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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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european union doo- union - it's not a union. >> we hear from volunteers helping the refugees in greece hello, i'm darren jordan, in doha with the world news. ahead - more bodies from the egypt plane crash arrives in russia as the airline blames what it calls external influence. special forces sent to syria to train, not the fight in the war and n.a.s.a. celebrates 50 years of the international space station, and we look at
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the questions of its long-term future. the mayor of the greek island of lesbos says there's no more room to bury people drowning in the agean sea. crowds of refugees continue to attempt the crossing despite colder weather and rougher waters. the u.n. says a record number of people arrived in europe and october. more than the whole of last year, mohammed jamjoom reports from lesbos, which has become a gateway for thousands. >> >> reporter: with all the tragedy they have seen, the aid workers keep looking. on les works the sea may be calmer, but nerves are on edge. when the refugees make it ashore, the sense of relief is equipped by the growing outrage. >> i cannot imagine. i feel ashamed that i'm a european, i'm from holland. i people a big shame from this
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european union. union. it's not the union. for me it's not the union at all. >> this is one of many here committed to helping. >> i saw babies dying, elderly people dying. i cannot imagine that you can live with yourself, when this is your responsibility. >> reporter: the refugees, while grateful for the happy know life will not get easier any time soon. for many, choosing to stay in their homeland may have been a riskier option. >> if the choice is between dieing in the sea or iraq, i take the sea. he tells me that he, his wife and four children had no other choice. in iraq it's the children who are sacrificed, he says. ministers don't die, officers don't die, it's the children and
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families that die. here the kids are a priority, trying to make their fear recede, even if just for a few minutes. over 200,000 refugees arrived in europe by see, in october alone. the same amount as arrived in all of 2014. now, aid workers here believe that huge increase in numbers is because refugees are trying to make the journey before the window of opportunity closes for goods. >> many worry the winter will keep them from crossing. others wonder if europe will prevent them entering. even the united nations refugee agency says more needs to be done. >> we issued a call to the european union to front ex, to both sides of the straight, get more ships out there and save more people. this will get out of control.
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>> on the beach emotions man ebb and flow. there's generate ofty, hardly -- generosity is hardly state sponsored. as resolute, they look for any way to help meanwhile, amnesty international international is accusing greece and the european union of not doing enough to stop the drownings, and a fence on the border with turkey is forcing people to take the dangerous sea route. a boat arrived in if rhodes, in turkey, on monday. the coast guard said it rescued more than 1400 on saturday and sunday. >> german chancellor angela merkel says turkey and greece must work together to stem the flow of refugees moving between both countries, people smugglers are in control of region. >> it cannot be right to have a
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situation between turkey and grease, two n.a.t.o. member countries where people smugglers are in charge, instead of border control agents of the countries, we must ensure legality, otherwise people smugglers bring more and more people more bodies of egypt's plane crash victims arrive the in russia. all 220 were killed when the aircraft crashed in the sign sigh peninsula. metro jet says an external cause could have caused the crash. >> reporter: in the early hours of monday morning. a russian plane carrying the victims touched down in st. petersburg. all passengers and crew died. almost all russian holiday makers, the bodies brought to a mortuary where relatives are tasked with identifying the loved ones. at the crash site in egypt. aviation experts have been searching for crews, an armed
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group linked to i.s.i.l. claims it shot down the airbus a321 in response to air strikes in syria. claims dismissed by the russian and egyptian government. the plane broke up. and the russian airline says it believes the plane was brought down ruling out technical faults for pilot error. >> there are no faults like engine failure, system failure that can lead to a plane breaking up in the air. a mechanical influence is the only possible explanation. >> the kremlin said nothing could be ruled out in connection with the crash, and there was in from vladimir putin. >> translation: i would again like to express condolences to the families and friends. >> i want to thank st. petersburg for the response that
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the whole country sees. >> reporter: outside the airport, a memorial to the dead. sharm el sheikh is a popular holiday destination for the russians, 17 children were among those killed. >> translation: it's sad, people, children on the flight. it's heart-breaking. i have a child myself and i fly often. >> reporter: russian federal investigators opened a criminal case, and on the weekend russian police raided the airlines of moscow offices, seizing documents and hard drives. russia has a poor safety incident. many are blamed on ageing aircraft, but the airline insists the plane was in good shape. it's hoped the aircraft flight data recorders will reveal more answers. >> without the black box recordings, it's clear something catastrophic hoped to the flight at high altitude. it will take a long time to get an answer as to what went wrong.
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perhaps another couple of months. u.s. president obama defended his decision to send special forces to syria, saying it's an extension of what he's doing. in the first comment. obama maintains troops will not be fighting in syria, but will be working as advisors and trainers. president obama said plans to have special forces on the front lines to fight i.s.i.l. are not feasible. >> we have run special ops already, and, really, this is an extension of what we are continuing to do. we are not putting u.s. troops on the front lines, fighting fire-fights with i.s.i.l., i have been consistent throughout, that we are not going to be fighting like we did in iraq with a battalions, and
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occupations. that doesn't solve the problem. meanwhile the u.n.'s envoy on syria is calling for the government and opposition to be involved in the latest attempt to bring progress on the war. stefan has been in damascus for talks. the future of president assad is one of the sticking points for the nation involved. >> we have been discussing the aspects of the vienna talks. here, the government - it's important that everyone in syrians should be involved and associated. that might, you think, and i'm doing if. >> we need the facts on the ground, and that will make a difference, to give appealing to the syria people, that the atmosphere is producing affects to them. >> the fighting is as intense as ever. there has been numerous
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explosions, with helicopters dropping barrel bombs across suburbs. syrian forces are bombarding areas near damascus. a target for air strikes. the future of a controversial oil pipeline from canada to the u.s. gulf coast is in doubt. the cap building the pipeline arrived the u.s. to suspend the view of the project. president obama will make a ruling before leaving office. the $8 billion office had little support from the obama administration in the past u.s. regulators say there's evidence more cars built by volkswagen were rigged to deceive season emissions tests. audi and porsche are in the spotlight as well. last september the u.s. regulator said they discovered half a million v.w.s and aldis had been fitted with illegal
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software, software that fooled testers into fooling testers that they met the limits of emission tests the the cars were releasing nine times or more of the fog-releasing gas. >> 10,000, 3.0 litre models, including the 2016 forces were equipped with the devices. volkswagen was accused of failing to disclose as legally required, that the cars were fitted with additional control devices. >> it's unfortunate, because it's now spread to the audi and porcha brands, which is making the scandal look more widespread and more philosophical as opposed to economic, when it was on the low-priced cars, it looked like it was cost-cutting, now it's looking like a decision, the leaders of the company. >> the environmental protection agency added:
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the regulators say they planted test, light duty vehicles. before the latest disclosures, volkswagen planned to recall 8 million vehicles with the illegal software, and cars in india and north america. last week it announced the first operating loss in 15 years, owing to the 7.4 billion set aside to pay for the correction. but the money wouldn't cover the cost of battling hundreds of pending lawsuits against volkswagen, including a class action suit to force it to buy back the vehicles it sold in california. the scandal hurt the overall performance, after vw briefly topped toyota as the best-selling automaker time for a break, when we come back, nepal is faced with
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violence and a fuel shortage as tensions rise. we speak to a political analyst. writers in indonesia want to break the silence about its dark pa.. the government has other ideas. more on that, stay with us.
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a quick recap of the top stories, more than 220,000 refugees and migrants crossed the mediterranean sea to europe. that's more than the whole of 2014. the greek coast guard rescued more than 1400 people over the
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weekend more badies of egypt's air crash victims wharfed in. the russian airline metro jet says an external influence could have caused the crash. >> president obama defends his decision to send special forces into syria saying it's an extension of what he's doing. parliament troops will not be fighting in syria, but will work as advisors and trainers. >> three have been killed and dozens injured after a cyclone battered the yemen coast. cyclone chapala made land fall. it thu weaken as it -- should weaken as it moves forward. but there are concerns rescue efforts will be hampered the saudi-led groups in yemen are sending in more
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forces. they have sent 30 vehicles to the exiled president abd-rabbu mansour hadi. >> reporter: exclusive al jazeera pictures show a military voi on its -- convoy on its way to taiz. fighters loyal to president abd-rabbu mansour hadi have been trying to keep the city under their control for a months. the armoured vehicles and omunition are expected to give the resistant fighters force to expel the rebels, and forces loyal to president ali abdullah saleh. hundreds of civilians have been killed in street-by-street battles. thousands of yemenis have been killed. president abd-rabbu mansour hadi wants the troops to push closer to sanaa. the capital is under the control of houthi rebels. liberating taiz allows forces to advance on the capital. the united nations security council appealed to the warring factions to lay down the
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weapons, and negotiate a peace deal. yemen's foreign minister says government leaders are willing to talk if the houthis backed by iran stop fighting. talks are set to resume in two weeks there has been several incidents across israel and the occupied territories lead egg to tensions. in the town south of capital, five from arrested after explosives devices were found in a car. three people have been injured in a stabbing in central israel. a 19-year-old man was arrested after a group of people were attacked near tel aviv. a palestinian teenager was shot dead after an alleged stabbing attempt on a soldiers. >> the imprisonment of former malaysian opposition leader was politically motivated and illegal, according to a u.n. body that reviewed the case.
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he was convicted of sodomy for the second time in 10 years. he served a 5-year prison term, and the government says the case is a criminal one brought by a private individual now, nepal is sending fuel tankers to fill up in china in an effort to ease an energy crisis. beijing said it would provide emergency fuel aid. 12 vehicles entered china, 26 were followed by the end of the day. >> fuel has not reached nepal from india for a month since protesters blocked a highway. the demonstrators are from an ethnic minority who say the constitution discriminates against them. a man was killed. nepal blames india for stoking the blockade now, inton eegss are --
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indonesians are faces segregation again. we have this report from bali. [ singing ] >> reporter: a song of grief and discrimination much as a victim, they are silenced again. a former political prisoner was banned from speaking at a writers festival. a photo exhibition of her and other victims were cancelled. >> translation: they are trying to silence us. with this ban, it is clear that openness is far away. i hope one day that this will change. i hope that this country will stop. the festival, with 165 writers and poets has become one of the symbols of indonesia's new
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freedoms over the past 12 years. this is the first time the government intervened. it sent censorship we never had. this is the great fear, and that is the great fear on the next level for the future of the festival. >> 50 years after the communist purge in 1955, there's pressure on the government to reveal the truth about mass executions. 1 million were killed, and event divide the country. democracy and freedom of speech are well-established, local authorities impose new forms of censorship. while eyes are on the president to defend the democratic rights. rights and former political prisoners was forced to cancel the launch of his book, breaking the silence, with testimonies from 1965 i'm angry the the president. i supported him. i hope as a nonmilitary president he would have more respect for human rights.
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my question is can he uphold democracy. >> reporter: the government has no intention to reveal the truth of what happened in 1965. >> if it is discussed, we see the painful - the pain back again, and pain. we don't want to see that. when we forget. everybody understand this is maybe a history of indonesia. [ singing ] >> reporter: victims and survivors hold a so-called people's tribunal in the netherlands, to increase pressure on the indonesian government. so far it reacted by banning discussions and silencing victims once again the columbian coast guard has rescued a group of cuban migrants abandoned at tea.
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gerald tan has the details. >> reporter: for three hours their boat was adrift in the caribbean, 15 men and women were found without life jackets or equip. the two traffickers left them after the engine failed. >> the coast guard found the boat adrift. there were 20 people aboard of cuban nationality and immigrants. the greatest surprise is when we were shown the people that transported them. traffickers, abandoned them in the middle of the sea. >> the recent thaw paved the way for business in cuba. companies are scrambling to enter the market. sprint signed a major deal. the first of its kind between the two countries, but cuba is under embargo, and most there feel left out. >> i left cuba because of the
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economy. the economy is very weak, and everyone needs to follow a dream to live in a different way. everyone can own a car in other countries. in cuba you cannot have anything, the salary is low. the economy is week. everyone needs to see if they can prosper and improve economically thousands of cubans take to the sea each year, but the problem of exploitation in the hands of traffickers seems to fester. columbia rescued more than 500 people off its coast this year, more than triple that of 2014 the president of central african republic is calling on the u.n. to do more to end a wave of violence that killed 90 people. u.n. peacekeepers have not been able to stop tit for tat attacks between christian and muslim militias. the u.n. and international
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criminal courts should bring those behind the violence to justice. >> parents of schoolchildren in nigeria say a lack of funding is damaging the quality of free education. with more than 10 million out of school. experts predict a crisis. >> like many girls, the dream is to be a doctor. she came to the school to chase the dream, because our personalities can afford it. >> this has the good facilities. at a public school her friend is chasing a dream. but has a tougher challenge because of her parents financial standing. >> it's what they can't afford to do for me. i'm happy. they try their best to see i'm educated. her parents would rather see her
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in a private school. facilities in public schools are overstretched or non-existent. this is a public school. the facilities are not as good as they are in the private sector. poor funding and strike action by teachers damaged public schools. glasses are held in the open under trees. >> basic education is free, yet students pay fees one way or the other. some experts suggest gifted students be funded to take up places in private schools that are press populated. >> it's difficult to equate the quality of education. wherever in the public sector, where you don't have more than 25, definitely quality is the
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same. officials say it cannot rink of despair. there are a few private schools that are exception am. just like you have exceptional public schools. the quality of education is dropping. which means students whose parents can afford to send children to private schools will aid public school students finally, in orbit above the earth, astronauts celebrate 15 years of the international space station. since the first crew moved in, 220 people lived there. there are questions over its long-term future. as rob reynolds reports. >> reporter: 400 kilometers above the earth, astronauts did
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a 7-hour spacewalk doing repairs. a constant task for the crew to keep the space station in working order in the harsh environment of space. mission commander scott kelly completed 7 months on the station, a record for a u.s. astronaut. >> but, you know, as things age, over time we'll have maintenance. we planned for that. we have a lot of spares on board. plans for changing those things and keeping it flying into the future. >> as a floating spacelabor tri. it has been the seen of experiments. how long the i.s.s. will remain in orbit is a political and economic kevin. the i.s.s. is a joint project.
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u.s., russia, japan and the european union. funding, while stable, is not growing. political friction between the u.s. and russia over ukraine caused russia to suggest u.s. astronauts would not be allowed to fly on its rockets. currently the only way to get to the i.s.s. issues have been smoothed over and russia says it will participate for now. some space scientists suggest money spent may be better dedicated to a voyage to mars. >> the future of the i.s.s. is certain over the next decade. once you are beyond 2034 it's not so definite. at some point it focuses to the lower orbit, orbiting mars with humans, whatever the next step is. >> perhaps the biggest accomplishment is to provide a wealth of naj about how the --
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knowledge about how the human body holds up. knowledge will be attention for a trip to mars and beyond. all the news, of course on the website. there it is. place they called chicago-rssmentsaq raq, chicago's toughettes streets and a mother's hope she doesn't lose another son. >> can we? really? >> the growing fear in the fight for chicago. we'll refocus on the violence in chicago later. first up though a look at high times and high rewards. in tuesday's voting ohio could become the new ground breaker in marijuana law if atr