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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 2, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EST

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as a long night of celebration began for baseball's new champions. >> you can keep up to date with all the news on our website at the opener of a russian jet that went down in egypt rules out technical failure and suggestion it may have been attacked. >> paul ryan rejects the possibility of working with president obama on immigration reform. the kansas city royals are the kings of baseball. it took extra innings to stun the new york mets and capture kansas city's first world series
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title in 30 years. >> this morning, airline finishes say the only explanation for the deadly russian plane crash in egypt this weekend is external impact, ruling out technical issues and pilot error, including reports that the pilot worried about the jet's condition. >> i can tell you with absolute confidence those repairs from a few years ago have nothing to do with what happened to this plane. >> all 224 passengers and crew onboard the flight were killed, including children and newlyweds we have more. >> russian investigators at the scene have been recovering bodies following the crash.
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overnight, an aircraft from cairo brought back 144 of the 60s. they'll be taken from the airport here to a special purpose built mort water in the north of the city where they'll be matched with d.n.a. samples that were taken from their families and that should result in positive identification of the bodies. >> the investigation goes on, but it will be months before they come up with anything definitive. this aircraft broke up at very high altitude, possibly 30,000 feet from some catastrophic effect and the area of debris stretches over 20 square kilometers and they're still searching that at moment. >> at a conference, the director of national intelligence jail clapper said there is still no
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direct evidence that any group brought down the plane, but said nothing can be ruled out. former ntsb chairman said it is difficult to know at this early stage just what happened. >> the investigation's early. the black boxes as i understand it have been obtained by the investigators and are on their way to moscow for readout. it doesn't appear this is some sort of internal event, possibly a center fuel tank explosion or still the possibility of some sort of bomb or desize placed on the aircraft. it's certainly a sad event. i feel great reforce for our friends in russia. >> from what you're saying and seeing so far, it is possible in
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your opinion that there might have been a bomb or some explosive device introduced inside the plane that a terrorist group could take responsibility for. >> that certainly can't be ruled out at building point, although the plane had had some mechanical problems with the previous owner, so both of these investigations, both a criminal investigation, as well as the civil investigation have got to proceed, but with the black box information, if the russian government permits the investigators to be forthcoming, we ought to know the causes of this accident, this event, this tragic event very soon. >> jim ham said the first results including an early analysis of the black box should be in within 72 hours. investigators are launching a remote sub to investigate wreckage from a core go ship since hurricane joaquin.
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it was found where it was believed the el faro sank. the ship's owners filed a lawsuit sunday to try to block further legal action by the crew's families. four have already sued the company. >> parts of the south are bracing for even more rain this morning. the storm system already dropped more than a foot of rain in the houston area over the weekend. at least six people have been killed by the storms. thousands of homes were damaged. it is the third time this year that this area has been flooded. lets bring in nicole mitchell for more on the storm. whose bog to get hit next? >> we already had flooding again today, now place like florida, moving into north korea. this system we are watching, we can see it get cut off a little bit from the gulf mainly, also another system on that our west coast. you mentioned flooding three times. far texas in may and just about a week ago and then again, all of this rain in places, some
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place the rivers hasn't gone down from prior flooding amounted that's been the problem. through the southeast, this is moving quicker. the last system didn't cause flooding. the damage won't be at significant, but the areas in green are alabama getting at on the backside of this, but up from georgia through the carolinas, also on the backside, the yellows, you are dealing with fog. i mentioned the system on the west coast. the heaviest rain is making its way into california. southern california might get the light stuff, but california could get a couple of inches. as this gets interior, we are talking higher elevations with areas of snow, places like the sierra, six to eight inches, but parts of yellow stone, that could be the most significant. we could be talking places that get close to two feet, great news for the snow pack, treacherous for the drivers. >> ok, nicole mitchell, thank you. >> the strongest storm system to
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target yemen in more than a century is moving toward the mainland. the psych loan has killed at least two people on a yemeni island. it destroyed more than 100 homes there and displaced thousands of people over the weekend. on going fighting in mainland yemen mean areas don't have the shelter or supplies they need to prepare. >> a developing story from the vatican, two members of the commission including a priest have been arrested. the vatican said they leaked confidential information to the media. the development comes as pope francis is preparing for another trip to the americas. the vatican said he will visit mexico in february. 80% of the mexican population is click. republicans who want to be president have new demands before their next debate. riches from campaigns met, they want mandatory opening and closing statements and control over on screen graphics. some are upset over how candidates were treated in last week's debate.
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michael shure tells us the candidates want to shut the r.n.c. out of the process. >> in virginia, the campaigns of the gop have met to discuss changing the debate format, the types of questions and even some of the networks that carry the debate. a lot of these meetings were called because of the candidates themselves. the campaigns of trump and carson, hall and huckabee, and rubio and cruz were all involved in this, so, too were the campaigns of santorum, graham and jindal, three candidates at the what some call the kiddy table. the reason they want these meetings is to get on to the main stage. they are suggesting two debates on each date with seven candidates per debate randomly chosen, giving them a chance to be part of the big picture. they think that is only fair. the question is also whether or not nbc will host.
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it was taken from them last week by the gop and rnc in a letter sent saying because of the way the boulder debate was handled, we will not be having a debate with you. that debate involved telemundo, the spanish language broadcaster. trump said we will veto any effort to bring them back in. other republicans think it would be wise to include them. the meetings were to discuss how to make these changes, the gop and the r.n.c. were kept out of the meetings. they made a change bringing in their c.o.o. and chief legal counsel to now run the debates, hoping that that will make for better conversation between the party and the candidates. that remains to be seen. >> al jazeera's political correspondent michael shure reporting from l.a. the rnc has yet to respond to the demands. >> defense secretary ash carter
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is in south korea today assuring that nation the u.s. will help head off threats from the north. he said washington continues to urge north korea to stop all provocations, such as testing long-range missiles. >> north korea is an up-close, dangerous and continuing threat to the security of the peninsula and the region, but together, we will meet that threat. >> carter called the u.s. commitment to south carolina ironclad and said the two nations have taken steps to make sure south carolina has the military resources it needs. there are reports from syria that rebels are using prisoners of war as human shields. >> they are high ranking regime officers to be placed in cage's all over towns and cities so they can have a taste of our misery, so they can be targeted by russian airstrikes, as are our children and our women.
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>> video posted on line this weekend appears to show men and women in iron cages. a watchdog group says they were driven to areas near damascus to be used also shields against government air raids. the report says most of the prisoners are syrian military officers and their families who have been captured by rebels. >> the u.s. is shifting its policy in the fight against isil in syria, pentagon officials say the u.s. is sending in up to 50 troops, all special forces to train and assist various moderate groups. p.j. crowly said the u.s. needs to take steps to intensify the air campaign, going to try to strengthen defenses along the
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turkish border with jordan and lebanon, the reality is i think as they look at this one year into this campaign militarily, there is not enough pressure on the islamic state, translating into the lack of decisive action within the broader political process. >> at the heart, there are multiple conflicts going on. everyone's focused on a different dimension, so the challenge in terms of bringing together gulf states, turkey, other states, russia, iran into a coordinated effort that gets to a political solution, this has been horribly difficult and last woke in the meeting vienna, who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, what happens to assad, we haven't gotten everyone pulling in the same direction and as a result, the effort is fragmented, some good
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things happening here, bad things here, but nothing that necessarily puts a substantial pressure on the islamic state or reaches a decision as to what to do with bashar al assad. >> he said the on going talks involving russia and iran are an important step toward reaching a political solution to the conflict. >> iran has reportedly begun implementing one of the most controversial terms of the nuclear deal. the chief of iran's atomic energy association said workers are dismantling centrifuges at two sites. iran must remove them in exchange for an easing of national economic sanctions. >> the royals are the kings of baseball this morning. they came from behind in the ninth inning and eventually beat the new york mets in 12 to win the world series. we have more on the royal comeback. >> the royals, 2015 word champions. >> it was a celebration 30 years in the making, the kansas city
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royals win the world series in dramatic fashion against the new york mets. down 2-0 in the ninth, they came back to tie the game with a daring run. eric hosmer sprinting from third to home on a ground ball, the throw to home was off the mark, the run scored, the game was tied. >> kept shuffling along with david and as soon as he was about to throw it, i said we've got to go for it right here and it ended up working out for us. >> then in the 12th, the royals bats exploded for five runs and there was no turning back. the mets couldn't answer losing at home 7-2. the victory was extra sweet for the royals, who made it to the series last year but lost in seven games. also for their fans, who celebrated overnight in kansas city, but for mets manager terry collins, the decision not to replace mat harry in the
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ninth could haunt him forever. before that, harvey pitched eight shutout innings, but in the ninth, walked the first batter. ment second had an r.b.i. double. the royals were back in business. >> as a competitor and as a person, i always want the ball, and that's what i said all year long, in this situation, i wanted the ball, and unfortunately, just didn't work out. >> obviously i let my heart get in the way of my gut when i said you got it, you've earned this, go get them, so it's my fault. >> al jazeera, new york. >> tomorrow, kansas city will celebrate with a parade. the title is only the club's second in the royals 46 year history. it is election eve for much of this country. we look at the measure in seattle that could change the role of big money in local politics.
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president obama is talking about crime and punishment today. he'll visit a halfway house. part of his effort will include federal education grants to help train former issue mates in technology jobs. >> congress will debate major spending bills this week, including one that would put billions toward the countries aging infrastructure. the new speaker of the house is making clear more spending is not on his agenda. >> the speaker elect, paul d. ryan of the state of wisconsin. >> follow his election as house speaker on thursday, paul ryan made the rounds of the sunday shows, sake it's time for
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republicans to go on offense. >> we've got to be a bold alternative party, a pop opposin party. >> he vows to focus on reducing federal spending and cutting the debt but says one thing he will not be working on is immigration reform, that is until president obama has left the white house. >> this president tried to go around congress to unilaterally write in immigration law. why would we want to pass legislation on a very divisive issue with a president we can't trust on this issue? >> despite saying spending time with his family will remain a top priority, ryan said he would not support a law guaranteeing paid family leave. >> i don't think people asked me to be speaker so i can take more money from hard working taxpayers to create some new federal entitlement. >> meanwhile, out going speaker
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job boehner said it was a tough sell getting ryan to run for the job. he had to resort to religion. >> first i laid every ounce of catholic guilt i could on him. >> how does that go? >> you have no choice, this isn't what you want to do, this is about what god wants you to do, and god has told me he wants you to do this. i pulled it all out. >> a new reuters poll shows ben carson in a statistical tie with donald trump. former florida govern jeb bush is a distant third and his campaign has launched a new slogan, jeb can fix it. the former front runner said he knows he's having trouble but can turn things around. >> i have enough self awareness to know this is the bumpy time of the campaign. >> during his years as florida
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governor, he was conflicted about the death penalty. >> it's hard for me to sign a death warrant, to be honest with you. >> his comments come ahead of campaigning in florida, south korea and new hampshire. on the democratic side, bernie sanders presidential campaign released its first television ad on sunday. >> the son of a polish immigrant. >> the new ad is heavy on his personal history and comes as hillary clinton extends her lead over sanders in the polls. paul beban, al jazeera, new york. >> in seattle, veers will decide on a type of campaign finance form, with a voucher system. the proposal has drown interest from around the country. >> as i122 backers canvas to knock on doors to win support, it's clear they know this vote has drown nationwide attention. this campaign leader calls that exciting. >> ultimately, people are looking at seattle, because we're doing something different, adding a tool to the tool box to fight the big issue of money in
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politics. >> opponents say laws are strict already, and administering the proposed new system would be too expensive. >> this is bad policy. i don't want seattle to be the guinea pig so that somebody on the east coast can make a point. >> here's how that voucher system would work for registered seattle voters. every january at the beginning of a two year election cycle, each voter would be mailed four vouchers for $25 that can be signed to candidates running for city office. candidates would agree to new campaign fundraising and spending limits. participation would be voluntary. >> the vouchers would provide $6 million in potential funding every two years. the no side said the system would favor incumbents and establish political groups and could hurt candidates who get into a race late. >> what's likely to happen on january 2 is that people who are
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well organized, the incumbent special interests will try to scoop those couchers up while the money's available. >> as for spending, on the no side, less than $50,000 total has been reported, nearly all raised from corporate donors. much of the $1.3 million raised for the yes side has come from just a few big donations, from individuals and non-profits outside seattle, making this a big money campaign for an anti big money concept. >> because in this race, our opponents are exclusively corporations. that -- those are the only people supporting the campaign. >> you're outspending them 30-1. >> yeah, i think the fact of the matter is that we have a ton of support, we have thousands of endorsers. >> we are being funded by those
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we don't know supported with an influx of out of state dough nations and black money. >> supporters have heard from groups across the country who want to do the same thing. >> this sets the floor for political voice so that everyone has an opportunity to be at least a $100 donor. >> the voucher system would be funded by a 10 year $30 million hike in property taxes. al jazeera, seattle. >> the third round of enrollment under the affordable care act is now underway. the white house says fewer people are expected to sign up this year than in the past and premiums will be higher. there are still 10 million americans uninsured and eligible for insurance under the so-called obamacare law. >> most of america enjoyed an extra hour's sleep this weekend. one study says not changing our clocks could help fight crime. >> seeing the sun like never before, the new images giving a
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unique look at the star's fiery rays. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
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>> gaining an extra hour of sleep this weekend may come at a
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coast. less daylight may lead to more crimes. it's a provocative argument for never changing the clocks back. >> when the clocks rolled back, most americans gained and hour of sleep. criminals gained more time to carry out crimes. the study from the institution at cornell university found with daylight savings, robbery rates go down by 7% for the entire day, and 27% during the evening hours, which is when most crimes tend to occur. daylight saving was set up to conserve energy and give farmers an extra hour of sunlight. congress extended the daylight savings time by two weeks in the fringe and one in the fall. that move alone saved $59 million a year in social costs by reducing the number of eek robberies. the longer daylight doesn't just impact crime. this police ad warns of increased dangers on the roadway when the clocks fall back.
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>> one our on the road is the difference between this and this. >> all the back and forth with clocks each year condition have a negative health impact, speaksly in the spring, it can mean more stress, heart attacks and workplace injuries. there's one argument in favor of changing the clocks in the fall, often made by parents, arcing it's safer for children to have more date in the morning as they wait for the school bus. >> you've never seen the sun like this, ablaze with light and energy. nasa just released these images of the sun taken by high resolution cameras. the picture are eight times sharper than h.d. the team of skype activities worked 10 hours to create just one minute of images showing the grandest force of our universe. >> thanks for watching. the news continues next live from doha. have a great day. at day.
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♪ >> hello, and welcome to the news hour. we have the world's top news stories. here's what is coming up in the next 60 minutes. european election observers say that turkey's election was marred by media crackdown, violence and other security concerns. rebels in syria threaten the government in a they will be used as human shields. the russian airlines that