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tv   Ali Velshi on Target  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2015 1:00am-1:31am EST

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talk to us on twitter or facebook and come back. we'll have more of "america tonight," tomorrow. >> i'm david schuster in for jacksonvill alivelshi. "on target" tonight. the college athletes that teamed up to take down their university president. president obama today has done something he has not done for more than a year. he shook hands and spoke face to face with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
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a symbolic step, over a situation that has never been smoothed and took an a low point in march. mr. obama, netanyahu told congress, would turn the middle east into a tinder box. in the end the iran nuclear deem made it through congress and sealing a major victory for president obama. today the president acknowledged his dispute with netanyahu over iran, but tried increase military aid to israeli of israel. take a listen. >> there's no secrete the prime minister and i have had a strong disagreement on this narrow issue but we don't have a disagreement on the need to making sure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon and we don't have a disagreement on the importance of us blunting destabilizing activities that iran amay be taking place. so we are looking forward to
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make sure we have common ground there. >> for his part prime minister netanyahu did not mention the iran accord and the rift opening between iran and israel. but the failure of peace talks between israel and palestinians lirveg ipalestiniansliving in ta strip. here is part of what he said. >> i want to make it clear we have never given up our hope for peace. i remain committed of two states for two peoples of demilitarized palestinian state that recognizes the jewish state. >> on the same day mr. netanyahu spoke those words in washington, we learned from press reports that israel last month gave preliminary approval build more than 2,000 homes in west bank settlements over the next 15 years. israeli settlements are seen as a major impediment to peace with palestinians. angered many american juice who
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want to see more progress in creating a state for palestinians but american politicians who want president obama's job are not letting the palestinian issue get in the way of their vocal support for israel and those politicians include democratic presidential front runner hillary clinton. hillary clinton is now latest 2016 presidential candidate to promise a warmer relationship with benjamin netanyahu than the israeli prime minister has had with president obama. in a recent op ed titled how i would reaffirm the unbreakable bond with israel and benjamin netanyahu, clinton writes, i strengthen the securityto commitment to israel. over the past year, the pledge to stand closer with netanyahu has been politically widespread. >> the united states congress above all entities in america has your back. in a very bipartisan way.
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>> ironically, the american jewish community is bitterly divided over netanyahu and is hard line expansion policies. >> there is a very strong sentiment against many american jews that israel is shooting itself in the foot or perhaps even in the heart by pushing for and allowing so many settlers to have settlein the west bank, and de facto, making a palestinian state almost impossible. >> many members of the american jewish community were lot outraged when netanyahu just before his last election said he wanted his people to come to the polls, otherwise, israeli airves woularabswould have too much in. why isn't the dwight over netanyahu reflected in u.s. politics? >> those voters, that section of the jewish world that is willing to be pro-netanyahu have been willing to put a lot more money behind their views than the
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liberals have. and that's -- that ends up making a big difference, to candidates who are look for financial support. >> and it's true across the political spectrum. take hillary clinton for example. one of her biggest donors now is haym saban, a democratic party mega-donor who strongly supports netanyahu. frustrations with netanyahu get submerged politically because the united states and israel share democratic deals and western values. -- yield ideals and western values. >> its not possible to do well in american politics, by distancing yourself or repudiating the vision of a united israel-american front in this world and i think that's
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growing increase i haingly cleas islamic forces throughout the world. >> in the 2016 campaign it all means less criticism of the prime minister of israel and more public work support even as divides in the american jewish community keep growing. before benjamin netanyahu's visit to the white house, obama administration made it clear to reporters that they do not expect peace between israel and the palestinians to be achieved before president obama leaves office. critical of the nuclear deal with iran, and deals have become a fringe issue not just for israel but for middle east. bennie, welcome back. why do you say it's a fringe issue? >> it's not quite fringe issue but not the issue it once was. remember when obama came to office day 2 of his presidency he named an
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ambassador to do the israeli-palestinian peace. do we still remember george mitchell? that's the question. even for israel's security you have a situation of golan heights where syria and hezbollah is getting on the border, there's the situation in the sinai border. all the regional turmoil is much more acute for israel and the rest of the -- >> and if you would agree that iran is a much bigger deal and also the united states is not going to essentially criticize israel over west bank settlement issues, isn't there a moral obligation on the government of israel and netanyahu not to continue to build settlements even if there's no pressure to stop him coming from the united states? >> oh i mean the settlement business is of course, it's part of the equation of peace but it's not only issue on the table. i think that during netanyahu's time actually settlement activity has not -- was not
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increased as opposed to previous administrations. netanyahu actually froze settlements for nine months under the john kerry's -- >> but as we've just reported, he's given the green light to more settlements in the west bank. >> yes he's given the green light like opening a porch in east jerusalem that will start in a few months. all of this is part of the choreography of netanyahu's stroift washington. every time he comes there's. talking about building outside of the existing settlements. we're talking about settlements within the same settlement. >> but if there is choreography in the media raising the issue, isn't there choreography with netanyahu, isn't what he's doing is trying osmooth over americans
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in order for israel to git the $50 billion in military aid that israel wants in the next ten years? >> actually, that is one of the issues that is on top of the agenda and that is both sides, both netanyahu and obama want to increase israel's aid package, military aid package from 3.1 billion a year to 4 billion, that's what netanyahu wants. but on the agenda there's an agreement for the next ten years years, 2017 to 2027, how large the package will be and what kind of -- and it's funny because obama has created a situation in which in order to non nonproliferate nuclear weapons to iran, a lot more to fend off iran. >> and given that israeli is getting more weapons, would you
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like to take an opportunity to reverse what you said in general in july when you came here and said that the iranian nuclear deal was a crummy deal for israel, the deal itself may still be crummy but given what israel, saudi arabia and other countries are going to get out of it, don't we want to look at it in a larger could b context? >> well israel doesn't want more weapons to defend itself, it wants less reason for weapons. which currently is an ally or a tacit ally but as of now there is no enthusiasm in saudi arabia to even mention the name israeli israel on the streets. >> and saudi arabia and israel are joined at the hip in terms of their opposition to iran. >> exactly. so -- but you remember that years ago, there was during the reagan years there was a fight over weapons to saudi
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arabia, that apac and other pro-israel groups were bee seechg the administratio beseeching unitedstates not to l awacs to saudi arabia. not to keep its qualitative edge over its neighbors. >> and that is what the talks are about? >> yes, to obtain israel's opposition in weapons in the middle east. >> benny obne, thanks for coming in, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> coming up democratic presidential candidate ben carson's trouble with the truth. while he claims the trouble is with america's media.
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>> every monday night. >> i lived that character. >> go one on one with america's movers and shakers. >> we will be able to see change. >> gripping... inspiring... entertaining. "talk to al jazeera". monday, 6:00 eastern. only on al jazeera america. >> republican presidential candidate ben carson continues to accuse the mainstream media of selectively picking apart his
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unabu. awb. august. autobuying if i. autobuying if i. autobuy og iautobiography. carson sparred with media over scholarship. >> i never got a scholarship. i had people who said yes i could get a scholarship to west point, i told them i wasn't interested i was going to pursue medicine. >> is ben carson truly a are victim of gotcha press corps? jason if you can't deal with the media how will you deal with the bad news that inevitably comes your way as president?
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>> i mean, you know president obama sort of suggested how are you going to deal with the press how are you going to deal with putin, if you can't deal with the press how are you going to deal with china? this is a classic example of what happens when you are a front runner who is woefully unprepared for position. these are questions that ben carson is going to be asked, to be perfectly honest even if wasn't running for president, was still a philanthropist still could get him in trouble with the mainstream media. >> the media is picking apart his autobiography. i would have them pick apart his flat tax which doesn't make any sense. >> what ben carson has said policy wise or culturally, the key is here he has sold himself to the public, to the republican
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primary voters based on his narrative, based on his life story. so evaluating that life story for veracity is perfectly reasonable. it makes enough sense to look at that than his actual resume. >> one reason ben carson has been leading the republican polls is the issue of honesty and trustworthiness. >> none of this will undermine him with american voters. attacking the press playing the victim to the press is something that galvanizes republican primary voters. ben carson raised $3.5 million in the last week based on this controversy. i don't think this is going to hurt him at all in the polls. what it may do is allow some of his opponents to attack him but that may not end up making a difference. >> let's say ben carson goes on to win the republican nomination.
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don't that mean hillary clinton get a pass on honesty and sweating? >> if ben carson gets nomination, hillary clinton will be measuring the curtains in the white house. she would beat him on so many levels, honesty and integrity doesn't matter. it is a problem when you have any segment of the u.s. population that is going to be voting that doesn't care about the honesty and integrity of the candidates, whether that's hillary clinton on benghazi, hillary clinton on anything in her past, donald trump or ben carson, we have to expect honesty and integrity in our candidates. when we are giving up our rights as dedicated american citizens and voters. >> one of the referees in all of this will be the media in terms of how to than debate. does this help the candidates in terms of going into this next republican debates tomorrow night when there are republicans on stage and fox businesses trying to say it's not engaged
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in the gotcha questions that cnbc seemed to be engaged in? >> it may help but as you mentioned before there are going to be serious questions about their financial policies. fox business news will ask ben carson, look are you talking about tithing or 15% business tax? they're going to ask trump about their plans and marco rubio about his plans, that will be enough of a challenge for all the candidates. >> how will the candidates do if that's most of the focus of the debate? >> i think it's going to hurt some of them. in my opinion i think the toughest debate thus far was actually the fox news debate. i think original one was the only one that had consistent follow-up questions, that held the candidates accountable. because they are coming from a special ideologic place they expect purity, expectancy, the
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way other affiliates vice president. >> jason johnson, thanks for coming on the program, we appreciate it. >> david any time. >> you won't see them in the college football rankings but the missouri tigers may be the most powerful team right now, at least off the field. that's next.
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eastern. >> i'm resigning of president of the university of missouri system. my motivation in making this decision comes from love. i love mu.
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colombia where i grew up and the state of missouri. i have thought and prayed about this decision. it's the right thing to do. >> that was today at the university of missouri where the president of the university system quit amidst a wave of student protests over racial tensions. >> i'd ask everybody, from students to faculty, staff, to my friends, everybody, use my resignation to heal and start talking again. >> in recent days tim wolfe a businessman with no background in academia had become increasingly indifferent. wolfe ea apparent inaction prompted a graduate student to go on hunger
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strike. the football team refused to play as long as wolfe remained in office. dade zyron, the president seemed tone deaf, but was this a case of simple math, that the university president was making half as much as the university would have been fined for missing next week's game? >> you know this about michigan your old stomping grounds but college football plays an essential role not just as an economic hub but also as a social hub and a political hub in many respects as well. and in here, in this particular case, what you have is the football team saying, we are not going to take the field as long as you are in power. and i think absolutely, that was the death blow for tim wolfe reign at missouri.
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>> in football and basketball the money they make for the university and how they can leverage that without getting paid. how much fear does the missouri example establish in other universities across the country? >> oh i think it creates huge shock waves on a national level. i guarantee they're meeting on this right now at ncaa headquarters in minneapolis. pardon the mixed met for, all of this structure is like balancing the globe on the head of a pin. you have millions of dollars, utterly dependent on highly exploited and predominantly black labor. when you have instances that have to do with racism and players feeling like they're being exploited all they have to do is say we're not going to play and granted that's a huge risk because of their scholarships and their place and perhaps in their future but if they say that, then this entire multibillion dollar
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industry grinds to a halt and all those at the wheel of this machine. >> the skeptic in me wants to know whether you think the mrs football team would have done this had they been 9 and 0, and competing for an sec.championship instead of having a losing are year? >> first and foremost, the players don't do what they the did, without the students and facts being up in arms. that's that thing. even if the players did level that death blow, it doesn't happen with th without the largr movement. a year and a half ago they showed they had a tremendous conscience when protecting their team mate michael sam when he came out of the closet and said he was gay.
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this is a different approach to college sports than your typical college factory. the coach was so in sync with the players, within 24 hours of them saying they would not play leads me to think these kinds of threats would have been issued independent of their record. >> one of the problems they had over the years they had an athletic director who essentially thought the football program could have been comot commoditized without worrying about religion. so many see this as a religion not a business. is that where the university of missouri and perhaps others are the headed for trouble, when they bring in a business imran, who thinks he has to bring in more money and build more buildings. >> this makes michigan look like bo diddly tech, that's university of texas.
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they brought in a business guy named steve patterson, to run the operation and he began to monetize everything. global branding of the texas and orange colors and when he did they rubbed two factions the wrong way. he rubbed the wrong way the traditionalists, around the faculty and students who think football has gotten too big and toocommodified and too much of a big business. when you bring those two factors together even the most haughty of ceos does not stand on a college campus. >> going back to the 1968 salute at the mexico city games what sort of impact what sort of ripple effect does this kind of action have across the world of sports? >> massive. because one thing about players when they take involved in this collective action at the collegiate level, i think right
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and popular sentiment on their side. saying that an nfl strike does not have. how that's painted in the sports media, it is millionaires vs. billionaires and it's the fans who pay the price for those kinds of labor action he. in this case there is now a broad consensus that college athletes really do get a raw deal in the current setup. i mean it's been admitby the ncaa themselves as they've tried to enact some half hearted reforms. so to see them take this step it really does polarize the situation in a way that puts the wind at the back of not just the college athletes at missouri but at athletic institutions around the country. there are a lot of nervous coaches and a lot of nervous athletic directors tonight because the power in the abstract that was always there, was actually flexed. >> dave zyron, thank you. >> thank you sir. >> and that is our show for today. i'm david schuster in for ali velshi. thanks for joining us.
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