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tv   World News  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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>> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep. growing suspicion. >> there's a possibility that there was as bomb. president obama joins a chorus of voices saying terrorism may be to blame for the downing of a russian airliner or egypt desperate search. many missing after a valley flooded in rio de janeiro mafia trial. >> in rome.
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members of a gang conditioned politicians 46 members face trial in a case that is tying the mob to rome's political leadership on the action block. >> john played, recorded, so many songs on this guitar john lennon's long lost guitar, how it turned up in san diego after more than 50 years. gooesk, i'm antonio mora, this is al jazeera america. president obama says the u.s. has taken seriously the possibility that a dom could have brought down the russian airliner. nothing is definitive until american investigators figure out the cause of saturday's crash. the british prime minister said it was likely caused by a bomb
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on board. russian president vladimir putin asked him to wait for an investigation before determining the cause. it's friday morning in egypt and stranded tourists gather at the sharm el sheikh airport on the southern coast. special flight have been arranged to take them home. planes continue to fly to russia and italy. they are all taking extra precautions. lisa stark has more. >> reporter: security has been tightened at the sharm el sheikh airport. enough so that british transport is flying britains back. there's no checked luggage, just cary on bags. a hint about whether officials believe a gom could have been planted. british prime minister david cameron says information is not conclusive, but pointing in one
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direction. >> we can't be certain that the russian airliner was brought down by a bomb. but it looks to be the case. this showed the metro jet flying over the peninsula, then vannicished. >> it came apart in mid air. it could indicate rebels plalsed a bomb on the plane, according to the associated press. they have not gone as far as british counterparts. here is president obama speaking to a seattle radio station. >> i think there's a possibility there was a bomb on board. we are taking that seriously. >> egyptian and russian officials accused the government of jumping i head of the investigation. a spokeswoman for the foreign military says the u.k. needs to be forthcoming.
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>> the information has not been given to the russian side. it is showing. >> all coming as abdul fatah al-sisi is on the first visit to london. he said british experts examined security and were satisfied. rebels affiliated with i.s.i.l. claimed responsibility for bringing down the jet, a claim not verified. if this was an attack. some tourists visiting italy are resolute. >> we cannot stop. if we give in to terrorism, we somehow use the stiff british upper lip and get on with it. >> they continue to analyse data and are looking for traces of explosives in the wreckage. the first funeral was held for a
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60-year-old russian grandmother. she considered taking her grand-daughter with her. but decided against it airport security is coming under scrutiny. a house oversight committee found the t.s.a. intercepted 5% of bombs and weapons carried by undercover agents. the t.s.a. chief faced harsh comments from members of the committee. >> looking at the number of times people with guns bombs, the covert testing exercises. it really was path etics, thinking about the breeches there. it's horrific. >> department of homeland security told the committee. we found layers of security
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missing. we are joined via skype from perth, australia. a former member of elite rescue terror and commando unit and a securityie consultant with expertise in the aviation industry. what is your raid? do you agree with the u.s. and u.k. that it was likely brought down by a bomb? can you hear me. >> yes, i can. >> trying it again. i was asking. what is your read of what happened with the russian plane, do you agree with assessments that it was brought down by a dom. there's inside chances it was brought down by a bomb. americans use satellite technology, they could not see
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signals of heat signatures. that's a long altitude to strike doug. that seems to be near possible. there is roog for something that we don't know of yet. they'll have to test the frame to see what is the final decision. >> the more i think about it. it's impossible to kill the employees in an airport that is working. >> it's possible, because we are talking about the russians have a dispute at the moment. it's an expecty that it may be an inside jab. >> if respect an' job and a bomb causing the crash, it raises security to a level we have not seen. we saw the t.s.a. in the u.s.
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did poorly in tests. how chaotic has it been. >> many of the checks conducted worldwide, people are looking for the wrong things. they tell you to take off your shoes and checks luggage and only depending on tech knowledge. the israeli culture is different. when you come and present your passport. you will be asked six question that will release some information, and, of course, the training is specific and unique. it's not simply of the the human kuch is something missing.
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you know there's a lot of interestsance to profiling. is this something that could work with the high volume of travel in the united states. >> les ask another way. doll we have a choice. >> i would love to have everyone on the planes and no one needs to get checked. there's a lot of good people and radical people, and we have i.s.i.l. refugees entering europe. and we don't know what is waiting for us. we have to make sure, not just the israeli force, that is a world is a better and safer place. we have 200 passengers. we have a serious responsibility. the question is i'm not profiling. i do not care of the colour of a
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person. i'm looking for signals, it's a different thing. millions ply fly every day, they are not terrorists. snoop it's good to have you with us. good to have your insights i.s.i.l. is making threats to russian president vladimir putin in a video released in iraq. one russian speaking man is accused of downing the jet. he warns that vladimir putin will regret sending jets to destroying the rebel group. international investigators found evidence that mustard gas was suicide in syria, the gas was used during fighting among rebel groups, 30 files north of
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aleppo. the syrian army gained chrome. it's the government's only listening to western aleppo and the cities of hamas and homes. homs. an i.s.i.l. supporter in bosnia has been sentenced to years for helping to recruit fighters. he made phone calls, encouraging people to join i.s.i.l. he will appeal on the grounds politics and religion play a part in the trial. a report in relation to kunduz, claiming that staff members were shot at. the pentagon insists it was a mistake. >> the was an aerial attack. it delivered an a c1 gunship.
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they were designed to circle the target while delivering fire up to 1800 rounds a minute. the report by the group doctors without borders, which goes by the french akron im m.s.f. describes an attack that was hostile. the hospital was in flames. the shrapnel bones that they used amputated doctors and nurses. on top of that, what we heard from the staff is that from the plane people fleeing the building were shot at. >> the report lifts 17 calls and text messages to get the americans to call off the attack. in a 12 minute period. the office changed these texts
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with the u.s. military's operations support headquarters. 2:47am. one staff dead, many unaccounted for. at 2:50 the afghan interior military applies. 2 minutes later someone text: the report says 30 staff and patients were killed and at the time of the attack they were shooting three or four afghan government troops and 20 wounded fighters. a strict no-weapons policy was in force. all the rules we negotiated to have no arms in the hospital was respected. first of all. second, it was a full-functional hospital. full of sick people.
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third, there was no fighting in or in the near vicinity of the hospitals. >> while the presence of the hospitals was well-known, the u.s. insists in the fog of war the gun ship did not realise it was levelling a hospital. >> we would never target a medical facility. the u.s. has two investigations under way. one is almost dug, erm ding how many civilians the u.s. killed and how to begin making payments. the second is to determine who is responsible, whether negligence is criminal or amounted to a war crime and if anyone should be court-martialled or punished in brazil, rescue teams are searching for survivors after a dom holding waste water burst.
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17 are dead. 50 hurt, it's not clear how many are missing. a town near the dam has been covered in mud, and residents evacuated to higher ground. jaz's producer is in rio de janeiro and spoke to us via spoken. >> what we know for sure is the dam burst in mariana. it submerged homes. there were probably a few children inside. they have not given any further information. >> they were in the area looking for survivors. we have, also. a list of homes and 400 in the snow. and it's located 70km be neath
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the dam that burst. the locals and inhabitants were asked to move out of the area. rescue teams are working in the local area, and we have a problem. they have another situation, because it's really dark, and the area is away from the city center mariana is home to about 2,000 people, many mine workers. an amazing story of the survival after a cargo plane crashed in juba. a 13 month old girl regained consciousness after being found in the wreckage. >> she has head injuries, she is awake. a man found holding the infant survived. 37 were kill mafia on trial. prosecutors in italy make their
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case against organized crime and roman politicians. >> a shocking until of women alive today forced to mary as children. hear their personal stories. heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
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a in context, a major mafia trial god under way in rome. the modern mafia tran cened violent crimes, alleging
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gangsters conspire to skim on contract. leaving potholes unfilled and garage waiting to be collected. we have this report in the "in context" segment on a fast-track trial that features 36,000 hours of ire taps. >> reporter: rome is on tire. the capital of italy's underworld. over the past 11 months authorities unearth evidence that the city was run by criminals, businessmen and local politicians using extortion, rehabilitation tearing, and money laundering to rig public service contracts. tactics so clar that the investigation was rebranded capital mafia. >> translation: it's a classic mafia method. in rome politicians were
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petitioned. if they did not cooperate they used violence. >> investigators say the network was led by this man, a contact criminal, nicknamed the pyrite. he and his accomplices are accused of syphoning off millions supposed to pay for street cleaning. leaving the city with non-existing services. we want contracts to monitor. a business so lucrative that on a wire cap they called it more profitable than drug trafficking. thursday, the lawyers of the defendant didn't deny claims of corruption, but said they chutney tried as mavio ario
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mobsters. >> there has been no guns. it's difficult to handling mafia paying public service. >> rome is in need of solid leadership. the former mayor is under investigation over his role in scandal. the new mayor was forced to resign even though he handed over evidence to the authorities. it will take months for a verdicts to be reached. roam is in the hands of a commissioner appointed by the government. left to mag a city in commonly -- manage a city in financial ruin in the strong hold of sicily businessmen turned against some feared anningsters.
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in levels of cooperation with police, they provided details of extortion, leading to the arrest of 22 suspects. it's called the shopkeeper's re-voest. they were forced to pay between 1 and 5,000 a month. 36 victims are in protective custody. the chief joins us now. this level of corruption in rome is beyond anything i have seen anywhere. what kind of impact is this having in italy? >> enormous impact. it's the largest city, the capital city, the most beautiful in the world. >> the french may argue with that. >> it will become more popular because it's the disappear of the catholic church, and pope francis called for a jubilee, arting in dees, we'd have
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hundreds of thousands of visitors working. >> corruption does not help. i know this cm activity is referred to in italian law as mafioso. this is not the cammora of naples, but a hybrid of gangsters and politicians. >> exactly, a mafia that is trying to be respectable. >> they want to send money. they participate to public tenders. they are in the business of health care. sanitation, garbage. >> they don't do it, but steel
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the money, it wasn't violent, as much as an embezzlement empire. >> some important politicians have been implicated. do you know how high this goes. >> not yet. we have a fast-track trial. the problem with trials in italy, they are too slow. they take years and years. even if they are called fast-tracked. we have an effective police with extensive use of rare tapping. >> the courts don't do enough. >> if you are convicted. you can appeal and have a third degree of trial. >> it tracks on and on. >> and you run into the statute
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of limitations. >> even though you were in the court system. >> now, italy's anticorruption leader says the city can no longer fight the mob. is it that bad? >> i don't think so. a vast majority are law-abiding people. they need to find a new leadership. it is well administered. it's possible. is the problem in rome. about how there has been successful prosecutions of mafia members. >> the problem is more accrued in rome and southern italy. we have this number of new laws that were approved by the
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parliament, that proved very tough on paper. when you look at who pays for the crime, not enough. >> it's a tremendous scandal. >> coming ultimate. diplomacy in the caribbean. cuba's president makes an important visit meeting with mexico's president. a sign of their warming relationship. >> and determined protesters confront abdul fatah al-sisi during his visit to london.
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welcome back to al jazeera america i'm antonio mora. coming up in this half hour of international news, protesters carry coffins through the streets of bang's cap -- bangladesh's capital. first the stories making headlines across the u.s. - new york state's attorney-general is investigating exxonmobile about
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misleading the public and investors. exxon rejects all allegations. president obama has formally notified congress of an attempt to sign the trans-pacific partnership or t.p.p. opponents have just 90 days to object. many congressional democrats are opposed to the deal fearing it could harm the unions information about the i.s.i.l. police officer that killed himself, trying to make it look like a murder. he tried to hire a hitman to kill an official auditing the town's offenses. his wife and one of his sons are under investigation. >> raul castro is on his way to mexico. the first official visit to the president. high on the agenda, economic
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ties between the two countries. john holman reports. >> reporter: this is the first visit to mexico by a cuban president since they endured a chilly stage to their relationship. very much u.s.-aligned government. it's a good point to renew the relationship. but for both, they see it assist a point in which cuba can open up, to bilateral trade and tourism industry, which is strong between the two countries, there's something going on that will be on the mind of the two leaders. more than 1,500 cubans reached mexico in october of this year alone. at the moment they are granted asylum, the moment they reach u.s. soil and are worried it will change. that is the reason for this surge that is affecting cuban
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migration through mexico, it's one of the things that the two leaders will be thinking of as they sit to talk in mexico after a long absence. >> egypt's president abdul fatah al-sisi met with british prime minister david cameron in london. it was abdul fatah al-sisi's first official visit to the u.k.s, and hundreds gathered to make it known that he was not welcome because of egypt's record on human rights. it was highly anticipated village. abdul fatah al-sisi arrived in downing street on thursday. outside downing street hundreds of protesters gathered. they were responsible for tilling thousands, and thu never have been invited to the u.k. they are saying that abdul fatah
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al-sisi committed crimes, should not be welcomed and is a threat to security and stability. some demonstrators dressed in body bags lay down outside the prime minister's residence. a protest to depict the hundreds sentenced to death or killed since the 2013 coup. they were removed and arrested by police. the egyptian embassy in hoyned mobilized people. those in support of abdul fatah al-sisi gathered. their message. the attorney-general is the only man that can protect egypt. cameron has come under a lot of criticism. the head of the opposition says the visits showed contempt for human rights. it was no surprise that the press conference was controlled by downing street. al jazeera was not allowed to
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attend, we had to ask questions from across the street. abdul fatah al-sisi, when will you release the 40,000 political prisoners. when will you release the journalists in gaol. when will you release the political prisoners in egypt? why don't you want to answer these questions. unfortunately as you see the issue of human rights has not been at the forefront of the agenda. prime minister cameron and abdul fatah al-sisi chose to focus on security trade and other things. that caused a lot of anger amongst a lot of people opposed to the visit. >> david cameron shouldn't have let abdul fatah al-sisi walk c out the door. key to regional security.
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abdul fatah al-sisi is expected to return to cairo on friday and may view the trip as reinforcing his position as a statesman. with protests taking plals, opposition to his ceremony is widespread. >> the government in maldeefs arrested and impeached much the vice president. the impeachment is politically motivated. at the end of september there was an explosion on the speed boat of president yameen abdul gayoom. the federal bureau of investigation asked to investigate found no evidence of a bomb. yameen abdul gayoom declared a state of emergency. >> myanmar homedz its first elections in 25 years. tomorrow, we look at why some are prevented from casting ballots and why the vote is
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being suppressed. protesters took to the streets, outraged. over the death of four blockers. >> government is investigating the murders. critics demand more actions. >> protestors forcing their way to dhaka, angry at the government which they are doing little to obviously the murders. the crowds carry makeshift coffins, representing the victims. patience is running out. we'll assert a coffin march against impunity and, you know, against the killing of blogger, publishers and writers, and against the three cartels. >> foov survival was the most recent.
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hacked to death at his office in a crowded market. he published secular books. including some by author roy. he was slashed and killed as he walked from a book fair. three ert were murdered -- three others were murdered. an armed group calling itself islam is responsible for the attacks. bangladesh's government describes the murders as isolated incidents. protesters ait's not enough. >> the u.n. says more than 700 million women were alive and married as children. four times the female population of the united states roxanne muhamed sabry sat down with who
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former victims. >> translation: the man was too old for me. i was young. >> reporter: she was 15 when her father forced her to marry his friend 45. >> translation: i was very stressed, depressed, traumatized. >> reporter: her husband made her quit school, rarely letting her leave her home. >> translation: my husband used violence against me. >> reporter: i asked what kind of violence. >> he beat me when i refused to have sex. i couldn't take it. one day i tidied to escape. >> 30% of children are married before they are 18. it rises to 75%. the la bars girls younger than
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15 to marry. >> my father agreed to give me up for marriage. despite my cries, nothing could be done. i got married. >> this girl had her fires child a year after her father forced her to marry. >> i was mad at my father. i felt he wanted to get rid of me. i asked it she was angry with him. >> for a lodge title. i was upset with him. >> the president of the new york health senior olympic games social conditions >> it's been expected when girls menstruate they should be married married. >> reporter: another reasons is to have a one fewer mouths to
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leave. >> 2 million alive today were married before the age of 15. western. south africa has the highest number of child brides. the risks for girls are whole. she is pulled out of school. she falls pregnant. the body is not reallied. chil birth is one of the leading causes of the death. >> reporter: she refused to give up her education. >> i went to school. my husband supported me. >> reporter: they are fighting child marriage in their homeland. they teach young women to sow clothes, and is teaching leaders to ban child marriage.
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>> thousands of girt don't have a chance to escape. >> reporter: when i speak i feel it's difficult. >> translation: yes, we see the images of the victims, the survivors, and i remember what i went through myself. >> reporter: they talk to the personalities, leaders chiefs, you can change opinions about the values and why a girl shouldn't be sent off to marriage. >> translation: the women are in the u.s. asking washington for support and hope by sharing their stories they can chaining the lives of young girls. a magical musical mystery. for more than 50 years emphasise a guitar until someone discovered it was part of their
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biggest hits. >> there's no breathable air on the face of mars, n.a.s.a. discovers why. >> and it's binyamin netanyahu's pick to be a spokesman sparked a scuffle with the u.s. 11 iron, 8:00 pacific. iron, 8:00 pacific. >> this is our home. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
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in a recent discovery about mars n.a.s.a. announced the red planet had little atmosphere. it's believed it once was as thick as the earth. but the environmental mission may have discovered solar storms knocked the gases out of mars' atmosphere over the course of years. >> a 41-year-old man in columbia died of cancer, the first case of cancer transmitted by parasite. there were tumours through the body containing tape worm d.n.a. the body normally can fight it off. but the man had h.i.v. doctors blame that for the rapid growth of parasitic cancer
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sells. >> dozens were arrested at the million masked march. there were similar demonstrations in washington d.c. it was organised by anonymous. we have more from the streets of london. >> for an organisation with a no hierarchy or leadership, the popularity has been growing globalry. thousands marched under this banner. the march of guy fawkes who tried to blow up the houses of parliament and kill king james, it is a symbol of political difference. many represented the groups. similar marriages were taking place globally. and they hope it will be a million man mask march. they are representing a lot of
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things when it comes to animal rights, digital surveillance. it has taken on the likes of the ku klux klan, the likes of i.s.i.l. and for the people here, they are united under a banner. >> neve barker reporting from the streets of london. >> now our global view segment how news outlets react to certain event. beijing's daily looks at the meeting with twine xi jinping and the taiwanese president. ma would like to maintain the status quo, but with the ruling party facing defeat. washington wants to keep things table so it doesn't have to couldst choose sides. >> soshes list of powerful people is misleading. the news outlet says vladimir putin was chosen as number one,
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because he takes chances. mercosur as number two, president obama is more powerful than both, but likely lost out to dithering. and this photograph of vladimir putin: and another with him waist deep in quick sand with president obama and david cameron on either side. up to their nets. imagine discovering a guitar you bought years ago was once the property of john lennon, and one he composed tunes on. >> reporter: perhaps with enough money you can buy a guitar to pen dozens of popular songs.
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hits lick "love me do", and "please please me." shom called it one of the most influential instruments from the early days of the vehicles. what it a holy guitar. >> 1962, 1963. he recorded so many songs. this was his baby. interest there modifications or is this as it was when john lennon played it in 1962-196 had 3. there was no modifications or changes. >> can you play us something. is that going into dangerous territory on the eve of the auction. >> i'm nervous holding the guitar, it's an important piece of history, my job is to brerfe it. it's a huge responsibility and a
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great honour. for me to hold it. >> when it goes to auction you can hold it for the low, low, price - forget the low price, a high price of... >> more than a million. >> reporter: why that much. it's a lot of money. >> the story is fantastic. there was a christmas show in 1963, and it resurfaced in san diego 50 years later. a gentleman brought it at a guitar store for 196,000. >> with no idea what he was buying. >> he was moving to canada, and sold the guitar to his friend and for 225.
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>> reporter: why did he decide to auction it. it was owned by john lennon. >> the pies for the guitar, 174, resail price 50 years later, 225, estimated worth at auction, more than a million, owning a piece of history, priceless. >> joining us is andy, a man that played a crucial role in the story. the owner of the fab year in rochester. he's the author of beetles gear. all the fab four instrument from stage to studio. great to have you with us. the guitar in question, we see it at the bottom of the cover of your new back. >>y, it was great to to find the guitar, it was missing for
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50 years, i get phone always all the time. people saying "i have john lennon' this." 90% of time it was nothing. this was the real thing, a great fine. >> there was a lot of fists and acoustic guitars out there. why didn't you dismiss it as wishful thinking or a crank call. >> i get a lot of that. we get a lot of that. you never know, and the one thing about the car is the wood grain. i have an orkif of photos. i was pability match-up the wood grain. >> once you did that, you had to see it for yourself.
10:54 pm
>> not only did i have to see it,i had to play it. >> what was that like. terrific for someone like you that spend time writing for the beetles. the tollways chilling. i played the beginning of the song. it sounded identical. it was cool. way cool. >> what about the guitar was special to john lennon. >> it was the first guitar that was custom ordered. we both have pt same. he ices it to play live with, he wrote a lot of hits with this guitar, there was a famous picture that powell's brother took, and john uses the guitar to write a song.
10:55 pm
it's cool, historically. >> when you figure out this is lennon's guitar. you agreed to help the guy that found it, sell it. but you insisted only in yection with yoko obbo. >> i have a good -- yoko onno. i was working on a book, double the size, it's a mammoth project. and this happened during it. i said you have something here, you have to do the right thing, contact the lennon estate and yoko. that's between pt two of them. we'll leave it at that. they came up with an agreement. >> some of the money is going to go to charity. >> yes. john and yoko had a charity, it will be going there. >> guitars owned by clapton and
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another sold for 100 grand. it can be argued that this is nor strad ekic than those. >> this will blow that away. everyone will tee saturday on saturday. into if anyone wanted to by a similar guitar. 1962 gibson, what would it cost. >> you know, they are out there, they are not cheep. you could pay as low as 4500. as high as 85. depending on the condition. if it's within the period and goes you have higher in price you could find an early one
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cheeper. there's a phenomena. this was exactly what they used. must have been a teff iric experience, i congratulate you. thank you for joining us. >> while on the conduct of rock'n'roll icons, the rolling stones announce a tour of south africa. the stones contemporaries of the beetles have been together since 1962 before john lenened guitar disappeared. a long loft film by walt disney has been found. "sleeg bells" starring a rabbit was discovered. he preceded mickey.
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if it were not for a contract dispute. mickey mouls may never have come into existence, that's it for al jazeera, i'll be back with more news in 2 minutes. bsh bsh
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good evening, i'm more dismroo washington is taking seriously the possibility that a bomb caused the crash of a russian jet >> from the plane people fleeing were shot at a new report from doctors without borders, casting doubts that the dead i u.s. air strike was a maek officials l


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