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tv   News  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2015 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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a victory for iraqi kurdish fighters as they recapture the key town of sinjaar from isil. >> isil has also suffered a set back in northern syria. details coming up. our other main stories. two israelis killed in a drive-by shooting in the occupied west bank as two palestinians are also killed in other incidents. five years to the day that her house arrest ended, her party passes the threshold for a majority in parliament >> and find out how this machine
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creates drinking water out of air. kurdish officials say they're liberated the city of sinjaar from isil. isil took over the city a year ago performing atrocities there against citizens mainly the yazidi citizens. elsewhere, a coalition of arab, christian, and kurdish rebel factions has pushed isil out of a town insyria.
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>>reporter: they've been arriving here since thursday hoping to go home to sinjaar town. this is in northern iraq, one of the routes into sinjaar and an important supply line for the offensive. the news that kurdish pashmerga forces have defeated isil and declared the town liberated has given hope to the yazidi who practice an ancient religion. >> i just don't want to be here anymore. i want to find out what's happened. i don't care whether my house is burned to the ground. i just want to see my home. >> the kurdish pashmerga won't let people leave here because they say they need to clear and hold the town itself and the surrounding areas. isil have used the tactic to devastating effect before by planting car bombs and boob by traps in the areas they have fled and that is a huge problem. they say that they need to clear
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and secure before anyone can return. that decision has angered many here who say they just want to go back to their homes. >> why won't they let us through? i'm not a soldier but i'm wearing our military uniform to show solidarity with our troops. i just want to go home. i don't want to live in the camps anymore. >> the kurdish forces -- the offensive has cut off supply lines. kurdish president said it paves the way the retaking of sinjaar could well be the turning point. and the syrian government says it's retaken control of an
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important town and air base in aleppo province. taking control here is important as it linked them to damascus. the offensive in the north appears carefully chosen as the terrain has a larnler force with heavier fire power.
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isil is fighting back and say delays pushed back multiple advances. fight fighters in aleppo continue to fend off the regime and prevented them from advancing. the fighting lasted more than ten hours. >> all the countries supporting various sides are due to meet again in vienna on saturday and as the fighting continues, so does the difficult to work to reach an agreement on the way forward. >> even if we wanted to, my friends, even if you made the worst deal with the devil and said, well, that's what you have to do to try to make this process go forward, i got news for you, it will not stop. because there are those invested in what has happened and in what
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has been done to them who see assad as the critical component of the transition. >> the government's strategy seems to be making headway and reestablishing control in areas it once ruled. much after syria remains out of control. >> another wave of violence in the west bank. a man was killed and two israelis were shot dead in hebron. >>reporter: emergency medical services confirmed two israelis
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were killed, a man in his 40s and his 18-year-old son. they were traveling in a van south of hebron near a jewish settlement. adooreding to the israeli military, it was a drive by shooting. however, there are some reports that suggest that the attacker, at least one of them maybe, was standing outside of the car. now, it's not clear how many attackers were involved in this operation. they did or he did manage to flee the scene and the israeli military said that there's a manhunt going on at the moment that involved the army, the police, and israel's internal security forces. benjamin netanyahu who is still in the united states has issued a statement vowing to bring to justice the attackers and calling this a, quote, heinous act. this comes at the back of a lot
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of tensions in hebron itself. just yesterday some undercover police went into a hospital to capture a man they were looking for. in the raid, they killed his cud who happened to be there visiting. that has really angered a lot of the palestinians living there. earlier today, there were some clashes between young protesters and the israeli forces. one of the protesters died of his wounds later in the hospital. this is going on daily. >> exactly five years to the day, she was released from house arrest, myammar election officials have confirmed her parties land slide victory. they have so far taken 364 of parliaments 664 seat aides. that's well beyond 329 required
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to secure a majority. a change to the constitution requires 75% support in parliament. but they cannot make her president adds the constitution bans anyone with a foreign spouse or children from the role. however, she's declared she'll lead the country anyway acting above the new president who will be a figurehead. >>reporter: just a few years ago visiting the headquarters of the national league for democracy could have resulted in arrest. now it's the home of the party that will form the next government in myammar. its members have been through so much at the hands at the of the military. >> while i was in jail, i didn't -- i didn't even dream of
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one day that we would -- >> sunday, the people came out in huge numbers and they overwhelmingly demonstrated they want the country to take another step towards full democracy. for the last general election held under military rule in 2010, we snuck into the country to cover it. just a few days later, on this exact same day five years ago, we were here outside the home of the nlb's leader as she was released from her final sentence of house arrest. now many of the same people who held her captive and tried so hard to keep her and her party out of the picture are preparing to hand them control of the cub tri. but she here's cannot become president because she has immediate family members who are foreign citizens. she has not said who she'll put forward but she has made it clear she'll be calling the shots. the pressure will now be on her and her mps to deliver on
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decades of campaigning on things like human rights. one of the big problems in the country is religious country is religious tolerance. many muslims are confined to camps and hope the nld will offer them citizenship of myanmar but they are not hopeful. >> they are just muslims who came from bangladesh. we do not recognize them. >> clearly there are many challenges ahead as the nld transitions from democracy campaigner and opposition party to the government. >> brundi's government and opposition are welcoming a u.n.
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resolution that calls for urgent talks to pull the country from the brink of genocide. brundi's foreign minister told al jazeera that -- >> there's talk of continuously planning. we hope and pray that it does not deteriorate to the extent of sending peace keepers here. and also the threat of sanctions as has opinion dropped. we're not talking about
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additional measures. we only know the resolution is adopted because we found it to be balanced and taking care of some of our concerns. we are making sure everything is done properly and following standards. that no human rights violations should be accepted. >> still lots more to come on the program including why austria insists it must put up a fence along its border with slovenia. plus, indias prime minister prepares to be welcomed at londons wembley stadium. the only way to get better is to challenge yourself,
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kurdish forces say they've retaken the town of sinjaar. two israelis were killed on friday in the west bank in a drive by shooting and another palestinian was shot dead during protests. election officials have confirmed that they have won by a land slide but she spent years is unable to become president
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herself. >> a day of mourning declared in lebanon after a bomb from isil killed 43 people in beirut. >> one by one the victims of thursdays bombings are laid to rest. those who were killed were civilians. people who were either store owners, shoppers, heading or leaving home or just passing by. they died in an attack that targeted the base of lebanon's hezbollah movement. the attack was in its heartland, the southern suburbs of beirut. many say it's linked to hezbollah's decision to side with the syrian government.
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the bombs came at a time when the group is stepping up its involvement in the war playing a lead role in recent offensives. already hundreds of men from beiruts southern suburbs have been killed across the border in syria and this is how many say hezbollahs enemies are retaliating. >> thursdays bombings are described as the worst in years. the intention was to kill as many civilians as possible. the area targeted is a residential neighborhood and a busy market. >> the casualty toll could have been higher if the third attacker had managed to debt
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nate its explosives, but he died in the bombings. the fear now is a repeat of attacks in 2013 and last year. then like now the victims were civilians and the message hezbollah is sending, we will not back down indias prime minister is about to address an audience of over 60,000 people in londons wembley stadium. that's a small representation of the u.k.'s 1.5 million strong british-indian community. they're in for a big show featuring singers, dancers, and fireworks. we are live in wembley in northwest london. organizers said they could have sold this twice over. filled a stadium for 100,000 people or more.
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it's sounding a bit like a rock concert. what are we expecting to see? >>reporter: absolutely. well, you join us at exactly the right moment because he has just arrived here in the stadium. that's what this enormous cheer behind me is all about. he's expected to address the crowds that have gathered here. the organizers, the india-europe forum said they wanted something of olympic proportions. they invited 60,000 people and we expect the numbers to reach that if not exceed that as well. a mixture of politicians, business leaders, a cross section of the million and a half indians that live here in the u.k. there will be different acts,
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some from bollywood. there was a group of high land pipers playing together earlier. but of course all of this is very well staged. highly choreographed. and provides a backdrop to three days in which billions of dollars of deals have been signed between britain and india. totalling up to $15 billion including the sale of hawk aviation training aircraft to india. in recent years the indian government has taken over some key iconic british brands like land rover and now is a chance for all britain and india to revisit those old ties and deepen financially and economically their vision for how the two countries to work
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closer together in the years to come. >> that was the latest from wembley as we saw the prime minister sitting side by side with the i understand prime minister. authorities in bulgaria have been accused of brutality against refugees. a report is based on the testimony of refugees and migrants walking through bulgaria to serbia. they have reported beatings and extortion by police and other law enforcement. teenagers have fallen victim to the violence including a 15-year-old boy who suffered a broken nose austria's government says it is building a fence on the
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border with the sloveniaen government. they were built 25 kilometers. that decision of slovenia has divided the public. since october 16th, almost 200,000 refugees crossed into
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slovenia. >> germany's decision to admit thousands of asylum seekers this year has caused controversy at home and across europe. the chancellor says her country must rise to the challenge of integrating new arrivals. there's now a new scheme to offer education to refugees regardless of their income or language skills. >> he is a young man hungry to learn. from pakistan, he walked across nine countries to get to germany. now he wants to be an engineer. a big ambition for a penniless refugee who speaks no german. but not an impossible dream. >> if i become good in language, i can really contribute to the whole community. i can, like, i can design a
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new -- so it's my -- that's why i say -- >> it's called kairon university. this is its promotional video. it already has more than 1,000 refugee students. >> i'm 25 years old. i'm from somolia. my profession back home was a social worker. currently i'm a refugee in germany. >> these are the people who have made it happen. the team behind it. with crowd fund fromming the internet and grants they can offer courses for free. oneover the founders told me why he felt compelled to offer this opportunity to refugees. >> we can really make a structural change and enable thousands of people to study and have something to look forward
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to. >> students who spend nairs two years's online learning germany and studying will be allowed to come here in their third year provided they pass the right exams and eventually a full degree. if they're to do well and integrate in german society, they need access to institutions like these, the universities that give people the skills and confidence to succeed in a sophisticated economy. so one challenge for the authorities is to open up these institutions in an affordable way but one that maintains high academic standards. >> today's students are tomorrow aides architects and engineers. germany needs more people with all these skills. educating refugees could bring enormous rewards. the u.s. secretary of state john kerry has been in tunisia discussing political and
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economic support. the u.s. says it's with considering a loan guarantee of $500 million requested by tunisia. kerry met the president of tunisia and members of the national dialogue and he spoke of their wish to see tunisia succeed. >> athletic's world governing body is set to decide the fate russia's involvement in world sports including the olympics after allegations of russian state-sponsored drug cheating made by the world doping agency. they've recommended russia be suspended with the possibility of being ruled out of the olympics next year if they don't make reforms. south africa is in the grip
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of a serious drought but a new machine may help the situation. this machine is called the water from air. something so relatively new in south africa. >> it colls the air down, sucks it into the machine, cools it down in the ultra violet tank and then it's treated and sanitized and then people drink it. >>reporter: local councils are providing mobile water tanks as a short term measure. >> the situation is really bad. actually critical. there's lots of residents that don't even have tap water. >> we don't know how long it's going to be. we don't know. >>reporter: the larger units hold up to 1,500 liters a day,
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the smaller one about 35,000 meters. government experts say they're working with entrepreneurs looking for ways to make the technology affordable. >> technology available in the market particularly so that even if they have to get that water they're able to pay for it but also those that do not have money to pay for it can be able to be assisted. >>reporter: the dry seasons are getting longer not just in south africa but across the region. people in rural areas are most at risk. when the dam is full water comes up to here. many dams in south africa look just like that and it could get worse and more than 6,000 rural communities will be affected. it will continue until the dry spell ends.
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much more on that story and everything else that we have been covering here on al jazeera on our website on your screen right now, targeting jihadi john. a u.s. air strike goes after the most recognizable face of isil. >> how stupid are the people of iowa, how stupid are the people of the country to believe this crap. >> trump lashes out. the presidential hopeful takes on iowa voters and ben


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