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tv   Listening Post  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2015 3:30am-4:01am EST

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much of game five, but five runs in the 12th inning sow the royals secure their first championship since 1985. and you can keep up-to-date with all of the day's news on our website, hello, i'm richard gizbert, and you are at "the listening post", these are some of the media stories this week. we are focussing on north america. starting in the u.s. with the trump campaign. is it a media mirage made in media heaven. canada promise new life in c.b.c. turkey with an election coming, the media are feeling the heat. in july, a month after donald trump announced he'd run for the
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american president vi, the left of center huffington post took a decision that the coverage of tlump would go into the entertainment area. they said his campaign is a sideshow, but many have. the majority of the polls have been saying that trump is the front runner for the republican nomination, and gets more coverage than any other candidate. the relationship is symbiotic, he gets the exposure, and the outlets get the bombast, controversy and content, as well as the ratings. the 24 hour news channels are conflicted. the pro-republican fox news does not know what to do. rupert murdoch has never been a gan. unlike any other republican candidate trump doesn't thing what fox things or said. he
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scrapped with some of the biggest networks and aim away unscatheded. lost in the coverage of donald trump is the debate about old-fashioned things like issues and policies that should count when a country goes to the polls. as the one-time reality tv star turned candidate will tell you, that's not what sells. our starting point is new york city. >> we will go out and we will fight hard, and we will win. we'll have a lot of fun doing it too. >> if there has been one media moment encapsulating the story, it might be this. jed bush, his candidacy fading, questioned by fox news about the trump phenomena. >> reporter: let me ask you about him. to me it's like you don't know what to do. how do you respond.
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you tell me, do you have a plan. >> you're in the same boat, i take it. >> reporter: i'm not running for president. >> the u.s. news media is in a difficult spot. they love him in the sense of the commercial value. audiences making their jobs easy, saying something outrageous. >> i'll build a great, great wall on the southern border and wall. entertaining. >> someone has a nice wife. >> he's not playing by the rules of mainstream politics, and they journal. >> it's not the fact he gets attention, but the attention he gets and the privileges. his opponents complain they don't know what to do with the.. they are playing two games.
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they are engaging in politics, entertainment. >> that is because donald trump comes from that world, entertainment. the real estate mogul is not the only billionaire, there's 536 of them. he is the only one that spent more than a decade with his own apprentice." interview. >> he seared his way into the american conscious shns, acquired a level of named recognition that is to die for and created a character. >> i'm walking. >> the personae of "the apprentice", of a decisive c.e.o. it was attractive to a large segment of the voting segment. it helped him.
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>> for a while now scholars are concerned about the extent to which americans have been enthralled with entertainment over substantive programs. >> and, essentially, what it says about american culture is the lines between news and entertainment are blurred. given the joys, if people are given the reality or something serious, they tend to go with reality. american's love and it emerges well donald trump being in the race and having staying power. stupid. >> despite some of the extraordinary and offensive things he has said, calling mexican immigrants criminals and rapists, and some i assume are good people. >> threatening to support 11 million undocumented immigrants and he has taken on
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murdoch, and murdoch's fox news. murder o chips at trump to no avail, and trump fires back directly at fox, a conservative network long with the power to make or break republican candidates. >> it's unusual. no one fights with fox news. this time around donald trump is fighting with fox news and part of it is to shape coverage and there's a larger power struggle at fox news. rupert murdoch is the owner of fox news. roger ellis controls fox news. rupert murdoch has turned over power to his sons. they started to exert pressure over roger and he is ared that. in the -- he resisted that. in the background is an internal war between the murder okays and roger. donald trump was opportunistic
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fox is not the only network gorging itself. cnn analysed the coverage in the two weeks following the debate and found trump had more air time than the other 16 candidates combined. and the so-called liberal network cannot help itself. >> with commercialized programming, regardless of what a news programme's with the implicit ideological event is, they want a conflict. an outshoot of that is in order to get noticed candidates have to say something brazen. >> are we paying too much attention to him. it's hard to say that. the things he'll say.
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the fights he'll park. one of those is 9/11. jed push is running against trump for the republican phnom nation. trump used the same logic to talk about the bush's failure to prevent the 9/11's attacks, willing almost 3,000. jump a republican broke what virtually became a taboo, one that democrats shied away from. >> this gets at one of the great weaknesses of news media, how at the moment oftentimes it will
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lay down and be a prop ape gander matter. he sayers people that power, he's not a radical. he's pro business and military. he unbaulked. that scarce some and thrills
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other media stories - turkish authorities raided an opposition media company ahead of elections. police entered the istanbul offices of a media group, linked to one of recep tayyip erdogan's rivals. live footage on one of the channels shows it being taken off the air. it was called an operation to silence dissident forces. the ruling party does not like, including media outlets, holding true for anyone that does not obey. it follows a court order. amid accusations that it was dealing in terror propaganda. new-panted trustees moved in,
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resulting in scenes in the newspaper newsroom. this past week the turkish authorities were criticized for refusing to meet over vice news journalist who has been gaoled for two months, an iraqi kurd. they were deported to the u.k. in egypt the government's targetting of the media continues with the arrest of three journalists. october 21st authorities raided the offices of a media development office, arresting the director of journal. >> and questioning others. another journalist from that organization was arrested the following day. another of amnesty international said carry ag out an amped raid against an n.g.o.:
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two days later the police arrested a man, a journalist that used to work at the privately owned channel. and he was at the cairo airport on his way to london. his whereabouts unknown. this week marks the first anniversary of sentencing of blogger and act fist fatah. he was gaoled for taking part in a peaceful protest. supporters marked the anniversary spreading the poster. the greek government is taking a sustain to clean up corruption through a lou establishing a formal system of tv licensing. private television stations are enabled to bid for licences, and they'll be determined by the minister for media and communications. the companies made clear that
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companies must have a minimum of $8 million in hand. deputy prime minister calmed privately owned greek media companies, they operate at losses, most owned by diversified conglomerates with vested interests in deanedas, the laup has not gone down well. thousands went on strike saying the law was poor reply thought out. the european federation of journalists said the licensing systems would have an impact on the independence and pluralism of media in greece. the syriza campaigned on a promise it detroit unholy alliance of banks and businessmen in greece. in "the listening post", we did a slew of stories about state or publicly owned broadcasters
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struggling. bbc, rtve are in that category as is canada's c.b.c. the canadian broadcasting corporation was born. output spans a likely populated country and given that canada borders the united states, a superpower, the mother load of news and entertainment programming in the same language, the cbc's output must be canadian. that's not easy. nor have the past few years been kind tore big on airlines mired in conflict -- been find - four big on-air personalities mired in controversy. c.b.c. had an election to cover.
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the prime minister elect justin trudeau said he would restore the cbc's funding, it's relevant. politicians have been known to promise all kinds of things. >> reporter: election night in canada, and for many, the c.b.c. is still a network to tune into. >> i think part of the reason it resonates is unlike any other country, the need to establish an independent voice, a canadian and a nationality voice in a country so loud was considered a critically appointed foundation. if you look at the coverage more came to c.b.c. >> very interesting.
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>> if the cbc's coverage had a lethal tone... >> canada will be justin trudeau... >> it was understandable. the network endured cuts implemented by outgoing prime minister stephen harper's government. the conservative supporter accused the broadcaster of a bias. the liberals promised that they'll increase stabilized founding to the c.b.c. it's a good sign. it will take more than a band aid to fitch that. -- fix that. we lived with harper cuts, disdain and opposition. ruin. >> the good news is a lot of canadians understand the importance of what the c.b.c. is doing, and that those people that try to harnal it are swimming against the counter of public opinion. we pit a lot of energy into
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mobilizing our support mace through-putting up signs, getting petitions signed. a range of local activities. [ sings ] >> i think it's important for kahn aidians to have a c.b.c. >> if they are lacking funding it should be restarred. >> it adds to a culture we have, covering every angle. >> it's part of the family. >> what it stands for is people - we want to demonstrate that people care enough about public broadcasting that it could be important enough to influence the way they cast their ballot. >> the c.b.c. holds a place in canadian culture and identity, every bit as prominent as universal health care.
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it is reported for the balance, integrity and reach. it has suffered cuts and lay offs at the hands of the government. and before that. that's a concern about its survival. but the c.b.c. has not helped itself with high profile conflict of interest cases. last year the chief correspondent hosting the election-night coverage and commentator were outed as having been paid by the oil companies. this past june the "toronto star" revealed a c.b.c. news host was using his journalistic contacts to act as a middle man in the art fields. the c.b.c. fired him. all of that followed amanda lang. the c.b.c. senior business correspondent. she got involved in a story
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about labour practices at r b.c., the royal bank of canada. >> amanda lang worked behind the scenes to question it, contradict it, argue and what she didn't sclos, not only had she been paid to speak on r b.c. sponsored events, but was in a long-time personal relationship with a board member of r b.c. when she was unable to alter the cbc's coverage, she invited the c.e.o. of r b.c. on to her own programme in what we call as a softball interview, apologised by r b.c. when the story was true and well-founded to deny. >> reporter: that story was broken in january by jessie brown on "canada land", the c.b.c. defended lang, commissioning a review into employees disclosing a question of conflict interest.
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>> the show will go on. >> nine months later lang left her. >> we rely on journalists to recognise when there may be a real, perceived or potential conflict, and for them to disclose that. amanda herself commented on that. she said she didn't feel the relationship was serious enough to merit a disclosure. it's not something you like to see, but they present an opportunity to say do we need to have another conversation or a reset around the issue, i think we have done that. conflict of interest at the c.b.c. is something that has evolved in lock step with the emergence of a celebrity culture. the c.b.c. has steen it happen as part of a -- seen it happen
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as part of a decline, restraints on budgets. pressure from the political level. it has caused the c.b.c. to rely on the credibility, the high prafl the celebrity of people that work there. they believe that a the of wounds occur because of funding cuts. as a result of pursuing that commercial path, they became enamored with celebrity and they had horrible scandals, everything that happens leads to the same conclusion, which is let's give the c.b.c. less. >> reporter: it's a vicious circle. after two decades of cuts, the remaining financial support to the c.b.c. as
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a percentage of g.d.p. is less than what other countries spend on the broadcasters. justin trudeau, who takes office vowed to change that. >> the liberal party made an announcement which involved investing in blue money. >> a new liberal government will invest $150 million in new annual funding for the c.b.c. the words are good. the only deeds matter. so in a competition for resources it will be important to push that new government to do what is has promised. ut thing you have is to inform, enlict and entertain, in a world of two or three or 400 media brands, that audiences are looking at, to stand out.
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have 70 plus support from the canadian public positions us well for the future. >> reporter: and that future is about justin trudeau. he showed the c.b.c. plenty of campaign. >> we need to make sure that c.b.c. has stronging stable, predictable funding to fulfil its mandate moving forward. empowering and informing canadians and celebrating the extraordinariness of this country. the network and the canadians want justin trudeau to show them the money so the c.b.c. can get on with the job.
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finally republican candidates for the white house
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had a third televised debate. for those, they are a chance to shine for political judgeies, it's televised blood sport and sattarists christmas come early. the first debate from fox provided flopping of gums and bad lip-reading, it's an anonymously run youtube channel dubbing over tv crips and voice overs matching the lip movement of the speaker, that's it. the video is closing in on 10 million views. >> when you were younger what stack. >> i wanted recollects you know, i wanted regular potatos, so did other people. >> at 9:30 - "america tonight" - top investigative reporting, uncovering new perspectives. >> everything that's happening here is illegal. >> then at 10:00 - it's "world news tonight".
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>> let's take a closer look. >> antonio mora gives you a global view. >> this is a human rights crisis. >> and at 11:00 - a full news wrap-up of the days top stories. clear... concise... complete. al jazeera america gives you the total news experience anytime, anywhere. more on every screen. digital, mobile, social. visit follow @ajam on twitter. and like aljazeera america on facebook for more stories, more access, more conversations. so you don't just stay on top of the news, go deeper and get more perspectives on every issue. al jazeera america. >> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is.
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election victory for turkey's ruling par. president erdogan tells the world to respect the people's vote for stability. ♪ ♪ hello, women welcome to al jazeera think i am martin dennis at headquarters in doha. also to come. russian investigators say the plane that crash ed in egypt broke up in midair as the bodies of the dead arrive home. south korea and japan agree to speed up talks about the korean women who were forced in


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