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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 11:00am-11:31am EST

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only on al jazeera america >> partial results in turkey's second general election this year, president erdogan's party may be on course to win back its majority. >> hello, you're watching al jazeera live from london. also coming up, russia mourns the 224 who died when their plane crashed in egypt. aviation officials say it broke up in the air. al shabab attacks a mogadishu hotel, killing 15.
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how machines threaten the job of white color workers in the united states. vote counting is underway in turkey's second general election in five months and partial results coming in suggest the ruling party might be on track to regain the majority it lost in june. with more than 65% of the vote counted, president erdogan's ak party is on 51.9%. security is a key issue here with recent suicide bombings claiming hundreds of lives and conflict gripping the kurdish southeast of the country. there are four main parties competing in this election, the ruling ak party took almost 41% in june. its failure to find a junior
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coalition party led to this new election. if it again fails to get 550 seats in parliament, it will be forced back to the negotiating table with its two main rivals. that could be the c.h.p. or m.h.p. also in the running is the pro kurdish people's democratic party which denied the ak party majority in june when it secured the 10% needed to enter parliament as a party for the first time. we are joined live from turkey's capital ankara and powerball results suggest this may be bog the way the ak party and president erdogan had hoped. >> actually, those partial results make it seem like it's going better than expected, because even according to the most optimistic exit polls that we were looking at leading up to those polls, they have given a maximum of 46%, 47% to the ak
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party. there is 35% of the vote that hasn't been counted, and that could reduce the numbers, sometime the feel is optimism, albeit cautious in the party. there is a small crowd gathering behind me here. they usually start to trickle in around about this time until the court yard in front of the ak party headquarters is filled, as they anticipate their leader this time to appear on the balcony above to address them. last time we were here, it was a somber, fired address from him. he promised that he would fight on and bring back that single party rule or the majority needed for the single party rule, it seems looking for these results. we should be cautious, because
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they haven't finished counting them, but it seems he has stayed true to his promise. >> you have spoken to many today, voters in the country. what do president erdogan himself divides opinion in turkey, but what do pro ak party voters tell you about why they continue to support the party? >> president erdogan is tied with the party, the party with president erdogan, however in this election, he has made a concerted effort it appears to steer a bit clear from the debate surrounding yet a lot of his own party members had blamed him for the loss and the fact that he was getting more involved rather than remaining in a ceremonial position of presidents in the june elections. these elections were about a year things, about the kurdish population and stuttering peace pros or maybe collapsing peace pros between the country and the armed accept, the p.k.k.
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they were about security. there's been several isil bombings in turkey. church about the economy, which took a huge hit after the last general elections because of the hung parliament and failure to bring political stability. all of these things were playing much harder on the minds of people. there is still divisiveness around him, but a lot of people do like him and adore him because of the successes they believe he was behind. in terms of the renaissance turkey has seen over the economy in a decade and infrastructure projects which they bring down to him. like i say, these elections were a lot more to do with other issues than they were about president erdogan, but it appears that it may have an affect of bolstering his
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position. >> thank you very much. let's take you live now to the predominantly kurdish city in the southeast. bernard smith is there for us. bernard, the pro kurdish h.d.p. and its leader very much the star of the election that took place in june. we have to treat results coming in with caution, but unclear if they're going to fare as well as they did a few months ago. >> well, of course, it was the h.d.p. that caused the big shock in june when it got over this 10% threshold or 13% of the vote, got into parliament. all the results are not in yet. the initial suggestion is it's down a bit. it still looks like it might get over that 10% threshold. interestingly, we're seeing the results where i am and the h.d.p. lost a fair amount of support here with 69%.
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in june, they were well over 80%. excuse me, there is a lot of fireworks going off and it is echos around. the a.k.p. didn't do a lot from june to november to try to win back the kurdish support it lost. they've managed to win back some votes here and in other parts of southeastern turkey, they'll be very pleased. >> i'll attempt another question. i know it's very lively where you are at moment. can you tell me a little bit about the message from the h.d.p. this time around and how many of the people there were saying how they would vote? >> well, i mean the agency has
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got the majority of support here. what happened was that the reason why the a.k.p. lost support in june was because many kurds felt that the a.k.p. had decided and ignored --
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>> thank you very much. we'll mop for the results as they continue to come in from that general election. >> 11 refugees have drowned off a greek island, two of them were children, four were babies. meanwhile, off the island of lesbos, more bodies have been washing ashore there. more than 50 refugees trying to cross to the greek islands. half the victims were also children. >> hundred was people have gathered in st. petersburg central square to remember the victims of saturday plane crash in egypt. russia is observing a day of mourning for the 224 passengers and crew aboard the metro jet
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airbus. it was bound for st. petersburg. investigators are to begin examining the two black boxes, which have been recovered from the crash site to find out what happened. several major airlines have suspended flights over the area, though, until the cause of the crash is known. our correspondent is at the memorial service and joins us from st. petersburg. i imagine the relatives the victims still wondering what happened and the country feeling shock and sadness. how would you describe the mood there? >> it's very somber and i think the sheer horror of this tragedy is going to become much more apparent over the next few hours when the bodies start coming home. we're expecting the first of 137 bodies have been recovered so far to be arriving through the night and into the morning at a
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military base airport near the capital. the bodies will then be taken to a purpose-built mortuary to the north of the state, and they will then be matched with d.n.a. samples that have been given by their families, who have been put in a hotel here. that process has just been completed. then they'll proceed with the formal identification of the bodies. >> not only are the russians sending their own investigators, their own team to the scene of the site itself in egypt, there are two investigations that are going to take place. what do we know about that, how its progressing, what the plans are for those investigations? >> at the moment, we're hearing news from the crash site. they deployed two aircraft filled with air crash
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investigators to cairo. what we're hearing from the director of the transnational aviation committee here, which is a government body, and he's saying that it's clear now that the aircraft broke up at very, very high altitude, and cops subsequently the debris field extends to more than 20 square kilometers, and it's such an inquire that this morning, they found the body of the young girl, a full eight kilometers from where the actual main body of the aircraft landed, so they're looking at that, and that obviously begs the question what catastrophic event took place at such high altitude that spread the debris over such a large area. >> thanks very much, peter sharp live for us in st. petersburg.
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al shabab fighters attacked a luxury hotel in somalia, can i go 15. the venue is popular with politicians and 1m.p. is among the dead. victoria has more. >> a suicide bomber detonated explosives inside this hotel in mogadishu. a car is on fire. it had been packed with explosionives and used by gunman to blast their way into the compound. they then stormed the hotel itself. >> this hotel is popular with somali politicians. at least one current and one former member of parliament are among the dead. senior government officials and a journalist were also killed. 1m.p. called the attack a very dark day for somalia. >> i was at the scene of the explosion busy taking photos when a car full of explosives detonated beside me.
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i fell on the ground and saw part of my body breathing. i was with another journalist who was killed in the attack. >> somali soldiers were called in to recapture the hotel. al shabab which operates in somalia and neighboring countries claimed responsibility. >> it's clear if you look back at events in somalia over the past six months that al shabab still has the capability to otherwise major terrorist attacks in the capital. it's unfortunate that these terrorist attacks still occur sporadically. overall, the government's forces are clearly in the offense and have the momentum. >> in april, fighters from the group killed 147 people in kenya at garissa university. al shabab fighters stormed the shopping mall in nairobi, killing 67 people.
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somali has been devastated with civil unrest. the government pushed al shabab out of major cities, including mogadishu with the help of african union soldiers, but attacks like this show that somalia's government and its supporters still have much more work to do. al jazeera. pope francis hinted his upcoming visit to the central african republic may be canceled if the conflict worsens. he said he hopes to make it to the country for a scheduled visit at the end of the month. sectarian violence erupted in 2013 when selica rebels briefly seized power in the country. >> a new syrian alliance backed by the u.s. and kurdish forces, which is ready to take on isil.
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we'll have that story for you. hope in myanmar with a major rally ahead of the first free and fair vote in 25 years.
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with morn 70% of the votes counted in turkey's second election this year, it looks like the ruling ak party might be on course to regain its majority. a memorial service in
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st. petersburg for those who died in an airplane crash saturday. the airline broke up in the air. al shabab claims responsibility for an attack on a somali hotel, killing 15. a palestinian man happen shot dead by the israeli army in the occupied west bank. israeli forces say he tried to stab a soldier during confrontations northeast of hebron. elsewhere in hebron, more palestinian funerals have been taking place. hundreds marched at the funeral potion for a man shot dead by the israeli army. 71 palestinians and nine israelis have now been killed since the outbreak of violence at the beginning of october. an israeli soldier has been suspend the after caught on video warning palestinians to stop throwing stones or they'd be gassed. the incident happened on thursday at the refugee camp in the opened west bank. a palestinian resident filmed
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army jeep as threats were issued through a loud speaker in arabic. the voice told people to go home or we will gas you until you die. iran's supreme leader called for election thes in syria to end the civil war. he backs bashar al assad and believes elections can only take place if opposition are denied military aid. the british based syrian observatory for human rights say isil launched an attack on saturday at a town 20 kilometers from the main road linking damascus to homs. >> in northern sir yes, a new alliance has been formed to confront isil. the forces are backed by the united states and include kurdish forces. other opposition groups are concerned the partnership will
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give the kurds too much power. >> america's partners on the ground, the syrian democratic forces have announced the start of an offensive it hopes will end isil's presence in the northeastern corner of the country. this newly formed alliance includes syrian forces and is expected to receive the help of forces which president obama plans to deploy to help in the fight against isil. >> we announced the first step in our campaign to liberate syria from terrorists. many groups are participating in this effort with the coordination and support of the u.s. led coalition. >> u.s. backing for the syrian kurdish y.p.g. force is not new. the so-called people's protection units have cleared many areas of isil with the help of coalition airstrikes in recent months. it has been trying to recruit more groups from syria's arab majority to create what kurdish
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leaders say is a unified national force. despite that, the y.p.g. continues to be criticized by many for creating their own state. >> when they are using the arab soldiers and say they have arab groups joining them, they are trying to achieve credibility. it is clear from other factions that this is merely a kurdish force trying to implement a specific plan and its own agenda in northern syria. >> the y.p.g. controls half of the border with syria. the new force is trying to push isil from the southern countryside. this is expect to be a prelude on an attack in raqqa. it is 50 kilometers north of what isil say is their capital, but the y.p.g. refuses to press further without syrian rebels taking the lead. one group called the rick da
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revolutionary front said an offensive against isil in the pro since is imminent. its leader said it would she a historic battle for rick da first and syria second. >> they say their goal is not just to end isil's presence, but to build a democratic, unified and secular syria. it is a goal shared i by the united states, sending troops in an advisory mission for the first time to syria. support for the y.p.g. is causing tension. >> secretary of state john kerry has said the u.s. is not entering the war. this is angering other opposition groups, who are not just worried about the growing strength of the y.p.g., but believe the priority should be to fight the syrian government. al jazeera, beirut. >> protestors in bangladesh are condemning the murder of a secular book publisher.
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he published books by a writer hacked to death in february. he was an atheist and critical of groups. >> in myanmar, ahead of next sunday's election, opposition leader has been holding a rally. we have this report. >> by the type opposition leader arrived, the crowd had swelled to thousands. >> if we win bay landslide, we will forgive and work with everyone, including the military. >> she was still under arrest
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for an election five years ago. it easily won the election in 2012 and is tipped to win this time. this is the first general election since the civilian government took over for military rule in 2011. there have been some reforms, economic and political. the media is lessen soared than before although by no means impartial. >> the media is not balanced in covering the campaign. are we going to get a balanced view? i don't think so. this is very much important for the voters. >> the lack of coverage in state owned media doesn't appear to have affected the party or its leaders popularity. >> our country has been left behind, but we won't change now. >> it is concerned about inaccuracies in the voter list, which is said could affect at least 30% of voters.
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it's also been criticized for giving into anti muslim sentiment and failing to field any muslim candidates. >> votes are likely to be won by ethnic parties in ethnic areas. while factors may affect how well it does at the ballot box, the campaign promise of change is directive, especially after 50 years of military rule, which ended four years ago. victory won't be enough to insure change. any push for reforms will be subject to the constitution, which has been drafted to ensure the military's continued role in politics. the general's vision of what democracy means will prevail. that's not bog to stop voters here from trying to put their representatives in power, even if that power is limited. al jazeera. >> two young romanian women rescued from a nightclub fire have died of severe burns in hospital, increasing the number of dead to 29.
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the government has declared three days of mourning and thousands have marched in bucharest to remember the victims. they gathered outside the collective nightclub where candles have been lit. survivors say the fire started when a heavy metal band set off fireworks. up to 500 people then rushed for the exit. >> 35 patients are still in a critical condition, so from 146 patients we have in hospitals, the number of those in a critical and very difficult situation is between 80 and 90 patients. machines of threat thatting more and more people's jobs. a.t.m. replaced bank tellers and checking machines doing away with airport staff. in northern california, it is becoming increasingly workerless.
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>> as fast food workers across the u.s. demand higher wages, in san francisco, the future of fast food is here, and it's automated. the customer is the order taker, cashier and the server, where it all takes two minutes. it's a little like a 1950's automat, where there is no visible staff other than a concierge to help the technically challenged. >> it is about delicious food that is highly nutritious at a fast paced and affordable price line. >> it has brought a touch of curiosity to dining. increasingly, automation is toughing every aspect of our lives and changing the way we live and work. >> google has its self driving car, daimler is now preparing to automate 18 wheelers like this one on the world's roadways. coronado based a.v.t. makes
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machines that can sell anything once sold by a clerk from coffee to snow cones, propane, even ipads. >> automated retailing's all about instant gratification. i want headphones, it's out of stock, it's in the machine, it tell us right away. you can make a vending machine do whatever you want it to do. we've done hundreds of different vending machines. >> robots have already placed many jobs, but future its say they now pose a threat to white collar workers. >> roar bots, machines, all kinds of technology are replacing workers. we've seen research into areas for example creative machines, algorithms that can create new things, write symphonies, paint original art. >> the rise of automation could make products cheaper, but could affect workers faster than anyone expects. >> this is going to happen faster than anyone thinks, dramatic changes in the next five years when you have self driving cars, wiping out the
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entire taxi industry, within 10 years, the entire industry changed. >> one industry that may grow will be repairing machines. al jazeera, san francisco. >> for more including all the latest breaking news on turkeys election, unquenchable desire for fossil fuel. the quest to retrieve arctic oil is underway, but how prepared is the world to handle a catastrophic spill. are oil and ice a recipe for disaster?


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