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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 9:00am-9:31am EST

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>> election day in turkey, the ruling party hopes to regain it's parliamentary majority. >> you're watching al jazeera live from doha. also coming up: al shabab attacks a hotel in somalia's apartment calendar, killing 15. >> a day of mourning in russia after a plane crashed in egypt's sinai. the minister of aviation said there was no distress call. >> a new round of man versus
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machine. we'll tell you how some gadgets designed to help us could be doing the opposite instead. polls have closed in turkey in the second general election in five months. the election is a challenge for the ak party for president erdogan. in june, it couldn't form a majority government, so the election comes amid growing security concerns, a wave of violence since june has left hundreds dead. we spoke to voters at a polling station in ankara. >> once again, turks find themselves called upon to vote for their next government on the ballot paper, a plethora of different parties running as parliamentary elections. now, turkey historically has a high turnout when it comes to elections, usually in the 80% or
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more. even though these are the fourth time the turks take to the polls in less than two years to, there is no voter fatigue here. one of the reasons, because of the huge amount of importance placed on elections, also because of the percentage of young people that are eligible to vote. let's ask some why they are voting. >> voting for our future is the only way to shape our democracy. it's the only way to shape our democracy. >> what are the main issues? >> actually, we are voting for the stability of this country and we are hoping to at the end of this election in turkey we will see uniony and free with democracy. >> what arid main concerns you have as a young turk? what makes you come and vote today? >> we have many concerns, but the main issue is the democracy and justice. i don't believe there is justice in this country for a very long
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time, and we want justice and democracy, and after that, we want stability. we want job, everything. >> thank you. there is strong feelings with difference views. it's important to note like i say that turkey has witnessed it's most unstable period since the last general elections because of the failure to form some sort of coalition government, so there is a lot hanging on the turnout on the results of these elections. >> bernard smith hat latest from the pro.commontly kurdish city. >> southeastern turkey here was one of the places it all went wrong for the ak party in june. before then, they relied on
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votes, but many kurds felt that the ak party was no longer interested in kurdish issues. the h.d.p. hopes to get the votes this time around. the ak party hasn't done a lot to try and win back those lost kurdish votes. instead, the ak party has concentrated on perhaps winning over for nationalist voters from the further right of the political spectrum. that is why the hope is that the a.d.p. will hold on to the votes it won in june. >> crossing over to istanbul, tell us how people are voting where you are. >> the voting is over now and at the polling station, they cleared the voting, although they counted the ballot papers that were used, you can see the
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box here is quite full. i am told 94% of the people registered in this station have cast their ballots. we expect the voter turnout to be very high. i did speak to a number of voters earlier in the day and they were telling me how society is deeply polarized. you have basically two camps, a camp that is hoping to achieve stability by voting for the ruling ak party and the opposing camp. they want to end what they say is a single party or a single man rule. the next few hours will be crucial to the political landscape and the future of turkey. >> reporting from istanbul, thank you. >> people in and seer by thissen voting in parliamentary elections there. the president is expected to
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clear to win. most opposition parties are shunning the vote, they and human rights groups accuse of government of harassment and silences dissent. al shabab claimed responsibility for attacking a hotel popular with politicians. at least 15 were killed in the capital mogadishu including a member of parliament. we have more. >> a suicide bomber detonates his explosives inside this hotel in mogadishu. outside a car is on fire. it had been packed with explosives and used by gunman to blast their way into the hotel compound. it is popular with somali politicians. one current and one former member are among the dead. senior government officials and a journalist were also killed.
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1m.p. called the attack a very dark day for somalia. >> i was at the scene of the explosion busy taking photos when a car full of explosives detonated beside me. i fell on the ground and saw part of my body bleeding. i was with another journalist who was killed in the attack. >> somali soldiers were called in to recapture the hotel. al shabab, which operates in somalia and neighboring countries has claimed responsibility. >> it's clear, if you look back at events in somalia over the past months that al shabab still has the capability to otherwise major terrorist attacks in the capital. it's unfortunate that these terrorist attacks still occur sporadically. overall, the government forces are clearly in the offensive and have the momentum. >> in april, fighters from the group killed 147 people in an
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attack on garissa university in kenya. the shopping mall in nairobi was attacked, where they killed 67 people. there have been decades of civil unrest. four years ago, al shabab was pushed out of major cities with the help of african union soldiers, but attacks like this show somalia's government and its supporters still have much more work to do. al jazeera. >> egypt's president says an investigation into saturday's plane crash in the sinai could take amongst. russian and egyptian investigators are due to analyze the black box flight recorders. russia had a day of mourning for the passengers and crew aboard the metro air jet bus.
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it was bound for st. petersburg. our correspondent peter sharp is in st. petersburg. >> the three aircraft filled with air crash investigators that left petersburg yesterday arrived i understand cairo and the teams are now out at the scene of the crash and the debris field is just huge. it stretches 30 square clem torse. the plane must have broken up considerably in its descent. one of the piece that is remained most intact was the actual flight deck and the cockpit, which means that the block boxes were recovered and they are virtually intact, and they will be opened in the next few hours as they hope to come to some conclusions about exactly what happened to that aircraft. this could go on for sometime. the fallout vince. emirates airlines are the latest
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to suspend flights over sinai and it joins lufthansa and air france that made the same decision yesterday until the full results of exactly how that flight came down are finally known. jail soldiers shot dead a palestinian man in the occupied west bank. the israeli army say he attempted to stab a soldier during confrontation northeast of hebron. 71 palestinians and nine israelis have been killed since the outbreak of violence at the beginning of october. elsewhere in hebron, more palestinian funerals have been taking place. hundreds marched in a funeral for a man shot dead by the israeli army. the return of his body to his family was delayed. israeli police say he attacked and wounded a soldier. an israeli soldier has been suspended from duty after being caught on video warning palestinians to stop throwing stones or they'd be gassed until
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they died. that happened thursday in the occupied west bank. a statement says this is a severe incident which we are taking care of with the full severity of the law. a palestinian resident filmed that israeli army jeep as threats were issued in arabic through a loud speaker by the unidentified voice. >> still to come on al jazeera, we gain access to basis in afghanistan where children are being recruited to fight for isil. in kenya, one person's waste is another's energy. it could help sox two environmental problems at once.
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>> hello again, the top stories on al jazeera, polls have closed in turkey in the second general election in five months. large numbers of voters turned out in the largely kurdish region. the election was called when president erdogan's ak party failed to form a coalition government after june's election. al shabab killed at least 15 people in somalia at a hotel. two explosions hit the hotel in mogadishu, which is popular with politicians. russian and egyptian investigators are analyzing the block box recorders after the plane crash. 224 passengers were killed and russia had a day of mourning.
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>> in myanmar, it's the first day of campaigning following 50 years of military rule. a rally has been held in the largest city. the party will face the ruling party in most constituency. if neither party wins a majority, they are expected to fortunately alliances and form a government. we have this update. >> there hasn't been any reliable opinion polls leading up to the election but many political commentators predict a majority will of seats will be won in parliament. it was said there were inaccuracies in the voter list. in a country where anti muslim sentiment has been exploited leading up to the election, it
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is accused of being a pro muslim party. for partly that reason, it's chosen note to field my muslim capped dates, a criticized move. another thing to reduce the vote could be ethnic majorities will likely choose their own ethnic party. make no mistake that whoever wins the election, the military will still be a very important force, because of the way the constitution is drafted, garb teague 25% of seats to parliament, it will have the righty to appoint the minister over security and the justice system. this election is viewed as a step toward a more democratic process. >> the u.n. special envoy to syria arrived in damascus, meeting the foreign minister two days after world leaders met in vienna to try to end the four year long civil war.
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syrian government and opposition leaders weren't at the summit, but iran was represented for the first time. the world powers and regional powers called for a truce and the renewal of stalled u.n. brokered talks. isil suicide bomber in syria seized a small town in homs. isil launched the attack on saturday. the town is 20 kilometers from the main road linking damascus to homs. >> in northern syria, isil is being confronted by a new aligns of armed option groups backed by the united states. they include kurdish forces. their inclusion is angering other opposition groups who fear kurds of being given too much power. zeina hodor explains. >> america's partner ocean, the syrian democratic forces announced the start of an
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offensive it hopes will end isil the presence in the northeastern corner of the country. it includes kurdish abar ran and syrian forces. it expected to receive the help of u.s. special forces which the obama administration plans to deploy to syria oh to help in the fight against isil. >> we announced the first step in our military campaign to liberate syria from argument terrorists. many groups are participating with the coordination and support of the automatic led coalition. >> u.s. backing for the syrian kurdish y.p.g. force is not new. the so-called people's protection unit have cleared many areas of isil with the help of coalition airstrikes in recent months. it has been trying to recruit more groups from syria's arab majority to create a unified national force. despite that, the y.p.g. continues to be criticized by many, including neighboring turkey for creating their own state.
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>> when they are using the arabs they are trying to achieve stability. it is clear from the other rebels and factions in the opposition that this is merely a kurdish force trying to implement a specific plan and its own agenda in northern syria. >> the y.p.d.g. controls half of turkey's border with syria, trying to push isil from the province. the y.p.g. is 50 kilometers north of what isil say is their capital, but the y.p.g. has refused to press further without syrian arable rebels taking the lead in the province. one partner, a group called the raqqa revolutionary front recently said an offense is imminent against isil in the province, its leader saying it would be a historic battle for raqqa first and syria connected.
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>> the forces say their goal is not just to end isil's presence but to build a democratic unified and secular syria. it is a goal shared by the united states that has now decided to send troops on an add visery mission for the first time to syria. the expected deployment and support for the y.p.g. is causing tension. >> secretary of state john kerry has understands the u.s. is not entering the war. this is angering other opposition groups, who are not just worried about the growing strength of the y.p.g. but believe the priority should be to fight the syrian government. al jazeera, beirut. in iraq, seven civilians have been killed in owe litigation airstrikes and iraqi army shelling in the city of ramadi. eight others were injured in the military assault. the iraqi army said it's resumed military operations in the
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country's anbar province. isil say they are taking more territory from the taliban in afghanistan. al jazeera has gained rare access to areas held by the armed group. we have a report on how they are recruiting children to fight for them. >> another generation of afghan children is being brainwashed. this is the province where the men are giving we haves train to go children who pledged leniency to islamic state of iraq and the levant. isil says little gaining ground. they seem to be preparing to stay, as the recruitment is aimed at the very young. isil fighters seem comfortable in the village life where there is a constant fear of drone strikes, but their biggest enemy is the taliban. >> it is a caliphate now.
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we pledge allegiance to the caliphate fighting a holy war under the leadership. >> fighters are defending territory not just from the afghan military, but also isil gunmen. >> we don't agree with those brothers who want isil here in afghanistan, because the taliban are already here and if there's no need, why would you join them? >> al jazeera was given access to two of the group's bases. the numbers don't appear to be large, but they say many more are in hiding. >> there are many fighters all over this province, a large number of foreign fighters have come from saudi arabia and europe. they are here, but they can't talk to you face-to-face. >> more chilling are their methods. these 13 and 17-year-olds are ready to become suicide bombers. they say they've been trained by foreigners and don't fear giving up their lives. their declared target is the
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commander, a former governor of the province who is notorious for his ruthlessness. he said suicide attackers don't scare him. civilians who have only seen war for decades fear violence. isil entered the conflict between the afghan government and the taliban. isil is finding sanctuaries to grow stronger. >> you can watch the full documentary isil and the taliban on al jazeera airing later on sunday at 20:00 g.m.t. the death of a secular book publisher is being protested. he was hacked to death in february. he was an atheist and critical of islamic groups in bangladesh. four secular bloggers have been murdered this year. seven people have been
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arrested in the maldives following the discovery of weapons. the police found the arsenal when investigating an explosion on the president's boat in september. the weapons, including rifles, grenades and ammunition were discovered on the sea bed north of mali. the president escaped unhurt from an explosion, but his wife was injured. guineas constitutional court confirmed the winner of the presidential election. opposition leaders challenged the result after conde was given 57% of the vote. environmental activists in kenya are trying to make their community more energy efficient. they want to convince people that human waste can be a source of fuel. >> she is teaching women in her
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neighborhood about coal, but it's not just any coal. this is made from human waste. this is northwest of nairobi. she has a tougher job convincing people to buy. >> people normally ask me is it really safe. they are very conservative and their first reaction is shock. i explain to them that this has been tested and proven to are safe. >> the area has a sanitation hazard, with not enough toilets and no proper waste disposal system, so much waste is dumped in the town's scenic lake. a non-profit organization is helping to change that. >> the community latrines are
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dirty. nobody cares about cleaning them. when they look at the people using the latrines. >> they have been giving people toilet boxes like this one and collecting their waste twice a week for a fee of about $5 a month. >> the waste is brought here for treatment. extreme heating and concentrators is meant to kill everything composted. it's a process that takes at least a day to make sure the waste is clean and fit to go into that processing plant. >> in a fairly simple process, human waste is then mixed with stems thrown away from flower fans and dust to make briquettes. workers here are increasingly reaching out to people at home. >> a lot of people in our area, they don't have gas stoves.
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they have free fire. we found that our fire is perfect for working with existing mechanics. >> many people here use charcoal and firewood. the plan is to use it where kenyans lack a household toilet and 5% of waste is being treated before released into the environment. the biggest challenge they say is convincing people that even human waste can be good. al jazeera, kenya. >> as machines get smarter and more efficient, people's jobs are under threat. a.t.m.'s have replaced banks tellers, airport checking machines are doing away with checking staff and so on. john has been on a tour along the technology corridor in northern california. >> as fast food workers across the u.s. demand higher wages, in san francisco, the future of
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fast food is here, and it's out automated. the customer is the order, cashier and server. it takes two minutes. it's like a 1950's auto mat, but there is no visible staff other than a concierge to help the technically challenged. >> pizza has brought automation and curious city to dining. automation is touching nearly every aspect of our lives and changing the way we live and work. >> google has its self-driving car, daimler is preparing to release 18 wheelers like this one on the roadways. machines cancel anything once sold by a clerk from coffee to snow cones, propane, even i pads. >> automated retailing is all
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about instant gratification. you can pretty much make a venting machine do whatever you want it to do. we've done hundreds of different vending machines. >> robots have already replaced many manufacturing and service jobs but futurists say they know threaten white color workers. >> robots, software, machines, all kinds of technology are increasingly going to displace workers. there's no doubt about that. we are seeing research into areas like creative machines, algorithms that can create new things, new designs, that can write tim phon knees, paint original art. >> the rise of automation could make products cheaper, but could affect more workers faster than anyone now expects. >> this is going to happen faster than anyone thinks. i am talking about dramatic changes in the next five years with self driving cars, wiping out the entire taxi industry. >> perhaps one growth industry
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for workers will be repairing machines. al jazeera, san francisco. >> you can keep up to date with all the news on our website at there it is on your screen, >> by scientists. tonight: techknow's journey to the arctic. 13 days... subfreezing temperatures... endless sun. >> it is passed midnight right now and the sun just is not


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