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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EST

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>> hello and welcome to the news hour from doha. here's what's coming up: polls close in turkey, the ruling party hopes to regain it's parliamentary majority. >> national day of mourning, russians pay tribute to the victims of the egypt plane crash that killed 224 people. the al shabab armed group attacked a hotel in somalia,
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killing at least 15 people. kenya looks to a little lump of coal that could involve two environmental problems at once. >> hello, polls closed in turkey in the second general election in five months. the vote is a challenge for the ak party and president erdogan. it failed to win enough seats at the poll in june. at the time, it couldn't fortunately a majority government. this election comes amid growing security concerns, a wave of violence since june has left hundreds dead. we have correspondents covering the story across turkey. bernard smith in the southeast kurdish city, istanbul and in the capital ankara. we begin with you, jamal. >> polls closed here despite the
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fact that these are not only the second general elections in the space of five months, but the fourth time turks take to the polyin two years or less than two years. there isn't any sign of voter fatigue, in fact large voter turnout as is the norm in turkey. among those flocking to the polling station are the young, 50% under the age of 35. one of those people we have with us is from the ak party. you are from the ak party's youth wing. i want to ask you what are your expectations from these elections, are you concerned that if your party doesn't manage to get the seat it needs to form a government, that the instability turkey has had will increase. >> i'm hopeful for the elections today and i believe that within the well functioning democracy of turkey today, the people will give the best decision for the country, and i believe that
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turkey will only continue to go forward and it does not matter if ak party does not get enough votes to form a single party government, although i believe that that will be the outcome, it is all right, and ak party will continue to talk with the other parties to form a coalition. >> as a young turk and like we say, you make up a huge part of this population, not only are you decided on who you are voting for, you are active in politics. why did you choose the ak party? why do you believe that it is them that your best interests are with that? >> turkey is a very diverse community. there are many different groups within the society, and i chose that party because i believe that ak party ewe nights these different groups and brings political and economical stability to the country and that is why i will continue to support it. >> are you not afraid that you've been in power for so long
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that you've become used to being in power and people saying you don't want to let go as a party and that is harming turkey's democracy? >> no, no. i believe that we have only gained a lot from all the things we have done up until now and it will only get better because we have so much experience. >> thank you very much. that's one view on the political spectrum here and it is a very diverse one. there are strong opinions on all sides of this debate and that's why a lot of people are waiting in great anticipation to see the results of these elections, not only to see if their party is going to win, but the economic security and political one dependency perfectly on the outcome of these polls. >> thank you for that update from ankara. speaking of results, let's go to istanbul. you were at a polling station where i believe now the votes are being counted behind you.
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>> yes, they have, and they are halfway through. officials here tell me there is a high voter turnout. there are 7,500 people registered here, aren't 90% of them showed up to vote. i'm going to stay silent for a few seconds, let you know what has happened and then i will explain to you. this official is a public servant, she's assigned by the election commission. she has a deputy, then the people to her left are representatives from all the named political parties, so this is how things are to be carried out here. to the right now, there are a group of monitors setting the
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tallying houses going. there are different groups represented in the country. we do expect to have a full idea in about two hours from now, once the tallying is over here, the ballot boxes and the ballot papers will be taken by police and then from there, they will be taken to offices that belong to the commissioner who will put all the data and the results in the computer system, than transfer to ankara where the final results will be declared in a few days time, but we will have a clear idea, initial results, if you will, in about a couple of hours, the results are much anticipated. it's perhaps could determine the future of the political landscape here in turkey. >> ok, thank you for that update from istanbul. let's just have a look at the violence that turkey has faced
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since the last poll on july 20. 34 civilians were killed in a suicide bomb attack targeting a gathering of n.g.o.'s in a town on the border with syria. on september 6, 16 soldiers were killed in a bomb attack on the border with iraqi. two days later an attack on a police minivan left 10 dead. then october 10, ankara, 102 people died in a double suicide bomb attack targeting a peace rally. over that same time, hundreds more have died in fighting between turkish forces act kurdish armed group, the p.k.k. 145 turkish security personnel had been killed while turkish military sources say more than 340p.k.k. fighters have also been killed. in total, more than 640 people have lost their lives in violence across turkey in four months. crossing to bernard smith, joining us from southeastern
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turkey to tell us what is important for voters there. what's at take for them when it comes to this election? >> this was one of the parts of turkey, the southeast kurdish majority city that put the full kurdish party in parliament for the first time. that's what robbed the akt. they got eight seats in parliament in the june election. it's because of them that the a.k.p. would say they've had the majority taken from them. they would hope to get 30% share of the vote, similar to june. i think here among the excitable crowd outside the headquarters, hoping for at least representation in parliament again this time around. a lot of the socially
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conservative kurds were the ones who voted for the a.k.p. previously, kept them in power. they are the ones who joined with more secular minded kurds to vote more ethnic lines and vote for the pro kurdish h.d.p. the a.k.p., the ak party hasn't tried to get those socially conservative votes back. that's why the h.d.p. is hoping to hang on to them. migrant in greece say they need assistance from the next government. >> turkey will decide who will govern the country, but whoever it is, they should help us. whether it is the h.d.p. or any other party or president erdogan or someone else, they have to help us. more bodies have washed up on the greek island of lesbos. they were carried from the shore
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by forensic officers and volunteers. more than 60 people, half of them children have died in the past four days trying to reach the greek islands. greek police say they are among the worst incidents since the refugee crise began. >> egypt's president says an investigation into saturday's plane crash in the sinai could take months. the plane broke up in the air. the flight's black boxes are now being analyzed. russia is observing a day of mourning for the 224 aboard the metro jet airbus. it crashed after taking off from an egyptian resort bound for st. petersburg. flowers have been laid at an airport shrine. we are live from st. petersburg. tell us where you are and what the mood is over there in russia. >> well, the mood obviously is very somber.
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i'm in front of the czar's last palace where in the dark hundreds of people are gathering. a few minutes ago on the joke of the hour, they released 244 white and red balloons into the air to mark one for every one of those who died in that disaster. the search for the bodies is continuing. they found 175 so far. the aircraft is said to have broken up at very, very high altitude. it means that the debris trail extends to over 20 square kilometers and tragically, they found the body of a young 3-year-old girl, more than eight kilometers from the actual
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silent of the main crash, so the breakup of the aircraft in the air was absolutely catastrophic at high altitude. >> peter, thank you for that update from st. petersburg. al shabab fighters in somalia claimed responsibility for attacking a hotel popular with politician. at least 15 people were killed in the capital mogadishu, including a member of parliament. victoria has more. >> a suicide bomber detonates his explosives inside this hotel in moch deash shoe. outside a car is on fire. it had been packed with explosives and used by gunman to blast their way into the compound. they then stormed the hotel itself. the hotel is popular with somali politicians. at least one current and one former member of parliament are among the dead. senior government officials and
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a journalist were also killed. the attack was called a very dark day for somalia. >> i was at the scene of the explosion, busy taking photos when a car full of explosives detonated beside me. i fell on the ground and saw part of my body bleeding. i was with another journalist who was killed in the attack. >> somali soldiers were called in to recapture the hotel. >> the security forces immediately played a role to limit the loss of life. this is a dangerous attempt from a terrorist movement. we are sure the movement will be defeated at the end. >> al shabab, which operates in somalia and neighboring countries has claimed responsibility. >> it's clear if you look back at events in somalia over the past six months that al shabab still has the capability to otherwise major terrorist attacks in the capital. it's unfortunate that these terrorist attacks still occur
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sporadically. overall, the government's forces are clearly on the offensive and have the momentum. >> in april, fighters from the group killed 147 people in an attack on garissa university college in kenya. in september, 2013, al shabab fighters stormed the west gate shopping mall in nairobi, killing 67 people. somalia has been devastated by decades of civil unrest. four years ago, somalia's government pushed al shabab out of major cities, including mogadishu with the help of african soldiers. the government and it's supporters still have much work to do. al jazeera. still ahead on the al jazeera news hour, we gained rare access to afghanistan bases when children are being recruited to fight for isil.
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plus: an israeli soldier is suspended after telling palestinians at a refugee camp they would be gassed until they died. >> in sports, the world series slips out of the mets hands. we have details a little later this hour. >> first, israeli soldiers have shot dead a palestinian man in the occupied west bank. the israeli army said he attempted to stab a soldier during confrontations northeast of hebron. 71 palestinians and nine israelis have been killed in violence since the beginning of october. elsewhere in hebron, more palestinian funerals have been taking place. huns marched in a funeral procession for a man shot dead by the israeli army. the return of his body to his family was delayed. israeli police say he attacked and wounded a soldier. >> an israeli border police officer has been suspended from
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duty after caught on video warning palestinians to stop throwing stones or they'd be gassed until they died. that happened on thursday at the refugee camp in the occupied west bank. a police statement says this is a severe incident, which we are taking care of with the full severely of the law. a palestinian resident filmed that army jeep as threats were issued in arabic through a loud speaker with an unidentified voice. >> the u.s. special envoy to syria ha has gone to damascus to days after world powers met in vienna to try to end the syrian war. iran was represented for the first time. the world power and region at powers called for a truce and the renewal of stalled talks.
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>> isil seized a small town, wounding government forces. isil launched the attack on saturday. the town is 20 kilometers from the main road linking damascus to homs. >> in northern syria, isil is confronted by a new alliance of armed opposition groups, the syrian democratic forces being backed by the united states and include kurdish forces. their inclusion is angering other opposition groups who fear kurds are being given too much power. zane no hodor explains. >> america's partners on the ground, the syrian democratic forces has announced the start of an offensive it hopes will end isil's presence in the northeastern corner of the country. this newly formed alliance includes kurdish, arab forces. it is expected to receive the help of u.s. special forces which the obama administration plans to deploy to help in the
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fight against isil. >> we announce the third step in our military exam pain. many groups are participating in this effort with the coordination and support of the u.s. led coalition. >> u.s. backing for the syrian kurdish y.p.g. force is not new. the so-called people's protection unit has cleared many areas of isil with the help of coalition airstrikes in recent months and has been trying to recruit more groups from syria's arab majority to create what kurdish leaders say is a unified national force. the y.p.g. continues to be criticized by many, including neighboring turkey for creating their own state. >> when they are using the arab programs and they they have a lot of arab groups joining them, they are trying to achieve credibility. it is very clear from the other rebels and factions in the opposition that this is merely a
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kurdish force trying to implement a specific plan and its own agenda in northern syria. >> the y.p.g. controls half of the border with syria, now trying to push isil from the countryside. this is he can spend to be the prelude to an attack on raqqa. the y.p.g. has refused to press further without syrian arab rebels taking the lead in a mainly sunni province. one group called the raqqa revolutionary front said an uprising against isil is prominent. >> the syrian democratic forces say their goal is not just to end isil's presence, but to build a democratic, unified and secular syria. it is a goal shared by the united states that has now decided to send troops on an advisory mission for the first time to syria, but the expected
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deployment and the support for the y.p.g. is causing tension. >> u.s. ground involvement in syria is focused solely on fighting isil. secretary of state john kerry has said the u.s. is not entering the war. this is angering other opposition groups, who are not just worried about the growing strength of the y.p.g., but believe the priority should be to fight the syrian government. al jazeera, beirut. >> the u.n. special envoy to yemen expects more talks between the warring parties to begin by mid november. he is at an annual security summit in bahrain and said the civilians in yemen need a solution as quickly as possible. the war has killed thousands and created a humanitarian crise. >> isil say they are taking more territory from the taliban in afghanistan. we have a report on how they are
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recruiting children to fight for them. >> another generation of afghan children is being brainwashed. this is the rest of the province and the member giving weapons training to children have pledged allegiance to the islamic state of iraq and the levant. al jazeera has been given rare access to the front lines in eastern afghanistan, where isil says it's gaining ground. they seem to be preparing to stay as their recruitment is aimed at the very young. isil fighters seem comfortable in the village life with a constant fear of drone strikes, but their biggest enemy is the taliban. >> thank god this is a calendar fatal now. we are pledging allegiance. they are fighting a holy war under the leadership. >> taliban fighters are enough defending territory not just from the afghan military, but
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from the isil gunmen. >> we don't agree with those brothers who want isil here in afghanistan, because the taliban are already here. if there is no need, why would you join them? >> al jazeera was given access to two of the group's bases. their numbers don't appear to be large, but they say many more are in hiding. >> there are many fighters all over this province, a large number of foreign fighters have come from saudi arabia and europe. they are here but can't talk to you face-to-face. >> more chilling than their aims are their methods. these 13-year-olds and 17-year-olds are ready to become suicide bombers. they say they have been trained by for the purposes and don't fear giving up their lives. their commander is a former governor of the province, notorious for their rootlessness. he said suicide attackers don't scare him. civilians are afraid of more violence. thousands more have been
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replaced. isil is finding a sanctuary to grow stronger. al jazeera. >> you can watch the full documentary isil and the taliban on al jazeera airing later on sunday at 20:00 g.m.t. >> seven more people have been arrested in the mill dives after weapons were found by police investigating an assassination attempt on the president. the grenades, guns and ammunition were discovered dumped in the sea. the president escaped unhurt. his wife was injured in an explosion on his yacht in december. the vice president was arrested last week in connection with the blast. south korea china and japan have held a bilateral talk pledging to boost cooperation and unresolved issues from the second world war.
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we have more from the south korean capital, seoul. >> the host, the president seems to have decided that resuming annual talks stalled for three years is now necessary. >> i hope the summit will further cooperation and exchange between the three countries and improve bilateral relations. >> during the talks, all three agreed to accelerate efforts towards a mutual free trade agreement. they committed to work towards resuming long stalled six party talks on north korea's nuclear program. the prime minister also calling for a common effort on the issue of japanese abductees still inside the country.
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>> on the state of regional affairs especially rewarding north korea, i strongly appeal to both leaders about solving the issue of people that have been abducted. >> under president park, south korea has improved ties with beijing, it's most important economic relationship which contains a shared suffering under japan's 20th century military rim. both accuse him of trying to gloss over his country's past wrongs. >> we agree to ham sensitive matters, including facing our history properly and squarely while looking towards the future. we also agree to develop stable trilateral relations and bilateral relationships in all aspects. >> president park and the prime minister will hold their first ever bilateral face-to-face meeting monday. it's destined to be short and most observers say lacking in substance, but the symbolism is important, particularly to the
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united states, which wants to see its two key regional allies mend their relationship. al jazeera, seoul. >> here's what's coming up, an appetite for crab meat in brass still forces the government to act to save the species. >> how some gadgets designed to help us could be doing the opposite instead. in sport, the golfer who has won the turkish open for a second time. econd time.
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>> our american story is written everyday. it's not always pretty, but it's real... and we show you like no-one else can. this is our american story. this is america tonight.
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>> the black box data recorders are being analyzed by aviation experts. al shabab killed at least 15 people, including an m.p. two explosions hit a hotel in mogadishu, which is popular with politician. >> it's been almost five months since there was a major shift in the landscape. >> 550 is the number of seats up for grabs in turkey's parliamentary election. the rule justice and development party or the ak party secured 258 seats in june, 18 short of what it needed to govern alone. it wants the majority. to do that, the ak party needs 276 seats, or 42% of the vote. it's emphasizing strength in dealing with security and providing stability to win over
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voters. the main opposition, the republican people's party or the c.h.p. is a secular party. it's got a quarter of the vote in june. that's 131 seats. an increase in share could enable it to form a coalition government and with its mental of change, be an alternative to the ruling ak party. the nationalist party is a right wing conservative party. it got 16% of the vote in june, translating into 79 seats. ideologically at least, it is the national coalition partner for the ak party. then there's the pro kurdish people's democratic party or the h.d.p. it was the big winner in the last election, getting 13% of the vote, or 80 seats more than enough to cross the difficult 10% threshold to get into parliament. to do that again, it's trying to shake off accusations that it's aligned with the kurdish armed group, the p.k.k.
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more than 54 million turkish citizens are eligible to vote in this election. the question is whether they will revert back to the ak party dominance of the last 13 years or vote for change. >> here in the studio is a fellow from turkish studies. will this election unit the parties? >> an election itself can never be a uniting force. the post election is more important that that the election itself. the democratic procedure is a mean to an end, so in this reward, there is the government, the post election government can introduce a program, an opening toward a society that will make it possible to reduce the level of tension, but nevertheless,
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the election itself will not solve the question. >> what will the end result be? you mentioned the end, so are we looking at a single party rule? >> it is still too early to predict, it's a very tightly fought election, so we are not talking about 5%, 6% of difference, we are talking like 1%. therefore, it's too early to make a judgment. nevertheless, i think it will be very hard, within a matter of one year and two or three months to ask once again people to go to vote. it will be a fifth election.
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there is an election fatigue among the turks, so i don't think that the parties can ask once again to go to polls. >> our correspondents across turkey are reporting that there has been high voter turnout, but what's changed since the last election in june acknowledge election? >> well, i mean on the one hand, some change, but not that much change. much change in the new topics we are discussing. june 7 we had a single agenda item election, which was will turkey keep its parliamentary system or will it turn it into a political and executive presidency as the government ak party was contending, but primarily, the president erdogan
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was wanting p.m. in this election, we have much more than that. in this election, the main question was since on june 7 we found answer to this, no turkey won't have a parliamentary system that will be changed to executive presidency. in this election, the question was will turkey have a single party government or a coalition government. besides this, during this time period, the kurdish peace process derailed, at least partial, the ceasefire has come to an end and right now there's fighting between turkey and the p.k.k. there has been two major terrorist attacks which is lily believed to be conducted by isis in turkey, therefore the base on security has come to fore. for the first time, the turks felt what it feels like not to have a very stable government, because in the last 13 years,
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there has been an uninterrupted rule of a single party government, so some turks actually forget about what it looks like to have an unstable government with some uncertain economic prospect and political instability. that was the change, but will this be reflected on the voting behaviors? to some extent, but not much. >> thank you so much for joining us. voters in azerbaijan at the polls, but the ruling party of the president is expecting a big win, because most opposition parties are boy catting that vote. approximate the government denies allegations by the opposition and human rights groups of harassment and silencing dissent. >> in my myanmar, an election following nearly 50 years of military rule, a rally is being
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held. if neither party wins a majority in next sundays election, they are expected to forge alliances and form a government. we have this update. >> there hasn't been reliable opinion polls leading up to the election, but many political commentators predict the national league for the democracy will win a majority in parliament. in a country where anti muslim sentiment has been exploited leading up to the elections, they are accused of being a pro muslim party and partly for that reason has chosen not to field any muslim candidates, a move that has been criticized. many ethnic people and
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ethnicities will likely choose their own ethnic parties. whoever wins the election, the military will still be a very important force, because of the way the constitution is drafted. 25% of seats in parliament guaranteed, they have the right to appoint the minister. >> the latest ruling of the constitutional court, just moments before inside, the chief judge had validated the results of presidential elections held
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three weeks ago. >> with all consequence, the constitutional court declares the r.p.g. party won 57.8% of the votes and is elected president of the republic starting from december 2001, 2015 to december 21, 2020. >> the election commission had already declared conde as winner, but three opposition candidates launched claims of vote rigging and fraud. the court found those claims baseless. >> the election was fine and peaceful p.m. we are happy with the result. he has won with the blessing of god. >> violence in the week before the polls had marked the campaigning, but there was high turnout and little i want on
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election day. >> i'm proud that we have a new momentum in democracy. >> don day faces several challenges as he enters his second term in office. a slump in global metal prices is affecting exports, but for now, conde supporters are celebrating five more years under his leadership. gerald tan, al jazeera. >> environmental activists in kenya are trying to make their community more energy efficient. they want to convince people that human waste can be a source of fuel. cot run has the story. >> she is teaching women about coal, but it's not just any coal. this is made from human waste.
10:41 am
i have the burns longer, is odorless. it is something new here northwest of kenya's capitol in nairobi. she has a tough job convincing people to buy. >> people normally ask me is it really safe. they are very conservative and the first reaction is shock. i explain to them that this has been tested and proven to be safe. >> it is nope for it's flour farms. it's also a sanitation hazard. there are not enough toilets and no proper waste disposal system, so most of the waste here is dumped in the town's scenic lake. a non-profit organization is helping to change that. >> when you look at the people using their latrines, it's
10:42 am
unsafe at night to use them. >> sanitation has been giving people toilet boxes like this one and collecting their waste twice a week for a fee of about $5 a month. >> the waste is brought here for treatment. extreme heating in concentrators is meant to kill everything. it's a process that takes at least a day to make sure that the waste is clean and fit to go into that processing plant. >> in a fairly simple process, human waste is then mixed with crushed stems thrown away from flower fans and charcoal dust to make these briquettes. workers increasingly reaching out to people at home. >> a lot of users in our area don't have gas stoves. they have a three stone fire and we found our charcoal is perfect for working with them. >> many people here use charcoal
10:43 am
and firewood. the plan is to reduce cutting down trees and help in waste management, a good idea for a country where seven out of 10 kenyans lack a household toilet and just 5% of human waste is treated before released into the environment. those working towards popularizing these briquettes say the biggest challenge is teaching people that even human waste can be good. al jazeera, kenya. coming up, all your sports news, including: new zealand lifts the rugby world cup for a record third time after beating australia in the finals in london.
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in brazil, the appetite for crab meat is causing the government to act. the crab live in the third large evident river delta but overfishing has caused the population to dwindle. >> after he lost his job 20 years ago, like so many of his neighbors, this was all that was left for pedro campos to do. >> it's the worst place in the world to make a living. harvesting crops, you get dirty. there are mosquitoes and huge downpours you have to work in. >> unless the crab population returns to its former abundance, it's not work pedro wishes for
10:46 am
his children. he's been at it for 10 hours but has just 16 crabs to show for his effort. >> there are too many people catching crabs. you used to be able to get several hundred a day. now we have trouble getting even 10. >> crabs are just one of the devastated natural resources in the delta, so three years ago, the government intervened, but instead of banning fishing and crabbing altogether, it created cooperatives with exclusive fishing rights for brazil's poorest and most vulnerable families. it allows for harvesting in concentrated areas while marine populations recover in other parts of the delta. families that take part receive government subs decease for low yield. it's part of a wider program implemented to combat chronic poverty. >> i give it 10 out of 10. it helps with a lot of things, shoes for children, books for
10:47 am
school. >> the government is now assessing its efforts. around 10% of brazilians live on less than $50 a month. >> the program helps families continue with productivity in sustainable way in areas that have bilical importance. this way, families don't american league operate to already crowded urban areas and protect the resource. >> though fishing populations may be on the way to being protected, chronic poverty remains a challenge. these six men plan to bring in less than 65 crabs between them, profits of less than $3 each. >> outside the protected areas, the condition overharvesting continues, keeping prices low. it's estimated even if the industry is brought under control, it could take a decade for the rob populations to return. we have an update on the day's sports stories. >> thank you very much.
10:48 am
the kansas city royals are one win from clinching baseball's world series for the first time since 1985. they won 5-3 at the new york mets in game four to take a 3-1 series lead. we have more. >> the new york mets were looking for their second win in two days to level the world series contest against the royals. it started with the youngest player to hit a home run in the world series since 2003. >> 2-2 pitch. >> the rookie hits another one over the fence in the bottom of the fifth as the mets took a 3-1 lead. kansas city lost last year's series to the san francisco giants. they battled back in this game. the game literally slipped out of the mets' hands in the eighth, a mistake by daniel murphy allowed the royals to tie
10:49 am
the game at 3-3. they then took the lead with a mike moustakas single. in the same inning, salvador perez hit a single to put the royals 5-3 up. the mets had the chance to level or win the game in the bottom of the ninth, but moustakas caught cespedes leaving the base early. the royals taking a 3-1 lead in the series. >> feels great, but we know we've got a tough team that we've got to beat again. got to come back to work tomorrow, and find a way to beat these guys again. >> kansas city can clinch the world series with victory again on sunday. al jazeera. >> new zealand have become the first team to successfully defend the rugby world cup. they did it by beating australia 34-17 in the final.
10:50 am
watching the action in london. >> the rival new zealand and australia in the final of the rugby world cup together for the first time in weather more familiar to the south everyone hemisphere than london at this time of year. >> the all blacks with the a record run of 13 world cup victories, australia hoping to peak when it mattered most. new zealand getting the chance to work on the scoring. the all blacks were doing near all the attacking, and crucially broke the resistance at the end of the first half. a deserved 16-3 half time lead. the start to the second half was
10:51 am
just as devastating. this australian team would not dream of giving up, particularly not in a world cup final and found a way to surge over, the comeback continued with the easy conversion. back down to just four points. carter made the game safe with a superb drop goal, a long distance kick and the final points of the tournament. victory by 34 points for 17, new zealand the first nation to retain the world cup. the free fee lifted. >> it's not so much been a hero every week, just doing your job the best you can to serve the team. when you've got 23 men that do
10:52 am
that every week, they enhance it. >> now they have a team that can be called by many the greatest in history. this has been a tournament full of memorable games and some surprising results, but there was no surprise on who has ended up sometime the champions. al jazeera, at particularring ham stadium in london. >> it's been away good first day for england. >> winning the turk. >> open for the second time in three years, the french man had started the round as a joint overnight leader. he chipped in for an eagle on
10:53 am
the 11th hole and then retired heading into the 18th, but managed to get a verdict to win by one shot on 22 under and sparked emotional scenes. >> formula one will return to mexico for the first time in 23 years later on sunday as the country holds its first since 1922. this race marks the homecoming of sorts for f1 fans in mexico city. >> the biggest motor race on that earth is back in town. formula one is returning to mexico city after a 23 year absence, and the fans in the city couldn't be happier. >> all fans, as you can see, we have received the g.m. every year. >> even after its long absence,
10:54 am
the sport remains incredibly popular in mexico and the original tickets for the race itself sold out in a matter of hours. while fans wait for that race, the city has laid on this sort of zone for them to meet each other, try their hand at a little go carting here. there's simulators for one of the drivers to practice their racing and this pit stop area have budding mechanics brushing upping on their skills. >> it makes me really satisfied that formula one has returned to mexico. we feel flattered that this high quality event is here. >> the drivers have been getting into the mexican swing of things. world champion lewis hamilton tried his hand at mexican style wrestling. >> i've been having fun all weekend. it's a little bit more of a relaxed weekend.
10:55 am
>> the goffs that put $200 million to make sure the event and the track for it is all ready. hosting the event is a boost for the local economy. it's about being back on the circuit with the most prestigious championship in the motor racing world. as machines get smarter and more efficient, people's jobs are under threat. a.t.m.'s replaced bank tellers, airport checking machines doing away with checking staff and so on. john has been on a tour along the technology corridor in northern california, which is becoming increasingly workerless. >> as fast food workers across the u.s. demand higher wages, in san francisco, the future of fast food is here, and it's automated. the customer is the order taker, cashier and the server, where it all takes two minutes. it's a little like a 1950's auto mat, where there is no visible
10:56 am
staff other than a concierge to help the technically challenged. >> it is about delicious food that is highly nutritious at a fast affordable price line. >> it has brought a touch of curious city to dining. increasingly, automation is toughing every aspect of our lives and changing the way we live and work. >> google has its self driving car, dime larr is now preparing to automate 18 wheelers like this one on the world's roadways. coronado based a.v.t. makes machines that cancel anything once sold by a clerk from coffee to snow cones, propane, even ipads. >> automated retailing's all about instant gratification. i want headphones, it's out of stock, it's in the machine, it tell us right away. you can make a vending machine do whatever you want it to do. we've done hundreds of different vending machines. >> robots have already placed many jobs, but future its say
10:57 am
they now pose a threat to white color workers. >> roar bots, machines, all kinds of technology are replacing workers. we've seen research into areas for example creative machines, algorithms that can create new things, write as i am mo knees, paint original art. >> the rise of automation could make products cheaper, but could affect workers faster than anyone expects. >> this is going to happen faster than anyone thinks, dramatic changes in the next five years when you have self driving cars, wiping out the taxi industry, within 10 years, the entire industry changed. >> one industry that may grow will be repairing machines. >> thanks for watching. we hand you over to our teams in london with a full bulletin of news coming your way in just a
10:58 am
moment. moment. >> ali velshi, lifting the lid... >> cameras in place for money and not safety. >> on the red light controversy. >> they don't give two cent about your safety. >> there's an increase in rear end accidents. >> ali velshi on target: hitting the breaks.
10:59 am
>> to diminish the muslim population inside burma, it's part of a genocidal process. >> rohinja faced abuse at every turn... rape, forced labor, torture, arbitrary arrest and detention. >> it was planned violence. >> the truth could not be revealed until today. >> bold... >> he took two m-16's, and he crawled... >> brave... >> what you gotta do... >> then betrayed... >> why do you think you didn't get the medal of honor? >> a lifetime without the honor they deserved... >> some say that it was discrimination... >> revealing the long painful fight, to recognize some of america's bravest... >> he say.. be cool... >> ...proudest moment in my life.. >> honor delayed a soledad o'brien special report only on al jazeera america
11:00 am
>> partial results in turkey's second general election this year, president erdogan's party may be on course to win back its majority. >> hello, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, russia mourns the 224 who died when their plane crashed in egypt. aviation officials say it broke up in the air. al shabab attacks a ga


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