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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2015 8:00am-9:01am EST

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the truth. >> "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. announcer: this is al jazeera. welcome to the newshour. live from doha. in the next 6 # minutes, egypt accuses britain and america about sharing vital information about what could have caused the plane crash 66 years of mistrust, an historic handshake between the leaders of taipan and taiwan and sierra leone declared ebola free by the world health
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organisation. >> and four more people charged in a corruption crisis sounding athletics. >> plus... karate has made me stronger and confident we hear the story of a blind karate boy, hoping to represent palesti palestine egypt complained that information that would have caused the plane crash has not been shared. 224 were killed when the flight went down. the comments from the foreign minister relates to information gathered by britain and the united states. >> translation: the information we have got about the incident has not been shared with egyptian agencies, with any
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details, this is a question mark we should ask. we are the most involved party. we are expecting more technical information to be provided to us, instead of spreading it in a casual way. >> paul brennan is live from london, this is the problem with the investigation, what is it turning up? >> the investigators had a week since the crash took place. it appears from the frustration and irritation expressed, that the egyptians are having trouble filling the 7-day of information. would you have expected if there was any shrappel on the remains of the aircraft, that it could have concluded quickly. so for the egyptian foreign minister to start criticising outside nations for not sharing
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intelligence information, it appears more likely that the egyptians are unable to control the flow of messaging and expressing their frustration at that. >> for exampling on french television on saturday. the channel reported that the data recorder showed the sound of an explosion before the aircraft came down, it was an air bus. they are built in france, the frustrations of the egyptians are there are leaks coming out and they are not getting reciprocal information back. they hope to fill in gaps and put clarity on where they are in relation to the investigation. >> let's talk about filling in the gaps. let's talk about what we do
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know. or french investigators looking through the data. suggesting there was an explosion. up until the plast. u.s. satellite picked up a flash from the plane pointing to an explosion. reports suggest they intercepted communications, involving armed groups, that may support the bomb's theory. there seemed so be a suggestion there were pock marks on the inside of the door could be the result of shrapnel originating within the shrapnel originating within the broken is there. and there has been calls for evacuations and they are bringing other issues. >> the consequences of the crash are far-reaching for egypt and the tourists that are still
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there. most countries in europe decided egypt is a no go area. particularly for sharm el sheikh, and they are pulling out the tourists. the possibility of doing that is proving difficult. there would be around 29 flights repatriating people to the u.k. on friday. eight took off. and the latest figures for saturday are what followed. easy jet can have two planes departing. british airways have one plane, and 11 are on standby, standing entry on cypress. they are not able to get in in. as far as the russians go they decided they don't want the nationals in egypt.
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the deputy prime minister was in there on friday. effectively turning home. now we here from tour operators, saying 93 were sent to egypt, repatriating citizens back to russia. there's a certain degree of confusion about whether or not it will be a detailed one. news is emerging about another incident involving a plane, a british passenger jet coming in to land. coming within 300 meters of a missile. the near miss involved the plane carrying 189 passengers from london.
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and pilot saw the missile and moved the plane to the left. british intelligence concluded it wasn't a targeted attack, but part of exercises conducted by the egyptian military in the area at the time two men and an historic handshake, a grating between chinast he's mt xi jinping and taiwan's leader ma ying-jeou. what happened in that meeting? well as you say, an historic meeting, not just for the hosts, but china and taiwan as the primary countries of what has been a fractious relationship. there was a scheduled visit by
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the chinese president. singapore a country seen as a neutral arbiter doing business for china. perhaps it was singapore that invited the leader of taiwan to come here for those talks. this is how the day unfolded. >> security was tight. the government taking no chances for the leaders of china and taiwan. the president xi jinping was the first to arrive, then taiwan's leader ma ying je as u. if any doubted the meeting
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that are still here. when this meeting was announced less than 36 hours ago, what singapore experienced was a dell usual of journalists, 500 journalists and camera men here, many from the asian pacific region. the features in a roundtable session that you saw, or will >> reporter: the meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan picks up a relationship virtually on hold since the time of their founding predecessors. in 1949 after a bloody war, mao tse tung and his communists declared the people's republic of china in beijing. china's people created the republic of china on taiwan. competing governments republic of china on taiwan. set on divergent paths. they have much at stake. >> if president ma successfully carries off the meeting, it could solidify the legacy. it was also post presidency
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political life. if he sets himself up as a broker. . >> they are flagging opinion polls. president xi spoke before the talks started. 66 years of develops. relations indicates that no matter how many wind and rain both have been through, no force can keep us apart. >> reporter: the meet, lasted less than an hour, this is what ma had to say. >> translation: both sides should stick to one china policy. we have to recognise that although there's one china, we have to agree. no independence will be seen from taiwan. it is not allowed by the
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. >> there were significant demonstrations in taiwan at the meeting between ma and xi jinping. the eyebrows raised by comment made by the chinese president earlier in the day before the meeting in relation to the south china sea, and china's insistence that it has territorial control of over the waters. he said that countries will kog to participate. maintaining sovereignty of territory and maritime right is china's responsibility. it may upset some of the neighbours.
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if, indeed, it is claimed that some of the waters encroach into the countries, areas. a difficult time ahead for the president as he tries to explain the comment a main opposition leader was disappointed by the meeting and so was playing in the capital that it's likely to have a political connection. >> these protesters did not want. >> well this is a seen you would never see in beijing, protesters angry the their leaders holding the summit. it doesn't reflect the major city view.
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i spoke to people in a shopping center, and the majority were encouraged by the talks. the people here are not. these people have been walking noisily around the streets of ctaipei, and were angrier when they saw the president conference between president xi jinping and president ma. the people want an independ taiwan and they took president jin's comment that there was one china, and that taiwan could integrate as proof that their president ma has sold out to president xi jinping. anger over corruption. fears of a spiral of violence in burundi as the opposition ignores an ultimatum to hand in weapons. and in sport a warning - athlete corruption crisis could become the greatest sports scandal yet in burundi, the deadline for a weapons amnesty is expire. the u.n. and the criminal court is worried that the ultimatum will trig or further violence.
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the pet warning the police will take suf action, as rob matheson reports, many are leaving because they are scared of being targeted. >> people in the capital run from their homes taking only what they can carry or stuff into a cart. >> translation: this fear is caused by what the leadership said. we are scared they may come down with all the military might. >> the president issued an ultimatum. aum illegal weapons she we handed in. many feel it will push boourned where are close to -- burundi close to civil war. >> when the senior officials use
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terms like exterminate. when members of the opposition in the dark of night throw grenades at police officers, this brings us to the brink. we need to pull back. >> the president won a controversial third term, saying it was against the constitution, a special court was reporting hymn. he was picked by parliament. fighting and protests followed. now the united nations and a group monitoring the conflict said the situation is deteriorating. the army has the potential to stop the fighting. but the military is fractured and near breaking pointed. some say the future may lie with countries close by. >> they have to be part of sending signals to both sides, pulling back from the brink so we don'tee see the went as an
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ultimatum. the united nations security council will meet on monday to discussion the situation. many are packing what they can, and leaving a somali member of parliament has been wounded in a drive-by shooting. al-shabab is claiming responsibility for the shooting in mogadishu. last week a hotel used regularly by politicians was bombed. 14 m.p.s have been killed by mogadis mogadishu rains and flooding disrupting live in baghdad. the government says they are doing what they can. men blame the corrupt politicians. we have this report for the second time in a
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week iraqis have to wade through the streets. they are have to do all they can. many really living in crumbling infrastructure and services. >> the rain is flooding our homes and treats. children are hill due to the hard circumstances. >> reporter: more than 50 people have been killed. before the deluge, iraqis protested against what they called an inefficient government. protesters called on the government to sack corrupt officials. security fired warning sheets. >> whether is the oil money,
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money stolen by maliki. >> the people protested against corruption and lack of services. >> translation: people are not treated fairly, we see nothing fairly. economy and services are deteriorating. people are struggling. ? a. privilege. the prime minister responded to the pressure, announcing reforms. they have been blocked by perimeter. that stalemate ended the clinic. >> we have to affirm that the need to protect the tonne sit use must not be used to circumvent or delay the step.
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activists are calling for corruption. public outrage seems for from materializing. >> iraq is not the only country struggling with bad weather. 18 died in flash floods. heavily rain soaked the province. the prime minister held a meeting to discuss the situation. we can talk about the whether. is it likely to dry up in. >> things looks like they are going to improve. over the last few days it's been wet. we had another batch of struggle. ment this is what happened, you can see the cloud that was over us, giving us heavy rain, we've
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had four days of torrentially heavily rain foul. if you are living in a tropic am climate. that may not soundmm. >> they expect 32mm of rain. we have seen three times that. it is going to give a problem, this is what it's looking like. streets are under watered are water. there are great problems there. if we head through the next few days, it looks like the skies could stay clear. the weather looks good with the temperatures up around 23. towards the wet of the it's drying up in tripoli. we have this report of flooding.
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>> the german government says there has been no change to the refugee claims. the minister told german radio that they'd be given shorter permits. a government spokesman said there's no chang. more than 3,000 arriving in mainland grease. that's the start of a long journey. >> reporter: with reminders around him, the weight deepened the suffering and exacerbated the guilt. for this man, what he can't bear. >> translation: it's been one
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torture after another, after another. how can i explain it, it was a horrible accident. >> he tells me he only wanted to give his family a better life. >> when i lift syria, i didn't leave for me. i had no idea i would lose the flour of my life, my son. hi no idea. >> he was seven years old when the boat carrying him and his family capsized. dozens decide, a day when horrific scenes spoked the world. men and women chaining for their lives. here volunteer psychologists say the families need more then than they are getting theet people are traumatise the by the lack
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of rel humanitarian support. >> some on the island are not doing nearly enough. they dent educate the volunteers, they come from all over the world people should know this, sadly the refugee crisis is nowhere near over: experience and similar to many families that lost loved ones, waiting on the return of their bodies. >> for now, he wants one thing. >> translation: we are asking
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greece's prime minister to find land. how long do we have to wait. with cemeteries on les bass. burialsar on hold. >> as they make their way to the ticket office. he continues to plot a way out sierra leone has been declared officially clear of ebola, and this is how people are celebrating. [ ♪ ] the world health organisation says there has been no new cases of ebola in the last 42 days, the video produced by aid and media organizations working to
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spread information about the virus. >> sierra leone may breath a sign of relieve, but the virus hit the country hard. it suffered more cases. over 12,000 children in sierra leone lost an adult looking after them. 3,000 lost both to the virus. in total. 4,000 died, and that is having a big impact on village economies. in guinean liberia. ebola is a threat. the world health organisation warns that sierra leone, this is the end of the current crisis. i speak to the director of the national response center. joining us from freetown. good to have you with us.
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let's put the protection into perspective. does it mean the war against ebola is being run. >> it has been won. what we do is maintain discipline because of the change. it was the piece now painted it in guinea, has has been declared end of out break, has no dayses there. yes, it's been an incredible day of joy and reflection, as said earlier,,599 people, 8704 were infected and thousands much children have been orphaned bip the disease. definitely it's a momentous day.
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>> why is guinea struggling. putting into context. given yip has three cases three weeks ago. two weeks ago, and one last week, so, yes, it's struggling. they have come a long way. importantly in the fight against ebola, it's important to note that thment is mostly coming from the areas, a sign of getting only top of the disease, it hasn't been an easy road. we are at sierra leone is reporting the interests for the disease to be eradicated from. >> while you are talking there. let's run pictures of the celebrations. that positive mood, the feeling, as you said, that the war
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against ebola has been won. there was this mood in liberia, then a relapse. have lessons been learnt. >> absolutely. almost all of them are thinking back to the liberia experience. something this implemented the strategy, as we enter the period of 909 days, and in other countries as well. ebola, making it quality of not something the cases again. we have the systems in place,
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d and to be certain never again to see. situation as it has been more to come. myanmar, a step to democracy and canadian oil to the u.s. - it becomes a pipe dream and for baseball and golf fans, this could be a perfect marrying of the sports. details with jo. jo.
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welcome back, you're watching al jazeera, let's recap the headlines, egyptian leaders are complaining, data from the black blox recorder suggested a crash which killed 224 people. sierra leone has been declared ebola free by the world health organisation. they were given the all clear after passing 42 days without any cases of the deadly virus. >> taiwan completed a commitment not to seek independence from china. the two leaders shook hands after 66 years. candidates in myanmar held
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their final rallies before the parliamentary election on sound. a step towards democracy. the opposition says there's a lot to go. scott heidler has score. >> reporter: with the election posters down and campaigning coming to a halt. myanmar is hours away from heading to the polls. an historic vote the whole world is watching. over the past two months most of the cities and towns see extensive campaigning. something the 50 million people something the 50 million people something the 50 million people here have not witnessed in a quarter of a century, a general election with all political parties running. especially the national league especially the national league for democracy, aung san suy kyi. the n.l.d. is the front runner in the polling.
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>> reporter: this person participated as a found ing member of the democracy party, one of 91 parties participating in these elections. her father was the first and last democratically elected prime minister. he was removed by a military coup in 1962. >> nearly 50 years we were under the military rule. so within five years. within five months we wanted a change. those changes we wanted to see. as for my father, he was a cseasoned politician. he may not have this kind of, you know, frustration. >> she feels the nation needs to channel some of her father's patience. >> as the ruling party rests up its campaigning, this is the last rally, despite predictions of a win for the opposition, this is part of the process to fool democracy. that destination is far away. >> they think this election is
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neither free nor fair. >> this is an important step on the road to democracy to myanmar. it's only a small first step. if opposition parties were to win 100% of the seats elect, that are available to them, the military has a constitution in place, stacked in their favour. >> that includes barring aung san suy kyi from becoming president and the giving the military the power to appoint 25% of the parliament. >> with so many factors and possibilities at play, and in u.n. chartered territory, exact predictions of the future is about as accurate as the famous fortune tellers now for many people, sunday will be the first ever vote.
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florence louie spoke to 20 of them. >> the 2015 election has been described as a landmark election. i'm here with two first ff time voters. a corporate affairs executive, to talk about the poll on sunday. >> how important is the election to you? >> it's very important for me and the country. the right to vote is very - the most important thing for the democrat initiative, if we are truly practicing, and we can pick our government. >> this election centered on the topic of change. what change are you hoping to see? >> i hope to see more participation from the opposition party. i want to see more from the opposition party. >> myanmar started on a transition to democracy five years ago. are you happy with the changes.
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>> i'm happy with the changes. people can see the country and government. at least they are trying to change. they are trying to change the legislative. >> i want them to take more responsibility for rule of law. and i don't feel safe around here these days. there's a lot of crimes. also, health care system is poor. and education system, i want my son to go to the best group kristina and her friend will join 33 million legible to vote in the myanmar election on sunday. more on the historic meeting between the leaders of china and taiwan, a sign of how difficult is that they are calling each other mr, not president. modern taiwan was born out of
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civil war, and beijing doesn't recognise its independent. an international toll ticks commentator joins my from i knowing store. >> how much understanding is there when it comes to the one child poll see and how that will end. >> the idea is to have one china, the people's republic of china, and then that it's a one china but different interpretations according to each of their own. china would bake to imple mment the one china. two two sides agreed on one
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china. . >>. >> when you look at the geopolitical friends, do you get a feeling that china is the one that will win out in the end? >> that's, of course, the case. china is the second-largest economy, and at the end of the day, there's a lot of countries. you see the u.k., gemany, entrance and other western, what previously were major economies. they came to china's footsteps and cuddle up. you saw, for example, the president to the u.k., and in a statement by angela merkel. and the french president to thina. they were covered up in order to
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get more orders. and various other high take how does converge edges between china and taiwan impact the balance of power between china and those opposing or trying to counter its rite? it's no secret that taiwan was unofficial. if they get closer to china, the united states would, in a sense. lose a bargaining chip. in this part of the nation, we see nowadays, for example, this sort of antagon. >> between the yits on the one hand -- the united states on the one hand and china on the other. china has a major rel in the tum
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bring, taiwan, even though both sides agree it's one china, to taiwan, it's running its own shows in terms of democracy itself, unlike china, and it's u.n. official if taiwan were to get closer to china, the united states, i would guess, woof get a little nervous. a 19-year-old has been pulled from the rubble of a collapsed building in pakistan. he was pulled out hours after rescue workers said hope was fading. dozens are missing. the rescued man crowd.
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we didn't have to pull him out. he had a pain in his foot. we didn't see wounds. we are hopeful he will recover. >> the operator of a nan in braz brazil -- mine in brazil may be charged. >> it's hard to believe there used to be 200 homes in this area. now there's only 10, after a mix of water, mud and mining residue flooded the area. this is a small village south-eastern brazil. those who used to live here can hardly believe what happened. >> i heard a strange noise. when i went to see what it was, it looked like a volcano. i don't know how much i managed to escape. i saw a lot of people running. >> what passed through our house
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was worse than a tsunami. everyone was shouting, families shouting. >> hundreds of people have been rescued. many sheltering in emergency accommodation, like here in mariana, many were taken to hotels. this 12-year-old watched the horror of his experience. his family spent the night in the forest, waiting to be rescued. . >> i saw my grarned son, brother, i started screaming. it was really hard. i want to wake up from the nightmare. >> environment groups plain that bloc claim that the floods spread mercury and arsenic along its path. the company is denying there is toxic contamination in the area. it is important to note that the floods that burst out of the dam is iron ore spoils, which is inert. there's no other consequences, other than the physical damage it caused.
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>> the site is operated by a mining company, a joint ventures between brazil and australia's bhp. an earthquake may have caused the dam to burst. rescue teams are flying over the region, as every hour passes, hopes to find survivors are fading a palestinian man has been two police officers in the u.s. have been charged with the fatal shooting of a 6-year-old boy in louisiana. jeremy martize was hit five times in the head and chest on tuesday in marksville as police chased his father's car. officers have been charged with second degree murder. the boip's father is in hospital. >> president obama rejected a canadian company's bid to build a pipeline across the united
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states. trans-canada had been trying for seven years to get prime ministers. rosalind jordan has the latest. >> transcanada, 7-year long quest to build the pipeline is over. president obama rejected the company's application on friday. the first reason, economics. >> the pipeline would not make a meaningful long-term contribution to our economy. so if congress is serious about wanting to created jobs. this was not the way to do it. >> the other reason, the u.s.'s ccredibility on ending global warning. the u.s. is meeting at a climate change conference. america is a global leader when it comes to taking action to cfight climate change. frankly, approving the project would have undercut the leadership. >> reporter: transcanada has been trying to build the pipeline since 2008. it will connect transcanada's
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oil fields with alberta with existing pipelines and refineries on the gulf of mexico. it was projected it would move 127 million leaders a day. despite opposition from environmental groups obama hinted he might approve the plan in 2012. >> today i'm directing my administration to cut through the red tape, break through the bureaucratic hurdles and make this a priority to get it done. >> the state department which was in charge of the review finally decided it doesn't serve national interests. the c.e.o. is disappointed and is considering next steps. today misplaced symbolism was chosen: >> environmental groups say they need to keep the pressure on the president. >> we helped him reject the keystone pipeline, we helped him
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stop arctic drilling. we'll help him stop fossil drilling ic drilling and -- atlantic drilling. this is not just about what the president does in a vacuum, but what he's pushed to do. >> helping president obama build his legacy, and looking ahead to whoever replaces him in the white house still ahead... >> i'm malcolm went on the river nile. people will lose their jobs because of the hydroelectric dam and a shot in the dark. jo tells you why some of the best golfers finished so high in shanghai. pass pass
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a new hydro electric dam under construction will submerge some famous rapids for white water rafting. companies will close and jobs lost. malcomweb reports. >> reporter: the opening stretch of the river nile in uganda is one of the best places for white water rafting and kayaking. the tourism brings it much needed foreign currency. this man worked here since he was a boy. not for much lodger. the government is building a
8:49 am
dom. >> it will affect me, this is my job rafting. when the dam comes, the rapids will be more. >> it will sub merge four. the companies say they'll have close. >> rafting is great fun. it's not the only reason campaigners say that the tour six is not the only reason. there's a conservation agreement between uganda and the world bank to help them. >> that's because the government helped to fund a dam upstring the the demand for electricity is growing.
8:50 am
the dam needs to be the largest. the options may not be viable. we'll deliver electricity for the people. >> construction started by a chinese company funded by the government. the world bank declined to be interviewed. the spokesman promised to complete an assessment of the impact and not take action affecting the conservation area without the banks agreement. jeff says it's happening. he lobbied. thous thaned of signature are being ignored and it could be because of corruption. something the government denies. >> the government that we employ. there's a lot of business as a result of this it's possible the new dam
8:51 am
will help the economy. >> there are calls for a smaller dam. generating power are being ignored. jo is here to bring us up to speed with sport. >> the corruption crisis is deepening. four have been charged with the i.o.o.f. ethics. including the president's son: zach was arrested biff french authorities on wednesday, said to have led a system of orcuppings. they had cancelled thester moany. >> there are three different investigations. french police charged four men, his son, an advisor and the i
8:52 am
a.a. of. >> they also charged four men, the president of the russian federation, and the former coaching head of long-distance walkers and runners. then there's the investigation brie the world doping agency. therl be handed down in geneva. a co-authority warned the findings will be damming. >> here you have a bunch of old men who put a bunch of extra money in their pockets, but cause changes to results and final standings of international ats let. >> competition. it's a different scale of corruption or the scandal in respect to salt lake city f.i.f.a. officials have been holding a summit to decide whether a cup against australia
8:53 am
could be held. australia puled out last month. the champion's league final takes place in a few hours from now. former brazil coach and hoping to add to his 2013 title. >> we have to face a strong team that can compete against any club in europe. newcastle are leading 4-0. they are sitting 15th in the table. >> two mile ston centuries highlighted a dominant day in
8:54 am
australia. joe scored a first tonne. waner scored 115, the third batsman to post hundreds. australia leads by 03 ones. india has beaten south africa by 108. the protest took six wickets in the opening session to bowl out india for 200, but for the victoria target, south africa were dismissed. figures of 5/21 2-time major winner jordan spieth put himself. >> contention. the day's play was delayed by over an hour because of rain. the leader had to finish in the
8:55 am
dark and killed to make the puck. it keeps him at the top with the baseball season is over. a team decided to put the field to good use, converting the park to a 9-goal golf course. it's $50, and you have a chance to hit the shot from the stands or the plate. it was $50, and sold out. to an extra day has been added. 1500 will play the course. opportunities for young sportsmen and women in gaza may be few and far between. more so for those with a disability. now the palestinian territory is using an experimental programme to season blind bores karate. here is a story of a blind competitor dreaming of representing his country.
8:56 am
>> translation: i am 15 years old, i live in gaza city. i was born blind. so was my older brother and young sister. being blind used to make me sad. i got used to it. in the beginning i spent most of my time at home doing nothing. i decided to change my handicap and set goals. i went to school and studied. i want to continue my studies and get a university degree. our school is a special blind school, it helps us a lot. here we are able to study and continue our lives as normal. one day i heard about a special karate training programme. this training programme lp help me defend myself. i joined him. i was shocked. i didn't really understand how to tacksle karate, when i can't see. when i started training i felt i could make it.
8:57 am
our structure faced troubles and decided to take on the change with us. we are nine blind boys and help each other. the the coach adopted training involving hearing touch and sensory directions, knowing the four senses and knowing when to move, when needed. the instructor played an important role in training us. he was father, and brother. karate has given me confidence. no more street harassment. i feel we have faced the world. i want to continue with karate, until we get the black belt. my hope is officials will help us develop so we can us develop so we can representatives palestine in that is all the sport. >> stay with us, we have another
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full bulletin of news coming up. coming up.
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egypt accuses britain and america for not sharing information about what could have caused the plane crash in the sign eye you're watching al jazeera, here from doha. also ahead. after 66 years of mistrust, historic hand shakes from the leaders of taiwan and china. >> proo test in indian administered kashmir as narendra modi visits with a multi-billi


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