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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 1, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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turkey's ruling party regains a hold on power after performing better than expected in a critical election. hello, i'm not barbara sara, you are watching al jazeera live from london. also - more refugees make the perilous journey to greece, 11 drown nation in mourning. russia prays for the victims of a plane crash in egypt killing all on board.
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and the grab crisis, what is causing fisherman's catches and profits to dwindle. turkish voters have embraced the ruling a.k. party's message of stability and security, giving it a sweeping election victory. >> with lac all the voters counted -- with almost all the votes counted it made almost a majority square. the c.h.p. secured a quarter of the vote. the nationalist m.h.p. party has 12% of the support, that's 41 seats, and the pro-kurdish h.d.p. party claimed a little
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over 10%. they would have lost parliamentary seats if if got less than 10%. it reverses the a.k. party's lose of grip on power in the last election. supporters are celebrating >> translation: today is the day of victory for our democracy and nation. may god be content with everyone who made the victory possible. are may god entrance ut dignity when we -- gl grace us and dignity. may god never cause us to feel embarrassed or shamed. >> we go to the a.k. party's headquarters in ankara. >> despite the cold and the late
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hour, thousands of a.k. party supporters gathered outside the party's hours to celebrate what they see as a victory for the party. joy and surprise on the face of these people. many did not expect to win by a huge margin. for them this is vindication. they believe that the large section of population, one in every two people, have put their face and trust in a party which they say has delivered success over the past 13 years. the leader, although a happy man, did strike a more measured speech when he addressed the nation, saying it was a victory for democracy before being a victory for the party, saying there was room for the political
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views, and was thankful for the people of turkey to place the trust in them, hoping they wouldn't disappointed. the fear of insecurity and instability was a result of the actions. now, it no longer exists. it's a renewed mandate for the a.k. party and a new era for turkey. >> let's take you back to the haurs of the abbing -- haurs are -- headquarters of the a.k. party. it's about 1:00a.m. in turkey, listening to the prime minister. he spoke before in his home town, he's in the capital of turkey and let's listen to what he has to say. >> translation: in this country whether in tokyo, berlin, bosnia
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wherever they may be, those who are watching us with tears in their eyes praying for us, whether in jerusalem, gaza or other areas, or whether in baghdad or bosnia, they have turned our faces to this country, waiting, praying for this outcome of the election. my greetings to you. those who attach their faith to the country of this - to the fate of this country, i great
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the community of muslims, the islamic community of 1.5 billion, i greet you all from the bottom of my heart. >> that was the turkish prime minister addressing the crowds gathered outside the party headquarters, and there's thousands of people that have been there for hours, celebrating the victory, the unexpected victory of the a.k. party in this election. >> meanwhile the pro-kurdish h.k.p. party is on the brink of being wiped out. it secured 10% of the vote. bernard smith is in the city and sent an update. >> the acp surprised everyone
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getting for than 35% of the vote. helping to deprive the ruling a.k. party of its majority. this time around there's a closer call. the suggestion is that they have about 10.5% of the vote, getting it over the 10% threshold to get representation in parliament. anything below that and the more than 4.5 million people that voted would not have representation in parliament. >> that's how significant it was, they have 59 m.p.s cam paired to the 80 -- compared to the 80 they got in june. the leader is saying they got 11% of the vote in the midst of mayhem. he refers to the violence that had broken out in turkey between june, and the breakdown of the ceasefire between the p.k.k. and
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the turkish state. and the bombings, where victims end up being kurdish, htp is saying it's difficult to campaign effectively in the difficult circumstances. nevertheless, the party will look to see if they'll do anything wrong. they'll examine tactics to see if there's anything to learn, but the party is saying it's remarkable they got into parliament at all. given the circumstances in which they were able to campaign. >> the leader of turkey's main opposition party is calling on the ruling party to respect the law. the recent violence has had an impact on the results of the election. >> translation: it's important to remember that turkey entered the election under extraordinary conditions. the period between the two
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elections nearly 400 lost their lives. terror and concern have taken priority, you must respect the outcome of the elections of first november in the same way we respect the results of 7 june. i do not want anyone to have any concerns. a number of refugees drowned off the greek island of samos - among them children and babies. off the island of lesbos more bodies washed ashore. more than 60 have died trying to cross the agean, half were children. winds of 50 k/hr have been hitting the a g.m. this update has been send from june, where the bodies of refugees have been washing ashore. >> more grim, sad news emanating from here. today, two boats capsizing off
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the safety of samos, close to where we are now. 11 killed, drowned in the boats, capsizing, and it seems as though several children, perhaps as many as six, drowned in the capsizings as well. sadly, the headlines are becoming commonplace here. especially in the past week. dozens of people. at least 60, drowning in boats that capsized. refugees desperate to try to make it from turkey to greece in the past week. at least 60 people dead in the last four days. today also, extremely sad reports of more bodies, perhaps as many assist seven washing up assure here in les -- ashore here in lesbos, people that drowned earlier in the week.
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it's sad here. the news continues to be grim. the weather is worse thing, temperatures have dropped. despite this the influx of refugees is financing. the people that are so desperate to escape war, death and destruction in places like iraq and syria, they are trying to get to india before the window closes and behaviour europe stops allowing them to come here. >> during a national day of mourning in russia, a memorial has taken place, honouring victims of the plane crash. 224 on board died when it came down, after taking off from the resort of shammel shake. peter sharp reports from st. petersburg. >> in front of one of russia's potent symbol, the winter
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palace, hundreds gathered together taking comfort and support. the dead were known to many. >> translation: on this flight there was a girl i have known since i was six. her name was leah, we were at the same given safetyics class. -- gymnastics class. >> translation: they were mainly our people. it's not just them, be don't want an aircraft to crash again. >> reporter: at the crash site search teams are scouring an area of 20 square kilometres, trying to piece together what happened to flight 9268. 171 bodies have been ri covered, some 20 -- recovered, some 20km. the aircraft that travelled from sharm el sheikh, from a resort,
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broke up at high altitudes. several airlines, lufthansa and french airlines decided not to fly over the area until the cause is identified. russia and egypt is reluctant to give claim to i.s.i.l. affiliates that they shut down the air because. >> translation: it's important that the matter be left alone and discussions for the reasons behind it should not take place, this takes a long time. they are complicated matters. requiring technique and broad investigation. >> reporter: in the resort where many stay, there were prayers for those lost, across russia, church services to mark the worst ever air disaster. questions, too, about what happened above the skies of egypt. for a community desperate to understand what happened to that flight, there'll be no quick
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answers. for these people, the horror of the tragedy is more apparent as the bodies start to arriving home, the bodies of those killed in the crash. they'll be taken to a purpose-built mortuary where d.n.a. will be matched to the samples given by their families. here in perth burg, the home of the dead, they extended the period of mourning for another two days. still ahead - hope in myanmar as aung san suy kyi holds a rally ahead of the first free and fair vote for 25 years. the french president francis hollande heads to china to secure a deal ahead of china talks next month. next month.
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>> you're the first one on the scene. suicides, homicides, the roof is crushing into somebody's chest. >> what is the number one cause of death for police officers? >> suicide.
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a reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera. supporters of turkey's ruling a.k. party are celebrating in the streets as results show the group regained its majority in the second election. >> bodies of refugees have been washing ashore after a shipwreck this week and 11 dry off sammos island. russian aviation officials sir their airliner broke up in the air. the country is in mourning a big comeback in the
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turkish election. i'm joined by a specialist on turkey's affairs from chat am house. thank you for staying with us. we have a clear result. overwhelming indoorsments, single party endorsement. what will change in turkey. >> nothing will change. the country will continue to deteriorate. >> why do you say it will deteriorate if it takes a dip when it comes out of the elections. >> the economy was on a downward path prior to the june election. if turkey does not undertake structural reforms, improving the competitiveness, the deterioration will condition. >> let's look at foreign affairs. turkey playing an important role in the region. how would we see its foreign
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policy change, if at all, especially in the fight against i.s.i.l. >> nothing will change. turkey will focus the battle. the kurdistan workers party and cooperate with the united states reluctantly with militants in northern syria and turkey will push for the removal of bashar al-assad from power. >> thank you very much > an israeli border patrol officer is investigating, threatening to gas palestinians. the threat has reportedly been recorded with a phone. >> you are looking at 17-year-old, he was at a community center. he heard the threat. >> translation: we will hit you with gas until you all die.
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>> reporter: the teenager used a smartphone to record what was said. a voice blaring from a military vehicle identifies itself as the occupation army. >> translation: we are the occupation army, if you throw stones we will hit you with gas until you all die, the youth, the children, the old people. you will all die. >> the threat evokes the nightmare of the holocaust when millions were gassed to death. >> we will not leave any of you alive. we have arrested one of you, he is with us now. we took him from his home, and we will slaughter and kill him while you watch. >> they want the teams to stop protests that continue daily for the past month. more than 71 minions were killed -- 71 million were
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killed. many were armed with knives. in israel, the police statement says that the officer has been suspended. this is an incident that we are taking care of with the full severity of the law. the operation has been suspended until the end of the inquiry proceedings. at the end of which we'll assess the continuation of the service. the numbers of palestinians killed continues to rise. another palestinian was shot and killed. israeli forces say he tried to carry out a knife attack against an israeli soldiers, an allegation difficult to confirm. >> protesters in bangladesh condemn the murder of an author. he was hacked to death in february. he was an atheist and critical of religious groups.
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four bloggers have been murdered this year. protesters are urging the government to do more to prevent the attacks. >> millions of people are preparing to cast results. campaigning is in full swing. with aung san suy kyi holding a rally in yangon. we have this report. [ ♪ ] >> reporter: by the time opposition leader aung san suy kyi arrived, the crowd had swelled to thousands. >> if we win by a landslide in the coming election, we'll forgive and work together with everyone, including the military. she was under house arrest during the last election, boycotted by the national league for democracy or nld. it won a bielection and is tipped to win this time. this is the first election since
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the semi-civilian government took over military rule, there has been some reforms, economic and political. the media is by no means impartial. >> the media is not balanced in covering the campaign, will we have a balanced view. this is important for the voters. the lack of coverage in state-owned media doesn't seem to have affected the party. >> it's a bright future. >> our country has been left behind. but we won't change now. >> the nld said it's concerned about inaccuracies in the voter list that could affect 30% of the voters. it's been criticized for giving in to anti-muslim sentiment and failing to fuel a candidate. >> in ethnic majority areas, votes are likely to be one.
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those factors may affect how well is does, the campaign promise of change is attractive. especially after 50 years of military rule that ended years ago. victory will not be enough to ensure change. push for reforms will be enough for the constitution. it has been draft for politics. the general's vision for what democracy means will prevail. >> that will not stop voters putting their representative in power. even if that is limited. >> a french president francis hollande is embarking on a state visit to china that could be vital to efforts to secure a global deal in paris. as the world's biggest producer of carbon, china committed billions to help developing
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countries reduce emissions. rob mcbride reports. >> reporter: with low opinion ratation at home. what francis hollande achieves in china could go a long way to secure pit call survival, or as a climate hero, he is leading efforts to win support for the conference in paris. china's support is crucial. >> france values his climate summit and considers it a diplomatic goal. china shares the same goal and is making a big effort to reduce emissions. child has a lot of difficulties. >> francis hollande's visit cams after a lot of blue-sky days. as winter steps in and increases demand, residents know it's a matter of time before the smog returns to the northern part of china. >> as the world's biggest producer of carbon dioxide,
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china's emissions are twice those of the united states, which is the second highest producer. environmentalists say recent efforts at reducing dependence on cheep dirty coal helped china turn a corner. >> the good news is the goal use in china has seen a decline in last year, for the first time in a century, and is continuing. as a result, carbon emissions stalled while china might have some way to go to build the green energy credentials, the reputation as an environmental villain is changing. they find a friend in china thousands of people have taken to the streets of mexico to celebrate the day of the dead. parades have been held in the capital, residents dressing up as skeletons and vampires, it's
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a die those remember who have died to brazil, where an appetite for grab meet is forcing government leaders to act. they live in the third largest river delta. over fishing in the river caused catches to dwindle, along with fisherman's profits. kimberley halkett has the story. >> after losing his job 20 years although, like neighbours, this was all that was lost for pedro to do. >> it's the worst place in the world to make a living. harvesting crops, it is dirty, you have the mosquitos and the huge downpours. >> unless the grab population returns to its former abundance, it's not work that padre wishes
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for his children. >> there are too many people getting grabs. you used to get several hundred, and now you have trouble getting 10. >> crabbs are one of the natural resources. three years ago the government intervened. it cree statated cooperatives i parts of the area. families that take party receive subsidies extenting for low yields. it's a programme to combat chronic poverty. >> i give it 10 out of 10. it helps with a lot of things. shoes for children. books for school. >> the government is assessing its efforts. around 10% of the brazilians live on less than $50 a month.
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>> it paying families to continue with traditional economic activity in a sustainable way in areas that have biological importance. this way families don't migrate to urban areas, and protect the resource. >> fishing populations may be on the way to being protective. poverty is a change. these men bringing in less than 65 crabbs between them. profits of less than $3 each. >> the grab overharvesting continues. it's estimated if the brazilian industry is brought under control. it could take a decade for the crab populations to return now to an olympics event with a bit of a difference. thousands of qatari schoolchildren have competed in the national robot olympic competition in doha.
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all had the same task - to construct a robot recognising location and colour. the winners go the to world cup of robot olympics. more on the website. psh psh do not he has been in crimea, dropped bombs on syria, is vladimir putin the biggest threat facing the world. in the panel. should planned parenthood stop abortions to say 97% of its work. and my final thought on what the ferguson affect should be - unbiased policing. i'm josh rushing and this is


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