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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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meets humanity. ♪ >> the polls are closed in turkey's seconds election this year with the ruling akp party on course to win a majority. hello. i am marianne lamazi. watching al jazeera live from london. coming up: russia warns the 224 who died when their plane crashed in egypt. saying it broke up in the air. al shabaab attacks a mogadishu hotel killing at least 15 people. and waste not/want not.
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how kenya is turning human waste into energy. now, vote counting is underway in turkey's second general election in five months. partial results suggest the ruling party may be on track to regain the majority it lost in june. with most of the votes now counted, the ruling act party is on 51% according to the anitolia news agency. security is a key issue with recent suicide bombings claiming hundreds of lives and conflict gripping the kurdish southeast of the country. joining us live from akp party's headquarters in ankara what could this early result potentially mean? this is something i didn't expect. even the akp party, themselves
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weren't hoping for something as big as this. throughout the nights. votes are almost complete. they are about 50%. that's a good 5% higher than what they had expected at the most optimistic polls. what this means for the akp party is that they are given not only another term to serve a single party government but it gives them a renewed mandate, a renewed mandate that stretches back for the past 13 years they have been ruling the country. it means not only can they continue governing on their own but potentially, if these continue, possibly have a two-thirds majority possibly depending upon how the final votes are, which would allow them to change the political system in turkey from a parliamentae one to a presidential one. extremely significant. i am going to step out of the frame for a second. you will see small but loud crowd that has been gathering
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here of the akp party supporters. it is very cold here, but they have still decided to come out. they are anticipating being addressed. he is on his what i am from his hometown. it's imports to note here, mariam, all of the senior leadership of the akp party were out of ankara,com campaigning to the last minute in their home towns and their respective constituencies because they were so worried they weren't going to be able to return to government as a single party that no efforts were spared nor to try -- in order to try to regain the popularity they once had prior to the june eley. it seems the effort they put in at least has paid off jamal, turksey so much more polarized they had time around compare to the last election. what hope is there for president erduan being apparently bridge the gap to reach out to his opponents? is there any hope for that?
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>> well, i mean looking at this, although the buildup to these elections and very poliarizepol the results maybe indicate something different. the akp party's mandate in this election or their manifesto, rather, was all about stability. they said people should vote for them for economic stability and socially, some sort of stability. the population, 50% at least agreed with that and have pinned their hopes on that. you are talking about an 87% turnout so far from this election, which is a huge amount, but it's also important to know, narium that he has taken a backseat in these elections. last time around, he was very much involved contrary to the ceremonial role he inhabits which is the presidency where it's not very much an executive
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pour in terms of hands-on. it's more of a ceremonial executive role. however, his party had asked him to take a step back because of the divisive nature he has. it appears also paid off. maybe that's one step towards bridging that gap as you say even though the akp party has that 50% so far, there is 50% of those who didn't vote for them. that is the challenge for the akp party moving forward to ensure they try to regain not necessarily the popularity among those 50%, but at least the trust of the rest of the country. >> thanks very much. let's take you live now to the predominantly city in the southeast. bernard smith is there. we have been looking at scenes of celebration there in ankarar with this anticipated result. i imagine there may be more disappointment where you are should the akp party win an outright majority in this
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election. >> i think again, i would be surprised certainly. getting a little bit tension hear this evening. we have we are just outside the hdp headquarters and there has been some people around here for the past couple of hours. the police have just sdperningsed them with water canon. we are going to keep a close eye on if the htp get over the 10 percent threshold. no one expected them to do it in june, and they did, 13% of the vote, gave them 18 mps in parliament. they have taken a bit of a hit, it looks like the second time around. the polls suggested the results. a 10.4% share of the vote for the htp it's really important. if they manage to hang on though that, they maintain representation in parliament but have seat numbers down, about 57 against the 80 that they had in june. they dropped below 10 percent. anything just below 10 percent and they don't get one np until
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parliament. to give you an idea what that means, 4,300,000 people, more than that so far have voted for the hdp. if they don't get into parliament, that means no parliament area representation for more than 3 million people. that's why it's an extraordinarily high threshold in turkey, forgetting parliamentae every representation is so controversial. it would cause, i think, considerable problem in this part of a country if the hdp didn't manage to get in to parliament. the latest count, though, it looks like it might still scrape through, merriam. >> thanks very much, bernard smith live for us in the southeast of the country in the city of diabaki. >> now, at least 11 refugees have drowned off the greek island of samos.
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two were children and four babies. off of the island of le sp oos, more than 60 refugees died while trying to cross to the greek islands. half of the victims were children. nearly 10,000 refugees arriving in germany every day, chancellor angela merkel has held emergency talks with coalition partners. the prime minister seahoffer who has been critical of the chancellor's open-door policy. this year expects the arrival of between 800,000 to 1 million refugees. nearly all of them will enter the company ve' via munich, the backarian state capital. >> 4 so-called hot spots to be open in november to had he identify yen win asylum seekers preventing comic my grassed from traveling into europe. they will be joining iran by eu officials. hundreds have gathered to
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remember the victims of the plane crash in egypt. russia is observing a day of mourning. the plane crashed after takeoff bound for petersbur g. >> at a time two black boxes have been recovered to find out what happened. the egyptian president is warning it could be months before the cause of the metro jet plane krash is known it's important this matter be left alone and discussions of the reasons behind it should not take place because it takes a very long time. these are complicated matters that require very advanced techniques and broad investigations that could take months. >> our correspondent is at the memorial service and sent us this update from saint petersburg. >> they released 244 white and
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red balloons into the air to mark one for every one of those who died in that disaster. the search for the bodies is continuing at the scene. they found 175 so far. the director of the trans national aviation committee has said that as far as he is concerned that the aircraft broke up at very, very high altitude. it means that the debris trail extends to over 20 square kilometers and tragically, they found the body of a young 3-year-old girl. the break-up of the aircraft in there was absolutely catastrophic. a luxury hotel has been attacked in somalia killing at least 15
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people. the venue is popular with politicians and one mp is among the dead. victoria gatenby has more. an explosive inside the hotel in mogadishu. outside, a car is on fire. it had been packed with explosives to blast their way into the hotel compound. they stormed the hotel, itself. it's popular with somali politicians. one current and 1 former member of parliament are among theded. senior officials and a journalist were killed. one mp called the attack a very dark day for somalia. >> i was at the scene of the ex xloeings when a car detonated beside me. i fell ol ground and so part of my body was bleeding. i was with another journalist who was killed in the attack.
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solids were called in to recapture the hotel. al shabaab which operates in somalia and neighboring countries claims responsibility. >> it's clear if you look back on events on somalia over the last six months, al shabaab still has the capability to organize major terrorist attacks in the capitol. it's unfortunate that these terrorist attacks still occur sporadically the government forces are clearly on the offensive and have the momentum. >> in april, fighters from the group killed 147 people in agetac on the college in kenya and in september, 2013, al shabaab fighters stormed the westgate shopping mall in niarobi killing 67 people. somalia has been pushing al
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shabaab out of major cities including mogadishu with the help of african union soldiers. attacks like this show somalia and it's supporters have much more work to do victoria gatenby, al jazeera. >> more to come on al jazeera. getting access to basis where children are being recruited to fight isil that story coming up shortly. also, an israeli soldi is suspended for killing pal stnian -- telling palestinians they would be gassed to death.
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>> tough that the country gave up on me. >> look at the trauma... every day is torture. >> this is our home. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
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welcome back. you are watchingays. our top story this hour with more than 89% of the votes counted in turkey's second election this year, the ruling akp party has gained some 49% of the vote. that's what we are hearing. these are pictures from the southeast of turkey where you can see protesters have gathered in the city square there. security forces are there smoisz perhaps running high indicating the akp party and president erdowan will win a majority. the party that gained a great deal of support right there in diablica, the pro-kurdish hdp, we understand that they might manage. it looks like they will scrape through to get the ten percent threshold that they need for representation.
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all of the votes aren't counted yet. that's not clear. we will stay across all of that for you. the other stories we are following, an israeli border patrol officer has been suspended for work while he is investigated for threatening to gas palestinians in the occupied west bank. a palestinian teenager recorded it with his phone. the teenager was at a community center in bethlehem when he heard the threat. >> we will hit you with gas until you all die. >> the teenager used his smart phone to record what was said. a voice flaring from an israeli military vehiclides itself as the occupation army. >> we are the occupation army. if you throw stones, we will hit you with gas until you all die. the youths, the children, the old people. you will all die.
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the threat e volks the nightmare of the jewish holocaust when millions were gassed alive. >> we won't leave any of you alive. we have arrested one of you. he is with us now. we took him from his home, and we will slaughter and kill him while you watch. >>issits wants palestinians to stop protests that have continued daily for the past month. more than 71 palestinians were killed byisis since october 1st. issits says 38 of them were armed with knives. many palestinians say they were not. israel police statement says the officer has been suspended. this is a severe incident which we are taking care of with the full severity of the law. the officer has been suspended from any operational activity until the end of the inquiry proceedings, at the end of which we will assess the continuation of his service. the number of palestinians
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killed continues to rise. another palestinian was shot and killed in the west bank village on sunday. israeli forces say he tried to carry out a knife attack against an israeli soldier and an allegation that's difficult for palestinians to confirm. paul chadurgion, al jazeera. in northern syria, a new alliance has been formed to confront isil, the syrian democratic forces are backed by the united states and include kurdish forces. but other opposition groups are concerned the partnership will give the kurds too much power as zeina hodr explains. >> reporter: americas partners on the ground, the start of an offensive it hopes will end isil's presence in the northeastern part of the country. this newly formed alliance includes kurdish, arab and assyrian forces, also expected to receive the help of u.s. special forces which the obama
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administration plans to help in the fight against isil. many groups are participating in this effort with coordination and support of the u.s.-led coalition. >> u.s. backing for the syrian kurdish force is not new. so-called people's protection units have cleared many areas of isil with the help of coalition airstrikes in recent months. it has been trying to recruit more groups from syria's arab majority to create what kurdish leaders say is a unified national force. despite that, the ypg continues to be criticized by many, including neighboring turk for creating their own state. >> when they are using the arab groups, they are trying to achieve some kind of cred i wanty. it is clear this is a kurdish
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force trying to implement a plan in northern syria. >> the ypg controls half of certainia's border trying to push isil from the southern countryside. already, the ypg is around 50 kilometers north of what isil says is their capital. the ypg, without syrian arab rebels taking the lead in a mainly syrian group. >> one called the revolutionary front says an offensive against isil is imminent. it's leader said it will be a historic battle for raqqa first and syria second. >> the syrian democratic forces say their goal is not just to end isil's presence but to build a democratic, unified and secular syria. it is a goal shared by the united states that is now decided to send troops on an advisory mission for the first
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time to syria the support for the ypg is causing tensions. >> u.s. ground involvement is focused solely on fighting isil. secretary of state john kerry has said the u.s. is not entering the war. this is angering other opposition groups who are not just worried about the growing strength of the ypg but believe the prior to should be to fight the syrian government. zeina hodr, beirut. >> the mean union is to give jordan an extra $30 million in aid to help syrian refugees over the winter, humanitarian affairs commission made the announcement in northern jordan. home to around 80,000 refugees in syria. basic needs like healthcare, clean water, shelter, rent, and education. i have seen today with my own
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eyes the human suffering. the difficulties of syrians who have been forced to flee their country searching for sharoning wary here in jordan. >> we will assist for the needs of syrian refugees in their host communities. >> moving to iran where 7 civilians have been killed in coalition airstrikes and army army shelling. medical sources say eight other people were injured in the military assault. the iraqi army says it has resumed military operations to retake the isilheld city in anbar province. meanwhile, isil appears to be making headway in afghanistan. al jazeera has gained rare access to bases in the northeast of the country where children are being trained to become fighters tosama bin javid reports. >> another generation of afghan children is being brainwashed. this is the rest of afghan
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province, in kunar, the men giving weapons to children have pledged allegiance to the islamic state in the levant,as has been given rare access where he is ill says it is gaining ground. they seem to be preparing to stay as the recruitment is aimed at the very young. isil fighters seem comfortable in the village life though there is the constants fare of drone strikes. their biggest enemy is the afghan taliban. >> thank god there is a caliphate now. that's why we pledge allegiance and couwaging a holy war. >> defending territory not just from the afghan military but also from isil gun men. we don't agree with those brothers who want isil hereinafthere in afghanistan because the
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talibantable are already here if there is no need, why would you join them? >>ays was given access to .2 of the groups' basis. the numbers don't appear to be large they say many more are in hiding. there are many fighters all over this province. a large number of foreign fighters have come from soud e arraign i can't and europe. they are here, but they can't talk to you face to face. more chilling than their aims real their methods. these 13 to 17-year-olds are ready to become suicide bombers. they say they have been trained by foreigners and don't fear giving up their lives. >> their declared target is a former govern of kunar province who is notorious for ruthlessness. he said suicide stackers don't scare him. civilians who have only see war for decades are afraid of more violence thousands more have been displaced as isil entered the conflict. in remote lawless parts of
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mountains of afghanistan,is ill is finding sanctuaries to grow stronger. al jazeera. >> you can watch the full documentary, isil and the talibantable right here on al jazeera in just a few hours' time protest orders in bangladesh have been condemning the murder of a secular book publisher. faisal published books by an author hacked to death in february. he was critical of islamic groups in bangladesh. two young romanian women have died of severe burns in hospital increasing the number of dead in that disaster to 29. the government has declared three days of mourning and thousands have marched in bucharest. they gathered outside the nightclub where candle did have been lit. a heavy metal band set off
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fireworks. 35 patients are in a critical condition. from 146 patients, we have in hospitals, the number of those in a critical and very difficult situation is wasn't toed 80 and 90 parents wanting to convince people that human waste can be a source of fuel. >> teaching women until her neighborhood about coal. it's not just any coal. this is made from human waste. it burns longer, is odorless and is something new here northwest of kenya's capitol, niarobi she has a tough job convincing people to buy. people normally ask me: is it really safe? they are very conservative, and their first reaction is shock. but i explain to them that this
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has been tested and proven to be safe. >> this area is known for flower fans but it's a sanitation hazard. there are not enough toilets and no proper waste disposal system. so most of the waste here is dumped in the town's scenic lake. a non-profit organization called san i have a tion is helping to change that. >> the community latrines are dirty. nobody cares about cleaning them. when you look, the people using the latrines, it's unsafe at night to use them. >> san i have a tion has been giving people toilet boxes like this one and collecting the their waste twice a week for a fee of about $5 a month. >> the waste is brought here for treatment. extreme heating in concentrators is meant to kill everything that's harmful. it's a process that takes at least a day to mix make sure that the waste is clean and fit
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to go in to that processing plant. >> in a fairly simple process, human waste is then mixed with stems thrown away from flower fans and chacharcoal dust. people are reaching out to people at home. >> a lot of users in our area and i actually don't -- they don't have gas stoves they have a three-stone fire. we found our charcoal is perfect for working with the existing mechanics. >> many people here use charcoal and firewood. the plan is to reduce cutting down trees and help in waste management. a good idea for a country where 7 out of 10 kenyans lack a household toilet and 5 percent of human waste is treated before being released into the environment. those working towards popularizing this bricket says their biggest challenge is
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vensing people that human waste can be good. catherine soit kenya. >> there is more to be found on everything we are covering, but perhaps more prominently, the election is taking place in turkey at the moment. this is where you need to go for all of your information. cancer-causing chemicals. in the other, an electronics company with deep pockets. 101 east joins the workers hoping to change taiwan's labour laws.


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