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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  October 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this is the newshour. the egyptian prime minister visits the scene of an airline crash. the news, inc., in for victims' relatives. the russian president declares a national day of mourning. also ahead: more rocks and tear gas exchanged in the west bank as the latest victims of violence are buried. >> final pitch: turkish politicians rally their supporters on the eve of elections that many fear won't
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bring an end to months of instability. >> in doha with all of the sport. saz new zealand lifts the rugby world cup for the third time after beating australia in the final in london. >> we will begin flu egypt where a russian airliner has crashed killing everyone board. the jet was carrying 224 passengers and crew including 17 children. there is no official word yet on what caused the crash but both of the plane's black boxes have said to have been found. countries around the world are expressing condolences while the russian president has declared a day of mourning. the plane took off early on saturday morning in the egyptian red sea resort belong to go metro jet air lines was on its way to saint petersburg.
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it vanished a little over twenty minutes after taking off. wreckage has been found near hazna which is south of the mediterranean coastal city. peter sharp begins our coverage from saint petersburg. >> what remained of the russian holiday charter flight lay strewn in pieces across the desert. it came down near an egyptian air force base. their search and rescue teams needed little time to determine that no one had survived the impact. >> what will determine what happened is the analysis of the black box data and experts' deductions. however, up until this point, there are no indications that anything out of the ordinary happened on this aircraft. all we can say is that it happened due to the technical difficulties and the team of experts are the ones who will be able to prove or deny this. >> earlier, relatives desperate for news had arrived at saint peter's burg airport. >> the landing will be -- he was
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on holiday with his family. my son, his wife and daughter. their daughter is 10 months old. >> i am waiting for the person i love. we spoke through the internet yesterday. they were supposed to board this plane. i checked the radar. everything seemed to be fine. then around 11:30, i came here. when i came, i couldn't find the flight anywhere on the screen. >> the airbus a-321 seen here in moscow 11 days ago was operated by the russian airline metrojet fly to go saint petersburg. 23 minutes after takeoff, it dropped out of cruising altitude and disappeared from radar. the pilot had complained of technical problems and was trying to reach the nearest airport. both the egyptian and russian authorities say they don't believe the aircraft was targeted as it flew over an area destabilized by continuing armed conflict. russia's declared a day of mourning on sunday and a show of
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solidarity with the victims and with their families. for the friends and families of the passengers, it's been a defendant day of tragic contrad is. they were initially told the plane went missing shortly after it took off at shamal spaek shek. a senior egyptian aviation official said the plane, in fact, was safe and was transitting through turkish airspace. only a few minutes after that, the prime minister came out to say the plane was down and there were no survivors. peter sharp, al jazeera. the saint petersburg airport. >> rory challands is following the plane crash investigation in moscow. he left us this update. >> reporter: the russians have dispatched a very large investigative team in cairo to look into the causes of this crash. this team includes the heads of the russian ministry of emergency situations, the transport ministry and russian air transport agencies. they have all left on a plane
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from russia. now, earlier in the day, al sisi, the president of egypt and vladimir putin had a phone conversation and sisi told putin that the russian teams would have as much time and space as they needed to complete their investigation. the russians would like the black boxes from this plane to at some point be returned to russia so that the investigation can ultimately be completed on russian soil. of course, the initially stages have to be taken, had to be taken place in egypt but the russians say while this plane was russian and most of the haven'tims were russian so, therefore, the investigation should really be completed on russian soil. it is perhaps a sign of how uncertain the causes of this crash are that two major european airlines, air france and luftanza have decided they
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don't want to fly over egypt's sinai peninsula until the exact causes can be as certacertaiasc it has been a defendant focus of a years' long arms conflict which is still ongoing and these airlines want to make sure that that conflict didn't have any part to play in the downing of this plane. >> joining us via skype from manchester a formerno navigator with britain's royal air force. clearly it is early in the investigation. what are the likely causes of a crash like this when the plane has reached cruising altitudalt? >> well, good evening, lauren. it's really too early to say. there are all orts of possibilities here one should take guidance that there have been contradict occur explanations, some alluded to just now. but first of all, they said it was definitely not some kind of
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hostile action s it was a technical problem but then saying it is a technical problem. i don't think we have any clear idea. what you can say, i think, is that for an aircraft to for the have some kind of catastrophic failure, which it evidently did while it's at crewing altitude is quite rare. there aren't very many things that can cause that to happen. it's not to say it's unprecedented but you do narrow the field a bit. >> when you say "narrow the field," what are you thinking of? >> it's obviously some kind of hostile action is a possibility. it's interesting that there was a notice to airmen, a think called a notam issued, at least in britain and germany and not so sure about russia, saying that you shouldn't fly below 26,000 feet over this part of
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the world because of the danger from shoulder-launched missiles. now, it's interesting that that was exactly the same thing that was in force in ukraine when mh-17 was shot down, and that was shot down by a much bigger missile at the same height of this aircraft, more than 30 feet. i am not suggesting there were big missiles here but it's an interesting comparison. the other possibility, if it was a hostile action was a bomb on board. one doesn't know what the security precautions were to prevent that. >> you noticed this issue, in the meantime, also, luftansa and air france decided not to fly over the sanai until there is evidence as to what happened here. do you think other airlines might follow suit? >> i would suspect so, yes. i understand that british airways have decided not to for the time being and that perhaps
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better save that sorry. personally, i wouldn't want to particularly be flying over there at the moment while it is so unclear. >> what about the safety record, though, of this particular airline and perhaps, you know, russian airlines more generally but also whether this model is a particularly safe one or not. give us your expert he's on that. >> well, the family of this aircraft are extremely safe set of airplanes. they are something like 6,700 of them flying around the world with 300 different operators, and they have been involved in accident did, of course, about 110 people have died but when you consider that that number of airplanes and they have been operating since the late '80s, early pretty 90s, really, that is a pretty good safety record. and as far as the airplane is concerned, it's fine. also, it doesn't actually belong to this airline. it's leased to them by -- it's irish-registered and leased to
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them by a holding company and those kind of aircraft are generally pretty well looked after. it went through major servicing. >> you say it doesn't belong to them. but what about the safety record of russian planes? they don't seem to have a particular good record? do they? >> no. in general, they don't, but i think you have to split down the russian aviation industry into the part that flies russian-built airplanes and the part that flies western-built airplanes. a lot of russian civil airplanes are developed originally from the military and haven't had a particularly good safety record. but a lot of air liens -- this is only a small airline. they had only six aircraft. now, obviously, they've got five, operated only six and now five. but they have these western aircraft which are fine and i don't think there is any suggest that russian air crews are any worse than most western air crews. the captain was said to be very experienced. it doesn't mean to say he can't make a mistake.
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these things do happen. but i think if you like this particular bit of the russian aviation industry t doesn't have any great black marks against it. >> okay. thank you very much indeed for joining us. ? >> thank you. isi forces have shot dead a palestinian teenager. they say the 17-year-old boy was carrying out a stabbing attack near janine in the northern occupied west bank. seven palestinians and nine have been killed this month. >> israel handed over the bodies on friday after intervention by the palestinian president and international groups. the dead were teen the ages of 15 and 18. nadine barber reports from the occupied west bank. >> reporter: a crowd of thousands for the funeral of the teenagers shot dead by israeli forces after allegedly carrying
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out attacks in hebron. all were carried through the city's streets on saturday with the flags of political faxes visible. they were laid to rest avisis handed over their bodies. in some cases, weeks after their deaths. he after it said they attacked israeli forces or civilians. ce several young people have been buried in hebron. there are other families waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned. that's continuing to be a source of anger for many palestinians. >> that anger erupted again in the center of hebron after the funerals with young palestinians throwing rocks and israeli forcesthrowing bullets and tear gas. some people say this is part of a new movement that's nothing to do with the political parties. for now, it's not clear if or when the other bodies will be returned for burial if at all.
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nadine barber, al jazeera, hebron in the occupied west bank. the rest of today's news is ahead for you in thecologists. thousands rally in tel aviv in memory of itzak rabin. >> myanmar prepares for its first free and fair vote. >> a season gets worse for chelsea in the english premier league. turkey's political parties have been holding final rldz ahead of sunday's general election. it's almost five months since prime primary devitoli claimed victory. june's vote was hardly a succ s success. poll did suggest it's you know likely to reclaim a majority. a report from the capitol,
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ankarar. >> election campaign posters are displayed on the streets of turkey so often these days they may as well be a permanent fixture. on sunday, turks will vote in the fourthly in less than two years but these may very well be the most crucial. at the forefront is this man, the country's interim prime minister. after taking over, ww failed to lead the akp to single-party government for the first time since it came to power over a decade ago. opposition parties including the pro kurdish htp, the leftist cap and the nationalist all refused to join a coalition government resulting in a hung parliament and early elections being called. theling instability became worse after a bomb attack by isis in july killed kurdish activists. that was the spark that unleashed kurdish attacks inside turkey with the governments
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responding by striking targets belong to go armed kurdish separate itself, the pkk. less the rally was organized to call for a resumption in talks between the government and the pkk. it seems, though, that the akp and its leadership have learned some lessons. there has been a defendant clear attempt to rekent with people on the ground. >> i am sure this time our people will vote for the continuation of political stability and that could be achieved only by our party. therefore, i am very confident that well be having a one-party majority government. >> you talk about political stability, but one of the things that has brought about instability is the resumption and fighting with the pkk and kurdish. some people accuse the party of doing this deliberately after
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you succeeded the pizza price of sabotaging it to get people to vote for you. >> until the 20th of july, when dash killed 32 students, pkk has killed one shoulder and after two days, they killed two policemen when they were leaping in their home. this was end of the -- not the process, itself, but end of the -- not to have conflict. >> when you try and still have a peace process? >> definitely. we didn't leave this process action solution progress process. >> on sunday evening, it was anounced the ak party will address supporters from this balcony. the mood was a mixture of shock and resilience as ww promised supporters to win back the trust of the people and return the akp to single party government. this time around action he will
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be hoping to be addressing a much happier crowd. al jazeera. ankara. >> al jazeera sent this update from istanbul. >> the commission said all preparations are over and now turkey is ready to hold general elections on sunday. this is the second time turks go to the polls it just five months and people are worried about the future of this country because the latest poll suggest not a single party will be apparently get enough votes to form a government on its sglfrlts own. so that means a rep petition of the elections that took place in june. it also means the ruling justice and development party wouldn't be assessment form a government there. they will have to reach out to the opposition, other opposition parties to form some sort of coalition. the problem in that is historically,tie has had bad experiences with the previous coalition governments. the other main issue here is one of security. the general prosecutor based in
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the capitol, ankleavera has accused isil of carrying out a suicide attack which took place at a rally on october the 10th and, therefore, saying that the group was trying to derail the local -- general e leingsdz on sunday. >> and underlining the tensions in the background of this e let me, the turkish police in the southeastern city of chizra exchanged gunfire with members of the did you everedib workers' party. >> armored police vemingdz came under fire as they entered a neighborhood controlled by the youth wing. they were seen moving through the area. there has been no word on casualties. joining us now from washington is sonaya chaptire. what's your forecast for thighs leejtsz? do you think we will end up with another coalition after this? >> probably another hung
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parliament. one possibility is that the ak's support will go up but won't get legislative majority and they could drop further compared to june 7th vote. so maybe it's under 47%. >> will patrol increases their support a little bit but either way this will be a hung parliament not much will change in terms of parliament spread of deputies. >> but depending upon what kind of coalition they end up with programs programs perhaps some quite different outcomes. >> absolutely. there are two large parties that could be potential coallilings partner. the first alternative is the nationalist action party which is a right-wing nationalist party, also conservative, similar to akp. i think that's the more plausible outcome if there is a coallilings scenario. >> will probably be what i would call a war cabinet meaning it would be a continuation of the fight with pkk and not friendly relations with the syrian kurds because the mhp national action
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part comes from the turkish view that president erduoan has adopted in recent days. that would suggest the increase in stability and more fighting on the kurdish issue and let's plausible but still potential outcome in terms of coalition sinz is a government that's formed akp and the other main opposition party which is republican people's party, a leftist social democratic movement. chp is in the middle on the kurdish issue which it wants the peace process to restart and submit more rights of the kurds as part of the party's larger pivot to become a social democratic movement. i think that will be a peace cabinet as opposed to the war cabinet, which is the other alternative, more likely a l alternative if there was a coalition government. >> how big an effect is the war in syria having on the kind
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ofling lappedscape? how much e does it have on these e lektsz? >> i think turkey's policy will continue top combat. the scald islamic state in syria because it has been targeted but what will probably change is the policy on the kurds in syria working with the united states to combat the so-called islaminal state. this is a government that is akp and the mhp. this will probably be crazy about cooperation with the syrian kurds because we will have a more confrontational attitude toward the kurd inner community in turkey in general whereas i think if it's a collision with akp, that means the more cooperative attitude towards kurds in turkey and syria and, also, i think that turkey's policy on syria will come down a notch. if it's a government in which the chp is joined in the sense that this government, chp has long taken issue with the akp's strong support against the assad register e-mail. the inclusion in the coalition
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would bring down turkish support and bringtie closer to the current international talks to bring in a negotiated settlement to the syrian conflict if this was an akcph position. i think turkey's position would be closer to that international settlement if there was one. >> socially and politically, talk united states how divided the country is now as a result of kind of the recent events we have had within turkey. >> turkey is very divided. i think the problem is it's divided between two broad camps and it will not address that big problem. at kp might come out of the looeingsdz with a slightly increased popular support. it might come close within reach of a legislative majority. there are some saying the party might transfer and a few deputies, which is allowed in the turkish system, from the national, mhp. it could form a government without the need for a coalition
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but that doesn't solve the problem that turkey is deeply polarized that if the akp were to come to government with 43% support, it would still not be a popular mandate and be difficult for turkey's politically fighting parts to come he together even if the akp were to establish legislative majority from some of the opposition parties and transferring deposit cities from them. >> thank you very much for your expertise on the matter. >> my pleasure. thanks. >> the syrian observatory for human rights says at least 64 people have been killed by a russian and russia's strikes over the last 28 hours. 28 children are said to have died in the strikes. the monitoring group says the death toll comes aleppo city and towns and villages within the north ten province. the u.s. secretary general says efforts to end the war should
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not be dependent upon the removal of bashar al-assad. >> the future of syria or future of all of these peace talks, syria-led negotiation should not be held up by a leash of a future of one man. basically, i believe, that it is up to syria to decide the future of the assad. >> the u.s. is once again denied accusations it is intervening in syria to toppel bashar al-assad. john kerry says he is sending special forces to the conflict torn company with the sole reason of defeating isil, which he refers to as daesh. >> president obama has made a very straightforward and simple decision entirely keeping with his originally stated policy that we must defeat and destroy
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dash. it is not a decision to enter into syria's civil war. it is not an action or a choice focused on assad. it is focused exclusively on daesh and on augmenting our ability to be able to more rapidly attack daesh and do a better job of eliminating daesh and its influence in that region. >> iran's foreign minister says, foreign minister alifa says iran is smuggling weapons and posts a big a threat to the region as isil. iran has rejected the allegations. romania's government has declared three days of national mourning. the overnight blaze was caused by fireworks bet off indoors
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during a rock could be cert. 184 people were injured in the disaster, which is within of the capitol's best in decades. the president has been visiting ims across the city. australia's chancellor says it's unfair for greece to tackle the ref uming e crisis alone o his country is planning a barrier at one of the crossings aver thousands try to climb over fences and austria and germany have designated five infection points to process refugees at their shared border. >> more still ahead. why some indian tribunal schools are facing closure. the died clothing show lighting up fashion shows. all is flat from women's tennis.
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>> we're here to fully get into the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> ali velshi on target.
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>> the russian passenger claim has crashed and killed all 224 passengers and crew on board. >> final rldz ahead of sunday's general election. clashes on the streets of hebron after the funerals of 5 palestinian 15 agers killed by israeli forces. >> it's been almost 20 years after the death of itzak rabin. the commemoration has been held in tel aviv for him. two decades after his death, peace seems more distant that ever. stefanie dekker has this update. barack obama has delivered a recorded message to the rally here reaffirming the commitment to israel's execute and certainly said the only way to issue that security is from
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peace. said they are referring to the former part-tirime minister was assassinated on november the 4th. he said all of us were at the end of that barrel, referring to the extremest let me show in israeli society, we heard from the former u.s. president bill clinton. of course, he was key during those oslo accord between the signing between israel and the palestine liberation organization. >> he never stopped seeing other people, including his adver adversaries as human beings. the third thing that i learned from him: he refused to give up his dream of peace in the face, of violence. >> the older generation, having
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lost all hope that a palestinian peace will come certainly in the foreseeable future in the next few decades a very, very broken message from the people we spoke to. so, the message here all good and well but when it comes to reality on the ground, very, very different. >> sierra leone may be declared ebola free in less than a month. it was one of the three countries worst hist by the virus that killed almost 4,000 people. for those who survived, the battle is not over yet. here is more from the capitol, freetown. hala kemira is a ebola survivor. she contracted the disease when she cared for her mother. she is gays grateful to be alive. herlth is bad. getting through her day-to-day activities now is a challenge? >> my eyes are heavy. it feels like they want to come out. i can feel them throbbing. >> along with the pain, she has blurred vision in her left eye.
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she takes treatment abobut had p her work. she worried about her children. >> that's a big problem. sierra loan has survivors and come have gone partially or completely blind. with few ophthalmologists in the country, it's a cause of concern. >> dr. matthew bandy has treated about 1,000 ebola survivors so far. there are indications the virus can linger in the body for months. more research is needed? >> we need help do more research on the complications that are arising. okay. so excuse me. >> medicines or msf is operating clinic for ebola survivors. they offer medical treatment and psychosocial counseling. they say the stigma can be very traumatic. many are shunned by their own
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families. >> their situation is really, really diver. some have lost their source of looichld. some have a lot of psycho social problems but needs proper attention. otherwise, it will just compound their problem. >> as for kemira, she hopes treatment will soon xwrf her eye sight but the hardest part is not having her mother around anymore. the loss of a loved one is 1 of the challenges thousands of survivors of the virus in west africa have to deal with. al jazeera, freetown, sierra leone. >> campaigning is in full swing for thely in myanmar. it's been touted as the first free and fair voigt vogt in 25 years as the country e americans from military rule. from the outskirts. >> this was supposed to be one of the bigger rallies by the ruling union solidarity and development party or undp.
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but just a few hundred people turned up. many of the party's candidates are ex-military and the parties viewed to the former junta which handed over pour in 2011 after ruling for 50 years. the military has been embolding the nation. i am a former colonel who can offer a better future for the country. >> the u.s. dp is a well financed political party able to reach out to the rural population. it's being accused of vote buying by offering insent evidently such as free medical check-up and soft loans to voters. the ruling military-backed party easily won the last general election in 2010 but those polls were widely criticized by the international community and it didn't have to face the main
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opposition party, the national league for democracy which boycotted the election. >> the nld led by former political prisoner an kan suji. it's fielding more than a thousand candidates matching the usdp in strength. it last took part in a generally 25 years ago and won but wasn't allowed to take part. >> people want to see genuine change. the military won't be able to deliver that. so people will vote for the opposition. >> no matter who wins, the military will remain a power of force. the constitution guarantees 25% of seats in parliament and effective veto power. the generals will have a say in how myanmar moves forward. >> on sunday, florence looie will report live from myanmar.
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that's sunday on al jazeera. north korea has criticized joint military exercises between south korea and the united states for, quote, inciting confrontation. the u.s. naval forces say more than 5,000 crew members took part in the 4-day drills earlier this week. the nuclear powered aircraft-carrier, ronald reagan was involved off of the east coast of the corps ian "penguins of madagascar." meanwhile action south korea is hosting leaders from japan and china for trilateral talks aimed at boosting economic and diplomatic tie did. it will be the first meeting of the countries' leaders in more than three years. the questions remain as to whether they willt they will be able to overcome disputes. harry faw setdset has more from seoul. >> every week, they gather outside the japanese embassy in seoul. supporters of so-called comfort women, the last survivors of the col on y'all program coercing or
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tricking young women into servitude. it's an issue at the heart of strained relationships as shin szo abe prepares to meet for their first face to face talks. >> for 25 years in front of the em beattys, we have been shotting for japan to officially apologize and legally compensate. if abe has solutions, he can come to south korea. otherwise, he cannot. >> when japan's prime minister made his statement marking 70 years since defeat in world war ii, he upset both seoul and beijing by upholding previous prime ministerial conduct but without reiterating them. for all of the symbolism of this first summit for more than three years, progress. >> a sincere statement from prime minister abe probably south korea ian government will
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be most of us sawed. >> satisfied. >> that's the hope from the u.s. side. it has tens of thousands of troops stationed in japan and south korea and desperate for its two northeast aidsian alleys to be bound much more closely together. the idea is to act as counter weight for a riding chooinl but pakinhay has charted her own course, closer ties with china evidenced to attend a major military prayed if he september in beijing. in a coincident, a new statute was unveiled in seoul, supplying a young chinaedes victim along a core ian girl. it's a symbol they have more in common than either has with japan. >> there will there are economic economic matters to discuss, not at least the prospect of a free trade agreement. the real focus will be on the significantly short meeting between park and prime minister
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abe on monday, whether that will lead to the kind of improvement in relationships that washington so wants is another matter entirely. harry fawcett, al jazeera, seoul. at least 17 construction workers have been killed after a two-two story residential building collapsed. rescue yours have pulled 23 injured survivors from the debris. nine are in critical condition. investigators are trying to work out exactly what happened. a mexican ombudsman is calling for a mass investigation of the number of murdered journalists, 7th, isn't 1992. the group says at least 32 journalists have been killed there since the early'90s. detroit and the u.s. state of michigan has experienced shashl decade for decades. mary white residents fled after race riots. one little known relic from that time has become a symbol of
5:41 pm
defian defiance. >> this is detroit's wall of shame, half a mile of solid seg grebbinggation. when teresa moon moved here as a child 56 years ago, blacks lived on one side, whites on the other and that was the way it was intended to be. >> the purpose of the wall was to separate the exciwhite commu from the black community. i feel how dare you? i don't like it, but it's a part of my history >> a detroit he knew up and downed, a developer want to build middle classes housing for whites here in the outskirts of the city. the loan was backed but insisted on the wallez reasoning separating the agency did would protect the agency's investment. while those impressed by the berlin wall tore it down, detroit's wall has been allowed to stand. >> maybe served to people who want to see this stand, to vict ims of racism who would like to see this stand, this serves as a memory of how things used to be
5:42 pm
and in their minds perhaps things have gotten better. >> it's not a very initem dating wall but it wasn't designed as a physical bear yeah. it was designed too of to send a message on the black side of the wall. themental is: keep out. >> since 1961, gloria johnson has lived with that symbol in her backyard, a symbol she now says of triumph and hope. >> it did not work. the wall is still here. the people are still heefrment the people that they tried to oppress and keep out there on the other side of the wall, they are all over the city. it just goes to show you that you can't billed walls to surround people and box people in. >> one of the morning remarkable futures of the detroit land skach stands, touucked away behd a park, a white-washed recommendnant of racism. al jazeera, detroit. >> the indian government has opened cools in rural areas to improve education among tribunal
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communities. getting enough funding has been a defendant challenge in many places. visiting carolina's newest tribunal school in ataton. >> reporter: like all schools across the country, a prayer starts today. but a closer look at the picturesque setting among treetops and the informal classrooms will tell you that this is not an ordinary school. the youngest tribal school opened three months ago and already, it's future is in question. >> the government has to do amount more. the teachers do not take any salary. the government say there is technicality. we can't bay our bill and expenses. we doing our best to carry out daily activity as usual. >> it's been a tough task from the start. the building had been empty for more than 10 years. most of the furniture, equipment, and school supplies have been donated by various organizations. and it's only recently been
5:44 pm
connected to maine's election translatesty and warning water. >> about 50 children are enrolled but attendance varies daily. many come from nomadic tribes. getting them an education is not a priority for most of their parents but getting them fed is. these meals are an incentive to send them to school. here, they get three meals a day. a luxury for their families. many of them struggling to survive and live off of the land in the face, of encroaching development. there are 6,000 tribal members in the area. for most, this is the first generation to get a formal education. >> i really like going to school. i want to study a lot and then later, i want to get a job. >> the local government says
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they plan more facilities, higher education and a permanent school building. many here are skeptical it will happen in time for these children to complete their education. sylvia gopal. >> fashion week in nigeria. some designers are using the event to try to get consumers to buy and promote the use of traditional textiles. more from legos on the ancient dying tech neat proving to be a catwalk hit. >> make a o is preparing for fashion week. designer is using the discipline garment die. it comes from southwestern nigeria and has been practiced for hundreds of years. macki is hoping to headache it more popular in her new collection. >> i think more and more african diners are looking to their roots and creating their own stories. i am really concerned about
5:46 pm
massive i mplication of the chinese and turkish and english because there's fabrics -- mackie-o has been receiving it. michelle obama has worn the brand to dinners and one dress can cost up to $2,000. these dies are behind the art form. they cost crush these into small bowls and leave them to dry in the sun. the leaves are boiled in a national solution and the dism e is tasted to see if it's ready. making one small piece can take more than 10 days. dying technique is difficult and takes a long time to complete
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which means diers can't produce enough let alone any international demand there might be. fashion week organizers say the use of the indigo fabric such as makio, to be sure out form doesn't die out and a call to invest in designers using adera. >> it's about craftsmanship, something that's been passed down for generations the it's about job creation, we can't communication, about communities, an impact. >> mackieo says nigerians will depend less on imported fabrics. legos, al jazeera more to come after the break including new zealand's rug background team rights their way into the history books on to the world
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cup for a third time
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arch. new disagree land have become the first team to successfully defend the rugby world cup by defeating australia 34 to 17. lee we willings watched the action in london's twickenham stadium. >> the great riflvals together r the first time in weather more familiar to the southern
5:50 pm
hemisphere. >> can't wait to beat them. >> legends beaten by the young bucks from australia. >> the all blacks reached the twickenham showpiece a record run of 13 world cup victory. australia hoping to peak when it mattered most. early pressure from new zealand giving dan carter a chance to open scoring and hits first world cup final but last international. all blacks were doing almost all of the attacking. a deserved 16-3 ha lead. the start to the second half was just as devastating. a isn't lathing try. this australia team would not dream of giving up, particularly not in a world cup final and found a way to surge over through pocock an easy
5:51 pm
conversion, the gap was down to four points. fittingly, it was carter who made the game safe for new zealand, a long distance kick and in the final points of the tournament. by the time barrett broke free to score, his team was safe. victory by 34 points to 17. new zealand, the first nation to retain the world cup. the trophy lifted by richard lapor described by his steve as the best to have played for the all blacks but with special players all around him. it's not so much been here every week. it's just doing your job the best you can to serve the team. kwhuf 15 or 23 men that do that, that's how you enhance it. >> new zealand does live and breathe rugby. now, they have a team that can be called by many the greatest in history. this is a tournament full of memorable games. some surprising results. there was no surprise at who was ended up still the champions.
5:52 pm
lee we willings, al jazeera, at twickenham stadium in lopdon. >> former new zealand player michael jones who was part of the team who won in 198 send this all black side is the best ever? >> these guys have done a fantastic eye come accomplish. these guys, there is no doubt for us now that the one so convincingly that they are the greatest all black team forever had. it's all a credit to the group, the coaches that own the time. they won four years ago. they have been playing for this day and this certainly bringing the cup home. we are so proud of them. >> now, formula one will return to mexico for the first time in 23 years on sunday as the country holds it's first grand prix since 1992.
5:53 pm
the german beat new will he crowned lewis hamilton to the front of the grid. rothberg is battling for second with three races to go. vettle will go from third. the race marks a homecoming of sorts as john hullman explains. >> the biggest motor race on earth is back in town. formula one is returning to mexico city after a 23-year absence. the fans in this city couldn't be happier. >> all fans, you can see on the shirts and everything. we have the spirit here in mexico to receive the gp every year. >> even after its long absence, the sport remains incredibly popular here in mexico. the original tickets for the race itself sold out in a matter of hours. while fans rate for that race, the city has laid on this sort of zone to meet each other, tie their hand at a little bit of go carting here there is also simulators for wannabe drivers
5:54 pm
to practice racing and this pit stop replica car for budding mechanics to brush up on their skills. >> it makes me really satisfied that formula one has returned to mexico. we feel flattered this high-quality event is here. >> the drivers have been getting into the mexican swing of things, lewis hamilton even tried his hand at the mexican style wrestling. >> i am here to have fun this weekend. i have been v fun all year, but a little bit more of a relaxed weekend in that sense for me. this is the first mexican grand prix for 23 years. i want to win it. >> the government has mroud about $200 million into making sure that the event and the track for it is already. they hope it listen a boost for the local economy but it's about more than just that. it's about being back on the circuit for the most prest i knowout championship in the motor rating world. >> to football.
5:55 pm
chelsea's woes continue to escalate. they will be beaten 3-1. a double for the reds with christian benteke adding their third goal. chelsea have just eleven points now from 11 games this season and a 15th in the table. liverpool celebrated his first league win in charge. more pressure on hoe amorinho who was -- joe morinho who was his usual self in the press conference? >> next press conference, i will bring you nice glasses. maybe you will see the game in a better way action or i give you some% of personality so you can say what you see. i am not afraid of it. >> everybody should win the league.
5:56 pm
only one could win the league. all others have pressure for the whole year. only one team win the league. if you have think after one win in chelsea, you should think about this. >> manchester united were held to a goalless draw by crystal palace. manchester city edged further out in front after a 2-1 win over norwich. arsenal comfortablebly beat swansee 3-nil. on to tennis rafael nasd will play roger federer in the swiss indoor tournament. the spaniard beat gasge. it was good news for his compatriot who booked his place at the atp world finals. victory. federer comfortably meet jacques jack stock 6-3, 6-4. for a 7th title. maria sharapova suffered a
5:57 pm
shock knockout at the wta finals in 6 a pour. the czech won this first set. sharapova took a 5-1 lead in the second but fell apartt to go down 6-3, 7-6. just a few hours from now, the new york mets will try to en up the world series at two games apiece when they take on kansas city in game 4. the mets fought themselves into it with a win on friday. a full run in the inning sent new york on their way to a 9-3 board, the mets on the board for their first world series since 1986. this is all of the support for now. more a little later. back to lauren. >> thank you very much indeed. you can always catch up with our website address. >> that's that's it for me, lauren taylor and the newshour term. i will back in a minute with another round-up of news. thanks for watching.
5:58 pm
♪ >> you're the first one on the scene. suicides, homicides, the roof is crushing into somebody's chest. >> what is the number one cause of death for police officers? >> suicide. >> business man bill browder. >> if my grandfather was the biggest communist in america, i'm gonna go become the biggest capitalist in eastern europe. >> from communist origins to capitalist tycoon. see why he's now set on taking down vladimir putin. >> the russian government remains determined to ruin me in any way they can, including killing me if they can get away with it.
5:59 pm
>> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
6:00 pm
>> this week on talk to al jazeera - the once high powered capitalist in russia turned human rights activist - bill browder. >> i had more than $1 billion, which was a huge amount of money-- in any circumstance, but certainly back then, and in russia. >> the financier had a spectacular rise with his investments quadrupling - but then browder began calling attention to corruption and crossed the wrong people. >> i was locked up overnight. and then i was deported the next day and declared a threat to national security, never to be allowed back into russia again.


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