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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 3:00am-3:31am EDT

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>> russia warns of a proxy war as united states announces it will send special forces to syria. hello, i'm adrian finighan. this is al jazeera. the second day of campaigning in turkey's second general election in just six months. amount green and gold fever in sydney as the wallabes prepare to take on new zealand np rugby
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world cup final. russia has warned of a proxy war breaking out in syria after announcement of u.s. sending special forces to fight i.s.i.l. announced while foreign ministers were in vienna for an international summit on the conflict. u.s. says its forces will are in a position to train and advise. >> translator: i believe that neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the so-called proxy war. >> the president has been determined to try to make certain that we were going to increase our efforts against daesh. because to everybody's obvious perception, more needs to be done. >> earlier my colleague elisabeth is puranam asked if
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this was mission creep. >> i suspect these u.s. special operations forces were already in syria. theist found its main desire is to overthrow i.s.i.l. in raqqa. they found that the leftist syrian low pressure ya the ypg were the best fighters against i.s.i.l. so they want to give them support. >> reporter: . >> the u.s. has been criticized for not having a strafnlg for syria. do you feel that's a fair citi civil mr. cole? as far as military interventions go, they seem to be dammed if they do and dammed about they don't don't they? >> if the goal is to mainly defeat i.s.i.l. which is how i have red the obama administration, the u.s. air
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support prevented i.s.i.l. from taking kobani with the help with the kurdish fighters and for one point they were within 30 miles of raqqa, the kurdish capital. and the new strategy is a northeastern strategy, not for whole country. the u.s. has done very little with regard to al assad government. they are hoping a combination of kurdish fighters and local tribesmen will help them make incorrodes rhodes against i.s.i.l. even in its capital in syria. >> how do you think they went what we have heard so far, do you have any hope for the next round that has been announced for two weeks? >> iran is at the table, saudi arabia is there, russia and the united states and you know you start with two sides that are
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very far apart. iran would like the al assad government to simply win, the same government as would be there in 2010. and the saudis would like it overthrown in favor of perhaps a taliban regime of salafi hard liners in syria. those two are very, very far apart. there is a place in the middle maybe a syrian democracy where salafis and alawite hard liners can be represented. >> antigovernment protests, foreign minister chad be clald .
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>> there are very many victims many went to the hospital by themselves which is exon in thin this situation. we'll see how they are managing and whether to move them to other hospitals. >> reporter: they were in the capital bucharest, dozens have died and more than 160 wounded. >> it was 11:00 in the evening, the night club was packed with at least 200 people. authorities warn that the death toll may still climb because
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some in the hospital have burns all over their body. >> it is the worst tragedy in decades, teenagers attending a free rock concert. >> three friends of mine are inside the hospital. i'm lucky, i couldn't find anybody to replace me at the hospital. i might have been here and i might have been dead. >> witnesses say some people were trampled as the crowds rushed for only exit in the club. the health ministries urged people to donate blood for the victims. and klaus hanas has sent his condolences. he is considering a day of emergency. being hayder abban al jazeera.
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>> sparks from low slung electric cables set fire to an umbrella store. in turkey, voting for the second time in six months. polls suggesting that the country is deeply polarized. omar al saleh in istanbul. >> there are fewer main parties competing in this election and each one has its own slogans. the ruling party has several slogans. it says vote for stability and governing alone. lost power since coming in june elections. failed to form a coalition government leading to a snap election which will take place on sunday. the party is relying on political stability and forfeit which it has provided during its
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term in power. republican people's party, their main slogan is, promising it will implement major economic projects to improve the state of the economy and jobs as it was reduced before. the other main party is nationalist party. slogans of this party is calling on turks to vote for the future of the country, and also say turkey walk with us. this party is also focusing on the economy promising to increase the minimum wage. however, there are antipeace process with the kurdistan peace process, finally the people's democratic party the hdp. it is the first pro-kurdish party to enter parliament in the history of this country.
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their slows an is hearty on feet. stability to the people. >> the funerals of five palestinians killed by israeli soldiers in hebron will take place later. their bodies were handed over on friday. intervention from mahmoud abbas, israel said it would not return the bodies of palestinians killed in israel,. >> they're in grief and struggling to understand whapsdt happened to their sister. shot dead after passing through two israeli checkpoints. >> they say she had a knife, if
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you even have a met am screw, the machine will pick it up. the officer yelled where is your knife? she says i don't have a knife, then he shot her. >> when they pose no imminent threat to life. in some cases like dania's, the person shot was left bleeding to death on the ground in contradiction to humanitarian law. severe restrictions on minutian access. nothing new, now we're seeing palestinians being shot dead in disputed simple. al jazeera asked the israeli military about amnesty claims. they directed us to the ministry
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of foreign affairs, simply said this is wung situatio one situae amnesty has played a large part, next to dead minutans this who fears reprisals if he's identified, spoke to someone who witnessed the slooting of 23-year-old abado. they rejected the claims that he had been shooting. he raised his hands to show open pawks to show that he didn't have anything on them. he was shot with rounds of machine gun fire and fell to the
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ground. >> it's impossible for al jazeera to verify that version of events calling for the israeli army to change its tactics. >> yet autorefugee trajectory did i. at least 42 peoples plus 11 chirnts drown across grease. greece. we visit the newest tribal school which is facing problems. bls bls
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>> hello again, the top stories. russia has warned of a proxy war developing in syria. following announcement that the u.s. is sending special forces to help the syrian army fight i.s.i.l. a fire in a night club in romania has killed 27 people and injured over 100 more. fire in bucharest. the second time in six months that turks will vote. one side is not likely to win an overall majority. around 30 people drown in the mediterranean. police say these are the worst accidents in the greek waters
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since the situation began. john siropolous reports. >> they barely made it. this pleasure boat was lucky to reach the island of lesbos. many of those on board swam the few meters to the rocky shore. but out in the aegean people are dying every day. search has overwhelmed authorities on land and sea. on lesbos alone they have averaged 7 to 8,000 a day. authorities say it is partly due to pressure fro from turkish smugglers to maximize the number for the year. >> for smugglers this is all of this like dealing with cargo shipment probably. >> the surge means more loss of life at sea but also pressure on camps and people await
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registration. afghan faisal paid the price by being hunted down by the resurgent taliban. >> they shoot bullets in front of my home and they put a letter on my door. when my dad got the letter, my dad told me, i told you don't work with these guys. cause my family life with unrest. take that money and get out of afghanistan go wherever you want to go. don't come back to my home. >> he can wait no more and is asking for protection in europe. this camp built for 1500 is overrun by more than twice that many. they now spill over barbed wire fences into the surrounding olive groves. there is no running water nothing to eat and nowhere to sit down. only children manage to escape briefly from these daily
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realities. this is greece's first eu hot spot where new arrivals are screened. there is room for about 10,000 people in camps like these around the country. but greece has now been forced to raise that capacity to 50,000 most of it in government built temporary shelters. the remainder in private housing. greece says that europe needs to do more. >> translator: i want to say that as a european leader i feel shame, shame both for the inability of europe to deal effectively with this human crisis but also for quality of the debate. >> reporter: greece now has to build its new capacity as are prospect dawns that the refugees may not let the winter pass. john siropolous, al jazeera, the aegean. >> halfway houses and home detention. the majorities of those being
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released are drug offenders, it is a plan to reduce overcrowding in u.s. prisons. north korea has had drills off the eastern coast of the korean peninsula. u.s. naval forces say that more than 5,000 crew members participated, the nuclear powered u.s. ronald reagan was one of three ships involved in the drill. china's premier has arrived in seoul where he is due to meet with leaders from japan and south korea. leaders from the northeast asian nations have been testy because of war time disputes and history. harry fawcett reports they hope to find some common ground. >> every week they gather outside the south korean embassy, coercing tricking tens of thousands of young women into
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sexual servitude. it is an issue between seoul and tokyo as shinzo abe prepares to meet south korean president for first face to face talks. >> for 25 years in front of the embassy we have been shouting for japan to official apologize and compensate. if he apologizes he can come to south korea, otherwise can he not. >> he upset both seoul and beijing by upholding previous apologize for all thapologies. what chance of progress on the historical issueshat so divide them? >> it still will be a sincere statement from prime minister abe. probably south korean government will be most part satisfied.
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>> certainly the hope from the u.s. side. it has tens of thousands of troops stationed in south korea, to be bound much more closely together. to act as a regional counterweight to a rising chien. rising chien rise china. but south korean president park geun-hye. it's a symbol that china and south korea have much more in common on these key historical issues than either has with japan. economic measures, not the least a free trade agreement between these nations in the future but the real focus will be on the significantly short meeting
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between prime minister abe and president geun-hye on monday. harry fawcett, al jazeera, seoul. >> reports we get at al jazeera of a missing aircraft. egyptian air traffic control has lost contact with a civilian airline that has been carrying over 200 people. an aircraft is missing. it's believed the passenger plane was mainly carrying russian tour ifortists home from asharmal sheik.
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we'll let you know what's happened to that aircraft. boosting education among tribal communities but in many areas, getting proper funding has been a challenged. divya gopalan reports. >> reporter: like all schools across the country, a prayer starts the day but a closer look at the picturesque setting among tree tops and formal classrooms will tell you this is not an ordinary school. tribal school opened three months ago and already its existence is in question. >> the government say it is technicality but we can't pay our bills.
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still we try to carry out daily activity as usual. >> it was a tough go from the start. the building had been empty for almost ten years. most of the furniture and supplies have been donated and only recently connected to electricity and running water. >> we overcome the deficiency and motivate people and students. >> reporter: about 50 children are enrolled but attendance varies daily. many of these children come from nomadic tribes. giving them an education is not a priority for most of their parents but getting them fed is. so these meals is an incentive to keep sending them to school. here they get three meals a day, a luxury for their families. many of them struggling to live off the land in the face of
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encroaching development. there are 6,000 tribal residents in the area, for most this is the first attempt to get formal education. >> i really like to go to school, i want to study a lot and later get a job. be. >> they plan other facilities higher education and a permanent school building. but many are skeptical that it will happen in time for these children to get their generation. divya gopalan, al jazeera, atacara. >> catherine soy reports from dar es salaam. >> achieving his formal education certificate. he won the controversial poll
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with 8.8 million votes. the ccm power has been in power for 50 years. the conspicuously missing from the ceremony is edward lawassa. >> the results make it clear, can't invalidate what's been done ben by the electoral commission. >> preliminary results say the poll was reasonably fair. >> the fielding the country's infrastructures. he also say he is going to be soft on corruption. for those who voted against students and wants a real change does not represent us. >> there is anger in this dar es
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salaam neighborhood, where people say they feel cheated. 6 million voted for lawasa. >> there is no democracy, no so-called in tanzania. it is over 50 years and we are still being ruled by one peart. party. >> he should rebuild his party. his party is comparatively, good days but weak party. he has to build it, if you are socialism and socialized. >> with a desire for change here especially among young people, the president elect is appealing to them to give him the chance to make those changes.
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catherine soy, al jazeera, dar es salaam. >> taking on the finals with new zealand. sydney's opera house has been lit up with green and gold. kicking off at 1600 gmt, lee wells. this claims to be the most successful yet. and the final is what it deserves at twickenham. great players play each other for very first time. what's scary about these all blacks, they might be the best team yet. in their quarter-final against france they would be beautifully, they she they can
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win ugly too. steve hanson's starting team has nearly a thousand cups between them, many. >> doesn't matter what you do, it's mess-up. the experience are the ones you learn from and some you don't. so hopefully we can learn any of sphwhrp beating the host england and outscoring argentina, by four tries to none. >> we know it's going to be extremely physical and we want to be able to leas that is a i believe we've prepared accordingly. once the 80 minutes starts, preparations take ahold but also a lot of the reasons that are driving you mentally, that takes over the physical part and you only feel physical parts later. >> it's the progress of seconds
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here rugby nations 21 japan that had the incredible success over the opponent. several the television or the section weedges. to do it they need to cope with the physical and mental pressure of beating rugby's biggest guam. lee wellings, al jazeera, london. se


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