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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> essentially i want's president promises to protect foreign terrorists after the sinai crash. it's likely that a bomb brought down the airliner. >> hello, i'm live from london and coming up. >> a couple of months before the end, my work as special representative, i prepared the way out. >> u.n. envoy to lib use dens his controversy change of job.
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and the battle for syria's highways. the government takes control of a strategic route in aleppo, but loses a key supply line. talks of war, george h.w. bush slams his son's former aids on 9-1-1 in his new book. egypt's presiden president sisid that hez ready to work after the airline crash. he met cameron at downing street in london. hundreds of people have been protesting the human rights record. cameron said that it's more likely than not that a bomb was the cause of the airline crash. and passengers will only be able to carry hand baggage.
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>> finally laid to rest,ishenko's six-year-old canteen worker, devoted mother and grandmother. the first of the 224 victims to be buried. as the investigators in the sinai increased the search area around where flight 962 came down, the egyptian leaders met in london. they discussed flying 20,000 holiday makers home safely. >> the procedures that we assure our friends that the security measures in place at the airport are enough. and the airport is at a good standard. >> earlier, it said that they had different intelligence, saying that an isil affiliate could be behind the disaster. >> we cannot be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a terrorist bomb, but it looks increasingly likely that that's the case,
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and so i act on the advice of the experts that it's right to suspend the flights until we can know. >> russia said that it's pure speculation, and is angered that not being part party to the information is pal mall. >palpable. >> it's surprising that it's not experts making statements about this, but the chief of a foreign affairs ministry, and frankly, we're shocked to learn that the british government has information which could shed line on what happened midair in egypt. >> this video from the isil affiliates in iraq, celebrating the plane crash. >> the suspension of all british flights to and from egypt, they have proper airport security, and making sure that everything on the planes is
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carefully screened. >> flights back to britain could begin back on friday. but not until the government is convinced that the passengers are safe. people are pinning their hopes on the data recorded by the flight's black boxes. maybe they will answer the many questions on what happened in its final moments. aljazeera, london. >> jamaala has more on today's protests outside of downing street. >> reporter: it was a highly anticipated visit. egypt's sisi went to downing street on monday. their view, they were responsible for killing thousands of civilians and
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arresting over 40,000 people should never have been invited to the uk. >> we're seeing clearly that sisi has committed crimes against humanity and he should not be welcome in britain and threatens stability in egypt and elsewhere. >> some demonstrators in body bags, lay outside of the prime minister's residence, blocking the entrance. hundreds were sentenced to debt or were killed since the 2013 23 coup. the egyptian embassy in london mobilized people. and those in support of sisi gathered their message, the former general is the only man who can protect egypt. cameron has come under a lot of criticism for inviting sisi. they said that it showed
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contempt for human rights, and it's no surprise that the press conference was tightly controlled by downing street. and aljazeera was not allowed to attend. instead, we were forced to ask our questions from across the street after sisi left. >> mr. sisi, when are you going to release 40,000 political prisoners? when will you release the journalists in jail? mr. sisi, when will you release the political prisoners in egypt? why don't you want to answer these questions? unfortunately, as you can see, the issue of human rights in sisi's visits to the uk has not been at the forefront of that agenda. rather prime minister cameron and sisi have chosen to focus on security issues, and trade issues, and other things, and that's what has caused a lot of anger. >> david cameron should not have let sisi walk out of the
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door without talking about human rights, and egypt is waging a counter terrorism campaign with protesters and members of armed groups. sisi expected to return to cairo on friday. the trip is reinforcing his position as a statesman, but with many of these in foreign capitals, the opposition to his presidency is widespread. aljazeera, london. >> at least 50 civilians and isil fighters have reportedly been killed by russian war planes that bombed a popular market in eastern syria. a number of people were injured. the town on the border with iraq has been under isil control since last summer. meanwhile, the syrian government said that it has taken control of a strategic
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highway in aleppo. the road was cut off guy isil forces last who, but the government lost ground on another key supply line. mustard gas is again being used in syria. the report said that the gas was used between quiting between isil and another rebel group in the town of maria in august. it is the first time that it has been used by syria since they agreed to stop the chemicals. and now where the prime minister has been chosen to replace victor pontiff after massive street protests. 20,000 took to the super storm of bucharest on wednesday night after the fire that killed 32 people. the former prime minister is
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likely to face his first court hearings in november. jackie rolan has this report. >> nearly a week has passed, and the people are still coming to pay their respects. the street outside of the nightclub has become a shrine to the dead and injured. victims, many believe, the victims of official corruption. >> we need justice, we need to see who are those responsible for such a huge tragedy. >> among the mourners, a priest who told us that he had donated blood for the victims. but clear rejection of comments by some in the church that the people who decide here were devil worshipers. it was the fire and terrible loss of life that brought people out onto the streets, but now that the demonstrations are taking on a life of their own, and far-reaching. the romanian president has
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appointed an interim prime minister to take over from victor pontiff, he would resign. >> reports that some of you have been in the streets yesterday and the day before yesterday. and i've seen you and heard you and i will consider your requests. >> reporter: so far those demands have only been expressed in general terms, and in corruption, removing corrupt politicians, but the protest movement looks like a force to be rec =-d with. >> if they clay in one night, they change prime minister, let's do it once again, and see where it goes to. >> reporter: nightfall on thursday, and the protesters are back out enforce. the president says he will meet their representatives on friday. and that's a sign of the growing power of the movement. aljazeera, bucharest. the outgoing special
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phillipia, has defended his new job. working for the united ameris, he will take over as head of the diplomacy academy. the tripoli peaced government has asked the u.n. to explain. >> i prepared the way out. you may say, it's not nice, and i can agree, it is. if it is a matter of saying, i could have done things in a different way, maybe this is the right answer. but what is important is, you know, six months ago, eight months ago, when i didn't have any result of my work, you could say this guy is biased. this guy will support one side or will support the other side. today, what you have is the result of this work. you have an agreement, and you
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have a government. can you say, can you find any element in this agreement or in the government that you consider it more inclined, or it reflects a non-neutral position of the united nations? if so, let me know, and we can comment. the rest is about saying, look, the appearances are not good. which i can accept. >> she said that she will hold true power in myanmar above the president in the election. she's officially barred from running for the top job herself. aljazeera's florence louie has more now. >> the two had formed hours before the opposition leader was to speak. it shows interest in the upcoming election. at home and abroad.
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ing hailed as a test of the country's transition to democracy. but she cautions against too much optimism. >> you'll have to wait until after the election. the constitution is heavily weighted in its favor. in 2011, after the election was said to be fraudulent, that one party took over. in some parts of the country,
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fighting between armed ethnic groups and the military won't prevent many from voting. in recent days, thousands of people near one high township have been displaced. the election commission has said that polling will not take place in seven townships, ands is many as 600 villages around the country. it's disappointing, he was planning to run as a candidate for a party representing the minority. >> it makes people lose their voting rights, and also the ethnic candidates have lost the chance to represent the people. new. and then in the western states, hundreds of thousands of muslim rahinja, and ethnic groups that the government does not recognize last name be able to vote. they have been rendered stateless. >> the upcoming election is
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seen as -- some are questioning to see if the ballot can be truly representative of the people. aljazeera. >> more to come for you on aljazeera. why some nationalities are not being extended germany's welcoming hand to refugees. the japanese chapel of love that has made it to the film of this year's world architecture festival awards. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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>> welcome back, and let's take you through our top
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stories. egypt's president, sisi said that he's ready to work for the safety of fore tourists after the sinai plane crash. he has been meeting with prime minister, david cameron in london. in romania, the prime minister to replace after the protests. the united arab emrys, the country that supports. former president, george w. bush, has made serious allegations about the role of senior figures in his son's administration in the september 11th attacks. he takes swipes at dick cheney and defense secretary, donald rumsfeld. suggesting that they had too much influence on the decisions to go to war in iraq and
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afghanistan. he accuses cheney of circumventing the presidency by preventing the security team in control in the president's office, and he accuses former secretary of defense, donald rumsfeld of arrogance over george w. bush. the 2002 speech, listening iraq, iran and north korea. >> north korea is a regime arming with missiles and weapons of mass destruction. while starving it's citizens. iran aggressively pursues these and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the iranian people's hope for freedom. iran supports terror. states like these, and their terrorist allies, constitute an access of evil, arming to threaten the peace of the world
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by seeking weapons of mass destruction. these regimes pose a grave and growing danger. >> earlier, i spoke to lawrence call, the former secretary of defense for george h.w. busher is, and he talks about why he thinks that bush was influence bid chainy and rumsfeld. >> do not elect a president, and the second george w. bush came in, and he had no foreign policy background. he didn't know germany was a nato and didn't know that pakistan was run by a military general. so when you put people around him who were as arrogant and forceful and dynamic if you will as cheney and rumsfeld, it was easy for them to sway him using 9/11 to do what they wanted to all along, which was to get rid of saddam hussein. >> rescue on rakeses are
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underway in brazil, where a dam has broken, submerging homes. people are told to evacuate to higher ground. in pakistan, 150 people are thought to still be in side. at least 21 people died in wednesday's incident. guz not clear what caused the collapse. structural damage in the area due to an earthquake last week. aljazeera is at the site of the crash. >> for a second night running, rescue teams are trying desperately to dig corridors of gaping holes to reach people under the rubble of a large factory building that you see behind me. it is now the second night. and the attempts are being made to cut through the concrete and
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steel in order to reach possible survivors who may be in pockets of air under the rubble. this industrial estate is situated about 30 kilometers south of lahor city, and it's the industrial hub of the province. reportedly, people are saying that the building collapsed because of poor construction, and despite the fact that there were warnings about the poor quality of construction, the owner decided to add another floor to this building. but right now, you can see that it's proving to be a very difficult task. hpakistan doesn't have the experience to deal with this kind of emergency, despite the fact that they have seen a deadly earthquake in 2005. pakistan will have to deal with such emergencies if it wants to save more lives, but reportedly, the teams are
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working around the clock, with the hope that they will be able to find survivors. we were able to see some survivors pulled out. but as time goes by, hope is fading for others trapped beneath the rubble. >> the humanitarian agency said that over the next four months, it's expecting at least 5,000 refugees to arrive in greece from turkey every single day. it comes as germany is expelling thousands of asylum seekers. reports from berlin. >> parts of beryl in, multi-culti is what they have called it, adding to the ethnic mix. and they have been joined by those from the battle an countries, and they have hard choices from the german governments. they have left them trying to work out whether a hostile germany is any better than a life in professorty, where they
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came from. >> on the one hand, they see it's a much better life. they have security, they have hospitals, and doctors and all of these things for the children, but on the other side, they feel this homesickness. >> in albania this year, more than syrians, and the numbers arriving here. the feeling has grown that economic migrants have used the syrian crisis as a trojan horse to come into germany on false claim. but the new asylum laws show one more purpose for german chancellor, angela merkel. for a start, they help to keep the right wing together and germany is a soft touch for anyone who wants to come here, but getting rids of tens of
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thousands of people from the balkans can free up money and space for tens of thousands of desperate refugees from syria. the removals are already beginning. the police arriving at apartment blocks to for serbs and albanians and others that they have to go. it's a really big job, and the immigration al authorities and the police don't have enough resources to expel all of these people, but there are trained police talking to them, hoping that they will volunteer to leave. we offer them money to return home. the claim by the government that all of the war zones are safe, and that's not shared by human rights groups, some saying that they are at great risk if they choose to return. i wouldn't say that it falls under the geneva convention, but what we have is the situation, if they go back to
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kosevo, it's a situation that wouldn't allow them to have a life and dignity. >> it still the fact, nearly 200,000 people from the balkans will be removed. however the desperate situation at home, if they think themselves worthy of asylum, their cases are damage of the syrian war. >> in central london, what started as a peaceful gathering, there were clashes between the demonstrators and the police. >> for an organization with no discernible high,y or leadership, the popularity has been growing globally in recent years, but for this demonstration, there are thousands marching under this banner. back in 1605, they tried to blow up the houses of parliament and killed king james, but this has very much become a symbol of the
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political resistance. there are many people here representing different campaign groups from around the country. similar marches are taking place globally as well. and they hope that this will be a million mask march around the world. representing lots of different things when it comes to animal rights, when it comes to being against surveillance and so on and so forth. but in recent years, taking on the likes of the klu klux klan and isil, and the people are pretty much united under one banner, this one. >> the world architecture festival awards will take police in singapore this week. japan has been named as a finalist. the nakamura designed the chapel and has been speaking to us about it. >> the idea was not to create an object for a strong statement that overwhelms the
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environment. that's why i liked the idea of an observatory and a chapel. when i mentioned how to go up there, i thought about the idea of spiral stairways. two individual projectries of life compose the architecture. a spiral is unsteady by itself, but when it's fixed to another spiral in the opposite direction at four points, it allows it to have the sideways pressure and gravity. there are various architecture in the world using spirals, but we are the first to use a freestanding structure in this way. the stairway's walls and gates, by entwining them, they provide roles, and we succeeded in a pure form of architecture using stairways, as they climb the stairs, i would like them to
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reflect on their lives. being born in this world, and parents raising them, and as you walk around, you will encounter and pass by a partner, two walks of life connecting into one strain. the concept behind it is to design the pact way experience, and i think that's one of the characteristics of japanese architectish. that dan runs through too, and i wanted it to reflect in the work. i think that the couple's pathway and architecture and design are linked in the chapel. the western sunlight is beautiful. as the sun sets, it gradually changes to the color of orange, and it's spectacular. it's exquisite when the sun sets just behind the tree and the light pores into the chapel. when you go there, the bright, positive energy fills you, and the spiral makes you feel as if
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you're levitating, and it lifts you up from within. >> it's a beautiful building. for more on all of the stories that we're covering here,, the top story, and the egyptian president's visit. in the uk. jazeera: stand-up comedian mo amer. >> it's like, "are you a terrorist"? like literally, "are you a terrorist"? i'm like... "who says yes"? like seriously, "who says yes"? oh... you got me! you're so tricky... here's the bomb, be careful! >> he's one third of the trio "allah made me funny". >> look at this stage master allah. this is a lot of room for a palestinian, you know? >> the group uses humor to combat islamophobia and challenge misconceptions about muslims. amer is a palestinian, born anda