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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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♪ russia warns of a proxy war after the u.s. announces it will spend special forces to syria. ♪ this is al jazeera live from doha. a deadly blaze kills at least 27 in a bu canbuckarest nightclub. the second election in just six months. we begin this hour with some breaking news.
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there are reports that a civilian airliner travel from egypt to russia has crashed. there are conflicting accounts right now as to how many passengers were on board and as to what exactly has happened. the reuters news agency is quoting the egyptian prime minister's office as confirming that a russian passenger plane has crashed in central sanai. peter sharp is on the line from there. >> reporter: it is very confusing at the moment. a passenger jet was traveling from the egyptian resort that is popular with russia travelers to petersburg. a russian eation /* aviation authority says it was a jet with 224 passengers on board. the latest we are getting is
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egypt has confirmed that the plane went down in central sanai. it was confusing earlier than that when the head of egyptian aviation said, in fact, the aircraft was safe and passing through turkish airspace but we are now hearing egypt has confirmed that and a statement from the prime minister's office said they are dealing with the crash. >> thank you, peter sharp, live in moss co to confirm those reports that a civilian airliner has crashed, conflicting accounts though at the moment as to how many passengers were on board and what exactly has happened. we will keep across all of those developments. we bring them to you here on al jazeera. in the meantime, russia has warned of a proxy war developing in syria. it follows an announcement by the u.s. it's sending special forces to help the situatian opposition fight isil. the gloichlt was announced while
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foreign ministersdeployment was while foreign ministers were in a summit. the u.s. says their role will be to train, advise and assist opposition forces. >> i believe neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the so-called proxy war. >> the president has been determined to try to make certain that we were going to increase our efforts against daesh because to everybody's obvious perception, more needs to be done. >> ba rain's foreign minister has hit at iran accusing it of supporting anti-government protests in the capitol. speaking at security protest, foreign minister accused iran of smuggling arms into b bahrain. at least 27 people have been
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killed in a forfeiter in romanian. it was packed with people when the fire broke out at around 11:00 o'clock local tight. hyder abasi has the details. >> reporter: desperate to save lives, paramedics worked to provide care to victims. >> there are many victims. many went to the hospital by themselves, is common in this situation. we finished monitoring and we are going to the hospitals to see how they are managing and whether to move them to other hospitals. >> they were in this nightclub in the capital of bucarest when a fire broke out. dozens have died. more than 160 have been wounded. >> 11 o'clock in the evening. the nightclub was packed with at least 300 people gathered for this concert. the deputy minister warns the death toll may claim as many have burns all over their bod s bodies. >> hundreds of people at the
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club were young adults and teen iejers attending a free rock concert. >> three friends of mine are inside the hospital. i was lucky because i couldn't find somebody to replace me at work and i couldn't go. otherwise, i would have been here, too, or somewhere else, maybe dead. >> it's believed the cause of the fire was a pyrotechnic show that got out of control. some were trampled as the crowds rushed for the only exit in the club. the health ministry has urged people to donate blood to the victims and the romanian president has sent his condolences. he is considering declaring a national day of mourning. al jazeera. >> in the philippines, a fire at a market has killed 15 people including four children. the pre--dawn blaze hit the city market in the south of the country. it apparently started when sparks from low life slung
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electric cables set fire to an umbrella stall. in turkey, campaigning ahead of sunday's general election. turks will vote for the second time in six months with the polls suggesting the country is deeply policy arizonaized and no single party is last timing to win -- is likely to win an overall majority. >> four main political parties competing in this election. everyone has their own story. the ruling justice and development has several slogans including vote for stability and governing. now, the ack part has lost its majority for the first time since coming into power. they failed to form a coalition government leading to the snap election which will take place on sunday. the party is relying on the political stability, development and economic growth it says it provided during its time in power.
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>> the republican peoples party, their main slogan is "turkey first." this party is promising major economic projects and creating jobs and reforms. the other main opposition party is the nationalist movement party,tie's right ultra nationalists. the slogan is call okay turks to vote for the future of the country and, also, is focusing on the economy, promising to increase the minimum wage but they are the workers party and call to the preserve the unity of turkey. finally, the people's democratic party, the first pro-kurdish party to enter parliament in the history of this country. their slogan is persistence.
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they want to bring reconciliation, stability and peace to southern area. >> another palestinian has been shot by israeli forces. the man is accused of carrying out a stabbingtac near janine. israeli forces shot him. amnesty international accuses israel of adopting a shoot to kill policy. five pill stennian soldiers' funeral will take place later. the bodies were handed to their families on friday after intervention by president mahmoud abbas as well as international groups. earlier this month, the israeli government said it would keep hold of the bodies of pal stippians accused of carrying out attacks against israelis. it's been almost 20 years since the assassination of itzak rabin. a commemoration to remember the
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man. the peace is still just a hope. stefanie dekker reports. >> reporter: this was a momentous occasion. the 1993 signing of the oslo acords on the white house lawns. whether you would it would lead to a palestinian state or not t brought hope and a mutual recognition that was unprecedented. >> at that time, all we believed the conflict was over but actually, we discovered quickly the conflict started at that time. it's not over. >> muda owned a bookstore for 30 years. a books all about this never end conflict. he said he has lost all hope. >> we will stay in this situation a long time. i don't see that it's close in my generation at least. >> rabin, if he looked at the situation today would be very angry. >> the israeli government
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spokesman at the time when rabin was assassinated? >> what happened was that peace lost its appeal to israel. and i think it's because of lack of leadership, not because of lack of the quest forrusis is for peace. >> the platform was about linking peace with security. the two had to go hand-in-hand, that peace equalled security. today, the political message has changed. it seems to be om about security. >> today, we don't hear anything about peace. but what we hear is, oh, my god, they are going to destroy us. >> back at the book shop, imad said that narrative is wrong. >> most, the majority accept israeli. they want to live with them, in peace. >> he says the israeli government is giving the
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palestinian government nothing to make the people believe he has the power to change anything. >> many points, sick part of the checkpoints. destroying houses. there are many things that if they did, they can give them the power, the tools that he could for his people. by negotiation, they can get something. opposite. >> hope has gradually eroded. this last month has seen some of the worst one on one violence in a very long time. palestinian against israeli, israeli against palestinian. 20 years after the oslo acords that promised to bring peace to this region, violence has almost become the normal here. >> just ahead here on al jazeera, desperation and tragedy, bodies keep washing up on greek soil while european politicians keep saying more must be done. plus the indian government aims
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hello again. the egyptian prime minister's office says apany plane has crashed in the sanai "penguins of madagascar." there were more than 200 people on board. russia has warned of a proxy war developing in syria. it follows an announcement by the u.s. that it is sending special forces to help fight
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isil. foreign ministers met on a summit on the conflict. a fire at a nightclub in romanian has kicked 27 people and injured more than 150. the club in bucharest was packed with people when the fire broke out. live to moss co on more on the breaking news about the russian passenger jet crashing in the sanai "penguins of madagascar." what's the latest, peter sharp? >> reporter: well, the aircraft went off radar screen about an hour ago and there have been conflicting reports ever since on what was the fate of the aircraft. we know it's a passenger airliner run by a russian airline company. it had 224 people on board. it was an airbus 321 flying the 4 and a half hours flight to saint petersburg. the egyptian prime minister has gone on the air and said the
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plane, the aircraft, did crash in sanai. they have set up a crisis meeting at the moment. reports are still coming in. we will be assessing it as it goes on. >> peter sharp, live in moss co. more bodies have washed up on the greek islands after two boats carrying refugees sank this week. distressed found several bodies covered with blankets and certain away to be buried. at least 30 people drowned when the vessel sank three days ago. police say these were some of the worst accidents in greek waters since the refugee crisis began. john psoropolus. >> reporter: they barely made it with the vessel leaning to one side. this pleasure boat was lucky to reach the island of lesbos.
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many swam the final few meters to the rocky shore. out in the aegean, people are dying every day. a surge in rifles over the last few days has overwhelmed authorities on land and sea. on lesbos alone they have averaged seven to 8 a day. authorities say it's partly due to pressure from turkish smugglers to maximize business before winter? >> when you enter into this type of criminal business there is no, i think, respect for human liechz. for the smugglers, all of this is like dealing with cargo shipments probably. >> reporter: the surge means more loss of life at sea but pressure on camps as people await registration. still waiting for his travel documents is afghan izada. he paid the price working for coalition forces by being hunted down by the resurgent taliban. >> the talibantable, they shoot
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bullets in front of my home and post a letter on my do. when my dad got the letter, he told me, i told you don't work with these guys. because of you, my family life is at risk. take the money and get out of afghanistan. go wherever you want to go. don't come back in my home. >> faisal has waited for two years for an american visa. he can wait no more and is asking for protection in europe. >> this camp built for 1500 is overrun by more than twice that many. they now spill over barbed wire fences into the surrounding olive groves. there is no running water, nothing to eat and nowhere to sit down. the only children manage to escape briefly from these daily realities. this is greece's first eu hot spot where new arrivals are screened. there is room for about 10,000 people in camps like these across the country. greece has now been forced to raise that capacity to 50,000.
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most in government-built temporary shelters. the remainder in private housing. >> greece says that europe needs to do more. >> i want to say that as a european leader, i feel shame, shame both for the inability to europe to deal effectively with this human crisis but also for the quality of the debate. >> greece has to build its new capacity has the prospect dawns that arrivals may not pause to let the winter pass. al jazeera, lesbos. austria's chancellor says it's neither fair nor possible for greece to tackle the crisis alone. after a meeting with francois hollande, he said it was a common penal goal. thousands of asylum seekers have been trying to get between slovenia and austria. there have been outbreaks of violence as frustration rises. tension escalated after slovenia
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authorities began transporting large groups i have migrants from croatia earlier in the week mention co's opinions budsman wants an investigation to the number of journalists. gonzalez perez says more protection is needed as journalists face harassment regularly. his announcement comes ahead of mexico's day of the dead sell brays. journalists staged add protest to call freedom to be respected. 18 journalists have been killed since the year 2000. >> the threats and harassment are regular features throughout mexican journalism, particularly until local journalism that covers corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and public security. issues rise blocking freedom of expression. in addition to this, many report complaints out of a lack of confidence in local authorities. >> the u.s. justice department has begun to release around 6,000 prisoners.
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it's the largest one-time release of inmates so far. most will go to halfway houses and home detention. the majority of those being released are drug offenders part after plan to reduce overcrowding in u.s. prisons. >> north korea has criticized joint military drills held by south korea and the united states. they took place earlier this week off of the eastern coast of the korean "penguins of madagascar." u.s. naval forces say more than 5 true members participated. the nuclear-powered aircraft-carrier, u.s. ronald reagan was involved in the drill. >> china's premier has arrived in seoul. relations between the three northeast asian nations have been testy because of territorial disputes and their wartime history. harry faucet reports now. it's hoped they will be able to find some demonground. >> every week they gather outside the japanese embassy.
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supporters of south korea's comfort women, the last survivors of the program of coercing or tricking tens of thousands of young women into sexual servitude. japan's prime minister prepares to meeting south korea's president for the first face to face talks. >> for 25 years in front of the embassy, we have been shouting for japan top apologize and compensate. if abe has solutions, he can come to south korea. otherwise, he cannot. >> when japan's prime minister made his statement marking 70 years since defeat, he upset others without reiterating apologies. for the symbolism.
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? >> it was a sincere statement from prime minister abe. probably the south korea ian government will be mostly satisfied. >> the u.s. has tens of thousands of troops stationed there had and is desperate for the two northeast asian alleys to be bound more closely together. the idea is to act as a regional counter weight to china. pakinai has closer ties with china, attending a major military parade in september. them week, a new comfort women's statute was unveiled in seoul displaying a young chinese victim alongside a south korea ian girl they have more in common on these issues than either has with japan. these talks will all be about history. they are important economic matters to discuss, a freed
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trade agreement between these nations in the future. the real focus will be on the significantly short meeting between president park and prime primary abe on monday. whether that will lead to the kind of improvement in relations washington so wants is another matter entirely. harry fawcett, al jazeera, seoul. >> a two-story building has collapsed in central china killing at least 17 construction workers. 40 people were pulled from the debri in the town of bewodo in hun a nn province. workers were trying to prop up the floor when it gave way, 23 people were injured. sdmrfrnling an opposition candidate in the myanmar election has been stamped with a machete. he is in the hospital with head injuries and deep cuts to hands. he was stacked in a rallz. voters in myanmar head to the
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polls over a week from today india's government has opened schools to boost education among tribal communities. in many areas getting funding has been a defendant challenge. al jazeera visited the youngest tribal school in the forest of atatod. ♪ >> reporter: like all schools across country, a prayer starts the day. but a closer look at the piscesque setting among treetops of informal classrooms will tell you this is not an ordinary school. the youngest tribal school opened three months ago. already, it's future is in question. >> the government has to do a lot more. the teachers have not received any salary. the government said it is technicality but we can't pay bills and expenses. we are doing our best to carry out daily activity as usual. >> reporter: it's been a tough task from the start. the building had been empty for
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more than 10 years. most of the furniture, equipment and school supplies have been donated by various organizations. it's only recently been connected to electricity and running water. >> now we have to motivate people and students. >> reporter: about 50 children are enrolled, but attendance varies daily. many of these children come from nomadic tribes. education is not a priority for most of their parents but getting them fed is. these meals are intended to keep them coming to school. three meals a day. a luxury for their families. many struggle to go survive and live off of the land in the face, of encroaching development. there are 6,000 tribal members in the area.
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for first, this is the first generation to get a formal education. >> i really like going to school. i want to the study a lot, and later, i want to get a job. >> the local government says they plan more facilities, higher education and a permanent school building. but many here are skeptical it will will happen in time for these children to complete their education. al jazeera. australia is set to taken on world champions new zealand in the final of the rugby world cup later. sydney's opera house has been lit up with green and gold ahead of the game, the colors of the wallabies from england where the teams will kick off. lee we willings reports. >> reporter: in size, in viewers, in excitement, this rugby world can you be can claim to have been the most successful yet. the turnament will have the final it deserves as twickenham. australia against new zealand, the world's top two ranked
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teams, great rivals playing each other in the world cup final for the first time. the final is on the day of the halloween festival. what's scary about these all blacks is they might just be the best team yet. they have won 13 consecutive world cup matches in their quarterfinal against france, they won beautifully. in their semifinal against south africa, they showed they can win ugly, too. steve hanson's starting team has nearly a thousand cups between them with many part of the squad that won a trophy four years ago. >> it doesn't matter what you do in life, the experience is massive. experience is the ones you win from and the ones you don't. >> australia were begin a fright when they beat scotland by a sing point but have otherwise impressed beating the host, england and out scoring semifinal opponents argentina by 4 tries to none. >> we know it's going to be
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extremely physical and we want to beibility last. so, i believe we have prepared accordingly, you know. once the 80 minutes starts, not only will your preparations take a hold but also a lot of the reasons that are driving you mentally. >> takes over the physical part and you only feel the physical parts later. >> reporter: it's the progress of second-tier rugby nation such as japan's increddilt victover that has been the major success of this turnament watched by spectators and several billion on television over the six weeks. the cream has risen to the top. new zealand are favorites to become the first team to lift the world cup three times. to do it, they need to cope with the physical and mental pressure of beating their closest en knee rug background's biggest game lee we willings, al jazeera, london. >> finally, a toddler dressed
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like the pope won top prize at president barack obama's white house halloween party. the boy was among hundreds of local kids and children from military families who came trick or treating at the whitehouse on friday. the south lawn was turned into an enchanted forest for the annual event. the arctic circle. an environment that is at the same time hostile and fragile. warming temperatures are warming ice at historic rates... adding to its distress, man's unquenchable desire for fossil fuel. the quest to retrieve arctic oil is underway, but how prepared is the world to handle a catastrophic spill. are oil and ice a recipe for disaster?


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