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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm EST

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pakistan's dilma rousseff. malala yousafzai. >> a remarkable girl. the news continues with randall pinkston. >> this is al jazeera america, i'm randall pinkston in america with a look at the top stories. fighting campus racism. stom black students at the university of the miz your demands the -- missouri demads the president step down myanmar, what it means for the first openly contested elections shocking confrontations between a palestinian woman with a knife and an israeli security guard. binyamin netanyahu comes to washington. the israeli prime minister meets with washington, we look at the issues on the agenda and the tensions between the two leaders. and a mysterious flyby, what lit up the skies over southern california, prompting millions to look up?
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tonight - what began as a campus protest in missouri is gaining momentum, and becoming political. the head of the university of missouri is under pressure to resign. african-american students say university president tim wolf failed to respond appropriately to a number of racial incidents. on saturday a group of black football players said they would boycott football until wolf steps down. white players threw their support behind team-mates as did the head coach. the state governor and senator mack cas kill weighed in. paul beban has more. >> criticism is rising by the hour. two lawmakers say wolf should go calling it an embarrassment. in a statement wolf stood his
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ground saying he's dedicated to dialogue, but students and football teams are not buying it. >> reporter: protests are not usually part of the football college playbook, but racial tension on the campus of missouri may put the football surface on hold. the team says they refused to take the field. in a show of solidarity with one of their own on a hunger strike. the black student government tweeted a picture of more than 30 black players linked arm in arm with jonathan butler, he says he's willing to die unless university president tim wolf resigns, who is under fire for a tepid response to a string of incidents on campus. including a slur and swastika smeared in species. faeces on a toilet wall.
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tuesday, student activists told wolf the time for talking was over. . >> i had a lot of conversations with protesters, including conversations with protesters, where they came in, and asked questions, and i expressed my position. >> i don't care what you do, i want you to move. that's why we are here. i'm not here for a press conference, i don't want to talk to anybody. i need for you to leave. >> reporter: thursday night when wolf spoke with students, he was shouted down. >> this is because you don't believe you have the equal opportunity of successes. >> you don't believe... >> reporter: back in october butler led a protest that stopped the school's homecoming parade. thursday, four days into a hunger strike butler told "the washington post" he was exhausted and had pain but the suffering was worth it. the campus in columbia has been on edge since the shooting of michael brown last year in ferguson, 100 miles from the school. a number of the black students enrolled from ferguson. a predominantly black community.
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columbia is white. sunday, the football team's coach declared his support for his team, a photo showing black and white. and white. captoined we are united missouri's governor and senator issued statement saying students concerns must be addressed and racism has no place for racism. wolf says his staff are working to promote a safe space for meaningful conversation promoting change, for now, the only change and the football team that they accept is for wolf to resign. >> the president met with students, including the hunger striker, butler. >> that's right. and he made overtures of what he said is clearly i made mistakes on the way back, in october, when the homecoming was stopped. he didn't get out of his car, and for a lot of students, that
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was a last straw. it was not responsive in the moment or since. the only change they accept is for him to step down. >> thank you funeral service will be held monday for a 6-year-old boy who was killed and his father seriously wounded during a chase in central louisiana. jerry mamardis will be laid to rest following a service. he was hit with five bullets in the head and chest last tuesday, when city marshalls fired. megan dixon was the legal guardian. >> i don't know. shades of i don't know. it hurts. it's like i'm dreaming. >> two marshals are in custody faces charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. they found no gun, and there
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were no warrants against him. three teenagers are in police custody after being accused of plotting attacks on two schools in michigan. an 18-year-old and two 15-year-olds have been charged as adults with conspiracy to commit first degree murder. it targeted lyndon high school and middle school in argentine township. the plan was discovered on instagram, and police have not said what was posted on the site that led them to the suspect. in austin texas police are looking for the suspect that shot a judge in her driveway. the 51-year-old is lifted in serious but stable continue, and shot outside her hem in an upscale area near doesn't austin. police do not know if the shooting was related to work as a district judge. >> what i would love to report is we had someone in custody,
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and i could eliminate the concerns. the truth is at this point we don't have someone in custody. >> the judge's injuries are not believed to be life threatening. the prosecutor was appointed to the bench in 1999. texas governor george w. bush by then gaps at the airport? sharm el sheikh, that's the airport a russian commercial jet left from minutes before it crashed in the sinai desert, killing 224 on board. the u.s. and the u.k. have said it was likely the result of a bomb on the plane. more than a half dozen security officials from the airport tell of a broken baggage scanner and lax screening. bags filled with drugs and weapons are let through for a small bribe moscow is stepping up efforts to bring home thousands
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of tourists following the crash, and will send dozens of planes to the egyptian resort town. moscow sent a team much inspectors to the airport to discussion safety jets. london is working it repatriate thousand of britains waiting to come home. >> memorial services are held in st. petersburg. many victims are from st. petersburg. rory challands has more on an emotional service. 224 chimes for 224 lives ended suddenly and violenyly. the sombre sound of a tolling bell, the culmination of a service held and a christian world's largest cathedrals since isaac's. according to russian orthodox tradition a memorial to the dead is held on the ninth day. it's more than a week since the metro jet plane was destroyed.
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and we are waiting for a conclusive explanation as to how and why. western governments thing it was a bomb. >> translation: i think it's a plarch it destroyed as revenge for the campaign in syria. russians have a variety of views. >> translation: we can only judge by what we are told. if you want to know what i think, if it was i.s.i.l., that theory has a right to insist. >> reporter: i think it is the plane that is to blame. it's a technical area. >> >> translation: there has been many versions from what we are told i'm inclined to thing it was an explosion.
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the kremlin says we shouldn't jump to conclusions. all russian flights were suspended on friday. a precaution, tourists started to arrive back in their home country this weekend. if an i.s.i.l. bomb is proven to be what destroyed the jet. don't expect a backlash against russia's foreign policies, vladimir putin's power has been marked by several attacks and tragedies. the response is to grieve and move on. if anything, look for a hardening of attitudes. more support for the bombing in syria. sorrow is often followed by anger. modern governments can be good at shaping public opinion for their own uses - and the kremlin is better than most another day of violence in the middle east, a palestinian attacker rammed a vehicle into the united nations. more bystanders were injured before officers would shoot and kill the driver. later police would release surveillance video, showing a palestinian woman stabbing a guard. he was wounded before shooting
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and injuring the woman. violence with israeli and palestinians, when binyamin netanyahu arches at the white house for a meeting with president obama. coming up in our week ahead segment. we will focus on the visit and complicated times and contentious relationship with the president. employees at the embassy in libya has been kidnapped by gunmen. serbian's ambassador, reports say a group of attackers crashed into the convoy and abducted communications officer and a driver. they escaped with his wife and sons. >> officials are counting votes tonight as an electorate hopes for a shift away from military rule. >> they are thought to have participated in the first three
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election in 25 years. many were up before down though wait for the polls. no matter the result, uncertainty remains how quickly the system can change. al jazeera has more in myanmar a new day in myanmar and a new chapter history, the election on sunday for the most part went through without hitches, described as a remarkable day. it's not as though this nation woke up monday morning for a full democracy. it was a step down that path. we are going to expect word coming out from the election commission. it will not be a definitive announcement. because it's a new process, and elections free and fair, there were some irregularities leading up to the election day and monitors. that it will be slowly released
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the details. we don't expect a result. we will get an indication early indication on turn out that was good. 80% on early reports. 80%. again, because of this unfolding process, it will take days for results and weeks with results. it will be some time until the government and the president this week the pentagon is expected to issue a plan to close the u.s. military's guantanamo bay detention center. president obama vowed to shut down the prison when he ran for office. according to the associated defense, the plan named seven sites as alternatives, including a corrections facility, it would require improvement from congress, something that is unlikely. >> a year from today americans
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will choose the next u.s. president. next - republican candidate defends his life story, and bernie sanders says who cares. plus, the state much north carolina is fighting off challenges to its voter i.d. law in federal court. and pope francis makes a first public comment on the latest scandal walking the vatican. vatican. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. exactly a year from today americans go to the polls to choose the next president of the
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united states. at this .14 republicans are in the running for the g.o.p. polls show donald trump with a narrow lead over ben carson. there are three candidates in the race for the democratic nomination. poll show hillary clinton 15-31 ahead of bernie sanders. here is how. next 12 months will shape out. the first votes: the first votes to be cast on february 1st on the iowa caucuses. nominees will be unveiled at the national convention in july, starting on the 18th for the republicans, 25th for the democrats. the last of three will be on october 19th. the election will be held 20 days later. now, ben carson is pushing back against claims he embellished his life story. the retired neurosurgeon said his rise in the polls made him a target for media scrutiny that >> there's no question i'm getting specialist scrutiny. there's a lot of people that are threatened and they see a
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polling against hillary and polling that i do. they are worried. no question about it. >> former reality tv star donald trump returned to nb as the host of "saturday night live." the g.o.p. front runner attracted a solid warning. according to nielsen, it was the highest rated episode in nearly four years. not everyone was laughing. there were protesters at rockefeller center bernie sanders says the white house race needs to be more about the candidates position and less about their personal lives. >> i think it might be a better idea. it's crazy idea, that may be we focus on issues impacting american people and what candidates are saying, rather than spending time exploring their lives 30 or 40 years ago. i think the reason that so many people are turned off to the
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political process has a lot to do with the fact we are not talking about the real issues impacting real people. in the went often they are decided economically. robert ray looks at how that issue could play out in the south in 2016. >> reporter: economists and data crunchers at the equality of economic project wondered if where you live helps or hurts your chances of improving your lot in life. >> they mapped what they called economic mobility, county by county across the u.s. the data showed in the south those born into poor homes were least likely to climb the economic ladder recollects and businesses rely on low-wage work. florida and arkansas are the only two southern states where minimum wage is above the federal average of 725. in giorgio, the minimum wage clash clash $5.15.
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another measurement of economic wellbeing, food stamps. in washington d.c. 20%, about one of every five people received food stamps. runners-up in the south are mississippi, west virgin, tennessee, louisiana - all of that, according it the u.s.d.a. >> and another report out. this one by the organization for economic cooperation and development, rapped aum 50 states according to nine measurements of well being - health, safety, housing, access to broadband, civic engagement, education, jobs, environments and engine. eight states in the south ranked at the bottom. the worst of the worst, mississippi. >> in mississippi, the average weakly wage is $711, compared to a wage of $1,048. >> and, of course, when we think of the south, we are think the military, because federal
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spending on the military is a huge part of the gross domestic product of many states. >> take a look. in virginia, military spending accounts for 13.9% gtp. 8.6 in alabama. kentucky 8%, and mississippi 6% of the g.d.p. from of the defense department. >> a sector doing well, automobile manufacturing. that started in detroit. now, many countries are migrating down here. formerly small, sleepy towns like this, some 30 years ago population 6,000. now about 53,000. thanks to a nissan plan. south carolina, home to a b.m.w. plant. the north has the big three - ford, chrysler and general motors, but the south has new nonunion foreign owned assembly
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plants, much with a written affect on jobs, from parts manufacturers to autodealerships. >> more news from the south. an annual survey shows the top five best places to do business are down in dixie, one being texas, north carolina, tennessee and the peach state, georgia. why do c.e.o.s like to do business so much in the south. >> according to them, it's the mild weather, low taxes, good, corporate environment and business development. and here is the twist. when "the wall street journal" did an examination of where they live. the only state that comes up is florida one of the southern states is fighting off challenges to voter i.d. law. it requires voters to have a photo i.d. before casting
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ballots. those challenging the law say it unfairly discriminates against minority voters. >> reporter: for decades, sandra looked forward to november. that's because every two years it gave her a chance to vote. last year she got a phone calm. >> they said sorry, but your vote didn't count. it was a let down. >> that's because she had recently moved from another state. she was recently disabled, she had not updated her driver's licence to use as voter i.d. >> we have a bill to ensure integrity... >> north carolina in 2013 implemented photo i.d. sandra and others found votes disqualified. long-standing laws allowing for same day registration was eliminated. the u.s. justice department and ca coalition of activists took the state government to court arguing that lawmakers changed
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the law making it harder for minorities to cast a ballot. taking into account alternate i.d. is. it resulted in the nation's first black president. defendants argue that other states do not have early voting but experience african-american turn out. and argue that changes to north carolina's election laws are not racially motivated. those supporting the lawsuit disagree. and are hopeful the strict i.d. voting laws and other restrictions are overturned. >> it doesn't motor whether democrats or republicans are putting in place voting restrictions, the losers are the same in north carolina and the south, and that is african-american voters. >> reporter: sandra agrees. >> we should have a voice and opinions.
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sometimes it feels like we are bullied. there's a lot at stake the the stake. the 2016 presidential campaign is under way, and the outcome of the case could have precedence setting implication s for voters, across the united states the u.s. navy came forward to identify an apparent ufo over los angeles. a bystander used a cell phone to record this object sailing through the sky last night. you see it moving to the right of your screen. various eyewitnesss described it as looking like a shooting star or airplane. descriptions flooded sites. today the mystery is solved. the navy says it was a missile that had been test-fired from a submarine a u.s. coast guard and intelligence claim violated air
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space. defense say it flew out of a clearance. the dutch island not far off the caribbean coast. the plane entered the air space twice. no response from the coast guard or the state department. >> in a sound address. at st peter's square. pope francis speak about vatican documents leaked showing financial misconduct by church officials the the pope condemned the leaks saying they were unnecessary because he's working on the issue. catholics today were clad that he addressed the issue. >> i like that he was open, could speak about it openly. and said that the publication of the documents will not stop him. i found it very good.
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i like that he - yes, that he made a topic of it. that he did not keep silent about it. >> the pope appointed a commission of experts in 2013 to investigate misconduct in the vatican. >> president obama and binyamin netanyahu meet at the white house tomorrow. next, a preview of the meeting in our week ahead segment. segment.
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o it's sunday night and time for a look ahead at the week.
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israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu arrives at the white house for talks with president obama. he left israel a few hours ago. it's the first face to face meeting with president obama in binyamin netanyahu in more than a year. tensions reached a low point between the white house and binyamin netanyahu, when the israeli prime minister addressed a short session of congress to protest the administration's position on the nuclear deal. at the time president obama refused to see the prime minister. what is expected on the agenda on monday is the latest round of violence. the iranian nuclear deal and funding for israel. >> al jazeera's mike viqueira has more on the visit. >> reporter: after years of frayed relies, this moment last march marked a low point. israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu defying president obama and taking his fight against the iran nuclear deal to a joint meeting of congress. >> a deal supposed to prevent
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nuclear proliferation would spark a nuclear arms race in the dangerous part of the planet. it will not be a farewell to arms, it will be a farewell to arms control. >> in some ways the tactic backfired, angering democrats that support israel, and a deal not supporting the congress. binyamin netanyahu is now expected to patch things up with president obama. >> i think that at this point binyamin netanyahu wants to repair the relationship. not only with the obama white house, but democrats and also seeks a robust aid package to compensate israel for the security risks israel will be taking in the years ahead, especially in the wake of the iran nuclear deal. >> binyamin netanyahu will ask for an increase in the $3 billion israel gets in military
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aid. including state of the art f-35 fighters, tilt rotor aircraft and a beefed up system. the two leaders antagionized each other for years. in 2011 binyamin netanyahu lectured president obama, rebuking the president after he said the 1967 borders should be the basis of a 2-state solution. on the eve last spring, binyamin netanyahu abandoned support. a bedrock of policy. both sides have an interest in calming it down. creating a stable quieter basis. we had a soep opera between
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binyamin netanyahu. a continued break would hand a position. for binyamin netanyahu, support for israel. repairing relations with democrats is a top priority. violence centered in east jerusalem, leaving 70,000 palestinians and 10 israeli dead. recriminations between israeli prime minister and mahmoud abbas. there's little chance for a peace agreement in the remaining time in office. >> we know what the blueprint of a 2-state solution will look like, the question is how many deaths will we see. >> the two leaders may not emerge as personal friends. most expect an end to the era of public antipathy. >> more on the meeting, let's bring in a former deputy
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spokesman for israelis ministry of foreign arches, a former -- affairs, a numberer ambassador and executive director of tanned with us, a pro-israel advocacy group, and he joins us, and rabbi, editor, a progressive magazine based in berkeley as a starting point for the discussion of the meeting allows me to read a quote that appears in the "new york times" that i think surprises the nature of the relationship which is one of animosity. >> in the words of the author of this report, animosity is the worst of more than two decades. binyamin netanyahu feels disrespect and misled by a president he feels does not have israel best interests at heart. president obama agrees that being portrayed as anti-israel, as a state at the united
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nations. first, to you, stir, who do you think the appraisal of the state of play between the two leaders? >> first of all, it's a pleasure to be on the show. it's not the first time we may have a disagreement with the "new york times". we must look beyond the personal. there may be personal issues between the prime minister binyamin netanyahu, and the approximately president obama, but at the end of the day you have to look at the relationship in the way it should be, it's a strategic alliance in which israel and the united states play as partners. and cope with challenges that we see. if you look at the region today, recently the attack on the russians, if it turns out to be a bombing and as reported by media outlets, and by information provided by the west, it may be confirmed that islamic state operatives are the one that committed this. if you look at the information in syria and elsewhere, there's
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much to gain. before getting to the strategic statistics, let me get the rabbi's point of view. >> yes, i agree with what has been said. it's not a personal issue, it's an issue of policy. from the standpoint of liberal and progressive jew, the binyamin netanyahu administration is a disaster for israel. bean want to see a strong israel and agree the agrajous undermining comes from the occupation of the west bank and gaza, it's time for the government to take steps to end the occupation. unfortunately, her commit to perpetuating it, and they act as they they think it can go for another 48 years.
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>> as you know, for some months of the offices did a shuttle diplomacy between israel and palestinian leaders trying to reach a restart of the talks towards a 2-state pollution. seems like it's over. the white house doesn't expect prospects. that's a pretty dyer assessment, isn't it. why would one expect anything different when the prime minister was re-elected, by insisting he was never allowed during his time in office. for a palestinian state to emerge. >> obviously there's no incentive for the palestinians to engage in the negotiations which is a sham. unless we have a government in israel that says we are willing
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to give to the palestinian people a nags pal determination that we fought for ourselves. >> let me get mr azani on the issue. do you agree with him. that may get it off the dime. let's look back. where were we in the year 2000. a palestinian state was offered to the palestinian leader, and the prime minister was not with him. where were we with ciz, who attested that prime minister olmert in 2008 offered mahmoud abbas today a palestinian state. i don't think it's fair to lay the blame on the leadership. in addition to claiming for the statement. the prime minister adhered to the 2-state solution. they are very close. it doesn't take much, 45 minutes
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for the two to meet. where is mahmoud abbas, i'll willing to meet with him. >> isn't that a hard point. as long as israel contains the settlement. mahmoud abbas says he can't talk. is there no talk to negotiate between the parts. if you look into the numerical account. forget about the proclamations, the number of settlements built has been the least in the course of the last decade. less than under prime minister sharon, and look at it from the few point of the public, when israel withdrew, and clearly evacuated the gaza strip. what emerged. what happened in israel. next time something like this happens. we are able to live more in piece.
8:40 pm
any comment on that. >> first of all, the last time that israel were negotiating, we ever into negotiations with the commitment from israel at a certain time arrangement. every few months when it came to releasing the last set of prisoners, it was an agreement that got them in in the first place. israel refused. and as a result, the negotiations collapsed. let's understand one thing here. >> this is not a negotiation between two equal parties, one is occupying the other one, and the other one, the palestinians have no power in the situation. so to bring them back into negotiations, what they are thinking is what is the point except to give a kind of cover for the continuation of the
8:41 pm
engines. >> i have to interrupt you here. we want to move to another point and get some discussion about president obama and america's role in this discussion. let's go to a poll by the israel democracy institute. israelis were satisfied in relation to an upsurge of violence. 53% supported the attackers on the spot. after they are arrested. 80% of israelis believed that the family homes should be demolished by the army. given those poll results it seems to support mr zarny, the hard-line stance in dealing with violence on israeli soil. >> if you look at the situation in the past few weeks.
8:42 pm
this is an unbearable reality. israelis wake up. where palestinians wield knives, cars, guns, at bus stops, in the middle of the row. killing people. nowhere. in light of such an atmosphere, i don't think it's fair to judge israeli public opinion. this is a tough situation, and the only way for it to end is to put down the weapons and negotiating. can you put yourself in the shoes of palestinians who feel repressed. who has to walk two miles to get to the property. who do not feel there's progress to be made and there's relatives in the west bank, gaza, suffering because of conflict there, and the rebuilding programme. can you put yourself in their
8:43 pm
shoes. >> every day. every day i can put myself in their shoes. i ask you this, how cap be they programmed if you won't negotiate. by negotiating there'll be no progress. but you are angry there's no progress and no negotiations. the only way to put it to the test is to negotiate and reach agreement. the majority is ready for a 2-state solution. and what has been promised. if i wanted to remind the rabie, it's not under u.n. pressure. >> thank you both for joining us, and what we failed to discuss, because we didn't have enough time is what president obama can do, if anything, to move the situation to a little more of a positive thing. >> thank you both for joining us. the foreign spokesman for israeli's foreign ministry. and rabbi.
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thank you for being with us on al jazeera when we come back, for the second time in a week of deadly cyclones, land fall in war-ravaged yemen. yemen.
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at least two people are dead after yemen's cyclone in a week that equalled a category 3 hurricane. it is expected to move toward
8:47 pm
the mainland. the country is reeling from cyclone chapala from last week, bringing rains and winds. 50,000 were displaced by that cyclone. officials are expecting flash flooding. moges -- meteorologist is here with more on the rough weather. >> it's unprecedented to have two storms in less than 10 days. we have seen only two others make land fall. that is how rare storms in this area is. we had very, very warm water across the arabian sea, fuelling the storms. we have a great satellite image, and the storm is making landfall. i want to show you the big
8:48 pm
picture. the storm is moving to the west. we are getting the effects of the storm towards somali. we are seeing heavy rain. we'll see the storm going over open water. i want to show you the track from the joint typhoon warning center. as we go through monday, the storm, expecting in intensity. it's equivalent to a category 2. it has come down in intensity. it moved over the island, which weakened it. we expect is to be a category 1 or a tropical storm by the time it makes landfall. either way, we expect heavy rainfall. here, across the caribbean and the atlantic we are watching the area for development, even though we are at the end of at hurricane season. the national hurricane center says we have a 70% chance that
8:49 pm
it will turn into a trappical depression or storm. we don't think it will have an effect climate change is threatening the shellfish industry, especially oysters, a sensitive creature in the ocean. scientists are trying to save them from extinction. >> more from jacob ward. >> there's a lot of things that contribute to what is a good oyster. >> the ocean is changing. and terry's oysters, the babies, are changing with it. we are determining the seed has been stressed by the changes in the conditions in the oceans that are near shore. they are having more difficulty in growing the shell. >> the company needs to put out 5 million identifiers a year, as he watch them struggle. he's calling in help. >> it is complex.
8:50 pm
as the ocean sucks up carbon from the tail pipes and smoke packs these scientists came to study whether oysters, a part of the food chain can survive an ocean that's a more acidic. the change is unprecedented relative to other changes. it's an open question whether organisms can adapt fast enough. it's not about commercial impressions. whether you and i eat at a bar. scientists are trying to figure out whether clams, abalone, identifiers have a future in the ocean at all. >> the environment that the is it experienced in this part of the range is - we think of it as a proxy for a future environment. >> andrew's lab is collecting abalone that adapted to a naturally acidic environment.
8:51 pm
the idea to sort out how they have evolved to survive, and whether other animals can do the same. these are 4-year-old abalone, growing to a tremendous size. they are both ecologically important species, relating a proxy for animals. >> to evolve. animals have to reproduce enough. >> are abalone prolific enough to produce enough. >> a female can generate hundreds of thousands of eggs. if they run that gauntlet, they are most likely to be the seeds of future generations. >> terry hopes that this sort of science can future proof his company. if we can maintain that, that is the goal. so if we are having perhaps
8:52 pm
getting the seed in the first place, that is where it starts. >> this year was good. he worries about next year and the year after that. and whether his oysters change as fast as the ocean. jacob ward. >> next, help wanted in space. n.a.s.a.'s looking for a few good men and women for the next generation of space travel. pace travel.
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a giant sinkhole outside a restaurant in mississippi swallowed up more than a dozen cars, it's 50 feet wide, 600 feet long. witnesses heard a series of booms before the sinkhole opened up. remarkably no injuries were reported, the area mitt by rain, including 3 inches this weekend. >> n.a.s.a.'s out with a help wanted request. it will accept applications for its next wave of astronauts n.a.s.a. is looking for a few good people to make a long trip. i want you to apply for n.a.s.a.'s astronaut programme. >> it's part of a plan sending
8:56 pm
astronauts it the international space station, in additions to the moon and the red planet. >> in the 20/'30s, the goal is to go to mars. by submitting applications they are trying to show that they are serious about the plans, and they intend to use these people for decades to come. three years ago n.a.s.a. put out a similar request. n.a.s.a. has grown in popularity in the social media using online tools to promote its projects. >> from the o-ryan test, to 9d the first flyby of pluto, there has been an exodus of astronaut and other agency workers. during the peak, n.a.s.a. had 150 astronauts, today there's
8:57 pm
47. >> there was a lot of turn over. a lot of people moved on, they knew there would be less flight opportunities, this is an effort to get in a new crop. fresh blood and ramp them up in preparation for the missions. >> applications will de accepted pt the hires announced in 2017 candidates for the pilot programme need to have 1,000 hours of applying. teams from all over the world are in qatar taking part in this year said world robot olympiad. as we report, the competition is fast and mechanical. >> reporter: with 2.5 hours to finalise and build their robot,
8:58 pm
the machines must deliver the correct blocks to the top of the mountain, no easy feat when it has to operate without human intervention. this event brings together more than 3,000 young robot enthusiasts from more than 45 countries, intent on learning and showing off their skills. >> we have different advantage and can talk to each other. and they know about the advantages, and we have known from that. >> it makes our brain more advanced. no matter how big or small the robot is, you have to manage it. talking about interesting things with the people, and you learn about it. >> reporter: one competition - teams designed robots to extract resources from potentially dangerous places - from water on mars to volcanic ash mining. each team was judged on creativity and ingenuity. >> we have seen something way out of the box, and in the theme, but something we have not seen or expected whatsoever.
8:59 pm
that is cool to see. like someone who found micro-organisms and which you can say is a natural resource. >> reporter: then there's football. two robots a side with thousands man hours behind the design and build of each robot player. classic lego building blocks led to the imagination of generations. add to it robotics, and some of the smartest mines and you have a spectacle of a serious global sporting event. >> when you look at what they are able to do and programme the robots to do, it's incredible. obviously that gets people interested. science is fun, if education is fun, people will be interested, and be interested in becoming the scientist or engineers of the future. >> a malaysian team takes the title, but the consensus is that bringing young people from around the world together in the
9:00 pm
way of technology is a winning formula i'm randall pinkston, thank you for joining us. see you at 11 o'clock. stay tuned for "faultlines" next. next. >> we're driving to a crime scene in a suburb outside of columbia, south carolina... we've come because more women are killed by men here than any other state in the country... around 10:30 in mo


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