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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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only on al jazeera america sz ♪ egyptian prime minister visits the scene of an air draft their claimed the lives of 224 passengers and crew on a russian jet. as the news, inc., in for victims' relatives, a national day of mourning. i am launch taylor. coming up: more rocks and tear gas exchanged in the west bank as the latest victims of violence are buried. final pitch: turkish politicians rally their supporters on the eve of elections many female feel won't bring an end to instability.
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>> the all blacks pinch the world cup over their arch rivals, australia. >> in egypt where a russian airliner has crashed killing everyone on board. the jet was carrying 224 passengers and crew, including 17 children. there is no official word yet on what caused the crash, but both of the plane's black boxes are said to have been found. countries around the world are expressing condolences while the russian president vladimir putin has declared a day of mourning. the plane took off from the egyptian resort and the airbus belonged to metro jet air lines and was on its way to saint petersburg. it vanished after twenty minutes
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of taking off. wreckage has been found south of elarish. our coverage from saint petersburg. hoping for good news. but early reports of survivors were later discounted. he was on holiday with his family. my son, his wife, and daughter, their daughter is 10 months old. we spoke for the internet yesterday. i checked the radar. everything seemed to be fine, then around 11:30, i came here. when i came, i couldn't find the flight anywhere on the screen. the aircraft had come down near an egyptian air force base in sinai. search and rescue vekdz were quickly on the scene t took a short period of time to see that
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no one survived the crash. the airbus was seen here 11 days ago operated by metrojet flying to saint petersburg. 23 minutes after takeoff, it dropped out of cruising altitude and disappeared. the pilots had reportedly complained of technical problems and were trying to reach the nearest airport. as the news broke, egypt's authorities scrambled to respond. >> what will determine what happened is the analysis of the black box data and experts' deductions. however, up until this point, there are no indications that anything out of the ordinary happened on this aircraft. all we can say is that it happened due to the technical difficulties and the team of experts are the ones who will be able to approve or deny this. >> russia's investigative committee has opened a criminal case to see if metro jet is to blame. sunday will be a day of mourning in russia. fla flags will fly at half staff.
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cultural instittushingsz t.v. and radio stations have been told to cancel programs. >> friends and families of the passengers, it's been a defendant day of tragic contradictions. they were initially told the plain went missing shortly after it took off at sharmal sheik. and it was said the plane, in fact was safe transitting through turkish airspace. a few minutes after that, the prime minister came out to the say the plane was down and there were no survivors. peter sharp, al jazeera, saint petersburg airport. >> al jazeera rory challands is following the investigations in moscow. he left us this update. >> reporter: vladimir putin and the egyptian president have the had a conversation on the phone and the egyptian president essentially said to vladimir putin action your investigative teams can have as much time and space as they need to get the job done. we know the investigative teams
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are on their way there. the heads of the russian ministry of emergency situations, the transport ministry and the russian air transport agency are all on a plane at the moment from russia to egypt so that they can take part in the investigation on the ground. it's worth saying here that there is still some uncertainty, of course, in this moment about what caused this crash. the initial feeling is that it was some sort of technical fault on board the plane but other airlines decided they don't want to take the risk at the moment. two pages airlines decided they are not going to fly over the si sinai peninsula until it becomes more clear what brought the russian plane down there is an investigation at the moment as i mentioned going on that will be undertaken by the russian teams when they get to egypt there is
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a criminal. the russian investigative xhichlt in russia. a full criminal activity on the area. outside the russian. in solidarity with the victims according to the state company who runs egypt's airports, three on the crash plane. five palestinian teenagers killed by israeli forces have been buried in hebron. iezzo handed over the bodies on friday after intervention. the dead were between the ages of 15 and 18. nadine barber reports from the occupied west bank.
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>> a crowd of thousands for the funeral of five palestinian teenagers. all were shot dead by israel forces the city streets on saturday, flags of various political factions were visible. the five were laid to rest avisis handed over their bodies, in some cases, weeks after they died. >> those killed this month after they said they had attacked israeli forces or civilians. >> the five young people have been buried in hebron. there are many other families across the occupied west bank still waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned, and that's continuing to be palestinians throwing rocks and israel forces and tear gas.
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some people say this is part of a new movement that's nothing to do with the political parties. for now, it's not clear if or when the other bodies will be returned for burial if at all. nadine barber, al jazeera, hebron, the occupied west bank. >> it's been almost 20 years since the assassination of itzak rabin. a commemoration is being held to commemorate the man credited with the oslo accord. peace is still just a hope. this was a momentous occasion, the 1993 signing of the oslo accord on the white house lawn. it brought with it hope and a mutual recognition that was unprecedented. wend the conflict were over. actually, the conflict started
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at that time. it is not over. >> this man owned appear book shop there for 30 years. his shelves fill with books all about this never-ending conflict. he says he has lost all hope. >> we will stay in this situation a long time, a long tomb. i don't see it's closed in mygention at least. >> rabin if he saw the situation would be very angry. >> we spoke with rabin's spokesman at the time when rabin was assasinated. >> peace lost its appeal to israeli, and i think it's because of the lack of leadership. issitsi want peace. >> rabin's platform was about linking with security, the two had to go up and dohand-in-hand today, the political message has
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changed. it seems to be only about security. >> today, we don't hear anything about peace but what we hear is oh, my god, they are going to destroy us, kill us. >> back at the book shop, imad said that narrative is wrong. >> they accept the israeli. they want to live in peace besides theisisesi. he said the israeli golf is giving abbas nothing to make the people believe he has the power to change anything. >> that he go to his people, i told him, by negotiation action we can get something but they don't give him anything. opposite. hope as gradually eroded. this lemond has seen some of the worst one on one violence in a
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very long time. palestinian against israeli, israeli against palestinian. 20 years after the oslo accord that promised peace to this region, violence has almost become the norm here. >> stefanie dekker is live for us in tel aviv. there are some high profile people there, stephanie? >> it's hard to hear you but let me just update you. we have presidentt bill clinton speaking, saying importantly at the time, a friend other than a partner for what they tried to achieve during that time 0uk9sdz
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archs. it's almost five months since primary from time to time claimed leak toral victory. june's vote was hardly a success for the ruling party which has been unable form a minority government. it's unlikely to. signs are displayed so often they may as well be a permanent fixture. on sunday, turks will vote in the fourthly in less than two years, but these may very well be the most crucial. at the forefront is this man. after taking over. he failed to lead the akp to single party government for the first time since it came to power over a decembering aid ago -- decade ago. >> opposition parties including the pro-kudisch hdp and the
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nationalist mdp refuse to join the coalition government resulting in a hung parliament and early elections being called. political instability became worse in july after kurdish activists were killed. that was the spark that unleashed kurdish attacks inside turkey with the governments responding by striking targets belonging to armed kurdish separatists. less than a month before polling date, more than 10 people were killed at a rally in ankara. that was organized to call for a resumption in talks between the government and the pkk. it seems, though, that the akp and leadership have learned some lessons. there has been a defendant clear attempt to reconnect with people on the ground . >> i am sure this time our people will vote for the continuation of political stability and that the could be
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achieved only by our party. i am confident we will be having a one-party majority government. >> you talk about political stability but one of the things that has brought about instability is the resumption and fighting with the pkk. some people accuse the ack party of doing this deliberately after you succeeded in the peace process, in order to get people to vote for you. >> the political process until 20th of july when daesh killed 32 turkish citizenship, same day pkk has killed one sold and after two days, they killed two policemen when they were sleeping in their home. the end of the by the end of
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the. didn't leave. results are announced. from this balcony, last june, the mood was a mixture of shock: this time around, he will be hoping al jazeera ankara. >> you are watching al jazeera. still to come: life after ebola a survivor who is finding the battle for good health is not over yet. >> some tribal schools are facing closure.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can.
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this is our american story. this is america tonight. arch. the streets of hebron after clarify teenagers killed by israeli forces. sushingey's political parties hold final rallies ahead of sunday's general election. sierra leone may be declared ebola free in less than a month. it was one of the worst hit countries that killed almost 4,000 people. for those who survived, the battle is note over yet. more from the capitol, freetown. >> reporter: kemira is an ebola survivor. she contracted the disease while she cared for her mother.
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her mother died and kemira said she is grateful to be alive but her health is bad, getting through her day-to-day activities now is a challenge. >> my eyes are heavy. it feels like they want to come out. i can feel them throbbing. >> along with the pain, she has blurred vision in her left eye. she takes treatment but had to stop her work. she worries about her children. >> a big problem. my kids are first. >> sierra leone has 4,000 survivors. there have been many coming partially or completely blind after being cured from tvirus. >> dr.math matthew bandy has treated about 1,000 ebola survivors. he said there are indications the body can linger in the virus for months. more research is needed. >> my goal is to help us do more on the complications that are
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arising. >> okay. so excuse me. >> msf is operating a clinic for ebola survivors. they offer free consultations, medical treatment and psycho-social counseling. they say the stigma ebola survivors face can be traumatic. many are shunned by their own families. >> their situation is really, really dire. some have lost their source of livelihood, you know, some have a lot of psychosocial problems that needs proper attention. otherwise, it will just compound their problem. >> now, as for kemira, she hopes treatment will soon improve her eyesight, but the hardest part is not having her mother around anymore. the loss of a loved one is one of the challenges thousands of survivors of the virus in west africa have to deal with. nina devrees.
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sierra leone. >> three days of national mourning after a fire at a nightclub. the blaze was caused by fire worked being let off indoors during a rock concert. 184 people were injured in the disaster which is one of the capitol's worst in decades. the president has been visiting victims in hospitals across the city. aust they are i can't's chancellor says it's impossible and unfair for greece to tackle the refugee crisis alone. his country is struggling with influx. it's planting a barrier at one of the crossings along the slovenia border after thousands try to climb over fences. austria and germany have designated 5 inspection points at their shared border. >> campaigning is in full swing for the upcoming general election in myanmar. it's been touted as the first free and fair vote in 25 years as the country margie's from military rule. this was supposed to be one of the bigger rallies by the ruling
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union solidarity and development party. or usdp. but just a few hundred people turned up: the party is viewed as. in 2011 after ruling for 50 years. the nation able to reach out to the rural population is being accused of vote buying by offering insentence to voters. the ruling military-backed party easily won the last general election in 2010 but those polls
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were widely criticized by the international community. it didn't have to face the main opposition party, the national league for democracy which boycotted the election. the nld led by former political prisoner al sun suchi. it's fielding more than a thousand candidates matching the usdp in strength. it lack took part in a general election 25 years ago and won. but wasn't allowed to take part. >> people want to see genuine change. the military won't be able to deliver that. people will vote for the opposition. >> no matter who wins, the military will remain a powerful force. the constitution guarantees a 25% of seats in parliament and effective ve oat power. the generals will have a say in how myanmar moves fort worth. florence looie. on sunday, florence looie local report live from there
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where the deck democracy party is expected to hold an election rally. the indian government has opened schools in rural areas. getting enough funding has been a defendant challenge in many places. visiting the newest tribunal school. >> like all schools across the country, a prayer starts the day, but a closer look at the picturesque setting will tell you that this is not an ordinary school. the youngest tribunal school opened three months ago and already its future is in question. >> the government has to do a lot more. the government says it is a technicality but we can't pay our bills and expenses. we still do our daily activities as usual. >> it's been a tough task from the start.
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the building had been empty for more than 10 years. most of the furniture, equipment and school supplies have been donated by various organizations. and it's only recently been connected to electricity and running water. >> the main things are there. now, we have to motivate people and motivate students. >> about 50 children are enrolled but attendance varies daily. many of these children come from nomadic tribes. giving them an education is not a priority for most of their parents, but getting them if he had is. so these means are an incentive to keep sending them to school. here, they get three meals a day, a luxury for their families. many of them struggling to survive and live off of the land in the face of encroaching development. there are 6,000 tribal members in the area. for most, this is the first generation to get a formal
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education. i really like going to school. i want to study a lot and then later, i want to get a job. >> the local government asks they plan more facilities and a permanent school building. many here are skept it will happen in time for these children to complete their education. al jazeera. new zealand's all blacks have become the first team ever to retain the rug background world can you be after beating australia in london. they dominated territory and possession early on. scoring the first try to the give the all-blacks a 16-3 lead at haed. auchttralia came storming back when ben smith was given a yellow card. they scored 15 points in the 10 minutes he was off of the field. a crucial drop goal and an intense final few minutes, new
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zealand sealed the win. new zealand lifting the trophy for a record third time. al jazeera's lee wellington at twickenham stadium with this update. >> reporter: that will be many people now saying this all black side, the greatest rugby team in history, the first team to retain the world cup. new zealand become the first nation to win the world cup three times. special players throughout the team and indeed, every player that came on as a replacement has managed to play for such a high standard, but its legends of the game like dan carter who will now walk away from international rugby having been man of the match in the final, having put in an absolutely superb performance. richie mccall, the captain, described by his coach, steve hanson during the week as the greatest player to play for new zealand. what an acco laid that was. it wasn't all comfortable. there was that point in the match where new zee rand was
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winning 21-17. au australia threatened to come back, find a way to whin it matters. this special new zealand team just about had enough in the end. >> much more on our website for you anytime. states. >> is this pretty full for you guys? >> no, no this is just average, i guess you could say. >> okay. >> that's the population of los angeles and new york combined, booked into thousands of local jails. >> do you know how long some of these men have been held here? >> mmmm. i don't, off the top of my head, i don't. >> okay. >> how long have you been in here.


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