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tv   News  ALJAZAM  October 30, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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as bombs fall, documents meet in vienna aiming to end the conflict. hello, this is al jazeera live from doha. also ahead - celebrations in tanzania, as the winner of the presidential location is announced. the opposition rejected the results. china abolishes a decades-long
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one-child policy. no longer a death sentence. what is done to boost cancer survival rates. u.n. secretary-general bangui noon urged foreign ministers meeting in vienna to show flexibility in efforts to bring syria's war to an end. representatives are in the austrian capital to try to find a solution to the law. iran has been invited to discuss syria's future, but no one is representing the syrian government. >> in vienna, the talks may be about syria. on thursday, focus turned to another country. >> translation: we believe iran is a government and country that has been a mfipores and you cannot put conditions on iran's
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presence. no reasons were placed on our attendance. if there had been, we wouldn't have accepted it iran's foreign minister takes a seat at the negotiating table. the report of its preference was made clearer when john kerry walked from his hotel to hold a bilateral meeting. the push to find a political solution is in overdrive, the talks offer a stark juxtaposition to the reality on the ground in syria. >> there is a feeling that military formulas are leading nowhere. the russian intervention, the acceleration of a political, diplomatic matter.
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there's political concrete, informative type of governance. we will not be able to fight and win. >> bombs continued to drop and displaced citizens continue to flee. bridging the idea logical divide over syria will be more difficult than ever. in these discussions u.s., saudi arabia and turkey tanned firm. russia and iran continue to support the regime of syrian president bashar al-assad. in the past four years other attempts to forge a political solution to the crisiseneded in relative failure. raising the stakes at a time when it seems expectations are relatively low. >> i believe it is a relevant compromise, a relevant commitment for all the sides to be her tonight and tomorrow, to
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come together. this is it already a starting point. only one week ago it was difficult to anticipate. >> the mood, one of guarded optimism. >> the fact that regional arts rivals will sit across a negotiating table is a big development. what runts that may yield is, for now, anyone's guess. >> lawrence korb is a senior fellow at the center for american progress and says most of the parties involved are no longer demanding that bashar al-assad step down immediately. >> what happened, about a week ago the turks, who are major players in the area, said basically that they would be willing o to come to an agreement allowing bashar al-assad to stay in power. what they are talking about is he doesn't go imagined, but has
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top agree to gradually phase out influence and his regime. that is the only way. russians and iranians don't want to look like they are throwing bashar al-assad aside. other powers do not want to look leek they'll forgive him for the horrible things they have done. >> there has been chaotic scenes at the border between slovenia and austria. hundreds tried to climb over barriers. slovenian police were sicking the barriers. >> for some. syrian refugees have been seeking sanctions. thousands have been welcomed in sao paulo. daniel schweimler has been to meet some of them. >> a familiar site in an unfamiliar land. men refugees found sanctuary here at a mosque in the heart of
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san paulo. they distribute its donated by the muslim and the wider community, but brazilian authorities offer no assistance. these arrived a few months ago, they speak portuguese and adopted the local club as their football team. >> brazil's really good for me, it helps me to get a job. i'm living well. >> we are helping 1800 refugees with donations from the community. we need more help. >> ab dumb, from aleppo, didn't know they spoke portuguese when they arrived in brazil. >> brazil is a paradise. i would love to bring my family here, i don't have a job and don't know if i would be able to stay. >> he's desperate to work, and moved in with brazilian friends, helped by the charity for the homeless. >> we have to give them the
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first step, to help them with the first step. and after, they are human being. they are professional. they are youth who can live here. >> far from the syrian battlefields and the refugee camps, the convoluted trek to south america for some ends in the south paulo neighbourhood. up eight flights of stairs in a run-down squat. >> this is a destination and the start of a new one, to build a new life and learn a new language in the other side of the world, and wait. so they can go home, so he can rebuild. >> he is part of the brazilian welcome. helping the recent arrivals to adapt and survive. >> we helped them to find a place without paying
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extortionate rents. from this point we can help them to find jobs and settle down. >> this man arrived a few months alone. his family stranded in a refugee camp in lebanon. ruing a loft life and land and an uncertain future israeli forces shot dead two palestinians in separate attacks in hebron in the occupied west bank, the israeli military said in both incidents the palestinians stabbed israeli soldiers before they opened fire. israeli soldiers fired on protesters near ramally and hebron. at least 14 were injured. 66 palestinians and nine israelis died since the beginning of october fighting intensified around
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the southernity of tiaz. eight fighters loyal to the president also died. meanwhile, the medical aid group doctors without borders is seeking security guarantees to continue working in yemen. >> the sky has been the greatest advantage for the saudi-led coalition. since march jets have launched fighters. both sides are locked in a fierce battle for the city of tiaz, attacking each other from opposing hilltops on thursday. the saudi-led coalition is being attacked on a different front and is facing pressure for bombing on a hospital run by the medical charity doctors without borders. >> it is clear that the hospital was bombed by an aerial bomb, so a bomb from the coalition, there's only the collision
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occupying the skies. >> one nurse was injured in the attack on monday. this picture of the aftermath shows the facility reduced to rubble. angering residents. >> this was hit by the saudi american aggress jors, an air strict servicing the hospital. it's the only hospital they can go to for treatment. >> the u.n. repeated its condemnation of the bombing, blaming the coalition. for its part, the saudi government continues to deny responsibility. >> mff provided the forces with coordinates of the hospital. in turn the coordinates were placed within the forbidden targets. accordingly the hospital could not have been targeted by the coalition forces. as the war dragged on. thousands died and many aid
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agencies are saying yemen is becoming too dangerous for them. tanzania's ruling party candidate john magufuli has been declared the winner. the result is rejected by the main opposition candidate that says the election commission falsified tallies. catherine wambua-soi reports from the capital dar es salam. >> reporter: the victory was no surprise to his supporters. john magufuli had been leading since counting began on monday. in the streets of dar es salam, supporters sang a party tune. they say the former minister for works will change the party and it is what the country needs. >> i believe he will do with all in government. life will be better with them as
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president. elections were free and fair. international sort offers said this. he won the election with 1.8 million votes against his opponents. roughly 6 million. members of the main opposition coalition filed a formal complaint to the national ction electoral commission, saying there was rigging and results do not tally with figures from polling stations and they are disappointed with international observers who said that the election was largely fair. >> i don't think they are doing us a good job. they come for a few days, congratulate us. this was illegal, it should be done this way and this way. >> reporter: the ruling party says the victory is clean. >> and no one could specifically
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claim a plot or plan to rigging. yes, there were damages, but not of a magnitude and frequency to change the outcome. >> they also want justice. right here, basketing in victory. >> still to come on al jazeera. a proposal to freeate a big marine reserves could fall short after getting support from china. per on the campaign trail with the argentinian presidentiallying support after a first-round result for her nominating successor.
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hello again, the top stories son al jazeera - foreign ministers from around 20 countries in the austrian capital vienna trying to find a solution to the war in syria. it's the first time iran has been asked to be involved in the diplomacy there has been chaotic scenes apt the border of slovenia and austria, several thousands asylum seekers tried to climb over barriers pushing past army and police. bhag has been declared -- john magufuli has been declared the winner in the tanzania
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election, his rival rejects the result russia looks set to block attempts to create a sanctuary in antarctica. after a revised international plan won support from china. scientists and government are trying to secure the future of a vast expanse of ocean. the coal nutrian rich waters are essential to life on earth. human activity is putting the diverse echo system at risk. governments from u.s., new zealand, france, and the rest of the european union argued for two zones to be given marine protection status. the first is a 1.25. one is an ecotech system, and the second sp 940,000 kilometres
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in east antarctica. let's speak to the programme manager of the world wildlife funds. with us live from hobart, where the antarctic commission is meeting right now. tell us why this is a big deal, why are marine protected areas important for antarctic. >> good afternoon, you touched on it earlier. this is one of the priority places with penguins, whales, seals. an important area. also for the climate and the planet. it's important that this is protected. this is part of the world affected by climate change more than anywhere else. it's an area coming under pressure from fishing. china, after dragging its feet is on board.
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rush looks to drop the intends. what is their problem here? >> in fairness to russia, we had a new proposal come in at the 11th hour of the meeting. china reported the proposal and spoke positively about it. it would have been news to russia as well. in fairness to them. they'd need to consider it. they did not block the proposal, and suggested that it needed to go forwards for further consideration. russia will look at this and we hope in a year's time will support the proposal. >> russia is making positive noises, they need to think about it. there's a chance that protected areas will go ahead. but not just yet. >> yes, the commission which manages the southern ocean, it's
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app tented of the okay has 25 members, they have to agree. it has to be a decision by consensus. we had more support from the fishing countries. the next step is to get the agreement in russia. >> just brief. you talked about the instance of this. what happens in the marine protected areas. does that mean no one is allowed to fish in them. it's important to have areas studied to. >> it's important to put the areas aside so they are not impacted and affected by human
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activity such as fishing, and there'll be a lot of research going on. we like to think that russia which clearly stated its support for research. >> china is to abolish the strict one-child policy after more than 30 years. families are allowed to have two children. the government is calling it a proactive response. rob mcbride reports from beijing. >> the announcement came at the end of a 4-day gathering of the leadership. mapping out the next 5-year plan. the strategy sets broad controls for the settle ment and is the one change that has been eagerly anticipated. it had been partially relaxed. allowing families where one parent is from a one-child family themselves to have two
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children. now that is being extended to all couples. >> the importance of this measure is not so much demographic in terms of encouraging new numbers of children to be born, but it's the lifting of a highly restrictive at times coercive policy, as we have heard. >> the one child policy was brought in to control the burgeoning population. the cancellation will be popular. a number of couples like sam and ju, have not decided to have another trial. for them, careers and living costs in beijing are the priority. >> my wife and i don't have a plan for the second child. >> their 7-year-old son henry is in no doubt he wants a sibling. >> i want a sister. >> as well as the social and
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relationship problems associate with one-time families, there's a growing number of elderly people that need to be supported by a shrinking working population, a policy put in place more than 30 years ago to avoid one population crisis, has to be abandoned to avoid another in the future. the huss house of representatives lected their next speaker. paul ryan's role will be to unify democrats. john boehner resigned last month argentina's president has been praising her government's accomplishments after the boar performance of her successor. the tight result forced a run off. it is reported, the ruling party candidate will have to do better to beat his opponent. >> reporter: argentina's presidential palace, filled with
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thousands of government supporters, inside president cristina fernandez de kirchner and her cabinet. daniel scioli, the ruling party's candidate for the president say was nowhere to be seen. for many, an example that tensions are running high within the ruling party. everything we have achieved. everything we have done, i hope it will we main the same -- remain the same. >> reporter: daniel scioli had less votes than expected in the presidential elections. even though he won, he did not get enough votes. now mauricio macri from the left party has more chance of winning the election and beating cristina fernandez de kirchner's hand-picked leader. >> translation: there's an bernal fight in the -- internal fight in the party.
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they are trying to find who is to blame for the poor results. >> reporter: even though they be long to the same party. daniel scioli is not popular. >> translation: people are trying to divide us. you have to tie yourself to a stick and continue. many see them as being too close to the corporation. the government spend years fighting against. >> if we vote, it's because cristina fernandez de kirchner picked him. he'll finance with the model kirchnerism. >> he needs to win votes located dards the center right. failing to do that would cost the election. >> the vote from the man that came in third, a cherished prize for both candidates.
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sergio massa said his followers should vote for whomever they want. >> in the last elections 36% voted for the continuation of the government, and 65% voted for change. >> the run off is less than a month away. in the coming months tensions may rise as the country is choosing between continuing or change cancer is, of course, one of the leading causes of death worldwide. the number of cases in latin american countries is twice that of more developed nations. a report shows while cancer care needs attention, it is starting to improve. the oncology commission says a proportion of people covered by health insurance has gone up from 46% to 60% in the last two years. latin american nations - brazil and argentina are addressing the
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shortage of specialists. and a number of countries in latin america denied cancer plans, including ecuador, peru, el salvador. peurto rico unveiled its programme this man that is stomach cancer and has been doing chemo for 15 months. she has subsidised health insurance. it covers the cost of treatment, it covers the cost of treatment, but leaves her waiting for weeks before medicine is authorised. >> because of a delay it developed an infection. i don't understand why this happens, if it is part of the national health plan. the cancer doesn't wait. >> cancer mortality rates are almost double the rates of european countries at the united states. it has improved in recent years.
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the government has devised a plan and instituted a package for the entire population. today 96% of people have insurance, one of the highest rates, and it covers all types of cancer. the challenge today is to ensure quality care for all. this doctor works at the cancer institute providing affordable health care for low income patients. >> the way the system is regulated doesn't ensure comprehensive care. the law requires medical attention, but not the quality, it is not measured. >> that is particularly true for those that live in remote regions, whose diseases are rarely detected. where we come from, there are no specialists, and none of the doctors detected by daughter's breast cancer.
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we travelled all the way here and now the tumour is too advanced to operate. the government says they are taking steps to cure patients sooner. >> today almost 60 days passed between the first suspicion that something is wrong, and the care. the challenge is to reduce that time and have the system operate as a network. who does the diagnosis has to be better connected with primary and intemediary care units. which is critical to improve survival. >> with the ageing of the population, the numbers of cases are expected to rise, more needs to be done, and soon, to increase the chance of survival for those part of a world where cancer is a death sentence. the u.s. space agency nasa released more pictures. the images were taken from the new horizon spacecrafts.
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it's nearly 200 million kilometers away. it shows layers of pluto's atmosphere and the mountains. it is the first spacecraft to visit pluto. more news, analysis and comments on the website, >> i'm ali velshi. on target - justice for all. meet the court-appointed lawyers who made it their mission to expose crooked cops and prosecutors. and the critics that say it has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with politics. anyone like me watches a lot of cop shows can revit the miranda warning na police officers must read to suspects. you have the right to remain silent. anything you can and say will be