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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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ever meeting. hello, i'm deandre jordan in doha. also ahead. more evidence of tension of the territory in the south china sea at the meeting of defence ministers. >> russia insists that it's not in syria to keep president bashar al-assad in power. and innovates opposition politicians for talks. >> and from clicks to bricks. online retailer amazon opens a high speed bookshop
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the president said of taiwan and china will meet for the first time ever, the meeting will take place in singapore. divisions between the two nations go back to 1949, when china's nationalist fled to taiwan after being tweeted by the communists in the still war. >> china considers taiwan as parts of its territory, aiming to unit the two nations. >> this will be hugely historic phone mainland taiwan, and the coull mination of a progress going on for several years. especially under the stewardship, who has been pushing for closer tieses. we have seen the closer links in business, communication and transport. millions of tourists travelling back and forth between thailand and mainland china. we have not seen a corresponding
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closeness in diplomatic terms, that is more fraught. this is hugely significant and adds an interesting dimension to presidential elections in taiwan in january, the main opposition party is expected to win. this is the last best chance of an historic meeting taking place which they were still in power. loathe both sides are cautioning there won't be an agreement sign. it's symbolic, as symbolism goes, it doesn't get much bigger. the ongoing tension over territory in the south china sea led to an impasse at a defense summit. a joint demonstration was due to be signed later on wednesday. the ceremony has been cancel. china is not part of asian has been lobbying to block mention of the islands in in disputed areas of the sea.
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an emeritus professor at the new south wales defense academy says the growing decision between china and the u.s. is having an quackt. >> earlier this year, within asian, malaysia is the chair, managing to cobble together the joint statement including divergent use. that means that this time in the larger event, the defence minister's meeting with the eight dialogue partners, the great power rivalry is intrujent into this organization, and it can't mention that in a joint statement n a few countries, cambodia, are close to china. they, alone can prevent con sensis being reached. in this case, we have u.s. officials saying there were a number of countries that wanted this mentioned, but the majority does not rule. >> one can block the group. and it means that china is able to reach into an organization and get its way. >> an earthquake of magnitude
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6.8 struck near delhi. the capital. it was recorded at a depth of 143 kilometres. there was minor damage, but no immediate reports of casualties so far. >> it latest effort to bring peace in syria is focused on negotiations. this time in moscow. the u.n. special envoy is in the russian capital on wednesday to hold talks with sergey lavrov. >> the outcome of a bombing campaign laid bear. the video uploaded is set to show damage caused by russian or syrian military strikes in the city of raqqa, there's no way of independently verifying this. >> the russian government is working with syrian opposition groups to fight i.s.i.l. the free syrian army is not one of them. we are in a state of war with the russians, they are
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bombarding the positions of the free syrian army, and infrastructure and hospital. if they want to coordinate. they have to stop military provisions forever, and be ready to move forward to the final stage, under the sponsorship the united nations. >> the issue of bashar al-assad's future is the main sticking point in efforts to resolve the conflict. there was renewed optimism that talks in vienna last friday between world powers backing both sides. no representative from syria was there. iran was at the table for the first time. now a senior syrian minister speaking from tehran says nothing has changed. >> some are looking into holding never meeting between the syrian government and the opposition groups. we have not received a formal invitation, the transitional period does not exist in the minds of those that are sick.
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separately, russia appears to separate away from a long-held position that bars must remain in office. >> we have never said that bashar al-assad has to go or stay. what we did say is that a regime change in syria is a localar regional catastrophe. secondly the syrian people only can decide the president's fate. the fate of the syrian people seems to be decided for them. more than a quarter of a million have been killed in the war, a figure that grows with each passing day of air strikes and failed diplomacy russia's deputy foreign minister reportedly said there'll be talks in moscow between the government and opposition members next week. the u.s. says that would be too soon. >> i look forward to moving the process forward, getting the syrians involved as soon as possible. their country, their future. we are not ready for the discussions yet.
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until the international community reaches a greater consensus on the way forward. >> russian media says unusual sounds have been heard from cockpit voice recordings. the airbus a321 belonging to metro jet dame down in the sinai desert. killing the passengers and crew on board. no distress call was made by the pilot. tuesday, investigators returned from the crash site. >> well, they are formally extended the crash site now. they are looking at an area of more than 30 square kilometres, and it's a large area. that they are using drones to try to search for more bodies, and more debris. they found more debris in wreckage. no extra bodies today. >> meanwhile here in st. petersburg, the awful task of identifying the dead continues. the families and relations are
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taken by car to the crematorium, and the mort u airy, where they'll have the d.n.a. matched with the bodies there. it's an appalling - it's an appalling task. when you think there are 224 crew and passengers killed in this disaster, and they have only formally identified 10 people, so it's going to be a long process. meanwhile, vladimir putin's press secretary has warned the media against trying to link the disaster with syria's, with russia's operations in syria. this is most inappropriate, he said. >> the head of the red cross said europe has been overwhelmed by the number of refugees, and officials in lesbos say there's not enough room to bury those that died trying to reach the greening island. we have this report at this hour in greece, the sky darkens as quick as the fear sets in.
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but still they come. attention turns first to the ones they risk everything for, the young they must comfort, and the old they must aid. having fived the see they rant in a situation so chaotic, our team was asked to translate. >> they have on the side of the head. the car accident in turkey just a few hours ago was banned. but this woman and her family made the crossing. >> i can't even explain my emotions. they tell me. we came a long way. we were just praying we would make it to greece, and then we did. thank god. >> the medics arrived quickly and treatment was given pt during these days of crisis on lesbos, aid workers accustomed to helping the emotionally traumatized are at a loss.
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>> a reward for a better life. most of them because they brought the family with them, the children. and now they are dead. or they are looking for them. actually, you cannot say anything to a woman that has lost a husband and children as well. but they just need a hug, someone to be next to them and facilitate. >> it's not identifying the loved ones that are difficult. finding a final resting place is near impossible. >> these graves are a stark reminder of how harsh a life and how sad a death these refugees had. what makes their fate more tragic, is the fact that many of those buried here were put into the ground anonymously. >> overcrowded with bodies, the cemetery has run out of room. >> grave digger understands
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death better than most. but this he struggles to comprehend. >> the refugees come to find a better future. instead they get a painful death. we greeks - we also were migrants, but we didn't have to die in the sea. now, even for the refugees who manage to escape with their lives, it's death that seems closer than ever time for a break on al jazeera. when we come back. >> the sweetest game is getting sweeter makers of the popular videos are about to create a big deal in the industry. and a landmark moment. one of rome's best loved tourist sites are back in business.
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welcome back. the top stories on al jazeera. the president's of taiwan and china are meeting for the first time. division goes back to the 1940s. when chinese nationalists are tweeted by communist forces a territorial dispute led to an impasse in the defense small it. china has been lobbying to block any mention from a joint decoration set aside on wednesday. the ceremony has been cancelled. >> the latest effort to bring peace is focused on negotiations this time in moss key. the u.n. special envoy for syria
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will be in the capital on wednesday with all the fighting on the ground in syria, it's no surprise that people are searching for a better life in neighbouring countries. >> in lebanon. children risk not being recognised. >> seena finds themselves without any nationality. >> 2-year-old mohammed. 1-year-old alep. >> they were all born in lebanon. syrians who escaped the war and faced with another crisis. this woman has to renew her residency before renewing her children, and she doesn't have the money. >> living in lebanon is difficult, i can't go out with the children.
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they have not been registered. we can't go back to syria. whatever money they can make is set to survive. with no i.d.s, they cannot enrol in schools and access to health care is hard. >> syrian refugees are able to register their children with the u.n. the children risk becoming stateless if they don't compete the process. for some, that is a complicated process. parents need proper documentation. >> some don't have marriage certificates or identification because they entered lebanon illegally. others don't have valid residency permits, and there are many that are scared to go to the syrian embassy because they are wanted or live in russian controlled areas. >> based on sampling, 60 to 70% of parents with newborn babies have not competed or taken the
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necessary steps to ensure the rights of their child. >> there are more than 1 million syrian refugees, the u.n. says no other countries have taken in as many refugees in relation to its size, and lebanon is treating the crisis as a security issue. >> their father, my son-in-law, is too scared to move around because of the checkpoints. my daughter gave birth to another child. it is difficult to get him papers, we need a sponsor, and to go from one government department to another. >> the grandson is among the tens of thousands of syrian refugees born in lebanon. at the age of one, abdul has a future which is threatened. >> iraq's foreign minister described the death of veteran politician as a loss for the country. the government officials have been paying respects to the
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71-year-old. he was a controversial alibi of the u.s. helping to persuade the bush administration. >> the israeli parliament approved tough measures cracking down don stone throwing -- cracking down on stone throwing. binyamin netanyahu declared war pon stone throwing. parents will be denied state benefits while their child is in prison. a powerful storm destroyed homes and displaced thousands of people as it hit yemen. it made land full in an area controlled by an offshoot. the storm system could cause torrential rain in the coming days. >> there has been calls for protests in london as egyptian president abdul fatah al-sisi makes his first visit to the u.k. he'll hold talks with the
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british prime minister david cameron on thursday. but the opposition labour apart and human rights activists say abdul fatah al-sisi shouldn't have been invited. >> he's the former military strong man that would like the world to see him differently. as a democratically elected leader, a statesman fighting what he calls terrorists. egypt's president, abdul fatah al-sisi. nobody in egypt has been held to account for this. the 2013 massacre of hundred of supporters. former president. and since then, according to international human rights groups. tens of thousands of opponents of abdul fatah al-sisi have been imprisoned, hundreds sentenced to death. egypt is going through the worst human rights crisis for decades. far from moving towards democracy, the president of egypt. what we see is a ferocious crackdown. the denial of fundamental rights and freedoms, and the rebuilding
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of an authoritarian state that people were protesting and revoting against in 2011. and yet president abdul fatah al-sisi is by no means a pariah figure in europe. he has enjoyed visits to france, and more recently to germany. european governments may not approve of much of what president abdul fatah al-sisi does at home, but they feel he provide stability in a troubled region. as paris and berlin think, so does london. we should not worry about security, domestically and internationally and economically, and we should not forget that governments can look no further ahead. when they are in office, they will have to talk to the people who happen to be in power.
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>> opposition poll sings called on the visit. >> the bust will argue this is an ideal opportunity. >> it's also shown in its recent dealings with countries such as china and saudi arabia, that it is pragmatic. and that it will put what it believes are britain's strategic interests over human rights. >> the oil company is making claims about the extent of clean-up in nigeria. a joint report by amnesty international and the center for environment said the oil giant failed to implement u.n. recommendations. shell said it is difficult to respond to the claims made.
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violence in burundi has not stopped. thousands have fled. many that stayed face persecution. a leading human rights activist is speaking out again. >> he's one of the most prominent critics of burundi's government. this was last year when supporters came in droves when he was imprisoned and put on trial after accusing the government of training militias ahead of elections, he was released. he criticized the president's bid for a third term. >> in august he was shot in the face and neck by gunmen in the capital. he still is speaking out. >> he's released this statement through a group called protection international from belgium, brussels, where he's retrieving treatment. >> today we continue to pick up all types of dead bodies here
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and there. men, women children, it's sad. this is the situation prevailing. >> this was an act sift facilitating a bid to stay in power. in presidential elections, supporters said he was victorious. opposition and observers say the election was flawed. >> since then the violence was escalated. many activists, opposition members and journalists have been hiding. and others have fled the country. some opposition are taking up amps people from both sides are targeted. and the killings are happening every day. >> the security forces are largely responsible. we contacteded the government, but no one is available to respond to the statement. many say human rights work in burundi is dangerous. as the killings condition, they are still documenting them from
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abroad scandal over volkswagen cheating on emissions is worse. >> it's already admitted installing software on the cars to defeat testing for a different pollutant. nitrogen oxide. the latest fine could cost an additional $2.2 million. porsche which is owned by volkswagen, told u.s. dealers to stop selling diesel versions until verght notice. >> -- further notice. >> shares have been brought for $12 million. japan posts holdings with macquarie banking and insurance made the market debut earlier. the prime minister hopes that by selling seats it will boost investment in firms. >> it's famous for being one of the biggest online retailers,
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now you can shop with amazon in the real world. the company has opened a bookshop. they have begun trading 20 years after the firm's website went live. allen schauffler went to see it. >> it's been rumoured for some time. brick and mortar reality, welcome to amazon books. it's a little counterintuitive and odd. after all, this is the company that made its mark by not having a physical retail presence and made a considerable mark in the business world. they'll have 5,000 different titles on display. it's quite few for a book store. minor differences you see is the books turn face out. you won't have to look light on yoga, you'll look at it that way or every other book, and you won't find price tags on the book. you bring it over. stick it under the scanner and light on yoga, the classic with
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1216. that's the same thing you pay if you buy it online. you notice they have reviews, customer, reader, and you might find a note from jeff bayso, a founder under the book. why seattle. amazon tells us they know this is a book manufacture buys loving town. and they have plenty of data to prove na. will it be the only store. probably not. >> with $500 million players -- 500 million players, it's a successful online game. candy crush is set to be sold for a record amount. the gaming giant, behind call of duty and world of war craft is to buy the maker in a deal worth $5.9 billion. it's per share. so king digital entertainment experts will be cree aid. >> tom ackerman reports. >> reporter: it's a union of
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entertainment tights. act vision blizzard, maker of interactive games, including call of duty and world of war craft of the buying out king digital entertainment. the company that owns candy crush, which addicted facebook and smartphone users, combined revenues outstripped microsoft, sony and arts. another giant. and together the two claim more than half a billion gamers each month in 200 countries. that's more than twitter's base usership. lately they failed to some up with titles to match the appeal of candy crush. that is initially free to play. so the company relies for its rev few stream on selling added consent. what the industry calls treatmentiums -- freemiums. that's the model for successes like angry birds. >> and farmville, but their lustre faded.
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a drop in revenue acted for king's 28% profit decline in the last quarter. the 5.9 million buyout. one of the entertainment industry's most expensive signals confidence. the joining of smartphone games benefits the mark. >> activism wants to get behind it. we'll see more games in the future. the premium model is not dead. >> if so, that would speak a sweet outcome for candy crush and its fans. >> the sweetest gam gets sweeter it's one of roam's best loved -- rome's best-loved monuments. after a makeover the fountain has been unveiled to the public water started to flow in the fountain for the first time in a year and a half. for the first 17 months 26
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restorers have been busy cleaning up the marbles, and improve the hydraulic lighting and surveillance system. look at it. it's as beautiful as it must have looked at the end of 18th century when it was completed. the 2.5 million restoration works were paid in full by the latest italian house to pay for the restoration, mon upments in lone in exchange of a tax brake from the government. bulgari paid $1.5 million to restore and renovate the steps. while todds, the schumacher paid more than 25 million to clean up the colosseum. in the case of the fountain, fendy, will not be the only one to three money in it. now it's reopened to the public, italians and tourists will toss coins in it for anyone that
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wants to return to roam and a reminder you can keep up to date with all the news on the website. there it is on the screen. all the latest on the diplomatic efforts to bring an end to the syrian conflict. the address, of course, slowing the train down. >> and the white house trying to rein them in today. thank you for joining us i'm joie chen. tonight a look at crime, justice and what may prove president obama's last major campaign. an all-out effort to force change in the criminal justice system. a key part reducing the sentences that many consider excessive for minor drug crimes. much identified is in need of