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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2015 12:30pm-1:01pm EST

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♪ rejecting the keystone pipeline the president says it would not serve the national interests. a jump in jobs. new data shows employment spikes in october, the big winner may be the feds. taking no chances, russia stops all flights to egypt and the u.s. has said to be considering a crack down amid fears a bomb took down a jet. ♪ this is al jazeera america live from new york city i'm randall pinkston and president obama is rejecting the keystone pipeline and trans canada was looking to build the pipeline to carry
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carbon heavy potassium 1200 miles to the gulf coast and opposed the project saying it would increase greenhouse gas emissions and libby casey is live from the white house, libby what drove the president to make this decision at this time? >> randall, this has been a contentious issue for years, seven years, in fact, and president obama said today he agreed with the state department assessment that the national interests are not served by building this pipeline and he says it won't make enough of a long-term contribution to the u.s. economy. take a listen to the president's remarks. >> shipping dirtier crude oil into our country would not increase america's energy security, what hauz in -- has increased is reliance on dirty fossil fuels from unstable parts of the world.
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three years ago i set a goal to cut our oil imports in half by 2020. between producing more oil here at home and using less oil throughout our economy we met that goal last year. five years early. in fact, for the first time in two decades the united states of america now produces more oil than we buy from other countries. >> president obama saying that the u.s. is producing more oil at this point randall than it is buying from other countries. he also touted lower gas prices and says there are other ways that congress can improve the economy like passing a massive infrastructure bill. now, you definitely got the sense that the president is looking ahead to an international climate gathering in paris in just a few weeks time and he said the u.s. has to live by its own standards if it expects other countries to set high standards regarding climate
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change as well so this decision president obama says very much driven by climate change but he is also saying it wouldn't have made as much of a difference to the economy as proponents were arguing. >> libby this appears to be a big win for the democrats, is there any down side for the president's party? >> well, this has been a contentious issue for one democrat in particular hillary clinton. as the secretary of the state department she of course was in charge of the branch that was overseeing the permitting process, because this line, this oil pipeline was passed over international boundaries it was in the hands of the state department. and during that time she at one point, in fact, said that she might be inclined to approve it because it did get some environmental thumbs up from the state department. she in the last couple of weeks has come out against the pipeline, bernie sanders is against it and saw tweets from
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o'malley and don't forget about him democratic candidate saying me too, i have been against this for a long time. so democrats are reassured by this but it may still cause some political problems for hillary clinton as people dig into sort of her perspective on this and how it has changed over time randall. >> and of course we have to point out too the candidate has a new government that is not exactly in favor of the pipeline, i mean they are not opposed to it but not pushing the u.s. to approve it. >> well, but justin is in favor of it and even though he is part of the liberal party he is in favor of not only this pipeline but another pipeline trans canada hopes to build north of the united states in canada and so at this point the new prime minister has sort of demured talking about his initial conversations with president obama and whether or not he was trying to pressure president obama or getting feedback from the president but president
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obama made it clear today one of his first phone calls was to the new prime minister so he is talking about the importance of that relationship. and analysts expect canada and the u.s. to be much aligned now on other climate issues regarding fossil fuel use even if they were not connected on this specific pipeline issue. republicans are also going crazy on social media randall and really pushing back against in and saying it's not over yet. we see mitch mcconnell, top republican in the senate saying he expects this issue to come up again and of course presidential candidates are saying they would as republicans try to support this pipeline so it is really dead for now but we will have to watch how the presidential politics play out over the next couple of moves. >> we learned that trans canada shares dropped 6% since the announcement and thank you. big news on the economy and unemployment in u.s. has fallen to a 7 year low and october saw a surge in hiring. the biggest spike came in
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construction, healthcare and retail jobs. al jazeera's patricia is here now with the numbers, patricia did anyone see this coming? >> no, randall. this report absolutely blew away wall street's expectations, just take a look at this headline number, 271,000 jobs were added to the economy last month. that was nearly 100,000 jobs more than the average expectations on wall street. meanwhile the unemployment rate fell to 5% and it fell for the right reasons, because the labor force participation rate which measures the number of people in work or actively looking for a job remained unchanged so we are seeing unemployment go down for the right reason and the good reason which is the reason that people are getting more jobs. now we did have strong hiring of white collar and professional business services and construction really strong adding 31,000 jobs there. mining, still an area of weakness because that is the oil
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part and low oil prices led to slashing of jobs and exploration of projects if you will in the shale patch. hourly wages posted a very strong gain and jumping 9 cents to $20.25, 2.5% increase year over year and randall this week janet yellen in testimony before congress said that raising interest rates in december was a quote live possibility, a report like this makes it the possibility even stronger and if we get even more strong employment numbers for the month of november, those numbers will be out before the fed meets in mid december. if this trend continues it looks very likely that the fed will raise interest rates in december and that will be the first rate hike since 2006. >> so with this nice labor report and the likelihood of interest rates going up who wins, who loses? >> well of course the people who win-win interest rates go up are savers because savers will make
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more interest on the bank account. the losers will be people who have adjustable rate mortgages because mortgage rates are likely to go up but another big winner here randall which is not so obvious is the federal reserve itself because now it has no wiggle room policy wise if you will in terms of being able to raise or to lower interest rates if the economy starts to go off the rails because interest rates are already near zero so by raising interest rates 25 bases point is not a huge jump but starts to give them a little more breathing room and flexibility policy wise. >> thank you patricia. putin says his country will now ground all flights to egypt and says the ban remains in effect until the investigation into the crash of a russian jet is complete. he has also ordered his government to bring back all citizens who are still inside egypt. putin's announcement comes as u.s. officials say they are considering even tougher security checks at overseas airports with flights to the united states.
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there is now more speculation that a bomb may have taken down the plane over the sinai. al jazeera's rory challenge has more from moscow. >> there was 20 minutes from when we heard the first announcement from alexander one of the most important men in russia's security firms and is the head of the fsb, the federal security service. he was recommending that all flights be suspended until the cause of the crash could be determined. 20 minutes later that plan was being put into action already. we heard from vladimir putin and the kremlin at least through its spokesperson that this was going to be the case. this is going to happen. what has changed, is the big question because it was just a matter of days ago on thursday that the russian government was severely criticizing the british, the uk government which had decided to stop flying to sinai only sinai until the cause
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of the crash could be determined. now, russia is suspending flights to all of egypt. what has changed, we don't know because we don't really -- that is not how the russian government operates but consider this at the moment there are fragments and samples being analyzed in russia taken from the crash site. we know they are processed at the moment and some of the data ended up on his desk this afternoon and informed his decision. >> rory in moscow. it is a slow process but some british tourists who were stranded in egypt are beginning to come home but while some can get return flights thousands of others still can't get out and britain's easy jet airlines says egypt is not allowing them to land to pick up passengers and tourists knowing the reason for the delay are adjusting. >> i think if everything was in a bit more structure it would be easier for us to get home quicker but over all i think the
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government made the right decision to do this with egypt and considering our security at the same time as well. >> reporter: british authorities are making travelers leave most of their luggage behind so it can be searched before being returned to passengers. klm the dutch carrier now says it is only accepting carry on baggage from cairo, a security precaution and italian aviation authority asked italian airlines to increase security checks on flights out of sharm el-sheikh. investigators from the ntsb are on their way to the scene of a deadly charter bus crash in arkansas and the bus slammed in an overpass on interstate 40 this morning killing six people, police describe a horrifying scene. >> troopers upon arriving did see fatalities and one was thrown out and two in the bus
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and we had six injuries. those people injured were transported by them to uams and baptist hospital and all have been treated and released. >> unclear what caused the driver to lose control but police say it does not appear there was any involvement of drugs or alcohol. new developments in the presidential race, reporting that ben carson's campaign now acknowledges he never applied to west point. republican candidate wrote in his book gifted hands he was offered a full scholarship to the military academy and west point says they have no record of carson applying, the campaign says carson considered attending west point but never applied. two big republican names will not be taking the main stage during the next debate, mike huckabee and christie did not make the cut because of low poll numbers and instead will be in the number card and two others are off both cards former new
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york governor george pataki and south carolina senator lindsey graham both excluded from both debates because of their low poll numbers. two u.s. astronauts are out on a space walk. commander kellie and engineer are about five hours into their walk and watching it live now and they are outside the international space station repairing an ammonia leak on the station's cooling system, it's the second time either one has done a space walk and the first one was just a week ago. a new life in the u.s. some syrian refugees come to this country for a fresh start and bringing the love of cricket to the u.s. the sports biggest names come to america. but will it catch on?
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these images are out of brazil where the death toll and a dam break has risen to 17, the dam held back wastewater from an iron ore mine when it burst and covering the town with mud and death toll can rise and dozens more missing and about 4 # 000 people live in the area. i.s.i.l. or a group in syria acquired chemical weapons and inspectors from the prohibition of chemical weapons say they found evidence of mustard gas being used during battles, it is not clear where the weapons came from. the syrian government says it destroyed all of its chemical weapons in 2013. millions of syrians have been fleeing the civil war and most escaping to europe but a few have made their way to america, as al jazeera's melissa chan
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says they are starting over in albuquerque, new mexico. >> reporter: when someone decides to move to the united states they may consider los angeles or new york if they don't speak the language and albuquerque is not usual for immigrants but a destination for one kind of immigrant and that is the refugee and the united states takes in the greatest number of refugees in the entire world and last fiscal year almost 70,000 refugees came to the united states and decided to take a closer look at this program including the state department's placement and reception program. and we even had the opportunity to speak to one afghan family who just left kabul two months ago. >> it was a dream for me so i never think i could come here so now i am really happy my dream become actual. >> i have a business degree and management degree and i can
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speak in six languages, turkish and others but unfortunately i can't find a job as i want. >> reporter: it's not just a government program, the federal government works with community organizations including nine nonprofit resettlement agencies across the entire countries and refugees arrive needing a social security number to get a job and some need to enroll the children in school and a lot of them need to learn english, for many they come here with a shock and realization that the american dream is going to take years to achieve. we will have more on a report later this evening including the airport arrival of another family, albuquerque, new mexico. you can see the story tonight at 8:00 eastern. drugs have now passed cars and guns as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the u.s. the drug enforcement administration says more than 46,000 americans died from drug overdoses in 2013.
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that is the latest data available. that same year car accidents killed more than 35,000 people. and firearms killed just under 34,000. the dea says heroin is the biggest drug threat followed by overdoses from prescription medication. chinese president xi jinping is in singapore right now ahead of his historic meeting with the president of taiwan. and he arrived to all the pop and circumstance worthy of a state visit, he is meeting with singapore's leaders to discuss 25 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries, but saturday's meeting with taiwan's leader will be the biggest event of the trip. >> both sides have been working towards this for really the last eight years. they invested a lot and plane flights between taiwan and china are now regular so there is a back and forth culturally. there is an education exchange. but the fact that the two leaders are meeting after, you
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know, 70 years is a significant moment. >> reporter: it will be the first conversation between the leaders of china and taiwan since the chinese civil war ended in 1949. strumming through history and the mystery of john lennon's guitar and surfaced in san diego more than 50 years later and bringing the love of cricket to the u.s., the sports biggest names come to america but will it catch on?
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♪ this weekend new york city hosts some of the biggest names in international sports, all store cricket players holding a match designed to boost interest in the game in the u.s. but as al jazeera's john henry smith reports for some fans the sport is already big enough. >> reporter: at this small club in central new jersey they gather almost every night to play a game all be unknown in most of the united states. cricket. >> when you are playing you have no tension. you leave all your problems of your life behind. >> reporter: he is the founder of bat and ball cricket. >> 200-250 teams with all kinds
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of cricket. >> reporter: the area around the club has one of the highest concentrations of indian and pakistani immigrants in the united states, those countries are hot betz for a game that is both similar and at the same time very different from baseball. rather than a diamond cricket is played on an oval field, players use a flat sided bat instead of a round one. the object is to score runs and to protect those wooden stumps also called wickets and spread it to a new audience and american audience, 28 of the world's most famous cricketers converged on the united states for an all-star tour starting at new york's city field. and he retired from professional cricket in 2013 as one of the greatest players the sport had ever seen and yet in the united states he is mostly unknown.
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>> popularize cricket and pick up a cricket bat along a baseball bat. >> reporter: they are promising a faster version of the game that will interest americans. but high ticket prices could keep casual fans away. for the city field match most tickets sell in the 100-175 range. >> i'm a little bit disappointed and wish the prices were a little lower maybe $75 for a really good ticket, really good seat to see the potential. >> reporter: still at that bat and ball it's tough to find any one who doesn't plan to be at the match on saturday. >> most of the people i know, everybody is going. >> the only way we can watch is on t.v. on youtube and stuff so i mean it's like a dream come true to watch people like this of their caliber play live. >> reporter: john henry smith,
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al jazeera. today a new cd hits store shelves with his holiness as the star. ♪ wake up pope francis led his voice to an album titled wake up. it's a collection of 11 tracks including holy chants and selections from people's speeches but there is also some pop and rock music on the album. in the recordings the pope talks about peace, nature and helping the needy. now, imagine discovering an old guitar you bought years ago was actually once owned by john lennon and used to record the very first beetle's songs and it's going up for auction and could fetch seven figures. >> the beetles sang money can't buy me love but with enough money you can buy the guitar that john lennon used to pen a number of the beetle's most
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popular songs. hits like love me do, i want to hold your hand and please, please me, music magic made from the strings of this gibson j 160 e, some have called it one of the most influential instruments from the early days of the beetles. >> what makes it the holy grail of guitars. >> from the early days 1962, 1963 john played, recorded and played so many songs on this guitar, this was john's baby and he loved this guitar. >> were there any modifications made to the guitar or is this as it was when john lennon was playing it in 1962, 1963? >> fantastic part of what it is there is no modifications. >> no changes made. >> no changes at all, this guitar can be played today. >> can you play us something? is that going into dangerous territory on the eve of the auction? >> i'm actually really nervous holding this guitar right now because it's such an important
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piece of pop culture history and my job is to reserve it until it changes hands and a huge responsibility and great honor for me to be holding it. >> reporter: you can hold it for the low, low forget that it will fetch a record high price of. >> more than a million dollars. >> reporter: why do you think it will go for that much? that is a lot of money for a guitar. >> because it's so important, the story is so fantastic and stolen from him at a christmas show in 1963 and resurfaced here in san diego over 50 years later. the gentleman in san diego bought in guitar at a guitar store for about $149 in the mid 1960s. >> obviously having no idea. >> no idea. >> what he was buying. >> just bought a guitar and played guitar and he was moving to canada in 1969 so he sold the guitar to his friend john and the current owner of this guitar for $225. why did he decide to auction it?
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>> he felt an overwhelming sense of responsibility, owning something that was so iconic and so important and he felt intimated by it because it was owned by john lennon. >> reporter: the original price for his guitar $174, resale prize 50 years later $225 and estimated worth at auction more than a million dollars, owning a piece of music history, priceless. jennifer london, al jazeera, los angeles. another look now at the astronauts outside the international space station and commander scott kellie and engineer are about five hours into their walk, they are repairing an ammonia leak on the cooling system and just the second time either one has done a space walk and thanks for joining us, i'm randall pinkston and the news continues and for the latest you can go to our website al
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>> hello, this is the news how are live from london. chaos as the airport in egypt. >> a woman's family said she was filling her car. >> two dams burst, flooding a village with mine waste. >> hello