third debate. at time the exchange became ill tempered. alan fisher report from boulder, colorado. >> reporter: it was night when frustrations boiled to the surface. >> folks, we gotta wake up. we cannot elect somebody that doesn't know how to do the job. you gotta pick somebody who has experience, somebody that has the know how, the discipline. >> reporter: this is a tight battle where campaigns haven't gone as planned and some saw the way ahead by attacking others.
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>> marco, when you sign up for this, this was a six-year term. and you should be showing up to work. i mean literally the senate, what is it like a french workweek you get three days where you have to show couple. >> reporter: someone has convinced you attacking me will help you. [ inaudible ] >> i am not -- my campaign will be about the future of america. it's not going to be about attacking anyone else on the stage. i will continue to have tremendous admiration and respect for governor bush. >> reporter: but there was anger at the way the debate was being conducted. and that brought the biggest cheers of the night. >> this is not a cage match. and you look at the questions dawned trump are you a comic book villain, ben carson can you do math. john kasich will you insult two people over here. marco rube crow, why don't you resign, jeb bush why have your numbers fall edge. how about talking about the substantive issues people care about. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: and foul art demands for greater substance, this debate will be remember today that flash of anger, it was the significant moment. this was a night when jeb bush struggled to impose himself where donald trump was more
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subdued than ever, where christy, cruz, and rubio made impact. when the debates are over the campaigns come out of the did he participate hall and try to put a gloss on their candidates' performance, but with these debates attracting audiences of millions there is very little that can be said in here what changes chap ed i what happened. it's a way of judging what messages work what policies might need to be developed and who did well enough to stay in the race. african leaders from 54 countries have begun gathering in new delhi for india's largest ever africa forum summit. the meeting is about effort to his boost trade and investment. india and its economic rival china are the world's fastest growing economy to his keep up that pace, india needs the natural resources that africa has in abundance those are oil, gas, gold and other precious metals. plus it means africa's fast and
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lucrative market to sale what it makes. trade between india and africa has doubleed from $35 million in 2008 to more than 70 billion so far this year. but there has been continue versus i over the participation of the sudanese president who is wanted by the international criminal court for alleged war crimes. they are asking that he be arrested. >> reporter: this africa summit in new delhi is all about the kind of things that india wants from resource-rich nations across the african continent and the kind of things that africa's economy needs from an asian economic powerhouse like india. on the one hand arab nations like nigeria, sudan that have the resources, energy resources like oil that india needs to continue along a path of high economic growth. on the other hand, india has expertise and human resources that emerging nations desperately need. things like healthcare,
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technology, india has been building these expertise for many, many years, however, india is approaching the african continent in a different way compared to its competitor, china. while china has focused on public works, big infrastructure projects like ports and roads, india is looking to play a more capacity building role, institution building role focusing on education and providing the pharmaceuticals that african nations need as healthcare sectors open up across the continent. essentially this is a mutually beneficial relationship. it's one that india is keen to grow. particularly given the global economic climate and what that many african nations are also looking to encourage. >> just over a week myanmar will be holding its first general election in 25 years. advanced voting is already under way for nationals living and working abroad. but none of the two main parties have chosen any muslim candidates. despite them making up around
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10% of the population. phil reese reports. >> reporter: despite the prominent role that myanmar's muslims played in don front being the former military regime, the opposition national league for democracy has refuse today let any muslims represent the party in 40 coming elections. a senior party insiding spoke to al jazeera provided their identity was concealed. >> translator: they have selected 1200 parliamentary representatives and none of them are muslim. someone said i think they are concerned about the committee for the protection of nationality and religion. so it became an islamic purge here. that's the situation. >> reporter: the committee for the protection of nationality and religion known by its burmese acronym is headed by an influential anti-muslim monk and supporter of the government party. he is notorious for his anti-muslim rhetoric. his messages feed the fears of myanmars rural buddhist and yet
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are rarely criticized by the nld. >> translator: in places where there are many muslims, native girls are being killed. men are being killed. women are raped and killed. >> reporter: members of the rohingya minority have been prevented from voting or standing ne in the election. he was an m.p. for five years now the electoral commission says his documents don't fulfill the citizenship criteria we had our own land in 1931. >> there is a grandfather of my mother. >> reporter: is this the beginning of a process to deny your right to live in myanmar? >> yes. i consider this is the beginning of to deny my rights to stay in myanmar. not only me, the whole rohingya community may be at risk, in danger now. >> reporter: the international state crime initiative in london will publish a report thursday which condemns the government of
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the president for trying to annihilate the rohingya presence in myanmar and using islam phobia as a tool to do so. >> the present regime is prepared to absolutely tolerate the kind of hate speech for the government's own end. and that is to mar jill allies, segregate, did i miles an hour the muslim population inside enter thaburma, it's part of a l eying process. the national league for democracy question need there huh had been a purge of muss in the party a spokesman told al jazeera in the present climate we believe that to win it is a better strategy to leave out muslim candidates. phil reese, al jazeera, myanmar. and you can see the investigative unit's full documentary genocide agenda online at a new report from the world health organization says last year more people died from tuberculosis than hi jim aids.
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they have warned that much more needs to be done to reverse the rising death toll. gerald tan has the details. >> reporter: every day nearly 4 1/2 thousand people die from tuberculosis, no region is immune to the bacterial infection also known as t.b. which mainly affects the lungs, significant progress has been made tackling t.b. mortality rates have nearly halved in the past 25 years. but that still is a long way from ending the epidemic. worldwide, 9.6 million people are estimated to have fallen ill with t.b. this in 2014, nearly a quarter of cases occurred in india alone, while china and indonesia reach registered 10% of it. bench patients the disease killed 1.5 million people last yearly. h.i.v. aids killed 1.2 million. because it can be treated and cured, the world health organization calls this is deaths unacceptable. >> for whatever reason this is,
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you know, being a disease of the poorest among the poor. it is offense neglected. it does not have the people that can speak loudly about tuberculosis. more than 95% theoretically of people about tuberculosis can be cured it's an issue the stray in, planning and financing for the interventions. >> reporter: the w.h. on. is appealing for $3 billion for treatment, research, and development. it also hopes to close the gap in the detection. it's estimated more than a third of cases last year either went undiagnosed or were not report reported. the focus is on the most vulnerable communities to be first in line when it comes to treatment, not last gerald tan, al jazeera. now last november european scientistscientists landed a spt on the comic 67p to study its competition and made a surprising discovery. they have detected large amounts of pure oxygen leaking from the comet which is now
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270 million-kilometers from earth. oxygen is a pretty common element but almost always found combined with molecules like in water. it's the first time pure oxygen has been found on a comet. you can always keep up-to-date with all the very latest news on on our website ♪ ♪ >> i'm russel russell in the pacific northwest. >> it's exactly the habitat that