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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2015 12:00am-12:31am EST

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♪ the u.s. and u.k. say a bomb could have brought down the russian passenger plane in egypt. a look at the world news from al jazeera. also ahead: rescuers in pakistan are battling to find survivors under a collapsed fact overtime taiwan's president is defending his decision to break with history and meet the chinese president as mexico's supreme court opens the door for legalized marijuana use.
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>> britain's government says it believes a bomb may have brought down the russian airliner that crashed in egypt. other officials are saying they believe an isil affiliate may be to blame. saturday's flight was bound for saint petersburg. it turned left over the sania "penguins of madagascar." contact was lost 23 minutes into the flight. the debris is strewn over an area of roughly eight kilometers long and four kilometers wide. lee barker has the latest from london. >> since saturday, search times have been scouring the area where the flight came down and where 224 people were killed. it's a difficult task with wreckage strawn across a wide area of desert. russian investigators are using drones to try to identify anything that could answer questions about why the airbus
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a-321 crashed. there are constants reminders this was a plane packed with tourists returning from their holiday. the flight is thought to have broken up in midair. a sanai group affiliated with isil said it shot down the plane. >> try to prove we did not bring it down or how it was brought down. we are the ones who brought it down. we will expose the way we brought it down at the time we choose and the way we like. >> the egyptian government denies that. the u.k. government says it may have been brought down by an explosive did he have vision. it's sending a team of aviation experts foassess the situation and help britishstuerists stay there there: the cobra emergency committee, the most senior of its kind, chaired by prime minister david cameron who will host the egyptian president.
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after that meeting, the u.k.'s foreign minister gave this statement: >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused by an explosive device on board the aircraft. >> early this evening, we delayed the return to the u.k. of british-bound flights that were on the ground at sharmal sheik while we conducted a review of security at the airport. we have people on the groundworking with the egyptians. i would like to pay trip ute to the egyptian authorities who have been extremely cooperative throughout the day and have moved heaven and earth to meet our demands on the ground. >> at the crash site, u.s. satellite image rehas detected heat around the plane before the crash. he script's civil aviation ministry said it didn't receive a distress call from the pilot. investigators are analyzing the contents of the two black box flight recorders. in and around the russian city of saint petersburg from where so many were lost, there is a
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sense of shock and questions about how and why this could have happened. the youngest victim was just 10 months on. al jazeera. london. >> officials in the u.s. are working on the theory that the plane was brought down by a deliberate attack. ross land jordan sentence this update from washington, d.c. untell sequence forces are working on that there might be brought down a leading member of the house intelligence panel, congressman adam shipp of california is warning everyone to not jump to conclusions he said he has been red in at this point and it could be a mechanical failure that led to the crash of this metro jet on saturday in egypt's sinai "penguins of madagascar." this is from a leading member of the house intelligence committee
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warning people to not jump to conclusions. we should also note that the u.s. state department has told its diplomats in egypt not to go to sinai because of the ongoing investigation and for their ongoing safety. of course, it's been noted egyptian officials took offense to that the state department of's response is if there is an active investigation, we don't want to get in the middle of it. >> rescue teams in pakistan are looking for survivors of a building collapse. at least 18 are confirmed dead. it's thought about 150 others are trapped under the rubble. it was damaged by a powerful earthquake that struck two weeks ago. a state of e energy emergency has been declared. >> a major rescue effort is underway. the government is sending earth-moving equipment, trains. they have sent in hundreds of
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rescue teams to try to save lives. the four-story building. thet the challenge is to try and go through the concrete slabs to try to reach the lower floors where most of the people are said to be trapped. their relativeses are waiting outside the factory for news of their loved once. this is going to be a cumbersome operation the fire is as time paces, hopes will be fading.
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the challenge, of course, will be how to remove all of this rubble and borrow under it. the important thing is that despite the fact that people are now working at a faster pace because it is daylight, it appears this operation will last for several days. and it will not be clear as to how many people were killed in this building. >> taiwan's president has been defending his decision to break with history and meet the president of china. he denied the talks are related to elections next year. analysts have suggested china is trying to influence the outcome of the vote. we want to reduce host i wouldn'ty and not stray away from the right path. we want to expand exchanges and deepen cooperation. this time, by hosting a meeting, we want to establish the first step for a normalized meeting
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between leaders from both sides. this is conducive for further improveme improvement. >> benjamin shifrnlingkovich is a research manager. he said many taiwan ease are surprised the meeting is going ahead. for the president, this is a big pr writt pr win but there is a constituency in taiwan which is deeply suspicious of arming ties between taiwan and mainland china. he has been a defendant pro-busy leader talking up economic relations between taiwan and chinese. that's wedged by the taiwan ease business community. for many who have a more distinct sense of taiwan ease, this warming relationship is seen as a threat to what is considered to be taiwanese de
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facto so really the keeping here is the historical significance of there finally, being a meeting between a taiwanese leader and a mainland chinese leader. all president marr can do is shake hands. if he was to agree to anything substantive with beijing at this meeting, there would be a co lossal backlash in taiwan. they have been surprised by the add haven't of this meeting israelis have frieda palestinian detainee. mohammed alow was arrested in 2014. in june, he began a two-month hunger strike that brought him close to death. he was protesting against the israeli practice of it detention holding suspects without charge for months at a time. a new report is claiming syria's
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government is profiting from families trying to find loved once who have been forcibly disappeared. amnesty international has detailed how people are detained for just inquiring about their relatives. this is giving rise to a black market in which middle men are charging thousands of dollars for information. 60,000 are believed to have disappeared in the conflicts over the past 4 and a half years. the u.n. says it's ready to host peace talks. russian's foreign minister has met the special envoy for syria. they say diplomats need to agree who should be invited to the negotiations. barnaby phillips explains. >> reporter: on state television in syria, president asad's soldiers were celebrating. they have regained control of a vital route into the alep.
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o pushing back isil fighters. in moscow, more clarity on where russia, president's assad's most important ally would like the diplomacy to go from here. the terrorist organizations which we hope will be agreed on at some point and the second list, the opposition groups who will negotiate with the government under the aus pieces of the u.n. >> the russians want to hold a meeting in moscow next week between the syrian governments and opposition groups. i met the leader of the syrian national coalition backed by the west, several arab countries and turkey. he said he nothing being a meeting moscow and sounded doubtful of what it could
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achieve. sthf to stop killing innocent people in syria. >> there is no dialogue, no contact between you and the russians? >> after the intervention, the only communication with the russians is fighting against them in syrian in order to liberate our country. >> the vienna talks have brought together the most important outside powers involved in the syrian conflict. so, is the syrian national coalition confident that it's foreign backers still support its demand that president assad should step down immediately? >> all of our lives are having the same position. they did not change their position. >> you are sure about that? >> i am sure about that. we are talking with our alleys. i am here intie, the u.k., the united states, they are very clear. their position is clear that assad has to step down he has no
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role in the future of syria. >> in syria, more bloods shed, local people said at least 12 people killed in duma, dozens injured. the suffering grows ever worse and yet big glomatic obstacles remain. barnaby phillips, al jazeera. still ahead, myanmar's opposition leader said there have been irregular layer at this in voting. analysis on the historic election scheduled for sunday. and canada's num prime minister is sworn in and unveiled his cabinet. 50% of them are women.
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♪ good to have you with us. in doha, these are the top stories on al jazeera. u.s. and european security officials are suggesting an isil affiliate is behind saturday's plane crash in egypt much the british government says it believes the jet may have been brought down by a bomb and has suspended all flights to and from sharmel sheik 18 people have been killed in a factory collapse in lahor. 75 people have been pulled out alive from the rubble so far, but one 50 people are still believed to be trapped. taiwan's president has been defending his decision to break with history and meet the president of china. he denies the talks are related to elections next year. analysts have suggested that china is trying to infly he knew the outcome of the vote. to mexico nwhere the supreme
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court has opened the door to making marijuana legal in the country. the court has ruled that a cannabis club with grow the drug for personal use. john hollmann has more. >> in concrete terms, mexico's supreme court decided a small group of mostly businessmen and lawyers could produce and smoke their own marijuana. that's against mexican law right now. of course, this case is bigger than just that. it sets a precedent and if there are many more similar cases about four more cases like this, it tacitly changes the rules in mexico so that anyone can grow and smoke their own marijuana. so, this case has been provoking a lot of debate. the president of the country enrique pinetto got involved in a flury of tweets. he said it would open conversation and open discussion about this important issue in the country. of course, the people that are pushing this case want this to go further. they are looking for widespread
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legalization of marijuana in the country, and they say that that will help wrestle control from drug cartels to control that industry and lower the violence in the country. that's their ends groll. there is a lot of discussion here of whether that would or would not happen at the mexico still searching for solutions to try and bring down the drug violence that still affects it. >> turkish presidenterr erdowans called for a new constitution. he has long pushed for change that would expand the powers of the presidency. on wednesday, his pokesman said turkey was considering holding a refer endsum to make the switch from a parliamentary system to a presidential one. opponents say this would give him too much power. liberal party leader justin true dough has been sworn in as chooprime
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minister's endings almost 10 years of rule by the conservatives. daniel lak was at the swearing in ceremony in ottawa. ? >> it looks and sounds like a solemn state occasion but the swearing in of justin trudeaux was also a celebration. he arrived on foot with the his wife and fellow ministered to cheering crowds watching history being made on a warm autumn day. he's the only canadian prime minister whose father had the same job, winning four elections over three decades, bringing the country its first real constitution. a successful son paid tribute to an inspiring dad. >> obviously, i think of my father and how pleased he must be that canada so firmly it came together around an ambitious vision for the country that we presented. >> reporter: why he appointed a cabinet that's 50% women? >> because it's 2015.
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>> even the look of canada's parliament is different now. it's much more diverse. there are 10 muslim canadian mps, the most ever. aboriginal can. two-thirds were elected for the first time. adding to expectations that things will change quickly. >> may prove difficult. >> he says canada jets will withdraw from u.s. air strikes against isil in iraq and syria and promising to take more refugees and restore kapdz's reputation as a peacekeeping. >> canada does tend to go through cycles of out warted engagement and honest broker versus focused principaled strategic. i am not sure which is the right
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way for canada because at the ends. day, it's a small country with limited resources. >> today's swearing in was a major departs duer in style. the public was invited and watched on monitors outside breaking into cheers but canadians voted ford change in policy, too. they will be watching for it. in the coming days, weeks and months ahead. daniel lak, al jazeera, ottawa. >> the u.s. has rejected a request from the company behind the connell tro versial oil pipeline linking canada to the u.s. gulf coast to delay a review of the project. trans canada had asked washington to suspend its application. many say that the company was playing for time and hoping for a favorable decision from the next u.s. president. president obama is now likely to decide the fate of the pipeline before he leaves office in january 2017. a u.s. judge has declared a second mistrial in the case of
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an alabama police officer accused of throwing an indian national to the ground. patel suffered serious injuries. a dead long among members of the jury at the trial was the reason given for the misstrial. the police officer involved in the incidents was forced today retire after accusations of using unreasonable force. protesters have been back on the streets after the resignation of romania's prime minister and government. there have been calls for early elections. they say corruption was to blame for a nightclub fire on friday that killed 32 people. myanmar's opposition leader says there have been irregularities in advanced voting for sunday's election. she said the process hasn't been entirely free and fair. her nld party is favored to win
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the >> thes. >> i have said we will win 100%. en if we win 100%, we would like to make a government of national reconciliation in order to set a good press depends for our country. >> should not be winner taking all and lose her losing everything. this is not what democracy should be about. >> more than 90 political parties are registered to take part in the elections. nearly two-thirds of them represents ethnic or religious minorities. across myanmar there are eight ethnic mine or at this after 135 ethnic groups. all ethnic minorities have armies and there are dozens more armed groups fighting government forces. the conflict began in 1949 soon after independence and power was unexpectedly handed to the majority excluding numerous
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ethnic minorities. myanmar has been in civil war ever since with many tens of thousands killed and injured and numerous accounts of abuse. millions of people from ethnic minorities have been displaced or are refugee ins neighboring countries. let's go to nicholas now, director of the myanmar research center at the australian university. good to have you with us onnays. how do you think the various conflicts with armed groups will affect the upcoming eye elections. voting has been cancelled in some 7 townships because of security concerns. >>, elizabeth as you just outlined. going on -- >> i do apologize. we don't seem to have a working connection with nicholas in canbe are. ra. a project in argentina to
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introduce young deaf children to boxers. one of the 6 winners at the world innovation summit for education in doha, daniel 1kw50i78ler to the storytellers association who produced the books and some of the children who read them. >> hello. i am zoe, age 10, she says using international sign language. zoe is an avid reader of the now prize winning video books produced here traditional favorites like sleeping beauty and little red writing hood and a election much other visually stimulating titles. the project was started in 2011 by the canales association with the collaboration of argentina's dooech community and funding from the inter american development bank. they had several challenges to consider and overcome. >> sign something a visual language and has different characteristics from written spanish. it's a complete and complicated
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language. you can say everything in sign language and tell all stories but first we must do the work from interpreting from one language to the other. they use text, pictures, spoken and sign language which enable deaf children to enjoy alone or with their friends and families stories that previously they might not have had access to, stories the rest of us take for granted. >> what the video books do is allow access that the world previously denied they, story telling enjoyed by generations of hearing children about on their 0 their own terms and meeting their own special requirements. >> there are an estimated 1 million deaf and hearing impaired people in argentina who often feel they are excluded in many ways from the rest of society. >> it's marched for me sometimes to understand the text but sign language makes it easier for me to get excited about the story. >> julyia said being deaf should
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not hinder her story telling. >> many deaf children don't have sign language at home with their families. so they don't see sign language stories or learn to read and write from an early age. it's essential they have a deaf adult as a role model so they can identify with linguistic models and at the same time be expose today stories in an accessible language. >> every spoken lang has its own sign lang. the storytellers at canales are hoping their model can be adopted and adapted around the world so that all deaf children can have access to stories. their joy at winning the prize needs no verbal translation. daniel schweimler, al jazeera. >> to china where there is a shortage of pilots, not for commercial passenger aircraft but to fly civilian drones often on farms. our technology editor reports on
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a new school that's being opened to train new pilots. foremany people a remote controlled helicopter like it is a toy. these groups are the first at a school in beijing giving students what they need to get work as remote control pilots. >> i would like to work for myself this is a new and popular line of work. >> the two-week intensive course includes learning about insurance and regulations. students are also taught how drones are built and how they can be fixed. after that, they are trained on flight simulators. >> if we practice with the real drone, we will have a huge loss. if we practice with a simulator, students is can have their confidence improved and then they will be more comfortable piloting the real drone. >> in china, anyone flying a an
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aircraft ceph year 7 kilograms or higher than 120 meters must be listened. it's estimated the country's maintenance, mapping, film can and agricultural industries will need over 10,000 pilots to fly drones this year. less than 1,000 people are licensed. we need strict training. >> drones are proving popular with farmers who see them as a way of reducing costs. >> china has a huge area of farm land and there is a high it demand for the drones in for agricultural views such as plant protection and pesticide spraying. >> drone technology is advancing fast. in each new generation of aircraft, there are changes in the way things are done. for the moment at least, there is still the need for those with the skills and the will to fly.
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terrett bazley, al jazeera. >> a reminder you can keep up-to-date with all of the news including all of our science and technology news on our website at >> on "america tonight." transgender in texas. the fight over rights that led to a bathroom door and the challenges faced even those in transition at 12. >> i think social transition is the the hardest part. the physical part can be changed by hormone blockers or testosterone or estrogen. all that can be changed. if you can tell a friend and they don't want to be friends with you, there's basically no fixing that.