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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EDT

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i'm randall spink son. good night from new york. the news continues from doha. >> egypt said the pilot of a russian airliner crashed killing all on board did not make a distress call. hello, i'm darren jordan with the world news from al jazeera. also ahead we report from eastern afghanistan where children have been recruited to fight for isil. polls have just opened in turkey for a crucial election rerun. new zealand left the rugby world cup record for a third time after beating australia in
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london. first to egypt where the minister for aviation said the pilot of a russian airliner did not make a distress call. all 224 people on board of the plane died in the crash. the cause is still unknown but both flight data recorders have been covered. the flight was due to land in st. petersburg where peter sharp now reports. >> what remained of the russian holiday charter flight lay strewn in pieces across the desert. it came down near an exception air force base. their seven and rescue teams needed little time to determine no one survived the impact. >> what will do you remembe determine what happened are the black box, up until this point there are no indications that anything out of the ordinary happened on this aircraft. what we can say is that it
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happened due to the technical difficulties and the team of experts are the one who is are able to prove or deny this. >> earlier relatives desperate for news had arrived at st. petersburg airport. >> they told us the landing will be at 11:40. my child called me. he was on holiday with his family. my son, his wife and their daughter. their daughter is 10-month-old. >> i'm waiting for the person i love. we spoke through the internet yesterday. there was supposed to be board this plane. i checked the radar. everything seemed to be fine. then around 11:30 i came here. when i came i couldn't find the flight anywhere on the screen. >> the airbus seen here in moscow 11 days ago was operated by the russian airline metro jet. it was flying from the red so sea resort. 33 minutes after take off it dropped out of cruising altitude and out of radar.
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they don't believe the aircraft was targeted after it flew over an area destabilized by continuing armed conflict. russia has declared a day of mourning to show solidarity with the victims and their families. for the friends and families of passengers it's been a day of tragic contradictions. there were initially told the plane went missing shortly after it took off. only a little later a senior egyptian aviation official said that the plane, in fact, was safe and was transiting through turkish air space. only a few minutes after that the prime minister came out to say the plane was down and there were no survivors. peter sharp, al jazeera, st. petersburg airport. >> well, emirates, lufthansa and air france have announced they'll stop flying over the sinai until more is known what caused the crash. a delegation of russian officials have arrived in cairo
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and includes the russian heads of emergency, transport ministry and the president el-sisi told president vladimir putin that the russians could have as much time as they need to complete their investigation. a former member of the u.s. national transportation safety board. he said that the investigation team will invite other parties to the process in order to determine the cause of the crash. >> we don't know at this point if it, in fact, was an accident. so there are also going to be looking to see if there was any kind of a device on the airplane, or i think very unlikely it was a missile like we had with the malaysian misadventure, but they're going to check every single detail, and they will follow the protocols under the iko and the united nations. altitude like this, cruise altitude is the safest part of any journey, so
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it's very, very unusual. some of the radar data that has been published also causes concerns for the crew fighting for the airplane and what that may have resulted in and the causes of it. that's why most accident investigators i talked to today have not ruled out the possibility of some sort of a device on the airport. and i don't know whether the other carriers had security alert or they were just out of abundance of caution rerouting their airplanes away from this area. we won't know for a while, it will come out eventually. we don't know. the russians first entered the fray in syria, and we have no way of tell going to this was some sort of a message being sent to the russians for their actions in syria. so this there are so many possibilities it is going to take several days to sort it
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out. the recorders are going to give us the biggest clue on whether it was a problem with the airplane or some other problem that's not associated with the airplane. we'll probably know that in the next 24-36 hours. >> two explosions have rocked a hotel in a somali capital of mogadishu killing five people. a car bomb went off outside of the hotel, and then gunmen stormed the building. there was a seconds explosion inside the hotel. security forces say they're still trying to retake the hotel from gunmen inside. al jazeera has gained rare access to areas in northeast afghanistan held by isil. fighters say that they're taking more territory off the taliban and they're recruiting children to fight for them. this is the story. >> another generation of afghan children is being brainwashed. this is the rest of the afghan province of kunar and the men giving weapons train to go
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children have marine layered allegiance to the islamic state in iraq and the levant. al jazeera has been given rare access to the front lines in eastern afghanistan where isil says its gaining ground. they seem to be preparing to stay as the recruitment is aimed at the very young. isil fighters seem comfortable in the village life. there is the constant fear of drone strikes but the biggest enemy is the afghan taliban. >> we left the taliban and pledge allegiance to the caliph. >> we don't agree with those who want isil here in afghanistan. because the taliban already are here. if there is no need, why would we join them?
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>> al jazeera was given access to two of the groups' bases. the numbers don't appear to be large but they say many more are in hiding. >> there are many fighters all over this province. a large number of foreign fight whose have come from saudi arabia and europe. they're here but they can't talk to you face to face. >> more chilling than their aims are their methods. these 13- and 13-year-old are ready to become suicide-bombers. they say they have been trained by foreigners and do fear giving up their lives. their target is a former governor of kundar province, they said suicide attackers don't scare him. civilians are afraid of more violence. thousands more have been displaced, and isil entered the conflict traditionally between the government and the taliban. isil is finding sanctuaries to grow stronger.
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al jazeera. >> and you can watch the full documentary "isil and the taliban" here on al jazeera. that's on sunday at 2000 gmt: polls in turkey have opened for general election. they failed to win enough seats in june. the latest opinion polls show turks deeply polarized. we have reports from the capital of ankara. >> election campaign posters are displayed on the streets of turkey so often these days that they may as well as be a permanent fixture. on sunday turks will vote in the fourth election in less than two years. but these may very well be the most crucial. at the forefront is this man, the country's interim prime minister. after taking over, he failed to lead the akp to single party government for the first time since it came to power over a
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decade ago. opposition parties including the pro kurdish hdp, the leftest and nationalist parties all refused to join the coalition government, resulting in a hung particle the and early elections being called. the political instability became worse after a bomb attack in isis killed activists. that was the spark that unleashed kurdish attacks inside turkey with the government's responding by striking targets belonging to armed kurdish separatists the pkk. less than a month before polling date more than 100 people were killed in twin bombings in the capital of ankara. that rally was organized to call for a resumption of talks between the government and pkk. it seems that the akp and it's leadership have learned some lessons. there has been a clear attempt to reconnect with people on the ground. >> you i'm sure this time our
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people will want the continuation of political, and that could be achieved. i'm very confident that we will be having an one-party government. >> you talk about political stability, but one of the things that has brought about instability is the resumption and fighting with the pkk and the kurdish. some people accuse that party of doing this deliberately after you succeeded in the peace process of sabotaging it in order to get people to vote. >> the political process until the 20th of july when daesh killed 32 turkish citizens, same day pkk has killed one soldier. after two days they killed two policemen when they were sleeping in their home. this was the end--not of the
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process itself, but the end not to have conflict. >> when you try to have a police process-- >> we didn't leave the peace process inclusion process. >> after the aresults are announced, they addressed supporters from this balcony. last june the mood here was a mixture of resilience, promising supporters to win back the trust of the people and return the akp to single party government. this time around he'll be hoping to addressing a much happier crowd. al jazeera, ankara. >> time for a short break here on al jazeera. when we come back japan's prime minister arrives in seoul for a three-way summit with china and south korea. and sierra leone is close to being ebola free. but survivors are facing new challenges. we have more, stay with us. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight. >> welcome back. a reminder of the top stories here. the armed group al-shabab has claimed responsibility for two explosions in a hotel in mogadishu. five people have been killed. a car bomb went off outside of the hotel and a second explosion inside. the security forces say they have tried to retake the hotel from the gunmen. the pilot of a russian airliner did not make a distress call. all on board died.
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both flight recorders have been recovered. polls in turkey have been open for the sunday's elections. no party is likely to win a clear majority. talks in seoul in the next few hours, let's get more from harry fawcett who join us live. talk us through the significance of these talks. >> well, on one record they're significant because of prime minister of japan shinzo abe is here in tonight preparing for talks not just with the premiere of china but president park of south korea. the two leaders have not had face-to-face talks since they took office. they will have talks on monday.
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that will be a first. they will include grievances that they have over japan's colonial behavior and the united states wants japan and south korea to be part of a three-way alliance in this region counter balancing the rising power of china, who of course are represented here in the form of their premiere. >> and what came out of saturday's first round of talks between south korea and china? >> well, there were agreements to work more closely on north korean issues, and north korea's nuclear program. that signifies how much the president here has tried to form stronger bond with china politically as well as
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economically. the three countries form 20% of the world's economy, and china is a huge i hugely important market for south korea. south korea has been drawing more closely to beijing in recent years and more recently president park attending a military parade in beijing. questions in the united states about that. because south korea remains one of the u.s.' important military allies. the criticism of china has been stark. china's practices much more muted in south korea. that's something that will be watched as well. >> harry fawcett in seoul. thank you. israeli security forces have shot dead a palestinian teenager in the occupied west bank. the police say they killed a 17-year-old when he tried to stab them. 73 palestinians and nine
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israelis have been killed since the beginning of october. in hebron thousands of people have turned out for the funerals of five palestinians teenagers killed by israeli forces. israel handed over their bodies on friday over an president mahmood abbas and international groups, nadim baba reports from hebron. >> the crowd of thousands shot dead after allegedly carrying out attacks in hebron. they were carried through the city streets on saturday with the flags of various political factions visible. >> i think what we're witness something a message to the world to israel, and to any palestinians who are still not convinced about national unity. >> the five were laid to rest after israel handed over their bodies in some cases weeks after they died. israel is still holding the bodies of two dozen palestinians
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killed this month after it said they had attacked israeli forces or civilians. >> so the five young people have been buried here in hebron but there are many other families across the occupied west bank still waiting for the bodies of their loved ones to be returned. that's continuing to be a source of anger for many palestinians. that anger erupted again with palestinians throwing rocks and israelis thro firing live bullets and using tear gas. >> every day we have three or four people being killed and no one is making a fuss. non-the factions. they're only making speeches. >> now it's not clear if or when the other bodies will be returned for burial, if at all. nadim baba, al jazeera, hebron in the occupied west branch.
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>> bodies washed up on a greek island after boats carrying refugees sank two days ago. at least 30 people drowned. greek police say they're among the worst incidents since the refugee crisis began. austria's chancellor said it's unfair for greece to tackle the refugee crisis alone. he's country is struggling with their own influx after thousands of people climbed to climb over fences. austria and germany have created five process points. >> when we talk about issues like those of refugees the only response is that of a common european response to attack the root of the problem. when we secure the borders we also secure human rights. the right to asylum for those who qualify and the best place to do it is the external borders
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of the european union. >> the commission result dismissing opposition claims as fraud. >> a dance of victory. it shows how they felt about the latest ruling of the constitutional court just moments before the chief judge validated the result of the presidential elections held three weeks ago. >> the constitutional courts declare the party won 57.8% of the vote and is elected president of the republic starting from december 21, 2015 to december 21, 2020. >> they had already declared the
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winner, but candidates launched allegations of elec election rigging. >> this was only their second presidential vote since independence of france almost 60 years ago. violence in the week before the polls, but there are high turnout and little incident on election day. >> the elections took place in an orderly manner. it was very encouraging. >> facing several challenges as he enters his second term in office.
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for now, supporters are celebrating five more years under his leadership. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> u.s. seven team has found what it believes is the wreckage of el pharaoh, the cargoship that went missing during the hurricane. the vessel was located at the depth of 15,000 feet near it's last known position in the bahamas. it disappeared on october 1st on route from florida to puerto rico. all members on board disappeared with the ship. after six people are dead after severe weather moved across the state of texas on saturday the state has been battered by heavy rains and strong winds causing flooding and tornadoes in some areas. in the city of houston seven centimeters of rain fell in just an hour. sierra lenio coulsierra
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leone could be a week away from being declared ebola free. >> an ebola survivor. she contracted the disease when she cared for her mother. her mother died and kamara said she's grateful to be alive but her health is bad getting through her day-to-day activities now is a challenge. >> high eyes are heavy. it feels like they want to come out. i can feel them throbbing. >> along with the pain she has blurring in her left eye. she had to stop work. she worries about her children. >> that's a big problem. my kids have to eat. >> just over 4,000 ebola survivors there have been some cases of some survivors going partially or completely blind after being cured from the virus. there is a cause for concern.
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this doctor treated 1,000 ebola survivors so far. he said there are indications that the virus can linger in the body for months. more research is needed. >> we need more research on the complications that are arising. >> medicinhe's operating a clinic for ebola survivors. they offer treatment and psycho-social counseling. they say it can be very traumatic. many are shunned by their own families. >> the situation is really, really dire. some have lost their source of livelihood, you know, some have a lot of psycho-social problems that needs proper attention. otherwise, it would just compound their problem. >> as for kamara, she hopes that treatment will improve her
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eyesight, but the hardest part is not having they are mother around any more. the loss of a loved one is one of the challenges thousands of survivors of the virus in west africa have to deal with. al jazeera, free town, sierra leone. new zealand will successfully defend the rugby world cup. they did it by beating australia in the final. lee wellings watched the action. >> the final of the rugby world cup together for the first type. >> now that we're here. we can't wait. >> legend. legends. >> the all blacks reached the show bee victory.
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the early pressure came from new zealand giving the legendary dan carter to open the scoring, in his last international. the all blacks were doing nearly all of the attacking. the start to the second half was just as devastating. this australian team would not dream of giving up, particularly not in a world cup final and found a way to seven over. the combat continued when they crossed the trial line and left a conversion, the gap whack back down to four points. it was carter who made the game safe for new zealand for a superb drop goal and long distance kick. and victory by 34-17,
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new zealand is the first nation to retain the world cup. the trophy lifted with special players all around. >> it's not so much been hero every week. it's just been doing your job the best you can to serve the team. when you have 15-23 men week who do that every week, it enhances it. >> now they have a team that can be called by many the greatest in history. this has been a tournament full of memorable games, and some surprising results. but there was no surprise at who would end up still the champions. lee wellings, al jazeera, lond london. >> now how is this for a surprising finish to a final. four gymnasts have shared goal in the gymnastic championships. four were judged to have
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identical scores. instead of a tie break, all their national anthems were played during an extended celebration. for more go to that's >> i had more than $1 billion, which was a huge amount of money-- in any circumstance, but certainly back then, and in russia. >> the financier had a spectacular rise with his investments quadrupling - but then browder began calling attention to corruption and crossed the wrong people. >> i was locked up overnight. and then i was deported the next day and declared a threat to
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national security, neverbe


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