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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EST

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good evening everybody, i'm david shuster in new york. this is al jazeera america. back on stage from the minimum wage policy to welders versus philosophers. the latest on the republican presidential debate. >> military funding. congress approves of hundreds of millions, what taxpayers are buying, and why it is happening. moving forward. how the university of missouri
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is addressing claims of campus racism. tension and intimidation between stungts is it lingering. >> and happening now, republican presidential hopeless are towards the end of a fourth debate. hosted by the fox business network featured the top eight candidates, facing off over a range of issues. michael shure begins the coverage in milwaukee. david, how are you. it was a less rauk us debate and the debate goes on so far tonight. ben carson, a lot of people were watching to see if he would be asked about his biography and resume. he got one question, turned it around to hillary clinton, and
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that went away. the fireworks in this debate started early, and started when donald trump talked about integration. >> if mr trump understood that the jabs came in the downstream. not the upstream. that's where we'll get the jobs. ohio is diversified. false things, they don't, when it comes to the truth. all i'll suggest, we can't ship 11 million. children will be terrified. let he... >> let's build on unbelievable company. i don't have to here. >> and, you know what, what you shaw there was donald trump engaged about building a wall. john getting his voice across. he worked at it all night.
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there was an interchange later between marco rubio and rand paul. if you are a political in other words. you see the two tangle before. i'm talking to you david. and what they tangled about was military spending. and it really got marco rubio going when rand paul told him he was not a conservative. >> i do want to rebuild the american military. i know rand is an isolationist. i'm not. i believe the world is a stronger and better place, and the united states is the strongest power in the world. how is it conservative to add a trillion expenditure for the federal government. how is it confirmative. how is it conservative to add a trillion in military expend sturs. into there was more debating... >> there was more debating. not so much talking about jed
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bush, he didn't do anything as disastrous as in other debates. i wouldn't say he jumped off the clean screen, it was more nut rural. >> michael shure in milwaukee. ali velshi is on hand in milwaukee. what jumped out to you from where you were sitting? >> well, first of all that there was a debate. that clip you saw of rand paul and marco rubio going at it. that went on for a while and was interesting. jed bush, there were moments i thought he had left the room. he was very articulate and showed his statesmanship and understanding, the nuanced understanding of an economy, which happens with the governors on the stage. at this point you had kassig and jed bush, and the governors under stand great nuance. kassig looks like a demograt. he got the smallest amount of applause and boos. and ben carson was interesting.
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he had a specific question about the economy, and he simply didn't answer it. this is what we have been suspecting. when pushed about economic issues, ben carson does not have the ability to handle that. carlie fooeo eena was asked a question about jobs, jobs and taxes. this is something a local municipal counsellor should under. you have two presidential candidates with poor performances on basic economic questions, turning into an idea of blaming the obama, and hillary clinton. but couldn't quite answer specific questions. so on the - the moderators didn't do a great job of following up with inaccuracies that the and dates had. these are experienced moderators.
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neil, maria. they were absolute inaccuracies that they didn't go back and ask them why can't you tell me more about that. >> stronger on the moderating, not as strong as promised. some ested that some candidates are not ready for prime-time. >> one that jumped out to me is ben carson saying raising the minimum wage causes job losses. six of the times more jobs have been created. seems that was a basic fact that was missed. >> in the same sentence he talking about 19 or 8% of black youth have jobs, because of the wages being too high. i'm not sure anyone in america would argue anyone doesn't have a job.
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he is a bit of a filibuster, and they are taking specific questions and meandering off the topic. that stood out for me in particularly. there were a lot of opportunities for direct answers. what would you do about this, what would you do, how would you handle it. they took it as an opportunity using up their time, mostly talking over to not give answers. this is the fourth or fifth time i sat and waited for answers to economic questions. i'll give the moderators for credit to answer a better set of questions, and they can have follow up and sit there. they both went back a couple of sometimes and said just to be clear, i asked in question. what would you do. we are getting somewhere. >> we'll ask a question about that. now that the debate is over, i
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want to bring in a professor of campaign management. i want to set up about ben carson's performance, by running a bit of sound, watch this. we'll get your reaction. >> thank you for not asking what was said in the 10th grade. i appreciate that. >> i'll forget that follow up. >> the fact of the matter is, you know, what we - we should vet all candidates. i have no problem. what i do have a problem with is being lied about, and then putting that out there as proof. and i don't even mind that so much if they do it with everyone, like people from the other side. >> that was ben carson talking about misstatements about himself. he may have done an okay job
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handling that. that's looking backwards. it didn't seem he had a good night. >> this is true of ben carson throughout the debate, but after each debate his numbers rise. you look at the clip he played. he doesn't mind being vetted. he minds being lied about, but won't say what they are. what is he lying about. who is making the lies, where are the lies, is it the west point issue. you can go through the litany, and he can't show the evidence. this is the same problem when it comes to policy. he has general answers. he talks about, in this case, hillary clinton, and talks about benghazi, and the emails, which has little to do with the vetting of ben carson's biog raf yip. the divide between donald trump and john kasich and jed bush
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over immigration, and the idea of building a wall, and deporting 11 million. here is donald trump talking about the wall. >> we need borders, we'll have rah wall. it will be built. it will be successful, and if you think they don't work, all you have to do is ask israel, properly done. >> it's not as much of a controversy of taking 11 million people, and figuring out how to get them out of the country. >> he has no problem with that. here is someone that says he'll handle the deficit and the debt. deporting 11 million people is not only inhumane and immoral, but costly. you heard john kasich and jed bush follow up and say it cannot be done in the united states, that we round up 11 million out of their homes, people that are
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working, here, people who have not committed a wrongdoing to broken laws. we'll deport them and turn around and net them back in if they qualify. john kasich and bush is right to say it cannot be done. i thought it was a moment that made donald trump look like the policy found. which is silly. how would you implement it. he couldn't answer the questions. it's a huge vulnerability. i want to bring back michael shure. you know as well as anyone that hispanic voters trend democratic. and when he hear donald trump deporting 11 million people, it sent them back to the democrats. only john kasich stood apart. it comes on the heels of the republicans cancelling or
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suspending a debate in january or february. it was co-hosted with talamundo. there's messages coming out that would turn off his panic, latin voters in this country, and that was a problem. >> also on minimum wage. you have to look at it as an issue appealing to an immigrant population, an immigrant wage - you had trump saying he would not higher the minimum wage. donald trump said there's 11 million people, you can't kick them out. that was a theme. >> a take away from ali velshi, standing by in milwaukee. >> yes, john kasich will make a fantastic democratic vice president. john kasich and jed bush - donald trump had a friendly crowd. it was the only moment they made him look ugly.
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he looked mean spirited and ugly. that can happen with donald trump, but on the issue bush came across as impassioned, as a leader. and so did john kasich. there's a moment they said this is un-american, not the nation we were based or founded on. that was an interesting turning point. >> at the top of the show there was a moment where marco rubio said that welders make more than philosophers, and made the argument about letting market forces decide the minimum wage. it's not true. according to the bureau of statistics, philosophers makes more man welders. i'm surprised carly fiorina didn't correct everyone, she was a philosophy major. >> in ohio, a private plane crashed into an apartment building. no one was inside the building or the house next door that caught fire.
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investigators are trying to determine how many were on board. authorities confirmed two deaths, but local news reports said as many of nine may have been killed. >> the white house says president obama will sign a new bill. the u.s. senate passes the bill. stopping detainees being travelled to the united states. >> reporter: the billion final legislative approval. freezing through the senate with overwhelming support. >> ayes are are 91... >> reporter: the bill is a challenge to the president's pledge to close guantanamo. the white house says it will sign it into law and offer a plan to repeal the ban,
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transferring gitmo detainees to american soil. >> i don't think it will put together and send to congress a thoughtfully considered plan for closing guantanamo bay, and a plan. normally a plan to move detainees to federal prison would be dead on arrival. pam ape has a not so secret weapon, executive action. the same tactic used to circumvent immigration, struck down by an appeals court. the president is on firmer legal ground. gregory craig writing in the west coast wrote that the president can close guantanamo saying:
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it is a not very veiled threat that incensed republicans. the president will sign a bill into law, and turn around. if he follows through. violate the law that he just signed. >> even when the democrats controlled the senate. there's provisions that prohibited the transfer of detainees to the united states of america. and so this discussion that you see from the administration to say that the president is contemplating an executive order on the issue violates the law. >> we'll do everything to keep the president - this is an obsession with them. >> al jazeera learnt the pentagon recommended the supermax prison in florence colorado. the most secure prison as the best place to move guantanamo detainees that can't be released or kent to other countries.
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a group of 40 sheriffs wrote to the white house complaining while the guantanamo prison is secure, butting guantanamo prisoners there may find sympathizers who might mountain attack overseas in myanmar, opposition leader aung san suy kyi has officially won her seat in parliamentary elections. the election commission made the announcement a short time ago. the nobel laureate expect to take control of the country. it's seen as myanmar's most democratics election in 25 years. 807% of voters cast ballots on sunday there has been a setback for fantasy sports betting in the united states. the attorney-general say the sites are breaking the laws and must be shut down a day after protests prompted the president of missouri to resign, the school
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is trying to confront the route of racial problems.
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the daily fantasy sports industry in the united states has taken a hit. today the new york attorney-general ordered fan duel and draft king to cease operations. the attorney-general's office has been investigating the practices. it's clear they've been engaged in illegal gambling. both released statements shaying their games and provisions are legal warnings across the mid section. united states. forecasters say blizzard conditions and storm force winds are likely. kevin corriveau is here with bhor. more. >> we are looking at a mess. this is what we are looking at. moving off the west coast a bit of snow has been dumped. we are not done with the winter
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weather issues. the storm is moving to colorado. look at the winter warnings that are out, and knliz ard warnings, and they are here for the north-eastern part of colorado. what that means is for three or more, we'll have 3 inches much snow and wind speeds of 35 miles per hour. a dangerous situation beginning at 3am through to tomorrow after noon. if you travel highway 70 and 80, they are likely to be closed down. as far as the wind, we are looking at gusty winds. gusts of up to 60 miles per hour. >> as well as weather. it's ramping up tomorrow. there'll be storms, hail. down to texas. this will continue in the
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afternoon hours. this is something we'll keep you up to date as we go through. >> thank you. appreciate it the university of missouri is trying to move forward after the resignation of the president and chancellor. the school named a top official to address problems and champ down the controversies putting the school in the headlines. there's a growing backlash. >> reporter: victory comes with a price. minorities on campus that fought hard to dump the president say they are getting a racist backlash a university associate professor of journalism who wrote an article about racist remarks directed at her is targeted with a fake twitter act with racist instalments are coming. >> the backlash from the
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resignation from the president is in full pores. -- force. >> ut ones out here supporting the students... >> they have gotten worse since the protest. >> many say that tensions and the intimidation have become more intense in recent days. this somewhat threatening letter, claiming blacks are getting free schooling showed up in the mail as campus protests heated up. ratlif a long-time leader called police and the called the letter predictable. >> i should be afraid. i've never been afraid. i do what i do. i don't think that you can effectively do the work if you are afraid and the divisions on campus were evident during confrontational moments between the media and protesters.
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who didn't want photographers near them in the public open space of the campus. >> tuesday, a different story. photographers wandered among the tents. listened in on the conversations and handed out flyers saying, indeed, the media had the right to be there, and yesterday's confrontation was a teachable moment. the biggest issue remains, ending tensions on campus. the school announced it's hiring officers and establishing a diversity board. they'll consider ways to make the faculty 5% nonwhite more racially diverse. >> i don't think i've had an african american teacher yet. >> the chair of the committee says the school will have to make it a priority for the school to recruit, higher and maintain staff and students of colour. that takes money. >> it may not happen as face as
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everyone would like them to happen. some cost millions of dollars. >> payton head, who you heard from things the reason students are getting a racist backlash is a lot of people are afraid of change. >> coming up, how do you clean tens of thousands of gum? >> you need a lot of peanut butter or something. >> why does it have so much gum on it in the first place. we'll answer both questions ahead.
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doctors in georgia say president jimmy carter is responding well to cancer treatment. he is gating treatment at the cancer institute for four tumours on his brain. tests show no evidence of a new malignancy. the 39th u.s. president responded well to radiation treatment, combined with an immune boosting drug. he is 91 and is acts if with humanitarian work if you cleaned a peace of gun off your shoe or hair, you know how difficult it is. imagine multiplying it by the thousands, millions. it's the situation in seattle. a wall of gum, 20 years in the making. allen schauffler has a look. >> welcome to one of michael seaton's tourist attractions, this is the gum wall at the market. for more than two decades people came here, shoeing up the gum and sticking it on the wall - in
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some cases making elaborate art. becoming part of a huge living walk-through art peace. piece. it's been growing since the early '90s, and now the people that run the market figure it's time for deep steam cleaning. that is what will happen. fast-forward, it looks like a hazardous material, maybe it is. the steam cleaning has bedone, high-pressure steam washing that will take the gum off the walls, and should take three days or so. what will they do with this stuff? >> in seattle they couldn't figure out a way to recycle it, it's going to the dump or landfall. it will be weighed to know how much has been chewed and stuck on the bricks.
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and will be reborn anew. we expect people to be shoes and sticking again. and the gun wall will live again. that's it for this half hour, i'm david shuster. thanks for joining us. ray suarez is next. >> what are debates for in the presidential primary season in this year's republican debates have been unwieldy and they sometimes cried out for more context and more explanation rather than bumper sticker slogans. it got so bad that after the cnbc forum, the candidates toyed against the media and their own party eventually backed off. nobody is refusing to participate. but in fact, all of the capped


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