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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EST

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. >> announcer: this is al jazeera. hello, welcome to the newshour, i'm jane dutton in doha. coming up, after 56 years of distrust, an historic handshake between the leaders of the taiwan and china egypt says the reason for the crash has not been shared with cairo kashmir's prime minister visits with a multibillion aid
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package, plus.... >> i'm stronger and more determined. no more street harassment. i feel i can save the world. and we hear the remarkable store of a blind karate competitor hoping to beat palestine taiwan reaffirmed its commitment not to seek independence from jchina. chinese leader xi jinping and taiwan's president ma ying-jeau. the meeting has been called a symbolic moment of reconciliation. >> translation: today is an extraordinary day. the leaders of taiwan met a gathered. this historic moment will open a
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new chapter, leaving a mark history. >> translation: both sides speak to one china policy. we have to recognise that although there's one china, we have to agree. no independence will be seen from taiwan. it is not allowed by the constitution. before the meeting, xi jinping made comment about the china sea, impacting on taiwan, did we learn about what is likely to happen there. >> he made the comments before arriving at the 5-star hotel in the ball room. and both leaders had initially agreed that at the meet they would not discuss the south
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china sea. there was a great deal of speculation with the media contingence that that subject would be broached, and he broacheded it. he said words to the effect - it's a long speech. he said countries are welcome to participate in the region's peaceful development, and there should be free passages in the south china sea. it's not a problem. maintaining sovereignty of territory and maritime rites is the responsibility of the chinese government. at the moment china is saying large swathes of the china sea belongs to it. the parasol islands in and spratly islands. taiwan is there, and china has a claim on taiwan. that will raise eyebrows and anger some by what was said here. there were demonstrations in taiwan, and an outburst in the press conference. that was not approached in the
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meeting, that statement, and has not gone down very well. >> and in the china camp? >> well in the china camp it is interesting. because if we just show you that the press comp that are still here, when the meeting was announced less than 36 hours ago. what singapore experienced was a deluge of journalists. there were 500 journalists and camera men here, many from the asia pacific region, and a large contingent from china. the features in a roundtable session that you saw, or will see in the broadcast, was broadcast live to china, and so was the president's speech, talking about cooperation with taiwan. as soon as he finished his speech, chinese broadcasters stopped broadcasting from singapore. they did not broadcast what the
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taiwanese leader had to say. it's an interesting situation, that it's all right to hear what the chinese president said, but really no one else's opinion needs to matter. >> interesting. the schism between china and taiwan goes back to 1949 when the nationalists were tweeted by communists. we have more. >> reporter: the meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan picks up a relationship virtually on homed since the time of their -- hold since the time of their founding predecessors. in 1949 after a bloody war, mao tse tung and his communists declared the people. china's people created the republic of china on taiwan. they set on divergent paths. >> translation: the soviet union
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supported china, taiwan sided with america. it was a cold war frontier. both sides remained on war footing until 1979 when china wanted dialogue. >> reporter: as the cold war ended and mainland china transformed itself. the gulf between the two changed helped by communication and transportation links. political differences remained. china's one party system and control versus taiwan's multipartner politics and vibrant free speech. the two leaders come together, with neither recognising the other as the president of china. at this meeting they'll be mr. the fact of the two sides at least acknowledging each other's existence counts as progress. >> translation: as long as the
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confrontation is over, china is unified. this is part of the progress. this is not how the countries solve their problems. the summit could set a precedent for future contact at the highest level, or it could be a one off with relations changing back to their fractious ways. let's get the perspective from taiwan. andrew thomas, how did the news go down there that their leader reaffirmed that they wouldn't be seeking independence from china? >> well this is a seen you would never see in beijing, protesters angry the their leaders holding the summit. it doesn't reflect the major city view. i spoke to people in a shopping center, and the majority were encouraged by the talks.
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the people here are not. these people have been walking noisily around the streets of taipei, and were angrier when they saw the president conference between president xi jinping and president ma. the people want an independ taiwan and they took president jin's comment that there was one china, and that taiwan could integrate as proof that their president ma has sold out to president xi jinping. >> i wonder what kind of impact this will have on the elections in january. >> they are, and the party of the president ma is not looking like it will retain the presidency, looks like this party will lose that. the people here think that this
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summit is a last-ditch effort for president ma to cement its position history. he thinks, so some commentators say, that by showing that he can talk too beijing, engage with beijing, that only this party can have the legitimacy to keep the talks going, that the opposition party that would like proper independence might antagonize beijing into conflict. even military conflict. in his press confidence. president madonna said he agreed a position, where both leaders agree there's one china, that they have a different interpretation of what that china is, and that will remain the status quo. and that is what he's trying to reassure people. people here do not buy that. more broadly around taiwan, they might. >> activists in syria say
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government forces bombarded the city of domar north of damascus. this video is set to show the aftermath of the strikes killing at least 10 and injuring dozens more. many districts in domar are under rebel control. 40% of those killed were women or children under 15. a village in the western province of hama has been taken from government forces. activists say this shows damage from the fighting in an area seized by forces. it's been a target of russian air strikes a 72-year-old palestinian wom woman dies after being shot by israeli forces. her family say she was trying to fill up her car with petrol. israeli soldiers say she sped at
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soldiers. a 22-year-old died from a shot to the head. 30 other palestinians were injured. four israelis have been wounded, two seriously in two shootings, and a stabbing attack. 76 palestinians, and nine israelis have been killed in daily attacks since the beginning of october. >> egyptian government leaders complain that foreign intelligence on the russian airliner crash has not been shared with them. the foreign minister had this to say. >> the information we had about the incident had not been shared with egyptian security agencies, with any details. this is a question mark we should of course, we are the most involved party. we are expecting more technical information to be provided to us, instead of spreading it in a casual way. >> now, french investigators
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ablack box flight recorder data suggests an explosion caused the disaster last seat, killing 224 passengers and the crew. thousands of british and russian tourists are being flown home from egypt. paul brennan reports. >> reporter: there's a major exodus under way from sharm el sheikh. 20,000 departing britains will be joined by 40,000 russian tourists. russia and egypt described the flight description by the u.k. as premature. what changed the kremlin's mind. the british said their decision was based on intelligence, making it more likely than not that a bomb was responsible. the head of russia assist f.s.b. gave no details, saying it was expedient to suspend flights until the real reason for the crash is known. >> translation: until we determine the cause of what happened. i believe it's reasonable to
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suspend flights. it applies to the tourist channel on the one hand, and on the other hand we believe it's necessary to cooperate with the egyptian authorities to continue joint work on investigating the reasons for the air crash. >> reporter: a visual examination of the metro jet gives clues. it's been suggested that the pock marks on the inside of the door could be the result of shrapnel originating within the aircraft. there are other indicators, the metal hull appealed to peel outwards, indicating that the fors could have quom from in the plane. pted t pted. the only thing to do is put the plane together. you have all the pieces because it's happened in a desert. you take a big hanger, take all the piece, put it together if it and that will tell you whether it was outside the fuselage or
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inside telling you whether it was a missile or a bomb. >> reporter: there are concerns about security. the italian aviation authority is telling all airlines to carry out their own checks, in addition to those done by the airport. british passengers repatriated to the u.k. will only be allowed to bring essential hand luggage with them. >> reporter: we are working through challenging issues, we are putting additional security in place. we are moving up the flights. on a day like this, by quite a lot. aspiration is to get as many home as soon as possible. >> reporter: that is a challenge. the u.k. airlines, monarch and easy jets hoped to operate 15 flight out of sharm el sheikh on friday. in reality five planes took part. eight in total. egypt's said it couldn't cope with more than that. >> egypt will can't rate fully
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with the u.k. -- cooperate fully with the u.k. authority. we want to make sure they come back safely and the planes are dealt with in a professional way. >> reporter: the search of the sinai desert is continuing. scattered on the ground, the debris of lives cut short, children's books, a jewellery chain. what has not been found is a reason for the crash. the range of options is narrowing coming up on the newshour - what first-time voters want as myanmar prepares for an historic election. more than a dozen people missing in brazil after a burst dam engulfs a town in mud and debris. and sport - a warning that athletics corruption crisis could become the greatest sports
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scandal yet police fought protesters, as politicians visited indian administered kashmir. a police officer was among arrests meet. narendra modi announced an aid package for the flood victims and prommed more economic development -- promised more economic development. our correspondent was at the protest. >> protesters here have been clashing with police. the protesters are supposed to be contained in that area there. when they marched, waving the flags and the balloons, the police swooped in, almost out of nowhere and tried to push the crowd back, they've been running back and fourth. police have them contained to this area. they were protesting narendra modi's rally, and he is here to announce an aid package to help victims of the flooding and
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announce development for the state. the people say they don't want economic help. they want political freedom, they want the issues addressed at the political level. curfews and securities around the city, preventing protests like this happening. but smaller contained ones have gotten through. police are struggling to contain this. it is kept in this general area. >> candidates in myanmar held their final rallies before the parliamentary election on sunday. many hope it will help full democracy. the opposition says the military is stacking the deck in its favour. scott heidler has more. >> reporter: with the election posters down and campaigning coming to a halt. myanmar is hours away from heading to the polls. an historic vote the whole world is watching. over the past two months most of
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the cities and downs see extensive campaigning. something the 50 million have not witnessed in a quarter of a century, a general election with all political parties running. especially the national league for democracy, aung san suy kyi. the n.l.d. is the front runner in the polling. the boycott of the 2010 election, a year before the transformation to the somewhat civilian government. >> but they did participate in the polling, as a founding member of the democracy party, one of 91 parties participating in these elections. her father was the first and last democratically elect prime minister. he was removed by a military coup in 1962. >> nearly 50 years we were under the military rule. so within five years. within five months we wanted a
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change. those changes we wanted to see. as for my father, he was a seasoned politician. he may not have this kind of, you know, frustration. >> she feels the nation needs to channel some of her father's patience. >> as the ruling party rests up its campaigning, this is the last rally, despite predictions of a win for the opposition, this is part of the process to fool democracy. that destination is far away. >> they think this election is neither free nor fair. >> this is an important step on the road to democracy to myanmar. it's only a small first step. if opposition parties were to win 100% of the seats elect, that are available to them, the military was a constitution in place, stacked in their favour. >> that includes barring aung
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san suy kyi from becoming president and the giving the military the power to appoint 25% of the parliament. >> with so many factors and possibilities at play, and in u.n. chartered territory, exact predictions of the future is about as accurate as the famous fortune tellers as mentioned, sunday's election is the first openly contested vote in 25 years. more than 1,000 seats are up for grabs. 33 million voters will choose representatives for the national parliament state and regional assembly and ethnic seats. a record number of candidates will stand, 6,000 for 91 political parties. there are concerns the process is marginalizing minorities. none of the two main party will fill a single muslim candidate
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despite muslims making up 10% of the population. there's myanmar's 70 year-long conflict with ethnic groups, polling booths will be closed due to security concerns, that means 7 of the 330 seats in the lower house will not be filled. scott heidler joins us now. just over 12 hours until polls open. what is happening on the ground. what is the feeling there? >> well definitely preparations are under way. 40,000 points across the nation, getting ready for the 33 million registered voters to come out. security is a concern. the government said that, the military said that. they are deploying thousands of forces to the streets of large cities like here. and in smaller villages across the country. each polling center will have a
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special election police member there to make sure that things go smoothly, and it's interesting to see. we visited a couple of polling center there. and we saw a makeshift polling center at the bottom floor of a building still being built. under construction. a lot of different places for 33 million people to come out and vote. >> myanmar's president promised to respect the results of the election, to people take him at his word? >> there has been a lot of concerns over the two months of campaigning that concluded on friday, as well as the early polling. there has been reports about missing names, hundreds of thousands of missing names on voter lists, and the process has not gone smoothly, who live abroad and have the right to vote here. registration for those lists,
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there's reports that people were not lifted, and ballots have been listing, and that's a concern when you look at fraud when it comes to the counting of the ballots. there's 11,000 election observers observing every minutes of the polling process that will take place on sunday. before the election day there is concern about how smoothly tomorrow, but again, big words coming out from the president and from the military-backed party that they'll accept the results of the polling. >> this is one of myanmar's closely watched elections. florence louie spoke to two first-time voters in yank gong. >> the 2015 general election has been described as a landmark election. >> i'm here with two first-time voters, a corporate affairs
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executive, to talk about the poll on sunday. >> how important is the election to you? >> it's very important for me and the country. the right to vote is very - the most important thing for the democrat initiative, if we are truly practicing, and we can pick our government. >> this election centered on the topic of change. what change are you hoping to see? >> i hope to see from the opposition party. i want to see more from the opposition party. >> myanmar started on a transition to democracy five years ago. are you happy with the changes. >> i'm many with the changes. people can see the country and government. at least they are trying to
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save. they are trying to change the legislative. >> i want them to take more responsibility for rule of law. and i don't feel safe around here these days. there's a lot of crimes. also, health care system is cool. and education system, i want my son to go to the best group kristina and her friend will join 33 million legible to vote in the myanmar election on sunday. >> reporter: a young man has been found alive after spending 50 hours under the collapsed rubble of a building in pakistan. he was pulled out headquarters after rescuers said hopes were failing of finding more survivors. the fourth storey collapsed on wednesday killing 24 people. kamal hyder there with the latest on that. >> hundreds of relatives are
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waiting for news of their loved ones that are under the rub. it's the recovering of this 19-year-old, 50 hours after the collapse of the building that is giving a ray of hope that perhaps their relatives may be alive. the search and rescue operation is slow. they do not want to move anything that might compromise anybody that may be alive inside that building. as you can see, a narrow road is separating the relatives from the rescue workers, who are busy across the road. you can see piles of rubble, lifting up large pieces of the debris, and the idea is to try to see if they can reach more survivors who may be alive under the rubble. >> flash flooding in egypt killed 18 people.
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heavy rains struck the province, bad drainage left roads under water. the sheriff held an emergency meeting to discuss the situation. >> this is something that is happening in the region, which is unusual. >> that's right. >> imagine this region to be dry. at the moment it's anything but. i have more video to show you. firstly from thursday. this is what happened in oman, in jordan. this rain storm happened just in 40 minutes, and caused all this flooding. clearly a major problem there. that same system worked to the east. you can see the area of cloud over baghdad. that one gave us major problems in baghdad. the water doesn't look as deep. getting around is a bit of a problem. and we are seeing major disruption. baghdad has seen more rain, two weeks ago, and that system, you can see it there, working to the east. it looks like it's beginning to
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break up. you would be mistaken. this is what we are expecting in the forecast over the next few days. sunday, it looks scattered. some are over tehran and one or two dotted elsewhere, then they pull themselves together. looks like on monday we'll see rain. when we see that, it floods. if we head to the northern parts of africa, around trip receiver, we have seen lively showers. these caused us a problem. that's from 32mm in two days. there's more in the way of showery weather to come on sunday. >> still ahead - we look at the changes refugees face as they try to start a new life in the united states. the contentious project to bring canadian oil to the u.s. becomes just a pipe dream. and for baseball and golf fans, this could be the perfect
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marriage of the sport. details coming up with jo. jo.
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hello, a quick reminder of the top stories. taiwan agreed not to seek independence from china. the two leaders met and shook hands egyptians claim data from
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the black box recorder suggests that an explosion caused the crash india's prime minister visited indian administered kashmir. local politicians were among arrests made. more on the top story, a political relationship between china and taiwan has been tense. economically they are closer than ever. china is taiwan's important trading partner, crowing by $50 million. both sides are investing heavily into each other's economies. 8% of taiwan's investments abroad goes into china. the director of international affairs, at the thinking taiwan foundation. good to have you with us. laying out the economic
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importance of the relationship. we can see why it's a big thing that they are talking to each other. what is the response to the confirmation that taiwan will not be seeking independence from china? >> well, it's hard for the president ma to be in singapore talking with president xi jinping and say taiwan will not seek independence. the president ma will be stepping down in about six months, and, in the january 16, 2016, elections, it is very, very likely that the party that he represents will be severely tweeted. now, that being said, for the majority of people in taiwan, they already are citizens of the a sovereign country, known as taiwan. the republic of china, it's difficult to change the status of taiwan. it exists as an independent
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state. any promise that it will not seek independence is an empty promise. >> will the gesture take taiwan closer into china's realm of influence? >> not that - the economic relationship is certainly very important. but at the same time, taiwan's 23 million people are adamant that they want to maintain the way of life and their democracy. most are in favour of improving ties with china, of normalizing ties with china, but they are not in favour of becoming part of the people's republic of china, developments in hong kong, and their society, how they have been affected since returning to china in 1997 serves as a warning. price they may have to pay in terms of liberties and life. if they become part of china, this is not what they want.
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>> ma's party might be negatively affected in the january elections, if that is the case, could it undo any of the work, the gestures that we have seen today? >> not if beijing reacts in the pragmatic manner, and there's every reason to believe or hope that it will do so. the candidate from the opposition democratic permissive party has made clear that if she is elected, she'll maintain the status quo in relation tos with china and seek to continue the good work that has been accomplished and engage in constructive dialogue with her counterparts in china, the ball is in beijing's court rather than taiwan's court thank you for sharing your expertise. an operator of a mine confirmed an earthquake may have
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caused the disaster. many are missing. we have this report from mariana. >> reporter: it's hard to believe there used to be 200 homes in this area. now there's only 10, after a mix of water, mud and mining residue flooded the area. this is a small village in in south-east of brazil. those that used to live here can hardly believe what happened. >> i heard a strange noise. when i went to stee what it was, it -- see what it was, it looked like a volcano. >> what passed through our house was worse than a sooun army. everyone was shouting, families shouting. >> hundreds of people have been rescued. many sheltering in emergency accommodation, like here in
5:36 am
mariana, many were taken to hotels. this 12-year-old watched the horror of his experience. his family spent the night in the forest? a. forest, waiting to be rescued. >> i want to wake up from the nightmare. >> environment groups plain that the floods spread along its path. the company is denying there is toxic contamination in the area. >> it is important to note that the floods that burst out of the dam is iron ore spoils, which is inert. there's no other consequences, other than the fizzingal damage it cuffed. -- caused. >> the site is operated by a mining company, a joint ventures between brazil and bhp.
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rescue teams are flying over the region, as every hour passes, hopes to find survivors are fading a somali member of the parliament has been wounded in a drive-by shooting. the armed group al-shabab claimed responsibility for the shooting in mogadishu district. last week a hotel in the capital used regularly by politicians was bombed, killing 15 people in the last three years in the formation by the parliament. proponents of burundi's president have given a deadline. they warned of tough measures to stamp out resistance to their elections. security searches for weapons and opposition figures. 200,000 fled the country after
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deciding to seek a third term. >> the west african countries was given the all clear. the world's worst out brake claimed 4,000 lives in sierra leone, more than 11,000 in the region the german government says there's been no change to its policy for civilians. syrians would be given shorter resident's permits and barred from reuniting with their families. there has been no change to the status. they have been stranded on the island during a 4-day ferry strike. the greek prime minister held an emergency meeting with the mayor's of several islands in,
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600,000 refugees entered europe through greece this year. >> the united states has been criticized for a lacklustre offer to take in 10,000 syrian refugees. it has the biggest refugee program in the world. resettling 70,000 this year. the minister met new arrives in new mexico after 10 years apart, angelique welcomes her relatives, and, most of all, her mother to america. the journey for the refugees who have fled war-torn democratic republic of congo is part of the resettlement programme. the largest in the world. >> we are happy to be in america. they have been waiting so long. five years. at the airport the new arrivals meet not only family members,
5:40 am
but their case manager who will help them over the next few face and weeks, starting their lives in albuquerque. >> first with some starter money, and everything from applying to social security and taking a crash course in english. this woman works at one of the nine resettlement non-profits that the state department works with. here we have a couple of donations of baby food. we have 125 individuals. refugees show up at the airport with nothing. ahead of the rival her office prepares the basics. in apartments for three months and everything in it. the state department makes a payment. in this case, about 1,000 u.s. dollars. most of the money goes to buying
5:41 am
a mattress. >> there's pillowcases, bath towels, everything in the first apartment. >> from cannes openers, microwaves to coffee makers, what americans consider essential are foreign to those half a world away. you might think new york city, chicago and los angeles are better places, multicultural metropolises. americans take in 70,000 refugees. not all head to a city. many head to cities, nashville, phoenix, los angeles. it's a community where people know each other, care about each other. there's affordable housing, good jobs, schools are welcoming and refugees find a city like that very comfortable. the goal is not to set them up
5:42 am
for failure in an overwhelming environment. refugees need time to learn english, in order to transfer skills they may have from their home country for use in the united states. for the latest rivals that have not had a chance to think that far ahead, they are glad to be alivism the fact that i'm here because of the grace of god. he decided i would not die in the congo. i will come to america. nephews, nieces, mothers, daughters. reunited in a likely place. one of promise, safety and security. melissa chan. albuquerque two police officers in the u.s. have been charged with the fatal shooting of a 6-year-olds
5:43 am
boy. jeremy marredize was hit five times in the head and chest inmville as police chased his father's car. the two officers have been charged with second degree murder and attempted second degree murder president obama rejects a canadian country's bid to build a pipeline across the heart. united states. the company had seven years to get permission for the project. rosalind jordan has the latest. >> transcanada, 7-year long quest to build the pipeline is over. president obama rejected the company's application on friday. the first reason, economics. >> the pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy. so if congress is serious about wanting to created jobs. this was not the way to do it. >> the other reason, the u.s.'s
5:44 am
credibility on ending global warning. the u.s. is meeting at a climate change conference. america is a global leader when it comes to taking action to fight climate change. frankly, approving the project would have undercut the leadership. >> reporter: transcanada has been trying to build the pipeline since 2008. it will connect transcanada's oil fields with alberta with existing pipelines and refineries on the gulf of mexico. it was projected it would move 100,000 litres a day. obama hinted he might approve the plan in 2012. >> today i'm directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles and make this a priority to get it done. >> the state department which
5:45 am
was in charge. review finally decided it doesn't serve national interests. the c.e.o. is disappointed and is considering next steps. today misplaced symbolism was chosen. rhetoric ran out over reason. >> environmental groups say they need to keep the pressure on the president. >> we helped him reject the pipeline, stop arctic drilling. we'll help him stop add lantic drilling and -- atlantic drilling. this is not just about what the president does in a vacuum, but what he's pushed to do. >> helping president obama build his legacy, and looking ahead to whoever replaces him in the white house sting ahead, jo has the details of the tough quarterfinal. and the rest of the sport coming up next. up next.
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more and more americans are joining the inform mall workforce of the gig economy, working for new companies like the car service uber, or the home rental company air b&b and triggered debates on workers' rights because many are employed on informal contract. kristen saloomey reports from new york. >> reporter: finding a job as a bike messenger in new york may never be easier thanks to a number of new online delivery services and apps. finding a good job is tougher
5:48 am
than ever. he is suing his former employer. post mates. >> post mates bringts the city... >> reporter: a class action lawsuit fails to ensure that delivery men and women earn the living wage. >> people think it's a sustainable job, will help them pay their bills. a lot of there for a couple of weeks, it's not a sustainable value created economy or jobs. that the companies are creating, they are fly by night, have a revolving door. >> reporter: it follows the business model of uber and task grab it. the people they higher are considered independent contractors, not employees. proponents say it provide extra income and flexible hours in an economy struggling to recover from a recession that ended in 2009. >> we have a large pool of workers who are completely unemployed and have taken up
5:49 am
part time jobs, because they can't find full-time jobs or are discouraged from looking for work. people are taking up the alternative job. >> the so-called gig economy may be creating jobs, but not in the traditional sense. by relying on freelance workers, companies avoid u.s. requirements to contribute to health care benefits or pay into the safety net programs, programs meant to protect workers when they are sick or injured, or when they redire. >> steven hill is the author of raw deal. his back argues the giving economy is bad for workers and ultimately the economy. >> this puts pressure on other employers in the same occupation or business. if they are not using independent contractors, and someone else is, it puts pressure on the other employers to do that. it's a race to the bottom. that's a big problem. >> al jazeera mated several
5:50 am
attempts to get -- made several attempts to get post mate's side of the story. they are one of many who are being challenged in court. the company never responded. ultimately the lawsuits may decide how to classify the workers, and whether to put the breaks on the gig economy. >> jo is here with the sport. a bit of intrigue the corruption crisis with individual athletics is deepening. a further fewer have been charged with breaches. including the son of the former president. accused of the soliciting bribes in exchange for covering up doping. he was arrested by french authorities on wednesday and said to have a lead system of corruption. the i.a.a.f. cancelled award
5:51 am
ceremonies. >> there are three different investigators under way. french police charged four men, including his son, an advisor and the anti-doping chief. the doping commission charged four men, including the president of the russian federation and the head of coaching long distance walkers and runners much there's the investigation by the world anti-doping agency. their report was handed down in geneva on monday. a coe author warned the findings will be damming. >> richard mclaren says:
5:52 am
f.i.f.a. officials are holding a summit to decide whether the bangladesh capital is safe enough to hold a world cup qualifier with australia on nef the 17th. australia cricket team puled out of a tour of the south asian country. the first leg of the asian champion's league final takes place in a few hours time. the united arab emirates will host a team in dubai, let by former brazil coach. they are hoping to add to the 2013 title. >> we are going to face a strong team. that in my opinion can compete against any club in europe. >> there are seven games coming up in the english premier league. bournemouth face newcastle in the early kick-off. manchester united are home to west brom, and chelsea sitting 15th in the table are away to stoke in the late kick off.
5:53 am
>> two milestone centuries highlighting a dominant day for australia in the first cricket test against new zealand in brisbane. joe burns got his first tonne, producing a 270 month opening partnership with david warner. warner scored 116, becoming the third batsman to post hundreds in both innings of a test match. australia lead by 503 runs. india beat south africa by 108 in the first test. the protest took six wickets in the opening session to bowl out india for 200. with a victory target of 218, south africa were dismissed for 108, and figures of 5 for 21. >> andy murray will look to book his place in the paris masters final on saturday. the world number three coming through a hard fought win
5:54 am
against favourite richard gasquet. down a break, andy murray found his rhythm when it counted clinching the match. he plays david ferrer. >> stanislaw wawrinka plays novak djokovic. novak djokovic was pushed to the final by tomas berdych, the serb win, 7-3 in a tie breaker in the first. after being locked up. the line calls went novak djokovic's way, clinching the match in the second test tie breaker. xt tending the winning -- extending the winning interest streak to 20 matches. >> jordan spieth makes the final round of the wtc event. the american sitting 13-under par. after a stunning round of 63. the play was delayed by over an hour. the leader had to finish in the
5:55 am
dark, and failed to make this put. a round of 70 keeps him at the top as they go into the finals the baseball season is over. a team decided to put the field to good use, converting the park to a 9-goal golf course. it's $50, and you have a chance to hit the shot from the stands or the plate. it was $50, and sold out. to an extra day has been added. 1500 will play the course. opportunities for young sportsmen and women in gaza may be few and far between. now they are using an experimental programme to season blind bores karate. here is a story of a blind competitor dreaming of
5:56 am
representing his country. >> translation: i am 15 years old, i live in gaza city. i was born blind. so was my older brother and sister. being blind huffed to make me sad -- used to make me sad. i got used to it. in the beginning i spent most of my time at home doing nothing. i decided to change my handicap and set goals. i went to school and studied. i want to continue my studies and get a university degree. our school is a special blind school, it helps us a lot. here we are able to study and continue our lives as normal. one day i heard about a training programme. this training programme lp help me defend myself. i joined him. i was shocked. i wanted to know how to practice when i can't see. when i started training, i felt
5:57 am
i could make it. our instructor faced problems. but he took on the challenge. we are nine blind boys, and we help each other as if we were brothers. the coach developed training involving hear aring touch and sensory directions, knowing the four senses and knowing when to move. we thank him a lot for what he did for us. . karate has given me confidence. no more street harassment. i feel we have faced the world. i want to continue with karate, until we get the black belt. my hope is officials will hep us develop so we can representatives palestine in international competition. >> that's all in sport. >> another bulletin coming up, do stay watching. watching.
5:58 am
>> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep.
5:59 am
6:00 am
after 66 years of mistrust, an historic handshake from the leaders of china and taiwan. jute hello, you're watching al jazeera. also - egypt says foreign intelligence on what may have caused the russian airline to crash has not been shared with cairo. >> india's prime minister narendra modi visits


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