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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 7:00am-7:31am EDT

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russia opens an investigation after one of its passenger planes crashes in egypt. more than 200 people were on board. hello, this is al jazeera, live from doha. also coming up. palestinians bury the dead in hebron, israel hands back some of the bodies. >> russia warns of a proxy war after the u.s. announces it will send special forces to syria. and desperation and tragedy. bodies wash up on greek soil while european politicians say
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more must be done more than 200 passengers are feared dead after a russian jet crashed in egypt. the agencies say the pilot reported technical problems. the plane took off on saturday, from the egyptian resort. the air because a321 was flying to st. petersburg in russia, and carrying more than 224 people, including seven crew members. egypt says the wreckage has been found in the desert. on the border areas in sinai peninsula. live to moscow, and to rory challands. what is the latest? >> hard information is pretty much as you said. we know it was a flight from sharm el sheikh to st. peters
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bird. 20 meters into the flight it dropped off the radar screens, and it appears the plane came down in a mountainous area in north sinai. it apparently had been trying to reach an alternative airport. the pilot reported difficulties, and the closest airports to the plane as it was at the time, it seems that's where it was trying to get too. there were numerous reports coming out on the ground saying it had been found in two main pieces. there are reports of survivors, i've seen reports of four survivors, and voices have been heard inside the wreckage. i want to caution there has been a lot of conflicting information from the story so far, and we'll have to wait and see what the situation is.
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>> we saw russian emergency services. what official responses have there been from the government. >> there has been a lot so far. vladimir putin was quick. he says that he is dispatching rescuers to egypt to help with the process of looking into what happened here. five planes are due to leave from russia. the prime minister has been speaking and has dispatched the transport minister to go to cairo to assist with the investigation. there are two separate commissions launched and the government set up a commission to investigate the crash. there's a criminal investigation launched by the russian investigate if committee to look into whether the airline has been acting properly in its
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operation of this flight. so the russians seem to be acting quickly in terms of official response to the crash rory challands, live in moscow. egypt's prime minister gave an update. here is what he had to say. [ speaking foreign language ] >> translation: we have not yet started an investigation. a specialised team started soon. almost carrying 217 on board. the prime minister will go to the crash site. now to the rest of the news, israeli forces shot dead a palestinian. the 17-year-old accused of carrying out an attack near jenin. 70 palestinians and nine israelies have been killed. five soldiers have been killed. the bodies handed over to their
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families after intervention by mahmoud abbas and international groups. this month the israeli government decided to retain the bodies of palestinians accused of attacks. this is the executive director of the jerusalem center, local aid and human rights and says that israel is holding the bodies of palestinians. >> this is not a new policy. israel is practicing the policy since occupation in 1967. israel is keeping till now, according to documentation of palestinian entities, 269 bodies, including 19 bodies from the last war in gaza. still there are 19 bodies that are kept there. some are kept, but what is new in this policy is in the past it was the decision of security, of the army, officers in the spot
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to apply where to apply the policy. it's a political decision by the israeli cabinet. and sa decision that they started since october 8th one of the palestinians buried is among several cases cited any amnesty international as unjustified killing. al jazeera's nadim barrer -- barber went to meet her family. >> they are in grief, the father of 17-year-old tells me she turned into an israeli soldiers. they say she had a knife. if you had a metal screw the machines pick it up. and the soldiers yelled at her, where is the knife. she yelled back i don't have a knife. knife. she shot her. amnesty international says it's
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one of several cases investigated. they were deliberately shot dead by the forces, where they posed no threat. in some cases. the person shot was bleeding to death on the ground in violation of humanitarian law. such reports are adding to intentions where settlers live in the heart of the city. >> clashes here. there are palestinian protesters, it's nothing knew. >> al jazeera asked the military about claims. they direct us to the ministry of foreign affairs. it was yet another incident, in which am nest yi demonstrating the palestinian terror. some activists say that israeli troops placed knives next to dead palestinians, to falsely
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implicate them in attacks. >> this man feared reprisals, if identified soak to someone that witnessed the fatal shooting. the witness disputed the israeli forces account. that he had been involved in a stabbing attack. >> he tells us that he saw the guys, the young palestinian man walking on the street. hearing something. and raising his hands, showing open palms, in order to show that he didn't have weapons on him. a few seconds after, like two seconds after. he was shot with the round of machine-gun fire and fell to the ground. >> it's impossible for al jazeera to verify that version of events, it's clear that with every shooting dead of a palestinian, the anger on the streets is growing, along with calls four the israeli army to change its tactics.
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russia warned of a proxy war developing in syria. it follows an announcement by the u.s., that it will send special forces to help the opposition fight i.s.i.l. the deployment was announced while foreign ministers were in vienna. for an international summit on the conflict. the u.s. officials say that it will be to train, advise and assist opposition forces to assist. >> i believe neither the u.s. nor russia wants to go back to the proxy war. >> translation: the president has been determined to try to make certain that we were going to increase our efforts against d.a.e.s.h. because to everybody's perception, more needs to be done . >> i believe the u.s. nor russia wants to go back to the proxy war. in turkey, it's the last day of campaigning ahead of the election. turks will vote for the second time in six months. the polls suggesting that the country is polarized and no party likely to win a majority. >> there are four main political
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parties competing in the election, and every one has its own slogan, the ruling justice and development party has several slogans, including vote for stability. they a.k. party lost the majority for the first time since coming into power in june. they failed to form a coalition government, leading to a snap election taking place on sunday. the party is relying on stability, development and economic growth that it provided during its time in power. the main opposition party is the republican people's party. the main slogan is turkey. the party is focussing on that, and promising to implement danger and economic projects, improving the state of the economy, create jobs and produce reforms. the other main opposition party is the nationalist party. it is ultra nationalism.
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the party is calling on turks to vote for the future of the country, and also say turkey walk with us. this party is focussing on the economy, promising to improve the minimum wage. there are anti-peace protesters, and they called to preserve the unity. >> and finally the people's democratic party, the h.d.p. it is the first pro-kurdish party to enter parliament in the history of this country. the main slogan is consistent on peace. the party wants to end the conflict with the kurdistan workers party, the p.k.k., wanting to bring reconciliation, stability and peace. still to come - a wall built to separate blacks and whites in detroit becomes a symbol of defines against discrimination, we tell you more. and a dye job that fashion
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. hello gain. the top stories here on al jazeera. more than 200 airline passengers feared dead. the plane was flying from sharm el sheikh to st. petersburg. it came down in a mountainous area of sinai. 5,000 have been killed from hebron. the bodies handed over to
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families after intervention from mahmoud abbas. the government policy is to retain the policies of those accused of attacking israelis. the u.s. announced it's sending special forces to help the opposition fight i.s.i.l. foreign ministers met in vienna for a summit a fire in a nightclub in romania was thought to be set off by pyrotechnics. desperate to save lives, paramedics work to revive victims. for many, there's nothing they can do. >> there are very many victims, many went to the hospital by themselves, which is common. we finish monitoring and we go to the hospitals to see how they
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are managing are, and whether to move them to other hospitals. >> they were in the nightclub in bucharest when a fire broke out. dozens of people died, more than 160 has been wounded. it was 11 o'clock and the nightclub was packed. it was packed with at least 300 people . the deputy prime minister warned that the death toll would climax -- climb as some of those in hospital had burns over their body, it's one of the worst accidents in the capital. hundreds of people at the club were young adults and teenagers attending a rock concert. three friends of mine are inside the hospital. i was lucky, i couldn't find someone to replace me at work. otherwise i would be here too. or somewhere else. maybe dead. >> >> it's believed the cause of the fire was a pyrotechnic show that got out of control. some people were trampled. the crowds rushed for the only exit in the club. the health ministry urged people to donate blood to the victims.
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the romanian president sent his condolences. he's considering declaring a national day of mourning more bodies have washed up on the greek coast after two boats carrying refugees sank earlier this week. people on lesbos found several corpses along the beach. they were taken away to be buried. police say they were some of the worst accidents in greek waters. since the refugee crisis begins. we have this report from lesbos. >> reporter: they barely made it, with the vessel leaning heavily to one side. overloaded with refugees on the upper decks this pleasure boat was lucky to reach the island of lesbos. out in the agean people are dying every day. a surge in arrivals over the last few days overwhelmed authorities on land and sea.
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on lesbos alone, they averaged 7,000-8,000 a day. authorities say it's partly due to pressure from turkish smugglers to maximise business before winter. >> when you enter this criminal business, there's no respect for human rights, and i think for the smugglers, all of this is like dealing with cargo shipment, probably. >> reporter: the surge means more loss of life at sea, but pressure on camps, as people await registration. still waiting for his travel documents is this afghan man, he paid the price of working as an interpreter by u.s. coalition forces, being hunted down by the resurgent taliban. >> the taliban come to camp, shooting bullets in front of my home and put a letter on my door. my dad got the letter and he said "i told you not work with the guys, and you worked with
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the guys. my family life is at risk. take the money, get out of afghanistan, go where you want. don't come back in my home." >> reporter: faisal waited for an american visa, he can wait no more and is asking for protection. this camp is overrun by more than twice that many. it was bit for 1500. spilling over the barbed wire fences into the surrounding olive groves. there's no running water or anywhere to sit down. only children escaped from the daily realities. this is greece's first e.u. hot spot where arrivals are screened. there's room for 10,000 people in camps like these. across the country. greece has been forced to raise the capacity to 50,000, most in government-built temporary shelters, the remainder in private housing. greece says europe needs to do more. >> translation: i want to say to
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a european leader that i feel shame, shamed to deal with the inability of europe to deal gectively with the -- effectively with the crisis, and the quality of the debate. >> reporter: greece has to build a new capacity as the prospect dawns that now arrivals may not pause to let them pass austria's chancellor says it's impossible and unfair for greece to tackle the refugee crisis alone. thousands of asylum seekers try to get through the barriers at the border of slovenia and austria. tension rose after slovenia started sending refugees from the border with croatia this week. now, a fire at a market killed 15 people, including four children in the philippines. it apparently started when sparks from low-slung cables set fire to an umbrella storm
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construction workers have been killed. at least 17 died when the second floor of the building had been renovated caved in. 40 others were bulled from the debris north korea is conducting joint military. 5,000 crew members took part in the drills this week. "ronald reagan" was involved off the east coast of the core -- korean peninsula. south korea is hosting talks with chinese and japanese ministers, relationships have been tense because of territorial disputes and the war time history. harry fawcett reports. it's hoped the summit in seoul will be able to find common ground. >> reporter: every week they gather outside the japanese embassy in seoul. supporters of the comfort women,
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the last survivors of the colonial japanese military program, coercing and tricking tens of thousands of young women into sexual servitude. it's an issue between japan and tokyo as japanese prime minister shinzo abe prepares to meet south korea's prime minister. for first face to face talks. >> translation: for 25 years in front of the embassy, we have been calling for an apologise. if shinzo abe has a solution, he can come, otherwise he can not. >> when the president made a statement, he upset seoul and beijing by upholding previous prime ministerial apologies, but without reiterating them from a personal standpoint. for all the symbolism of the first japan, seen summit, what chance of progress on t historical issues that divide them? >> there'll be a sincere statement from prime minister shinzo abe. probably south korean government will be most satisfied.
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>> that is the hope from the u.s. side. it has tens of thousands of troops in japan and south korea, and is desperate for the two north asian allies. to be bound more closely together. the idea is to act as a counterweight to a rising china. >> south korea's president chartered her own course, developing closer ties with china, evidence by a decision to attend a military parade in beijing in september. this week in a coincidence, a comfort women's statue was unveiled in seoul, for the first time displaying a young chinese victim alongside a south korean girl. it's a symbol that they have more in common on these issues than either has with japan. the talks won't all be about history, there's economic matters to discussion, not the least the prospect of a trade agreement between the nations in the future. the real focus is on the significantly short meeting between president park geun-hye and prime minister shinzo abe on monday.
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whether it leads to the kind of improvement in relations that washington wants is another matter entirely. the head of mexico's human rights commission wants an investigation into the amount of journalists killed, and says more protection is needed as journalists face criminal activity. a protest was called for freedom of expression to be rnds. 18 journalists have been killed since 2000. the threat and harassment are regular features. particularly in local journalism that covers corruption. organized crime, drug trafficking and security. other in addition to this, many reports complain of a lack of
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confidence in oorties. >> the u.s. department has begun to release 6,000 prisoners as parts of a plan to release overcrowding. the majority are drug offenders, most going to halfway houses and home detention. detroit in the u.s. state of michigan has contended with racial tensions. al jazeera's john hendren found a little known relic that has become a symbol of defines. >> reporter: this is detroit's wall of shame, half a mile of solid segregation. when teresa moon moved here as a child blacks lived on one side, whites on the other and that's the way it was intended to be. >> the purpose of the wall was to separate the white community from the black community. how i feel is how dare you. i don't like it, it's a parts of my history. >> reporter: as detroit expanded
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in 1941, a developer wanted to build middle class housing for whites on the outskirts of the city. the u.s. federal housing authority backed the loan, but insisted on the wall, reasoning separating the races would protect the agency's investment. detroit's wall of racial separation has been allowed to stand. >> this maybe serves as to people that want to see the stand, victims of racism serving as how things have been and perhaps this their mind have gotten better. >> reporter: it's not intimidating wall, 6 feet high. it wasn't designed as a physical barrier, but designed to send a message to the black side of the wall - that message keep out. since 1971 gloria lives with this sim bomb, a symbol of triumph and hope. >> it did not work. the wall is here, the people are here, those they tried to repress, they are on the other
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sited of the wall. they are all over the city. you just can't - it shows you that you can't build walls around people or box them in. >> reporter: one of the more remarkable features stands, tucked away behind a park. partly painted. the rest a remnant of racism that's fashion week in nigeria, some designers are using the event to try to get consumers to buy and promote the use of traditional nigerian textiles such as adeera from the south-west. we have more on the dyeing technique that can only be carried out by hand. >> mackey o is preparing for fashion week. the designer is using the name and title of the indigo coloured dye. it's done by hand, and comes from south-western nigeria, and
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is practised for hundreds of year, he is hoping to make it popular, using it in her new collection. >> more and more designers are looking to her roots and creating her own stories, i'm concerned about the works and the chinese works, and turkish and english. because these fabrics - this is seen as african now. >> reporter: michelle obama wore the indigo dyed fabric to state dinners at the white house, and to hollywood parties. one dress can cost up to $2,000. these dyes are behind the art form.
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they crush the leaves from the indigo plant into small balls and leave them to dry in the sun. the dye textile has to be cleaned several times before it's ready to wear. it can take more than 10 days. >> the technique is difficult and can take a long time to compete. meaning they cannot produce enough to satisfy local demand, let alone international demand that this might be. >> fashion week organizers say the use of the fabric by designers shows government action is needed to ensure the art form doesn't die out. and a call for investors to invest in designers. >> it's about culture, artisan, craftsmanship. something passed down from generation to generation. it's about job creation, wealth creation, communities, an impact. >> makeo says if the steps are taken they'll depend less
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on imported fabric and show off more from home instead more news from al jazeera, along with analysis, comment and opinion. a video or two, at this week on talk to al jazeera musician and activist, moby. >> glamorous dating, going to the right parties, et cetera, these can be fun, but they're not. they won't sustain you. it's like junk food or cocaine. >> he went from being a relative unknown to one of the most important electronic dance music pioneers. moby has made more than a dozen albums. the singer-songwriter has another set to come out in 2016.


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