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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 4:00am-4:31am EST

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♪ ♪ al shabaab attacks a hotel in somalia's capitol killing at least 15 people. hello. you are with al jazeera live from doha. also in the program: a day of national mourning in russia after a plane crash in egypt, cairo said there was no distress call election day in turkey for the second time in five months. a ruling party tries to regain its parliamentary majority.
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>> a report from eastern afghanistan where children are being recruited to fight for isil. first, at least 15 people have been killed in a suicide attack on a hotel in the somalia capitol, mogadishu. al shabaab has claimed responsibility. government stormed hotel frequently used by politicians. victoria gatenby reports. >> a suicide bomber detnatures. outside a car is on fire. it will had been packed with explosive and used by gunmen to blast their way into the hotel compound. they stormed the hotel, itself. somali soldiers were called in
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to recapture the hotel. >> it's clear if you look back at events over the last six months al shabaab still has the cape ability to organize major terrorist stamingz in the capitol. it's unfortunate that these terrorist attacks still occur sporadically. over all, the government forces are clearly on the offensive and have the momentum. >> at a time hotel is popular with somalia politicians. senior government officials and journalits were killed. one mp called the attack a very dark day for somalia. al shack obvio -- al shabaab ha claimed responsibility. in april, fighters from the group killed 147 people in an attack on girisa college in kenya and in september, 2013, al
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shabaab killed 67 people. somalia has been devastated by decades of civil unrest. four years ago, their government pushed al shabaab out of imagine cities with the help of african union soldiers. attacks like this show somalia's government and supporters still have much more work to do. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. russia is averting a day of national mourning after saturday's plane crash in egypt. a shrine for the 224 victims has been built in saint petersburg where they were due to land from sharmel sheik. they say the pilots of the metro airbus didn't send a distress call. peter sharp has more from saint petersburg. >> across the city, they will be remembering those who never returned from that holiday and died in the crash yesterday.
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there is a small shrine here at the airport. there is a steady trickle of people. many young children coming in and laying flowers and candles on a table outside the arrivals entrance. in the field, three aircraft, russian aircraft, have arrived in cairo with a full compliment of air safety traffic officers including a transport minister. they will be at the site in the next few hours over seeing the removal of the bodies and really, their first priority is going to try to be to have some idea that they can tell their families and friends what possibly caused they had crash. there was no distress call from the pilot. whatever happened happened very, very quickly. as far as these almost inevitable allegations from isil
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affiliates they brought down the plane. the transport minister said it's far too early to say that. but a very careful forensic examination of the plane and the bodies should give clues to that over the coming days. >> isil fighters say they are taking more territory from the taliban in northeastern afghanistan. ays has gained rare access to areas held by the armed group. a report on how they are recruiting children to fit. >> another generation of afghan children is being brainwashed. this is the provenbs and the men giving weapons to children have pledged allegiance to isil. al jazeera has been given rare access to the front lines in eastern afghanistan where isil says it's gaining ground. and they seem to be preparing to stay as the recruitment is aimed at the very young.
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isil fighters seem comfortable in the village life though there is the constant fare of drone strikes. their biggest enemy is the afghan taliban. thank god there is a calif phate now and are fighting under the calif's leadership. >> we don't agree with those brothers who want isil here in afghanistan because the talibantable are already here and if there is no need, why would you join them? al jazeera was given access to two of the groups' bases. they their numbers don't appear to be large but they say many more are in fighting. >> there are man fighters all over this province. they have come from saudi affair abe i can't. they are here but they can't talk to you face to face. >> more chilling are their
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methods, these 13 and 17-year-olds are ready to become suicide bombers. they say then trained by foreigners and don't fear giving up their lives. they their declared target is a former govern governor. he said suicide attackers don't scare him. civilians who have only seen war for decades are afraid of more violence. thousands more have been displaced as isil entered the conflict, traditionally between the afghan government and the talibantable. in remote parts of afghanistan, isil is finding sanctuaries to grow stronger. ays. >> you can see the full documentary isil and the talibantable here at al jazeera later on sunday at 20 hours greenish meantime. >> people until turkey re at the polls for the second time in five months.
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the general election was called after the ruling ack party failed to form a coalition government in after the election in june. here is how the full main parties performed in that june 7th election. of the 550 seats in parliament, the ruling ack party secured 258. that's almost 41% of the vote, but not quite enough governor alone. the second republican people's party or the chp got 131 seats. the nationalist party or the mhp got 79. the proceeded proceed kurdish people's party got 80 seats or 13%. in recent polls, support for the akp party has only occasionally reached the coverage in% which would give it the the 276 seats it needs to govern on its own. the htp has to security at least 10 percent of the vote if it's to get back in to parliament at
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all. the current poll suggests it will do so. let's go live now to the turkish capitol and our correspondent. it's mandatory for turks to vote in elections. so, the turnout is going to be high. isn't it, jamal? >> sxweefd. there is no sign of any voter fatigue despite the fact like you say it's not only the second time they vote. it's actually the fourth time they vote in the same two years so there is still a high turnout. we are expecting more than the even average 80% that turks have been hitting over the past few polls. i am going to introduce one of our guests we have with us today, professor usgur from the international relations department t is one of the reasons for the high turnout the strong political poliarization f society or because there are so many major issues that are at
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stake at these elections? >> i think both. we could say that because first of all, like you said, there are very majoribs at stake here. people's security, their livelihood, economy, political stability. everything that states. so people want to have a say in this. and, also, the turkish politics has been polarized for a long time. he specially this election because of all of the debates, internal debates about this election. there is even more. >> what are the main issues? the bombing terrorism, or is it the kurdish problem or the economy? what do you think are the main issues? >> historically, the most important issue for turkish electorate is the economy. the turkish economy has not been doing so well in the last two or three years. we are not growing as much as we are supposed to grow and people are losing jobs. and the exchange rate is going up, and there is much less
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economic stability in the country. that's number 1. second, usually the second thing we always find in our research is security. people want a secure society without terrorism, without the bombings, you know, that all of this stuff that handicaps happens in turkey. the third one, the third issue is stability. we lost stability. >> on that note of stability, one of the reasons for the instability is the failure to form a government from the last elections because you were used to having one party in power. let's imagine the same thing happens this time. what can you expect? will there be more instability if the akp party? >> unfortunately i would plates my bet on instability. it is so polarized that it doesn't look like the parties can get together and make a viable coalition and when we don't have that, we are going to have a third election, or we are going to go having a minority government or we are going to have another transition
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government. and except for a stable coalition or a single party government, all of the other options are terrible for turkey because this country has a lot of problems and we need refunds and without real government, you cannot pursue these reforms. either it has to be either a single party, akp party government, or a stable coalition with a central left or nationalist right akp party. except for these three actions, probably they are not looking at a very optimistic picture for turkey in the next two years. >> thank you very much, professor martin. >> gives you a sense of just how important and significant these e legs are because it's not only the future of the political parties like the akp party or whatever that is in the balance. as the professor just explained, a lot of people feel it is the stability of the country that's at stake here that's why so many people are adamant to ensure that they practice their rights in voting and are taking to the polling stations in large numbers, martin.
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>> jamal, thank you very much, jamal, live in ankarar. a lot more to come on this program including leaders from south korea, japan and china meeting in seoul, looking to go smooth tensions and boost trade. and mentixican formula one fans prepare top welcome bag the sport after a 23 year break. details coming up.
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legal ogen. let's have a look at the top stories here at al jazeera.
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al shabaab attacked a hotel in somalia killing at least 15 people including one mp. two explosions hit the hotel in mogadishu that is popular with politicians. security forces say they have now regained control of the hotel. russia is obvious somebody serving a day of national mourning after saturday's plane crash in egypt. a shrine for the 224 victims is being built in saint petersburg where the airbus was due to land. voters in turkey are at the polls for the second time in five months. the prime minister has cast his p ballot. the election was called after his ak party failed to form a coalition government following the election in june. south korea has been hosting the first trilateral summit with china and japan in three and a half years. the leaders agreed to set aside their differences and cooperate
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on trade and security. the relationship between the three nations has been marred by territoryial disputes from the second world war. here is our correspondent harry fawcett in seoul. >> reporter: so these first trilateral talks in three and a half years have now been concluded. there was a news conference afterwards no, questions asked. so not much of a news conference but it was an opportunity for the three leaders to put forward their messages and there was a fair degree of commonality in the language that they used. a lot of talk about peace and prosperity and statemebility an also accelerating plans to have a three-way free trade agreement between these three nations that between them amount for about 20% of the global economy. president parkenhay said restarting this process could be a spur toward better bilateral relations between these country. the bilateral relationship between tokyo and seoul since
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abi took power has been frosty, largely over historical issues such as those over the comfort women who were forced into sexual slavery to serve the japanese military before and during world war ii. there will the first bilateral talks with prime minister abi on monday. much attention folked on those because they are dest i need to be short but not much agreed, at least it will be a symbolic step forward. the united states wants it to improve. is it wants its two key alleys to be bound much more closely together in a way to counteract the rides of china. >> in myanmar, it's the final week of campaigning for the first contested election following nearly 2368t 50 years of rule. the opposition leader is holding a rally in the largest city, rangon. her mld party will face the ruling usdt party and most constituencies. if neither party wins a majority
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in next sunday's election, they are expected to forge alliances and form a government. florence looie is in rangon. >> reporter: there hasn't been any reliable opinion polls leading up to the election. many political comment ators anticipate they will win in parliament. they have said they are concerned about inaccurate votes and in june, you could see anywhere between 30 and 80%. now, the other issue is it had to contend with tactics. in a country where anti-muslim centsment, they are accused being a pro-movement party. it has chosen not to field any muslim candidates. a third factor that could reduce the note is any ethnic majorities will that's their own ethnic parties. maybe make no mistake whoever
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wins the election, the military will still be a very important force because of the way the constitution is drafted. guaranteed 25% of fifa's parliament, the right to appoint the home fin minister. so post elections, it will be a general view of after disciplined democracy but this is viewed as a step toward the more democratic process. >> relatives are mourning death of a publisher stabbed in bangladesh. fa isil published books bike the authoffer. abju roy. he was an atheist and critical you have islamic groups in bang la derb. four bloggers have been hacked to death for writing critically about islamist militancy. isitioni soldiers have fired live rounds and tear gas in hebron. the violence broke out after the
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funerals of five 10 agers killed byisi forces. thousands of people turned out on the streets of hebron for the funerals on saturday. israel handled over their bodies on friday only after intervention by the palestinian president, makmud abbas and international groups. it's nearly 20 years since the assassination of itzak rabin, the israeli prime minister who was willing to take a risk and talk to his enemies. he was shot on november 4th, 1995. he was killed by a jewish man opposed to the peace process and the 1993 oslo accord between israel and the palestine liberation organization. the former u.s. president bill clinton who worked closely with rabin and yassar arafat spoke at the rally. >> i never stopped seeing other people, including his adversaries, as human beings whose children were entitled to
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the same possibilities in life as his own. the third thing that i learned from him, most important for you tonight in this complex and challenging moment is he refused to give up his dream of peace in the faith of violence. >> two bombs have gone off just minutes apart in tansania semi autonomous zanzibar island. the blast in the main city caused no casualties but this is just the latest in a series of incidence since the anullment of last week's e lebsz. the opposition claimed victory hours after the polls closed but the election commission cancelled the vote before the ballots were counted saying it was neither free nor fair. the top court in guinea has confirmed the results of october's vote in which the current president was re-elected. the judge has dismissed the
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opposition's claims of fraud. gerald tan reports. >> reporter: a dance of victory. there was little doubt as to how these guanaians felt. moments before, inside, the chief judge had validated the results of presidential elections held three weeks ago. >> the constitutional courts declared the rpg party. 158.8% of the vote and is elected president of the republic start from december 21, 2015, to december 21, 2020. >> the election commission had already declared condi as winner. three opposition candidates amist allegations of vote rigging and fraud, the court found those claims baseless. >> the election was fine and it
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was peaceful. we are happy with this result. we are happy. he is not a thief. he has won with the blessing of god. >> this was only guinea's second presidential vote since independence from france almost 60 years ago. violence in the week before the polls had marked campaigning, but there was high turnout and little incident on election day. >> i am proud they have implemented democracy. >> it did take place in a peaceful manner. and they had the% of a quiet time. >> i faces several challenges ass enters his second term in. the ebola outbreak continues and global metal prices is affecting exports but for now conde supporters are celebrating five more years under his leadership. gerald tan, al jazeera.
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>> environmentalists in kenya are trying to make communities more energy efficient. they want to convince people human waste can be a source of fuel. >> reporter: teaching women in her neighborhood about coal but it's not just any coal. this is made from human waste. it will burns longer, is odorle odorless. something near here northwest of kenya's capitol, nairobi. she has a tough job convincing people to buy. >> people normally ask: is it really safe? they are very conservative and their fast reaction is shock. i explain to them that this has been tested and proven to be safe. >> it is know for flower sands which earn the government millions of dollars. but it's a sanitation. no proper waste disposal system.
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so most of the waste is dumped in the town's scenic lake. a non-profit organization is helping to change that. >> the community lat trins are dirty. nobody cares about cleaning them. when you along at the people using the latrines, they are far from their house. it's unsafe at night to use them. >> sa. >> they have been giving people toilet boxes like this one and collecting waste twice a week for a fee of about $5 a month. >> the waste is brought here for treatment, extreme heating using concentrate orders, meant to kill everything. it's a process that takes at least a day to make sure the waste is clean and safe to go into that processing plant. >> in a fairly simple process, human waste is then mixed with crushed rose stems, thrown away and charcoal dust.
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workers here are increasingly reaching out to people at home. >> a lot of users in other area don't have gas stoves. they have the three-stone fire. we found that our charcoal is perfect for working with the economisting mechanics. >> many people here use charcoal and firewood. the plan is reduce cutting down trees. a good idea for at that country with 7 out of 10 kenyans lack a household toilet. despite that human waste is treated before being released into the environment. those working toward popularizing these briquets say the biggest challenge is convincing people that will even human waste can be good. >> new zealand have become the first team to successful defend the rug background world cup. the kiwist 34-17 in the final at
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london's twickenham stadium. they lifted the trophy for a record third time. formula one has returned to mexico for the first time in 23 years. niko rosburg will start from the poll position, beating newly crowned lewis hamilton to the front of the grid. rosberg is battling the second in the driver's standing with three races to go. this race marks a homecoming of sorts for f 1 family fans. john hollmann explains. >> reporter: the biggest motor race on earth is back in town. formula one is returning to mexico city after a 23-year absence. the fans in this city couldn't be happier. >> all fans in the church, everything. we have the spirit here in mexico to receive the good gp every year. >> even after the long an sense, the sport remains popular here in mexico. the original ticket for the
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race, itself, sold out in a matter of hours. when fan wait for the race, the city has laid for this zone for them to meet each other, try their hand at a little bit of go carting here there are simulators for wannabe drivers to practice racing. this pit star, the budding mechanics to brush up on their skills. >> it makes me really satisfied that formlu one has returned to mexico. we feel flattered that this high-quality event is here. >> reporter: drivers have been getting into the mexican swing of things. world champion lewis hamilton tried his hand add mexican style wrestling . >> i am here to have fun this weekend. i have been having fun all year, but a little bit more of a relaxed weekend in that sense. this is the first mexico grand prix for 2 three years. i want to win it. >> the government and private incorrectment plowed about
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$200 million to make sure that the event and track for it is all already. they hope it will be a boost for the local economy. it's about more than just that. it's about being back on the circuit with the most prestigous championship in the most racing world. >> don't forget, you can get all of the day's stories on the al jazeera website. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm russel russell in the pacific northwest. >> it's exactly the habitat that


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