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tv   Weekend News  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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islamic religion is killed. >> don't miss the exclusive al jazeera investigation. >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> only on al jazeera america. >> this is al jazeera america i'm randall pinkston in new york a look at today's top stories. under pressure. resigning over a string of racial incidents on campus. the israeli prime minister meets with president obama tomorrow after months of tense rich with the white house. a new era in myanmar. millions vote in the country's first free nationwide elections in 25 years.
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electing a president. the u.s. is one year away, the campaign battle still ahead and the bold ways candidates are getting attention. in missouri tonight what good afternoowhat beganas a campus pe university of missouri's president is under increasing pressure to resign after african american students say he refused to answer appropriately, and the state's u.s. senator weighed in on the controversy. paul beban has more on the campus protest. >> reporter: protests aren't usually part of the college football play book racial but rl
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tensions may put the football season on hold. refusing to take the field in a el show of solidarity. saturday night, student government tweeted a picture of 30 players linked with jonathan butler. he is willing to die until the president resigns. racial slurs shouted at black students, even swastika smeared in feces on a bathroom wall. the time for talking is over. >> lots of conversations including conversations with protesters, where they came in and asked questions and i expressed my position. >> i don't care what you're doing, i want to you move. we have solidarity with jonathan butler. i don't want a press conference
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or talking with anyone. i want you to leave. >> when he wanted to speak with students again he was shouted down. >> you don't believe you have the equal opportunity for success -- >> you don't [ yelling ] >> back in oft, butler led a protest that stopped the homecoming parade. in thursday four days into his hungerrer strike butler told the washington post that he was exhausted and had pain all over but his suffering was worth it. the campus in columbia has been on edge since the shooting of michael brown last year in ferguson just a short distance from the school. colombia is predominantly white. on sunday, the football team's coach declared his support for team. a photoon twitter showing his
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picture, we are united. >> tim wolf said he is dedicated to ongoing dialogue to address societal issues as they address the campus activity. the football players vai they plan tsaythey plan to speah reporters later. a student at the university of missouri and instant editor. assistant director. i've got a question for you. >> absolutely. >> what do you think the university president hasn't addressed? >> the trigger for the hunger strike that jonathan butler was undergoing now is the fact that
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um president did not respond to what happened during the homecoming parade. the president of the missouri students association was called the n word, while at the university's greek town. the legion of black collegians has been shouted the n word. there's been a series of incidents, i don't think we can point to a specific one. >> people are called names. i'm just wondering how could the president possibly stop that item number 1 and you mentioned what happened at the homecoming parade. the pictures we saw indicated that the students were blocking the path of the president's car and apparently the driver kept rolling is that what happened. >> the students were blocking the path and the driver of the car kept going and you know bumped into butler basically with the car. and so part of the complaint was that walls did not respond to
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student complaints at the moment and that he responded only several days after the incident actually happened. and so the information that we got about walls removal, a student activist group which is leading the protest released a list of demands. basically one of the demands is working on inclusion and having more black faculty at the university of missouri. so jonathan butler's main move is to remove walls but getting other changes in place. >> student 1950 referring of course to the first year that african american students were accepted at the university of missouri. >> that's correct, yes. >> is there some is indication that the president play be resigning? >> the board of cur curators, tr
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meeting is tomorrow 10:00 a.m., executive session, a closed session in which they will discuss some personnel matters so we are not sure what is going to happen. actually, a lot of student activists were hoping that a statement released by the dean today was indicating that he was resigning but that is not case. >> daniellea cortina thank you very much for your time tonight. funeral services will be held monday for a six-year-old autistic boy in mississippi. he was killed, his father chris few seriously injured. jeremy martins, was in first grade. he was hit in the head and chest when city marshals shot into his
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truck. meg allen dixon was his legal guardian. there it hurts, feels like i'm dreaming. somebody pinch me. >> two officers are in custody facing charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder. did not find a gun and there were no outstanding warrants against him. in austin texas police are looking for the suspect who shot a judge in her driveway. in stable condition, shot outside her home in upscale austin. people say they don't know if the work was related to her work as a district judge in travis county. >> what would i love to report is that we have -- what i would love to report is that we have somebody in custody. the truth is we don't have somebody in custody.
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>> the judge's injuries are not expected to be life threat nipping. are she was appointed in 1989 by then texas governor george w. bush. >> sharm el sheikh the airport where a russian commercial jet left from last week minutes before it crashed in the sinai desert killing all 224 on board. the u.s. and britain said it was likely the result of a bomb on the plain. more than half dozen security officials told of a broken baggage scanner and drugs fo and other contraband are left through for a small bribe. moscow has also sent a team
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of inspectors to the airport to conduct safety checks. london is also working to repatriate thousands of british citizens who are also still stuck in sharm el sheikh. meanwhile a memorial service was held in st. petersburg for the victims of the plane crash. many of the victims were from st. petersburg and the surrounding area. al jazeera's rory can challands has morchallands hasmore on the. >> reporter: the sound of the bull was a culmination of a service, in one of the largest ceremonies. a memorial for dead is held on the ninth day. that means it is more than a week since metro jet's plane was destroyed over the sinai.
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we're still waiting for a explanation of how and why. i.s.i.l. said it destroyed the plane as a revenge over russia's air campaign over syria. >> if you know what i think if it was i.s.i.l, i think that theory has a right to exist. >> i think it's the plane to blame. it is a technical error. >> there are many versions. i'm tending to think it was explosion on board. >> decision make tells slightly different story. all russian flights to egypt were suspended on friday, a precaution we're told and evacuated tourists started arriving back in their home country this weekend. but even if an i.s.i.l. bomb is proven what destroyed the jet don't expect a domestic backlash against russia's current policy,
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marked by several deadly attacks and tragedies. the general set would be to grieve and move on. more support for russia's bombing in syria. sorrow is often followed by anger but modern governments can be good at shaping outcomes to public opinions. rory challands, moscow. >> a palestinian driver rammed his car into israelis, later in the day police released surveillance video showing a palestinian woman stabbing an israeli security guard at the entrance to a west bank settlement. he was wounded before shooting and injuring the woman. israeli-palestinian tensions are expected to be on the agenda
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while israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meets with president obama. we'll discuss that in our week ahead segment next. one day after the historically quested elections first in 25 years, final polling numbers will take weeks. the turnout was estimated at 80% of eligible voters. many were up before dawn to wait for polls to open but still uncertainty about how quickly the system can change to a full democracy. more on the story now from al jazeera's scott heidler in yangon, myanmar. >> reporter: a new day in myanmar and a new chapter in this nation's history. the election on sunday for the most part went through without any major hitches. it's been described as a remarkable day. now it's not like this nation woke up monday morning to a full
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democracy. this election was a step down that path. we're going to be expecting something word out from the election commission but not adefinitive announcement of the winners. because this is a new process in this nation, because it hasn't had elections free and fair and there were still some irregularities, and some monitors still need to report, it will be slowly released, the details and the numbers. we don't expect an officially result but some kind of indication. early indication on turnout was quite good, 80% on some an sunday, 80% of those who registered to vote came out to vote. again, until this unfolding process, it's going to be quite some time until we know the new government of this nation as well as the president. >> scott heidler in myanmar.
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exactly one year from now americans will go forward to elect a new president. the state of north carolina, fighting off challenges to its voter i.d. law in federal court. and pope francis makes his first public comments on the latest scandal rocking the vatican. vatican.
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>> well, it's a year away, election take where americans will go to the polls and choose the next president of the united states. for now republicans have a crowded group of contestants. three democrats in the race for the nomination. 15 to 31 points, hillary clinton is ahead of be bernie sanders. the nominees will be selected at the conventions in july on the 18th for the republicans, the 25th of july for the democrats. on october 19th, the last of three debates will be held prior to the general election which will take place 20 days later.
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ben carson is pushing back against claims that he embellished on his life story. the retired neurosurgeon says he's a target for the media. >> there's no question i have special scrutiny. there are a lot of people threatened, they have seen the recent head to head polling against hillary and they're worried about it no doubt about it. >> and donald trump was the host of saturday night live, according to the polls, it was the highest rated show in a number of years. democratic senator bernie sanders says the white house race needs to be more about the candidates' positions and less
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about their personal lives. >> i think it might be a better idea, i know it's a crazy idea but maybe we focus on the issues impacting the american people and what candidates are saying, rather than spending so much time exploring their lives of 30, 40 years ago. maybe why so many people are turned off to the politically process is because we're not talking about the real issues impacting the real people. >> in the end, issues are often decided by economics. robert ray looks at how that could play out in 2016. >> economists and data crunchers wondered where you live helps or hurts your chances of improving your lot in life. so they mapped economic viability, economy and economy across the midwest. their data showed the regions'
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businesses overwhelmingly rely on low wage work. now florida and arkansas are the only two southern states where minimum wage is just above the federal average of 7.25. and believe it or not, in georgia, the minimum wage, 5.15. another measurement of economic well-being, food stamps. in washington, d.c, almost 20% about one of every five people receives food stamps. runners up in the south are mississippi, west virginia, tennessee, louisiana. all that, according to the usda. and another report out this one by the organization for economic cooperation and development ranked ought 50 states according to nine different purmingts of well-being. health safety housing acknowledge access off the broadband, jobs and income.
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eight states in the south rarngdz at thrankedin the bottot mississippi, and of course whether we think of the south we often think of the military because federal spending on the military is a huge part of the gross domestic product of many states. take a look. in virginia military spending accounts for 13.9% of gdp. 8.6% in alabama. kentucky is nearly 8% and mississippi gets 6 is% of its gdp from the -- 6% of its gdp from the defense department and awnl manufacturing, many companies ar -- automobilemanufe
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migrating down here. smyrna tennessee, or greer, south carolina, home to a bmw plant. now detroit still has the big 3, ford, chrysler and again motors. but in the south from parts manufacturers all the way to auto dealerships. an more good news for the south. an annual survey of ceos from across the country their top five places to do business is down in dixie, number 1 being texas, number 5, the peach state, georgia. so why does ceos like to do business so much in the south? well, according to them, it's the mild weather, the low taxes, the good corporate environment, and the business development. but here's the twist. when the wall street journal did an examination of where the ceos
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live and if they live in the south the only state that came up for them was florida. robert ray, al jazeera. >> the state of north carolina is now fighting off challenges to its voter i.d. law. the law requires a voter to have a photo i.d. it unfairly discriminates against minority voters. >> reporter: for decades, sandra beatty said she looked forward to november. that gave her a chance to vote. but last year after casting her ballot, she got a phone call. >> it said that my vote was not counted. >> she had not updated her voter registrations card.
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implementstrict photo i.d. requirements, sandra and others found their votes disqualified. so the u.s. justice department and the coalition of activists took the state government to court arguing conservative lawmakers deliberately changed the laws to make it harder for minority voters to cast a ballot. their voting block in 2008 took advantage of the flexible voting requirements like allowances for alternate i.d.s in record numbers. it resulted in the election of the first black president. but the defendants in this case argue that other states do not have early voting yet still experience surges in african american turnout in the past two elections. they also argue that recent changes to north carolina's election laws are not racially motivated. but those supporting the lawsuit disagree. and are hopeful the strict i.d. voting laws in other restrictions can be overturned.
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>> it doesn't matter whether democrats or republicans are putting in place these voting restrictions. the loser is always the same in north carolina and in the south and the loser is always african american voters. >> sandra beatty agrees. >> we should have our voice for our opinions as well, you know? it feel like sometimes it feel like we're being bullied. >> reporter: there's a lot at stake. 2016 presidential campaign is already underway and the outcome of north carolina's voting rights case could have precedent-setting implications for voters all across the united states. kimberly halkett, al jazeera, raleigh, north carolina. valuate can documents recently leaked showing financial misconduct by church officials. pope condemned the leaks, he is
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already working towards uncovering the issue. >> i liked that he could speak about it openly and i liked that he said the publication of the documents will not stop him, with the reforming of the church. i found this very good. and i like that he -- yeah, that he made a topic of it. but he did not keep silent about it. >> the pope appointed a commission of experts in 2014 to investigate misconduct in the vatican. >> president obama and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu meet tomorrow. up next a preview in our week ahead segment.
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>> it's sunday night and time for a look at the week ahead. israeli prime minister benjamin
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netanyahu has left to visit president obama tomorrow. it is the first face-to-face meeting between the two in more than a year. president obama refused to meet him before his appearance before the joint house he of congress. what is on the agenda? al jazeera mike viqueria has more on the visit. >> after months of frayed relations, taking his fight against the iran nuclear deal to a joint meeting of congress. >> a deal at a that's supposed to prevent nuclear plifertion woulproliferation, this won't ba farewell to arms, it would be a farewell to arms control.
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>> it angered many democrats who normally support israel and the vote survived in spite of the speech. in his first visit to the white house in more than a year, netanyahu expected to patch things up with president obama and may bring along a shopping list. >> i think at this point, netanyahu really wants to repair the relationship not only with the obama white house but with democrats and he also seeks a robust aid package to compensate israel for the security risks israel will be taking in the years ahead. especially in the wake of the iran nuclear deal. >> reporter: netanyahu will reportedly ask for a big increase in the $3 billion israel gets in u.s. military aid including state-of-the-art f-35 fighters, rot rotor aircraft.
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>> the two have an tal tag antah other for years. after he said the 1967 border should be the basis for a two state solution with the palestinians. on the eve of the israeli elections last spring, netanyahu abandoned the two state solution only to backtrack after winning at the polls. now both sides have an interest in calming things down. >> to try to create a more stable and quieter basis for cooperation between the two countries. look we've had essentially what has been an off and on soap opera between benjamin netanyahu and barack obama for last seven years. >> for mr. obama, a continued break would hand republicans an issue and during aan election year. and support by the u.s. has always been bipartisan, repairing issues with
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republicans is a difficult situation. and occupied east jerusalem has left 70 palestinians and 10 israelis dead. u.s. officials now sai there is little chance for a final status peace agreement in mr. obama's remaining time in office. >> we know what the blueprint of a two-state solution is going to look like. the question is how many more deaths are we going to see on both sides before it's implemented. >> the two leaders may not emerge from monday's meeting as personal friends but most expect an end to public antipathy. mike viqueria, al jazeera, washington. >> let's bring in former deputy ambassador for israel in kenya, and stand with us, pro-are dalil
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advocacy group, and thank you for joining us out there in california. gentlemen as a starting point for our discussion about the upcoming meeting, allow me to read you a quote that will appear in tomorrow's new york times, which i think summarizes their relationship which is one of animosity. in the words of the author of this report, animosity is the worst in more than two decades. netanyahu feels disrespected and misled by a president he does not think has israel's best interests at heart. >> so first, to you sir, what do you think of that appraisal of the state of play between the two leaders? >> first of all, thank you for having us, it's a pleasure to be here on the show. i must say this is not first time we would enter into a
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disagreement with the new york times. we must look beyond the personal. there may be some personal issues between mr. netanyahu and mr. president barack obama but at the end of the day, you have to look at the relationship the way it should be. this is a strategic alliance in nowadays world in which israel and the united states play together as partners in order to cope with the many challenges we see. the attack on the russian plane if indeed it turns out to be a bombing and as reported by several media outlets by information provided by israel to the west it may be confirmed that islamic state operatives committed this. if you look at what's happening elsewhere there's much to say about the collaboration. >> the two state solution let me get the rabbi's state on this situation. rabbi. >> i agree with what justin said. it's not a personal issue add
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all. it's an issue of policy. and from the standpoint of many liberal and progressive jews in the united states, the netanyahu administration has been a disaster for israel. many of us want to see a strong israel and believe that the most egregious undermining of israel comes from the occupation of the west bank and gaza. and it's time for netanyahu government to take steps to end that occupation. unfortunately, they're committed to perpetuating it. it's been going on for 48 years and they continue to act as though they think they can keep it going for another 48 or 50 years. that's a disaster for jews disaster for israel. >> rabbi as you know, for some months the obama administration through the offices of secretary kerry basically did shuttle diplomacy between israeli and palestinian leaders trying reach
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restart of the talks towards a two state solution. seems like it's over, the white house doesn't expect any solution to the two state question. that's orather dire statement isn't it? >> benjamin netanyahu was reelected precisely by insisting he would never allow during his time in office next four and a half years for a palestinian state to emerge. so obviously there is no incentive whatsoever for palestinians to engage in these negotiations which oar total slam unless we have a government in israel that says yes we are willing to give to the palestinian people the same national self determination that we jews rightly fought for for yowrs and that is -- years. >> let me get another side.
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>> where were we in the year-to-2000 where the palestinian state was offered, and the prime minister would not mr. netanyahu, was mr. barak. condoleezza rice, said omert in 2008, offered a palestinian state. i don't think it's fair to lay the entire blame on the israeli leadership. claiming such statements in the force of a campaign, that's not policy, the prime minister adhered to a two state solution and said, palestine and jerm, are not too far poord. the prime minister said i'm willing to sit with mahmoud abbas, where is he? >> as long as israel continues to retain the settlements and make new settlements, abbas said
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it would be hypocritical. >> forgets the proclamations of the creation, the number of settlements has been the least in the last decade, less than prime minister sharon. when israel withdrew from five settlements in northern samaria, what emerged? what happened to the situation in israel and the israeli public needs to know, next time this happens we are able to live more in peace than in war. >> hold that thought. >> the last time israel and palestine were negotiating, they ended with a proclamation to release prisoners at a certain time arrangement.
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every few months. when it came to releasing the last set of prisoners which was part of the agreement that got them into the negotiations in the first place israel refused to follow through on the agreement that it had made. and as a result, the negotiations collapsed. let's understand one thing here this is not a negotiation between two equal parties. one of the parties is occupying militarily the other one. and the other one, the palestinians, have absolutely no power in this situation. so to bring them back into negotiations, what they're thinking is, what's the point of this except to give a kind of cover for the continuation of the negotiations and the continuation of occupation. >> rabbi i have to interrupt you here, we want to move to another point and get some discussion about president obama and america's role in this entire discussion. let's go to a recent poll by the israel democracy institute.
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it shows outstanding numbers, in the wake of the upsurge in violence in the west bank, 53% support the execution of attackers ton spot even afteatt, demolished by the israeli army of the homes of the attackers. it would seem to support the hard line stance of bibi netanyahu in dealing with violence on israeli soil. >> this is an unbearable reality where every day israelis wake up to incidents where palestinians supposedly powerless, are wielding knives and guns, executing people for no reason, killing people will get israelis or palestinians nowhere.
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so in light of such an atmosphere, and in a heated time i don't think it's fair to judge israeli public opinion, by what's being said in the heat of the moment. this is a very tough situation for israeli and the only way for it to end is if palestinians choose to put down their weapons and start negotiating. >> let me ask you, can you put yourself in shoes of palestinians, who feel repressed, who have to walk to miles to get from one side of their property to the wall, because of the recent conflict there and the rebuilding program that is not exactl exactly begun you put yourself in their shoes? >> everyday. i can put myself in their shoes every day. on the one hand you will not negotiate, but you are angry there is no progress and there is no negotiations. the only way to put this to a
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test is to sit and negotiate and reach a agreement. i can assure you the majority of the ploption is read populationa two-state solution. and this was not result, it was a niive initiative. >> thank you for joining us. spokesman for israeli foreign ministry and derd of tekun. -- desert of tekun. when we come back, a deadly cyclone makes landfall in war ravaged yemen.
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and why authorities are warning individuals not to eat crab along california's coast.
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>> the ufs navy has come forward to identify an -- the u.s. navy has come forward to identify a ufo. looking like a shooting star or an airplane. descriptions odescription he oft
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flooded social media. the navy said it was omissile that had been test-fired from a submarine. >> not everyone has seen benefits of such massive funding after september 11th attacks. jennifer glasse says, they have been forgotten by the afghan government. >> reporter: this is a new $8 million hospital. it was built to serve the people of ferusgo. it's cheap doesn't have enough staff or equipment. in the pediatrics department, the sewerage is backed up. only one female doctor for the entire population and most of the area doesn't have running water. >> we don't have any minister any other higher authority to
11:48 pm
when they make this and when they make planning for our country sometimes they made a met or forgot who. >> reporter: billions of dollars of aid have been spent in afghanistan but not much of it is seen here. >> can you see that this area missed out often all of the money. >> reporter: one of the reasons is remote location, 400 kilometers from the capital and getting here by road isn't easy. there are only about 11 kilometers of paved road in the entire province. i'm here on the main road to kabul. right now journey takes more than 24 hours but if this road were paved it would take about five. the long commute commute means that about 35 cents in transport cost is added to every piece of
11:49 pm
fruit. power cost nearly 20 times here than in kabul. most can't afford that. and almost none of the homes here have running water. it's often children who have to walk a kilometer or more to a spring to get the only water that's fit to drink. as long as gore lacks basic services like these, many here say they have little chance of a sparkling future. jennifer glasse, al jazeera, central afghanistan. >> progovernment troops warning that without immediate support from the saudi led coalition they may lose more ground. al jazeera's hashem ahelbarra reports. >> reporter: houthi fighters hold ground in bele province. out gunned and out numbered they are waiting for reenforcements.
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>> houthis are still capable ever sending ammunition and fighters from the sanaa and dumped. >> reporter: houthi fighters are far from defeated. they have attacked a saudi military post in the bother town. after hours of fighting the houthis took control of the military post, destroyed armored vehicles before retreating. as the fighting continues across yemen, more civilians are continuing to die including family members, whether their car was attacked on a bis road. a busy road. >> few rockets fell on ta'izz city. the mother survived but in serious condition. >> local activists blamed the
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situation on forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh. getting yemen's warring factions to agree on a ceasefire, shall end at the end of this month. hashem ahelbarra, al jazeera. >> at least two are dead after yemen's second could cyclone today, force equal to a category 3 hurricane. the country is still reeling from a cyclone of last week which brought heavy winds and rains over 100 miles per hour. meteorologist kevin corriveau is here with what's happening out there now. >> that's right, it is monday morning now, we'll see areas of wind from sokotra island. we had a directly hit as a category 3 across that region. right now storm has passed over the island and they are waking up and really assessing the destruction there.
11:52 pm
last weekly we had eight people killed on the island because of the cyclone, even though it wasn't a direct hit. last night it was a direct hit. the storm has weakened, we still believe it is still weakening and the joint center has issued its advisory. this is going to be landfall that is further down coast, but the rain is going to go up towards the capital of sanaa. we're going to see flash flooding across that region. i want to take you to the caribbean. the national weather service has issued a new advisory. over the last couple of days we are going to be seeing the tropical depression is expected
11:53 pm
to become a tropical storm over the next day or so making its way across the eastern part of the bahamas. we have tropical storm warnings up for most of the bahamas, the storm will take a tush to the north then to neef, we have a frontal boundary that is push down here towards the seat part of the united states. that is going to interact with the storm, if wee could not have that front we would probably are seeing a land thried sliding storm but it looks all right right now. >> thanks kevin. prediction of humanitarian crisis is a results of descriptiodisruptions, unevenlye
11:54 pm
world's poor so not prepared to deal with issues. >> health officials say dangerous toxins are being found in crabs along california's coast. al jazeera a's lisa bernard. >> jason is one of the fishermen who usually on stand by. >> there's not much you can do this time of year. there's not a lot of alternative fisheries for guys like us at this time of the year. >> standby, the department of public health is concerned about
11:55 pm
issues of neurotoxins in the fish. >> a about this first time health dhearn could cripple his business. >> i'm floth even fog tell you imha i will lose this weekend in bookings. boat was filled saturday and sunday. you can't kill people. >> he did tell us he will lose $5,000 a day, health officials say tests, for naturally occurring poison that could lead to stomach distress, in some cases seizures, co-aan comey aa.
11:56 pm
>> whether the level of neurotoxins in the crab subside. scientists say blooms of algae produce the poison. don mcfarrland says customers have started calling and asking where the crab he is serving is coming from. >> they'll have to to be told, why it's safe, and they're paying more. >> salvado isn't fretting too much. >> it is what it is. you have to protect the consumers. >> so the consumer may pay a little more and the fishermen may learn a little less in the name of keeping food safe. lisa bernard, al jazeera, san
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franciscan. >> a giant sinkhole, 50 feet wide, 600 feet long, witness he said they heard a series of booms before the sinkhole opened up. the area has been hit by 10 inches of rain, including three inches this weekend. thank you for joining us, stay tuned for third rail coming up next. good night. good night. the nuances of everything that's going on, not just in this country, but around the world. >> what, as if there were no cameras here, would be the best solution? >> this goes to the heart of the argument. >> to tell you the stories that others won't cover. how big do you see this getting? getting the news from the people who are affected. >> people need to demand reform... >> we're here to provide the analysis... the context... and the reporting that allows you to make sense of your world. >> ali velshi on target.
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or a kurdish state should teenage girls be forced to share a bathroom with a transgender girl if it makes them uncomfortable. and how the keystone xl pipeline brought out the worst in all. >> "third rail". >> we have run special ops. really, this is an extension of what we were continuing to do president obama insisting a


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