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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> a russian airliner carrying more than 200 passengers crashed in egypt hello, i'm jane dutton, you're watching al jazeera. also on the programme, russia warns of a proxy war. a deadly blaze at a bucharest nightclub kills 27 people it's a second day of campaigning in the turkish election in six months.
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>> we start with breaking news, an airliner flying from egypt to russia crashed. there were more than 200 passengers on the flight. a statement from egypt's prime minister said it came down in the cyanide. peter sharp joins us. you have been getting the latest information. what have you been told? >> yes, well the aircraft was an a321 airbut full of holiday makers from sharmal shake. it was 23 -- sharma shake. it was 23 minutes into the flight. 224 passengers on board and crew, including 27 children. the newsagency in moscow is reporting prior to it going
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off-air the pilot was requesting the location of an airport, saying he had problems with radio communication. the area, northern sinai is home to a 2-year long insurgency with fighters loyal to i.s.i.l. egyptian security forces said there was no indication - repeat no indication - that the aircraft was shot down. the russian ambassador is talking to aviation people in cairo and we expect a statement shortly. >> let's move to the crash side and bring in a journalist based in the sinai. what are you hearing about what happened and what is going on at
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the crash site? >> we hear that it was a crash near a small town. it's related to province of sinai, a conflict between egyptian security and islamic military. and it's difficult to send some rescue to the area. so those in north sinai, there's many ambulance calls for the injured, taking them to the hospitals of northern sinai and
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the suez canal. >> you talk about the fighting. we are hearing from egyptian authorities that they are it's not anything to do with the plane going down. what is the speculation about what happened. >> i don't think so, it's been down by anybody. because this area actually is quite far from the zone where the fight going on in north sinai. >> you said it will be a difficult rescue operation. it will be a journey to get to the hospital. any idea about the crash site and how large it is. . >> no idea about the crash, until now, it happened.
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it's almost sure it's not down by anything, but it's a national crash. >> thank you for that muhamed sabry on the phone. saying how difficult it is to get the rescue operation up and running in sinai. we know that a plane with 224 has gone down. 17 of them children. apparently they were leaving a holiday in sharmel sheikh russia warns of a prochly war developing in syria -- proxy war developing in syria, following an announcement they are sending forces to fight i.s.i.l. there was an announcement whilst the international summit on the conflict was occurring. the role was to assist and train. >> translation: i believe neither the u.s. nor russia want to go back to the proxy war.
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>> the precedent has been determined to make certain that we were going to increase our effort against d.a.e.s.h., because to everyone's perception, more needs to be done. >> iran is rejecting accusations that it is supporting anti-government protests in the capital. there was an accusation of smuggling armses into bahrain and they pose as big a threat to the middle east as i.s.i.l. the funerals of five palestinians killed in hebron will take place later. the bodies were handed over to the families offer intervention by president mahmoud abbas. the israeli group decided to keep hold of palestinians accused of carrying out attacks against israelis. >> another palestinian has been shot dead by israeli forces. the 17-year-old boy is accused
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of carrying out a stabbing attack near janina city in the northern occupied west bank. israeli forces shot him. 17 palestinians, and nine israelis have been killed in fighting this month. >> the funerals of five palestinians killed by israeli soldiers in hebron will take place later. the bodies handed over later. after intervention by mahmoud abbas and international groups. >> it was decided they would retain the bodies, accused of carrying out attacks against them. nadim baba reports from hebron they are in greece and struggling to accept what happened to their sister. the father of a 17-year-old from hebron tells me she was shot dead by an israeli soldiers after passing through two checkpoints.
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>> they say she had a knife. if you have a metal jew machines will pick it up. she was searched twice. a soldiers yelled at her "where's your knife?" . >> she said "i don't have one." and he shot her. this is one of several cases investigated in by palestinians were shot dead when they posed no imminent threat to life. in some cases the person shot was left bleeding to death on the joined, in violation of humanitarian law. such reports are adding to tensions in hebron, where a few hundred settlers were in the heart of the city with palestinian access. >> the clashes are on between protesters and the army are nothing new. now we are seeing palestinians shot dead in disputed circumstances. al jazeera asked the israeli military about the claims, and they directed us to the ministry
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of foreign affairs. they simply said this was yet another nans in which am -- instance in which amnesty demonstrates interest in palestinian terror. some activists say troops sometimes placed knives next to dead palestinians to implicate them in attacks. this man fears reprisals and spoke to someone that witnessed a fatal shooting. the witness disputed the israeli forces that he had been involved in a stabbing attack. >> he tells us that he saw the guys, the young palestinian man walking on the street. hearing something. then raising his hands, showing open palms to show that he didn't have weapons on him. and a few seconds after, like two seconds after, he was shot with the rounds of machine guns fire and fell to the ground. >> it's impossible for al
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jazeera to verify that version of events, it's clear with every shooting dead of the palestinians, the anger on the streets is growing, along with calls for the israeli army to change its tactics a fire in a nightclub in romania is blamed on fireworks set off by a heavy metal ban. 27 were killed in the packed club. >> reporter: desperate to save lives, paramedics work to revive victims. for many, there's nothing to do. >> translation: there are many victims, many went to the hospital by themselves. it is common. they finish monitoring here. they go to the hospitals to see how they are managing and whether to move them to the other hospitals. >> translation: they were in the capital bucharest when the fire broke out of the dozens died.
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hundreds were wounded. >> it was 11 o'clock in the evening and the nightclub was packed. the minister warned that the death toll may climb some burnt over their bodies. >> it's the worst accidents in decades. hundreds of people at the club were young adults and teenagers attending a free rock concert. >> translation: three friends of mine are inside the hospital. i was lucky, i couldn't find someone to replace me at work. otherwise i would have been here too, or somewhere else, maybe dead. >> it's believed the cause of the fire is a pyrotechnic show that got out of control. witnesses say some were trampled as they rushed to the only exit in the club. the health ministry urged the donation of blood. and the president sent condolences. he is considering declaring a
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national day of mourning in turkey, it's the last day of campaigning ahead of the sunday general election. turks will vote for the second time in six months. the country is deeply polarized and no single party is likely to win overall majority. we have more from istanbul. >> there are four main political parties competing in the election. every one has a slogan. the ruling justice and development party has several slogans including vote for stability and governing alone. the a.k. party lost its majority for the first time since coming into power in june election. they failed to form a coalition. the government with a snap election on sunday. the party is relying on the political stability and economic growth. it said it provided during its time in power. >> the main opposition party is the republican people's party,
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known as tht. their slogan is turkey first. this party is focussing on a promising and major economic projects for the state. including creating jobs. the other main opposition party is the nationalist movement, party or nhb. ultra nationalism. slogans of the party is calling on turks to vote for the future of the countries, and say "turkey, walk with us." in party is focussing on the economy, promising to increase the minimum wage. there are antipolice protests, and they called to preserve the unity. >> and finally the people's dramatic party, the h.d.p. it's the first pro-kurdish party to enter parliament in the history of the country. their slogan is persistence.
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they want to end the conflict with the p.k.k. and wants to bring reconciliation, stability and peace. still to come. desperation and tragedy. bodies keep washing up on greek soil. european politicians say more must be done. the indian government aims to boost tribal community across the country and we visit a school facing problems. oblems. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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not the other way around.
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hello again, top stories on ja al jazeera, a passenger plane flying from egypt to russia collapsed. egypt's prime minister said it came down in a mountainous area of the sinai peninsula. it was from sharmel shake to st peters burg. >> russia warns of a proxy war in syria, and is spending special forces to help the syrian forces fight i.s.i.l. a fire in a nightclub in romania blamed on fireworks set off by a heavy metal band. 27 have been killed in bucharest. more than 150 others have been injured more bodies washed up on the greek island after two boats carrying refugees sank. people in the island of lesbos
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found several bodies, including those of small children. they were covered with blankets and taken away to be buried. 30 drowned in the past three days. we have this report from lesbos. >> they barely made it, with the vessels leaning to one side, over loaded with refugees on the upper decks. this pleasure boat was lucky to reach the island of lesbos. out in the agean people are dying every day. a surge in arrivals over the last few days overwhelmed authorities on land and sea. on-lesbos alone, they averaged 7,000-8,000 a day. authorities say it's due to pressure from smugglers to maximise business from winter. >> when you enter this criminal business, there's no respect for human rights, and a think for the smugglers, all of this is like dealing with cargo
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shipment, probably. >> reporter: the surge means more loss of life at sea, but pressure on camps, as people await registration. still waiting for his travel documents is afghan man, he paid the price of working as an interpreter by u.s. coalition forces, being hunted down by the resurgent taliban. >> the taliban come to camp, shooting bullets in my home and put a letter on my door. my dad got the letter and he said "i told you not work with the guys, and you worked with the guys." my family life is at risk. take the money, go where you want. don't come back in my home. >> reporter: faisal waited for an american visa, he can wait no more and is asking for protection. this camp is overrun by more than twice that many.
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spilling over the fences into the surrounding olive groves. only children escaped from the daily realities. this is greece's first e.u. hot spot where arrivals are screened. there's room for 10,000 people in camps like these. greece has been forced to raise the capacity to 50,000, most in government-built temporary sholters, the remainder in private housing. greece says europe needs to do more. >> reporter: >> translation: i want to say to a european leader that i feel shamed, shamed to deal with the crisis, and the quality of the debate. >> reporter: greece has to build a new capacity as the prospect dawns that now arrivals may not pause to let them pass
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austrian chancellor said it is neither fair nor possible for greece to tackle the crisis alone, making the comments after meeting with the french president francis hollande, and there has been scenes of chaos and violence at austria's borders. thousands of refugees crossing from slovenia the president from the human rights commission wants more protection for journalists. 18 have been killed since 2000. many face harassment. journalists states they will protest calling for freedom of expression to be respected. >> threats and harassment are regular features. particularly in local journalism covering corruption, organized crime, drug trafficking and security. others arrive from judicial figures. in addition. many report complaints.
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>> north korea is criticizing the joint military exercise sizes. 5,000 crew members book part in the drills. the nuclear powered aircraft carrier, ronald reagan, was involved there's talks between chinese and japanese leaders, relationships are tense. harry fawcett reports, it's hoped the summit in seoul will find common ground. >> reporter: every week they gather outside the japanese embassy in seoul. supporters of the comfort women, the last survivors, coercing and tricking tens of thousands of young women into sexual certitude. it's an issue between japan and tokyo was japanese prime
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minister shinzo abe prepares to peat south korea's prime minister. >> translation: for 20 years we have been calling for an appeal gee. if shinzo abe has a solution, he can come, otherwise he can not. >> when the president made a statement, he upset seoul and beijing by upholding previous apologies, but without reiterating them from a personal standpoint. >> what chance of protest on the historical issues that divide them? >> there'll be a sincere statement from prime minister shinzo abe. probably south korean government will be most satisfied. >> that is the hope from the u.s. side. it has tens of thousands of troops in japan and south korea, and is desperate for the two north asian allies.
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the idea is to act as a counterweight to a rising china. >> south korea's president chartered her own course, developing ties with china, evidence by a decision to attend a military parade in beijing in september. this week in a coincidence, a comfort women's statue was unveiled in seoul, displacing a young chinese victim. a display that most have a lot in common. there are also economic matters to discuss. not the least the prospect of a trade agreement between the nations in the future. the real focus is on the significantly short meeting between president park geun-hye and prime minister shinzo abe on monday. whether it leads to improvement in relations that washington wants is another matter entirely. the indian government opened schools in rural areas to boost
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education among tribal communities. many areas getting enough funding has been a challenge. we visit a young tribal school in the forests. >> reporter: like all schools across the country a prayer starts the day. but a closer look at the picturesque setting will tell you that this is not an ordinary school. the youngest tribal school opens three months ago and the future is in question. the government has to do a lot more. the government says it's a technicality, but we can't pay bills and expensing. we are doing our best to carry out daily activity. >> it's been a tough task from the start. the building had been empty for 10 years. most of the furniture, equipment
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and school supplies had been donated. it's recently been connected to mains electricity and running water. >> we are able to put all the infrastructure deficiencies, and now we have to motivate people and students. >> reporter: been 50 children are enrolled but attendance variation daily. many children come from nomadic tribes. giving them education is not a priority for most of their parents. getting them fed is. these meals are an incentive to send them to school. here they get three meals a day. a luxury for their families. many struggle to survive in the face of encroaching development. there are 6,000 tribal members in the area. more most. this is the first generation to get a formal education. >> i really like going to school. i want to study a lot.
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later i want to get a job. >> the local government says they plan more facilities, higher education, and the permanent school building. many are skeptical it will happen in time for the children to complete their education. australia set to take on world champions new zealand in the final of the rugby world cup. in australia sydney's iconic opera house has been lit up with green and gold ahead of the games, and they are the colours of the wallabies from england, where the teams will kick off at 16 g.m.t. lee wellings reports. >> reporter: in size, in viewers, in excitement, this rugby world cup claims to have been the most successful yet. and the tournament will have the final it deserves at twickenham. australia against new zealand, the world's top two ranked teams, the rivals playing each other in the world cup final for the first time.
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the final is on the day of the halloween festival. what is scary about the all blacks, they may be the best team. they have won 13 conservative world cup matches in the quarterfinal against france. they won beautifully. in the semifinal they showed they can win ugly too. >> steve hanson's starting team has nearly 100 caps between them, with many parts of the squad winning the trophy. >> doesn't matter what you do in life's experiences it's massive. two types of experiences, ones you learn from and the ones you don't. >> reporter: australia was given a fright, beating scotland by a single point. otherwise they have impressed. beating the host england and outscoring argentina by 4 tries to none. >> we know it will be physical, and we want to the last that.
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so i believe we have prepared accordingly, you know, once the 80 minutes start, not only will your preparations take a hold, but a lot of reasons that are driving you mentally, i think that takes over the physical part. and you only feel the physical part later. >> it's the progress of second-tier rugby nations such as 2019 host japan, the incredible victory that has been the major success of the tournament. it's watched by 2.4 million and several billion on television over the six weeks. the cream has risen to the top. new zealand is favourites to win the first team. to do it, they need to cope with the physical and mental pressure of beating their closest enemy of the games a toddler dressed like the pope won top prize at president
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obama's halloween party. the boy was among hundreds of schoolchildren, and families who came trick or treating at the white house on friday. the south lawn was turned into an enchanted forest for the annual event. happy halloween to you. that's the website there, at the bottom of the screen "on target" tonight labor pains. the truth about immigrant workers american jobs and the so-called skills gap in the tech industry. plus border backlog. immigrants who want to become americans left in limbo. america's immigration debate came back with a vengeance at the week's republican presidential debate in boulder. have a listen.


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