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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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[ chanting ] >> anger on the streets f afghanistan's capital after the killing of members of an ethnic minority. hello, you're watching al jazeera, i'm nick clark. also on the programme... [ gunfire ] the syrian army says it ended a 2-year siege at an air base by rebel groups long prison sentences for eight south africans for killing a mozambique taxi driver the chinese website alibaba breaks records in a
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multi-billion dollar sale. security forces in the afghan capital opened fire in the air to disperse protesters that gathered outside the presidential palace. thousands filled the streets to protest the deaths of several members of the hazara community. jennifer glasse reports from kabul. >> that is the largest gathering, thousands taking to the streets protesting the killings of the hazara. people are upset among the dead was a 9-year-old girl, shukria. the people carried the coffin through the center of town laying them at the gates of the palace. they may have been killed due to
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islamic state of iraq and levant, or i.s.i.s. or the taliban. it doesn't matter. the people blame the government for a lack of security. that's what the protests were about. there were chance calling on president ashraf ghani and his chief executive abdullah abdullah to resign, calling for security saying the roads were not safe. these people were hostage for a number of months and was the latest in a series of abductions of hazara. people saying if the roads are not safe, the government should follow up on election promises to bring afghanistan safety and security. it's been a difficult year in terms of security. the scale of this demonstration, a clear sign to the government, of unhappiness of afghan people. >> syrian and government forces broke a long siege from an air
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base. it's the first significant gain. the airbase had been surrounded for nearly two years. as the fighting shows no sign of letting up, the push conditions. world powers have been urged to build on efforts to end the 4-year conference. kristen saloomey has this . >> reporter: the back and forth between government and opposition forces continues days before international players gather in vienna to talk about the political solutions for a syrian 4-year war. at the u.n., battle lines are drawn too. special envoy staffan de mistura says this time the talks could be different. >> my message was one word, momentum. the momentum in vienna need not be missed. think about a few weeks, few months ago where we were,
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where, in fact, we didn't ever dream to have russia and the federation and the american sitting and heading the same table. on one side having saudi arabia and iran on the other, plus other countries. >> stark divisions remain. opposition forcers shelling the government controlled city of latakia is backed by saudi arabia. they say that president bashar al-assad must go for a political solution to be achieved. russian and iranian allies say the focus should be on defeating i.s.i.l. >> the syrian army inflicted losses on a terrorist group. the importance of the fight is the breaking of the siege on the heroes, how important is the airport, encountering the attacks. we cut the supply routes. control of the airport is an important step in the control of the largest region. bashar al-assad's future should
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be determined in an election. solving the solution of the bashar al-assad's role and which groups should be included in the opposition will not be easy for world powers. russia submitted a proposal for 18 months of constitutional reforms followed by election, but does not rule out bashar al-assad's participation. one thing they share is stabilizing the country. >> reporter: given the ongoing issues, can you see any concrete coming out of the weekend. >> we want the meetings to bring deliverables to the syrian people, and one of them should be reduction of violence. in other words. some type or form of reduction of the conflict. i hope something in that direction will be achieved.
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u.s. presidential hopeless arefuls held their debates, focussing on the economy. donald trump's plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants aim under attack. alan fisher has the details. >> reporter: protests greeted the candidates in milwaukee, a small gathering covering many topics. in the debate hall a dominant subject - economy. first question would candidates support the minimum raise to $15. from marco rubio, no question, n hesitation, a resounding no. no hesitation. >> if you raise the wage people are more expensive than machines, all the automation will be accelerated. here is the best way to raise wages, make america the best place in the world to start a business or expand an existing business.
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tax and regulatory reform. help to reinvigorate manufacturing. >> reporter: when it came to cut the debt each praised their own tax fund. >> the simple fact of the matter is we hear a lot of promises in this debate about the tax cuts or schemes. hillary and the democrats promise everything on the spending side. we have to be responsible what we propose on the tax side. lower taxes, lower spending. >> reporter: one of the hottest exchanges came discussing immigration. donald trump wants to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. >> jed bush says having the conversation sends the wrong message. . >> even having this conversation sends signals, they are doing high fives in the clinton campaign when they hear this. we have to win the presidency. we need practical plans, lay them out. we need to allow people to earn legal status, where they pay a fine, work, don't commit crimes, over an extended period of time they earn legal status.
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that's the proper path. >> reporter: this was a night where donald trump was not the dominant voice. ben carson struggled on detail on financial and foreign policy. everyone attacked hillary clinton. this was a debate where strength was highlighted and weaknesses exposed. some have personalities to car them through. this is a night that may have changed the face of the republican race thousands took to the streets across the united states to demand an increase in the minimum wage, the low wage for fast-food workers were out on the streets chanting slowingians, wanting to be -- slogans, wanting to be paid $15 an hour nigeria is getting a new cabinet after more than five months of waiting. president muhammadu buhari is swearing in 36 nominees.
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since may muhammadu buhari has been in charge of the economy and has been in charge of forming cabinet. he appointed himself as oil minister. a political analyst says that the delay raised concerns about the president's ability to make decisions. >> a lot of muhammadu buhari's supporters thing that this was necessary, and the delay was effectively a reflection of the rot that nigeria has been. from a business perspective people find if frustrating, probably will take it as an indication of an indecisive precedent. >> the decision was bizarre, as someone that observed nigeria. muhammadu buhari made the arguments that the ministers were not necessary to be put in pace, where they were competent enough to hold the government in place, keeping the machinery going. to have them sacked, it begs the
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question was the state running effectively, under the groups where they'll be sacked. it raises eyebrows. they are getting to the point so people know who the point of responsibility is a south african court sentenced eight police officers to 15 years prison. convicted of killing a mozambique taxi driver. we cross to tonya page. . >> the judge wanted to send a message that police brutality would not be tolerated. and said it was inexcusable that a man stopped for a traffic violation could be handcuffed to a place vehicle, dragged through the streets and beaten in a police cell. he said it was barbaric and the officers totally lost control. the family welcomed the sentences, 15 years for each of
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the eight police officers found guilty of murdering their loved one. they are seeking compensation and are in talks. they say the dependence, children and wife have been left destitute. police brutality, it was one of many highlighting the issue over the last couple of years. two weeks ago a man was shot dead by police. circumstances different. he had fired at plimps. nonetheless the police officers, four of them, were charged with murder and they'll be in court. in summing up, delivering the sentence, they were adamant that the officers, the eight accused needed to be made an example of. and said that police brutality had to stop more to come. we meet a refugee in italy that
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made the journey from africa to europe. we'll have his success story. chinese website alibaba breaks records in a multibillion dollar sale. >> ya. >> we've done it and that is why we are there. >> my life is in danger. >> anyone who talks about the islamic religion is killed. >> don't miss the exclusive al jazeera investigation. >> i can't allow you not to go into that because that is your job. >> only on al jazeera america. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment,
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>> "inside story" takes you beyond the headlines, beyond the quick cuts, beyond the soundbites. we're giving you a deeper dive into the stories that are making our world what it is. welcome back. the top stories - security forces in the afghan capital opened fire to disperse protesters that gathered outside the palace. thousands of demonstrators filled the streets, to protest the killings of several members of the community.
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government forces broke a siege of an air base in northern syria. the kweires had been under attack for many years, by rebels and then i.s.i.l. donald trump's rivals tore into his plans to depart millions of undocumented immigrants commemorations are under way across europe to mark armize days day -- armistice day. live products from london. tributes to mark the world wars and others. there are commemorates in france. francis hollande laid the tributes there. >> to myanmar, aung san suy kyi called for talks with the military-backed leaders. opposition n.l.d. parties are
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making big gains in the lecks. the national league for democracy continues a march to parliament and following a big win, a result to be announced by the union election commission. not surprisingly that of the party leader aung san suy kyi, who won her seat in the township to the south of the largest city. she was an incumbant mp in that seat and won in the by-election three years ago. very much the n.l.d. on track to win two-thirds of the seats in the upper and lower houses of parliament. that's what it needs to do to form the next government on its own. remembering that the military is guaranteed a quarter of all seats in parliament. so far as the results filter out from the election commission,
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there seems to be an overwhelming statement from the people in myanmar. >> to france, where there's more clashes between the people and migrants near the port of calais, several people were arrested as officers were brought in to monster a shanty town monitoriing 6,000 residents. tensions have increased since france increased police patrols and raised fences slovenia says it will build a fence on its border. with cosh asia in an attempt to step the flow. the prime minister who criticized barriers said it would be used to direct refugee flow, rather than stop it. boarder crossings would remain open. 170,000 migrants crossed into slovenia since mid-october when hungary sealed the southern border the european country is holding a summit. they are spected to offer
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billions for help. thousands of refugees are arriving in italy every week. claudia met one refugee that started a business. >> reporter: the small lake, an hour's drive from rome, and tens of thousands of kilometres from mali. for this man, home is far away, for this man, home is far away, but here he managed to rebuild his live by turning a childhood memory into a business. organic yoghurt. >> translation: i left mali in 2004, and it took me four years to get to italy. initially we worked as fruit pickers in inhumane conditions. we rose up. there was no work. i created my own. i started making home made yoghurt. as a business it's working well. >> he is one of tens of thousands of refugees making a crossing in search of a better life. since jan, more than 140,000
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reached italy. 3,000 more died trying. suleman is one of a few who managed to find a respectable job. most wait months or linger in cities like rome hoping for a chance to continue other journeys to other countries in northern europe. last september they pledged to offer shelter to refugees in italy and greece. so far only 116 were located elsewhere in europe. >> we need to step up efforts to get the relocation numbers increased. i think we need to take measures overseas for those entitled to international protection, so they don't have to take journeys, dangerous journeys and risk their lives to obtain something that they are entitled to. i think we have to look at legal channels, safe channels for
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those that have legitimate reasons to move economically. >> while tens of thousands of refugees in italy wait for a chance to reveal their lives in europe. suleman will continue to deliver his example. in mali, it means resilience. the u.n. working group on for months student at the university of missouri accused it of racism. it the president stood down, but but has anything changed. >> reporter: the protest camp
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that symbolizes outrages is being used as an instructional tool. >> we are starting class. the first question is why is the camp here. >> reporter: the answer has many strands, processes began with the killing of black teenager by a white police officer in ferguson. i recall being at elementary school, and wondering when i read about the civil rights movement. what role would i have. or taken in it. in ferguson, that's when i realized that this is the time. >> reporter: using the hashtag racism lives here, daniel walker was one of the first to organise not just against racism, but the official indifference. . >> the next student that is called a racial slur and the n-word by a group of students driving a pick-up truck. >> members of the faculty wonder whether the administration acted had the university team not threatened to stop playing in solidarity with a hunger trying -- hunger-striking graduate student. >> do you think without the players, that would have allowed them to die? >> that's a question that turns my stomach. yes.
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i don't know. >> reporter: pledges of shaken have been made, but what will it look like? >> making people look at a programme for 20 minutes and check the box for everyone on campus is not going to do it. >> reporter: for walker a start will be cracking down on hate crimes. >> when i was a sophomore doing my undergrad. there was an incident where a group of white students were intoxicated and decided to put the cars involved all over the white culture center. our university had a slow our university had a slow response as well and they were charged with littering. and they couldn't be more overt. with cotton and blackness.
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>> university officials have to prove that they are as concerned with racism the venezuela president is in saudi arabia to deliver a proposal in relation to the price of crude oil. nicolas maduro is there with leaders from ecuador and others. since 2014 oil prices declined causing difficulties for south american exporters. chinese authorities warn that pollution levels are expected to remain high. the heavy smog brought road and air traffic to a stand still. increased air pollution caused colds. >> the world's biggest online sales bonn sea is on sale. alibaba broke its own records with a billion of goods old within the first eight minutes.
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adrian brown has this report. >> reporter: the days to this cmoment have been counted down. this woman is part of the growing middle couch. >> i want to buy a couch, a storage box, clothes for my daughter and a handbag. >> reporter: the only time she shops is for fruit and vegetables. everything is ordered online, especially today. >> they will give people discount. some 50%. of alibaba, the biggest retailer organising the festival. shining a spotlight reports that up to 40% of goods sold online were fakes or badly made. >> they center to crack down on facebook. -- crack down on fakes. alibaba is a u.s.-listed company. it has to make sure it does not appear on what is the notorious list of the trade representatives, meaning a direct impact on share prices. on-ali basha's website. sham goods are easy to spots.
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a louis vuitton on bag is $100, real ones are $5,000. >> even changing this back, selling for $15. alibaba is owned by jack marr, sued in the united states by a conglomerate that owns gauci and yves st lauren china's economy may slow, buts consumption on wednesday was robust. online sales are up 40% a year ago. that jump in business appears to be at the expense of retailers. >> this was a shopping mall specialising in electrical goods. today there appeared to be more staff than shoppers.
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the reason for that, say some retailers, is the growing threat from online shopping. from an economy losing speed. any growth is good. the question is whether that rise in consumer spending is happening fast enough. tom rafferty is in asia. despite the slowdown, the retail market remains healthy. >> the chinese retail market is welcoming. the main cause is incomes have proved. and they are going forward. these are growth factors. an event like today is a reflection of that. every company in china needs to take the online seriously. it's an important part of the retail market. and alibaba has a disrupted impact in the market as it goes forward. we have seen that with the main retail chain operators, some
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multinationals operating. they have been stopping as a result of that. there has been a response in the market. and these are now beefing up online information. we are going to a competitive online marketplace, and means the profit margins are thin facebook is facing a legal headache in belgium, a court ordering it to stop tracking online users that don't have account on its networks. browsing activities of nonmembers has been recorded. the u.s. firm vows to appeal the decision. the former chancellor of west germany helmut schmidt tide. he lead germany before unification. and under his leadership the economy experienced rapid
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expansion. >> an newer terrorist attraction is being steam cleaned away. stands of the gun wall say it will not stay clean for lodge. >> seattle's must-see tourist spot. bruce lee is grave. the market. and the gun wall. >> really distrusting. >> yes, the gun wall. 2,000 square feet of multiflavor art of the grot everybody. two walls now. >> it smalls the best. >> d.n.a. from all over the world, starting as a place for theatre patients to mark their gum. >> it's crazy, looks at the gum on the wham. >> it has a we are all one, art is anything allure, and is easy to participate.
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just chew it, stick it and you are part of something commercial forever. lots of humanity, a lot of cover. after 20 years, it's time. time for a thorough cleaning down to the bricks. >> steaming. we are going to steam it. it will get to the point where we won't higher professionals. all this, the jar work of generations of locals and visitors. >> does it speak to up. >> now i no it's going away. i had to get down here. >> let's do a clean suite. it will re-emerge. >> it will live again. >> we expect is to be back, back within 24 hours.
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>> this was a wall not meant to be left blank something to chew over, isn't it. a reminder you can keep up to date with the news on the website. all the news, plenty of comment and analysis too. i'm ali velshi in milwaukee, on target - substance over style. we'll cut through the campaign noise and clarify the issues even if presidential candidates debating here tonight don't. >> good evening, welcome to a special edition of "on target". i'm joining you from milwaukee, wisconsin. this rust belt city is where the leading candidates for president came for what fox business news


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