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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 7, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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♪ this is al jazeera. hello. i am mayor an dimozi. you are watching the al jazeera newshour. in the next 60 minutes, the investigation into the crash a loud noise heard on the voice recording. healing old divisions. leaders of china and taiwan hold their first talks in more than 60 years. >> celebrations in sierra leone after the country has declared -- is declared ebola free. >> live from doha, the big
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sports headline this saturday. no jose morinho but a defeat for chelsea. the champion slips to the third successive lead loss this time at stoke. e did job description investigators say they are considering all possible scenarios in the search that caused last week's plane crash in which 224 people died. the man heading the investigation told expertstha that a loud noise heard at the plane's recording. point to go a bomb a board the metro airbus. he job description officials quoted by reuters has said that they were checking security cameras at sharmal sheik where it took off 23 minutes before breaking up. al jazeera's paul brennan
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reports. 7 days since metro jet fell out of the sky taking 224 to their deaths flowers were laid at the crash site in the desert. after a week of leaks and rumors and speculation, finally, an official statement. >> debris scattered over a wide area, more than 13 kilometers in length which is consistent with an in-flight break-up. some parts of the wreckage are missing. it is hoped to locate them in the coming days. >> lead i know investigator confirmed metro jet flights 9268 was 23 minutes and 14 seconds in to its journey. it had reached an 589tude of 30,88 feet and still climbing. it was traveling at 28 one knots. the autopilot had been edge
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engage ldz everything seemed normal. they know catastrophe on the cdr, the cockpit voice recorder. >> a noise was heard in the last sects off the recording. a spectral analysis will be carried out by specialized labs in order to identify the nature of this noise. >> a team of 47 investigators from five countries are working on the various aspects of the inquiry. an additional group of airbus advisors brings the total to 58 people. there was no mention of whether the debris had been tested for trace res dugs of explosives and no indication how long it will take to analyze the noise heard just before the plane broke up. so, the travel ban will continue. at sharmal sheik thousands of stranded tourists are being told to wait in the resort and not come to the airport until a
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plane becomes available for them. not everyone is fleeing. the foreign minister of hungary has been in cairo assuring his egyptian counter part that hungary will not make egypt off limits. >> these decisions ksz have very serious consequences. currently no byrne has provided us with any kind of evidence which would lead me to put a travel ban on egypt. until i am provided with any kind of evidence, i will not make that decision. >> there is much we cannot be sure of. questions still to be answer did about what happened to plane. missing we knowage must be found. complex analysis conducted. if it was a bomb if it was a bomb, those responsible must be identified. >> counter terrorism expert mohan albidine, thank you for
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coming in to speak with us. why did it take the egyptians so long to respond? it's the tourism industry stab to knowed. many operators have suspended flights and west earns have suspended all flights to egypt, not just to sharmel sheik. the reflexive reaction would be to damait and now it's out of h >> we know aviation officials in britain certainly flagged up problems with airport security in the sharmal sheik, eight months ago, a year ago nearly. why wasn't more done about that? perhaps when you think about the broader context, the area, the security situation in the sinai? >> i suspect because insufficient pressure had been brought to bear. the british had been sending security in egypt to assess
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critical infrastructure including airports. this is against a backdrop. they have been under pressure to be more conciliatory toward the egyptian regime. >> seems to be stablizing the situation in egypt after four years of chaos. you have several things being con operated here the fact that broader political chaos with genuine security issues. is that strategy perhaps now starting to backfire because this is a government, the sisi regime has staked a great deal on bringing stuart stot country and here, we see if anything, the security situation in the sinai, the attacks were becoming
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more awedacious on a regular basis, having attacks staged odd police and military in the area? it is longstanding. >> the overthrow of morsi? >> indeed. a lot of aggravation some of the heavy handed counter terror strategies, of course, run the risk of aggravating the situation, turning more and more people against the government. to deal well did he have issuencies at a technical level. the russians very many suspended all sites to egypt. that's a catastrophe in terms of tourism industry and more braufd prospects for economic
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development. >> what do we know about how it works structurally behind the scenes in terms of security and counter terrorism in egypt? you have a long-standing situation in the sinai but more recently, groups affiliating themselves notice region with so-called islamic state of iraq in the levant and we also hear about possible conversations intercepted between egypt and syria ahead of this plane crash. >> the narrative is problematic. they would like to conflate, for instance, so of the very specific apriling issues they have had since the militants intervention in july, 2013. in particular, they would like to conflate that problem with yen win execute related issues, ie terrorist groups in egypt. but in direct answer to your
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question, yes, becoming more hard line. you have some of the groups in the sinai province aligning themselves. this is of huge concern not just to the e job descriptions but as we have seen in this to their international partners. >> thank you very much. appreciate your analysis? >> you are welcome. >> it was a handshake 66 years in the making. the leaders of china and taiwan have met for the first time ever. talks lasted less than an hour. they have been seen as a symbolic show of reconciliation where the historic meeting took place. >> security was tight in anticipation of the leader's arrival, armed person he will at the ready. the government taking no chances for the leaders of china and e taiwan. the president ping was the first arrive. then taiwan's leader.
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if anyone doubted the importance of this meeting between the two presidents, just take a look at the press corps of the over 500 of them from across asia pacific. they will look at every handshake and smile and wondering what the impact of this meeting will be on china and taiwan. neither officially recognizes the other as head of state. china sees taiwan as a rogue proventions off the coast. taiwan regards itself as an independent country. mao tse tung declared. czech and his defeated national analysts created their own republic of china on the island of what is now taiwan. last november t president gee dismissed any contact with taiwan.
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taiwan said it would only happen if the taiwan ease saw benefit. he has much at stack. >> if the president is able to carry off this meeting, i think it would certainly solidify his legacy, his position historically and, also, perhaps his post presidency political life if et cetera able to set himself up as a broker. >> the party flag can in opinion polls before e legs due in the new year, president gee spoke before the talks started. he was positive. 66 years of development of the cross strait relations indicates no matter how much wind and rain both sides have been through, no matter how long we have been kept away from each other, no force can keep us apart. this is what he had to say both sides should stick to one china policy.
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there is one china. we agree to disagree on the definition. there are indifferent interpretations. >> this was a purely symbolic meeting. all smalls on saturday, the upcoming general elections in taiwan could see the anti-china opposition taking power. >> taiwan's main opposition leader said she is disappointed it made no reference to preserving democracy and freedom. andrew thomas sentence this update. these protest orders on the streets did not want this summit to go ahead. t holding up posters like this one no to the talks. it says most of the people here want independent index for taiwan, internationally recollectionnized as such in its own country. they think president tshe are ultimate lit long-term want a
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reunification of china, something they do not believe in. the opposition party of taiwan is likely to win an election in january. they are also for independence of taiwan, long-term. they are not part of this protest. they don't want taiwan ease people to think that they wouldn't be able to keep lines of communication open with beijing if they were in power. >> the aidsian program at the independent policy institute. he says the taiwan/china leaders is more about symbolism than substance? >> symbolically, it is imports because it is the first ever meeting at head of state level although they happy called each other mr. rather than mr. president. so, yes, it's for china, i think it's a big step forward i don't think so there will be much substances coming out of this. this so-called 1992 consensus, the one china policy with differing interpretations allows
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allows both sides to come in to the room to meet each other and come out of the room saying we have given nothing away. >> in burundi, due to expire within the next hour, president inkariza has warned of tough measures. zfrnts about told to give up weapons and sur render or face police action. it is feared it will industrytr wide-spread violence. 20 ol',000 have fled after a third term was sought. a somalia mp has been left wounded after a drive-by shooting. his car was sprayed by bullets. the group al shabaab has claimed sillty. in the last three years, 14 mps have been killed in mogadishu. sierra leon has been
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officially declared free of ebola. this is how people have been celebrating in freetown. the world health organization says tno new ebola cases in the past 24 days. finish that be guinea is trying to rid it's sell of the virus. it hit the country hard. it suffered more cases of ebola than neighboring liberia and new guinea. the first outbreak was reported in march, 2014. over 12,000 children in sierra leone have lost at least one adult. over 3,000 have lost both parents. 4,000 people have deciied that' had a a big impact on village economies. across the border, ebola is a threat. it is warned in sierra leon, this is just the end of the current crisis. the international medical a ebola response team.
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she said saturday's announcement is a major milestone. we were fortunate enough to be with our center to listen to the did he have collaration of what was announced for who as the statement came out, everyone jumped up and started cheering and laughing and clapping there were a lot of tears until memory of countless number of people who lost their lives. the last several months, there has been considerable effort to strengthen the healthcare system in terms of training healthcare workers. equipment to rehabilitate healthcare facilities and how to see taff members be able to screen for ebola systems and considerable work on providing safe places for isolation and
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control if necessary. considerable effort in the community to really provide keith health promotion. >> still ahead. aid for india's prime minister is greeted with protests at a rally in kashmir. >> also, flooding in iraq brings anger over corruption and a lack of services. and later in sport valuintino rosssi's hopes might have bitten the dust. more on that later on. >> israeli forces have launched a manhunt in the occupied west bank city of hebron. several palestinian holes have been raided and troops stormed the offices of an activist group which monitors human rights issues. the forces are said to be
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searching for those responsible for shooting i knew difference on friday in which three israelis were injured. the army blocked off exits. to yemen, where violence is continuing between the popular resistance and yemeni army and the houthi rebels. 19 houthi fighters have been killed. 2 one injured at different points in the city of taiz. 17 popular resistance and arm fighters have been wounded. medical sources confirm 12 people including children have died. 18 others have been injured in the shelling by houthi forces. heavy rain and flooding has been causing further disruption to life in the iraqi capitol, baghdad. the government says it's doing all it can. many people blame corrupt politicians for the failure of the country's infrastructure to cope with the deluge. a report. >> reporter: for the second time in a week, iraqis have to wade through streets to get anywhere.
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after roads were swamped, flood wall mixed with sewage. municipal leaders say they are doing all they can to deal with heavier rains. if they fail to cope with the downpour, iraqis see it as another example of crumbling infrastructure and insufficient public services. >> the rain is flooding our homes and streets. we want at solution for our problems. our children have become ill-due to such hard circumstances. >> more than 50 people have been killed since rain storms struck several areas last week. before the latest deluge, iraqis protested against what they call an inefficient government unable take care of them. in central baghdad, they called on the government to sack corrupt officials. security forces fired warn shots when they triered to enter the green zone. >> where is the money?
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1,000 denars. >> people continued to protest against corruption and the lack of electricity and services. >> i we are not treated failure. the economy and services are deteriorating. people are suffering and the politicians don't respond to people's requests. >> the prime minister has responded to the pressure by announcing reforms to deal with corruption and incompetence. the reforms have been blocked by parliament because he announced them without seeing sproft from legislato legislators. >> has angered the muttslim cleric sistani has warned politicians against blocking anti-corruption reforms. >> we have to affirm the need to protect the constitution and the lawsuit must not be moved by the legislative or any other authority to circum vent or delay the reform steps. >> act visits are calling for more education against corrupt government. officials for public outrage and
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political promises seem far from materializing in to improvements on the ground. osama binjabi, al jazeera. >> activists say fighters from the so-called is lampic state of iraq in the levant have released 37 syrian christians held hostage for months. the group of mostly elderly people was more than more than 200 people abducted in february from the town of taltamir in the country's northeast. the syria human rights network said negotiations are continuing for 124 people who remain in captivity. in situate i can't, 37 people have been killed in suspected russian airstrikes on dam avenge us and the surrounding countryside aaccording to monitors for human rights. this video is said to show the aftermath of the strikes in duma which left at least sirment children dead. the death toll is said to be able to rise further. >> in the western province of
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hama. activists say this shows damage from fighting in an area seized by syrian forces it has been a defendant key target for weeks of russian airstrikes. more than 3,000 refugees have reached mainland greece. they have been stranded on several islands during a 4-de ferry strike. alexis tsipras has held a meeting to discuss the situation. about 600,000 refugees entered europe through greece this year. >> there has been violence on the streets of germany where thousands have rallied against the country's policy on refugees. thousands of supporters for the alternative for german movement were met by hundreds of counter protesters. at least 10 pro-refugee demonstrators were arrested. germany faces a record influx of migrants this year. move to go india now where the prime minister has announced
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$12,000,000,000 of aid for indian administered kashmir. the leader said he wanted to restore the muslim state to its former glory. his vicinity was marched by
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fighting. >> at the rally, the prime primary delivered as expected announcing more than $12,000,000,000 in funding for lasts year's flood and economic development in the region. >> my dream is that this money should be used to make a new cashme cashmere. don't consider this $12 billion a package. it is just beginning. security has been stepped up all week with hundreds detained before the really parts remained empty in the afternoon jobs by modi different temper the frust strauingsz felt by some locals at the security clamp down did for days just for the rally. >> they say democracy, democracy what is this indian democracy?
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democracy to shut people in and bring people and police from other parts of the state? it continued through the afternoon leaving the promise of economic aid at odds with some people's negligence feelings. modi and state officials hope the aid package will help boost their support and confidence among people here in the region but the fact that so much security was needed for the rally and to prevent protests shows that any announcement here is a stuff sell. faiz jamil, kashmir. >> in pakistan, a teenager has been pulled aside from the rubble of a collapsed factory after his parents mistakenly buried another body. >> 19-year-old mohammed shahed spent 50 hours under the factory. hopes are fating of finding anyone alive.
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45 people have died since the disaster. dozens more are still missing. kamal hider in lahor has the latest. >> reporter: hundreds of real cities are still waiting for news of their loved ones who are still under the rubble. the recovery of this 18-year-old 50 hours after the collapse of the building that is giving a new ray of hope perhaps relatives may be alive. the search and rescue operation is very slow because they don't want to move anything that might compromise anybody that may be stell alive inside the building. as you can see a narrow road is now separating the relatives from the rescue workers busy just across the road. you can see piles of rubble lifting up large pieces of the debris and the idea basically is to try and see if they can reach
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more survivors who may still be aside under rubble. >> still ahead for you on the al jazeera newshour, as the world watches, the people of myanmar get ready to go to the polls for their most first meaningful election in a general. plus: >> i am malcolm web on the river nile in u gandz a. people working here in adventure tourism are going to lose their jobs because of the hydro electric dam. >> later in the sport, a warning that athletic corruption crises could become the greatest sports scandal yet.
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>> tough that the country gave up on me. >> look at the trauma... every day is torture. >> this is our home. >> nobody should have to live like this. >> we made a promise to these heroes... this is one promise americans need to keep. ♪ >> welcome back. you are watching the al jazeera news houfrment let's take you through the top stories. he job description authorities have confirmed a loud noise was heard in the last second of the in-flight recordings recovered from last week's plane crash chooinl and taiwan leaders have met for the first time in 60 years in what's being hailed as a symbolic show of
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reconciliation. celebrating on the streets of sierra leone after the west african nation was officially dedriered ebola free. the u.s. defense secretary is using a keynote speech in california to criticize russia for its part in helping the syrian president. these are live pictures coming to us now from semi valley in california where we are about to hear from the u.s. defense secretary w, going to touch on a number of issues, of course, this comes at a time of great international concern over the russian plane cramp over the sinai with ces and concerns being raised around how that took place and the intelligence that has e merged from the united states and other countries. let us listen in now. >> but make no mistake >> the united states will defend our interests, our alleys, the
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principaled international order and the positive future it affords us all. we are taking a strong and balanced approach to deter russia's aggression and to help reduce the vulnerability of alleys and partners. we adapting our operational posture and contingency plans as we, on our own and with alleys work to deter russia's e kwipings and help reduced the vulnerability of allics and partners. >> the united states is accordingly making a number of moves in response. many but not all of which i can describe in this forum. we are modernizing our nuclear arsenal so america's nuclear deter ternt continues to be effective, safe and secure to deter nuclear attacks and reassure our alleys. we are investing in new technologies that are most relevant throughout russia's provocations such as new unmanned systems, the new long-range bomber, and innovation and technologies like the electro magnetic rail begun,
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systems for electronic warfare, space and cyberspace including a few surprising ones i really can't describe here we are updating our plans for deterrence and defense giving russia's changed behavior. we are leveraging other u.s. government cape abilities to ensure the truth gets frew and focus sanctions which have had an impacts on russia. in europe, nato remains the coverager stone of a principaled ord order. in its article 5, a bedrock commitment. nato needs a new playbook, a cold war playbook include larring american forces stationed in europe oriented to fold the gap worked in reagan's day. but it's not suited for the 21st century. with hybrid warfare, and asim et
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tri tactics. >> the united states defense secretary ash carter speaking in calf about a number of issues but very interesting comments about russia's activities in the middle east. let's now speak to tom akerman live for us in washington, d.c. he has been listening to that speech. tom, some very strong rhetoric when it comes to russia's military, and i suppose their overall strategic goal in syria. yes. let me say first of all, that this is really a broad brush defense of geo strat okie u.s. policy including as you may recall, the u.s. fleet's goaling past contentious areas of the south china sea just a few days ago in defiance the chinese restrictions there. but as regards the middle east, one line in his prepared remarks when will be -- he will be expected to make pretty soon,
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meanwhile in syria, he says russia is throwing gasoline on an already dangerous fire, proceed honging a civil war that fuels the various extremism, russia claims to oppose and he goes on to say we are taking a strong and balanced approach to deter russia's aggression and to help reduce the vulnerability of allics and partners. >> is strong lang. it doesn't denote any kind of change in policy, however, other than to say we are backing the united states -- the united states is backing its alleys in eastern and central europe as well in the ukraine. but as for the situation in syria, itself, this comes against the backdrop of continued talks on a diplomatic plane with the russians. the russian foreign ministry said the secretary of state, john kerry, and his counterpart, his russian counterpart, sergei
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lavrov spoke by phone on efforts to broaden the efforts to reach some kind of a deal with the opposition groups, i syrian opposition groups but at the same time, lavrov was making some very con tentious remarks about the american policy without mentioning the united states by name in a speech that he delivered to unesco on friday. lavrov blamed the entire outbreak of what he called terrorism in the middle east as the result of you had mining and destroying state institutions and went on saying that that was due to external imposition of foreign values on their cultures. that was a criticism without mentioning the united states or nato alleys not om of their policies in iraq but, also n libya. so you can see that this is basically a at this titit for t
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rhetorical confrontation between the two sides. the question is whether this will ever translate any time in the near future in to any kind of understanding of somehow to deal with the actual conflict on the ground. >> tom ackerman in washington, d.c., thank you. now, voting in nyanmar's election in a few hours times. many home it will implement democracy but saying the military is stacking the deck in its favor. scott hydler has more. >> with the election posters down and campaigning coming to a halt, myanmar is hours away from heading to the polls. a historic vote the whole world is watching. most of the cities and towns have seen extensive campaigning. something the 50 million people here have not witnessed in a quarter of a century. a general election with all political parties running.
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he specially the national league for democracy, the party of chi. the party boycotted the 2010 election a year before the transformation to the currents somewhat civilian government. but a founding member of the democracy party, more than 91 parties participating in these elections her father was the first and last democratically elected prime minister. e6s removed by military coup in 1962. >> nearly 50 years, we were under the military rule. so now, within five years, within five months, we had a change. those changes we wanted to see. but as for my father, he was a seasoned politician. so, he might not have this kind of, you know, frustration.
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>> she feels the nation needs to channel some of her father's patience. >> as the ruling party wraps up its campaigning, this is their last rally, some fem that despite predictions of a big win toward the opposition and, this is just part of the process to fool democracy. >> destination is still far away. >> they also think this election is neither free nor fair. >> this is a very important step on the road to democracy for myanmar. but it is only a small first step en if opinionstruction parties were to win 00% of the seats elected that are available to them, the military has a constitution in place that is stacked in their favor. that includes barring chi from becoming presidents and giving the military the power to appoints 25% of the parliament. >> with so many factors and possibilities at play and in
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uncharted territory, exact predictions of the political futures is probably about as democrat as the famous fortune tellers at the pagoda. scott heidler. sunday marks two years since one of the most powerful storms on record made landfall in the fill peoples. it killed more than 6,000 people and displaced millions more. to this day, the country is still recovering jamila returned to lati to see how people are coping. here she says is where she nurtured her children for many years until typhoon hyan swept away. many politicians have promise tdz her a new home. she is still waiting. >> where will we be? where will we ends up now? will we ever have a home? there are always questions when it comes to government choices.
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we always have to fight from local governments to community leaders. >> 6 ,000 people were killed and millions more displaced. the president had earlier budgeting around $39,000,000,000 in funds for recovery efforts. at least 21,000 homes needed to be rebuilt but two years on, only around 500,000 are house complete. thousands of people here remain job less. others say they feel grateful groups have stayed on to help them. >> recovery of the survivors is considered one of the biggest things of the presidency. desperate, thousands came to him weeks ago. we never saw it. nothing, nothing pay, nothing. >> election season has begun and
4:42 pm
some survivors say they worry the stories will justing used to furtherser political ambitions here no flowery speeches, they say, can hide the truth that two years on, thousands of survivors are sill living in make-shift shelters with no running water. lovell governmentraments agencies put the blame on each other. relief efforts have been marched by politics from the very beginning. >> my husband has been doing his best. and i believe there is alternates of it has been done. we can as do more. >> here in this mass grave is where hundreds of unidentified bodies were buried in haste by the government. families desperate foreclosure marking crosses for their loved ones hoping that even in death, they are begin dignity. two years on, this mask rated has deteriorated. part of it removed to make way for new construction. for those still breathing, this is a grim resting place for
4:43 pm
loved ones whose stories have already been forgotten. al jazeera. southern philippines. >> in spain, tens of thousands of people have joined a march through madrid to demand government action over domestic violence. opposition politicians joined the march organizationed by feminist groups from across the country. 41 women have been killed so far this year by partners according to government figures. it's been more than 800 since 2003. they call for better help of victims of domestic violence. >> we think it's imports to be here. it needs to be a national prior to prior to project site. we call on the government so they stop killing us. a the death toll is three 9 after a nightclub fire in roman
4:44 pm
i can't. protester continuing in bucharest as thousands demand an end to corruption after the disaster. many have blamed lax government safety standards which led to the country prime minister resignation which hasn't yet been replaced a new hydro electric dam could have unintended consequences to the tourism industry. it will flood rapids on the river nile affecting popular water sports spots. malcolm web has more. one of the best places for kayaking. it brings in currency and creates jobs. he has worked at the company since he was a teenager but not for much longer, he says. the government is building a dam in december that will flood these rapids.
4:45 pm
when the dam comes, the rapids will be gone. >> it will sub merge. the rafting company says that means they will have to close. >> great fund. that's not the only reason. campaigners say campaigners say the tourism isn't the om reason it's important. they have spiritual significance to some of the communities leafing in this area. there is a conservation agreement between uganda and the world bank to protect them. >> the bank already funded another dam further upstream that was finished three years ago. several rapids accident happened the government says the new dam
4:46 pm
needs to be one of the largest. >> other options may not be viable. it would end up delivering electricity to the people which they cannot buy it will be too expensive for them. >> constructio started by a chinese company funded by china's government. the world bank declined to be interviewed. a spokesperson wrote the government has promised the bank it will complete an assessment of the damb impact and it would not take any action that would affect the concervation area. but jeff bandy says it's already happening and lobbies for the tourism company. he shows of thousands of signatures of locals who were against the 2k578. he says they are being ignored and it could be because of disruptions it's possible the new dam will help the economy economy more than the tourism.
4:47 pm
campaigners say it hasn't been properly assessment this sar their calls for a smaller dam would preserve the rapids are being ignored. malcolm web, al jazeera on the river nile in uganda. >> still ahead for you, the world's best tennis player continues his love affair with the courts of paris. raoul has that and the rest of the sport for you.
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>> we will back. time for sport with raoul. >> marian thank you very much.
4:49 pm
english league champ pins chelsea are falling to their 7th defeat. no jose morinho. he is serving a one-match stattium band following his outburst. wi with or without the manager, champions still struggling. scoring what proved to be the winner in the second half of the champions lead for the third success i amative lead. in the other matches in the english premier lead, a drop out of the relegation zone. lester city continue a great season, a 2-own win tying them on 25 points. a fourth after their victory against wheft broom. the final of the asian champions league is pretty evenly poised. the first leg of this contest of the united arab emirates presenting plenty of questions,
4:50 pm
no goals. unbeaten in all competition since may and hoping to add to the 20s 13 title. the second leg takes place on november 21st. >> lor he knows oh, that man over there will start from poll position the spaniard is 7 points behind his teammate. he was fastest during qualifying on saturday set agnew lap record at the circuit. already due to start the race from last place on the agreed. after being pun usually for kicking world champion mark marquette, the italian bidding to win his title. only 12 fastest going all the
4:51 pm
way to the back, valuintino rossi has 312 championship points he needs to pass 24 riders and finish at least second. any less than that, it's lor edges 0 who will take the world title. after breaking the record on saturday, it's fair to say he is pretty confident. >> i think my best in all my life. 34, 9, in the second ride out, i improved one second. >> to tennis djokovic made it 21 wins in a row in all competition. the last man tote beat the serb was morinko in the french open final until june. it was worinko who provided djokovic with that win, in the semifinals of the paris world number 1 winning, 6-3, 3-6,
4:52 pm
love. >> always a challenge. we played in shanghai a couple of weeks ago. >> in that final he will play andy murray reaching the first final. the corruption crisis engulfing international athletics is four individuals being charged with various code of he thinksics, lamin jag accused of soliciting bribes. he was arrested by french authorities on sunday and been accused of leading a system of corruption they have cancelled their ceremony scheduled for the
4:53 pm
end of the no. >> three investigations underway french police charged three meng including jack, his son, his legal advisor the ethics commission have charged 4 men including the former president of the russian athletic federation and coaching head of long distance walkers and runners. the investigation as you know, that began last december and their report will be published on wind. one of the co-authos has warned the finding cans will be damming. he said he potentially has a bunch old men who put extra money in their pockets through extortion and brooks but also caused significant changes to results and final standings of international athletics competition. this is a whole different scale of corruption than the fifa scandal or the rfc scandal in respect to salt lake city. >>shire lanka's cricket rz wrapped up over the west indies.
4:54 pm
the series was lost going in to the third one day. all about salveaging some try for the tourist. marlin samuels certainly driver's license that. his unbeaten 110 giving the west indies score some respectability. 206 for 9 of 36 overs in an inning that was uninterested by rain. in reply, the have i lankans found themselves 185 when the rains came down again. the revised target of 162 meant the srilankans claimed victory for a 3-nil series win. mean whooim in brisbane, for australia, a 237 run opening partnership with david warner on another domnate day in the first test against new zealand. also scored 116 become can just the third man to post hundreds in both innings of a test on three occasions. australia lead by 5 over 3 in their second ibbing. india have beaten south africa
4:55 pm
by 18 runs. 2-18 to win. a bunch out for 109 in their second. manual of the match taking 5 to 21 in south africa's second inning. >> now, tuntz for young spordz men and women in gaza may be few and far between. more so for those with a disability. but now, the palestinian territory is using experimental program to keep a book of blind boys karate. here is the story of a blind karate competitor who dreams of one day representing his country. >> i am 15 years old. i live in gaza city. i was born blind. so was my older brother and younger sister. being blind used to make me sad but i got used to it. i have adapted my life so i can cope. in the begin, i used to spend most of my time at home doing nothing. but i decided to challenge my handicap and set golds in my life.
4:56 pm
i went to school and started st studying. i want to get a university degree so i can find a job one day. our school is a special blind school. it will is helping us a lot. here, we are able to study and continue our life as normal. >> one day, i heard about a special karate training program. it will help me defend myself. so, i joined it. but first, i was shocked. yes really understand how i can practice karate when i can't see. when i started training, i felt i can make it and i proceeded. our instructor faced problems in the beginning. but he decided to take on the challenge with us. we are nine blind boys. we are all friends and help each other as if we were brothers. the coach adopted a special way of training that depends upon hearing, touching, and sensory perception and the sense o perception allows you to know the full directions and to decide when and where to move when needed. the instruct orders please an
4:57 pm
important role in training us. he became like a father, brother and friend. we thank him a lot for what he did for us. >> karate has given me confidence and made me stronger and more determined. no more street harassment. i feel i can face the world fwhou. i want to continue with my karate until i get the black belt. my hope is that the officials here will help us development so we can represent palestine in international commissions. more support in a couple of hours time. for now, back to mariam. >> a great story. thank you. get more on our website. the address for that is there you will find your news, your support, at the latest, top exposure, comment, analysis including blogs from our reporters on the ground. s where you need to go. that's it from me from this news hour. i will be back in a few moment's time with a full bulletin of news for you. your headlines coming up in a couple of minutes' time.
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>> the next big quake. >> there could be a rupture along the entire fault line. >> that's right. >> we have 300,000 kids that are in collapse prone schools. >> the tsunami, it's gonna move faster than you can run... usain bolt won't be able to out run it. >> techknow's team of experts show you how the miracles of science... >> this is what innovation looks like. >> can affect and surprise us. >> i feel like we're making an impact. >> let's do it. >> techknow - where technology meets humanity. >> welcome to al jazeera america. more reporters, more stories, more perspective. >> from our award-winning news teams across america and beyond. >> we've got global news covered.
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the investigation into the sanai crash focuses on a lloyd noise heard on the cockpit voice recording. >> hello. i am marian namasi. you are watching al jazeera. healing old divisions. leaders of china and taiwan hold their first talks in more than 60 years. fears of fresh violence in burundi assem nesty expires. >> a celebration in sierra leone after the country


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