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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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the party founded by tushish president erred want wins make majority after a high-stakes election. ♪ hello i'm barbara and this is live from london and also coming up on the program, el shabab popular with politicians killing at least 15 people. nation in mourning, they pray for the victims of the plane crash in egypt which killed all 224 people on board and brazil
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crab crisis and what is causing the profits to dwindle. ♪ turkish voters have embraced the ruling ak party's message of stability and security giving back its parliamentary majority in a sweeping election victory. with 98% of votes counted it won 316 seats with a vote share of 49.35%. it needed 276 seats to govern alone. turkey's main opposition party chp secured 25% of the votes and translates into 134 seats. the nationalist mhp party had 11.97% support, that is 41 seats and finally the pro-kurdish htp claimed 10.48% of the preliminary poll. now it's important to note if
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that drops below 10% that threshold will won't win any parliamentary seats at all. this was the scene as ak party supporters learned of the victory and the vote reverses the june election result which stripped the party of its majority after 13 years in power. meanwhile it was a very different scene outside the headquarters of the pro-kurdish people's democratic party in the southeastern city, small group of protesters began throwing stones before police cleared the area with tear gas. we get a live update from the correspondent in india and shortly first let's get the over all view who is in the capitol and in the past hour or so we heard from the prime minister, his acceptance speech, what did he say? >> well, it was obviously a
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joyous message to see and convey to his people, a man who was very happy indeed the last time he spoke after an election he was more resilient maybe, a bit more down because for the first time his party had lost majority that it had garnered and secured for more than a decade. the matters that he had was not only one of victory but also kind of reconsider saying that even though they have this majority they would reach out to the rest of the population, those that didn't vote for him. here is a snippet of what he say before he left his hometown. >> translator: today is a day of victory for our democracy, for our nation and may god be content with everyone who has made this victory possible. may god grant us the dignity
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when we face our nation, when we face our people so that we always have our chin up and our heads up. may god never cause us to feel embarrassed or shamed when facing our people. >> and we can see the scenes behind you, true jub escalation and people outside the ak party headquarters but happy about the results and a few months since the election in june, why do you think the ak party managed this sweeping victory, do you think it really was all down to stability and security? >> well i don't think we can under play just how significant the message of stability and security have been here in turkey because of the scenario if you will and it wasn't just security from a political sense or from a sense in terms of the peace keeping and attacks but
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also from an economic point of view. it's a significant election when for the first time in over a decade there was a hung parliament and inability or unwillingness depending who you speak to to form a coalition government and that really affects people. bear in mind one of the main reasons they were successful in ak over the past decade is because of stability, security and the economy. stability in the sense that prior to that turkey had witnessed insecurity and maybe a lot of democracy with the party and says it's a region for securing from attacks with separatists on pkk and the government and the terrible economy by all accounts and managed to turn it around in the face of ten years, that is when
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people then decided feeling maybe that is it so some people we spoke to in the past week as well maybe we don't agree with the ak party's ideology in a sense but however we do care about our children, we do care about our financial security and some of the election of the ak this time for increasing financial support for pensioners and included free internet for students, those things really did strike a cord and as we see that translated into the results that have just come through. >> live for us at ak party headquarters and thank you. and now let's go to smith in the predominately kurdish city where there have been some small clashes on earlier on sunday, over all just give us the reaction there. not every one as jubilant as we
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have seen. >> isolated clashes outside the party headquarters, it has been pretty much calm and actually remarkable that htp at the press conference they have been given they are in parliament and just above the ten% threshold and seems to accept now they will still be in parliament, 10 1/2% of the vote, that gives them a current reconing 59 seats in parliament that is compared to the 80 they got back in june. but joint leadership of the htp and the leader we have all seen over the last few months but also a woman coleading the htp and she has been saying that our parties faced the hardest voyage to this election of all the four parties that are represented in parliament. and what she is referring to is the violence that has broken out in mainly kurdish areas, the
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increasing fighting with the pkk, the break down of peace process between the pkk and the turkish state, that has hit kurdish people particularly. also there is an extraordinary amount of the state media in turkey has given an awful lot of coverage to the government in comparison in a fascinating statistics that the state watched or released last week, 18 minutes of coverage on state television compared to 180 hours for prime minister so the htp said they have been facing these head winds and into these head winds they have still managed to get representation in parliament so they said they will look how they conducted the campaign to see if there is anything for him to learn and see if there is anyone else to blame for their loss of support. they lost some support here particularly but still majority party here. >> when we see look at the election results, the ak party
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really has won a comfortable majority in parliament which a lot of people weren't really expecting. i mean you mentioned some of the reasons that were given to you for that victory, how much of a key role do they think stability and security in light of the two huge attacks turkey has seen in the past few months how big of a part did it play with the people you have been speaking to? >> well, what we know from analysis of the election in june that a lot of the suppo that the akp had from socially conservative kurds, those supporters went to the htp in june. they felt that the akp had ignored kurdish issues, wasn't paying much attention to them and the htp thought they would hold on to the socially conservative kurds. they started voting more on ethnic lines and social kurds voting would be more secular minded kurds. but there were murmurs there were concerns of the
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conservative voters that the failure and htp had failed really to condemn enough or help stop the violence the pkk violence that had broken out and maybe those fears of instability helped the akp regain some of that kurdish support in this part of the country but also we must remember the akp has done well out of the nationalist vote and further right that party further to the right in turkish politics and also have taken votes from them that have helped them get back their majority barbara. >> with the latest, thank you. ♪ a number of refugees have drown off the greek island and among them were children and babies. meanwhile off the island of lesbos more bodies have been washing ashore and more than 60
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refugees died trying to cross to the island and half the victims were children and winds up to 50 kilometers an hour have been hitting ag and c on sunday. meanwhile italy is due to open four more immigration centers known as hot spots this month. the reception centers will help identify who was a refugee and prevent people considered economic migrants from traveling into europe. the center also be jointly run by italy and the eu. this year italy has already had 140,000 people arrive by boat from north africa. and the european union is to give jordan an extra $30 million in aid to help syrian refugees over the winter. eu humanitarian affairs made the announcement during a visit to the camp in northern jordan and it is home to around 80,000 refugees from across the border in syria. the money is expected to be used to provide the refugees with basic needs such as healthcare, clean water, shelter, rent and
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education. a memorial has taken place in st. petersburg for the victims of a plane ship which 224 people mostly russians died. the airplane came down after leave agree resort on saturday from st. petersburg here is peter sharp. >> reporter: in front of russia's most potent symbols of power in history the czar in palace hundreds gathered together taking comfort and support from each other in a silent vigil and the dead were known to many. at the crash site in egypt search teams are scouring 20 square kilometers trying to piece together exactly what happened to flight 9268, 171 bodies have now been recovered. some nearly 10 kilometers from the crash site. the aircraft which is flying from the red sea to st. peters
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broke up at high altitude and airlines including air france decided not to fly over the area where the flight came down until the cause of the crash is identitied. both russia and egypt are reluctant to give any credibility to claims from i.s.i.l. affiliates that they shot down the air bus. >> translator: it's very important this matter be left alone and digs of the reasons behind it should not take place because this takes a very long time. these are complicated matters that require very advanced techniques and broad investigations that could take months. >> reporter: in the resort where many of the victims had been staying there were prayers for those lost. across russia church services to mark the country's worst ever air disaster and questions about what happened above the skies in
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egypt. >> translator: it's a terrible tragedy really terrible, everyone is worried. and children and young families, praying for the souls of these innocent people. >> translator: it's difficult to say but everyone thinks it was i.s.i.s. these islamic fundamentalists. >> reporter: but for a community desperate to understand what happened to that flight there will be no quick answers. here in petersburg the home for so many of the dead they decided to extend the period of mourning for another two days. peter sharp, al jazeera, st. petersburg. still to come on the program we will have more on our top story, a day of triumph for the turkish prime minister and he and his supporters celebrate their election victory. also al jazeera gains rare access to bases in afghanistan where children are being recruited to fight for i.s.i.l. ♪
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♪ now reminder of the top stories on al jazeera turkey's ruling ak party reclaimed majority after unexpectedly winning an outright election victory. drown bodies of refugees washing ashore on the greek island of lesbos as a shipwreck and more have drown off the island. memorial service in st. petersburg for 224 people who died in a plane crash on saturday. and russian officials say it
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broke up in the sky. in the past half hour we heard from the prime minister and calling for national unity as he and supporters celebrate vict y victory. >> translator: today all ak party supporters can stand dignified with honor. more than ever before and here is our message, we are here to sow even more seeds of love, share this with 17 million in turkey. there are no enemies on this land, only those who spread love and affection. my second message is to those who may not have voted for the ak party but may vote for ak party in the future. and dear citizens you must not feel defeated. there are no losers today. the only winner is our nation, our republic and our democracy. we are on our way to enter the hearts of everyone in turkey
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whether you voted for us or not. >> for analysis of the results so far in turkey we are joined by wolfgang the manager director of intelligence a company that analyzes political risk and joins us live via skype from new york and thank you so much for joining us here on al jazeera. we just heard the turkish prime minister painting for an optimistic and inclusive picture of turkey. now the ak party won an overwhelming number in the election and got twice as many as a percentage, twice as much as the second biggest party but how inclusive do you think this new turkish government can actually be? >> not much at all. they will campaign since june and has been a campaign based on polarization, division, creating a sense of anxiety and fear and this campaign clearly paid off to the extent the party has won a majority, big majority and a
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good part of the position. and it's not the way the president erdewan does things and despite his last band-aid can actually bridge the gap that exists now in the turkish society. >> now, many of the points you made are valid, the tushish government has often been accused of stifling freedom of the press but looking at the numbers we cannot just be they had this campaign of fear. i mean is it a likelihood that this result will lead to a more stable and a more secure turkey? >> more secure is a huge question mark. it's still unclear which kind of challenges that turkey is facing from i.s.i.s., specifically with i.s.i.s. presence on the ground in turkey. in terms of more stability absolutely they will be able to form a single party with a large mandate. it's the kind conducive to an
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easing of social tension and the kind of stability of reforms, that is a huge question mark. it will depend very much on what erdewan does and whether he will favor the changing of the constitution over everything else. it's still an open question at this point. >> you brought in i.s.i.s. obviously turkey is a key part in the fight against i.s.i.l. and the country that hosts the biggest number of syrian refugees that escaped to turkey from the war, in light of all that what do you think reaction will be in western nations especially the u.s. where you are speaking to us from the turkish government and ultimately how much does the west need turkey in the fight against i.s.i.l.? >> well, they need turkey big time. it's both for the fight against i.s.i.l. using the turkey but not only that and also in terms of the migrant challenge here. certainly from the european
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perspective the victory of the class is likely to be welcomed and wanted a strong army in place and it's a welcome step here. the question here at this point is whether they can reach consensus between brussels and ankora to deal with migrants and the relationship is difficult and i don't think it's going to improve any time soon. the priority of turkey in the region are different of the one of united states so even if we will end up having meaningful conversation it remains to be seen if the conversation will turn into some clearcut action against i.s.i.s. that can make a difference on the ground. >> wolfgang political risk analyst speaking to us from new york and thank you so much for having shared your views with us. >> pleasure. the islamic state of iraq and levante is making headway in afghanistan. al jazeera has gained rare access to its bases in the northeast where children are being trained to become fighters. and we report. >> reporter: another generation of afghan children is being
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brain washed. this is the rest of our providence and the men giving weapons training to children pleasured allegiance to islamic state of iraq and the levante. al jazeera has been given rare access to the front lines in eastern afghanistan where i.s.i.l. says it's gaining ground. they seem to be preparing to stay as the recruitment is aimed at the very young. i.s.i.l. fighters seem comfortable in the village life and there is a constant near of drone strikes but their biggest enemy is the afghan taliban. >> translator: thank god there is an effort now and why we leave the taliban and pledge ailey ens -- allegiance. >> reporter: they are fighting not just the military but i.s.i.l. gunmen. >> translator: we don't agree with those brothers who want
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i.s.i.l. here in afghanistan because the taliban are already here and if there is no need why would you join them? >> reporter: al jazeera was given access to two of the groups bases, the numbers don't appear to be large but say many more are in hiding. >> translator: there are many fighters all over this providence and a large number of foreign fighters have come from saudi arabia and europe, they are here but they cannot talk to you face-to-face. >> reporter: more chilling than their aims are their methods. these 13 and 17-year-olds are ready to become suicide bombers and say they have been trained by foreigners and don't fear giving up their lives. their declared target is a former governor who has ruthlessness and says suicide attackers don't scare him. civilians who have seen war for decades are afraid of more violence. thousands more have been displaced as i.s.i.l. entered the conflict, traditionally between the afghan government and the taliban.
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in remote parts of mountains of afghanistan i.s.i.l. is finding sanctuaries to grow stronger, al jazeera. at least 15 people have been killed after al-shabab fighters attacked a luxury hotel in samolia and victory reports. >> reporter: a suicide bomber detonates explosives in the hotel in mogadishu and a car is on fire and had been packed with explosives and used by gunmen to blast their way into the hotel compound and then stormed the hotel itself. this happy hotel is popular with somali politicians and one current and one former member of parliament are among the dead, senior government officials and a journalist were also killed. one mp called the attack a very dark day for somalia. >> translator: i was at the scene of the explosion and taking photos when a careful of
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explosives detonated beside me and i fell on the ground and saw part of my body bleeding and i was with another journalist who was killed in the attack. >> reporter: somali soldiers called in to recapture the hotel. >> translator: the security forces immediately played a role to limit the loss of life. this is a dangerous attempt from a terrorist movement. we are sure the movement will be defeated at the end. >> reporter: al-shabab which operates in somalia and neigh r neighboring countries has claimed responsibility. >> it's clear if you look back at events in somalia in the past six months that al-shabab still has the capability to organize major terrorist attacks in the capitol. it's unfortunate these terrorist attacks still occur sporadically and over all the government forces are clearly in the offensive and have the momentum. >> reporter: in april fighters from the group killed 147 people
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in an attack on the university college in kenya and in september 2013 al-shabab fighters stormed the west gate shopping mall in nairobi killing 67 people. somalia has been devastated by decades of civil unrest and four years ago they pushed al-shabab out of major cities including mogadishu with help of soldiers but attacks like this show somal irregulars a government and supporters still have much more work to do. victoria with al jazeera. brazil's appetite for crab meat is forcing government leaders to act because over fishing is diminishing the number of crab and kimberly has more. >> reporter: after he lost his job 20 years ago like so many of his neighbors this was all that was left for pedro to do. >> translator: it's the worst place in the world to make a
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living, harvesting crabs, your clothes are dirty and mosqui mo and huge storms you have to to work through. >> reporter: he doesn't wish this for his children and has been at it for almost ten hours and has just 16 crabs to show for his effort. >> translator: there are too many people catching crabs. you used to be able to get several hundreds a day, now we have trouble getting even ten. >> reporter: crabs are just one of the devastated natural resources in the delta and three years ago the brazil government intervened but instead of banning fishing and crabbing altogether it created cooperatives with exclusive fishing rights for brazil's poorest and most vulnerable families and allows for harvesting in concentrated areas while marine populations recover in other parts of the delta,
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families who take part receive government subsidies to compensate for low yields and it's part of a wider program implemented across the country to combat chronic poverty. >> translator: i give it ten out of ten and helps with a lot of things, shoes for children, books for schools. >> reporter: the government is now assessing its efforts, around 10% of brazil people live on less than $50 a month. >> translator: the program has families continue with traditional economic activity in a sustainable way inside areas that have biological importance, this way families don't migrate to already crowded areas and protect the resource. >> reporter: fishing populations may be on the way to being protected chronic poverty remains a challenge, these six men managing ed to bring in 65 crabs, profits of $3 each. the crab over harvesting
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continues keeping prices low and estimated if the brazil industry is brought under control it could still take more than a decade for the crab populations to return, kimberly with al jazeera, brazil. more on the website al >> i'm ali velshi. on target - justice for all. meet the court-appointed lawyers who made it their mission to expose crooked cops and prosecutors. and the critics that say it has nothing to do with justice, and everything to do with politics. anyone like me watches a lot of cop shows can revit the miranda warning na police officers must read to suspects. you have the right to remain silent. anything you can and say will be used


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