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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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rather than words. thanks for watching. the news continues live from london next. romanian's prime minister and government step down as protesters blame corruption for a deadly nightclub fire. ♪ hello, i'm in london. you are watching al jazeera. also coming up, at least 41 people are killed as a cargo plane crashes in south sudan. there are new diplomatic push to get syria's government and rebels to sit around the same negotiating table. and justin trudeau follows in his father's footsteps, as he
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is sworn in as canada's 23rd prime minister. ♪ romania is without a government after the prime minister dramatically announced his resignation in the wake of public anger over a deadly nightclub fire. 43 people were killed in the fire on friday when a pyrotechnic display went wrong. the accident was seen as a government corruption problem. the prime minister was already under pressure after being charged with corruption in july. announcing his resignation, he acknowledged the public's anger and nadim baba reports. >> reporter: less than 24 hours after mass protests on the streets, romanian's prime minister has resaned saying his government will also step down. >> translator: i'm doing this because in all of the years i have been in politics, i resisted conflicts with
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political adversaries, but i have never fought against the people. this would be a big mistake, and everybody would suffer as a result. >> reporter: on tuesday a large crowd estimated at more than 20,000 people rallied in the capitol bucharest. some carried signs that read corruption kills. >> translator: people have not taken to the streets to simply replace the government with another. it's important that the public interests should come first and not their personal interests. >> translator: i'm here because i want my country back. i want justice to be done. i wan people to take responsibility for what they have done. i want the dead to rest in peace. >> reporter: they are angry about a fire at a nightclub last friday that killed more than 30 people. it started when a band playing inside the club set off fireworks. >> translator: we have lost friends, brothers, comrades. we have to be together, and we have to push aside those who are
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responsible. now this is the moment. it's enough. >> reporter: many romanians say they are frustrated with what they call corrupt local authorities. they say public venues don't have safety standards and are represent open to attract tourists. prior to his resignation, he was charged with money laundering and corruption charges. charges he denies. >> things have boiled over and finally, finally after years and years of putting up and having small protests against corruption, roar mainian society has found a voice to demand to live in a country where rule of law is the most important thing. >> reporter: police have arrested the three owners of the nightclub on manslaughter charges. but the protesters say they want to see a change in the way their country is run.
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>> a romanian journalist says protesters may not be satisfied by ponta's resignation. >> they feel it is not enough. because their protest wasn't directed mainly against the prime minister, but against a whole system of corruption, of bureaucracy. they asked even for the resignation of the rescue team managers, because they felt they could have done better in rescuing lives in transporting the wounded in hospital a few nights ago. so they are protesting against what they see a vast network of corruption of bribery and for that matter, the prime minister or the interior minister are only nearly exponents. ♪
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at least 41 people have died in a plane crash in south sudan. the russian-built cargo plane came down shortly after take off from the airport in the capitol, juba. three people, including a child are reported to have survived. the exact number on board isn't clear as the plane was reported to be overloaded with passengers not on the official manifest. >> reporter: the search for victims from the plane crash in juba this morning is still ongoing, but as the say is coming to an end this search is expected to come to a halt until tomorrow morning. it was designed to carry 15.5 metric tons of food, and it was carrying that as well as passengers. the bodies that have been discovered are still in the process of being identified, because there was no official manifest. nobody knows who was on the list. at least 17 people have been killed after a partially built
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factory collapsed in pakistan. rescue operations are underway in lahore where dozens are feared to be trapped. more than 150 construction workers were believed to be inside the factory when it collapsed. kamal what do we know of the search and rescue operation, and is there any up i date on the number of dead and injured? >> reporter: so far the officials are only confirming 17 dead, and the rescue efforts have been speeded up. apparently, the military saying they are also calling in a special urban rescue team to that location of the factory where the building collapsed. it is nighttime, and initially because the area had plunged into darkness, rescue efforts were hampered because of that. however, lights have been brought in [ inaudible ] the
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relatives of those who were trapped inside, also rushed to the location, so that rescue operation still underway. >> and cam -- cammal is there any estimate of how many people would have been inside at the time of the collapse? >> reporter: according to the commissioner of lahore, it is feared that about 150 people may still be buried under the rubble. this is coming from the commissioner, although it must be understood that about 72 people have been brought out, injured. but there is a multi-story building, and you're dealing with multi-layers of concrete slabs. so it's going to be a difficult task, and very difficult to establish as to how many people were actually inside.
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however, the fear is that it is over 100 people. the commissioner is saying it appears 150 people are trapped in the rubble. >> thank you very much. updating us on that building collapse in pakistan in the city of lahore. the syrian army has regained control of a key road linking aleppo and hama. the road is the army's only supply route to government-held western parts of aleppo. meanwhile russiasies diplomats need to agree on a list of opposition groups who will be invited to peace talks with the syrian government. he says the united nations is ready to host talks between the government and the opposition. both men agreed that the syrian people are key to the peace process. >> translator: we need to clarify what is the opposition.
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what is the moderate opposition? and should become the partners during the negotiations? there needs to be a mutual understanding between the opposition and the government. this is the key principle. it was reiterated in vienna. the political process should be syrian lead. the syrian people only can define the december nate of the country. >> peter sharp has this update for us from moscow. >> reporter: the u.n. special envoy to syria said we cannot lose momentum along the road to finding a political solution in syria. he says that the united states in geneva is ready to host talks between the syrian government and the opposition groups immediately. he says damascus has agreed that it will at ten the talks and has already assembled quite large delegation. he said the talks should take place as soon as possible.
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and reasonable players in the area couldn't muddy the waters by laying down preconditions for the start of these talks. russia's foreign minister said it was vital that before the next set of vienna talks which we think are in about two week's time, it is got to be vital, made very clear who are the terrorist groups, and who are the legitimate opposition, because when there is a ceasefire introduced the ceasefire will not apply to the extremist groups, and the war against isil will definitely continue. the british government has suspended flights to sinai after suggesting saturday's plane crash was caused by an explosive device. the metro jet airbus was caring russian holiday makers when it came down killing all 224 on board. rescue teams are combing the sinai desert for more remains.
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>> reporter: wreckage was strewn over more than 3 kilometers of dessert. this drone film footage is being used to help establish where the plane crashed in the sigh any peninsula. for days investigators have been searching the area. they dpientd any bodies on tuesday, be they did discover personal items, a reminder that many victims were flying home from a holiday. the plane seen here in moscow two weeks ago was operated by the russian airline metro jet. 23 minutes after takeoff it suddenly disskended from using at tulled, and disappeared from radar. egypt's civil aviation ministry says it didn't receive a distress call from the pilot.
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they finished inspecting the crash site, and are now focused on the black box flight recorders. across russia, people are remembering the 224 people who were killed. in st. petersburg mourners lay tribute to the victims in central square. >> translator: this tragic event lies heavy on our hearts. it wounds every resident, not only in st. petersburg, but across the country. >> reporter: a sinai based armed group affiliated with isil has said it shot down the plane, but the egyptian government has denied that. the cause of the crash may not be known for many months. investigators say they need time to produce a definitive report. victoria gatenby, al jazeera. three days after his party won a majority in the turkish general election, the president is calling for a change in the
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constitution that would boost its power. a spokesman for the president says he is considering a referendum on changing from a parliamentary to a presidential system. his opponents say it would give him too much influence. he is also promising to push ahead with a military campaign against the kurds. a 30-day emergency has been declared in maldives. tensions have been high against a blast on the president's boat in september. and there's controversy in myanmar over a video posted on the president's facebook page warning of bloodshed if they lose in sunday's election. there are more than 6,000 candidates and many running for the first time. there is more to come for
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♪ welcome back. you are watching al jazeera. a recap of your top stories now. romania's prime minister has resigned after mass protests over a deadly nightclub fire in the capitol bucharest. it is feared almost 150 workers are trapped and at least 20 are dead after a plastic bag
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factory collapsed in pakistan. and at least 41 people have been killed after a cargo plane crashed in south sudan. the plane was reportedly overloaded. british government has suspended flights to sinai after suggesting saturday's plane crash was caused by an explosive device. the airbus was carrying russian holiday makers to st. petersburg when it came down, killing all 224 on board. here with me to discuss this story a little bit more is al jazeera's neave barker. neave what are we hearing from downing street at this hour? >> reporter: well, the information is that all flights going from the u.k. to the popular tourist destination on the red sea, have been suspended. the british government say they are sending investigators to the
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airport. we don't exactly know why -- the reasons behind why that decision were made. but the british prime minister david cameron is holding a high-level security meeting with the cobra group, which is the highest security group of senior ministers in the u.k. that can be organized or held at any moment in time. we gather also that, according to downing street, they cannot as yet say categorically why the russian jet crashed last weekend. they clearly have some information, and they are clearly working on building a bigger picture of what potential security risk there is behind the scenes. but the egyptian leader is here in the u.k. at the moment. which raises serious questions as to what security issues the
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government may be aware of behind the scenes. >> thank you very much for that. well as you heard, president al-sisi is on his way to london. he has visited both france and germany in the last 12 months. but britain's opposition labor party says the visit shouldn't be happening. let's speak to our correspondent outside of the prime minister's official residence at number 10 downing street here in london. can you start by explaining the purpose of the visit? what are the expectations from president sisi's meeting with david cameron in. >> reporter: well, as far as sisi is concerned this falls in line with his bid to essentially show the egyptian people as well as the world that he is a legitimate leader, that despite being the person who organized
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egypt's coup, he is now president himself and should be treated as such. that's the general kind of political message that he has been sending through the egyptian media, which is closely controlled by the government and authorities there. more specifically speaking, britain is one of these largest trade partners with egypt. over $2 billion worth of aid annually, and $20 billion of british investment in egypt. so there will be a lot of talk in terms of bilateral trade. from a security perspective that is another thing where we expect some sort of deal signed between cairo and london, what it will entail we are not sure, and probably we won't find out, because a lot of times these deals come under a lot of scrutiny, because of the human rights records of the egyptian regime, and the opposition position that has been expressed.
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behind me is the protest taking place. i'm going to step out of the vision for our camera to pan in. it is a small protest, but very loud. there is the stop the war coalition which was formed when bush declared war over a decade ago. there are egyptian groups as well as other political factions. they say that this trip not only shouldn't be taking place because of the human rights record there, but also because they consider that al-sisi has blood on his hands and this goes against british values. >> thank you very much. now justin trudeau has been sworn in as canada's prime minister. the son of the late prime minister pierre trudeau becomes
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canada's second-youngest prime minister. he promised to bring in 25,000 syrian refugees by the engineer of the year, and overall security and tax legislation. daniel lak is in ottawa. >> reporter: for one thing there is an atmosphere here. usually the public isn't invited. he through that tradition out the window, and the canadian public is here. several thousand earlier in the morning. the mood is very happy, very positive. very upbeat. people voted for change, more than 60% of voters voted for change in this country, and that's what they got. they got a fresh-faced young, stylish prime minister. who arrived here on foot, and was greeted by his children, it was totally different from past scenes. it's a really, really ambitious
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agenda, tax legislation overhaul is going ahead. and climate change progress has the climate summit in paris approaches. he promises to make relations with the united states better than they were. issues like the keystone pipeline from the tar sands to the u.s. gulf refineries, that really did prove a problem when america has still not approved that pipeline. trudeau says he'll get that one approved. in general, the two largest trading partners in the world, he says relations will be a centerpiece of his foreign policy. first meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan for more than 60 years will take place over the weekend. beijing considers taiwan to be part of china, but it broke away at the end of the civil war in 1949. there are suspicions on both sides about these talks azamat rob mcbride reports from beijing. >> reporter: this summit comes
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as the culmination of the taiwan president to draw closer to china. meeting his counterpart has always been the ultimate goal. but almost as significant as the summit itself, is it's timing as taiwan prepares for presidential elections in january. with his ruling party trailing in the polls, many see this as china's way of giving his party support. >> chinese are trying to boost up the fortunes, ironically of their old enemy, the party with whom they fought in the 40s and 30s. >> reporter: the main opposition, democratic progressive party is wary of getting too close to mainland china going as far as favoring independence. >> translator: i have to point out that the president's is the president who is going to finish his term of office soon. people will not allow the
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president to compromise taiwan's future for his own personal political career. he has no right to make promises on behalf of taiwan. >> reporter: china has exerted pressure in past taiwan elections with the staging of well-timed military exercises, to remind taiwanese voters it is prepared to stop any outright independence push by force if necessary. while the prospect of drawing closer together is a highly divisive one in china, in taiwan it is highly divisive. this summit could lead to closer links, or it could backfire, steering taiwan on a more independent course. german police have carried out raids on suspected human trafficking networks across the country. more than 500 officers searched 24 homes. thousands of refugees have gone to germany in recent months many
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paying smugglers to help them. the first 30 refugees to be relocated from giese are on their way to luxembourg. it's part of a program that aims to move refugees arriving in greece on to other european countries. the goal is to eye void them making the journey on foot. the greek prime minister says this is just the start. >> translator: all five e.u. officials have today had the opportunity to say good-bye to the first 30 refugees from syria and iraq who are now having a chance to make their dreams come true. of course we are fully cognizant and aware of the fact that is a start. 30 given the thousands that have left home, had to leave their homes in syria and iraq because of war and in search of a better life. this is just a drop in the ocean, but we want this drop to turn into a stream and subsequently into a river, of a fair share of responsibility.
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hundreds of refugees from eritrea and sudan are being deported from israel. they were promised a chance to start a new life, but activists say they are being mistreated. >> reporter: this man has been looking for a safe place to go for years. in 2007 he fled military service and torture in eritrea. he hoped things would get better when we got to israel, but he was detained there, and then deported to rwanda and told he could rebuild his life. but on arrival he says things got worse. >> translator: the rwandans took our papers. we were locked in a hotel for days. we were told we would only leave if we paid to be taken to uganda. >> reporter: he is one of several men here who toll us similar stories. rights groups say about 1500
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african asylum seekers have been deported from israel to east africa in this way. they are mostly from eritrea and sudan where they fled persecution. many of them worked in israel before being detained and then deported by air. activists say the eritreas to rwanda, and sudanese to uganda. but most end up here in the uganda capitol. all of the people we have spoken to say they are dropped off in this part of the city, and they say they are told that's because there are a number of eritrean exiles living around here. but without papers they are at risk of being arrested, and can't work. so most of them begin to head towards the mediterranean sea which they hope to cross to find safety in europe. israel was seen as safe, but in
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2012 there were protests against an influx of african asylum seekers. a government crackdown followed. thousands have been taken to this detention center. this man was among them. israeli officials have acknowledged a system for deporting refugees from here to some african countries, but they have not said which ones. rights groups suspect israel has pedro wanda and uganda to receive them. the uganda prime minister said there is no agreement and the government is unaware of refugees arriving. >> i think you are giving us useful information, which we will follow up and see what is behind it, and to deal with it. >> reporter: the man says he was told by officials not to apply for asylum or tell anyone he came from israel. he says he has added rwanda and uganda to a growing list of countries where he is not welcome, and wonders if he will
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ever find a place to live safely. background breaking news, comment and analysis to be found right here, of course our top story right there, resignation of the government in romania. more on that in a moment. losing support, russia softens its stance on keeping syrian president bashar al-assad in power. a meter 60 years in the making, china and taiwan to discuss peace talks. and ohio votes against legalizing medical and recreational marijuana, one of the many issues turned away at the ballot box. ♪