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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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>> russia suspends all flights to egypt as suspicion grows that a bomb caused the plane crash in sinai. >> hello, i'm maryam nemazee in london, you're watching al jazeera. also coming up. israeli security forces shoot an elderly palestinian woman at the petrol station in the west bank. swallowed by water, a dam burst in brazil. and the south african future of building schools.
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>> russia's president has ordered the suspension of all flights to egypt as speculation mounts that saturday's plane crash was caused by a bomb. vladimir putin has asked a way to find a way to bring home the russians on holiday there. there is already chaos and confusion as the u.k. tries to bring thei british home. they have now plans to tighten security from passenger planes from overseas airports. >> there is a major exodus now under way from sharm
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el sheikh. 20,000 departing britains will be joined by 40,000 russian tourists. some call it premature. but the question is what changed the kremlin's mind. they said that the decision was way based on intelligence. >> to suspend flights until the real reasons for the crash are known. >> until we determine the actual causes of what happened, i believe it is reasonable to suspend flights of russian aviation to egypt, and it applies first of all to the tourist channel on one hand. on the other hand we believe it is necessary to cooperate with the egyptian authorities to continue with the investigating reasons for the air crash.
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>> it has been suggested that the marks on the rear door have shrapnel within the aircraft. and the hull appears to have peeled out wards indicating the force came from inside the plane. the only way to put the pieces back together again, the good news it's not underwater so you've got all the pieces. you put it in a big hanger and it is a big puzzle. that will tell you if the explosion is outside of the fuselag fuselage or inside the fusion large. >> the italian civil aviation authorities are advising all italian airlines flying from sharm el sheikh to carry out their own investigations. and they will only be able to
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bring essential hand luggage with them. >> we're moving up the number of flights on a day like this by quite a lot. so our aspiration is to get as many people home as soon as possible. >> but that is a significant challenge. the u.k. airlines had hoped to operate 15 repatriate flights from sharm el sheikh on friday. but in reality only five departed. and eight made it to sharm el sheikh. egyptians said they could not handle any more than that. >> we want to make sure that they come back safely, and that the planes are dealt with in a professional way.
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>> finding children's books, and jewelry. what has been found is the cause of the crash, but the range of options are narrowing. >> well, rory challands september this update. >> the question of what has changed the minds of the russian leadership is one that actually does not have a definitive answer. but clearly their minds have been changed because recently politicians are saying that the british decision to suspend flight from the sinai was politically motivated and pre-ma sure. we know that the russian investigators have had access to the black boxes and also samples from the crash flight are currently being analyzed in
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moscow looking for traces of explosives. whether that has influenced this decision we don't know quite yet. but the russians have a logistical headache of 45,000, at least, russians stranded in egypt who have to be brought home. that is a process that the tourism union here in russia said could take as long as a whole month. >> meanwhile the united states says it's tightening security on flights from oversead. josh earnest has this update. >> we still have not made our own determination of the cause of the incident. while we can't rule anything in or out, we have to consider that possibility that of potential
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environment. out of abundance of caution we're mind fortunately of that possibility. secretary johnson earlier today announced that they'll be using a handful of airport notice region to further secure the aviation system for american travelers. ♪ >> the--three israelis have been injured in two separate attacks in the palestinian west bank. family of the 72-year-old confirmed she died in the jerusalem hospital saying she was just trying to fill up her car. israeli forces say that she tried to you run over soldiers.
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a man on the gaza border died from a shot to the head. >> there have been two separate incidents in and around the hebron area. we were told it was sniper fire targeting jewish visitors. two young israelis injured in that attack. the armies looking for whoever carried that out. then about an hour, hour and a half later a drive-by shooting. one israeli seriously injured in hebron. this is an escalation. we don't often see incident of shooting, palestinian shoots. however, the other way another incident at 72-year-old grandmother shot dead by the israeli security forces at a gas station just on the outskirts of
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hebron. her family told us she was simply trying to fill up her car with gas, but the israeli army said that she tried to ram her car into a group of soldiers. another incident on friday, an israeli man died east of ramallah. the attackers managed to get away. the israeli security forces are looking for him. so certainly an incredibly tense day. it just goes to show that even though over the last few days, some days without incidents then we see an escalation as we've had on this friday. very unpredictable, difficult to calm certainly, and we heard from the israeli chief of military intelligence, and we spoke with the cabinet earlier this week and he said there were three reasons request we have these tension. one is the al-aqsa mosque.
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and second, settlers killing a 18-month-old baby and his parents. no justice has really come out of that, and the complete hopelessness of palestinians who believe that this occupation will never end. >> u.s. president barack obama has rejected a canadian company's bid to build an oil pipeline across the hub of the united states. transcanada had been trying for seven years to get permission to build the pipeline. roslind jordan has the latest. >> transcanada's seven-year plan to build a keystone xl pipeline is over. president obama rejected the company's application on friday. the first reason, economics. >> the pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy. so if congress is serious about wan wanting to create jobs, this was not the way to do it. >> the other reason, the u.s.
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credibility on ending global warming. the u.s. is meeting with other countries in paris in early december. >> america is now a global leader when it comes to taking serious action to fight climate change. and frankly approving this project would have under cut that leadership. >> transcanada has been trying to build the pipeline across the u.s. heartland since 2008. it would connect transcanada oil fields with refineries on the gulf of mexico. it was projected to move 127 million leaders of crude oil a day. >> despite opposition from environmental groups, obama hinted he might approve the plan back in 2012. >> today i'm directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles and make this project a priority to get
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it done. >> but the state department finally decided that keystone excel does not serve u.s. interests. >> today it was chosen over merit or science. and rhetoric ran over republic republican. >> we help him reject the keystone pipeline. we helped him stop arctic drilling. we're going to help him stop atlantic drilling and keep fossil fuels on our lands. this is not what about the president does in a vacuum. it's about what he is pushed to do. >> thank you very much. >> building his legacy on climate change while looking ahead to whoever replaces him in the white house. roslind jordan, washington. >> rescue workers continue to seven through the collapsed
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factory in pakistan. and family members who didn't make it.
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>> welcome back. you're watching al jazeera. here is a recap of our top stories. russia has suspended all flights to egypt after a week after a passenger plane crashed in the sinai peninsula killing all 224 people on board. a 72-year-old palestinian woman has died in the occupied west bank after being shot by israeli security forces. elsewhere, three israelis have
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been injured in two separate attacks in hebron. prance to build the pipeline between canada and the united states has been dropped. president obama said that the keystone pipeline would not have served national interests. in other stories, sweden's migration minister warned that they can no longer guarantee housing for newly arriving refugees. those applying for asylum in sweden should be aware of the situation. it has received 100,000 refugees already this year. this remote region might be freezing, but it's far safer than the bashed wire fences that hundreds of thousands are facing on other routes to the continent. some have been cycling from russia to norway often on bikes meant for children. well, for some refugees
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leaving their home country is just the start of a terrible journey with many not making it to their destination alive. on the greek island of lesbos, there are dead relatives who did not survive the journey. we have reports from lesbos. >> with reminders all around them, the wait has only deepened the suffering and exacerbated the guilt. this man cannot bear the pain. >> it's been one torture after another after another after another. how can i possibly explain it. it was a horrible accident. absolutely horrible. >> he tells me how he just wanted to give his family a better life. >> when i left syria i didn't leave for me. i left to try to make a safer future for my children. i had no idea i would lose the love of my life, my son.
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i had no idea. >> he was only seven years old when the boat carrying him and his family from turkey to greece capsized. dozens died on october 28th. a day whose horrific scenes shocked the world. men and women clinging for their lives as children fought for theirs. here a facility on lesbos that offers shelters to bereaved refugees, psychologists say these families need far more help than they're getting. >> there is a normal process of grief. these people are traumatized by the lack of respect and lack of humanitarian--real humanitarian support. >> yannis said some of the bigger international aid agencies currently on the island aren't doing nearly enough. >> at the end of the day i think they don't leave something behind as far as infrastructure. they don't educate the locals, they come from all over the world to support the refugees.
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and yes, i think people should know this. >> sadly the refugee crisis seems nowhere near over. and many aid workers only expect it to worsen. >> many of the families we've spoken with here who have lost loved ones as they cross into greece are still waiting for the return of their bodies. >> for now, he wants only one thing: >> we simply asking to find a piece of land to bury our dead. it's been a week, and they still have not released his body. how long do we have to wait. there are so many families who are still waiting. our soles can never rest until they're buried. >> but with cemeteries too full of bodies right now, burials are on hold. as he makes his way to the ticket office, he continues to
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plot a way out of greece for his wife and two children. even though he knows they'll never be able to leave behind this island. al jazeera, lesbos, greece. >> rescuers in brazil are still searching for survivors after a dam burst swamping a mining village. two people are now confirmed dead and 30 injured. officials say that is a third. here are our reports. >> rescuers in brazil have been struggling to dig out survivors after a dam holding waste water burst. families in structures that are still standing. they'll begin searching for those who are missing in the morning. they didn't stand a chance against the thick torrent of mud that swept through it. the mud stretched over two kilometers from the dam into the village. almost 600 people live here, and
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most of them are miners. >> i heard something like an earthquake. it seemed like a steam roller was passing by me. everything was shaking. when i looked, the ground was cracked. >> firefighters say the number of missing may rise, and it's unlikely to find survivors under the toxic mixture, and most roads have been blocked by the deluge. >> i have a few relatives who have called to say they're well. but there are a few who we have no news of them. >> there was no power as the electricity lines were also brought down by the strong current. the company running the site said it's trying to figure out what happened. >> at the moment we cannot confirm the cause and extent of what has happened or the number of victims. i repeat, our focus at this critical moment is to preserve people's well-being and the environment. >> the site is operated by mining companies, and owned by larger companies.
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they say they're doing all it can to help people. the centuries-old mining hub looks like they'll need all the help they can get. >> well, our reporter is at the scene in the town of southeastern brazil. >> behind me is the village in southeastern brazil. and this is the closest we can get. two dams burst in the mining operations in the region here. those dams have been holding back tailings from a mining company called samarco. this disaster has caused a huge mudslides that destroyed hundreds of houses. 600 people used to live in this village. rescue teams have been looking for survivors and possible casualties.
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dozens of people who lost their homes in the area spent the night in trees and in a church there was also damage after the accident. >> well, the death toll from the factory collapse in pakistan on wednesday has now risen to 38. dozens of people are still missing in the rubble, and rescue crews say that hope is failing for more survivors to be found. residents at the site said that the building was under construction, and had been poorly built. kamal hyder has this update. >> the rescue and relief effort is now gathering momentum. and it is because of that that more bodies have been retrieved. some of the bodies are buried under the rubble, they're exposed, but now the job is to remove the rubble around them. the owner of the factories reported that his dead body was found under the recentl rubble. time is of the essence.
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there are still signs of life and reports that somebody made a call from under the rubble. the important thing will be to try and reach them. the important thing also is the fact that it is a very slow process. because entire concrete and steel have to be first cut and then lifted by cranes. it will take several days before this building is cleared. but it will be a miracle if they're able to save those people who may still be alive under the rubble. >> india's prime minister narendra modi is due to hold a rally on saturday amid tight security in protests. >> some neighborhoods still look like this after a year of being hit by floods. but it's actually an improvement. this is how it looked a year ago. locals clearing away rubbles,
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salvaging what they could. that's when we met this man who lost everything in the flood. now he has rebuilt part of his house. >> all the money we got in compensation from the government went to just cleaning up the rubble. i had to take a bank loan and borrow money from my friends. we keep waiting for help but never get it. >> parts of this area are empty as rebuilding is slow and some are still out of their homes. one of the expectations of prime minister narendra modi's rally is the announcement of a large aid package to help with flood damage and bring development not region. but some people believe that's not the answer to the problems that people are facing. they say their demands are more political. part of the area was shut down as roadblocks are set up and security is increased. leaders have been put under house arrests. we tried to speak to one of the protest leaders.
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but we were denied entry by the police. >> this independent politician is planning another protest during narendra modi's rally on saturday saying the aid package is not enough. >> the issues will never take political issues. >> modi's arainfall has been given an official welcome which saves power as the prime minister. although not winning a muslim majority area, members say having the party in power in the local and central government means greater benefits for locals. >> protesters don't care. they don't want peace and development. what people want, they want jobs and peace and development. they want the far-sighted vision. >> back in the neighborhood all
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they can see is a start of another winter without a proper home. hoping that someone in the government finally fulfills their promise of helping them rebuild. al jazeera, indian-administered kazmir. >> now building schools and a brighter future bottle by bottle. >> soon these children are going to primary schools will not have their food cooked and served outside. the building behind them is made from recycled plastic brick. there is a shortage of school buildings in some of south africa's poorest communities. >> plastic bottles are not biodegradable and end up in land fills. but the recycled plastic bottles are molded into brick-like
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shapes and sold to the public as water bottles for less than 05 $0.50. a wire mesh keeps the plastic bricks in place. those behind the project say it's a way to save the environment and uplift communities. >> within structures like this that you see behind me. >> another school in the community will soon have its own interesting structure. the bricks are simple to stack, like lego bricks. >> it takes about 15,000 of these, and this is going to be a kitchen. the buildings say it went up very fast. it took roughly three hours. >> this youth center opens in january. officials at the bottle to build school initiative say that
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depending on the finishing used it's 40% cheaper to build with plastic than conventional clay or cement bricks. >> if you're skeptical, by all means i'll show you through it. >> many were concerned about the bricks accidently catching fire. >> i thought maybe the whole kitchen will, but no, it won't. >> it's hope that the low cost will be used across the african continent. al jazeera. >> two u.s. astronauts are back in the international space station after a six and a half hour spacewalk. >> i found a little frame that
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would rip through the wire tie. >> the astronauts went out to repair an ammonium leak in the cooling system. more on everything that we're covering right here on al >> it's still months before college football season kicks off, but the team at northwestern university is in the middle of a 40 hour work week. >> they are traveling more than even 10 years ago, they're being asked to sacrifice more they're asked to treat their sport as a year-round endeavor. so the demands on them are so intense that it has put them in a situation where it's like a fight or die situation.