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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2015 2:00am-2:31am EST

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>> the u.k. says with a bomb planted on board could have brought down the russian passenger plane in egypt. the u.k. suspends flights to sharm el sheikh. >> hello, also on the program, egypt's president is here in the u.k. but there are questions about his poor human rights record. the highway that divides the city of aleppo. plus... >> i'm tan in a page reporting from the ivory coast on the
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increasing number of children being forced to work in the cocoa industry. >> u.s. and european intelligence suggests that a bomb was planted on board of the plane that crashed above egypt. they have suspended all flights between the u.k. and egyptian resort and said it won't resume until the investigation is complete. all 224 people on board were killed when the russian operated airbus came down. neave barker reports from lond
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london. >> investigators are scouring the area where the flight came down and where 224 people were killed. it's a difficult task with wreckage strewn across a large area. there are constant reminders that this was a plane packed with tourists returning from their holiday. the flight is thought to have broken up in midair. the armed group affiliated with isil said that it shot down the plane. >> try to prove that it was not brought down. we are the one who is brought it down. we'll expose the way we brought it down at the time we choose and the way we like. >> the egyptian government denied that. but the u.k. government said that the aircraft may have been brought down by an explosive device. it is now senting a team of aviation experts to sharm
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el sheikh to investigate and to help those who are staying there. after that meeting the u.k. foreign minister gave this statement. >> we have concluded that there is a significant possibility that that crash was caused about that's device. earlier this evening we delayed the return of the u.k. of flights that were on the ground at sharp el sheikh. while we conducted a review of the investigation on the ground. they have been cooperative to meet demands on the ground. >> at the crash site u.s. satellite imagery has detected
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heat around the plane before the crash. the aviation ministry said that they did not receive a distress call from the pilot. they will be analyzing the content of the of the two black box flight recorders. in and around st. petersburg where so many were lost there are questions of how and why. the youngest victim was just ten-month-olds. >> we have information that a bomb on board may have brought down the aircraft. it's a little premature for russian investigators and government, isn't it? >> that's what they'll say. they have not remarked on it at all. but we're expecting a foreign ministry briefing in four hours time it will be interesting to see what they say. it's too early to speculate what
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caused the crash. and it's also unclear what prompted britain to suspend these flights in and out of sharm el sheikh. it will be interesting to know if that intelligence has been passed on to russia. russia and egypt has consistently down played any suggestion at all but terrorism could have been responsible for that crash. they warned the media here not to speculate about the crash was linked to russia's involvement in syria, that would be inappropriate, he said. well, if the evidence comes out, and it's proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that isil was involved in this, what will russia's reaction be when they learn more than 200 of their
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citizens were murdered in cold below? >> thanks. peter sharp in moscow. security in egypt will be at the top of the agenda during president el-sisi's visit to london. he's due to hold talks with prime minister david cameron in the coming hours. >> a former military strong man who would love t for the world to see him differently. the 2013 massacre of hundreds of unarmed protesters as they gathered in the capital of cairo. since then according to the human rights groups tens of thousand was opponent of el-sisi have been imprisoned,
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some sentenced to death. this woman spent several months in jail before being released by her brother remains behind bars. >> for more than 40,000 remain behind bars. i'm avenue able to talk about my brother today. there are others who are not. she says that david cameron should never have invited the former general. >> the man who the arrested my brother and put him in jail for two years and a half, and then he's invited to the u.k. >> london is not el-sisi's first visit to europe. he has already enjoyed visits to france and more recently germany. european governments may say that they don't approve of much of what president sisi does at
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home, but they feel he provides a degree of stability in a troubled region. as paris and berlin think, so does london. >> we should not have delusions to the priority, which are security domestically and internationally, and economically. and we also should not forget that governments can think no further ahead than the next election. so when they are in office they have to talk to the people who happen to be in power in office and other places as well. >> but it's a view that those opposed to sisi are deeply flawed. >> the truth is, however, the exact opposite. the reality of the crushing of the egyptian revolution and
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through that the derailing of the whole arab spring was a massive increase, a massive increase in terrorism and violence across the middle east. >> i have had a different of thinking, and there are protesters who propose the 200 the 2006sis sisi visit in light of his human rights violations. >> isil forces cut off the highway from aleppo last month
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they have allowed push east wards towards isil base in raqa. at the same time rebels are claiming advances in hamill province. let's go live to beirut, just how important is the capture of this strategic highway? >> this is a life line. the only lifeline for the government in syria as well as it's allies. if they want to reach the western controlled parts of the divided city of aleppo, they were using this highway to send in military reinforcement. they were using this highway to accepted in food and other basic supplies for the people who live in the western controlled part of the city.
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isil sees that when there has been fierce fighting over recent years. now it's the military as well as some in the opposition are con firming that this strategic highway are in the hands of the government. the highway connects aleppo to the his further south. there has been really little progress on the ground. we can measure the agreement by pushing the rebels further from the latakia, the government stronghold. they managed to do that. they're managing to connect these cities together in open
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supply line. but this campaign does not just have military objective. russia is hoping that if it puts pressure on the opposition, then the opposition will agree to some political settlement. the reaction so far that we're hearing armed groups that we'll continue the fight. we heard from the syrian national coalition, the main political opposition in exile calling on its backers to provide for the rebels. the diplomatic activity is intensifying as well but there is still no tangible progress seen to stop the war. >> israel has freed a detainee after holding him for a year without trial. mohammed was arrested in last year. in jan he began a two-month hunger strike that brought him close to death.
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still to come, venezuela's government said that inflation is running at 80%, the first official figures out this year. the panelists say that the real figure is much higher. we'll tell you more. plus mexico's cannabis club. they make it legal for one small group to use the drug.
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>> u.s. and european intelligence suggest that an on board explosive device could be hyped saturday's plane crash in egypt. the british government will accepted their own aviation experts to investigate at sharm el sheikh and suspend all flights. egypt's president will meet with england's prime minister in a couple of hours. his first trip to london is criticized because of egypt's poor human rights record. and. >> russia's state news agencies reporting that the free syrian army has agreed to talks with the russian government. the u.s. has offered peace talks between bashar al-assad's government and the syrian
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opposition. barbarnaby phillips reports. >> on state television in syria president assad's soldiers were celebrating. they apparently regained control of a vital route into the city of alip poe pushing back isil fighters that captured it last month. meanwhile in moscow more clarity on where russia president assa assad's most important ally would go from here. >> we need to degree on who lists. the two lists, which would not be covered by a cease-fire, which we hope will be agreed on at some point and the opposition groups where we negotiate with the auspices of the u.n. >> they want to hold a meeting next week. in london i met the leader of
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the syrian national coalition, which is backed by the west, several arab countries. he said he knew nothing about a meeting in moscow and found it doubtful of what it could achieve. >> in order to relaunch the political process with russia on the other side they have to end their occupation in syria and stop killing innocent people in syria. >> there is no dialogue. no contact between you and the russians? >> interfere the intervention the only communication with the russians is fighting against the syrian in order to liberate our country. >> the vienna talks have brought together the most important outside powers involved in the syrian conflict. is the syrian national coalition confident that it's foreign backers still support its demand that president assad should step down immediately?
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it is it not change the position. >> are you sure about that? >> i'm sure about that. i'm here in turkey, france, the u.k. the united states, they are position is very clear that assad has to step down and he has no role in the future here. >> back in syria more bloodshed. this was douma attacked by president assad's forces. local people said that at least 12 people were killed, dozens injured. the suffering grows ever worst, and yet big obstacles remain. >> amnesty international has condemned the syrian government for detaining tens of thousands of people. the riot groups, they say abductions could amount to crimes against humanity. nearly 60,000 civilians are believed to have disappeared in the conflict over the past four and a half years. in pakistan the seven is on
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for 150 people trapped after a factory collapsed. at least 18 people are confirmed to have been killed in the collapse on wednesday. it's too early to say what caused it. there has been damage in the area after the earthquake last week. kamal hyder is at the scene. >> they have sent in hundreds of rescue teams to try to save lives here at this collapse now as you can see the big challenge if you try to break holes
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through the co the the concrete slabs to the lower floors where people are expected to be. this is a complicated operation because it is a tedious operation and a difficult operation in which the they try to save lives. the important thing is that despite the fact that people are now working at a faster pace because it is daylight, it appears that it will not be clear how many people were killed in this building.
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>> taiwan president will meet with his chinese counterpart. analysts have suggested that china is trying to influence the outcome of that vote. >> in the future we want to reduce the possibility and not stray away from the path. actively we want to expand and deepen cooperations. which want to establish the first step of meeting between the leaders. >> research manager of china policy said that many taiwanese people are surprised that the meet something actually going ahead. >> this is a big p.r. win. the result is that there is a very significant constituency in
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taiwan warming ties between taiwan and mainland china. now a pro business leader, and that's welcomed by the taiwanese business community. but for many taiwanese people who have a more distinct sense of taiwanese identity, this warming relationship is seen as potentially as a threat to what is considered taiwanese independence even if taiwan is recognized as an independent state by the international community. really the key thing here is the historical significance there being a meeting between taiwanese leader and mainland chinese leader. the. problem, there would an colossal
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backlash in taiwan, and for significant results it would be too much of a surprise, i think. >> liberal party leader justin trudeau has been sworn in as canada's new prime minister. half of the cabinet posts went to win. he swept power in elections two weeks ago. he has promised to take more syrian refugees and restore canada's reputation as a peace-keeping nation. >> call forgive early elections they say corruption was to blame for a nightclub fire on friday that killed 32 people. now ivory coasts re-elected president has promised to keep growing the economy during his swearing in ceremony on tuesday. the economy has grown 9% over the past five years making it one of africa's top performers, but the number of children forced to work in the west african nation has more than
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doubled in around the same time. tanya page reports. >> this golden mound is a small part of one of ivory coast's biggest industries: cocoa. one of the world's largest producers is a key ingredient in chocolate. increasingly children are working. >> in the last two years the government spent $40 million fighting child labor. the chocolate makers promised to combat in their supply chain but it's not working. the country's enjoyed peace and prosperity that fought
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unintended consequences. the cocoa industry has one terrible down side. more and more children are forced to work on these farms. over the past five years the number of child labor has more than doubled to more than 1.6 million. this is a safe house for children rescued from working on farms and on the street. now they're kept busy with art. they arthey are from where conflict and poverty makes them vulnerable. one was kidnapped by a stranger. >> i didn't like it. >> most of the children ar, although their parents are involved, social workers believe reuniting families is the best thing.
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>> unfortunately, if it doesn't work there is little to stop parents from selling or sending their children out to work again. the law is really enforced, and the board is porous, a bad combination for children at risk. tanya page, al jazeera, ivory coast. >> mexico's supreme court has opened the door to making marijuana legal in the country. it's ruled in favor of a group of people who want to form a sow called cannabis club. the court found banning people from growing the club from recreational use goes against the constitution. in venezuela mcdonald's has put fries back on the menu after a ten-month absence. that was due to a shortage of potatoes. fries cost 20% more than they
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did. an >> it's not so much the sign of a grueling business as it is the right and cost of live being. >> i can generally make ends meet because i'm single and have no children. >> for the first time this year, they're closest estimated inflation rate. 80%. traditionally published each month this figure is half of the 150% most economy tests contemplate. a couple of copies this size is still one of the things that you can pay for. next week it might not be enough. in this farmer's market, cash may seem like a thing of the past. hefty packs of bills get you
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less and less each week. and almost every stall now accepts debit and credit cards. >> produce increases in value from one week to another anywhere from 200% to 400%. some can go up as much as 1,000%. >> a strict system of price control. a complex three-tier exchange system are paving the way for the deepening economic woes. but to some economists hyper inflation is still a ways away. >> we're just in the fourth, this is the mark that we used. last year we had three. yes, the adjustments have increased but we don't have a monthly inflation of 50% or yearly inflation of 500%. so technically know we're not suffering from hyper inflation. >> up coming parliamentary elections may have deterred the government from making painful adjustments, but delaying these decision will erode at the
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credibility and government popularity. in the end the ability to make a decision might prove just as costly. >> much more news from al jazeera along with analysis, comment, video and links to some of our best programs on our website >> on "america tonight." transgender in texas. the fight over rights that led to a bathroom door and the challenges faced even those in transition at 12. >> i think social transition is the the hardest part. the physical part can be changed by hormone blockers or testosterone or estrogen. all that can be changed. if you can tell a friend and they don't want to be friends with you, there's basically no fixing that.